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Charles de L'Ecluse (Clusius) Marker - Wide View image, Touch for more information
By Andrew Ruppenstein, June 14, 2017
Charles de L'Ecluse (Clusius) Marker - Wide View
Austria, Wien (Innenstadt), Vienna — Charles de L'Ecluse (Clusius)
Hier wohnte von 1573 bis 1588 Charles de L'Ecluse, genannt Clusius aus Arras, der berühmteste Botaniker seiner Zeit. Errichtet 1865 von der k.k. zool. bot. Gesellschaft in Wien
Map (db m105667) HM
Austria, Wien (Innenstadt), Vienna — Ferenc Rákóczi
[Marker text in Hungarian:] Ennek az épületnek á helyén allt a XVII. század végén az Aspremont-palota. Ilt szállt meg gyakori bécsi tartózkudásai idején az 1690-es években II. Rákóczi Ferenc, az . . . — Map (db m105870) HM
Austria, Wien (Innenstadt), Vienna — Pope Innocent XII (Antonio Pignatelli)
An dieser Stelle befand sich von 1630 bis 1913 die apostolische Nuntiatur. Hier wirkte von 1668 bis 1671 Antonio Pignatelli, der spätere Papst Innozenz XII. (1691-1700). Zur Erinnerung an seinen Todestag vor 300 . . . — Map (db m105701) HM
Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Shipbuilding in Nova Scotia / Construction navale en Nouvelle-Écosse

From its early beginnings on Cape Breton Island the shipbuilding industry grew as settlement did in the late 18th century. During the Golden Age of Sail in the 19th century, thousands of wooden vessels of all sizes were built in bays and . . . — Map (db m106067) HM

Ontario (Algoma District), Bruce Mines — The Bruce Mines
The original claim to the Bruce Mine location was filed in September, 1846 by James Cuthbertson. It was acquired the following year by the Montreal Mining Company, and production commenced in 1847-48 at what became the first commercially successful . . . — Map (db m105635) HM
Ontario (Algoma District), Desbarats — "Ripple Rock"
The ripple marks on the adjacent rock face were made some two billion years ago by waves in a shallow body of water. Buried by later deposition of silt and then subjected to great pressure, the rippled sand became sandstone. The formation was . . . — Map (db m105638) HM
Ontario (Algoma District), Sault Ste. Marie — Anna Jameson1794-1860
Born in Dublin, Ireland, and raised in London, this famous 19th century author, illustrator and social reformer joined her husband, Robert Jameson, Attorney General of Upper Canada, at Toronto in 1836. The following June, unescorted, Mrs. Jameson . . . — Map (db m105960) HM
Ontario (Algoma District), Sault Ste. Marie — Col. John Prince1796-1870
Here, on a portion of his former estate, is buried Col. Prince who emigrated from England in 1833 and settled at Sandwich, Upper Canada. As commanding officer of the Essex Militia, he stirred up a violent controversy by ordering the summary . . . — Map (db m105739) HM
Ontario (Algoma District), Sault Ste. Marie — Ermatinger House
This house, built between 1814 and 1823 by Charles Ermatinger of the North West Company, is the oldest surviving house in northwestern Ontario. Constructed when Sault Ste. Marie was still a small fur trading post on the Upper Lakes, this fine house . . . — Map (db m105955) HM
Ontario (Algoma District), Sault Ste. Marie — Nicolas Perrotca. 1644-1717
Explorer, interpreter, fur trader and diplomat, French-born Perrot played an important role in the establishment and protection of New France's western frontier during the last four decades of the 17th century. In 1671 he was with Saint-Lusson at . . . — Map (db m105957) HM
Ontario (Algoma District), Sault Ste. Marie — Passenger and Packet Freighters on the Upper Great Lakes
Until the mid-20th century, passenger and packet freighters were the most efficient means for transporting goods and people to and from isolated communities of the Upper Great Lakes. Essential to early regional development and instrumental in the . . . — Map (db m105959) HM
Ontario (Algoma District), Sault Ste. Marie — Precious Blood Cathedral
This church was constructed in 1875 and dedicated in 1876 as the Parish Church of The Sacred Heart by Bishop Jean-Francois Jamot. It replaced a wooden building constructed in 1846 which had served as a Jesuit missionary post for this region. Built . . . — Map (db m105953) HM
Ontario (Algoma District), Sault Ste. Marie — Shingwauk Hall
Shingwauk Hall was erected in 1935 to house a residential training school established in 1873 by the Reverend Edward F. Wilson. Under this Anglican missionary's tutelage the institution, named after the well-known Ojibway Chief Augustin Shingwauk . . . — Map (db m105738) HM
Ontario (Nipissing District), Calvin — Louise de Kiriline Lawrence1894-1992
Louise Flach was born in Sweden and grew up on the scenic Baltic coast where she developed an interest in nature. Flach became a Red Cross nurse, serving during the First World War in Denmark, and then with her first husband Greb de Kiriline who . . . — Map (db m105640) HM
Ontario (Nipissing District), Mattawa — Canoe Route to the West
Here, when the canoe was the principal means of travel, explorers, voyageurs, missionaries and others bound for the West, left the Ottawa River and followed the Mattawa River to Lake Nipissing, the French River and the upper Great Lakes. For over . . . — Map (db m105630) HM
Ontario (Nipissing District), Mattawa — French-Canadian Settlement and the CPR in the Mattawa area
Francophone settlement rapidly increased in the Mattawa area with the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in 1881. During construction of the rail line, the local economy benefitted from the presence of thousands of French-Canadian . . . — Map (db m105625) HM
Ontario (Nipissing District), Mattawa — Mattawa House 1837
Trading in furs at this junction of historic canoe routes probably began during the French regime. At intervals during the 1820's and 1830's Chief Trader John Siveright, commanding the Hudson's Bay Company's post at Fort Coulonge, sent men to trade . . . — Map (db m105629) HM
Ontario (Nipissing District), Mattawa — The Mattawa Route
When west-bound voyageurs left the Ottawa here at Mattawa, "the forks," they faced 11 portages in the next 40 miles. The Mattawa, or Petite-Rivière, was a key link in the historic canoe route between Montréal and the upper Great Lakes and . . . — Map (db m105631) HM
Ontario (Renfrew County), Deux-Rivières — Rapids of the Upper Ottawa
For over two centuries the Ottawa River was part of the main canoe route to the West. Some of the river's most spectacular and dangerous rapids were located immediately downriver from here: the Rapide de la Veillée, the Trou and the Rapide des Deux . . . — Map (db m105622) HM
Ontario (Renfrew County), Laurentian Hills — Nuclear Power Demonstration Reactor
On June 4, 1962 the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) Reactor 3 km east of Rolphton supplied the Ontario power grid with the first nuclear-generated electricity in Canada. A joint project of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Ontario Hydro and . . . — Map (db m105620) HM
Ontario (Renfrew County), Laurentian Hills — Steamboating on the Upper Ottawa
The first steamboat on the Upper Ottawa River was the 25 horse-power "Lady Colborne" built in 1833 for service between Aylmer and Chats Falls. Gradually other sections of the river where opened to steam navigation and in 1854 the "Pontiac" was . . . — Map (db m105618) HM
Ontario (Renfrew County), Petawawa — First Military Test Flights
The first military demonstration of aircraft flight in Canada was given at Petawawa Camp in August 1909, by J.A.D. McCurdy and F.W. Baldwin, with the assistance of the Royal Canadian Engineers. On the morning of 2 August, they made three successful . . . — Map (db m105616) HM
France, Hauts-de-France (Aisne), Belleau — World War I Monument
This monument has been erected by the United States of America to commemorate the services of her troops and those of France who fought in this region during the World War. It stands as a lasting symbol of the friendship and cooperation between the . . . — Map (db m106030) WM
Germany, Bavaria, Würzburg — Former Synagogue
Hier stand die 1837 erbaute und am 9.11.1938 durch die damaligen Machthaber zerstörte Synagoge der israelitischen Kultusgemeinde Würzburg [English translation:] Here stood the . . . — Map (db m105758) HM
Germany, Bavaria (Kreis Schweinfurt), Gerolzhofen — Altes Rathaus / The Old City Hall
1461 schenkte Michael von Schwarzenberg der Stadt ein Haus am Markt, das 1475 zu einem Rathaus umgebaut wurde. 1585 erfolgte der südliche Anbau (Küchenbau). 1732 wurde das Gebäude barockisiert. Die Stadtverwaltung zog 1979 aus, heute . . . — Map (db m105881) HM
