“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Mt.Hilliard Marker image, Touch for more information
By James L.Whitman, September 11, 2021
Mt.Hilliard Marker
1Alabama (Bullock County), Union Springs — Mt.Hilliard
A 19th Century Cultural center located on the ridge dividing the coastal plain from the black belt originally Pike co., Al.; Bullock co. since 1866 Cemetery established in the 1830s for all Faiths, situated between Mt. Hilliard Methodist Episcopal . . . Map (db m181649) HM
2Alabama (DeKalb County), Mentone — The A. A. Miller Dam
The A. A. Miller Dam Built in 1925 for the first Hydro Electric power in North Alabama. Lower Plaque Memorial cairn erected by William A. (Bill) Wise Grandson of A. A. MillerMap (db m182069) HM
3Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — 4-Story TotemJohn Wallace, 1940 — Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) —
Natives of Southeast Alaska have made totem poles such as this one for thousands of years. This pole depicts four Haida clan stories. It was carved in 1940 by master carver John Wallace of Hydaburg. Described as "the last of the professional . . . Map (db m181736) HM
4Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Alaska AirlinesSea & Sky: Juneau's Links to the World
Two regional airlines founded here in the mid-1930's, eventually merged with Alaska Airlines. In that sense, they still serve Juneau today. Each began as a one-plane flying company. Sheldon “Shell” Simmons' Alaska Air Transport Company was . . . Map (db m181843) HM
5Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Alaska Governor's Mansion
A sum of $40,000 was authorized under the Public Building Act of 1910 and construction began in 1912. Governor Walter D. Clark held the first open house January 1, 1913. State of Alaska Governor Walter J. Hickel Alaska Centennial . . . Map (db m181739) HM
6Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Alaskan Hotel and Bar
built September 16, 1913 has been placed on the National Register
of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m181762) HM
7Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — BeginningsSea & Sky: Juneau's Links to the World
Because Juneau cannot be reached by road, the waterfront has always been Juneau's doorway to the outside world. Today travelers and freight continue to arrive at this waterfront by sea and air. The first vessels on the Gastineau Channel were the . . . Map (db m181775) HM
8Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Bishop Michael H. Kenny
"I love this country and the ideals upon which it was founded…More than anything else, I care about the men and women who make up our military forces…I do not want to see them either kill or be killed in a war that is not moral or . . . Map (db m181757) HM
9Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Calhoun Ave. Overpass
Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps — 1935 Olaf Torkelson, Juneau Street Commissioner from 1924-1936, was instrumental in the success of this project. The overpass was built to provide safe access for children who attended Capital School . . . Map (db m181738) HM
10Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Floating HangarsSea & Sky: Juneau's Links to the World
The waterfront was the center of regional air transportation because float-planes were so well-suited for reaching the outlying places they served. There is little flat terrain in Southeast Alaska, and it was hard to find a place for a wheeled . . . Map (db m181803) HM
11Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Gold MiningSea & Sky: Juneau's Links to the World
Although most materials needed by the historic mining industry came in downtown, one important commodity was off-loaded at the Dupont Dock, about 5 miles south of town. Dynamite was considered too much of a threat to deliver to the town's commercial . . . Map (db m181783) HM
12Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Harvesting of the AtomAmos Wallace, 1967 — Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) —
This totem pole tells the story of the harnessing of the atom. The pole was carved in 1967 by Tlingit carver Amos Wallace of Juneau. His Tlingit name was Jeet Yaaw Dustaa of the T'akdeintaan Clan of the X'áakw Hít Tlingit (Freshwater-marked Coho . . . Map (db m181737) HM
13Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Juneau Remembers:Sea & Sky: Juneau's Links to the World
Will Rogers & Wiley Post. Wiley Post was a famed aviator who, in 1935, flew into Juneau with Will Rogers, a humorist much loved by the American public. The two friends were on a private adventure trip in Post's plane. After spending several days in . . . Map (db m181846) HM
14Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Local AirlinesSea & Sky: Juneau's Links to the World
Between 1929 and 1932, passengers could fly between Juneau's waterfront and downtown Seattle on scheduled weekly flights of Alaska-Washington Consolidated Airways. The fare was $105. Juneau's harbor was home to three pioneer flying companies that . . . Map (db m181821) HM
15Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Marine HighwaySea & Sky: Juneau's Links to the World
Local ferries once plied a triangular route linking Juneau, Douglas, and Thane. These three communities, each centered on a major mine, eventually merged into one. In 1935, a bridge was constructed linking Douglas Island with the mainland. In . . . Map (db m181794) HM
16Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Passenger TrafficSea & Sky: Juneau's Links to the World
Steamships brought passengers as well as goods. During the heyday of steam travel, there was a ship at the dock almost every day. In 1918, the Canadian Pacific Line's Princess Sophia was bound for this harbor when the ship foundered on a reef . . . Map (db m181792) HM
17Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Patsy Ann: her history
Ships arriving in Juneau in the 1930's could count on being met at the dock by a small, white dog named Patsy Ann. A local dentist, Dr. E.H. Kaser, brought the English bull terrier as a puppy from Portland, Oregon in 1929. Although loved and . . . Map (db m181734) HM
18Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Seward & Alaska
Visionary An ardent expansionist, Seward pursued his vision of “Manifest Destiny” to expand the borders of the United States through peaceful means. Some of his interests included a port in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Guam, British Columbia, and . . . Map (db m181745) HM
19Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — The Alaska-Juneau Mine
The Alaska Juneau (AJ) mine operated from 1917 to 1944, producing 90 million tons of gold bearing ore, and was one of the largest mines in the world at the time. In the 1930's the AJ mine employed around 1000 people, produced 12,000 tons of ore per . . . Map (db m181772) HM
20Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — The Governor's Totem Pole

Carved by Tlingit carvers: Charlic Tagook — Klukwan William Brown — Saxman Carving began in 1939 / Carving was completed in 1940 Featured on this totem pole, from top to bottom, are Raven, a man, a giant cannibal (Guteel), . . . Map (db m181740) HM
21Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — The MacKinnon Apartments
has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior built • restored 1925 • 2000Map (db m181759) HM
22Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — U.S. Military PresenceSea & Sky: Juneau's Links to the World
The U.S. Navy's arrival in Juneau quickly followed the discovery of gold. Upon receiving word of the 1880 strike, the navy dispatched a steam launch, which anchored in the harbor. Disembarking here was a naval detachment under the command of Lt. . . . Map (db m181802) HM
23Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Waterfront CommerceSea & Sky: Juneau's Links to the World
Waterfront cold storage buildings supported the fishing industry while warehouses stored the freight that came and went. All goods coming into town — from the nuts and bolts of industry to walnuts and bolts of calico — were offloaded here. Outbound . . . Map (db m181784) HM
24Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — William Henry Seward1801-1872
This statue was erected in 2017 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of Cession that was negotiated with Russia by Seward, resulting in the transfer of Alaska to the United States. Seward is considered to be among the most important . . . Map (db m181743) HM
25Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — William Henry Seward
Family and Early Political Life William Henry Seward was born in Florida, New York, on May 16, 1801. His father, a wealthy landowner, was a slaveholder prior to New York abolishing slavery in 1827. Seward would later become instrumental in . . . Map (db m181752) HM
26Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Carving a Place in History
The cultural traditions and stylistic glories of Northwest Coast Native artists go back centuries. But the historical period of (obscured) and curating — mainly by non-Natives — is relatively short. Totem poles by tradition were private . . . Map (db m182030) HM
27Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Crossing a FrontierSt. John's mission brought gospel, school and hospital
The Christian cross was planted in Ketchikan's shoreline in 1897, when the settlement was only a creekside collection of Native homes and a trading site for the first white businessman in the area. The missionary priest who staked an ecclesiastical . . . Map (db m182004) HM
28Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Diaz CaféCirca 1921 — In the heart of Ketchikan's Filipino community —
Laws restricting Chinese and Japanese immigration in the 1920s resulted in a wave of Filipinos coming to work in Ketchikan's booming canneries. These “Alaskeros,” as they called themselves, began to live here permanently and make long-lasting . . . Map (db m182101) HM
29Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — From Planks to PavementNorth Front Street's Early Views
At the turn of the century, Ketchikan's pioneer townsite sprouted up from the base of a rugged, uncleared rocky mountainside where it meets deep tidewater. The downtown business district was literally built upon pilings and planked decking, with . . . Map (db m181910) HM
30Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — June's CaféCirca 1903 — The best chili in town —
In spite of its more respectable Stedman Street address, this building — along with its Creek Street neighbors — was one of the earliest houses of prostitution, built soon after the Town Council banned prostitution to this side of the Creek. . . . Map (db m182042) HM
31Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Keeping the Catch!
