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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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The Macdonald Cartier Freeway Marker image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., March 17, 2018
The Macdonald Cartier Freeway Marker
Ontario (Leeds & Grenville Counties), Mallorytown — The Macdonald Cartier Freeway

This plaque commemorates the completion of the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway (Highway 401), the longest freeway operated without tolls by a single highway authority in North America.

Covering 510 miles between Windsor on the United States . . . — Map (db m115171) HM

Ontario, Ottawa — Home Children / Les Petits Émigrés

Beginning in 1869, British charitable societies removed children from slums and orphanages in congested industrial cities and brought them to Canada to serve as cheap farm and domestic labour. "Homes" were set up across the country to house the . . . — Map (db m115194) HM

Ontario, Ottawa — Maplelawn1831 - 1834

An excellent example of a country house in the British classical tradition, this handsomely proportioned limestone building is one of the earliest residences in the Ottawa area and a reminder of the estates which once lined Richmond Road. Built . . . — Map (db m115182) HM

Ontario, Ottawa — Maplelawn

This elegant residence and its walled garden are a rare and well-preserved example of a country estate in early 19th-century Canada. Built from 1831 to 1834 for William Thomson, a prosperous farmer, its centrepiece is this finely crafted home . . . — Map (db m115185) HM

Ontario, Ottawa — Maplelawn Oak Trees

A row of oak trees was planted on May 17, 1999, next to historic Maplelawn.

These trees represent the high regard in which the community holds this place in their neighbourhood.

The trees were planted in partnership with the . . . — Map (db m115193) HM

Ontario, Ottawa — Nepean Town Hall / Mairie de Nepean1896

The eastern portion of Nepean Township was annexed to Ottawa in 1950. This hall continued to serve Nepean Township until 1966.

La partie est du canton de Nepean a été annexée à Ottawa en 1950. Le canton de Nepean a continué à utiliser cette . . . — Map (db m115187) HM

Ontario, Ottawa — Westboro War MemorialLest We Forget

World War I 1914 - 1918

World War II 1939 - 1945

Korea 1950 - 1952

If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders fields When you go home Tell them of us and say For your . . . — Map (db m115192) WM