Iceland, Capital Region Höfuðborgarsvæði, Reykjavik — Skólavörðustígur 13
Borgastjórinn í Reykajavík veitti þessu húsi viðurkenningu árið 2012 vegna vel gerðra endurbóta. Húsið var byggt árið 1926 eftir teikningum Guðmundar H. Þorlákssonar byggingmeistara. Það er góður fulltrúi fyrstu kynslóðar . . . — Map (db m105736) HM
Mexico, Ciudad de México, Ciudad de Mexico — The Altar of the Nation
Altar a la PatriaFue inaugurada el 27 de septiembre de 1952. Obra del Arq. Enrique Aragon Echegaray y el escultor Ernesto Tamariz. Alberga los restos de los Niños Héroes y del Coronel Felipe Santiago Xicoténcatl. “A los defensores de . . . — Map (db m105907) WM
Mexico, Ciudad de México, Ciudad de Mexico — The Bridge of the Lions
Puente de Los LeonesSe construyó en el año 1975, para dar paso a el Circuito Interior que corre por debajo. Está flanqueado en los costados por jardineras con cipreses, y remata en los 4 extremos por esculturas de leonas esculpidas en . . . — Map (db m105884) HM
Mexico, Estado de Mexico (Municipality of Teotihuacán), Teotihuacán de Arista — A Ceremonial Incense Burner
Brasero ceremonial Esta escultura hecha en roca volcánica fue descubierta en 1906 por Don Leopoldo Batres en la parte superior de la plataforma adosada a la Pirámide del Sol. Su descubridor consideró que probablemente era un brasero ceremonial . . . — Map (db m105804) HM
Mexico, Estado de Mexico (Municipality of Teotihuacán), Teotihuacán de Arista — MiccoatliThe Avenue of the Dead
MiccaotliAl igual que otras ciudades mesoamericanas, el diseño de Teotihuacan buscó reflejar la manera en que los antiguos habitantes creían estaba organizado el cosmos, por eso ubicaron sus construcciones a lo largo de ejes como el de la . . . — Map (db m105880) HM
Mexico, Estado de Mexico (Municipality of Teotihuacán), Teotihuacán de Arista — Pyramid of the Sun
Pirámide del SolEntre los años 100 al 650 d.C. éste fue el edificio prehispánico de mayores dimensiones y es uno de los más importantes de Mesoamérica. Su nombre se debe a que las crónicas escritas por los españoles en el siglo XVI mencionan . . . — Map (db m105852) HM
Mexico, Estado de Mexico (Municipality of Teotihuacán), Teotihuacán de Arista — The History of Teotihuacán
La Historia de Teotihuacán Alrededor del año 400 a.C., el Valle de Teotihuacán estuvo ocupado por varias comunidades rurales, con una población de aproximadamente 5000 habitantes, en una extensión de 4-6 Km2. Hacia 200 a.C., parte de la . . . — Map (db m105757) HM
Mexico, Estado de Mexico (Municipality of Teotihuacán), Teotihuacán de Arista — The Importance of the Pyramid of the Sun
Importancia de la Pirámide del SolVarios elementos indican que, en las primeras fases de Teotihuacan, la Pirámide del Sol se constituyó en el centro de la ciudad, es decir, en el punto de partida de los ejes que dividen los espacios divinos. . . . — Map (db m105608) HM
Mexico, Estado de Mexico (Municipality of Teotihuacán), Teotihuacán de Arista — The Meaning of the Pyramid of the Sun
Significado del Pirámide del Sol Con base en los recientes trabajos arqueológicos que se han realizado en torno a la Pirámide del Sol, se ha desarrollado una nueva interpretación sobre su significado religioso. A partir de las crónicas . . . — Map (db m105850) HM
Mexico, Estado de Mexico (Municipality of Teotihuacán), Teotihuacán de Arista — The Puma Mural
Mural del Puma Este mural fue descubierto durante las exploraciones arqueológicas de 1963. Forma parte de un conjunto de plataformas y templos que integran una unidad arquitectónica conocida como Grupo del Mural del Puma. En la escena que . . . — Map (db m105734) HM
Mexico, Estado de Mexico (Municipality of Teotihuacán), Teotihuacán de Arista — The Quetzalpapálotl Architectural Complex
Complejo Arquitectónico Quetzalpapálotl Trabajos de conservación A principios de la década de los años sesenta del siglo pasado el Arqueólogo Jorge Acosta trabajó la zona de la Plaza de la Pirámide de la Luna en el marco del Proyecto . . . — Map (db m105675) HM
Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of Allende), San Miguel de Allende — Las Colonias Reservoir
Presa las ColoniasConstruida por la fábrica textil “La Aurora” al inicio del siglo XX. A través del largo tubo de hierro, esta empresa utilizó la fuerza del agua para generar electricidad – experiencia pionera en México. Con . . . — Map (db m105611) HM
Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of Allende), San Miguel de Allende — The Pool of El Chan
El Charco del ChanEs la poza que da nombre al proyecto de conservación. Encajada abajo en la cañada, El Charco del Ingenio ha sido durante siglos fuente de leyendas populares. Su espíritu guardian es El Chan, ser mítico del . . . — Map (db m105642) HM
Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of Allende), San Miguel de Allende — The Water Mill
El BatánVestigios de lo que fue probablemente la primera obra hidráulica (ingenio) de San Miguel, a fines del siglo XVI. El agua caía del acueducto y hacía girar una rueda vertical de madera, cuyo eje se apoyaba en una estructura de piedra, . . . — Map (db m105639) HM
Mexico, Querétaro (Municipality of La Corregidora), El Pueblito — El Cerrito ("The Little Hill")
El Cerrito Zona de Monumentos Arqueológicos En época prehispánica El Cerrito fue un importante centro ceremonial, de relevancia en la región. Dentro de este espacio sagrado se construyeron un basamento piramidal, plazas, patios, salas con . . . — Map (db m105986) HM
Mexico, Querétaro (Municipality of La Corregidora), El Pueblito — The Altar of the Skulls
Altar de los CráneosEdificio cuandrangular de diez metros por lado, en su construcción original tuvo una fachada de tipo talud tablero, forrada con lápidas de cantera, lisas y con relieves policromados. Muestra evidencia de haber tenida . . . — Map (db m106133) HM
Mexico, Querétaro (Municipality of La Corregidora), El Pueblito — The Plaza of the Dancers
Plaza de la DanzaEsta plaza es la más grande del centro ceremonial, mide 70 metros en sentido oriente a poniente y 120 metros de longitud de sur a norte. Es nombrada de esta manera debido a que hace algunos años en este espacio se realizaba . . . — Map (db m106123) HM
Mexico, Querétaro (Municipality of Querétaro), Santiago de Querétaro — Francisco I. Madero
Francisco I. Madero 1910 1985 Homenaje perenne de pueblo y gobierno del estado a los hombres que hicieron la Revolucion Mexicana. En el LXXV aniversario de su inicio. Queretaro, Qro. Noviembre 20 de 1985 English translation: Francisco . . . — Map (db m105951) HM WM
Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam — Anthoniespoort / St. Anthony's Gate
Deze poort vormde één van de drie toegangen tot de middeleeuwse stad en werd in 1488 gebouwd op de zeedijk. In 1512 verdedigden de Amsterdammers vanaf dit punt met succes hun stad tegen de Geldersen. Het gebouw stond oorspronkelijk . . . — Map (db m105583) HM
Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam — Elisabeth van Oostenrijk / Empress Elisabeth of Austria
In het Doelenhotel was keizerin Elisabeth van Oostenrijk, bijgenaamd 'Sisi' (1884 en 1886) te gast. Het hotel werd in 1883 gebouwd op de plaats van de Kloveniersdoelen. Hier hing van 1642 tot 1715 Rembrandts schilderij De Nachtwacht. . . . — Map (db m105727) HM
Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam — Hugo de Vries
Hier woonde en wirkte Hugo de Vries 1884 - 1916 [English translation:] Here lived and worked Hugo de Vries, 1884-1916. — Map (db m105658) HM
Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam — Keizersgracht 456-462 Residences
In 1683, the Keizersgracht 456-462 residences were constructed on the site of the carillon bell foundry of Francois (1609-1667) and Pieter Hemony (1619-1662), the most renowned bell founders of 17th Century Netherlands. Frederick Coyett . . . — Map (db m105717) HM
Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam — Portugees Israëlietisch Ziekenhuis / Portugese Israelite Hospital
Portugees Israëlietisch Ziekenhuis Architect: Harry Elte (1880-1944) Opdrachtgever: Portugees Israëlietisch Gemeente Bouwjaren: 1915, 1916 De gevelsteen boven de ingang van dit voormalige ziekenhuis toont een . . . — Map (db m105792) HM
Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam — Vernieling Bevolkingsregister / The Attack on the Population Register
27 Maart 1943 Vernieling Bevolkingsregister W.J.C. Arondeus Rudolf Bloemgarten Karl Groeger Coos Hartog Sam van Musschenbroek Guus Reitsma Henri Halberstadt Dr. Johan Brouwer Koen Limperg Sjoerd Bakker . . . — Map (db m105868) WM
Sweden, Södermanland Province (Stockholm County), Stockholm — August Blanche
