“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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"The Gandy Dancer" Marker image, Touch for more information
By Bill Kirchner, July 7, 2010
"The Gandy Dancer" Marker
1Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — "The Gandy Dancer"
Section crews were the laborers who built the railroads in the beginning and have continued throughout the years to maintain them. These crews were most efficient in moving heavy sections of rails when they all worked in unison. To accomplish this . . . Map (db m178072) HM
2Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Methodist Episcopal Church1906-1916 — Flagstaff Federated Community Church 1916-Present —
Flagstaff's first congregation was formed by the Methodists in 1883 and they raised the first church five blocks east of here in 1887. In 1906 they moved here and constructed this Gothic style building of locally quarried red sandstone. The . . . Map (db m178071) HM
3Arkansas (Arkansas County), Bayou Meto — 9 — Bayou Meto Cemetery
Bayou Meto Cemetery was established in 1876 after Allen "Uncle Gip" Gibson donated one acre of land to the local community for use as a cemetery. Gibson, a former Union soldier, was an early settler of the Bayou Meto Community. A skilled . . . Map (db m178029) HM
4Arkansas (Arkansas County), Bayou Meto — 17 — Bayou Meto Schoolhouse
Listed in the Arkansas Register of Historic Places in 2003, the Bayou Meto Schoolhouse is one of the last remaining historic school buildings in the area. The first Bayou Meto school was established in 1875, within the Pampas School District. It . . . Map (db m178030) HM
5Arkansas (Arkansas County), Bayou Meto — 8 — Bayou Meto United Methodist Church
Thirteen charter members founded Mount Zion Methodist Episcopal Church South in 1881 and constructed a small, wooden church building in the southwest corner of the Bayou Meto Cemetery. The structure contained handmade pews, oil lamps, and a wood . . . Map (db m178026) HM
6California (Contra Costa County), Concord — Disaster
Here, at 10:18 p.m. on July 17, 1944, one of history's most powerful manmade, non-nuclear explosions obliterated two ships, damaged structures in twelve nearby towns or cities, killed 320 men, and wounded 390. It was the worst stateside disaster of . . . Map (db m177667) HM
7California (Contra Costa County), Concord — Port Chicago
For more than a half-century Port Chicago has been a major port for the shipment of munitions to U.S. forces serving overseas. The Navy created the munitions-loading complex at Port Chicago as an annex to the Mare Island Navy Yard in 1942. This . . . Map (db m177665) HM
8California (Contra Costa County), Orinda — Tres Ranchos Historical Site
Located on hiking trail one quarter mile south east of this point is the intersecting corner of Ranchos Acalanes, El Sobrante and Boca de la Canada del Pinole. Rancho Acalanes 3,329 acres granted to Candelario Valencia by Governor Jose . . . Map (db m178377) HM
9California (Los Angeles County), Arcadia — 12 — Baldwin LakeHistory Lives Here
Baldwin Lake casts a long shadow of history at the core of the Arboretum, its four acres bearing witness to a who's who of settlers and owners of note over the years. Before recorded history, Gabrielino villagers called this home place . . . Map (db m177669) HM
10California (Los Angeles County), Highland Park — 338 — Drake House
Circa 1894. Homestead style with Eastlake influence. Historic-Cultural Monument No. 338, declared January 26, 1988, City of Los Angeles, Cultural Heritage Commission, Cultural Affairs Department.Map (db m178193) HM
11California (Los Angeles County), Highland Park — 376 — Smith House
William U. Smith House, Greek Revival style. Built 1908. Declared 1988, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 376, City of Los Angeles, Cultural Heritage Commission, Cultural Affairs Department.Map (db m178198) HM
12California (Los Angeles County), Lake View Terrace — Consider: Seven GenerationsLake View Terrace
The oldest human habitation apparently was the village of Tuhunga (Tejunga) near Hansen Dam, occupied since about 900 A.D. Tuhunga is for Tuhu “old woman” and Nga “place”. Others held that it meant “big thunder”. Jackson . . . Map (db m177964) HM
13California (Los Angeles County), Reseda — Señor de Luren
It is said that this Christ was made by Michelangelo for an English family. To save it from the Protestants they sent it together with other images to America in the year 1568. The ship containing the cargo arrived in Lima and it was violently . . . Map (db m178039) HM
14California (Los Angeles County), Van Nuys — United States Armed Forces
Dedicated to those who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States and to those who gave their lives for their country.Map (db m178067) HM WM
15California (Los Angeles County), Venice — Ray Bradbury House
