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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Markers Published After 10/12/2021

Nitrate Plant No. 1 Marker image, Touch for more information
By Bernard Fisher, October 14, 2021
Nitrate Plant No. 1 Marker
1Alabama (Colbert County), Sheffield — Nitrate Plant No. 1
Production Difficulties Several complications impeded this plant's full operation including its inability to operate at the required pressure of 200 atmospheres at 500-600° C. Most importantly, ammonia synthesis could not be sustained due to . . . Map (db m183922) HM
2Alabama (Colbert County), Sheffield — Nitrate Plant No. 1
An Experimental Plant During World War 1, construction of the first ammonia synthesis plant in the U.S. began on this location in October 1917. With plans acquired by American and British espionage, construction of U.S. Nitrate Plant No. 1 . . . Map (db m183927) HM
3Alabama (Dale County), Arguta Community — Union (Arguta) Cemetery Established By Union Presbyterian Church 1843-2016
Founded by the Keahey family and related immigrants from Scotland, the adjacent Union Presbyterian Church established this cemetery before the Civil War. The Presbytery of South Alabama, a District Governing Body of the Presbyterian Church . . . Map (db m183624) HM
4Arkansas (Pulaski County), Jacksonville — First Jacksonville School
Although earlier schools existed, this first permanent Jacksonville school site was donated town founder Nicholas W. Jackson in 1880 to the Jacksonville Academy Association By 1881, all eight grades were taught here in a one room log building. The . . . Map (db m183540) HM
5Arkansas (Pulaski County), Jacksonville — Governor Homer M. Adkins — 1890-1964
The 32nd Governor of the State of Arkansas (Dem. 1941 - 34) was born near Jacksonville on October 15, 1890 in the community of Piedmont, spent his childhood here and attended Bayou Metro public School. Gov. Adkins was largely responsible for . . . Map (db m183524) HM
6Arkansas (Pulaski County), Jacksonville — Jacksonville, Arkansas
Coming of the railroad led to the naming of Jacksonville in 1870 for Nicholas W. "Nick" Jackson (1832 - 1916), a land owner and mule owner who donated the depot site to the Old Cairo & Fulton Railroad with the provision that the new station be named . . . Map (db m183518) HM
7Arkansas (Pulaski County), Jacksonville — Tom Cory — 1933-2000
Tom Cory came to Jacksonville in 1968 and along with Paul Ramm and Brad Blakeway, formed Arkansas precast corporation. His hard work and leadership helped enable their company to prosper and to employ over 100 people, precast concrete from . . . Map (db m183543) HM
8California (Del Norte County), Crescent City — Tsunami !
The townspeople of Crescent City slumbered peacefully in the late-night hours of March 28, 1964 - tragically unaware of a catastrophe at their doorstep. Earlier whipped into fury by a devastating Alaskan earthquake, seismic waves raced . . . Map (db m183645) HM
9California (Del Norte County), Crescent City — Tsunamis are Synonymous With Crescent City — Surge Depth Here: 7.75 Feet
Thirty-seven tsunamis have been observed or recorded on the North Coast since the first tide gauge was installed in Crescent City in 1933. All but five were tele-tsunamis (the source was far away). Crescent City, known as "Tsunami Central,” has . . . Map (db m183655) HM
10California (Del Norte County), Klamath — The End of the Trail
James Earle Fraser and his End of the Trail What you see here is a copy of the famous "End of the Trail" statue. You have probably seen this image in many forms from small statues to bookends to belt buckles all across the United . . . Map (db m183669) HM
11California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 920 — Aoyama Tree
Ficus Macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig) planted circa 1920. Declared 2008, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 920, Cultural Heritage Commission, City of Los Angeles.Map (db m183767) HM
12California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Colonel Ellison Onizuka — Challenger Memorial
Colonel (USAF) Ellison Shoji Onizuka Astronaut/National Aeronautics and Space Administration, June 24, 1946 — January 28, 1986. Colonel Onizuka was the first Japanese American astronaut selected to participate in America's . . . Map (db m183925) HM
13California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 125 — Fine Arts Building
