“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Autauga County Courthouse image, Touch for more information
By Tim Carr, August 1, 2009
Autauga County Courthouse
1 Alabama, Autauga County, Prattville — A County Older Than the State, Autauga County
Created in 1818 by an act of Alabama Territorial Legislature. Autauga Indians lived on creek from which the county takes its name. Autaugas were members of the Alibamo tribe. They sent many warriors to resist Andrew Jackson's invasion in Creek War. . . . Map (db m27907) HM
2 Alabama, Autauga County, Prattville — Autauga Creek
Side 1 Water has always played a significant role in the history of Prattville. Daniel Pratt chose the location for his new town because of the proximity to Autauga Creek and the Alabama River. This area was referred to as an . . . Map (db m70815) HM
3 Alabama, Baldwin County, Bay Minette — Bottle Creek Site
. . . Map (db m100849) HM
4 Alabama, Baldwin County, Daphne — The Eastern Shore Trail
The Eastern Shore Trail is a 24-mile pedestrian/bike trail from US Hwy 98 at Gator Alley in Daphne to Weeks Bay on Scenic Hwy 98. Teko Wiseman, founder of the Baldwin County Trailblazers-the organization responsible for the trail's . . . Map (db m128881)
5 Alabama, Baldwin County, Fairhope — Welcome to the Fairhope PierFairhope’s ‘town square’
The first Fairhope pier was built in 1895. In the early years, the wooden pier served as a commercial dock for the bay boats. The first concrete pier was built in 1968 and remained in use until being severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and . . . Map (db m128891) HM
6 Alabama, Baldwin County, Fort Morgan — First Battle of Fort BowyerSeptember 14, 1814
American Forces 158 Men 20 Cannons Casualties 3 Killed; 5 Wounded British Forces 852 Men 130 Creek Indians 4 Ships; 80 Cannon 23 Killed; 47 Wounded On September 11, 1814, HMS Hermes, HMS . . . Map (db m187342) HM
7 Alabama, Baldwin County, Gulf Shores — "Damn The Torpedoes!" The Campaigns for Mobile, 1864 - 1865
(preface) "Damn the Torpedoes!" is a familiar battle cry, but there's more to the story! The Mobile Civil War Trail is your guide to military movements and the way of life on and around Mobile Bay in the closing two years of the Civil . . . Map (db m87247) HM
8 Alabama, Baldwin County, Gulf Shores — Here ends the Alabama Scenic River Trail
Historic 650 miles Water Route along the Coosa, Alabama and Mobile Rivers _________ Beginning on the Coosa River at the Alabama-Georgia State Line Established 2007Map (db m122443) HM
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9 Alabama, Baldwin County, Gulf Shores — Navy Cove / Pilot Town
Navy Cove The Mobile Bay shoreline just inside Mobile Point, close to Fort Morgan, is known as Navy Cove. This was the site of Native American villages for over two thousand years. The name came after the British Navy anchored here . . . Map (db m122441) HM
10 Alabama, Baldwin County, Lottie — History of Lottie, Alabama
Front Lottie has the highest elevation in Baldwin County. A ridge forms a divide where waters to the east flow into Pensacola Bay and waters to the west flow into Mobile Bay. Pine Log Creek begins in Lottie. Pine Log Ditch, used to . . . Map (db m122349) HM
11 Alabama, Baldwin County, Orange Beach — Bay Circle
Front This area, located along the southern shore of Wolf Bay, was the original 'Downtown' of Orange Beach. Beginning in the 1870's, the two schooners of James C. Callaway anchored near here in the deep-water Boat Basin. The . . . Map (db m130682) HM
12 Alabama, Baldwin County, Orange Beach — Perdido Pass
Before 1906, Perdido Pass was located three miles east of today's Pass. It was all a part of Point Ornocor with a short river at its end curving to the west. The pass was narrow and very dangerous. Alabama Point and Ono Island did not exist. . . . Map (db m122442) HM
13 Alabama, Baldwin County, Spanish Fort — Bay of the Holy Spirit
The earliest outline of a recognizable bay on the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico was shown on a 1507 map by German cartographer Martin Waldeseemuller–the same map to first apply the name "America" to the New World. Alonso Álvarez de . . . Map (db m100841) HM
14 Alabama, Baldwin County, Spanish Fort — Fort McDermott
From this Confederate Fort 15 heavy artillery guns, repelled elements of 2 Union Army Corps, routed 5 ironclad monitors attacking up the Blakely River and for 13 days helped prevent the capture of Mobile until after General Lee's Surrender at . . . Map (db m100911) HM
15 Alabama, Baldwin County, Spanish Fort — The Final Assault
