“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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The Kicking Bird statue and Marker image, Touch for more information
By James Hulse, September 9, 2021
The Kicking Bird statue and Marker
— Wednesday, December 8, 2021 —
1Oklahoma (Caddo County), Anadarko — Kicking BirdTene Angopte
1835 - 1875 Principal Chief of the KiowasMap (db m187720) HM
2Oklahoma (Caddo County), Anadarko — Alice Brown DavisSeminole Chieftain
B. 1852 - D. 1935 Educator, Humanitarian, Interpreter Donors Mr. & Mrs. Tom Garrard & Mrs. William S. Key Willard Stone: SculptorMap (db m187719) HM
3Oklahoma (Caddo County), Anadarko — Roberta Campbell LawsonDelaware - 1878 to 1941
. . . Map (db m187716) HM
4Oklahoma (Caddo County), Anadarko — Will RogersCherokee 1879-1935
World Famous Actor, Humorist, Writer, Philosopher. Sculptor: Electra Waggoner Donor: Amon G. Carter FoundationMap (db m187713) HM
5Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — C29 — Greyhound Bus StationDestination — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Built 1950 (Remodeled in the 1970s), 618 19th St. N. The Greyhound bus station was a stop of the 1961 Freedom Riders, a group of Blacks and Whites who rode buses together across state lines to disobey segregation laws in the Deep South. A . . . Map (db m187718) HM
— Tuesday, December 7, 2021 —
6Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — C30 — Birmingham City HallDestination — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Built 1947-50, 710 20th St. N. Birmingham City Hall was the administrative center for the enforcement of local segregation codes. Thus, this building was one of the major destination points for the “Project C" marchers in the 1963 . . . Map (db m187717) HM
7North Carolina (Orange County), Hillsborough — St. Mary's Chapel
1759 Founded by Anglicans 1819 United with Episcopal Church of North Carolina 1859 This chapel builtMap (db m187667) HM
8Indiana (Decatur County), Greensburg — Palmer Building
Constructed c. 1860 in Classical Revival style, it displays a unique parapet front gable roof with wood topped "steps.” At least four food distributors were located at this site, including Kammerling's Meats in 1908, the Model Grocery in 1914, . . . Map (db m187666) HM
9Indiana (Jefferson County), Madison — Shrewsbury-Windle House
built 1846-1849 Francis Costigan, architect has been designated a National Historic Landmark This building possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America 1994 National Park Service . . . Map (db m187665) HM
10North Carolina (Guilford County), Greensboro — Blandwood
. . . Map (db m187664) HM
11Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — C34 — Boutwell Auditorium(Former Municipal Auditorium) — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Built 1924 (Extended in 1957), 1930 8th Ave. N. In 1924, Municipal Auditorium was one of the South's largest (6,000 seats) and most modern auditoriums. In April of 1956, Ku Klux Klansman Asa Carter led an attack on Montgomery native and . . . Map (db m187715) HM
12Iowa (Monroe County), Albia — Monroe County Courthouse
The first time court was held in Monroe County it was convened in a log house at Clark’s Point, Judge Charles Mason presiding. There was no floor in the house and during the session the judge, the lawyers and the court officials slept on the . . . Map (db m187700) HM
13Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — C32 — Linn-Henley Research LibraryDestination — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Built 1926-27, 701 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N. The Birmingham Public Library was the city's main branch for 57 years. It was one of several protest target sites during the 1963 Birmingham Campaign. Like the city parks, Birmingham's most . . . Map (db m187712) HM
14Mexico, Michoacán (Municipality of Pátzcuaro), Pátzcuaro — Vasco de Quiroga
Este monumento a Don Vasco de Quiroga fue erigido en el cuarto centenario de su fallecimiento Gobernador Constitucional del Estado C. Lic. Agustin Arriaga Rivera Patzcuaro, Mich. 14 de marzo de 1965 . . . Map (db m187711) HM
15Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — A12 — The Right to VoteMarch Route to Government — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Another strategy of “Project C” was voter registration for Birmingham Blacks. At the time, only 12,000 of 150,000 voting-age African-Americans in Jefferson County could vote. White state and local officials used such methods as reading tests and . . . Map (db m187708) HM
16Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — A13 — The Stand for FreedomMarch Route to Government — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
"Bull” Connor's police force still tried in vain to stop the marches to City-Hall. The number of well-organized protestors overwhelmed the police. Some marchers actually made it to Woodrow Wilson Park (now Linn Park) that connects City Hall and . . . Map (db m187706) HM