August Blanche Dog i denna byggnad 30 November 1868 [English translation:] August Blanche died in this building, November 30, 1868. — Map (db m105624) HM
Sweden, Södermanland Province (Stockholm County), Stockholm — Carl Jonas Love Almquist
I ett på denna tomt omkr. 1740 uppfört hus föddes år 1793 Carl Jonas Love Almqvist Nuvarande byggnad från 1905 [English translation:] In 1793, at this location in a house built around 1740, Carl Jonas . . . — Map (db m105621) HM
Sweden, Södermanland Province (Stockholm County), Stockholm — Carl von Linné (Linnaeus)
Carl von Linné 1707 - 1778 bodde här från 1738 till 1739 [English translation:] Carl von Linné (1707 - 1778) lived here from 1738 to 1739. — Map (db m105633) HM
Sweden, Södermanland Province (Stockholm County), Stockholm — Centralposthuset / The Central Post Office
Centralposthuset invigdes den 27 oktober 1903 och är ett av svensk arkitekturs mästerverk. Det ritades av arkitekt Ferdinand Boberg som låtit sig inspireras av italiensk arkitektur. Det rikt skulpterade partiet ovanför entrén på Vasagatan har byster . . . — Map (db m105876) HM
Sweden, Södermanland Province (Stockholm County), Stockholm — Dytankhuset / The escape training tank house
Dytankhuset Huset byggdes 1934 för att inrymma marinens nya övningstank för träning i fri uppstigning (räddning ur sjunken ubåt). Efter tio års erfarenhetsinsamling byggdes en tre gånger så hög tank i Karlskrona. Detta hus blev . . . — Map (db m105698) HM
Sweden, Södermanland Province (Stockholm County), Stockholm — Gustav II Adolf / King Gustaf II Adolf
Statyn, som föreställer Gustav II Adolf (1594-1632, kung från 1611), är Sveriges första ryttarstaty och har en lång och besvärlig tillkomsthistoria. Riksens ständer (dåtidens riksdag) beställde den redan 1757 av den inflyttade . . . — Map (db m105676) HM
Sweden, Södermanland Province (Stockholm County), Stockholm — Kung Karl XII / King Karl XII
Statyn föreställer Karl XII (1682-1718, kung från 1697) och är skulpterad av Johan Peter Molin (1814-73). Den avtäcktes den 30 november 1868, på 150-årsdagen av Karl XII:s död vid Fredrikshald i Norge. Statyn göts på Kungliga Myntet på . . . — Map (db m105772) HM
Sweden, Södermanland Province (Stockholm County), Stockholm — Riksbron
Först i samband med uppförandet av riksdagshuset och riksbanken kom den länge diskuterade bron till stånd. 1907 byggdes en gångbro av stål med fackverksbalkar, av folkhumorn döpt till "Råttfällan". Dagens smäckra betongbro från 1931 . . . — Map (db m105627) HM
Sweden, Södermanland Province (Stockholm County), Stockholm — Svenska Fotbollförbundet / Swedish Football Association
På den här platsen hölls den 18 december 1904 ett möte där deltagare från hela landet beslöt att bilda Svenska Fotbollförbundet. Upon this site on the 18th of December 1904, a meeting was . . . — Map (db m105768) HM
United Kingdom, Wales (West Glamorgan), Port Talbot — Great War Memorial
Erected by Robt S. Byass & Company To the glory of God and in memory of those men in their employ who gave their lives for their Country in the Great War 1914-1918. World War II 1939-1943. — Map (db m106080) WM
Alabama (Colbert County), Muscle Shoals — Wilson Dam
During the 19th Century, Muscle Shoals, the shallow but often-flooded rapids of this section of the Tennessee River, impeded navigation, steamboat traffic and agriculture, so the federal government explored the possibility of opening the channel to . . . — Map (db m105705) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Waterloo — A Gathering of Eagles
When the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources began a Bald Eagle Restoration Project in 1984, Bald Eagles had not successfully nested in Alabama since 1949. Thanks to these restoration efforts, Bald Eagle populations increased . . . — Map (db m105709) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Waterloo — Mud Glorious Mud
Birds Come From All Directions to Enjoy the Tasty Treats Hidden Beneath the Mud In the late summer. fall, and winter, reservoir levels in the Tennessee River Valley drop drastically to expose areas of mudflats. although unsightly to some, theses . . . — Map (db m105713) HM
California (El Dorado County), Georgetown — GPY 141-02 — The Rubicon
Historically speaking, to cross the Rubicon River meant that you had passed the point of no return. This trail was originally used by Native Americans as a trade route. In the 1800s it became the main byway from Georgetown to Lake Tahoe. The route . . . — Map (db m105984) HM
California (El Dorado County), Greenwood — GPY 139-11 — The Greenwood School House
The first school house in Greenwood was located yards from this location. It burned down in 1855. In 1858 the Greenwood School District was established and this one room school house was built by the community. It remained open from 1859 to 1954. . . . — Map (db m105978) HM
California (El Dorado County), Placerville — James G. EddyApril 7, 1881 - June 5, 1964
Whose deep concern for the conservation and improvement of our forests led him to establish the Eddy Tree Breeding Station on this site in 1925. His own effort and funds created this oldest forest genetics research institution in the Western . . . — Map (db m105854) HM
California (Imperial County), El Centro — Imperial Valley Press
The Imperial Valley Press was established in 1901 with the aid of W.F. Holt in the town of Imperial and was known as the Imperial Press. Mr. Holt moved the paper to the new city of El Centro in 1906 and changed the name to the Imperial Valley Press. . . . — Map (db m105982) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Vernon — CHL 167 — The Battle of La MesaLa Batalla de La Mesa — January 9th, 1847
First marker: On this site was fought La Batalla de La Mesa Battle of La Mesa January 9th, 1847 Commodore Robert Field Stockton U.S.N. in command of American forces and General Jose Maria Flores commanding the Californians Second . . . — Map (db m105961) HM
California (Nevada County), Grass Valley — GPY 135-11 — Union Hill School
Union Hill School was established in March 1868 as a one-room schoolhouse on the grounds of Union Hill Mine. On June 26, 1875, an argument over a trustee election took place at the schoolhouse, resulting in a stabbing and subsequent death. Three . . . — Map (db m105985) HM
California (San Diego County), Carlsbad — The Carlsbad Theatre
The Carlsbad Theatre had its grand opening on February 8, 1927 with the showing of the film "It" starring Clara Bow. Mr. A.J. Clark, the developer and manager, hosted the ceremonies. The Theatre featured a full stage, fly gallery, orchestra pit, . . . — Map (db m105710) HM
California (Yolo County), Woodland — GPY 140-01 — Krellenberg Building
Peter Krellenberg was a German cabinet maker who came to Woodland from Sacramento in 1869 and established his furniture and coffin trades at this site. His family home was one door west of the shop. In 1872 Peter erected a one-story brick building . . . — Map (db m106078) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — WWII 10th Mountain DivisionUnited States Army
This monument is dedicated to the World War II 10th Mountain Division soldiers. Their unique talents and heroic deeds contributed to the Aleutian Islands Campaign and the earlier termination of the war in the Italian Theater of Operations. Special . . . — Map (db m105783) HM WM
Delaware (Sussex County), Georgetown — Delaware Confederate War Memorial
Base inscription-erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy Caleb Ross Chapter #2635 and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Delaware Grays Camp #2068. Front text-not legible, back text-not legible, side text-Smith Gilley, Confederate Army, . . . — Map (db m105569) WM
Delaware (Sussex County), Rehoboth Beach — SC-250 — Village Improvement Association
At the turn of the 20th Century, Rehoboth Beach was a quaint church camp village and summer residence for many seeking relief from city life. Horses, wagons, and buggies traveled the streets. There were no paved sidewalks, crosswalks, street lamps, . . . — Map (db m105732) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Washington City Canal on the Tiber Creek
Beginning in 1815, a water transport canal was opened joining the Potomac river and the Anacostia river, then known as the Eastern Branch. The Washington Canal brought building supplies for construction of many buildings in the young city. The canal . . . — Map (db m105992) HM
Florida (Flagler County), Flagler Beach — Veterans Memorial ParkFlagler Beach
In Honor Of Veterans Of All Wars — Map (db m105486) WM
Florida (Lee County), Fort Myers — Explore Southwest Florida Naturally!