Guatemala, Guatemala (Municipality of Guatemala), Guatemala City — Assassination of Manuel Colom Argueta
Manuel Colom Argueta Aqui cayo asesinado quien fuera esperanza del guatemalteco que su ejemplo sirva de cimiento para formar hombres justos y libres Frente Unido de la Revolucion Guatemala 22/3/81 English . . . — Map (db m115183) HM
Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of Salamanca), Salamanca — Hacienda of the Cañada de Ortega Sanctuary
Hacienda Santuario Cañada de OrtegaConjunto arquitectónico que fue construido entre los siglos XVIII y XIX en la ribera sur del Río Ortega. El edificio era ocupado para llevar a cabo retiros espirituales y otras actividades . . . — Map (db m115026) HM
Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of Salamanca), Salamanca — The Lord of the Hospital
Señor del HospitalLa construcción de este edificio religioso comenzó a edificarse en el año de 1888, de ahí que el estilo es neoclásico tardío, cuenta con varios elementos que lo ornamentan. Además con ciertas características propias . . . — Map (db m114967) HM
Turkey, Izmir Province (Selçuk District), Selçuk — Ancient Ephesos
English Text: (1) Magnesian Gate (2) East Gymnasium (3) State Agora (4) Temple of Hadrian (5) Terrace House 2 (6) Celsus Library (7) Tetragonos Agora ][ Commercial Market (8) Serapeion (9) Great . . . — Map (db m114980) HM
Turkey, Izmir Province (Selçuk District), Selçuk — Baths at the 'State Agora'
English Text: The Roman bathing facility should be located at the site of an earlier, Hellenistic gymnasium. Four bathing rooms at the northern side were partly hewn out of the bedrock. The caldarium (hot room) lying to the west . . . — Map (db m114998) HM
Turkey, Izmir Province (Selçuk District), Selçuk — Byzantine Ephesos4th - 14th century A.D.
English Text: Ephesos retained its position as the seat of the provincial governor (proconsul Asiae) and thus also as a political and economic centre even after the new organization of the Roman Empire by Diocletian (284-305). . . . — Map (db m114972) HM
Turkey, Izmir Province (Selçuk District), Selçuk — Temple on the 'State Agora'
English Text: In the western part of the 'State Agora' there is a peripteral temple on a 23 x 15 m podium with 6 x 10 columns and additional columns at the front. Most probably this temple was erected at the time of Emperor Augustus or . . . — Map (db m115009) HM
Turkey, Izmir Province (Selçuk District), Selçuk — The 'Heracles Gate'
English Text: The so-called Heracles Gate bordered the Curetes Street to the east. Its present appearance derives from late antique adaptations, and the appearance of the imperial gateway cannot be reconstructed anymore. Both pillars, . . . — Map (db m115080) HM
Alabama (Cherokee County), Cedar Bluff — Indian Village of Costa
This general area is believed to be the site of the Indian village of Costa visited by DeSoto July 2, 1540. The very old cedar trees may have been here at that time. They are some of the largest in the Southeast. These cedars are among the . . . — Map (db m114988) HM
Alabama (Cherokee County), Centre — Turkey Town Council Site
One mile south was an important Indian Council site from about 1707. Named for noted chief, the "Turkey". Here in October 1816, a council of Cherokees, Creeks, and Chickasaws met to settle boundaries and ratify a peace treaty. General Andrew . . . — Map (db m114989) HM
Alabama (Cherokee County), Spring Garden — Rock Run Furnace
Put into blast on June 1, 1874, the furnace would change ownership two times prior to being purchased by the Bass Foundry and Machine Co. of Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1880. A rail spur was built from the furnace to Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad at . . . — Map (db m114842) HM
Alabama (Cherokee County), Spring Garden — Spring Garden
Was originally named Ambersonville after one of the early families that settled the community. A post office was established in 1842 as Liberty and changed to Spring Garden in 1844. The Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad began rail service through the . . . — Map (db m114959) HM
Alabama (Crenshaw County), Dozier — Daniel Dozier(August 15, 1805-November 4, 1878)
Born in South Carolina and orphaned as a young child, Daniel Dozier arrived in Alabama around 1817. As an adult, he operated a large farm and grist mill and served as minister for several area churches. He was a moderator and leader in the . . . — Map (db m115007) HM
Alabama (Dale County), Newton — Newton Confederate Memorial
In memory of Confederate Veterans and Home Guards in the defense of the Town of Newton, Alabama, near the close of the War Between the States. — Map (db m115010) WM
Alabama (Dale County), Newton — The Hanging of Bill Sketoe
Near this site on Dec. 3, 1864 Bill Sketoe, a Methodist minister was hanged by Newton Home Guards who thought that he was a traitor to the Confederacy. In truth, Mr. Sketoe had served 3 years in the Confederate army and had come home on leave . . . — Map (db m115011) HM
Alabama (Dale County), Pinckard — The Mack M. Matthews School
Front The original part of this building was home to one of the oldest African American schools in Dale County. In 1949 on this site, the new building for the Pinckard Colored School was constructed and Mack M. Matthews became its . . . — Map (db m115029) HM
Alabama (Houston County), Columbia — Columbia CemeteryHouston County
Front The Columbia Cemetery was started in the 1830s on land given by Rev. Edmund Talbot. It postdates the abandoned Omussee Creek Church Cemetery located a mile SW of here. A "public Meeting house," which served as the Columbia . . . — Map (db m115031) HM
Alabama (Houston County), Columbia — Omussee Creek Mound and Mississippian Period Societies — Creek Heritage Trail
Near where you stand lies Omussee Creek Mound, the southernmost platform mound along the Chattahoochee River, occupied approximately 1300 to 1550 A.D. as part of an important Native American settlement. This region of southeastern Alabama and . . . — Map (db m115032) HM
Alabama (Houston County), Columbia — Omussee Creek Mound and the Ancestors of the Creeks — Creek Heritage Trail
We do not know the exact date that residents of the community of which Omussee Creek Mound was a part abandoned the mound, but by around 1550 it was definitely in decline. Many believe this may have been part of a broader, regional depopulation due . . . — Map (db m115034) HM