17North Carolina (Burke County), Morganton — General Daniel Morgan(1736-1802)
Hero of the Battle of Cowpens during the American Revolution. Burke County Patriot Militia fought alongside Morgan, a Virginian. In 1784 the Town of Morgansborough was established in his honor. The name was changed to Morganton in 1838.Map (db m187663) HM
18South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — The John Fabre Jr. House6 Tradd Street — Built ca. 1788 —
This three-story stuccoed brick house was built sometime between 1778, the year of the great fire, and 1788. It stands on part of Lot 7 of the “Grand Modell” within the walled city of Charles Town and was the birthplace of Robert Tradd, who, . . . Map (db m187613) HM
19South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Site of the William Burrows House71 Broad Street
Noted for its elegant architecture and prominent owners, the house was built in 1772 by Justice William Burrows (1727-1781), distinguished jurist, landholder, and member of St. Michael's Church. His son, William Ward Burrows (1758-1805), served . . . Map (db m187614) HM
20Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — A14 — A City of Two GovernmentsMarch Route to Government — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
In 1963, Birmingham underwent a major political transformation. To force Commissioner “Bull” Connor from office, progressive Whites and Blacks plotted to change the form of government from Commissioners to a Mayor-Council system. Mayor Albert . . . Map (db m187705) HM
21Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D14 — Historic Demonstration at Phillips SchoolMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
[Note: a portion of the wording on the first panel of the marker has been torn away.(See photo #1)] Paired marker September 9, 1957 In 1957, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and his followers in the Alabama Christian Movement for . . . Map (db m187702) HM
22Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — C35 — Phillips High School(Now Phillips Academy) — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Built 1923, 2316 7th Ave N. Phillips High School was the flagship school in the center of Birmingham. It was named for John Herbert Phillips, the city's highly-esteemed first school superintendent, who served from 1883 until his death in 1921. . . . Map (db m187704) HM
23Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D13 — Desegregating Ramsay SchoolMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Many African Americans continued to push for the right to an equal education that the 1954 Brown decision gave them. Despite angry threats of violence and intense economic pressure, those first few African American families in Birmingham who chose . . . Map (db m187693) HM
24Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D12 — Desegregating West End SchoolMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Community civil rights leaders who helped organize the Movement and embraced the philosophy of nonviolence looked for well-disciplined children with good moral character who would at retaliate if they encountered bullying or violence by White . . . Map (db m187690) HM
25North Carolina (Wilkes County), Wilkesboro — Wilkes County FrescoesBlue Ridge National Heritage Area
For more than one hundred and fifty years, St. Paul's Episcopal Church has found a home atop a steep hill in downtown Wilkesboro, North Carolina. St. Paul's Church traces its beginnings to 1836. The brick Gothic church was constructed in 1848 and . . . Map (db m187683) HM
26Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D11 — Integration Begins: Desegregating Graymont SchoolMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
As Birmingham's civil rights leaders pushed to desegregate city schools, radical opponents in Birmingham pushed back, sometimes violently. Responses against school integration included death threats by telephone to parents who dared send their . . . Map (db m187686) HM
27Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D10 — Southern ResistanceMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
In Alabama, White parents used the 1956 Alabama Pupil Placement Act that let them “choose” which public schools their children would attend. When Black parents in Birmingham tried to use the same law to send their children to White schools, . . . Map (db m187685) HM
28Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D9 — Children's Crusade for EducationMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Birmingham's Black schoolchildren played an important role in moving the city toward ending legal segregation. Under the leadership of SCLC field coordinators, thousands of children left their segregated schools to join the marches in the downtown . . . Map (db m187682) HM
29Florida (St. Lucie County), Fort Pierce — Medal of Honor StatueNational Navy UDT-Seal Museum
Side 1: The Medal of Honor is the United States of America’s highest military honor, awarded for personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. it is presented by the President of the United States in the name of Congress. . . . Map (db m187652) WM