Nature has been good to Lee County, one of the last frontiers to be settled in southwest Florida. Nestled between the Everglades and the Gulf of Mexico, the county includes a variety of interconnected ecosystems. Careful planning has preserved much . . . — Map (db m105731) HM
Florida (Seminole County), Casselberry — Fort Concord
During the interbellum periods of the Seminole Wars, local militia in the Casselberry area built forts to protect settlers from Seminole attacks. Aaron Jernigan, the original settler of Orlando, helped tp construct a small blockhouse with local . . . — Map (db m105527) HM
Florida (Volushia County), Daytona Beach — Althea GibsonBarrier Breaker — Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
Althea Gibson Overcame Unbelievable Odds To Achieve International Acclaim And Success. Her Journey From The Violent Streets Of Harlem To The Royal Courts Of Wimbledon Reveals Strength Of Character And Her Remarkable Composure In The Face Of . . . — Map (db m105789) HM
Florida (Volushia County), Daytona Beach — Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson
This statue was dedicated September 15, 1990 by Rachel Robinson Formally known as City Island Ball Park, this is the site of the first racially integrated Spring training game which was played on March 17, 1946 between the Brooklyn Dodgers and . . . — Map (db m105716) HM
Florida (Volushia County), Daytona Beach — Jackie RobinsonBarrier Breaker — Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
Jack Roosevelt Robinson was the first African-American to break the modern day Major League Baseball color barrier. His extraordinary baseball skills, appealing personality, intelligence and courage, contributed to make this significant . . . — Map (db m105750) HM
Florida (Volushia County), Daytona Beach — Jackie RobinsonA Gifted Athlete — Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
Jackie Robinson Excelled As An All-Round Athlete. He Demonstrated Exceptional Athletic Ability From An Early Age, Combined With A Fierce Competitive Nature And Will To Win.

Some Have Called Jackie Robinson The Greatest American Athlete, . . . — Map (db m105909) HM

Florida (Volushia County), Daytona Beach — Jackie RobinsonExceptional Athletic Ability — Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
Jackie Robinson Demonstrated Exceptional Athletic Ability, A Fierce Competive Nature And A Will To Win. It Has Been Suggested That Jackie Robinson Could Have Mastered Any Game. As A Student At UCLA, Jackie Robinson Became The First Athlete To Win . . . — Map (db m105917) HM
Florida (Volushia County), Daytona Beach — Jackie Robinson Ballpark
Site of the first racially integrated professional baseball game in modern history March 17, 1946 Jackie Roosevelt Robinson, a member of the International League’s Montreal Royals, integrated professional baseball by playing in a spring . . . — Map (db m105744) HM
Florida (Volushia County), Daytona Beach — Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
May 7, 1938 Pasadena Junior College Jackie Robinson established a National Junior College record in long jump with a jump of 25 Feet 6½ inches — Map (db m105871) HM
Florida (Volushia County), Daytona Beach — Roberto ClementeBarrier Breaker — Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
Roberto Clemente Walker Was One Of The Greatest Baseball Players Ever To Play Right Field. His Pride And Humanitarianism Won Him Universal Admiration. Despite An Unorthodox Batting Style, The Pirates’ Great Won Four Batting Crowns And Amassed 3,000 . . . — Map (db m105773) HM
Florida (Volushia County), Daytona Beach — Shirley ChisholmBarrier Breaker — Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
In 1968, Shirley Anita Chisholm, known as “Fighting Shirley Chisholm”, a former educator and member of the New York State Assembly, became the first black woman to be elected to the U.S. Congress. Known for her incisive debating style . . . — Map (db m105812) HM
Florida (Volushia County), Daytona Beach — Willie O’ReeBarrier Breaker — Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
January 18, 1958, a strong, diligent athlete by the name of Willie O’Ree broke the color barrier in the National Hockey League. Playing with the Boston Bruins in Montreal, against the Canadians. Often referred to as the “Jackie Robinson of . . . — Map (db m105809) HM
Florida (Volusia County), Daytona Beach — "Historic Jim Crow Section"Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
Jim Crow was not the name of a person, yet the name "Jim Crow" affected the lives of millions of people. From the 1880’s into the 1960's, a majority of American states enforced segregation through Jim Crow laws (so called after a black character in . . . — Map (db m105863) HM
Florida (Volusia County), Daytona Beach — Jackie RobinsonBaseball Legend — Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Museum
As a gifted UCLA athlete, Jackie Robinson played in all four of the so called major sports. Ironically, he was a star in all except baseball, and yet baseball was the sport that would immortalize him. in 1945, Jackie Robinson played his rookie year . . . — Map (db m106031) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-956 — 9th Ohio Infantry Regiment Marker
9th Regiment Ohio Infantry, Van Derveer's Brigade. 11:00 a.m. September 20, 1863. — Map (db m105724) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-1121 — Adams' BrigadeBreckinridge's Division — Hill's Corps
Adams' Brigade. Breckinridge's Division - Hill's Corps. Brigadier General Daniel W. Adams. September 20, 1863, 9:30 a.m., 1st Position. 32nd Alabama, - Major John C. Kimbell. 13th and 20th Louisiana, - Colonel Randall . . . — Map (db m105833) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-1362 — Huggins' Tennessee BatteryDibrell's Brigade — Armstrong's Division
Huggins' Tennessee Battery. 2 6 Pounders, 2 12 Pounder Howitzers. Dibrell's Brigade, Armstrong's Division, Forrest's Corps. September 20, 1863. Captain A. L. Huggins, Commanding. 1st Lieutenant Edwin H. Douglas. 2d . . . — Map (db m105851) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-1368 — Huggins', Morton's & Huwald's Tennessee BatteriesForrest's Corps
Tennessee Huggins' Morton's & Huwald's Batteries Forrest's Cavalry 1:P.M. September 20, 1863Map (db m105891) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-1364 — Huwald's Tennessee BatteryDavidson's Brigade — Pegram's Division
Huwald's Tennessee Battery 2 Mountain Howitzers, 2 2¼ Inch Rifles. Davidson's Brigade, Pegram's Division, Forrest's Corps. September 20, 1863. Captain Gustave A. Huwald Commanding. 1st Lieutenant D. Breck Ramsey. 2d Lieutenant . . . — Map (db m105886) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-609 — King's BrigadeBaird's Division — Thomas' Corps
King's Brigade Baird's Division - Thomas Corps Brigadier General John H. King September 19, 1863, 2 p.m., 2d Position 15th U.S. Infantry, 1st Battalion - Captain Albert B. Dod, 18th U.S. Infantry, 1st Battalion - . . . — Map (db m105837) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-619 — McCook's BrigadeSecond Division — Granger's Reserve Corps
McCook's Brigade Second Division, Granger's Reserve Corps. Second Brigade Colonel Daniel McCook. September 20, 1863, 2 to 8 p.m. 85th Illinois, - Colonel Caleb J. Dilworth. 86th Illinois, - Lieutenant Colonel David . . . — Map (db m105679) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-1369 — Morton's Tennessee BatteryDibrell's Brigade — Armstrong's Division
Morton's Tennessee Battery 2 6 Pounders, 2 3" Rifles Dibrell's Brigade, Armstrong's Division, Forrest's Corps September 20, 1863 Captain John W. Morton, Commanding 1st Lieutenant Curtis O. Wallace 1st Lieutenant G. . . . — Map (db m105888) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-423E — To Right of Confederate Infantry
To right of Confederate Infantry, second day's battle, September 20, 1863, 9 a.m. — Map (db m105818) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-423D — To the Opening of the Battle
To the Opening of the Battle First Day, September 19, 1863, 2 Miles — Map (db m105817) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-1420 — To the opening of the Battle
To the opening of the Battle, First day, September 19, 1863. 1½ Miles. — Map (db m105843) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-645B — Van Derveer's BrigadeBrannan's Division — Thomas' Corps