Shipments of iced halibut from Ketchikan to outside markets was pioneered by F.J. Hunt and H.C. Strong, following similar successful methods with salmon, and a thriving business was built through the construction of two large cold storage plants . . . Map (db m181914) HM
32Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Ketchikan Shingle Mill1904-1918 — Men worked on the Creek too … for a while! —
On this site over 100 years ago, a 22-foot waterwheel turned, creaked, and groaned to power the Ketchikan Shingle Mill. It was an ingenious creation of pioneer Austin “Ott” Inman. Inman and his partner, Charles Borch, first used the mill as a . . . Map (db m182074) HM
33Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Ketchikan Waterfront from Pennock Island, 1905Harriet Hunt Photo. Courtesy of Ketchikan Museums, Tongass Historical Society Collection
The Revenue Cutter McCulloch is docked near Northern Machine Works (left) and a Japanese barkentine is at anchor on the south end of the wharf near the Ketchikan Spruce Mills (right) to purchase fish. Also visible is St. John's Episcopal . . . Map (db m181984) HM
34Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — New York Hotel & CaféCirca 1924 — A family twice removed —
Adventurous Japanese-Americans George and Yayoko Shimizu immigrated to Ketchikan in search of opportunity. Around 1903, they opened the New York Café on downtown Front Street. Ketchikan was divided racially then. Whites lived north of Ketchikan . . . Map (db m182073) HM
35Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Ohashi's1907 — A little of everything … for over 100 years —
Around 1900, adventurous Japanese pioneer George Ohashi came to Ketchikan and opened the New York Café on Front Street. This was the beginning of a three-generation Ohashi family career of entrepreneurial activities. In 1907, Ohashi built this . . . Map (db m182044) HM
36Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Proud Canoes & Coastal Traders
For thousands of years, water has been the common highway for all Northwest Coast Natives. Living at the edge of dense rain forests of great cedar, spruce, and hemlock along one of the world's richest sea coasts, their dependence upon seafood . . . Map (db m181977) HM
37Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Sea and SkylineNative and Western cultures at a crossroads
A city arose at the mouth of Ketchikan Creek early in the 20th century, where Native people had camped for uncountable centuries to fish and hunt, houses, stores, hotels and sawmills uprooted the rainforest skyline in a sort of land-rush flurry of . . . Map (db m182027) HM
38Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Spirit & SparksKetchikan on the Fourth
E pluribus funum Independence Day was a bang-up community affair in early-day Ketchikan. In the midst of busy summertime, the Stars and Stripes provided a common denominator for diverse frontier folk. July Fourth inspired considerable . . . Map (db m181996) HM
39Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Star HouseCirca 1902 — Bootlegged booze, loose women, hot music and rowdy customers —
One of Ketchikan's oldest buildings and the Territory of Alaska's only registered brothel. Infamous owner “Black Mary” Thomas added a dance hall with an inlaid star in the floor, giving the building its name. Thelma Baker Graham bought the . . . Map (db m182087) HM
40Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Star-crossed Square RiggersMajestic Tall Ships of the Great Star Fleet
Hundreds of proud sailing vessels once plied Alaskan waters, but the passing of the wail was swift & complete. As the new Era of the Steamship began to dominate the sea lanes in the late 1890's, Alaska's booming early salmon trade inspired the . . . Map (db m181943) HM
41Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Stedman-Thomas Historic DistrictThe other downtown
Across the great divide: Stedman started apart Ketchikan Creek formed a dividing line in Ketchikan in the early 1900s. To the north, white pioneers' homes, schools and churches stair-stepped up the hill and businesses crowded the waterfront. . . . Map (db m182050) HM
42Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Tatsuda's GroceryCirca 1916 — Ketchikan's longest running family business, almost a century old. —
Kichirobei (“Jimmy”) Tatsuda and his wife, Sen Seike, started a combination grocery store, pool hall, tobacco shop and boarding house in 1910. In 1916, the Tatsudas opened their first grocery store in a nearby building. It was truly a family . . . Map (db m182093) HM
43Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — The Gilmore Hotel
circa 1927 Historic Property Presented by Ketchikan Historical CommissionMap (db m181928) HM
44Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — The Lost FrontierWorld War II uprooted Japanese-Alaskans
Stedman Street was a congenial place for Japanese immigrants and their families up to the 1940s. Japanese-born miners, fishermen, laborers and entrepreneurs settled across the creek from downtown and founded families. Japanese-Americans from the . . . Map (db m182058) HM
45Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Tongass Trading Company
Circa 1913 Historic Property Presented by Ketchikan Historical CommissionMap (db m181929) HM
46Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Trials by FireFrontier, flames and fortitude
Our fire department: From buckets to pumpers Ketchikan Fire Department started in 1900 with a bucket brigade. You were a member if you had a bucket and could carry it full of water. Such rudimentary protection was inadequate in a bustling town . . . Map (db m181985) HM
47Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — Upon 'Thundering Wings'
“Thundering Wings” — the title of local master carver Nathan Jackson's magnificent cedar monument, depicts the Tlingit native origin of Ketchikan's name, as told by Chief Reynold Denny of the Beaver Clan: “About three hundred years ago the . . . Map (db m181908) HM
48Alaska (Ketchikan Gateway Borough), Ketchikan — When 'Steam was Queen'
Prior to the 1870s, only a hardy handful of explorers, traders, whalers and sealers worked Alaska's rugged coastline. Following the 1867 purchase of the Territory from Russia, regular boat service from U.S. ports to Sitka began on a monthly . . . Map (db m181965) HM
49Arkansas (Lafayette County), Walnut Hill — James Sevier ConwayDecember 9, 1796 - March 3, 1855 — Surveyor • Politician • Planter —
A founder of Lafayette County First governor of Arkansas In 1823 James Sevier Conway began a successful plantation in the rich soils near the Red River. In 1826 he married Mary Jane Bradley, a beautiful young women who had moved to the . . . Map (db m181517) HM
50Arkansas (Miller County), Doddridge — History of The Spring Bank Ferry
The Spring Bank Ferry operated on the Red River connection Miller and Lafayette counties via state Highway 160. This ferry is recorded in history as being the oldest operating ferry in southwest Arkansas. According to records from Mrs. Kelly . . . Map (db m181760) HM
51Arkansas (Miller County), Doddridge — The Spring Bank Ferry
This plaque placed in honor of William Richardson Blanton • James Deas Blanton • William "Kelley" Blanton, Sr. • William "Kelley" Blanton, Jr. Owners/Operators of the Spring Bank FerryMap (db m181621) HM
52California (Del Norte County), Crescent City — Redwood National ParkUNESCO World Heritage Site
Through the collective recognition of the Community of Nations expressed within the Principles of the Convention concerning Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, Redwood National Park has been designated a World Heritage . . . Map (db m182011) HM
53California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — 95 — Henry Wade's Houseca. 1851
After hearing about the Gold Rush in 1848, Henry Wade joined the Bennett-Arcan Wagon Party and was among the first group to reach California through Death Valley's Desolation Canyon. Wade built this "Round the Horn" House ca. 1851 out of . . . Map (db m178924) HM
54Colorado (Kiowa County), Chivington — Conflict Within and Without
Some Soldiers Refuse to Fight Shortly after opening fire on the village, 1st Regiment soldiers moved along both sides of the village. Cpt. Soule and Lt. Cramer led their men west, around the fighting, and purposefully did not . . . Map (db m181873) HM
55Colorado (Las Animas County), Kim — History of the Rourke Family and Wineglass Ranch, 1871-1900
Farmhand to Cattle Baron Eugene Rourke was born on St. Patrick's Day in 1849 in Wicklon County, Ireland. The younger of 10 children, Eugene and his family immigrated to La Salle, Illinois in 1852. Tragically, his parents died . . . Map (db m181884) HM
56Colorado (Las Animas County), Kim — Rourke Ranch Historic District 1900-1971 Architecture Reflects Interaction of Ethnic Settlers
The Rourke Ranch Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000, is a striking example of a late 19th century cattle ranching enterprise. The ranch played a significant role in the settlement and . . . Map (db m181947) HM
57Colorado (Prowers County), Wiley — A Vital Link
Bent's New Fort links the continuous story of southeastern Colorado-from the development of the Santa Fe Trail, to the occupation of Bent's Old Fort, to the construction of Fort Wise, to the disintegration of human relationships following the . . . Map (db m181871) HM