30Illinois (Madison County), Granite City — In Honor of Our Heroes
Civil War 1861-1865 Spanish American War 1898-1899 World War 1917-1919 Erected by Sarah Jane McEvers Tent No 90 Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War May 30, 1935 (plaque) Our Mission is to . . . Map (db m187611) WM
31Ohio (Wood County), Pemberville — Captain Elihu H. Mason
March 23, 1831 September 24, 1896 In memory of Elihu H. Mason, one of the first six Medal of Honor recipients. Mason, a resident of Pemberville, Ohio was enlisted in the 21st Ohio Infantry. During the Civil War Mason was involved in Andrews . . . Map (db m187648) HM
32Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D7 — The Schoolhouse Stand at AlabamaMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Southern governors, mayors and elected officials employed every means to resist public school integration, even famously using armed state guards to block Black students from entering. For example, Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus called the Arkansas . . . Map (db m187680) HM
33Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D8 — School Integration NowMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Birmingham had the well-earned reputation of being America's deadliest defender of segregation in the 1950s and 1960s. Civil rights leaders Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, head of the local Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights (ACMHR) and Dr. . . . Map (db m187681) HM
34North Carolina (Forsyth County), Winston-Salem — Nissen Building
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m187659) HM
35Montana (Lewis and Clark County), Helena — Tatem-Young ResidenceHelena Historic District
Benjamin H. and Lydia Mears Tatem came west as newlyweds in 1869. They settled in Helena where Tatem managed the Unionville mining claims of Philadelphia investors and operated Helena Iron Works. Tatem profited from his interest in the Bald Butte . . . Map (db m187677) HM
36Montana (Lewis and Clark County), Helena — Edward C. Babcock MansionHelena Historic District
Locally quarried blue-gray granite complements the shingled upper stories in this commanding nineteenth-century home. Both this residence and the one next door are stellar examples of the eclectic Shingle style. The wide porch and asymmetry are . . . Map (db m187674) HM
37Montana (Lewis and Clark County), Helena — Tracy-Power ResidenceHelena Historic District
Praised for lending “an air of distinction” to “one of the handsomest residence streets in Helena,” this three-story Queen Anne style home was constructed for George and Eva Tracy. The house was completed just prior to the calamitous economic . . . Map (db m187671) HM
38Montana (Lewis and Clark County), Helena — Gilpatrick/Root HouseHelena Historic District
The steamboat Alone brought Stephen Gilpatrick to Montana on the cusp of the 1863 gold rush to Alder Gulch. When mining proved a disappointment, Gilpatrick moved on to Last Chance where he and a partner established the camp’s first stationery store. . . . Map (db m187662) HM
39Montana (Lewis and Clark County), Helena — Boyer/Hawkins ResidenceHelena Historic District
Newlyweds Isaac Boyer and Carrie Feldberg Boyer moved to their new home within a year of their 1907 marriage. The refined, hipped-roof residence may well have been built to order. The two-story house features popular Colonial Revival style details, . . . Map (db m187660) HM
40Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D6 — Alabama's Rebel YellMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Southern members of the U.S. Congress in 1956 issued the "Southern Manifesto” that called the U.S. Supreme Court's Brown decision an "abuse of judicial power." By forcing public school integration contrary to social custom, the high court had . . . Map (db m187661) HM
41South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Market Hall and Sheds
. . . Map (db m187618) HM
42North Carolina (Haywood County), Clyde — Mount Zion United Methodist Church
Built 1882 has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m187620) HM
43Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D5 — Hope ArrivesMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) used its Legal Defense and Educational Fund and its team of skilled lawyers to attack the "separate but equal” education laws. Beginning in the 1930s, the NAACP filed lawsuits . . . Map (db m187658) HM
44Pennsylvania (Delaware County), Middletown Township — John J. Tyler Arboretum(Painter Arboretum)
This land grant, by William Penn to Thomas Minshall in 1681, was continuously held by the same family until left by Laura Tyler, as a memorial to her husband, John J. Tyler. Famous for its unusual trees, planted 1840 to 1860 by Minshall and Jacob . . . Map (db m187656) HM
45Pennsylvania (Delaware County), Rose Valley — Mildred Scott Olmsted(1890-1990)