At dusk on April 8, 1865, 300 yards west of this site, the Union Army's 8th lowa Infantry and three Illinois Regiments breached the Confederate main line of resistance. Under the cover of night, troops holding the thin gray line spiked their guns . . . Map (db m100855) HM
16 Alabama, Baldwin County, Stockton — Public Education in Baldwin County / Little Red Schoolhouse Historic Site
In 1799 the first public school in Alabama was built just north of this site at Boatyard Lake in the Tensaw Community. More than 90 small schools dotted Baldwin County in the early twentieth century. This one room school was built in 1920 by African . . . Map (db m122669) HM
17 Alabama, Barbour County, Blue Springs — Pea River Electric Membership Corporation
The Pea River Electric Membership Corporation was energized on this site on June 8, 1939. This rural electric cooperative was organized under an executive order signed by President F. D. Roosevelt on May 11, 1935. Rural members of Barbour, Dale . . . Map (db m71804) HM
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18 Alabama, Barbour County, Eufaula — The City of Eufaula — Creek Heritage Trail —
The Second Creek war resulted in the final expulsion of the Creeks from eastern Alabama and paved the way for large-scale American settlement. The town of Irwinton gradually expanded westward from the bluff overlooking the Chattahoochee in the years . . . Map (db m101361) HM
19 Alabama, Barbour County, Eufaula — William Thomas "Tom" Mann / Eufaula, Alabama1932-2005 / Fishing Lure Capital of the World
William Thomas "Tom" Mann 1932-2005 Family man, entrepreneur and bass angler legend, Tom Mann, achieved fame as a fishing lure designer/manufacturer and helped put Lake Eufaula on the map with his popular television shows. With an . . . Map (db m113682) HM
20 Alabama, Barbour County, Louisville — The Battles of Hobdy's Bridge and Pea River — Creek Heritage Trail —
The battles of Hobdy's Bridge and Pea River were the result of the desperate attempt of Creeks to avoid removal to the West by fleeing to Florida along trails bordering the Pea and Conecuh Rivers. The battles marked the last large-scale . . . Map (db m111627) HM
21 Alabama, Calhoun County, Anniston — George W. Ingram1918-1941 — U.S. Navy —
Seaman Second Class, United States Navy, George Washington Ingram was killed in action in the defense of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. For Seaman Ingram's bravery, an American destroyer was built and named in his honor. The U.S.S. George . . . Map (db m106617) HM
22 Alabama, Calhoun County, Oxford — Boiling Springs Road — Choccolocco Park Interpretive Trail —
Boiling Springs Road once provided a vital transportation link across Choccolocco Creek for residents of the valley. The road received its name from the Boiling Spring (pictured below and to the right) located across the creek at this location. . . . Map (db m145023) HM
23 Alabama, Calhoun County, Oxford — George W. Ingram1918-1941
Seaman Second Class, United States Navy, George Washington Ingram was killed in action in the defense of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. For Seaman Ingram's bravery, an American destroyer was built and named in his honor. The U.S.S. George W. . . . Map (db m217252) HM WM
24 Alabama, Chambers County, Valley — West Point Manufacturing Company
Cornerstones of Chattahoochee Mfg. Co., Langdale, Ala., and Alabama & Georgia Mfg. Co., River View, Ala., were laid on August 1, 1866. Mills used Chattahoochee River water power for operation of spindles and looms. Planters and businessmen of . . . Map (db m71637) HM
25 Alabama, Cherokee County, Centre — Pathkiller - Childers - Garrett Ferry
Cherokee Chief Pathkiller owned a ferry across the Coosa River at this location in the early 1820's. His home was a short distance on the east side of the river. Upon Pathkiller's death in 1827, John Ride, a prominent Cherokee gained a majority . . . Map (db m114281) HM
26 Alabama, Cherokee County, Gaylesville — Chattooga River
The river originates in Lafayette in Walker County, Georgia, flows through Chattooga County, Georgia and then enters Cherokee County before emptying into Weiss Lake. Prior to the construction of the lake, the Chattooga River converged with the Coosa . . . Map (db m137513) HM
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27 Alabama, Chilton County, Clanton — USS Chilton
Constructed by the Western Pipe and Steel Company of San Francisco. the Bayfield-class attack transport ship was launched on December 29, 1942, as the SS Sea Needle. The vessel was retrofitted at the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard in New York for . . . Map (db m224688) HM
