“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Markers Published After 1/13/2022

Ebenezer Methodist Church Marker image, Touch for more information
By Duane and Tracy Marsteller, January 15, 2022
Ebenezer Methodist Church Marker
— Wednesday, January 19, 2022 —
1Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Ebenezer Methodist Church
occupied this site for many years Moved to Cartersville in 1848 Now the "Sam Jones Memorial Methodist Church"Map (db m190705) HM
2Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Major General Pierce Manning Butler Young, CSA — 1836-1896
Soldier, politician. Born Spartanburg, South Carolina, November 15, 1836; died New York City, July 6, 1896; buried Oak Hill Cemetery. Resigned from West Point, Class of 1861 to join Confederate Army, roommate of General George Armstrong Custer. Was . . . Map (db m190703) HM
3Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Asa Griggs Candler
Asa G. Candler, founder of the Coca-Cola Company, moved from Carroll County, Georgia to Cartersville and served as an apprentice to learn the apothecary profession. He studied under Dr. John Best and Dr. William Kirkpatrick between 1870 and 1873 on . . . Map (db m190704) HM
4Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Rudy York — 1913-1970
Professional baseball player. Born 1913; died 1970, Cartersville, Georgia; buried Sunset Memory Gardens. Began his career at Atco, Georgia, playing in the textile semi-pro league. Drafted by the Detroit Tigers, he played in the major leagues for . . . Map (db m190700) HM
5Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — General William T. Wofford, CSA — 1824 1884
Lawyer, politician, soldier, planter, humanitarian. Born Habersham County, Georgia, June 28, 1824; died Cass Station, Georgia, May 22, 1884. Captain in Mexican War. Georgia Legislator, 1849. Delegate to Georgia Secession Convention, 1861. Voted not . . . Map (db m190698) HM
6Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Charles H. Smith - "Bill Arp" — 1826-1903
Lawyer, journalist, humorist. Born Lawrenceville, Georgia, June 15, 1826; died Cartersville, Georgia, [August] 24, 1903. Major in Confederate Army, former Mayor of Rome, Georgia. Writing career started in 1861 under pen name “Bill Arp". A . . . Map (db m190672) HM
7Georgia, Cartersville — William H. Stiles — 1809-1865
Lawyer, planter, politician. Born Savannah, Georgia, January 1, 1809: died Savannah, December 20, 1865, buried Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia. Served in U.S. Congress, 1843-45. Appointed in 1845 by President James K. Polk charge d' . . . Map (db m190673) HM
8Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Sam P. Jones — 1847-1906
Evangelist, Methodist Minister. Born Oak Bowery, Alabama, October 15, 1847; died Oklahoma, October 15, 1906; buried Oak Hill Cemetery. Having failed as an alcoholic lawyer, promised his dying father to stop drinking. Found religion and became the . . . Map (db m190668) HM
9Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Horatio A. Luro — 1901-1991
Thoroughbred Horse Racing Hall of Fame Trainer. Two Kentucky Derby Winners. Born February 27, 1901, Argentina, died December 16, 1991, buried Oak Hill Cemetery. Inducted into Hall of Fame, November 9, 1980, by Thoroughbred Club of America at . . . Map (db m190670) HM
10Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Lottie Moon — 1840-1912
Teacher, Missionary to China. Born December 12, 1840, Abermarle County, Virginia. Died December 24, 1912 en route from China at Kobe, Japan, buried Crewe, Virginia. Moved here in 1871 to open Cartersville Female Seminary, which she and Anna C. . . . Map (db m190671) HM
11Georgia, Cartersville — William H. Felton — 1823-1909
Doctor, minister, politician. Born Lexington, Georgia, June 19, 1823; died Cartersville, Georgia, September 24, 1909; buried Oak Hill Cemetery. U.S. Congressman, 1875-1881. Leader of Independent party movement, advocate of reform of prison system . . . Map (db m190665) HM
12Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Corra Harris — 1869-1935