An antiwar campaigner and women's and civil rights activist. Olmsted traveled the world on behalf of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. WILPF's advocacy was consistent with her Quaker beliefs. She headed the national WILPF . . . Map (db m187653) HM
46Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — "the gun boat Tyler saved the day "
The guns of the U.S.S. Tyler sent their last blast hurtling toward Graveyard Hill at 10:30 A.M. on July 4, 1863. The Confederates were retreating. Helena remained in Union hands. The Battle of Helena, July 4 1863 The Tyler steamed into . . . Map (db m187654) HM
47Texas (Smith County), Tyler — 16531 — Tyler Carnegie Library
Five Tyler Women’s clubs, the First Literary Club, Bachelor Maids, Quid Nunc, Sherwood Club and Athenian Club, collectively known as the Federated Women’s Clubs of Tyler, worked several years to form a series of libraries for this growing East . . . Map (db m187655) HM
48Michigan (Lenawee County), Blissfield — This Limestone Cross
This limestone cross and base were part of the reconstruction of St. Peter The Apostle in 1927. Total weight of the cross and base is over 5500 pounds. Due to aging of the bell tower structure, they were removed and placed in front of . . . Map (db m187564) HM
49Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — WWI Camp Bowie BaseHospital Building
Camp Bowie was established as a training facility for the 36th Infantry Division after the United States declared war on Germany in April 1917. Construction began on July 18, 1917 and it was officially opened on August 24, 1917. Among the camp's . . . Map (db m187623) HM
50Texas (Eastland County), Eastland — 1038 — The Connellee House
Home of Charles U. Connellee (1851-1930), who opened much of West Texas to settlement. Coming as a surveyor from Kentucky in 1874, he platted town of Eastland and promoted it as a county seat. He built lower story of his home in 1876, of lumber . . . Map (db m187592) HM
51South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Wagner-Trott Building30 State StreetBuilt ca. 1866
Theodore D. Wagner, an executive with the leading mercantile firm John Fraser & Co., constructed the building soon after purchasing the property in 1866. At the time, much of the surrounding community was damaged from Union shelling during the Civil . . . Map (db m187615) HM
52Mexico, Michoacán (Municipality of Pátzcuaro), Pátzcuaro — Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Salud
Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Salud Catedral que Don Vasco de Quiroga fundó en 1540 sobre una pirámide purépecha; su plan original estaba basado en la catedral de Granada. Funcionó como sede catedralicia hasta 1570, cuando se . . . Map (db m187624) HM
53Ohio (Wood County), Pemberville — Pemberville
Founded on the forks of the Portage River named for James PemberMap (db m187645) HM
54Ohio (Wood County), Pemberville — Rodinghausen Point
October 8, 2015 Celebrating the friendship of Pemberville, Ohio ans Rodinghausen, Germany. In the 1800's several families from the Rodinghausen area came to the Pemberville area to begin a new life. This memorial honors the family and friendship . . . Map (db m187647) HM
55South Dakota (Charles Mix County), Ravinia — Ravinia School1917 – 1967
Gone but not Forgotten The Golden Years Home of the Bears This memorial to Ravinia Consolidated School is a tribute to all who attended and graduated from the humble institution, including dedicated educators and board members who . . . Map (db m187638) HM
56South Dakota (Charles Mix County), Ravinia — The Ravinia Consolidated School
This marker commemorates and gives directions to the Ravinia Consolidated School site and memorial ¼ mile south on County Highway 21 in Ravinia. The school operated from 1917-1967 when reorganization dissolved the district. During this period . . . Map (db m187637) HM
57South Dakota (Charles Mix County), Lake Andes — Civilian Conservation Corps Camp
Camp BF-1 (DSE-204): located in edge of town of Lake Andes Companies: Nebraskans?--July-October 1933; 2759V -- 7/31/34-11/1/34; 2743 (Nebraskans) -- 5/25/35-Fall 1935 The Civilian Conservation Corps was a federal relief program during . . . Map (db m187634) HM
58Michigan (Lenawee County), Blissfield — Schultz-Holmes Memorial Library
Given to the Village of Blissfield, through the will of Martha Schultz, by Frederick Schultz (Deceased, 1948) and Martha Schultz (Deceased, 1950) In memory of Harold W. and Erma Schultz Holmes, and their son, Frederick, All of whom were lost . . . Map (db m187565) HM
— Monday, December 6, 2021 —
59Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D4 — Education of Black FolkMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Black leaders debated how best to educate their children to live in a racially segregated society. Former slave Booker T. Washington, founder of Tuskegee Institute, was America's leading Black spokesman at the turn of the 20th century and promoted . . . Map (db m187636) HM
60Illinois (Livingston County), Dwight — The WindmillWelcome to Dwight