28 Alabama, Chilton County, Verbena — Mitchell Dam
Named by the Board of Directors of Alabama Power Company to honor James Mitchell President 1912-1920 Major modifications to this project were completed in 1985. Three new generating units with a total capacity of 150,000 kilowatts . . . Map (db m72486) HM
29 Alabama, Clarke County, Gainestown — Gainestown
Founded in 1809 by George Strother Gaines as Choctaw-Creek Indian Trading Post on Alabama River, now Gainestown Landing. Here lived Alabama Indians for whom State & River named. At Battle of Maubila De Soto's hogs escaped, from whence . . . Map (db m101609) HM
30 Alabama, Clarke County, Gainestown — The Canoe Fight
On November 12, 1813, the Canoe Fight, one of the key assaults of the Creek War, took place nearby at the mouth of Randon’s Creek where it flows into the Alabama River. Following the Fort Mims Massacre in August, small bands of Creek warriors . . . Map (db m101574) HM
31 Alabama, Clarke County, Thomasville — Tallahatta Springs
These springs, once called the “celebrated watering place,” believed at one time to have numbered seventeen, all in an area smaller than a baseball diamond, are about ¼ mile south from this point at the headwaters of Tallahatta Creek. They and . . . Map (db m203671) HM
32 Alabama, Clay County, Ashland — Clay County and the Creek Indian War of 1813-14 / Clay County and the Creek Indian Confederacy
Side 1 Clay County and the Creek Indian War of 1813-14 During the Creek Indian War of 1813-14, a subset of the War of 1812 with England, numerous figures prominent in American history marched over what would become Clay . . . Map (db m95100) HM
33 Alabama, Colbert County, Cherokee — Chickasaw HospitalityNatchez Trace Parkway
George Colbert's stand sat atop the ridge before you. As one of many inns that dotted the Trace between Nashville and Natchez, it provided travelers with food and lodging. With a Scottish father and Chickasaw mother, George Colbert used his . . . Map (db m107260) HM
34 Alabama, Colbert County, Cherokee — Colbert Ferry
This scene would have occurred far below the surface of the lake you see now. From 1802 to 1819, George Colbert operated a ferry across the quarter-mile breadth of the powerful Tennessee River. The ferry carried mail, militia, settlers, Indians and . . . Map (db m84705) HM
35 Alabama, Colbert County, Cherokee — Colbert's Stand
George Colbert operated a ferry across the Tennessee River from 1800 to 1819. His stand or inn offered travelers a warm meal and shelter during their journey on the Old Trace. Colbert looked after his own well-being and once charged Andrew Jackson . . . Map (db m69630) HM
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36 Alabama, Colbert County, Cherokee — George Colbert Memorial
This monument is to memorialize Chickasaw Chief George Colbert who operated a river ferry, traveler’s stand, and had a home on this Natchez Trace site. Colbert Co. AL was named in his honor.Map (db m84706) HM
37 Alabama, Colbert County, Cherokee — Safe CrossingNatchez Trace Parkway — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
In the early 1800s, ferries like the one George Colbert ran near here on the Tennessee River linked segments of the Natchez Trace. Ferries carried people across the river—for a fee. Post riders, Kaintucks, military troops, casual travelers, . . . Map (db m107258) HM
38 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Building a New Future
In the early 1930s, which Wilson Dam serving as the starting point for the newly formed TVA and its river development plan, an era of new prosperity in the region began. TVA embarked on one of the largest U.S. hydropower construction programs . . . Map (db m106193) HM
39 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Explore the River
Just downstream from Wilson Dam lies a series of trails maintained by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Starting at the Visitor Center, explore the trails as they meander along the riverbank and through the forest 1.Wilson Dam Visitor Center . . . Map (db m106186) HM
40 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — History of Muscle Shoals, Alabama
The city of Muscle Shoals began with the construction of U.S. Nitrate Plant No.2 and Wilson Dam for defense purposes in 1918. The name came from the great stretch of rapids in the Tennessee River that contained rocky shoals and an abundance of . . . Map (db m83388) HM
41 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — How Does Wilson Dam Work?