Romanesque style. Architects - Walker and Eisen. Built 1927. Declared 1974, Historic-Cultural Monument No. 125, City of Los Angeles, Cultural Heritage Commission, Cultural Affairs Department.Map (db m183788) HM
14California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — MacArthur Park
Westlake Park First MacArthur Park and its scenic pond began to enchant visitors late in the 19th century. Then called Westlake Park, the Los Angeles Times observed in 1891, that it was "a pretty, breezy spot. The lake is well . . . Map (db m183978) HM
15California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Welcome to Chinatown — Chinatown Gateway Monument
Los Angeles' historic Chinatown has long served as a gateway for countless Chinese and Asian immigrants coming to the United States. To commemorate this historic fact, the Los Angeles Chinatown Community, City of Los Angeles Community . . . Map (db m183620) HM
16California (Mariposa County), Hornitos — St. Catherine Catholic Church
St. Catherine Church was built during the 1860’s probably in 1865. Before the church was built, priests came from Stockton to say Mass for the people of Hornitos. Priests from Sonora and Mariposa came for Mass after the church was built. In the . . . Map (db m183735) HM
17California (Orange County), Dana Point — California's Highway 1 — Pacific Coast Highway
The Most Beautiful Drive in America California's fabled road begins here in Dana Point and winds north along the scenic California coast linking waterside destinations, secluded stretches, and California's biggest cities. The road ends near . . . Map (db m183015) HM
18California (Orange County), Dana Point — Dana Point's Early Years — Life Before the Highway
"The Only Romantic Spot on the Coast" Dana Point is named after Richard Henry Dana, Jr. a nineteenth century sailor. Dana called this area "the only romantic spot on the coast," words of admiration that would forever link his name with this . . . Map (db m183014) HM
19California (Orange County), Dana Point — Doheny State Beach
Named for Ned Doheny Jr., son of Edward L. Doheny, who donated the land in his memory to the State of California in 1931. In 1936, the Civilian Conservation Corps erected an adobe wall along Pacific Coast Highway. This wall replicates that original . . . Map (db m183019) HM
20California (Orange County), Dana Point — Surfin' Dana Point — The Waves Were Killer
The Notorious Wave Back in the day, if you dared, you grabbed your board and headed for Killer Dana. The wave was known as Dana Cove when the weather was calm - but when the surf was over 10 feet, Killer Dana's thick, right-breaking curl . . . Map (db m183042) HM
21California (Orange County), Dana Point — The Endless Summer — Surfing's Greatest Film was Born in Dana Point
Seminal Surfing Story Filmed in the early 1960s, the documentary The Endless Summer follows two California as they circle the globe to surf. The pair introduce the sport to many who had never seen it, and discover what is now one of the . . . Map (db m183024) HM
22California (Orange County), Dana Point — The Richfield Tower — Bright and Tall Over Dana Point
Dana Point's Landmark for 43 Years From 1928 until 1971 one feature dominated this stretch of roadway: a giant open-frame tower marked with the neon letters spelling out R-I-C-H-F-I-E-L-D as part of the name of the Richfield Oil and Gas . . . Map (db m183017) HM
23California (San Diego County), San Clemente — Basilone Road — The Story Behind the Name
From an Italian-American family of ten children in Raritan, New Jersey, Marine Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone (1916-1945) was a celebrated war hero. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his efforts in Guadalcanal, where he manned a . . . Map (db m183223) HM WM
24California (San Diego County), San Diego — Derby Dike
Federal Flood Control Project 1853 George H. Derby Builder (John Phoenix) Lt. U.S. Topographical Corps Squibob Chapter ECV April 24, 1966Map (db m183268) HM
25California (San Joaquin County), Escalon — Campo Bravo Arena
Frank Vaz Borba was born near Visalia in Goshen, California on February 17, 1927. He was a son of Portuguese immigrants from Terceira Island Azores that cave him the passion for brave bulls. In Frank's blood was the instincts of a true fighting . . . Map (db m183454) HM