Text on First Tablet: VanDerveer’s Brigade. Brannan’s Division……………Thomas' Corps Colonel Ferdinand VanDerveer September 19, 1863. noon to 1 P.M. 87th Indiana - Colonel Newell Gleason 2nd Minnesota - Colonel . . . — Map (db m105952) HM
Georgia (Irwin County), Ocilla — Confederate Memorial
(front panel) “Tell it as you may, it never can be told! Sing it as you will, it never can be sung. The story of the glory of the men who wore the gray. (rear panel) “Silently this stone proclaims . . . — Map (db m105573) WM
Georgia (Irwin County), Ocilla — Irwin County Veteran’s Memorial
Dedicated to the men and women who served our country in the Armed Forces. God bless all those who died and especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we might live openly. (left panel) World War II Honor Roll . . . — Map (db m105578) WM
Georgia (Irwin County), Ocilla — Veterans of All Wars Memorial
Memorial In honor and memory of veterans of all wars Ocilla, Irwin County, Georgia Donated by American Legion Jeff Davis Post 100 Woodmen of the World Camp 757 — Map (db m105575) WM
Georgia (Walker County), Chickamauga — MT-893 — 11th Michigan InfantryStanley's Brigade — Negley's Division
Eleventh Michigan Infantry Morning September 19, 1863 — Map (db m105680) HM
Georgia (Walker County), Chickamauga — MT-883 — 2nd Michigan CavalryCampbell's Brigade — McCook's Division.
Second Michigan Cavalry September 1863, 18th, Blue Bird Gap. 19th, Pond Spring, Bird's Mill. 20th, Glass Mill, Crawfish Spring. — Map (db m105688) HM
Georgia (Walker County), Chickamauga — MT-1374 — 4th Tennessee CavalryHarrison's Brigade — Wharton's Division
Tennessee 4th Regiment Baxter Smith's Harrison's Brigade Wharton's Division Wheeler's Cavalry 5:30 p.m. September 20, 1863 — Map (db m105692) HM
Georgia (Walker County), Rossville — MT-86 — Geary's DivisionSlocum's Corps. — Brigadier General John W. Geary
Geary's Division - Slocum's Corps Brigadier General John W. Geary November 25, 1863, 3:30 p.m. 1st Brigade - Colonel William R. Creighton 2nd Brigade - Colonel George A. Cobham, Jr. 3rd Brigade - Colonel David Ireland . . . — Map (db m105540) HM
Georgia (Walker County), Rossville — MT-120 — Ireland's BrigadeGeary's Division — Slocum's Corps
Ireland's Brigade Geary's Division - Slocum's Corps. Colonel David Ireland November 25, 1863, 4 P.M. 60th New York - Colonel Abel Godard 78th New York - Lieutenant Colonel Herbert von Hammerstein 102nd New York - . . . — Map (db m105594) HM
Georgia (Walker County), Rossville — MT-137 — Williamson's BrigadeOsterhaus' Division — Blair's Corps
Williamson's Brigade Osterhaus' Division - Blair's Corps Colonel James A. Williamson November 25, 1863 4th Iowa - Lieutenant Colonel George Burton 9th Iowa - Colonel David Carskaddon 25th Iowa - Colonel George A. . . . — Map (db m105778) HM
Idaho (Bannock County), Downey — 171 — Red Rock Pass
You are standing in the outlet of ancient Lake Bonneville, a vast prehistoric inland sea, of which Salt Lake is modern remnant Covering over 20,000 square miles when it overflowed here about 14,500 years ago, its winding shoreline would have . . . — Map (db m105831) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Fish Haven — 382 — Bear Lake
Discovered in 1812 by trappers returning home from Astoria, Oregon, this valley and its large lake soon became an important fur trade center. Donald Mackenzie, Jim Bridger and a host of famous beaver hunters operated here. Two major summer . . . — Map (db m105867) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Montpelier — Beaver DivideThe Summit
To load their wagons with salt from the salt springs on Crow Creek, Mormon settlers of Bear Lake Valley followed the Native American Indian trail over this pass about 1865. In 1868, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Apostle Charles C . . . — Map (db m105896) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Montpelier — Camp Giveout(Crow Creek Road)
Within five years after Apostle Charles C Rich was called to establish a settlement in Bear Lake Valley, 1868, he looked at western Wyoming as a possible expansion of the Mormon community. By 1879 the Bear Lake Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of . . . — Map (db m105895) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Montpelier — Halfway House(Crow Creek Road)
The Crow Creek Road was the link between the Mormon settlements of Bear Lake and Star Valley for 50 years. The 100-mile round trip between Afton, WY and the railhead at Montpelier ID would take a team of horses from 3 to 7 days depending on the . . . — Map (db m105897) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Montpelier — Nield Ranch(Crow Creek Road)
“I have always felt I was at a disadvantage in making a living for my self and family if I did not have a wagon and team.” – John Nield Diary John and Sarah Broadbent Nield moved their family to Star Valley in 1888 over the . . . — Map (db m105901) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Montpelier — 66 — Pioneer Church(was located 1/2 block east and 1/2 block north)
In the spring of 1864, fifteen families of pioneers came from Paris, Idaho and settled Clover Creek, the name used until President Brigham Young changed it to Montpelier. After building crude homes the settlers erected a large building of logs, . . . — Map (db m105874) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Montpelier — Snowslide Canyon and Hanke’s Ranch(Crow Creek Road)
By 1881, just five years following the opening of the Crow Creek Freight Road, freighters had started calling this canyon by that name. Snowslides were frequent on snowy, windy days as drifts would build up on the shale ridge. Unable to hold the . . . — Map (db m105894) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Montpelier — White Dugway(Crow Creek Road)
Clinging to the white shale formation a mile east (on the Crow Creek Rd.) is the White Dugway. There was moisture in the shale and when frost had it in its grip the road was very slippery. Freighters learned to be cautious as a wagon or sleigh could . . . — Map (db m105899) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Paris — 73 — Charles Coulson Rich
In honor of Charles Coulson Rich 1809-1893 Pioneer builder of the west. Major-General of the Nauvoo Legion Alderman of the City of Nauvoo, in the time of Joseph Smith. Pioneer of Utah, 1847. Chairman of the first committee . . . — Map (db m105849) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Paris — 289 — Our First Church
Paris, Idaho was settled in the fall of 1863. Two years later a building used for church, school and recreation was erected by James Nye and others, of logs hauled from George Sirrine's sawmill It was 20' X 60' with two large rooms and a stage at . . . — Map (db m105873) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Paris — 275 — Paris
This pioneer Idaho town was founded Sept. 26, 1863 when a wagon train brought more than 30 families of Mormon colonizers. More pioneers soon followed, some living in huts of quaking aspen and others building log cabins for the mild first . . . — Map (db m105836) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Paris — 386 — Paris Tabernacle
Designed by one of Brigham Young's sons, this imposing Romanesque tabernacle was built between 1884 an 1889 by skilled local craftsmen. Swiss stone masons cut and carved red sandstone that horse and ox teams hauled from a canyon 18 miles . . . — Map (db m105848) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Paris — 441 — Thomas Sleight Cabin
The Thomas Sleight Cabin was built in the fall of 1863 by Thomas Sleight and Charles Atkins, who with their wives, Marianne and Ann, occupied it together during the first winter of the settlement of Paris, Idaho. It was first finished with a dirt . . . — Map (db m105866) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), St. Charles — Gutzon Borglum Monument
Erected in Honor of Gutzon Borglum Born in the village of St. Charles Idaho, March 25, 1867 He is internationally known for his painting and sculptoring and most famous for Mount Rushmore National Monument Gutzon . . . — Map (db m105878) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), St. Charles — 211 — St. Charles
In May, 1864 Brigham Young called Swan Arnell, Sr., Charles G. Keetch, Sr., Robert Pope, and Johh Windley with their families to settle here. Soon others followed. Charles Windley was the first child born in the village. The town site was surveyed . . . — Map (db m105869) HM