Alabama (Houston County), Columbia — The Chacato People — Creek Heritage Trail
The original builders of the Omussee Creek mound had abandoned the site by around 1550, but the area continued to be occupied by Native American groups well into the early nineteenth century. As early as the 1630s, Spanish missionaries from . . . — Map (db m115037) HM
Alabama (Houston County), Dothan — Dothan Dixie StandpipeHouston County
One hundred feet tall and sixteen feet in diameter, this structure embodies the significance of "pure and plentiful" water resulting in the city's early growth and development as the hub of the Wiregrass region. Through the careful stewardship of . . . — Map (db m115022) HM
Alabama (Houston County), Dothan — Dothan Municipal Light and Water Plant
Municipal Light & Water Plant has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 1991 — Map (db m115030) HM
Alabama (Pike County), Troy — Tuskegee Army Air Field HangarPike County
The first African-American pilots in U. S. military history utilized this hangar, located originally at Tuskegee Army Air Field. Built by Nashville contractors McKissack and McKissack, the base was the first major Army Air Forces base . . . — Map (db m115025) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Mission Hills — 157 — San Fernando Mission
Founded in 1797 by Father Fermin Francisco Lasuen We honor those men of faith, courage and vision who guided the founding of the mission and also those who have preserved it for posterity. — Map (db m114713) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Stevenson Ranch — 516 — First Commercial Oil Well In CaliforniaPico #4
On this site stands CSO-4 (Pico #4), California's first commerically productive well. It was spudded in early 1876, under the direction of Demetrius G. Scofield, later to become first president of Standard Oil Company of California, and was . . . — Map (db m114496) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Spencer Hoofed Animal Complex
This complex of hoofed animal exhibits is dedicated in memory of Anthony A. “Hank” Spencer Zoo Superintendent – 1942 – 1972 “Hank’s” dedication to the Sacramento Zoo provided numerous . . . — Map (db m113463) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — 1 — Casa Grande
Built in 1854 of adobe, brick and wood. Residence of mine's manager until 1925. Most gracious and stately California mansion of the early days. Scene of important social & political events, planned by Henry W. Halleck & built by J. Young & F. Meyer. . . . — Map (db m114955) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — 6 — Hacienda Cemetery
On the east bank of Los Alamitos Creek, with graves dating back to the 1800s, lies the final resting place for Quicksilver Miners and their families. A wooden marker notes the burial site of Richard Bertram Barrett's arm, lost in a hunting accident . . . — Map (db m114985) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — 4 — Hacienda Hotel
Built after the tragic 1875 fire destroyed the original 1848 Adobe Hotel. First two-story hotel in California. Used by the Almaden Quicksilver Mining Co. for unmarried employees & to house visitors to mining settlement. Remodeled into the Café Del . . . — Map (db m114981) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — 9 — Hacienda School
At the corner of Alameda Road at Bertram, sat the first Hacienda Schoolhouse built in the 1850s by mine owner Barron Forbes Co. to educate miners' and neighboring ranchers' children. About 85 students attended grades 1-8. In 1914, a second adjacent . . . — Map (db m114956) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — 8 — Helping Hand Hall
Built in 1886 by Giles McDougal as social meeting place for miners & families. Included game room, kitchen, library & dance hall with stage patterned after San Francisco's Tivoli Theater. Upstairs rooms use for Hacienda visitors; in summer, arts & . . . — Map (db m114982) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — 5 — New Almaden Community Club
New Almaden, first mining town in California, founded 1845. Community Club House built in 1950s on land and with materials donated by the community, under directions of Nathaniel Gross. The Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the . . . — Map (db m114983) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — 7 — Saint Anthony Catholic Church
Built in 1899, Mrs. Guadalupe Madero was concerned over the safety of her son, Antonio, away at the Spanish-American War. As a favor upon his safe return, she helped direct community funds & labor to construct Saint Anthony Church. — Map (db m114984) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — 3 — Site of First Mining Operation in California
Here in Los Alamitos Creek in 1824, Luis Chabolla & Antonio Sunol first worked New Almaden ore in an arrastra & sluice. — Map (db m114968) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — 2 — Site of Reduction Works
Established in 1846, the Scott Furnace introduced here in 1874 revolutionized the quicksilver industry. Mine office located in 1850 in existing adobe building. Telephone installed 1878. Electric lights in 1890. — Map (db m114957) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — 2014 — The Rossi Retort
This two-tube inclined retort, known as a "Rossi Retort," was named for Louis Rossi who came to New Almaden in the 1920s and built a reduction plant based on his patented design. This style of retort allowed rapid recovery of valuable mercury from . . . — Map (db m114954) HM
California (Ventura County), Santa Paula — 756 — Sycamore Tree
In 1846 General John C. Fremont passed this site of the sycamore tree on his way to sign a treaty with General Andres Pico to secure California for future annexation to the United States. It served the Padres as a resting place; the community as a . . . — Map (db m114949) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Mystic — Mystic River Bascule BridgeBuilt 1922 — Operated by the Connecticut Department of Transportation
Power to raise the bridge comes from electric motors, which drive the large “Bull Wheels” connected with Linkage arms to the two plate girders which make up the lift span. The huge concrete weights at the ends of the overhead rocking . . . — Map (db m114881) HM
Connecticut (New London County), New London — New London