Author Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) resided on this property from 1942-47. Here he wrote many of the stories that would become THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES (1950).Map (db m178291) HM
16California (Los Angeles County), Venice — 927 — Sturdevant Bungalow
Craftsman style. Built 1914. Declared 2008, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 927, Cultural Heritage Commission, City of Los Angeles.Map (db m178397) HM
17California (Los Angeles County), Venice — 270 — Venice Canals
Inspired by the canals of Venice, Italy. Built 1906. Declared 1983, Historic Cultural Monument No. 270, Cultural Heritage Commission, City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Department.Map (db m178246) HM
18California (Monterey County), Monterey — On Top of the Rock
This rocky point, connected to the mainland by a sand spit, is a geologic formation called a tombolo. Because of its prominence, Point Sur provided an excellent location for a lighthouse and fog signal to warn ships of the hazardous coastline and . . . Map (db m177681) HM
19California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Ringold AlleySouth of Market's Leather History
This is the city's backyard. An early morning walk will take a visitor past dozens of small businesses: metal benders, plastic molders, even casket makers. At five, they set down their tools and return to the suburbs. A few hours later men in . . . Map (db m178304) HM
20California (San Joaquin County), Acampo — Liberty California
was established just west across what is now U.S. 99 by C.C. Fugitt in 1852. It was first known as Davis Crossing, then Fugitt's and finally Liberty in 1859. By 1869 Liberty was an important stage stop between Stockton and Sacramento. During its . . . Map (db m178004) HM
21California (San Mateo County), Pescadero — Año Nuevo Island
Año Nuevo Island wasn't always an island! The first Spanish explorers to sail past this place named it Punto Año Nuevo or New Year's Point. The long jutting point has eroded since the 1600s. It is now an island separated from the mainland by a rough . . . Map (db m177849) HM
22California (Santa Barbara County), Santa Barbara — In Honor of Gov. Gaspar de Portola
His officers and soldiers and Fray Juan Crespi (diarist) the first white men to march through the wilderness of California. Arrived at Santa Barbara Aug. 18-20, 1769, and camped in this vicinity.Map (db m178191) HM
23California (Stanislaus County), Knights Ferry — 347 — Knights Ferry← 1 Mile
Picturesque mining center and trading post, 1849, once called Dentville. Early ferry to the southern mines; county seat 1862-72; rare wooden covered bridge reputedly designed by U. S. Grant, brother-in-law of the Dent brothers, 1854; old flour mill, . . . Map (db m178006) HM
24California (Stanislaus County), Knights Ferry — The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus
The establishment of Estanislao Chapter 58 occurred on June 21, 1958. The inaugural meeting took place at the historic Tulloch Flour Mill in Knights Ferry under the direction of Noble Grand Humbug W.S. 'Walt' Hargrove. There were forty-eight . . . Map (db m178005) HM
25California (Stanislaus County), Waterford — 347 — Knight's Ferry← 1 Mile
Picturesque mining center and trading post, 1849, once called Dentville. Early ferry to the southern mines; county seat 1862-72; rare wooden covered bridge reputedly designed by U. S. Grant, brother-in-law of the Dent brothers, 1854; old flour mill, . . . Map (db m178065) HM
26Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 58 — Votes for WomenNational Votes for Women Trail — Road to the 19th Amendment —
Home of Margaret Brown, ‘Titanic’ survivor & national advocate for Suffrage & Labor Rights. Proposed as candidate for U.S. Senate 1914.Map (db m177950) HM
27Colorado (Hinsdale County), Lake City — A Town with Three Names
Burrows Park, Argentum, or Whitecross the name may have changed, yet the community and its place in history have remained the same. Situated within a five-mile long grassy meadow known as Burrows Park, clusters of hotels, blacksmith shops, . . . Map (db m177915) HM
28Colorado (Hinsdale County), Lake City — Bonanza Empire Chief
The history of the Bonanza Empire Chief Mine and Mill mirrors the stories told of fleeting fortunes throughout the San Juan Mountains. The initial discovery of the Bonanza Lode was made on July 4, 1885. Little work was completed on the claim until . . . Map (db m177867) HM
29Colorado (Hinsdale County), Lake City — Lee's Legacy
George S. Lee arrived in Hinsdale County from Massachusetts in May, 1877 with ambitious plans for the newly formed Galena Mining District. Lee saw opportunities to invest in the future of Colorado. At the time, the two-hundred-acre town site known . . . Map (db m177868) HM
30Colorado (Hinsdale County), Lake City — Tellurium or Was It Whitecross