Idaho (Caribou County), Soda Springs — 218 — Camp Connor
Col. P.E. Connor set up the old town of Soda Springs, now mostly flooded, and an adjacent army post near here May 20, 1863. The gold rush to Idaho had greatly increased traffic on the Oregon Trail, and the post was needed to protect travelers . . . — Map (db m105972) HM
Idaho (Caribou County), Soda Springs — China Hat Geological Site
Noticeable for their distinct shapes, China Hat and nearby China Cap are rhyolite domes that intruded and pierced the basalt of the Blackfoot Lava Field. The basaltic phase of this volcanic province was active in middle Pleistocene around 500,000 . . . — Map (db m105966) HM
Idaho (Caribou County), Soda Springs — 158 — Soda Springs
In this area are a group of springs famous to Oregon Trail travelers, most of whom stopped to try the "acid taste and effervessing gasses" of the waters. Earlier, fur traders often -- less elegantly -- called the place "Beer Springs" after . . . — Map (db m105967) HM
Idaho (Caribou County), Wayan — 433 — Cariboo Mountain
Rising to an elevation of more than 9,800 feet, Cariboo Mountain -- visible north of here -- has two of Idaho's highest gold camps. Jesse "Cariboo Jack" Fairchild discovered gold high on Cariboo Mountain in August, 1870, and a mining rush . . . — Map (db m105965) HM
Idaho (Caribou County), Wayan — 362 — John Grey
Discovered this valley in 1818 or 1819 while hunting beaver for Donald MacKenzie's Northwest Company trappers. An Iroquois leader -- he also explored Grey's River nearby in Wyoming. Aside from his trapping skills, he was noted for his unusual . . . — Map (db m105964) HM
Idaho (Caribou County), Wayan — Tincup Creek
Caribou Mountain rises 9,800 feet with alpine snowfields feeding Tincup Creek, a tributary to the South Fork of the Snake River. Placer gold discoveries high on the mountain in 1871 led to a gold rush that lasted for two decades. In the 1880s sheep . . . — Map (db m105963) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Franklin — 388 — Hatch House
In 1874, Bishop L.H. Hatch built a mansion that has been preserved as a fine example of pioneer Idaho architecture. Idaho's only railroad serving Montana's thriving mining camps, reached here that year -- a time of depression between gold . . . — Map (db m105694) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Franklin — Lorenzo Hill Hatch & John Doney Houses
These two buildings are examples of the types of houses that were built in Franklin and other Mormon communities from the 1860s to the 1880s. Typically early Franklin dwellings were simple cabins with a central hall, as the residents prospered they . . . — Map (db m105695) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Franklin — 93 — Old Fort of Franklin
Franklin, the first permanent Anglo-Saxon settlement in Idaho, was settled in 1860 by a group of Mormon Pioneer families from Utah. The fort in which they first lived was erected for protection against Indians, men standing guard outside at night . . . — Map (db m105697) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 6 — A Battle Becomes a MassacreMassacre at Bear River — The Largest Indian Massacre in the West
The four-hour fight left the Shoshone band decimated and terrified. Lodges, food caches and belongings were burned and women and children murdered. Chief Bear Hunter was cruelly tortured to death. When the killing ceased, the massacre field was . . . — Map (db m105803) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 5 — Attack at Bia OgoiMassacre at Bear River — The Largest Indian Massacre in the West
Before dawn on the bitterly cold day of January 26, Shoshone leader Sagwich rose early to survey the area. As he looked toward the bluffs to the south he observed what seemed to be a mist of fog crawling down the bluffs across the river from the . . . — Map (db m105802) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 186 — Bear River Massacre Monument — Pioneer Women
Attacks by the Indians on the peaceful inhabitants in this vicinity led to the final battle here January 29, 1863. The conflict occurred in deep snow and bitter cold. Scores of wounded and frozen soldiers were taken from the battlefield to the . . . — Map (db m105785) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — BB ID-4 — Bidwell/Bartleson Trail - Small Brook
First Overland Emigrant Party "Left the river on account of the hills which obstructed our way on it, ... Road uncommonly broken, did not reach the river, distance about 4 miles" -- John Bidwell, Saturday, August 14, 1841 "We traveled about . . . — Map (db m105832) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 4 — California Volunteers March to the Bear RiverMassacre at Bear River — A Clash of Cultures
The tensions between the Shoshone and the settlers eventually led to a call from Utah territorial leaders of help from the Army, but the Civil War was on and military resources were stretched thin. In 1861 the third California Volunteer Infantry has . . . — Map (db m105801) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 3 — Change and ConflictMassacre at Bear River — A Clash of Cultures
End of a Way of Life The delicate balance in which the Shoshone managed food resources for thousands of years was drastically altered by colonization. By the mid-1800s, the Oregon and California Trails brought thousands of pioneers and . . . — Map (db m105799) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 432 — Old Delta Sediments
Diverted into this valley by lava flows, the Bear River deposited a huge, mostly red clay delta here where it entered a vast inland sea that covered much of Utah. About 14,500 years ago , its shoreline suddenly went down about 80 feet . . . — Map (db m105834) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — Oneida Stake Academy
The Oneida Stake Academy was constructed with hand-hewn rock by Mormon pioneers between 1890 and 1895. Its purpose was to provide an inspirational setting for their youth to obtain a first-class education, despite frontier challenges. Of 35 . . . — Map (db m105699) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — Preston's First Schoolhouse
This marks the site of Preston's first schoolhouse built in 1879 — Map (db m105707) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 2 — Shoshone Bear River Winter HomeMassacre at Bear River — Mo-so-da Kahni, "Home of the Lungs"
Bia Ogoi - Big River The Bear River -- called Bia Ogoi or Big River by the Shoshone people -- runs west and south through this semiarid valley, eventually emptying into the Great Salt Lake. The river and its many tributaries create . . . — Map (db m105797) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 16 — The Battle of Bear River
The Battle of Bear River was fought in this vicinity January 29, 1863 Col. P.E. Connor, leading 300 California volunteers from Camp Douglas, Utah against Bannock and Shoshoni Indian guilty of hostile attacks on emigrants and settlers engaged about . . . — Map (db m105787) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 7 — The Earth Will RememberMassacre at Bear River — Remember, But Never Forget
We cry for the loss and sacrifice of those who did not survive and we honor the strength of those who lived. After the massacre, the survivors, now under Chief Sagwitch, were aided by other bands as they escaped southward. Most of the . . . — Map (db m105805) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 1 — The ShoshoneMassacre at Bear River — Moving With The Seasons
Newe, The People The Shoshone refer to themselves as Newe, the People. Their ancestral territory reached from the Wind River Range in western Wyoming to the middle of Nevada, and from the Salmon River in northeastern Idaho to central . . . — Map (db m105795) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — 257 — Utah & Northern Railway
One mile south and directly west of this highway, an old 1878 railway grade is still visible, although trains have not used it since 1890. Jay Gould -- a nationally prominent financier and Union Pacific owner -- extended Utah and Northern . . . — Map (db m105708) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Thatcher — 431 — Range Wars