26California (San Mateo County), Half Moon Bay — In Memorial to the Commercial Fisherman Lost at Sea
Down to the sea in ships they go, these chosen men of steel. Though mist and foam and northwest wind is pounding at the keel. So sail they must each crispy morn, away from trees and sod. The sea may own their windburned flesh but their souls . . . Map (db m183796) HM
27California (Santa Cruz County), Santa Cruz — Making Barrels for Shipping Lime
This building is known as a cooperage. It is where workers built the redwood barrels used to pack and ship lime. The barrel-makers, or coopers, assembled and stored the empty barrels upstairs. Once the barrels were filled with lime from the . . . Map (db m183586) HM
28District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest Waterfront — Abraham Lincoln
During the Civil War, President Lincoln greeted troops upon arriving at the Southwest Waterfront, including Union Soldiers on their way to Fort Stevens to defend Washington from a Confederate Attack.Map (db m183749) HM
29Georgia (Coffee County), Douglas — Douglas Surgical Institute and Infirmary
. . . Map (db m183751) HM
30Georgia (Coffee County), Douglas — G & F Railroad / Norfolk Southern Railroad — Main Street National Register District —
G & F RailroadA depot originally built in 1904 by the Wadley and Mt. Vernon Railroad stood here until it merged with the larger G&F Railroad in 1907. Douglas became the central hub of the line when railyards were constructed north of . . . Map (db m183659) HM
31Georgia (Coffee County), Douglas — Martin Theater — ca 1939 — Main Street National Register District —
Construction began in 1939 for Martin Theater Company. The facility served as a motion picture house until the 1970's. The Martin family deeded the building to the City of Douglas in 1979. Volunteers encouraged city officials, under the leadership . . . Map (db m183705) HM
32Georgia (Coffee County), Douglas — Tanner Mercantile Company
Circa 1902. Original location of Tanner Mercantile Company owned and operated by Berry Hampton Tanner, prominent business and civic leader in Coffee County (1861-1920). First building in Douglas constructed from locally manufactured brick by Tim . . . Map (db m183636) HM
33Georgia (Coffee County), Douglas — Tanner Mercantile Company — First Department Store in Douglas
This two-story building was built in 1908 as part of the Tanner Mercantile Company, which was the first department store in Douglas. It was commissioned by Mr. B.H. “Babe” Tanner (March, 1861 — December, 1920). Babe Tanner was a prominent . . . Map (db m183653) HM
34Georgia (Coffee County), Douglas — The Coffee County Bank Building — Constructed 1910
was entered on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior under provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 December 10, 1982Map (db m183746) HM
35Idaho (Butte County), Arco — Devil's Orchard Trail — Craters of the Moon National Monument
Two thousand years ago, nearby volcanoes erupted so violently that they tore themselves apart. Rivers of lava floated huge chunks of crater wall down to this spot. Time passed. Rocks crumbled. The seeds of rabbitbrush and limber pine root in the . . . Map (db m183502) HM
36Idaho (Butte County), Arco — Indian Tunnel — Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve
Indian Tunnel is named for the mysterious stone circles that lie near the path to this large lava tube. Ancient stone structures are visible in many locations throughout the Monument. Archeologists believe that some of these structures may have had . . . Map (db m183501)
37Illinois, Bloomington — 1897
Gift to the street 1897 Old House Society of Bloomington-NormalMap (db m183745) HM
38Illinois, Bloomington — John & Matilda Heffernan House
706 E. Grove St. John & Matilda Heffernan House Built c. 1892 Queen Anne Architectural Style Col. Heffernan was a successful businessman and leader of the local Irish community. No automobiles were allowed on the property . . . Map (db m183750) HM
39Illinois, Bloomington — Robert Greenlee House
Gift to the Street 1884 Old House Society of Bloomington-NormalMap (db m183702) HM
40Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Sgt. Leonard Matlovich — The Legacy Walk
Sgt. Leonard Matlovich (Gay U.S. Military Pioneer) (1943 - 1988) Leonard Matlovich followed in his father's footsteps and volunteered for service in the Air Force. He served three tours of duty in Vietnam where he received a Bronze . . . Map (db m183658) HM