The Windmill is located on what was formerly the Oughton Estate. It was built in 1896 to supply water to the Oughton Estate. In 1977 the Ohlendorf family replaced the head with a new one shipped from South America. This head was again repaired in . . . Map (db m187600) HM
61South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Wilson-Sottile Housecirca 1890
Built by Samuel H. Wilson, prominent banker, wholesale grocer and importer. Long the residence of Albert Sottile, businessman and builder of the city's early film theatres.Map (db m187617) HM
62Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D3 — Little Lady Can ReadMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Immediately after the Civil War, Northern church groups funded by sympathetic Whites rushed to the South to start elementary schools and colleges to educate freed slaves. Soon afterward, Blacks took the lead in educating their own children. . . . Map (db m187635) HM
63South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — The Joseph Yates House27 Meeting Street — Built ca. 1815 —
This three-story Charleston single house was constructed by local merchant and cooper Joseph Yates after he purchased the property in 1810. The dwelling replaced a two-story wooden house that belonged to colonial politician and military leader . . . Map (db m187612) HM
64Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D2 — Separate But Unequal EducationMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Many social scientists of the early 20th century promoted the false belief that Blacks were intellectually and socially inferior to Whites and fit only for service jobs. Blacks, therefore, did not deserve to be educated on the same level as . . . Map (db m187633) HM
65South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — 36 Meeting StreetBrunet-Hall House — Circa 1743 —
This early Charleston single house was built by Huguenot carpenter Esaie Brunet as his residence on the banks of Vanderhorst Creek (now Water Street). In 1764 it became the family home of Revolutionary War naval hero Captain William Hall, . . . Map (db m187610) HM
66Texas (Gonzales County), Gonzales — Juneteenth - A Day of Freedom and JubileeThe African-American Journey - 1863-1965
All Slaves Are Free! Galveston Texas: Ashton Villa June 19, 1865 Two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln's historic Emancipation Proclamation, U. S. Major General Gordon Granger took command of the District of Texas . . . Map (db m187621) HM
67Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — D1 — The Importance of Being EducatedMarch Route for Education — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Thirteen years after the American Civil War, the U.S. Supreme Court began to uphold Jim Crow segregation laws that kept African Ameri- cans from enjoying their 14th Amendment rights. Its famous Plessy v. Ferguson decision in 1896 supported a . . . Map (db m187632) HM
68South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — The Julius L. Lee House53 Church Street — Built ca. 1879 —
Evidence suggests that this house was built after Julius Lilyestrom Lee purchased the property in 1877 for $1,000 from Mary Gadsden and Susan Gibbes, descendants of Joseph Ball. As early as 1879, Lee and business partner Antonio Nielson based their . . . Map (db m187608) HM
69Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — Bernard F. Sliger / Doak Sheridan CampbellFlorida State University
Bernard F. Sliger President 1977-1991 Bernard F. “Bernie” Sliger served as FSU president from 1977 to 1991. In 1993 he returned to the helm as interim president and served in that capacity until 1994. During Sliger’s tenure, student . . . Map (db m187599) HM
70Texas (Gonzales County), Gonzales — Historic Gonzales Churches and CemeteryThe African-American Journey - 1863-1965
Providence Baptist Church Founded 1874 1020 St. Andrew St. Henson Chapel United Methodist Church Founded 1882 1107 St. Andrew St. Union Lea Missionary Baptist Church Founded 1908 931 St. Andrew St. Webster Chapel A.M.E. . . . Map (db m187616) HM
71Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E1 — Birth of an IconMarch Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Freddie Lee Robinson was born March 18, 1922, in Mt. Meigs, Montgomery County, Alabama, to Alberta Robinson and Vetter Greene. The unmarried couple also conceived a girl, Cleola. Because Vetter could not provide for his growing family, Alberta's . . . Map (db m187631) HM
72Texas (Gonzales County), Gonzales — Segregation in Gonzales: Edwards High SchoolThe African-American Journey - 1863-1965
Texas schools officially included Blacks in 1868, but provided no funds to build segregated schools. Classes met outdoors, in homes, churches or other buildings. Mrs. Myrtle Moses Mathis' home was the first Black neighborhood school in Gonzales . . . Map (db m187606) HM
73Texas (Gonzales County), Gonzales — From Segregation to IntegrationThe African-American Journey