Tellurium's history, like that of many mining camps, consisted of booms and busts. From its initial occupation in 1875, it boasted as having two groceries and a post office (1876), but in an unusual statement for a mining camp, it did not have a . . . Map (db m177910) HM
31Colorado (Hinsdale County), Lake City — Troops Enroute
Living conditions were often deplorable in the Galena Mining District. Miners often lived in company supplied boarding houses set up in close proximity to the mines. The houses were poorly built, drafty, and had leaky roofs. Although conditions at . . . Map (db m177890) HM
32Colorado (Hinsdale County), Lake City — Ute Homeland
The Ute Indians who inhabited what is now Colorado, Utah, and northern New Mexico were organized into small family bands. They migrated seasonally between the mountains and the deserts and foothills in search of game and wild plants and to . . . Map (db m177848) HM
33Colorado (Hinsdale County), Lake City — Ute-Ulay
As the primary impetus of Lake City's initial boom and the mainstay of its survival through the mid-1900s, the Ute-Ulay Mine and Mill Complex is linked to Hinsdale's county seat and only incorporated town emotionally and irrevocably. Architecture . . . Map (db m177908) HM
34Colorado (Hinsdale County), Lake City — White Death
At 2:14 AM on March 24, 1929, the Big Slide on the north side of Gravel Mountain tore loose and buried the Bonanza Empire Chief main office building, a dining hall/bunk house, and a five-room bunkhouse. Two cooks - Mrs. Mayme Watson and Mrs. E.L. . . . Map (db m177866) HM
35Colorado (San Juan County), Animas Forks — Animas Forks
The first prospectors wintered in "Three Forks of the Animas" in 1873, looking for silver and gold. In 1875 the name was changed to Animas Forks to accommodate the Post Office Department, and funds were committed by the San Juan County . . . Map (db m177689) HM
36Colorado (San Juan County), Animas Forks — The William Duncan House
High Mountain Hopes The Hardrock Miners who arrived in Animas Forks in the 1870s envisioned the birth of a city, built deep in the mountains, with all the modern conveniences of telephone, telegraph, electric service, and a narrow gauge . . . Map (db m177685) HM
37Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1219 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1219 Greene Built 1882Map (db m178392) HM
38Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1227 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1227 Greene Built 1903Map (db m178370) HM
39Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1249 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1249 Greene Built 1875Map (db m178368) HM
40Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1257 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1257 Greene Built 1875Map (db m178358) HM
41Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1269 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1269 Greene Built 1880Map (db m178354) HM
42Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1303 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1303 Greene Built 1895Map (db m178295) HM
43Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1309 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1309 Greene Built 1909Map (db m178294) HM
44Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1323 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1323 Greene Built 1901Map (db m178293) HM
45Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1327 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1327 Greene Built 1901Map (db m178287) HM
46Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1335 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1335 Greene Built 1876Map (db m178284) HM
47Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1338 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1338 Greene Built 1901Map (db m178259) HM
48Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — 1345 Greene
Historical Walking Tour 1345 Greene Built 1907Map (db m178273) HM
49Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Arrastra Gulch
Arrastra Gulch - Where It All Began Of all the gulches in the San Juan Mining District, few spanned a full century of activity and none had the diversity of mining companies as Arrastra Gulch. It began in 1870 with the discovery of gold . . . Map (db m177654) HM
50Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Court House
Historical Walking Tour Court House Built 1907Map (db m178255) HM
51Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Howardsville
Howardsville was the first attempted settlement on the Western Slope of Colorado Territory, although the community was never platted or incorporated. The town was founded in 1874, received the first post office designation in the San Juan . . . Map (db m177655) HM
52Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Liberty Bell?