41Illinois (Dewitt County), Clinton — Abraham Lincoln
practiced law in this office with Clifton H. Moore 1856-1858Map (db m183836) HM
42Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Coming to Illinois — Looking for Lincoln
In March 1830, the tiny hamlet of Decatur, Illinois, with a dozen log cabins in place, was greeted by a caravan of thirteen people. This was the family of Thomas and Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln. It was the first time that Abraham Lincoln saw the . . . Map (db m183837) HM
43Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Finding the Biggest Man — Looking for Lincoln
During the State Republican convention, local photographer, E. A. Barnwell, owner of the People's Ambrotype Gallery in Decatur, decided to seek out the “biggest” man among the Convention participants. According to oral tradition, Barnwell . . . Map (db m183842) HM
44Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Lincoln on the Circuit — Looking for Lincoln
The second courthouse was an imposing structure far that time. Located on the southeast corner of Main and Main, it stood over forty feet tall, was made entirely of brick, and had a cupola for the courthouse bell. When not in use as a courthouse, . . . Map (db m183838) HM
45Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Lincoln's First Speech — Looking for Lincoln
In June 1830 farm hand Abraham Lincoln was working on the farm of his relation, William Hanks, just a few blocks from the main square in Decatur. Suddenly, he heard a disturbance coming from the square. Hopping the fence and heading to the . . . Map (db m183839) HM
46Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Wake Up, Lincoln! — Looking for Lincoln
The second day of the 1860 Illinois State Republican Convention, May 10th, arrived bright and sunny. While many of the events that would mark this Convention occurred on May 9th, including the “Railsplitter” demonstration, May 10th would . . . Map (db m183841) HM
47Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — An Arthur L. Pillsbury Design
. . . Map (db m183738) HM
48Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Augustus & Jennie Elbe House
702 E. Grove St. Augustus & Jennie Elbe House Built c. 1882 Queen Anne Architectural Style Elbe was a German born jeweler. The house cost $4500 to build.Map (db m183770) HM
49Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — David Davis III & IV House
Gift to the street 1872 Old House Society of Bloomington-NormalMap (db m183709) HM
50Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Dr. David & Elizabeth Moore House
. . . Map (db m183798) HM
51Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Edmund O'Connell House
Gift to the Street 1898 Old House Society of Bloomington-NormalMap (db m183707) HM
52Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Edward & Ora Gridley House
409 E. Grove St. Edward & Ora Gridley House Built c. 1885 • Queen Anne Style George Miller, Architect This house was preserved by Alice Light McTurnan, whose family lived here from 1904-1996. Edward Gridley was the son of . . . Map (db m183812) HM
53Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Eliel & Malinda Barber Cottage
709 E. Taylor St. Eliel & Malinda Barber Cottage Built c. 1852 Vertical Plank Construction Eliel built the first half of the Vrooman Mansion for his wife. Author Harold Sinclair resided here when he wrote The Horse . . . Map (db m183832) HM
54Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Eugene and Mary Funk House
507 E. Grove St. Eugene and Mary Funk House Eastlake Victorian Architectural Style, 1895 Paul Moratz, Architect; C. L. Hutchinson, Builder The Conover Female Seminary was located here and was demolished in 1894. It was the second . . . Map (db m183817) HM
55Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Ezra & Barbara Prince House
418 E. Grove St. Ezra & Barbara Prince House Built c. 1855 Victorian Cottage Ezra was a friend of Abraham Lincoln, and was a co-founder of the McLean County Historical Society. Pulitzer Prize winning brothers Paul and Edgar . . . Map (db m183779) HM
56Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Freedom and Henry C. Johnson House
516 S. Clayton St. Freedom and Henry C. Johnson House Italianate Architectural Style, 1880 Henry C. Johnson was a Civil War veteran. Eugenia Johnson, one of their five daughters, was born in the house and remained here until . . . Map (db m183829) HM
57Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — George H. & Clara Bruner Cox House
701 E. Grove St. George H. and Clara Bruner Cox House George Miller, Architect Queen Anne Architectural Style, 1886 George Cox ran the Hungarian Roller Mills. Clara grew up in the neighborhood. Dr. Jane Marie Lee restored the . . . Map (db m183825) HM
58Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Horace and Nora McCurdy House
414-416 E. Grove St. Horace and Nora McCurdy House Italianate Architectural Style, 1877 Richter and Harris, Architects Horace McCurdy owned a hardware business at 110 W. Front St. Built as a single-family residence, it was . . . Map (db m183784) HM
59Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — James S. Neville House
Gift to the street 1885 Old House Society of Bloomington-NormalMap (db m183733) HM
60Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — John A. Wilcox House
Gift to the street 1884 Old House Society of Bloomington-NormalMap (db m183736) HM
61Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — John and Caroline Roush House
421 E. Grove St. John and Caroline Roush House Italianate Architectural Style, 1870 Built on a Joliet stone foundation with local brick for John Roush, a wholesale grocer. The Neo-classical porch was added in 1907. The house . . . Map (db m183815) HM
62Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Lawrence and Mary Jane Weldon House
407 E. Grove St. Lawrence and Mary Jane Weldon House Italianate Architectural Style, 1870 by Pennington and Coultas A US Court of Claims judge, Weldon was a friend of Abraham Lincoln and hosted U.S. Grant here in 1880. The . . . Map (db m183805) HM
63Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Lucius T. and Arabella Bruner Wilcox House
604 E. Grove St. Lucius T. and Arabella Bruner Wilcox House Queen Anne Architectural Style, 1894 Lucius, a dry goods merchant, was his own contractor and built this house for $5500. Arabella grew up in the neighborhood and her . . . Map (db m183771) HM
64Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Matthew and Julia Scott House
701 E. Taylor St. Matthew and Julia Scott House Italianate/Romanesque Architectural Style, 1869/1900 GW Bunting/Arthur Pillsbury, Architects The Scotts' daughter, Julia, a lifelong resident from 1876-1981, lived here with her . . . Map (db m183831) HM
65Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Oscar and Sara Mandel House
402 E. Grove St. Oscar and Sara Mandel House Queen Anne Architectural Style, 1894 George Miller, Architect Moved here in 2004 from 507 E. Washington, restored by Diana Krieg, and awarded Best Curb Appeal by This Old House in . . . Map (db m183794) HM
66Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Phillip & Sophia Young House
609/11 E. Grove St. Phillip & Sophia Young House West Half Built c. 1855 Greek Revival Architectural Style East side addition by architect Arthur Pillsbury was built in 1904 to provide income for widow Anna Perrigo. Phillip . . . Map (db m183823) HM
67Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Ruben & Laura Benjamin House
510 E. Grove St. Ruben & Laura Benjamin House Built by John Routt in 1853 Italianate Architectural Style Ruben Benjamin was examined by Abraham Lincoln to qualify for a license to practice law. John Routt was elected governor . . . Map (db m183772) HM
68Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Sain & Gertrude Welty House
612 E. Grove St. Sain & Gertrude Welty House Built c. 1888 Queen Anne Architecture Only 8% of Queen Anne houses are brick and the 3 story square tower is uncommon. Judge Welty was City Attorney from 1885 to 18(obscured) . . . Map (db m183747) HM
69Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Samuel & Electa Bishop House
603 E. Grove St. Samuel & Electa Bishop House Built c. 1857 Italianate Architectural Style One of George Bruner's many neighborhood properties in the 1860's. Bruner also owned a lumber yard on the corner of Evans and Grove. . . . Map (db m183822) HM
70Illinois (McLean County), Normal — Illinois State Normal — Looking for Lincoln
Thanks to the foresight and generosity of Abraham Lincoln's McLean County friends, Jesse W. Fell, David Davis, and others, the Illinois State Board of Education located the first state-supported university near the junction of the Illinois . . . Map (db m183699) HM