Author. Born Elbert County, Georgia, May 17, 1869; died Atlanta, Georgia, February 7, 1935; buried at "In the Valley", Bartow County, Georgia. Wrote 28 novels, including "Circuit Rider's Wife," upon which the move "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" . . . Map (db m190666) HM
13Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Governor Joe Frank Harris — 1936 -
Legislator, Georgia Governor. Born February 16, 1936, Atco, Bartow County, Georgia. Elected member of Georgia House of Representatives from several counties, including Bartow County for 18 years, serving as Chairman of the Appropriations . . . Map (db m190667) HM
14Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Chief Justice Robert Benham
Lawyer; Justice, Georgia Court of Appeals; Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia. Born September 25, 1946. First African American Lawyer to practice law in Cartersville, Bartow County: and to serve as President of Bartow County Bar Association. . . . Map (db m190660) HM
15Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Farish Carter — 1780-1861
Planter, land speculator, entrepreneur. Born South Carolina, November 24, 1780; died Milledgeville, Georgia, July 2, 1861. Never lived in Cartersville, Georgia, but it is named in his honor. He has been cited as the richest landowner and . . . Map (db m190661) HM
16Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Mark A. Cooper — 1800-1865
Lawyer, politician, businessman. Born Hancock County, Georgia, April 20, 1800. Died Bartow County, Georgia, March 17, 1885. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Major in U.S. Army during Seminole Wars in 1836. State legislator from Putnam County, . . . Map (db m190662) HM
17Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Rebecca L. Felton — 1835-1930
Journalist, politician. Born Decatur, Georgia, June 10, 1835; died Atlanta, Georgia, January 24, 1930; buried Oak Hill Cemetery. While husband, William H. Felton, served in U.S. Congress, 1875-81, she served as advisor and political strategist. . . . Map (db m190663) HM
18Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Warren Akin, Sr. — 1811-1877
Lawyer, minister, politician. Born Elbert County, Georgia, October 9, 1811. Died Cartersville, Georgia, December 17, 1877; buried Cassville Cemetery. Opened law office in Cassville, Georgia in 1836, argued first case before Georgia Supreme Court . . . Map (db m190658) HM
19Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Francis S. Bartow — 1816-1861
Lawyer, legislator, soldier. Born Savannah, Georgia, September 6, 1816; died Manassas Battlefield, Virginia, July 21, 1861; buried Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia. Served two terms in State Legislature and one term in State Senate, from . . . Map (db m190659) HM
20Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — Amos T. Akerman — 1821-1880
Lawyer, U.S. Attorney for District of Georgia, 1869-70; U.S. Attorney General, 1870-71. Born Portsmouth, N.H., February 23, 1821; died in Cartersville, Georgia, December 21, 1880; buried Oak Hill Cemetery. Served as Confederate soldier in Georgia . . . Map (db m190656) HM
21Georgia (Bartow County), Cartersville — The Heart of the Chase
On April 12, 1862, Union spies led by James Andrews hijacked the locomotive General in Kennesaw, GA. The raiders ran north in hopes of burning bridges, ripping up rails, and cutting telegraph wires on the Georgia owned W&A RR. The plan would prevent . . . Map (db m190652) HM
22West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — Robert W. Simmons — (ca. 1816 - 1892)
Politician, journalist, barber, and civic leader Founder of the first public school for African Americans south of the Mason-Dixon Line, riding horseback to Washington, D.C., to ask President Abraham Lincoln for a government building in . . . Map (db m189833) HM
23California (Orange County), Mission Viejo — Men's Individual Road Race
1984 Olympics July 29, 1984 Alexi Grewal – Gold, United States (4:59:57) Steve Bauer – Silver, Canada Dag Otto Lauritzen – Bronze, Norway - 118.2 miles (190.2 km) - Course length 9.85 miles (12 laps) - 136 participants (… cyclists . . . Map (db m189685) HM
24California (Orange County), Orange — Orange's First Public Schoohouse