Edwards High School was shuttered in 1965. Jesse A. Smith, along with Frank R. Fryer, Sr. and Clara B. Mathis Fryer, transferred to Gonzales High School Campus. Jesse Smith is one of the greatest men we shall ever know. We have felt his . . . Map (db m187594) HM
74Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E3 — Love & MarriageMarch Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
While working his first job after high school at the Southern Club in Birmingham, he fell in love with a fellow co-worker, Ruby Lanette Keeler (b. May 30, 1922). He was smitten with her beauty, complete with dark brown skin and long wavy hair. . . . Map (db m187629) HM
75Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E2 — The Boy Becomes a ManMarch Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Young Fred loved pulling pranks with the aid of his younger siblings and friends. He enjoyed going to church every Sunday and began teaching Sunday School. Because he was so mischievous, his siblings could hardly believe that his secret goal was . . . Map (db m187630) HM
76Kentucky (Campbell County), Newport — “H-Bomb” FergusonMay 9, 1929 — November 26, 2006 — Cincinnati Music History —
Robert Percell “H-Bomb” Ferguson started his colorful Jump Blues career as pianist & Blues shouter the “Cobra Kid”, recording with Jack “The Bear” Parker's orchestra in early 1951. He became “H-Bomb” later that year when he joined Savoy Records and . . . Map (db m187604) HM
77Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E4 — Answering the CallMarch Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Shuttlesworth began to dedicate himself to the ministry and enrolled in Cedar Grove Bible College, a Baptist institution in the Mobile suburb of Pritchard. He took classes at night while he worked during the day. The young couple added two more . . . Map (db m187628) HM
78Virginia (Fairfax County), Herndon — Oak Grove School
The Oak Grove School operated on this site from 1953 to 1964, with educator Earl L. Pulley as principal. The school served African American elementary students from the Town of Herndon and surrounding areas of both Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. . . . Map (db m187627) HM
79Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E5 — Shuttlesworth Goes to WorkMarch Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
1955 After arriving in Birmingham, Rev. Shuttlesworth became active with the local NAACP and became its membership chair. He organized 76 Birmingham ministers to petition Birmingham's commissioners to hire Black police officers. The petition . . . Map (db m187625) HM
80Montana (Madison County), Schusters Place — Raynolds' Pass
The low gap in the mountains on the sky line south of here is Raynolds Pass over the Continental Divide. Jim Bridger, famous trapper and scout, guided an expedition of scientists through the pass in June of 1860. The party was led by Capt. W. F. . . . Map (db m187603) HM
81Mexico, Michoacán (Municipality of Pátzcuaro), Pátzcuaro — Basilica de María Inmaculada de la Salud
Basilica de Ma I. de la Salud 1554 emprendio el Ilmo. Dn. Vasco de Quiroga a construccion de iste edificio para su catedral con proporciones grandiosas pues lo que existe es apenas una de las 5 naves que se habian proyectado. . . . Map (db m187622) HM
82Pennsylvania (Lycoming County), Williamsport — Downtown WilliamsportBirthplace of the Little League World Series
Carl Stotz (1910-1972) a lifelong Williamsport resident, was the founder of Little League Baseball. As he later told it, Stotz, a lumberyard clerk, was playing a backyard game of catch with his nephews when he came up with the idea. "How would . . . Map (db m187598) HM
83Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E6 — Shuttlesworth Starts the ACMHRMarch Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
By mid-1956, the Montgomery Bus Boycott was crippling that city's economic base. To stop its success, pro-segregationists searched for a legal loophole to block the NAACP, one of the boycott organizers. That loophole was that it had failed to . . . Map (db m187605) HM
84Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of León), Casa Blanca — Pedro Moreno
. . . Map (db m187607) WM
85Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E7 — Shuttlesworth v. "Bull"March Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
The newly formed ACMHR continued Rev. Shuttlesworth's battle to hire Black Birmingham police officers, mainly as a way to stop White officers from harassing, beating and, in some cases, even killing Black citizens. When the city rejected the . . . Map (db m187602) HM
86North Carolina (Madison County), Marshall — Jewell Hill
Early sessions of Madison County court were held in a log house on this site between 1851 and 1859. Bell Institute, a school operated by the Presbyterian Church USA, served the area. The school house and a dormitory stood a few yards west.Map (db m187601) HM
87Utah (Tooele County), Dugway — 90 — Black Rock Station