Wilson Dam Potential floodwaters that surge downstream on the Tennessee River are collected in Wilson Lake. Then, through carefully controlled releases, the water is gradually sent through the dam. Releasing water through the dam serves . . . Map (db m124083)
42 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Natural and Cultural Preservation/Protecting Resources
Natural and Cultural Preservation TVA is fully committed to protecting our natural and cultural resources. And nowhere is that more evident than right here at Wilson Dam. Here, the 25-acre Old First quarters Small Wild Area showcases the . . . Map (db m106189)
43 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Origin of the Francis Turbine
The Francis Turbine is named for its inventor, James B. Francis, who developed the technology in 1848, while working as the head engineer of the locks and Canals Company in Lowell, Massachusetts. Francis's design, which improved blade . . . Map (db m213304) HM
44 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — TVA: A History of Progress and Innovation / A Valley of Hardships
The Tennessee Valley Authority is much more than just “a power company.” TVA has been proving this for more than 80 years by powering the region’s progress and managing the natural resources in its care for the greatest public good. . . . Map (db m106190) HM
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45 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Wilson Dam
During the 19th Century, Muscle Shoals, the shallow but often-flooded rapids of this section of the Tennessee River, impeded navigation, steamboat traffic and agriculture, so the federal government explored the possibility of opening the channel to . . . Map (db m105705) HM
46 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Wilson Dam and the TVA System
Wilson Dam and the TVA System From the very beginning, TVA knew how important Wilson Dam would be to their operations. In fact, the Wilson Dam area served as the headquarters for TVA's initial agricultural and chemical programs. Today, Wilson . . . Map (db m124084)
47 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Wilson Dam: Cornerstone of the TVA System
Wilson Dam is the longest-operating hydroelectric facility in the TVA System and certainly one of the most significant. Built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, primarily to supply power for nitrate production during World War I, Wilson Dam became . . . Map (db m106188) HM
48 Alabama, Colbert County, Muscle Shoals — Wilson Dam: Setting the Stage
With the U.S. entrenched in World War I, President Woodrow Wilson called for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build nitrate plants at Muscle Shoals to produce explosives for the war effort—and a hydroelectric dam to power them both. . . . Map (db m106191) HM
49 Alabama, Colbert County, Sheffield — Old Railroad Bridge
In 1832, the Alabama legislature authorized the Florence Bridge Company to construct this bridge across the Tennessee River. In 1840, it opened as a toll bridge. Twice damaged by storms, it was reopened in 1858 as a double-decked bridge by the . . . Map (db m40596) HM
50 Alabama, Colbert County, Sheffield — President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
On Jan. 21, 1933 President-elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed an immense crowd at this crossing from his railroad car and promised "to put Muscle Shoals back on the map." He then toured the idle U.S. Nitrate Plant No. 2 and Wilson Dam with . . . Map (db m83392) HM
51 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — Cold Water Falls
World's Largest Man-Made Natural Stone Waterfall to be known in existence 80 feet wide, 48 feet tall 1,780 tons of Colbert County Sandstone 4,320,000 gallons of water per day passes over falls Largest stone weights 77,000 pounds 120 days . . . Map (db m83394) HM
52 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — Tuscumbia Big Spring
Big Spring (average daily flow 35,000,000 gallons) provided water for town founded on its banks. Michael Dickson of Tennessee was first settler (about 1817). Town laid out in 1819 and incorporated as Ococoposo (Cold Water, 1820). Name changed to . . . Map (db m83453) HM
53 Alabama, Covington County, Florala — Lake Jackson
Andrew Jackson in Seminole War with an army of 1200 camped here in May 1818 enroute westward from Fort Gadsden to subdue marauding Indians abetted by Spaniards at Pensacola. Jackson determined to seize Pensacola . . . Map (db m99237) HM
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54 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — Alabama's Aquatic Biodiversity
Alabama is one of the states with the most biodiversity. In fact, Alabama ranks #1 when it comes to the number of freshwater critters! Biodiversity refers to the total number of different plant and animal species. Every organism from . . . Map (db m106105)
55 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — What happens to my wastewater?