58Connecticut (Middlesex County), Old Saybrook — Battlefields of the Pequot WarSiege and Battle of Saybrook Fort Historical Route
The Pequot War was the first major conflict between Native Americans and Europeans in northeastern North America. It began in September 1636, lasted eleven months, and involved thousands of Native and English peoples who fought several major . . . Map (db m181994) HM
59Connecticut (Middlesex County), Old Saybrook — Collegiate School in Old Saybrook and Yale University1701 - 1716
Saybrook and the Collegiate School English settlers arrived in Saybrook in 1635 and for the next several years endured warfare with the native peoples, the loss of approximately half the population to settle Norwich, and the hardship of . . . Map (db m182035) HM
60Connecticut (Middlesex County), Old Saybrook — Connecticut Valley Railroad Roundhouse & Turntable Site
Connecticut Valley Railroad Roundhouse & Turntable Site has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior April 28, 1994Map (db m182038) HM
61Connecticut (Middlesex County), Old Saybrook — Cypress CemeteryThe Ancient Burying Ground
History of Saybrook Colony Saybrook Colony was established at the mouth of the Connecticut River, about 1/2 mile from this location, by English Puritans in 1635 under the leadership of Lieutenant Lion Gardiner who built a fort and laid out a . . . Map (db m182001) HM
62Connecticut (Middlesex County), Old Saybrook — Doctor Samuel Eliot House
This Property has been Placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Doctor Samuel Eliot House c 1737Map (db m181997) HM
63Connecticut (Middlesex County), Old Saybrook — First Site of Yale College
The First Site of Yale College Founded 1701 Removed 1716Map (db m182007) HM
64Connecticut (Middlesex County), Old Saybrook — Lady Alice Fenwick
. . . Map (db m181998) HM
65Connecticut (Middlesex County), Old Saybrook — The Connecticut Valley Railroad
The Connecticut State Charter for the Connecticut Valley Railroad was obtained July 17, 1868. Surveys for the right of way, largely following the banks of the Connecticut River from Hartford to Saybrook Point, were completed in 1869. Track . . . Map (db m182039) HM
66Connecticut (Middlesex County), Old Saybrook — Yale College Site
Near Here Was The First Site of Yale College Founded in 1701 Known then as The Collegiate School Removed in 1716 ( back ) The heirs of Alfred F. Wolcott purchased and gave this site to the Town of Old Saybrook on April 1914 . . . Map (db m182032) HM
67District of Columbia (Washington), 16th Street Heights — World War II Memorial✯ ✯ ✯
To the memory of the war dead of Business and Roosevelt High Schools 1941-1945 "…who more than self their country loved." Adams, Robert '43 • Allen, Merlin '40 • Altman, Albert '41 • Andrews, Burt '38 • Andrews, Joseph . . . Map (db m181921) WM
68District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — Here were the lots acquired on October 3, 1798
Here were the lots acquired on October 3, 1798 by General George Washington and on which he built two brick dwellings from designs by Dr. William Thornton. A dwelling remodeled from the two dwellings was owned and occupied by Admiral Charles Wilkes . . . Map (db m181817) HM
69Florida (Clay County), Green Cove Springs — 5”38 Caliber Single Mount Dual Purpose GunMilitary Museum of North Florida
The 5”38 is considered the best intermediate caliber dual purpose gun of World War II. It was in service from 1934 throughout the 1990s. In the naval gun measurement system the size of the gun is expressed as the diameter of its bore and the . . . Map (db m181480) WM
70Florida (Clay County), Green Cove Springs — LARC-LXMilitary Museum of North Florida
The LARC-LX (Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo-60 Ton) is a welded steel hull amphibious vehicle. It can carry up to 100 tons of cargo or 200 personnel. It is powered by four 265hp diesel engines each driving one wheel. The engines can be coupled . . . Map (db m181365) HM
71Florida (Clay County), Green Cove Springs — M151 Series Military Utility Tactical TruckMilitary Museum of North Florida
In 1951 the Army awarded a contract to the Ford Motor Co. for the design and development of a completely new 1/4 ton vehicle to replace the current M38 and M38A1 Jeep. After extensive testing of prototypes and preproduction models, the M151 went . . . Map (db m181404) HM
72Florida (Clay County), Green Cove Springs — Remember Our Fallen“All Gave Some - Some Gave All”
The grateful citizens and community of Clay County remember those who served in the arm forces of the United States during times of war and peace. Whose courage and personal sacrifices defended and preserved our liberty.