No. It's the old Town Hall bell, destroyed in the 1992 fire.Map (db m178394) HM
53Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Mayflower Mill
The large complex in the background is the Mayflower Mill. It was built in 1929 to process ore from the Mayflower Mine as well as other mines in the Silverton area. It was constructed by the Shenandoah Dives Mining Company to extract gold, silver, . . . Map (db m177656) HM
54Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Mayflower Mill Tailing Ponds
What are Tailings? In the Silverton region, ore generally contained. only about 5% valuable metals, typically a mixture of lead, zinc, copper, silver, and gold. Most mines sent their ore to a nearby processing plant, known as a mill, which . . . Map (db m177662) HM
55Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — S.R.R. Caboose
Historical Walking Tour S.R.R. Caboose Built 1880s Map (db m178256) HM
56Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Shady Lady Saloon
This house built in 1888 was the last brothel in Silverton. Madam Jew Fanny closed shop in 1947.Map (db m178401) HM
57Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Silverton Standard
The Silverton Standard was housed in the Grand Imperial Hotel for decades up until 1951. Its office is now in the old Miners Union Hospital.Map (db m178390) HM
58Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Silverton's Railroads
Railroads were vitally important to the development of mines, hauling out ore and bringing in coal and supplies. They made mining lower grade ore profitable. Railroads were lifelines in supplying the needs of the people in the mining communities. . . . Map (db m178404) HM
59Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Tailings Ponds Reclamation
Reclamation in Action During its more than half century of operation, the Mayflower Mill created four major tailings ponds, two oldest and largest (No. 1 on the right, No. 2 on the left) are in the immediate foreground. Ponds No. 3 and No. . . . Map (db m177663) HM
60Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Town Hall
Historical Walking Tour Town Hall Built 1908Map (db m178257) HM
61Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Trails to RailsRoutes to Southwest Colorado - 1
Trails & Passes ▪︎ The Colorado Rocky Mountains, appearing as a formidable barrier, have trails over almost all 260 passes. ▪︎ A trail is a corridor between two places: usually a network of paths that meet at . . . Map (db m178408) HM
62Colorado (San Juan County), Silverton — Wealth of Mining History
This area around you was one of the most productive and rewarding in San Juan County's mining history. The earliest mineral discoveries in the region were made in Arrastra Gulch (ahead and to your right) in the early 1870s. The Little Giant was . . . Map (db m177664) HM
63District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — Commemoration and PreservationLafayette Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
In 1961, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy created the White House Fine Arts Committee and the White House Historical Association to restore the White House and preserve its collection of historic furniture, decorative arts, and objects. The . . . Map (db m178331) HM
64District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — Construction of the White HouseLafayette Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
On July 16, 1790, Congress passed the Residence Act, establishing a permanent capital for the United States along the Potomac River. President George Washington worked with French engineer Peter (Pierre) Charles L'Enfant to select the sites for . . . Map (db m178330) HM
65District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — DemonstrationLafayette Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Lafayette Park has long served as a place for political and social demonstrations. People continue to exercise their right of free speech here, using Lafayette Park as a stage and the White House as their audience. Demonstrations often take the . . . Map (db m178332) HM
66District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 210 — Adirondack Building
In 1983, Hillwood commissioned architects to create a structure to house part of Marjorie Post's collection of American Indian objects that she had acquired to decorate Camp Topridge, her retreat in Upstate New York, and would later donate to the . . . Map (db m178210) HM
67District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — Butler's House
This structure was one of several buildings erected during 1955-57, just after Marjorie Post bought the estate. The west end was originally built as a living quarters for Post's butler, who was head of the household staff, which numbered about . . . Map (db m178224) HM
68District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — Café, C.W. Post Center, and AdministrationGardeners' Storage, Garage and Staff Quarters
When Marjorie Post purchased Hillwood in 1955, the buildings at the left and center were the stable and carriage house, with a livestock area in front. Post renovated these structures for use as a storage facility for the gardeners and a garage for . . . Map (db m178209) HM
69District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — Chauffeur's House and Garage
Marjorie Post added a chauffeur's house and garage when she renovated the estate during 1955-57. The upper level served as living quarters for the head chauffeur and his wife. The garage, with two bay doors, is located underneath the residence. . . . Map (db m178203) HM