There are two main ways wastewater is treated. In rural areas septic tanks are common, in more populated areas homes are connected to wastewater treatment plants. A Septic Tank is a concrete or steel tank buried near a home. Raw sewage . . . Map (db m106106) HM
56 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — Where does your drinking water come from?
At Clarkson Covered Bridge, your drinking water comes from Lake Catoma. Following a drop of water from the source through the treatment process and eventually to the faucet. 1. Coagulation is the process that removes dirt and particles . . . Map (db m106109) HM
57 Alabama, Dallas County, Cahaba — Captive Boys in Blue
In 1862 the Confederacy used one of Cahawba's brick cotton warehouses to temporarily house men captured at the Battle of Shiloh. In 1863, they officially converted the warehouse into a military prison. The inmates called it "Castle . . . Map (db m112528) HM
58 Alabama, Dallas County, Cahaba — The Crocheron Columns Reported permanently removed
The Crocherons were from Staten Island, New York. Richard Conner Crocheron arrived in town about 1837 to help run the family store. He traveled north for his bride in 1843 after building her this brick home. The back wall adjoined the brick store . . . Map (db m22870) HM
59 Alabama, Dallas County, Cahaba — Yankees in Cahawba
A New York merchant, Richard Conner Crocheron, built a magnificant mansion on this spot. The adjacent photograph captured the decayed splendor of this home before it burned. Look closely at the photograph. Try to identify the columns . . . Map (db m112582) HM
60 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — Lieutenant John Tillman MelvinUnited States Navy R.F.
Erected by the Citizens of Selma to Commemorate the Heroism of Lieutenant John Tillman Melvin United States Navy, R.F. Born Selma, Alabama Oct. 16, 1887 Among the first to volunteer and the first American Naval officer killed in action . . . Map (db m37660) HM
61 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — Redoubt No. 24Selma Fortifications 1863-1865 — Battle of Selma —
Side 1 At prominent positions, earthen forts were built with artillery in position to cover the ground over which an assault would have to be made. Redoubt No. 24 anchored the City's defenses at the junction of Valley Creek & the . . . Map (db m83581) HM
62 Alabama, DeKalb County, Fort Payne — Indians, Settlers, and Tourists — Little River Canyon National Preserve —
Little River Canyon has been attracting humans for over 10,000 years. Ancestors of the American Indians came here to hunt, gather fruits and nuts, and create temporary settlements. In 1540 Hernando DeSoto and his army of Spanish soldiers passed . . . Map (db m196858) HM
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63 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — High Water Mark57 Feet 11 Inches — (12 Feet 11 Inches Above Flood Stage) —
April 8, 1938 On this day, the Coosa River rose to this level at this location after heavy rainfall over the Coosa River basin. For more information, contact: National Weather Service Birmingham, Alabama . . . Map (db m123857) HM
64 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — Lock 31Elmore County
In 1889, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built, a series of 31 locks and dams on the Coosa River. Lock 31 is the last in that series. The project was intended to assist steamboat travel through a series of river rapids starting as far north . . . Map (db m197783) HM
65 Alabama, Elmore County, Wetumpka — The Mound at Fort Toulouse-Fort Jackson ParkAlabama Indigenous Mound Trail
This earthen mound and an adjacent village were built by people of the Mississippian culture who likely had some relationship to the major mound center at Moundville near present-day Tuscaloosa. The Mississippian culture is believed to have . . . Map (db m145084) HM
66 Alabama, Escambia County, Pollard — Pollard Methodist Church
A pre Civil War structure, this is the oldest church building remaining in Escambia County, Alabama. Confederate veterans related stories that mules and horses were sheltered inside during harsh winter months. Circuit riders served the church in the . . . Map (db m84388) HM