Orange's first public schoolhouse was completed here in June 1872. E. W. Squires, Amos Travis, and Elton R. Nichols, trustees for the Richland (Orange) School District had contracted for a building that was 24x26x14 feet, for the 70 pupils that were . . . Map (db m189677) HM
25West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — Carnegie Library
National Register of Historic Places Carnegie Library 1905 Presented by Wood County Historic Landmarks CommissionMap (db m189855) HM
26West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — Calvary Temple Evangelical Church
National Register of Historic Places Calvary Temple Evangelical Church (First Presbyterian Church) Presented by Wood County Historic Landmarks CommissionMap (db m189832) HM
27West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — Masonic Temple
National Register of Historic Places Masonic Temple 1915 Presented by Wood County Historic Landmarks CommissionMap (db m189831) HM
28West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — First Baptist Church
National Register of Historic Places First Baptist Church 1871 Presented By Wood County Historic Landmarks CommissionMap (db m189830) HM
29West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — 700 Market Square Building
National Register of Historic Places 700 Market Square Building (Union Trust & Deposit Co.) Presented By Wood County Historic Landmarks CommissionMap (db m189829) HM
30Florida (Sumter County), Bushnell — F-1123 — Wild Cow Prairie Cemetery
The earliest local history of Wild Cow Prairie Cemetery describes the wetland just south of the cemetery as a lush feeding ground for the wild cows and ponies left by the Spanish. At sun-up and sunset, it was said to be covered with pink . . . Map (db m190695) HM
31Pennsylvania (Centre County), Bellefonte — Benner-Walker-Linn House — 1810
Built by Gen. Philip Benner Ironmaster of Rock ForgeMap (db m190680) HM
32Pennsylvania (Centre County), Bellefonte — Lucinda Hall — 1873-1963
Honored by the Veterans of Centre County as a true patriot. In sunshine or rain, cold or snow, Lucinda with her flags walked to this station from Bald Eagle Valley to salute the departure of thousands of Centre Countians as they boarded the “New . . . Map (db m190683) WM
33New York (Albany County), Cohoes — George Stacey Davis — Cohoesier in Baseball's Hall of Fame
George Stacey Davis was a shortstop and manager in Major League Baseball at the turn of the 20th century. He also spent several seasons as a third baseman and center fielder, and lesser amounts of time at other positions. Over his playing career, . . . Map (db m190669) HM
34Pennsylvania (Centre County), Bellefonte — John Montgomery Ward — (1860-1925)
Baseball pioneer, born in Bellefonte, grew up here. Played for Providence, N.Y. Giants, Brooklyn, 1878-94. Pitched professional baseball's 2nd perfect game, 1880. Formed first players' union, 1885, & Players' League, 1890. In Baseball Hall of Fame.Map (db m190674) HM
35Pennsylvania (Centre County), Bellefonte — Centre County
Formed on Feb. 13, 1800 from Huntingdon, Mifflin, Lycoming and Northumberland counties. Named for its location in the State, and home of The Pennsylvania State University. Five governors of Pennsylvania lived in Bellefonte, county seat laid out in . . . Map (db m190682) HM
36Michigan (Clare County), Clare — Jay's Sporting Goods — With Enduring Gratitude
In 1971, in a small garage on 7th Street in Clare, Jay and Arlene Poet saw a dream begin: Jay's Sporting Goods store was born. With more optimism than resources, they started a business that would take advantage of Jay's extensive knowledge of and . . . Map (db m190693) HM
37Florida (Collier County), Everglades City — Old Railway Depot
The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (ACL) ran between Immokalee (40 miles north) and Everglades from 1928 to 1956. It carried passengers as well as freight and was an important link for the tomato farms in the area. The station, in typical . . . Map (db m190702) HM
38Michigan (Clare County), Clare — S28 — Logging Railroads
Michigan's lumbermen found many areas were too far from rivers for logs to be taken to the mills in the spring drive. After 1870 the logging railroad came into increasing use as the means of opening these regions. The Lake George and Muskegon . . . Map (db m190692) HM