70District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 220 — Cutting Garden
The cutting garden functions as it did during Marjorie Post's residency at Hillwood. The plantings include snapdragons, chrysanthemums, and other classics of 1950s and 1960s floral design, along with modern varieties of cut flowers introduced since . . . Map (db m178222) HM
71District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 200 — Dacha
Marjorie Post built this adaptation of a Russian country house, called an izba or dacha, in 1969. Russian-style carvings surround the doors and windows of the California redwood-clad masonry structure. Other details, such as the bright . . . Map (db m178211) HM
72District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — Dina Merrill PavilionCamellia House
This structure was built in 1968 to protect the camellia collection in winter. Every fall, the garden staff transferred around fifty camellias from the gardens and maintained them here until spring, when they were replanted. The skylights could . . . Map (db m178208) HM
73District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 190 — Dog Cemetery
Limestone poodles, spaniels, and hounds bearing flower baskets greet visitors at the entrances to the secluded wooded area ahead. Marjorie Post created the dog cemetery, planted with fragrant sweet box, as a memorial to the pets she loved throughout . . . Map (db m178220) HM
74District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 120 — French Parterre
Fanciful touches lend a whimsical air to this intimate, formal garden inspired by those designed in France in the 1700s. Ivy-covered walls enclose the garden, and beds of closely trimmed boxwood and gravel paths section the space. Sculptures . . . Map (db m178216) HM
75District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 140 — Friendship Walk and Four Seasons Overlook
In 1957, a group of Marjorie Post's friend created an English-style walk for her new home as a tribute to her kindness and generosity. The informal path leads from the rose garden to open onto a flagstone circle that in Post's day overlooked a vista . . . Map (db m178218) HM
76District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — Greenhouse
In Hillwood's greenhouse, Marjorie Post maintained a collection of more than two thousand orchids and other plants and flowers for displays and arrangements in the mansion. Rebuilt in 1996, the current greenhouse complex looks much like the . . . Map (db m178207) HM
77District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 170 — Japanese-style Garden
Step down into this secluded garden featuring a miniature mountain landscape. Paths follow the rushing stream as it cascades through rocky terrain to fill a peaceful pond below. The garden showcases a mix of Japanese and American gardening . . . Map (db m178212) HM
78District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 160 — Lunar Lawn
The mansion's portico, or porch, offers a panoramic view across the Lunar Lawn to the Washington Monument in the distance. Marjorie Post hosted garden parties here, welcoming friends, veterans, students, leaders in politics and the arts, and . . . Map (db m178214) HM
79District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — Mansion
The Georgian-style mansion was built for Washington social figures Helen and Henry Parsons Erwin in 1926. In 1955, Marjorie Post purchased the estate, at the time known as Arbremont, and renamed it Hillwood. From 1955 to 1957, Post renovated and . . . Map (db m178204) HM
80District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 110 — Motor Court
Marjorie Post designed Hillwood with the pleasure of her guests in mind. The diplomats, politicians, students, military veterans, public figures, and family members who arrived at Hillwood's stately gates followed the winding drive to the lushly . . . Map (db m178205) HM
81District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 150 — Putting Green
Marjorie Post enjoyed an active lifestyle. She loved ballroom and square dancing, garden walks, and golf. Post installed this putting green so friends and family could join her in practicing the game. The green's closely clipped bentgrass turf is . . . Map (db m178221) HM
82District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — 130 — Rose Garden
Climbing roses and wisteria drape the pergola in this garden in spring to provide shade and pleasant fragrances. Beginning in spring and continuing into summer, floribunda roses delight with their brilliant colors. Marjorie Post, who died in 1973, . . . Map (db m178217) HM
83District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — Stone Lion
This Stone Lion dated 1700 was on the terrace of Old Somerset House in London, England, which was originally built in 1700 and torn down in 1909.Map (db m178215) HM
84District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — The Plaque on the Reverse Side / Lake Merriweather
The plaque on the reverse side is a replica of that which was dedicated September 9, 1967 Goshen Scout Camps, Virginia Lake Merriweather For her abiding interest, her great support and her constant inspiration to scouting, this lake has . . . Map (db m178213) HM
85District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — Visitor CenterGardener's House