67 Alabama, Escambia County, Pollard — Pollard Station
William Henry Chase, a Massachusetts born captain in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers came to Pensacola, Florida in 1826 to supervise the construction of the network of harbor fortifications for the defense of the newly authorized Navy Yard. His . . . Map (db m130676) HM
68 Alabama, Etowah County, Gadsden — William Luther Sibert Major General U.S. Army (Ret.)1860-1935
This is the site of the family home of Gadsden native General William Luther Sibert who played a major role in the construction of the Panama Canal. While serving in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, he was appointed chief engineer for the Atlantic . . . Map (db m39253) HM
69 Alabama, Geneva County, Geneva — Geneva, Alabama
Side 1 The town of Geneva was established in the 1820s at the junction of the Choctawhatchee and Talakahatchee (Pea) Rivers. Henry A. Yonge, who established an Indian trading post there, named the settlement, Geneva, for his bride who . . . Map (db m145697) HM
70 Alabama, Hale County, Greensboro — Gayle - Tunstall House
Built in 1828-29 by John Gayle, sixth governor of Alabama. Birthplace of Amelia Gayle Gorgas, wife of Gen. Josiah Gorgas, Chief of Ordnance, CSA, mother of Wm. Crawford Gorgas, US Surgeon General who freed Canal Zone of yellow fever. . . . Map (db m83754) HM
71 Alabama, Hale County, Moundville — Protection and the PalisadeMoundville Archaeological Park
Rival Mississippian chiefdoms constantly threatened one another. Warfare was a way of life for most men. By proving their valor militarily, warriors probably increased their overall status as they were promoted up through the ranks. One theory . . . Map (db m144815) HM
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72 Alabama, Henry County, Shorterville — Chattahoochee River Crossing
First settler crossings were made here prior to 1817 on a log ferry operated by Robert Irwin. First bridge built by Prescott and Bemis and destroyed by flood of 1855. Second wooden covered bridge was completed in 1869 by ex-slave Horace King. Third . . . Map (db m71843) HM
73 Alabama, Houston County, Columbia — Columbia, Alabama
Founded in 1820, Columbia was originally located about a mile south, near where the Omussee Creek flows into the Chattahoochee River. It served as the county seat of Henry County from 1826 to 1833. Bordering the State of Georgia and the . . . Map (db m73364) HM
74 Alabama, Houston County, Columbia — Omussee Creek Mound and Mississippian Period Societies — Creek Heritage Trail —
Near where you stand lies Omussee Creek Mound, the southernmost platform mound along the Chattahoochee River, occupied approximately 1300 to 1550 A.D. as part of an important Native American settlement. This region of southeastern Alabama and . . . Map (db m115032) HM
75 Alabama, Houston County, Dothan — Dothan Dixie StandpipeHouston County
One hundred feet tall and sixteen feet in diameter, this structure embodies the significance of "pure and plentiful" water resulting in the city's early growth and development as the hub of the Wiregrass region. Through the careful stewardship of . . . Map (db m115022) HM
76 Alabama, Houston County, Dothan — The Steamboat EraSize: 82 Feet Long by 24 Feet High — Painting completed January 2000 Artist Wes Hardin — Reported missing
There were few roads in the Wiregrass in 1800s - and the roads that were here were little more than twin rutted paths. The main transportation in the region was the steamboats on the Chattahoochee River on the east, and, to a lesser degree, the . . . Map (db m83786) HM
77 Alabama, Jackson County, Bridgeport — Trail of Tears
May 23, 1838 the deadline for the Cherokee to move west to Oklahoma, Gen. Winfield Scott was sent in to AL, TN and GA to round up the Cherokee and place them in stockades near what is now Chattanooga, TN and Ft. Payne, AL. In June of 1838 about . . . Map (db m197505) HM
78 Alabama, Jefferson County, Bessemer — Sweet Home / Henry W. Sweet