. . . Map (db m181750) WM
73Florida (Clay County), Green Cove Springs — The Gama GoatMilitary Museum of North Florida
Was a six-wheel drive semi-amphibious off-road vehicle originally developed for use by the US Military in the Vietnam War. The Goat used an articulated chassis, so that from distance it appears to be a four-wheel trailer, but it is a single . . . Map (db m181368) HM
74Florida (Clay County), Starke — Florida National Guard and the Global War on TerrorismCamp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park
“We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.” President George W. Bush Since the attack against the United States on 11 September 2001, the Florida National Guard has protected our nation’s security and provided combat . . . Map (db m181554) WM
75Florida (Palm Beach County), West Palm Beach — F-423 — Flagler Park
Flagler Park, formerly known as City Park, has been an important public space in West Palm Beach since the founding of the community. The town site for West Palm Beach was laid out in 1893 as a grid pattern of streets running north - south and . . . Map (db m181816) HM
76Florida (Seminole County), Geneva — The First United Methodist Church of Geneva
(side 1) The First United Methodist Church of Geneva was organized November 17, 1877 as the Lake Harney Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. The first meeting was held in the log school house west of the Geneva Cemetery, others . . . Map (db m181931) HM
77Florida (Seminole County), Geneva — Veterans Memorial
In honor of all veterans and their families who serve the armed forces of the United States of America, at home and abroad, to protect our country’s values, freedoms and defend democracy around the world. Your heroism and loyalty will be . . . Map (db m181936) WM
78Florida (Seminole County), Longwood — The SpringsHoosier/Sanlando, Palm, Shepherds/Starbuck
The three mineral springs located just west of here along the Little Wekiva River are its main source of water. Indians and white settlers found the cool 72 degree spring water a healing and refreshing destination, enjoying the Springs in their . . . Map (db m181818) HM
79Florida (Seminole County), Sanford — Midway/Canaan City
(side 1) The migrant settlement of Midway/Canaan City was established for blacks during the celery boom of the 1920’s. However, a few blacks were residing in the area as early as 1865 - 1890. Much of Midway’s population were delivered by . . . Map (db m181850) HM
80Florida (Seminole County), Sanford — Woodland Park
(side 1) By 1909 Victor Schmalz's shell mound, located west of the entrance to the Central Florida Zoological Park, had been excavated, the road material hauled by wagon to a railroad siding at Monroe, and loaded on railroad cars. . . . Map (db m181826) HM
81Georgia (Barrow County), Statham — First Georgia Chapter Future Farmers of America
First Georgia Chapter Future Farmers of America was located at Statham Consolidated High School, Statham, Georgia. Organized October 1928 and chartered by State Association January 16, 1929. Officers were: William R. Bowdoin, President . . . Map (db m181830) HM
82Georgia (Jackson County), Jefferson — Floyd G. Hoard1927 • 1967
Solicitor General of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit Hoard was killed by a car bomb August 7, 1967, while aggressively prosecuting organized crime within the circuit. "We now realize that the preserver of law and order is courage and that . . . Map (db m181823) HM
83Georgia (Madison County), Colbert — Hart Mercantile Company
General Merchandise Cotton and Fertilizer Colbert, Georgia Ed R. Hart, Sr., Owner 1947 - 1979 This building donated to the city of Colbert by the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hart, Sr. in 2003 Mr. and Mrs. Hart were civic-minded . . . Map (db m180870) HM
84Georgia (Madison County), Comer — Morris Marion Bryan1889-1948
The 130 acres comprising this park were donated in 1968 to the state of Georgia in memory of Morris M. Bryan by the Jefferson Mills, Inc. which he founded in 1916. He acquired this property for his company in 1932. It produced electric . . . Map (db m181751) HM
85Georgia (Murray County), Chatsworth — "God's Acre"Springplace Mission Cemetery
—Surrounding you underneath are the graves of these nine people as well as those of several unknown individuals. "I visited this burial place just at the close of a calm, clear summer evening, when the sun was sending back his last . . . Map (db m181849) HM
86Georgia (Murray County), Chatsworth — Anna Rosina Kliest GamboldMay 1, 1762 - February 19, 1821
"As she walked out in the fields, she taught her joyous flock the lessons of wisdom from the great book of nature spread open before them." Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1762, missionary Anna Rosina Kliest was described as . . . Map (db m181960) HM