71Illinois (Peoria County), Peoria — Camp Peoria
This tablet marks the site of Camp Peoria where the following Illinois regiments of volunteer soldiers of the Civil War were encamped from Aug 1862 to Nov 1862. Upon it are inscribed the dates of muster into the United States service and the names . . . Map (db m183621) WM
72Illinois (Peoria County), Peoria — Peoria Settlement Site
When Father Marquette, the missionary, and Louis Joliet, the trader, first white men to see the site of Peoria, came ashore here in the summer of 1673, there was an Indian village at this location. 100 years later, the French had built a village . . . Map (db m183623) HM
73Illinois (Woodford County), Metamora — Metamora (Illinois) Honor Roll
World War I (★ designates killed in service) Adams, Hurd • Alig, Joseph C. • Attig, Ralph • Attig, Rudolph • Bachman, Benjamin • Bachman, William • Baldwin, Jack • Bayless, Oscar L. • Belsley, Benjamin • Berry, Lawrence • Berry, Lyle . . . Map (db m183627) WM
74Indiana (Allen County), Grabill — Grabill, Indiana — Platted February 15, 1902
Originally in twenty three lots at a site selected by the Wabash Railway for a depot to serve a rich agricultural area. The first steam train arrived over the newly completed Fort Wayne-Toledo right of way on January 1, 1902. A post office was . . . Map (db m183600) HM
75Indiana (Allen County), Harlan — Harlan Park Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to honor our veterans who have served in the armed forces August 1991Map (db m183601) WM
76Indiana (Allen County), Harlan — Harlan, Indiana — Platted 1853
On north bank of prehistoric Lake Maumee. The ridge formed by the bank was part of the pioneer overland trace from Detroit to Fort Wayne. This route was surveyed as early as 1837 for the ridge road, served in the late nineteenth century as a toll . . . Map (db m183602) HM
77Indiana (Allen County), Harlan — Old Maysville Cemetery
This cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering - always. [Names listed on the back of the marker sharing the names of the interred.]Map (db m183603) HM
78Kansas (Graham County), Nicodemus — Boeing B-17F Crash Memorial
Dedicated 2020 to honor the six Army Air Force Personnel of 100th Bomb Group, 350th Bomb Squadron lost when their B-17F Bomber crashed north of Bogue, Kansas during a ferry flight from Casper Army Air Base to Tinker Field, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma . . . Map (db m183527) HM WM
79Maine (Washington County), Eastport — Camp Lee - Stephenson — In Memorium
Lt. Irwin W. Lee (C.E.C) U.S.N.R. & Lt. (JG) George S. Stephenson (C.E.C.) U.S.N.R. were killed 2 July 1943 while leading their troops in combat against the Japanese in the Solomon Islands. They were the first two officers of the Civil . . . Map (db m183648) HM WM
80Maine (Washington County), Eastport — Cultural History
Eastport's downtown Historic District is an architectural treasure listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 18th and 19th century shipbuilding industry brought in the resources to create our historically significant residential . . . Map (db m183568) HM
81Maine (Washington County), Eastport — Sardine Industry
Eastport's fishing industry has sustained the area from the city's beginning. Originally, shallow-water fish harvesting was adapted from Passamaquoddy Indians' use of weirs. Eventually, Eastport became the Sardine Capital of the World, at onetime . . . Map (db m183641) HM
82Maine (Washington County), Eastport — The Roosevelts and Eastport
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Campobello Island home can be seen from Eastport. After FDR contracted polio while at Campobello in 1921, local fisherman took him across the bay to Eastport. Using a ruse to fool reporters, they spirited FDR onto a . . . Map (db m183539) HM
83Maine (Washington County), Perry — Precise Positioning and the 45th Parallel — Surveying Then and Now
1863: U.S. Coast Survey performs field work of triangulation,baselines, and astronomical observations, then calculates latitude and longitude for stations in the Perry vicinity. These points are the foundation of all charts and maps created . . . Map (db m183616) HM
84Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — Climate Change and Jug Bay