Armed cattle ranchers delayed farm settlement here for six years before a permanent farm community was organized in 1872. This kind of conflict occurred in widely scattered western areas when farm crops displaced rangeland. Families of early . . . — Map (db m105835) HM
Illinois (Kankakee County), Ahern — Walter Andrew and George Hess, Pioneers
In honor of Walter Andrew and George Hess, Pioneers, whose frontier courage, strength and spirit typified the early days in the Kankakee Valley. — Settled here 1839 — — Map (db m105839) HM
Illinois (Kankakee County), Bourbonnais — Jardin aux Potages
Many of the nineteenth-century French-Canadian settlers of Bourbonnais Grove planted the Jardin aux Potages (literaly translated from French to English as “Garden of the Kitchen”). Altough local history does not indicate the exact . . . — Map (db m105653) HM
Illinois (Kankakee County), Bourbonnais — Bourbonnais Grove
Bourbonnais Grove’s first families came from Quebec’s Upper St. Lawrence Valley in the 1830s and ’40s to settle what would become the largest 19th century French-Canadian agrarian village in Illinois. Some immigrants moved on to found St. Anne, St. . . . — Map (db m105623) HM
Illinois (Kankakee County), Bourbonnais — Dedicated to the MemoryGurdon Saltonstall Hubbard, Noel Le Vasseur, Francois Bourbonnais — Father de Pontavisse
Dedicated to the memory of Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard, Noel Le Vasseur, Francois Bourbonnais—early pioneers in the employ of The American Fur Company who had a post near this site. Father de Pontavisse, first priest and religious . . . — Map (db m105636) HM
Illinois (Kankakee County), Bourbonnais — The Durham-Perry Family Legacy
Thomas Durham bought 160 acres on this site in 1835 from Gurdon S. Hubbard. Known as the Jonveau Reserve, the land lay in an area called Bourbonnais Grove. Durham opened 20 acres for cultivation. In January 1836, parts of Cook and Iroquois Counties . . . — Map (db m105729) HM
Illinois (Kankakee County), Bourbonnais — The Durham-Perry Farmstead Home
Thomas Durham, a Quaker, was born on October 1, 1784, in Brunswick, Virginia, to “a large and influential family” of English origin. They had settled in Virginia in the later part of the 17th or early part of the 18th century. . . . — Map (db m105800) HM
Illinois (Kankakee County), Momence — Hubbard Trail
This trail was blazed by Gurdon S. Hubbard, 1822–1824, connecting the trading posts of the American Fur Company between Vincennes and Chicago. Momence, near the upper crossing of the Kankakee River, is on this trail. Known also as the . . . — Map (db m105838) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — Lincoln College
On Abraham Lincoln's last birthday, February 12, 1865, ground was broken for Lincoln University, now Lincoln College. The town proprietors, Robert B. Latham, John D. Gillett and Virgil Hickox, donated the tract of land for the original campus, and . . . — Map (db m105968) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — Lincoln Public Library
The Lincoln Public Library is a fine example of public neo-classical construction. This W.A. Otis structure was completed in 1903. A stained glass dome and oak woodwork highlight the interior. Major benefactors were Steven Foley who guided its . . . — Map (db m105969) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — Logan County Circuit Court
On this site stood two former Logan County Courthouses in which Abraham Lincoln practiced law from 1856 to until elected President. During the March term, 1859, Lincoln substituted for David Davis as the presiding judge of the Logan County Circuit . . . — Map (db m105970) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — Postville Park
In 1835 Russell Post, a Baltimore adventurer, laid out the town of Postville which became the first Logan County seat. The town square is now Postville Park. Here Abraham Lincoln and his friends played townball a predecessor of baseball, threw the . . . — Map (db m106028) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — Stephen A. Douglas Speech
On this site during the senatorial campaign of 1858 Stephen A. Douglas spoke to a Democratic political rally in a circus tent on September 4th. Douglas' opponent for the Senate seat, Abraham Lincoln, was on the train from Bloomington to Springfield . . . — Map (db m105971) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — The First Poem by Langston Hughes1916
This internationally known African-American author (1902-1967) acknowledges in his autobiography The Big Sea that he wrote his first poem while attending Central School here in Lincoln. Ethel Welch, his eighth grade teacher, asked him to write the . . . — Map (db m105976) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — The Niebuhr Family of Theologians
The Niebuhr family, called “The Trapp Family of Theology” by Time magazine, produced four distinguished professors of Christian studies. In 1902, the Rev. Gustav and Lydia Niebuhr came to Lincoln, where he became pastor of St. John’s . . . — Map (db m105975) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — The William Maxwell Boyhood Home
William Maxwell (1908-2000), author and editor, lived in this home from 1910-1920. He often returned to this home and Lincoln in his novels and short stories. His Midwestern childhood, particularly his mother's death in the Spanish influenza . . . — Map (db m106025) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Soldiers and Sailors Monument
To Indiana's Silent Victors War with Mexico 1846 1847 1848 Indiana Regiments No's. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 4585 men Indian and British War 1811-1812 Battle of Tippecanoe Indians defeated Nov. 7, 1811 War of the Revolution Capture of . . . — Map (db m105767) WM
Kentucky (Breathitt County), Jackson — Korean War Memorial
Korean War 25 June 1950 - 27 May 1953 In honor of all Breathitt Countians who served in the Korean War era and especially those whose names are inscribed hereon who gave their lives to contain Communism and to preserve individual freedom in . . . — Map (db m105814) WM
Kentucky (Breathitt County), Jackson — World War I Memorial
World War I April 6, 1917- November 11, 1918 Dedicated to all Breathitt Countians who served “over there” in the “war to end all wars”. To all those who supported the war effort in any fashion and in memory of the . . . — Map (db m105815) WM
Kentucky (Carter County), Grayson — World War I Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of our comrades who entered the service of their country. Those who were wounded and those who gave up their lives in the World War of 1917-1918.

Sponsored by Moore-Armstrong Post No. 138, American Legion; Willie C. . . . — Map (db m105811) WM

Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — Cherokee "Trail of Tears"
By the early 1800's white settlers in present-day Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee wanted the Cherokee farms, especially after the discovery of gold on Cherokee land. In 1830 the U. S. Congress passed the Indian Removal Act; in 1835 three hundred . . . — Map (db m105690) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — Ted Poston "Dean of Black Journalists"
He covered major civil rights stories of his era and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1949. Poston received numerous other awards, including the George Polk Award in Journalism for national reporting. His book of short stories, The Dark Side . . . — Map (db m105693) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — The Cherokee A Civilized People
The Cherokee people once occupied much of the mid-Atlantic territory of North America. During the American Revolution they sided with the British against encroaching settlers and were forced to live in the mountains of Georgia, Tennessee, and North . . . — Map (db m105691) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — Whitepath and Fly Smith
Chief Whitepath served with Chief John Ross on the six-person Management Committee for Cherokee Removal and Subsistence, arranging for ration stops along the "Trail of Tears".

Cherokee Memorial Park in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, was one of the . . . — Map (db m105687) HM

Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — World War I Memorial1917 - 1919
Dedicated to the memory of those from Clark County who gave their lives in defense of humanity in the World War.