39Virginia, Norfolk — Town Point
Town Point is where Norfolk began. In 1680 the General Assembly of his Majesty's Colony of Virginia enacted a law requiring each county to establish and develop a town site. In lower Norfolk County fifty acres of land at the entrance of Elizabeth . . . Map (db m190701) HM
40Florida (Collier County), Ochopee — F-259 — 1936 Seminole Conference
On February 22, 1936, this pine hammock was the site of a conference attended by about 275 Seminoles and several representatives of state and local governments. Florida's New Deal governor, David W. Sholtz (1933-37), had aided the state's economic . . . Map (db m190699) HM
41Illinois (Washington County), Okawville — Heritage House Museum
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historical Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m190650) HM
42Illinois (Washington County), Nashville — World Wars I & II Memorial
This building is dedicated in honor of those from this community who served their country during World War I and II.Map (db m190657) WM
43California (Orange County), Anaheim — Wind and Water / Anaheim Agriculture
Wind and Water Anaheim's early settlers put wind to work. Windmills rose above homestead rooflines poised to catch ocean breezes, shifting with the air currents, spinning gears effortlessly, and pumping water to the arid surface. Often . . . Map (db m189673) HM
44Pennsylvania (Centre County), Bellefonte — Robert L. Dartt House — Built 1879
Prominent Bellefonte physician from 1875-1895Map (db m190679) HM
45Pennsylvania (Centre County), Bellefonte — Petrikin Hall — 1901
Built by the Women's Christian Temperance Union Robert Cole of Bellefonte, designerMap (db m190684) HM
46California (Orange County), Anaheim — A Utopian Dream
Inspired by John Frohling's vision of a viticulture utopia, the Los Angeles Vineyard Society was formed in 1857. Convinced that wine was the way to wealth, the Society joined the scramble for land and sent surveyor George Hansen on a quest that . . . Map (db m189671) HM
47California (Santa Cruz County), Felton — Felton, California National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark
Heisler locomotive, built by Stearns Manufacturing Company, 1899 Shay locomotive, built by Lima Locomotive Works, 1912 Climax Locomotive, built by Climax Manufacturing Company, 1928 The Shay locomotive, patented in 1881, and its two . . . Map (db m190694) HM
48California (Santa Cruz County), Felton — Wagon Top Boiler
Common type steam boiler used in 1880's. Gets it's name from it's flat-bottomed barrel, which was originally mounted on a wagon. A high dome, mounted over the rectangular firebox, provides the "driest” steam possible which decreases the . . . Map (db m190691) HM
49Michigan (Wexford County), Cadillac — T. Walter Kelly
Dedicated in honor and memory of T. Walter Kelly 1893-1971 For his many years of service in state, county and city government, including two terms as mayor of the city of Cadillac and also, for his effort in acquiring the Shay Locomotive . . . Map (db m190687) HM
50Michigan (Wexford County), Cadillac — Amvets Post 110 Veterans Memorial
In Memory of And With Respect For All Those Who Have Served Our Country AMVETS Post 110Map (db m190689) WM
51Michigan (Wexford County), Manton — Julia A. Moore — 1847 - 1920
Mortal refrains Sweet singer of Michigan, world renowned writer of songs, poetry, prose, shortstories, and songs. Centennial 1876; Sentimental Song Book, The Flag, Fourth of July, G. A. R. Memorial Song. Interred Liberty Twp. Cemetery . . . Map (db m190685) HM
— Tuesday, January 18, 2022 —
52Maryland (Harford County), Aberdeen — Aberdeen 9/11 Memorial
Memorial dedicated on September 11, 2013, by the Aberdeen Heritage Trust and City of Aberdeen This memorial is dedicated to the civilians, police, and firemen killed on September 11, 2001, in attacks on America. This piece of steel was . . . Map (db m190675) HM WM
53California (Santa Cruz County), Felton — Roaring Camp Covered Bridge