This house was built in 1906 by architect William E. Benns for H. W. Sweet at a cost of $10,000. The house uniquely blended the Queen Anne and Neo-Classical architectural styles, featuring two identical pedimented entrance porticos supported by . . . Map (db m27024) HM
79 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — East Lake Park
East Lake was planned in 1886 by the East Lake Land Company to help sell home sites to the men who came in the 1870's to work in Birmingham's steel industry. First named Lake Como, after the lake in the Italian Alps, it soon came to be called East . . . Map (db m83828) HM
80 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — Julius Ellsberry
In dedication to Julius Ellsberry, the first Black Alabama man to die in World War II; born Birmingham, Ala, 1922. Enlisted in the U.S. Navy, 1940; First Class Mate [sic] Attendant aboard battleship Oklahoma in the Battle of Pearl . . . Map (db m63761) HM WM
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81 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — Osmond Kelly Ingram1887 - 1917
(Front):Osmond Kelly Ingram 1887-1917 First American sailor killed in action in World War 1, aboard U.S.S. "Cassin" October 1, 1917. Medal of Honor War Cross - Italy (Back):U.S. Destroyer DD-225 U.S.S. Osmond Ingram . . . Map (db m63762) HM
82 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — Roebuck Spring
In 1850 George James Roebuck and his wife Ann Hawkins Roebuck built a log cabin at the mouth of Roebuck Spring. His Influence and leadership led to the area around it to be known as Roebuck. In 1900 Alabama Boys Industrial School was located . . . Map (db m26688) HM
83 Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham — The Cascade
One popular element of the park’s original design was a water feature known as the cascade. Cascading fountains were important features in formal European gardens. Their terraced pools and waterfalls animated the landscape with the sounds and . . . Map (db m83857) HM
84 Alabama, Lamar County, Sulligent — John Hollis BankheadAncestral Home — 1842 — 1920 —
Farmer Confederate Soldier Legislator Member U.S. House and Senate Thirty Three Years Father of Federal Aid to Good Roads Author making Warrior longest canalized river in the world Active in development of Muscle Shoals and other . . . Map (db m96473) HM
85 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Elgin — Jesse James Gang Canal Payroll Robbery/Trial of Frank James
Jesse James Gang Canal Payroll Robbery March 1881 In, 1881, approximately three miles south of here, the U.S. Corps of Engineers was constructing the Muscle Shoals Canal along the north side of the Tennessee River. On March 11, 1881, . . . Map (db m99897) HM
86 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — First Muscle Shoals Canal / Second Muscle Shoals Canal1836-1838/1890-1918
First Muscle Shoals Canal 1836-1838 From the earliest attempts to navigate the Tennessee River, it was known that a formidable obstacle made the passage from one end to the other almost impossible. This barrier, caused by waterfalls, . . . Map (db m125572) HM
87 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Founding of FlorenceMarch 1818
Lauderdale County was created by the Territorial Legislature in February 1818. On March 12, 1818, recognized as the Founding Day for Florence, Alabama the Articles of Association was signed by the seven trustees of the newly-organized Cypress . . . Map (db m115156) HM
88 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Locust Street Historic District1818
Part of the city's first residential area, this district contains a variety of architectural styles. Originally the dwellings were log cabins. An early sawmill on Cypress Creek and a nearby brick yard provided lumber and bricks for many of the . . . Map (db m156926) HM
89 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Rear Adm. John Murray HoodCity of Florence Walk of Honor
Commander of the Hawk, the fastest U.S. ship in the Spanish-American War, Rear Admiral John M. Hood then commanded the Fourth Division of the Atlantic Fleet in World War I. The USS John Hood (DD-655) was named for him. Inducted . . . Map (db m219331) HM