“As they served America in time of war, yielding their last full measure of devotion, may we serve America in time of . . . — Map (db m105904) WM

Kentucky (Marshall County), Hardin — 2320 — Cherokee State Park
Side 1 Proposed in 1946 & opened in 1951, the only state park in Kentucky developed for African Americans. Closed by 1964. after Gov. Combs 1963 Exec. Order ended segregation in public facilities. 300 acres, beach, rental cottages, kitchen . . . — Map (db m105930) HM
Kentucky (Marshall County), Hardin — 169 — Jackson Purchase
8,500 Sq.Mi. Area, former Tribal lands of Chickasaw Indians. U.S. paid $300,000 for tract in 1818 after negotiations by Gen. Andrew Jackson and Gov. Isaac Shelby. Bordered by Tenn., Ohio and Miss. Rivers. Now comprises KY's 8 and Tenn's 20 . . . — Map (db m105927) HM
Kentucky (Mercer County), Salvisa — 328 — Pioneer Teacher, 1779 / McAfee Station
Pioneer Teacher, 1779 John May, first teacher in school at McAfee Station, 1779. One of four Ky. Dist. delegates, 1781, to Va. House of Burgesses. First clerk of Supreme Court, Ky. Dist. and one of original trustees of Transylvania Seminary, . . . — Map (db m105541) HM
Louisiana (Avoyelles Parish), Big Bend — A Historic Landmark
Sarot Old Iron Bridge is the first bridge in Louisiana to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The State Review Committee for the National Register of Historic Places in Baton Rouge first considered the bridge on November 21, 1989 . . . — Map (db m105643) HM
Louisiana (Avoyelles Parish), Big Bend — Big Bend: Development of a Community
Big Bend is located along Louisiana State Highway 451, adjacent to Bayou des Glaises in a loop through northeastern Avoyelles Parish, between Hamburg and Moreauville. The community was settled in the 19th century by people of both French and . . . — Map (db m105604) HM
Louisiana (Avoyelles Parish), Big Bend — Sarto Old Iron Bridge
The Sarto Old Iron Bridge, built in 1916, is a steel truss bridge traversing Bayou des Glaises in the rural community of Big Bend. The Sarto Bridge is a pedestrian and vehicular bridge, one lane wide with a three part centered span mounted on a . . . — Map (db m105786) HM
Louisiana (Avoyelles Parish), Big Bend — What is the Sarto Bridge?
The Sarto Old Iron Bridge was built in response to flood problems in northeast Avoyelles Parish during the early part of the twentieth century. Frequent flooding between Bayou des Glaises and the Red River resulted in the need to evacuate people, . . . — Map (db m105599) HM
Louisiana (Avoyelles Parish), Simmesport — Veterans MemorialAll Gave Some. Some Gave All
VETERANS MEMORIAL All Gave Some. Some Gave All. — Map (db m105943) WM
Louisiana (Bossier Parish), Barksdale AFB — Dedicated to the 44th Bomb Group (H)The B-24 Flying Eightballs
14th Combat Wing - 8th Air Force - WWII Shipdham, England 7 Nov. 1942 - 25 May 1945 344 Combat Missions - 330 Enemy A/C Destroyed 8009 sorties delivered 18,980 tons of bombs with 153 A/C losses Two presidential unit citations: . . . — Map (db m105931) HM WM
Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — Federal Hospital
Pierce and Payne College building used for a Federal hospital to care for soldiers wounded in the Battle of Pleasant Hill was near here. — Map (db m105663) HM
Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — Headquarters Department of the Gulf / Headquarters Trans-Mississippi Dept.(U. S. A.) / Confederate States Army
Front Headquarters Department of the Gulf (U.S.A) Alexandria, LA., April 2, 1864 Maj. Gen. H.W. Halleck Headquarters of the Army Washington, D.C. General: — Our troops now occupy . . . — Map (db m105981) HM
Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — Pleasant Hill BattlefieldVillage of Pleasant Hill — Founded Here — April 1846
Pleasant Hill was occupied by Union armies on April 7, 1864 beginning 3 days of fighting which culminated in the largest battle of the Civil War west of the Mississippi River being fought in and around the village on April 9, . . . — Map (db m105983) HM
Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — The Battle of Pleasant HillRed River Campaign
Front On this 4 square miles in around the village of Pleasant Hill, approx. 15,000 Confederates under Maj. Gen. Richard Taylor attacked approx. 25,000 Union troops under Maj. Gen. N. P. Banks on April 9, 1864. That was the 3rd day of . . . — Map (db m105670) HM
Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — The Village of Pleasant Hill
Front The Village of Pleasant Hill was founded at this location just inside the DeSoto Parish in 1846. Pleasant Hill was a major road intersection with roads radiating to Mansfield, Natchitoches, Grand Ecore, Ft. Jessup, Many, Red River . . . — Map (db m105673) HM
Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — War for Southern IndependenceCivil War -- War of the Rebellion — Red River Campaign 1864
Front Battle for Shreveport The Confederate capital of Louisiana had been moved to Shreveport, also the headquarters of the Confederate Trans-Mississippi Department (All of the Confederacy west of the Mississippi River). The Red . . . — Map (db m105977) HM
Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — Welcome to Old Pleasant Hill
Front You are standing on the corner of Main and 1st Streets downtown. The stores and shops were mostly to your left and behind you along Main Street. Some were along 1st Street. About 150 feet to your left was 2nd Street etc. Houses . . . — Map (db m105979) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — Alan FanecaOffensive Guard
A dominating blocker, he was LSU's first Outland Trophy finalist and won the Jacobs Trophy as the SEC's best blocker. A 1997 All-American, he anchored an offensive line that led LSU to two SEC rushing titles. After his junior year he was picked by . . . — Map (db m106079) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — Albert RichardsonLinebacker
A leader on one of the most suffocating defensive units in school history in 1982, he was a big-play maker from his inside linebacker position. He once recorded 21 tackles in a single game. By the time he left LSU, he held school records for most . . . — Map (db m105879) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — Anthony McFarlandNoseguard
One of LSU's most outstanding and colorful linemen, he was named All-American and All-SEC as a senior in 1998. A four-year starter, he finished his career among LSU's career leaders in quarterback sacks with 17. A first round NFL draft pick by . . . — Map (db m106142) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — Chad KesslerPunter
He became the first player in college football history to average over 50.0 yards per punt for a full season. He was an All-SEC pick as a sophomore and he exploded onto the national scene his senior season as the country's top punter and earned . . . — Map (db m106120) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — David LaFleurTight End
punishing blocker and fine pass catcher, he helped lead a resurgence of LSU football in the 1990s. LSU's receptions leader as a senior, he was an All-American that year and was twice All-SEC. He was instrumental in LSU's place as top rushing team . . . — Map (db m106085) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — Eric MartinSplit End
A converted running back. at one time he held LSU records for season and career catches, yards in game and yards in a season. He was second in the nation in kickoff returns as a freshman, including a 100-yarder for a TD against Kentucky. He was a . . . — Map (db m105995) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — Greg JacksonSafety
A vital cog in LSU's SEC title in 1988, he led the nation in interception return yardage that year. After tying the NCAA record with a 100-yard return vs. Mississippi State, he later added a 71-yard TD return against Tulane. An All-American and . . . — Map (db m106037) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — Joe "Nacho" AlbergamoCenter
He was LSU's most decorated player in 1987 for his efforts on and off the field. He teamed with Eric Andolsek to anchor a fearsome Tiger offensive line that paved the way for a school record 4,843 offensive yards. Also an excellent student, he was . . . — Map (db m106000) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — Kevin FaulkAll-Purpose
LSU's all-time leading rusher, he led the SEC in all-purpose yards as a sophomore, earning All-American honors. He was a consensus three-time All-SEC pick. Among the all-time leading rushers in SEC history, he led the SEC in rushing in both his . . . — Map (db m106038) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — Lance SmithOffensive Tackle
An immediate impact player when he arrived at LSU, he earned Freshman All-SEC honors in 1981. His strength was his greatest asset as he was a key blocker for three-time All-SEC back Dalton Hilliard and he earned All-American honors in 1984. A third . . . — Map (db m105997) HM

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