87Georgia (Murray County), Chatsworth — Springplace Moravian Mission & School
"The day at Springplace began with all students up and dressed and kneeling in prayer. After breakfast, school was in session until lunch. The students spent the hours until late afternoon helping with various tasks around the . . . Map (db m181848) HM
88Georgia (Murray County), Chatsworth — The Moravian Mission to the Cherokee Indians
The Moravian Mission to the Cherokee Indians was erected near this spot on the Tellico Trail 1801 • 1931Map (db m181845) HM
89Georgia (Oconee County), Bogart — B.C. Hogan1909 - 1996 — Educator, Community Leader, Minister —
This tribute is to a man who dedicated his life to the town and citizens of Bogart and Oconee County. He generated respect and honor from his community and from the individuals whose lives he touched. He served 35 years as an educator, eight of . . . Map (db m180654) HM
90Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Fr. Mychal JudgeThe Legacy Walk
Fr. Mychal Judge "The Saint of 9/11" (1933 - 2001) "Lord, take me where you want me to go. Let me meet who you want me to meet. Tell me what you want me to say. And keep me out of your way." – Fr. Mychal Judge Fr. . . . Map (db m182060) HM
91Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Frida Kahlo — The Legacy Walk —
Frida Kahlo (Bisexual Mexican Artist) 1907 - 1954 As a child Frida Kahlo was deeply affected by the armed struggles she witnessed on the streets of Mexico City; so much so that later in her life she would claim 1910 – the official . . . Map (db m182068) HM
92Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Ida B. Wells-BarnettChicago Tribute
Ida B. Wells-Barnett 1862-1931 Social reformer Ida B. Wells-Barnett spent her life crusading against lynching in America. An advocate for civil rights, woman’s suffrage and economic justice, her anti-lynching campaign stirred the . . . Map (db m181804) HM
93Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Lorraine HansberryThe Legacy Walk
Lorraine Hansberry Lesbian U.S. Feminist, Activist and Author (1930 - 1965) Born the daughter of a middle class Chicago businessman, Lorraine Hansberry’s life in many ways mirrored her art and dedication to social justice. After . . . Map (db m181847) HM
94Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Melissia Ann Elam HomeChicago Landmark
Melissia Ann Elam Home Henry L. Newhouse, Architect 1903 This Chateauesque mansion was purchased in the 1920s by Melissia Ann Elam, who [illegible] in Chicago.Map (db m181855) HM
95Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — The Ida B. Wells Homes
Ida B.Wells July 16, 1862 - March 25, 1931 The Ida B. Wells Homes stood in this area for over sixty years from 1941-2002. They consisted of over 1,600 units located between 37th & 39th Streets and King Drive & Cottage Grove. . . . Map (db m181805) HM
96Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Two SpiritThe Legacy Walk
Two Spirit (Native American and Canadian Nation GLBT People) Among both Native Americans and Canadian First Nations people there have existed, for untold centuries, individuals whose gender identity, sexual expression, and societal . . . Map (db m181857) HM
97Illinois (Greene County), Carrollton — Greene County Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
This monument was erected by General William Passmore Carlin, For Carrollton Post No. 442 G.A.R. To the memory of the Soldiers and Sailors Of Green County, Illinois. September 28, 1901Map (db m181712) WM
98Illinois (Greene County), White Hall — Edward L. HagerKnown as "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh"
Edward L. Hager grew up in White Hall where he was engaged in farming. On November 13, 1861, he enlisted at Carrollton, Illinois, in Company 61st Illinois Infantry, presumably as a member of the Band, Fife and Drum Crop. Military records show he was . . . Map (db m181807) HM
99Illinois (McDonough County), Macomb — Historic Site
Cordy Tindell (C.T.) Vivian. Born July 30, 1924 in Booneville Missouri, to Robert Cordie and Euzetta Tindell. In 1930 C.T., his mother and grandmother migrated to Macomb, Illinois. C.T. attended and graduated from Macomb schools in 1942. He attended . . . Map (db m181710) HM
100Illinois (McDonough County), Macomb — Oakwood Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery was developed by William H. Randolph in 1857, on land settled by his wife's family, the Brookings, in 1834. It was laid out by surveyor Charles Gilchrist - later a Civil War colonel and brevet brigadier general. A former sheriff and . . . Map (db m181706) HM

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