Dedicated to the pioneer spirit of America which bridges past, present and future Designed in 1844 by Thomas Willis Pratt Constructed 1969 by Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Guage RR. First Pratt-Truss covered bridge built in . . . Map (db m190688) HM
54Texas (Tarrant County), Grand Prairie — 5760 — West Fork United Presbyterian Church
In 1870 the Rev. Andrew Shannon Hayter organized the Good Hope Cumberland Sabbath School to serve the early settlers of the surrounding area. The first church building, which was also used as a schoolhouse, was located in the vicinity of the . . . Map (db m190686) HM
55District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Braddock’s Rock
This rock marks the place where Gen. Edward Braddock landed on April 14, 1755 with the British Expeditionary Force. This force was sent from England to fight in the French and Indian War. Shortly after arrival, Gen. Braddock moved his troops into . . . Map (db m190681) HM
56Michigan (Wexford County), Manton — L79 — Battle of Manton
In 1881 Manton became the Wexford County seat as a result of a compromise between Cadillac and Sherman. Those towns had quarreled over the issue for years. Cadillac partisans renewed the feud and won the county seat at an election in April, . . . Map (db m190678) HM
57Michigan (Antrim County), Alden — Alden Veterans Memorial
This Memorial is Dedicated to the Men and Women Who Served Their Country, State, and Community With Courage, Dedication, and Sacrifice in War and in Peace. They Will Not Be Forgotten.Map (db m190677) WM
58Michigan (Montcalm County), Stanton — Astronomic Station
Erected in 1875 by U.S. Lake Survey War Dep't Office to mark the exact location of Stanton, Michigan Latitude 43° 17' 29.74" Longitude 85° 04' 58.80" Authorized by the 1937 Montcalm County Board of SupervisorsMap (db m190611) HM
59Michigan (Mecosta County), Remus — Original Bell - Baumann School
Original Bell - Baumann School Previous Owner - Jerome Schiffer Donated by Thomas & Jason Donley Constructed by Gale EschMap (db m190612) HM
60Michigan (Antrim County), Alden — L1429 — Pere Marquette Railroad Depot
In 1891-92 the Chicago and West Michigan Railway, precursor to the Pere Marquette Railroad, extended the line between Traverse City and Petoskey through Spencer Creek. William Alden Smith, the railway's general counsel, advocated building the . . . Map (db m190676) HM
61Michigan (Kalkaska County), Kalkaska — L288 — Excelsior Town Hall
Twenty-five years after the township's organization in 1875, Excelsior's citizens decided to build a town hall. In 1901 they purchased this site from Edwin Wagenschutz for $100, and with plans costing only $7, erected this structure for $1085. . . . Map (db m190642) HM
62Michigan (Kalkaska County), Rapid City — L1158 — Rugg Pond Dam
In 1904, Ambrose E. Palmer founded the Kalkaska Light and Power Company and built a dam and power plant at Rugg Pond where the two branches of the Rapid River meet. Palmer reportedly commissioned farmers to bring wagonloads of stone to . . . Map (db m190646) HM
63Michigan (Kalkaska County), Rapid City — Narrow Gauge Rails and Wheels
Actual narrow gauge rails and wheels used for construction of Rugg Dam 1904Map (db m190649) HM
64Michigan (Kalkaska County), Rapid City — A Memorial To William Copeland
First settler of Kalkaska County, Clearwater Twp. Section 31. Fall of 1855 Presented by the Kalkaska County Pioneer Association Aug. 15, 1951Map (db m190645) HM
65Michigan (Kalamazoo County), Kalamazoo — Kalamazoo Vietnam War Memorial
In honor of those who were killed, prisoners of war & missing in action in the Vietnam War, may their sacrifices be forever remembered Map (db m190633) WM
66Ohio (Morgan County), Stockport — Stockport
Stockport was named in 1838 after a town in England by Postmaster Samuel BeswickMap (db m190108) HM
67West Virginia (Wirt County), Blue Goose — Buffalo Church
Built of log c. 1878 is on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m189919) HM
68West Virginia (Tyler County), Middlebourn — Tyler County Korea War Memorial
1950 - 1953 In memory of those who served and those who gave their lives in the defense of freedom "Korea" the forgotten war forgotten no more Dedicated by Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6327 • Veterans of The Vietnam War Post . . . Map (db m189893) WM