New London was founded in 1646 by John Winthrop, the younger, who chose this shore-ringed "plantation” for its excellent harbor. This land, with its great natural assets, attracted men of hardihood and valor and became one of the . . . — Map (db m114908) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Uncasville — Montville
(side 1) This area was long the home of the Mohegan Indians, by settlement before the Colonial period, and by reservation until more recent years. Prominent Indian sachems were Owaneco and his father Uncas, who defeated the chief . . . — Map (db m114904) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — A Sustainable VisionThe George Washington University
[Left panel:] Vision and Mission for Sustainability at GW The George Washington University envisions a future with resource systems that are healthy and thriving for all. In efforts to enhance our campus, our nation's . . . — Map (db m115041) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Anniversary ParkThe George Washington University — Washington D.C.
Established on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Charter of The George Washington University by President James Monroe on February 9, 1821 in honor of all who have and all who will contribute to the continued growth and . . . — Map (db m115024) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — At GW, Being Bright Comes Naturally
Did you know that the George Washington University gets 50% of its electricity from solar energy? The Capital Partners Solar Project allows GW, GW University Hospital, and American University to source renewable energy from a solar farm . . . — Map (db m115019) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Carol Brown Goldberg
EdW, 2012 Painted Bronze 85-1/2" x 44" Gift of Anonymous Donor, 2012 George Washington University Permanent Collection, courtesy Luther W. Brady Art Gallery EdW is named in homage to the book The Hare with Amber . . . — Map (db m114963) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Cordell Hull1871-1955
[Front of marker:] Cordell Hull 1981-1955 "Let each American nation vie with the other in the practice of the policy of the good neighbor" "Peace must be our passion" [Back of marker:] Cordell . . . — Map (db m114938) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Eloy Alfaro
Eloy Alfaro Presidente del Ecuador 1842-1912 Ilustre Americanista Adalid de las Libertades Publicas y Defensor de los Derechos Civiles Left side: La Embajada del Ecuador y la Misión ante la OEA . . . — Map (db m114939) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Foon ShamDuctile, 2015
Foon Sham Ductile, 2015 Built from 876 pieces of wood, Ductile evokes water-collecting vessels to symbolize the functions of the rain garden to collect, hold, and filter excess rain water. Commissioned by the Golden . . . — Map (db m114962) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Free Mandela
The George Washington University Washington DC This call to set free the imprisoned South African leader Nelson Mandela is symbolic of our students' traditional commitment to racial justice. Inscribed during the . . . — Map (db m115017) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Gabriela Mistral
. . . — Map (db m114936) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Inuksuk
English: An Inuksuk is a northern stone land marker used by the Inuit for navigation, communication and to mark hunting and fishing grounds; it symbolizes the traditional Inuit way of life. Canada presented the Inuksuk to the . . . — Map (db m114937) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — John A. Wilson, D.P.S. '921943-1993
"You are the trustees of the planet. Cherish it, love it—it is all we have." The George Washington University Commencement February 16, 1992 This park was established to honor the memory of John A. . . . — Map (db m114964) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — José Cecilio del Valle
. . . — Map (db m114941) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Liberty Baptist Church
In commemoration of Liberty Baptist Church which occupied a building on this site between 1915 and 1960. Formed as an African-American congregation in 1869, the Liberty Baptist Church was originally located at 18 and E Streets, NW, before moving . . . — Map (db m115044) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Marta Minujín
Marta Minujín b.1943 Argentina Septiembre, 1990 Welded Iron, Aluminum Mesh, and Outdoor Paint 158 x 34 x 11" OAS AMA | Art Museum of the Americas Collection Gift of the Government of Argentina . . . — Map (db m114942) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Pablo Neruda
. . . — Map (db m114935) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Remembering Dr. Dorothy HeightA Model of Public Service — 1912-2010
She loved herself some hats. So when she was surprised with a beautiful, ornately decorated purple hat at an event at the Anacostia Community Museum last fall, Dorothy Height's face lit up like a Christmas Tree, and the gathering gave her a . . . — Map (db m115023) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Sheen Hok Gate"Learning and Using in the Proper Way"
August 8, 2002 Dedicated in honor of the Philanthropic efforts of Louis S.C. and Alice T.H.W. Chiu, J.P. Of Hong Kong, China Recipients of The President's Medal, 2001 Founders, The Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation Serving the Elderly, . . . — Map (db m114966) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — The George Washington Universityhonors the memory of those alumni lost — in the tragedies of September 11, 2001
[Left side of plaque:] The George Washington University honors the memory of those alumni lost in the tragedies of September 11, 2001 Sara M. Clark (CCAS, MA '75) Andrew K. Friedman (CCAS, BA '80) Melissa M. Harrington . . . — Map (db m115040) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Veterans Memorial Park
Provided through the generosity of Mark R. Shenkman, GWSB MBA '67, First Lieutenant, US Army — Map (db m115016) WM
District of Columbia (Washington), Kingman Park — In Memory of Eastern High School Alumni
In Memory of Eastern High School Alumni Who Died For Humanity Spanish American War World War — Map (db m114912) WM
Florida (Palm Beach County), Belle Glade — Belle Glade 1928
This statue is to honor the early Glades pioneers and the more than two thousand persons who lost their lives in the disastrous 1928 hurricane.