How will Climate Change Impact the Chesapeake Bay? Air Temperature The temperature in Maryland has increased by 2°F since 1970. The graphic below shows that the air temperature will be 3° to 9°F higher by 2100. Maryland's . . . Map (db m183966) HM
85Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — Eastern Bluebird — (Sialia sialis)
Did you know? The Eastern Bluebird is Prince George's County's bird symbol. Identification: The male's bright iridescent blue coloring is a definite field marking while the female's duller coloration lends itself well to blending . . . Map (db m183948) HM
86Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — John W. Greene
More than any other person, John W. Greene is credited with the success and enduring legacy of Columbia Air Center. Greene was a pioneering aviator, airplane mechanic and teacher. He managed Columbia Air Center from 1941 to 1954. Greene was . . . Map (db m183960) HM
87Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — The Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Driving Tour
The "Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Protection Program" passed by the Maryland General Assembly in 1984 requires each local jurisdiction bordering the Bay and its tributaries to develop a program to protect natural resources, shorelines, and water . . . Map (db m183961) HM
88Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — The Cloud Club
The first licensed African American owned and operated airport in Maryland if not the nation, opened here in 1941. Originally known as Riverside Field, the Columbia Air Center was established by a group of African American aviators known as the . . . Map (db m183956) HM
89Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — The Compass Rose
The compass rose is a feature that is well known to those who fly or pilot aircraft. They are an integral part of almost every navigational system including aeronautical, nautical, global positioning systems (GPS) and others. A compass rose can . . . Map (db m183949) HM
90Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — The Duckett Cabin
This hand-hewn log cabin was built in Aquasco, Maryland, around 1880 as a farm tenant house. This "one-up-and-one-down" design with one room and a loft was typically used for slave cabins during the early 1800s. By the late 1800s, it was the . . . Map (db m183969) HM
91Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — 101st Infantry Regiment
. . . Map (db m183358) WM
92Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — 126 Signal Battalion
126 Signal Battalion 26th YD Inf Division MARNG This Memorial is dedicated to honor the memory of all the deceased members of the 126th Signal Battalion. “So others may command” Map (db m183344) WM
93Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — 14th Air Force ~ Flying Tigers — Massachusetts National Cemetery
Dedicated to those who served and to the Bravest of Men who made the Supreme Sacrifice to preserve the American way of life. 14th Air Force ~ Flying Tigers China - WW II Map (db m183704) WM
94Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — 1st Marine Division
1st Marine Division WWII • Korea • VietnamMap (db m183470) WM
95Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — 204 AAA BN
Honoring All Officers and Men 204 AAA BN N. France • Ardennes • S. England C-Europe Rhine-Land WWII Map (db m183520) WM
96Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — 83rd Infantry Division
. . . Map (db m183330) WM
97Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — A Memorial For The Deceased
A Memorial For The Deceased Please Pray For Us ★ Modlcie Sie Zanami Polish American Veterans of Massachusetts and its AuxiliaryMap (db m183448) WM
98Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — Americal Division — Massachusetts National Cemetery
Dedicated as an everlasting tribute to all that served with and for the American DivisionMap (db m183461) WM
99Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — American Merchant Marine Veterans
How Sleep The Brave Who Sink to Rest Presented By American Merchant Marine Veterans New England Chapter 22 May 1992 Map (db m183449) WM
100Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — AMVETS Department of Massachusetts — Massachusetts National Cemetery
In memory of those who have served our communities, state and nation in defense of our beloved freedom.Map (db m183401) WM

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