No. 90 Erected Aug. 23, 1940 Blackrock Station Pony Express 1860-61 St. Joseph, Mo. — Sacramento, Cal. Also overland stage & freight route 1858 — 1868 This monument constructed by enrollees of U.S. Grazing . . . Map (db m187596) HM
88Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E14 — Shuttlesworth ShowdownMarch Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
In 1961, Rev. Shuttlesworth finally gave in to his wife Ruby's wishes to leave Birmingham to become pastor of Revelation Baptist Church in Cincinnati. But he returned to Birmingham often to organize the Monday night mass meetings and lead the . . . Map (db m187597) HM
89Florida (Alachua County), Cross Creek — Kate Barnes Boat RampWithin Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings described the nature and people of Cross Creek in vivid terms that have inspired artists and nature-lovers to cherish this place. One of Cross Creek's resident artists, Kate Barnes, attended a small neighborhood gathering . . . Map (db m187584) HM
90Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E16 — Shuttlesworth Continues the StruggleMarch Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
"Project C” and the bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church were powerful motivators to end racial discrimination in America, but they were not enough a year later. Even after the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, . . . Map (db m187591) HM
91Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E15 — Paying the Ultimate PriceMarch Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
Rev. Shuttlesworth was not completely satisfied with the settlement Dr. King worked out with Birmingham's White power structure to end “Project C” while he lay injured at the hospital. Even so, Birmingham's African Americans finally won their . . . Map (db m187593) HM
92Montana (Lewis and Clark County), Helena — Christmas Gift Evans House
John B. Sanford was born on a farm in Maine to Quaker parents. His father, then retired, had been captain of a whaling vessel. Sanford came to Montana in 1864 at the age of 29. On the journey west he formed a partnership with 24-year old Christmas . . . Map (db m187589) HM
93Montana (Lewis and Clark County), Helena — Lawrence and Amanda Beaver ResidenceWest Main Street Historic District
Early settlers along the gulch made use of the natural landscape by building their homes into the hillside for convenient, climate-controlled storage and maximum space. This gable-front-and-wing style home, built circa 1893, follows this practice. . . . Map (db m187586) HM
94New Mexico (Sierra County), Engle — Jornada del Muerto
This section of the Camino Real was named the Journey of the Dead by the Spanish because of the countless travelers who lost their lives along the 100 miles of desert between the Paraje de Fra Cristobal to the north and the Paraje Robledo to the . . . Map (db m187520) HM
95Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — E17 — Shuttlesworth in SelmaMarch Route Towards a Purposeful Life — Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail —
One of the last major battles in the struggle for African American civil rights came in Selma, Alabama. Despite the new Civil Rights Act of 1964, African Americans still faced difficulty voting. Although they had the right to vote under the . . . Map (db m187587) HM
96Montana (Lewis and Clark County), Helena — Helena West Main Street Historic District
The physical link between the earliest settlement of Helena and the ceaseless efforts to fully exploit the area’s mineral potential is nowhere more clearly apparent than in this narrow district, settled on mining claims. After the first local gold . . . Map (db m187582) HM
97Arizona (Yavapai County), Lake Montezuma — Historic Bell Trail
In 1932, Charles Bell constructed this trail through the rugged canyon of Wet Beater Creek. It was, and still is, used to move cattle up and down the Mogollon Rim. Bell Trail is six miles to the edge of the Rim and climbs a rocky 1200 feet in the . . . Map (db m187583) HM
98Texas (Gonzales County), Gonzales — 2930 — Kerr's Creek
Commissioned to found a capital for colony of Green DeWitt, ex-Missouri State Senator James Kerr settled here. He and six other men built homes on this stream - known ever since as Kerr's Creek. After a destructive Indian raid in 1826, the . . . Map (db m187581) HM
99Texas (Gonzales County), Gonzales — 574 — David Burkett(1798 - 1845)
Progressive patriot and citizen soldier in Texas War for Independence. A member of Green DeWitt's colony. Came to Texas with his family, 1830. Served as a guard for women and children fleeing Gonzales before the approach of Santa Anna, 1836. Is . . . Map (db m187579) HM
100Texas (Gonzales County), Gonzales — Texas Historic Bridge
This bridge is a 140 foot long Parker Through Truss and was constructed in 1913 by Gonzales County and A.A. Alsbury and Co., contractors. It originally spanned the Guadalupe River and was located just west of the 19th century community of Oak . . . Map (db m187577) HM

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