In 1955, Marjorie Post built a home for the head gardener on this house. He supervised a staff of about fifteen that maintained Hillwood's extensive gardens and grounds. The gardener's house was razed in 1996 to make way for the visitor center, the . . . Map (db m178206) HM
86District of Columbia (Washington), Forest Hills — Woodland Paths
Marjorie Post encouraged her guests to enjoy all of Hillwood, indoors and out. Visitors today can walk two short woodland paths, both of which begin here. The path veering left passes the remain of a large, uprooted tulip poplar. The path veering . . . Map (db m178219) HM
87District of Columbia (Washington), Georgetown — Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, the First Black Methodist Church in Washington, D.C., founded October 16, 1816, is designated a District of Columbia Historic Landmark. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on July 24, 1975.Map (db m177949) HM
88District of Columbia (Washington), Petworth — St. Paul's Episcopal Church and Rock Creek Cemetery
Washington's Oldest Church and Cemetery Since 1712 Map (db m178077) HM
89District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — Carter G. Woodson
Father of Black History
Truth comes to us from the past, then like cold washed down from the mountains
[The reverse of the sculpture features titles of books written by or about Carter G. Woodson:] . . . Map (db m178078) HM
90District of Columbia (Washington), West Potomac Park — George Mason1725 - 1792 — Author of America's First Bill of Rights —
This was George Mason, a man of the first order of wisdom among those who acted on the theatre of the revolution of expansive mind, profound judgment, cogent in argument.... Thomas Jefferson, 1821 Regarding slavery:… That slow . . . Map (db m178028) HM
91District of Columbia (Washington), West Potomac Park — YoshinoPrunus xyedoensis
The single white flowers grow in clusters of two to five; the tree is wide spreading. This hybrid, first noticed in 1872, is now the most cultivated of cherry trees in Japan. It is the most common species in Washington, DC.Map (db m178025) HM
92Florida (Bradford County), Starke — Helicopter, Light ObservationCamp Blanding Museum & Memorial Park
Helicopter, Light Observation, OH-58A “Kiowa” Crew: 1-2 Armament: 1 - 7.62MM Mini Gun (M134) or 1 – 40MM Grenade Launcher (M129) Speed : 138 MPH (Max.) Range : 345 Miles Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter . . . Map (db m177945) HM WM
93Florida (Brevard County), Mims — Greensboro Sit-InsNonviolent Protests in Greensboro, North Carolina — Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park —
The Greensboro Sit-Ins were non-violent protests in Greensboro, North Carolina, which lasted from February 1, 1960 to July 25, 1960. The protests led to the Woolworth Department Store chain ending its policy of racial segregation in its stores in . . . Map (db m177919) HM
94Florida (Brevard County), Mims — F-408 — Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Homesite
This property is the former homesite of civil rights activists Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore, two people whose lives were committed to help Florida’s Negro communities unite to form a collective identity. Mr. Moore was a Brevard County educator . . . Map (db m177798) HM
95Florida (Brevard County), Mims — Harry Tyson MooreHarry T. and Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park
The Civil Rights Movement in Florida began with the early work and untimely death of Harry T. Moore, an African-American civil rights worker in Brevard County. Harry Tyson Moore was a teacher, a principal, and civil rights worker. He became the . . . Map (db m177877) HM
96Florida (Brevard County), Mims — James, General Daniel “Chappie”, Jr. (1920–1978) — Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park —
Born February 11, 1920 at Pensacola, Florida, he learned to fly while attending Tuskegee Institute and after graduation in 1942, continued civilian flight training until he received appointment as a Cadet in the Army Air Corps in January 1943. He . . . Map (db m177987) HM
97Florida (Brevard County), Mims — Korean Service MemorialCape Canaveral National Cemetery
In honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to the United States of America and the families they left behind. The sacrifice will not be forgotten.Map (db m177676) WM
98Florida (Brevard County), Mims — March On WashingtonHarry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park
On 28 August 1963, more than 200,000 demonstrators took part in a march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in the nation’s capital. The march was successful in pressuring the administration of John F. Kennedy to initiate a strong civil rights bill . . . Map (db m178197) HM
99Florida (Brevard County), Mims — Mitchelville, South CarolinaHarry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park
On November 7, 1861, Union forces attacked two Confederate forts and the Sea Islands of South Carolina near Port Royal. “The Battle of Port Royal” later drove Confederate forces to retreat to the mainland. One island, Hilton Head Island, immediately . . . Map (db m178135) HM
100Florida (Brevard County), Mims — National Association for the Advancement of Colored PeopleHarry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is an African-American civil rights organization in the United States, formed in 1909 formed by Mary White Ovington, W.E.B. Du Bois, Archibald Grimke, Henry Moskowitz, Oswald . . . Map (db m177876) HM

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