90 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — W.W. II Anchor
This anchor was used on the fleet Submarine U.S.S. Balao (SS-285). The Balao was commissioned in February 1943. She received 9 battle stars for sinking 7 Japanese ships during her W.W. II service. The Balao was decommissioned in June 1963. . . . Map (db m69658) HM
91 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Florence — Wilson Dam
Construction of Wilson Dam began in 1918 and was completed in 1924. The Dam is 137 feet high and stretches 4,541 feet across the Tennessee River. Wilson Dam is a hydroelectric facility. It has 21 generating units with a net dependable capacity . . . Map (db m73997) HM
92 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Killen — Killen and the Canal System
Two hundred feet from where you are, in 40 feet of water, are the remains of Lock Six, the headquarters for a locking system of 9 locks that provided river traffic around the rapids and shoals. The river fall of 136 feet in about 37 miles prevented . . . Map (db m141979) HM
93 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Killen — Muscle Shoals Canal1836 - 1918
Lock Six, headquarters of Muscle Shoals Canal, was located 1.3 miles south of here. An 1836 attempt to build a bypass canal around the shoals proved unsuccessful. On November 10, 1890 the canal from Rogersville to Florence was successfully . . . Map (db m28452) HM
94 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Rogersville — Covington/Second Creek / Wheeler Dam/Lake
(side 1) Covington/Second Creek Goodsprings Church This site, one mile east of Elgin, has been referred to as “The Indian Mound.” There were white landowners here as early as 1833. Prior to 1936, there was a . . . Map (db m79914) HM
95 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Rogersville — Elk River Shoals
(side 1) At this location is the Elk River that flows into the Tennessee River approximately four miles south of here. That location is the easternmost point of a massive underwater formation which was exposed until the early 1900s. The . . . Map (db m133187) HM
96 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Rogersville — Samuel Burney: 1763-1849 Revolutionary War Veteran / Burneys Creek/First Creek Wheeler Lake
(side 1) Samuel Burney: 1763-1849 Revolutionary War Veteran Samuel Burney, Sr., was born on January 30, 1763, in Guilford Co., NC. He was among 17 known Revolutionary War veterans to settle in the area that became Lauderdale . . . Map (db m84299) HM
97 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Rogersville — Wheeler Dam • Wheeler Reservoir/Locks1936
Wheeler Dam Wheeler Dam is located south of here on the Tennessee River, between Lauderdale County on the north and Lawrence County on the south. It is located 275 miles above the mouth of the Tennessee River at Paducah, Ky. on the Ohio River. . . . Map (db m105132) HM
98 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Waterloo — Mud Glorious Mud
Birds Come From All Directions to Enjoy the Tasty Treats Hidden Beneath the Mud In the late summer. fall, and winter, reservoir levels in the Tennessee River Valley drop drastically to expose areas of mudflats. although unsightly to some, theses . . . Map (db m105713) HM
99 Alabama, Lauderdale County, Waterloo — WaterlooSettled 1819~Incorporated 1832
One of Alabama's oldest incorporated towns. Waterloo was an important Tennessee river port during the steamboat era. In low~water season after large boats from Louisville, Cincinnati and other places downriver unloaded here: smaller craft . . . Map (db m84302) HM
100 Alabama, Lawrence County, Town Creek — A Brief HistoryWheeler Lock & Dam
In January 1933, just before TVA was formed, the US Army corps of Engineers began working on Wheeler Lock and Dam to improve navigation on the treacherous upper Muscle Shoals and Elk river Shoals. When TVA was created that May, it took over . . . Map (db m229351) HM

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