69West Virginia (Tyler County), Middlebourn — In Memory Of The Greatest Generation
This memorial is dedicated to those who served and fought for our freedom during WWII in the European Theater of warMap (db m189891) WM
70West Virginia (Pleasants County), St. Mary's — Reynolds Mound
This mound was part of the Adena culture which flourished from about 800 B.C. to 100 A.D. It is now dedicated as a permanent Archaeological Preserve. It is named for Lynden E. Reynolds and his wife, Mildred Pritchard Reynolds, who preserved the . . . Map (db m189887) HM
71West Virginia (Pleasants County), St. Mary's — The St. Mary's Oracle
Established 1878 Pleasants County's oldest business published by and for Pleasants CountiansMap (db m189884) HM
72West Virginia (Pleasants County), St. Mary's — Veterans Memorial Park
Dedicated by the city of St. Mary's to our distinguished veterans in honor of their service to our countryMap (db m189883) WM
73Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Lyles Station — 1849 — Present
The legacy of Lyles Station, a small community located 4.5 miles west of Princeton, Indiana, began in the early 1800’s as a settlement of free black men near the convergence of the Wabash, Patoka & White Rivers. In 1870 Joshua Lyles, a free black . . . Map (db m190600) HM
74California (Orange County), Anaheim — Outdoor Living
Writer George Wharton James concluded that Southern California's climate invited residents into the open. Throughout its entire history, Anaheim has proven James correct. In period photographs, hand pumps shared backyards with swings while chicken . . . Map (db m189670) HM
75California (Orange County), Anaheim — Architectural Sampler
The houses of Founders' Park illustrates how 19th century Anaheim architecture evolved. The modest Mother Colony House, now the oldest wood frame structure in Orange County, represents the first years of the Anaheim Colony. It reflects the hard . . . Map (db m189669) HM
76California (Orange County), Fullerton — El Camino Real
When the Spanish army and missionaries came to California in 1769, they made a route, El Camino Real, for travel between missions they established, stretching from San Diego to Sonoma. In the early 1900s, a group of women's clubs, among others . . . Map (db m189668) HM
77Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Industry — Early 1800s — Present
Princeton's natural resources & its location at a transportation crossroads has allowed it to thrive as a hub of industry for over 200 years. In the early 1800s, as pioneers arrived, tradesmen such as blacksmiths & carpenters were quick to set up . . . Map (db m190599) HM
78West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — George Neale, Jr. House
National Register of Historic Places George Neale, Jr. House 1840Map (db m189826) HM
79West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — Cornerstone Of The Original Trinity Church
Cornerstone laid 1846 Brick church razed 1877 Present structure 1879 Trinity 1846
The church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. 1 Tim 3:15
In Memory of John A.A. Luttpell, Jr. . . . Map (db m189820) HM
80West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — Trinity Episcopal Church and Rectory
National Register of Historic Places Trinity Episcopal Church 1878 and Rectory 1863Map (db m189818) HM
81West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — Blennerhassett Hotel
National Register of Historic Places Blennerhassett Hotel Built 1889Map (db m189815) HM
82West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — Wetherell's Jewelers Clock
This clock is an 1865 street clock which was originally located in the 300 block of Market Street just yards from the current location. The clock was originally in front of the G.E. Smith Jewelers and was later moved to 7th and Market Streets . . . Map (db m189812) HM
83West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — Wood County Veterans Memorial
War should be undertaken in such a way as to show that its only object is peace. Bellum autem ita suscipiatur, ut nihil aliud nisi pax quaesita videatur. Cicero 106 - 43 BCE . . . Map (db m189793) WM
84Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Coal Mining — 1874 — Present
During the Carboniferous Period between 359 & 299 million years ago, Princeton had a much warmer climate than it does today, & the landscape was covered by giant plants. The buried remains of these plants were transformed into coal over millions of . . . Map (db m190598) HM
85Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Railroads — 1852 — Present
In the late 1840s, Samuel Hall, future president of the Evansville & Illinois Railroad Co., had a vision of bringing the railroad to his adopted town of Princeton. He devoted much time & resources to realize his vision, but success did not come . . . Map (db m190592) HM
86Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Prince Town — February 14, 1814
Gibson County was formed in 1813 from the southwestern portion of the Indiana Territory. Once the wheels of county government began turning, the push to locate a county seat was imminent. The settlement of Patoka had been selected for the seat, but . . . Map (db m190591) HM
87Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Agriculture — 1,000 B.C. — Present
Princeton abounds in fertile soils from the seasonal flooding of the Wabash, Patoka & White Rivers. Fertile silts were deposited in the riverbeds by glacial outwash at the end of the last glacial period. Archeological records indicate that Native . . . Map (db m190588) HM
88Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Early Settlers — 1789 — 1814
Immigration to the Princeton area began to explode after the Northwest Territory was formed in 1787. Young settlers came seeking a place to start their own homestead. They often arrived by way of the Red Bank Trail & Patoka Trace, traveling either . . . Map (db m190587) HM
89West Virginia (Wood County), Parkersburg — Welcome — General History
Fort Boreman is the site of a Civil War fort, located on what had been called Mount Logan, overlooking the valley formed by the confluence of the Little Kanawha and Ohio Rivers at Parkersburg. Built by Union troops in 1863 to protect the . . . Map (db m189777) HM
90West Virginia (Jackson County), Ravenswood — Coleman Chapel
Erected in 1860 on land donated by Thomas Coleman, who donated half of building cost. Family and community members donated the balance. Service June 22, 1860. Deeded to Methodist Episcopal Church South. During the Civil War, Union Home Guard . . . Map (db m189754) HM
91Georgia (Spalding County), Griffin — Tech Sgt. Kellis Madison — U.S. Army
April 25, 1919 - Nov. 12, 1944 Died in service World War IIMap (db m190527) WM
92Georgia (Spalding County), Griffin — Tech 5 Charles Wesley Powell — U.S. Army
March 15, 1917 - Feb. 21, 1944 Died in service World War IIMap (db m190553) WM
93Georgia (Spalding County), Griffin — Tech 5 John Emmett Wallace, III — U.S. Army Signal Corps
Sept. 7, 1919 - Aug. 19, 1945 Died in service World War IIMap (db m190636) WM
94Georgia (Spalding County), Griffin — Tech 5 Raymond A. Manning — U.S. Army
Nov. 13, 1924 - Dec. 7, 1944 Died in service World War IIMap (db m190449) WM
95Georgia (Spalding County), Griffin — Tech 4 Talmadge Thomas Meyers — U.S. Army
May 4, 1922 - Sept. 9, 1943 Died in service World War IIMap (db m190501) WM
96Georgia (Spalding County), Griffin — Staff Sgt. William F. Corley — U.S. Army Air Corps
Nov. 3, 1909 - Feb. 1, 1946 Died in service World War IIMap (db m190518) WM
97Georgia (Spalding County), Griffin — Staff Sgt James N. Burnett — U.S. Army Air Corps
Oct. 8, 1920 - Sept. 24, 1944 Died in service World War IIMap (db m190374) WM
98Georgia (Spalding County), Griffin — Tech 4 George Henry Allen — Quartermaster
April 28, 1903 - May 15, 1943 Died in service World War IIMap (db m190557) WM
99Georgia (Spalding County), Griffin — SSgt. Abraham Bradford Butler, Jr. — U.S. Army Air Corps
April 27, 1908 - March 8, 1944 Died in service World War IIMap (db m190550) WM
100Georgia (Spalding County), Griffin — SSgt. Woodrow Wilson Smith — U.S. Army Air Corps
Feb. 9, 1918 - July 12, 1944 Died in service
World War IIMap (db m190632) WM

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