Belle Glade Centennial Committee May 31, 1976 — Map (db m114849) HM

Florida (Palm Beach County), Belle Glade — Everglades Research
The Everglades Experiment Station was established on this site in 1921 to help families deal with the challenges of living and working in the area. Soil nutrient deficiencies and two major hurricanes in 1926 and 1928 hindered early research. UF . . . — Map (db m114917) HM
Florida (Palm Beach County), Boca Raton — The Sanborn Wall
On this spot in June 1942, spies from German U-boats landed and occupied Dr. William Sanford’s home built on this site in 1937. The subs, deployed during WWII as part of Hitler’s Operation Drumbeat, torpedoed tankers and freighters traveling the . . . — Map (db m114951) HM
Florida (Volusia County), Ponce Inlet — South Atlantic Avenue
This small stretch of roadway was once part of the original Atlantic Avenue, which was the southbound portion of the famous Ponce Inlet beach road course. The National Association of Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) was formed in 1948 and sanctioned . . . — Map (db m115190) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — All Work and No Play
With only drive and ambition, Frank Henry Goodyear rose from a $35-per-month bookkeeper to the head of a vast lumber, coal, iron, and railroad empire. Far from viewing Jekyll Island as a place to escape the stresses of business, Goodyear . . . — Map (db m115045) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — Brunswick Across the Sound
Gateway and supplier to Jekyll Island was the busy port of Brunswick. Located at the mouth of the East River and accessible to even the largest ocean-going vessels, its docks and warehouses were laden with cargo. Railways eager to . . . — Map (db m115057) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — Fairbank Cottage SiteThe Most Desirable Site
The brick outline that you see in front of you marks the former Location of Fairbank Cottage. When Chicago manufacturer Nathaniel Kellogg Fairbank purchased the lot in 1889, he was excited about the possibilities of his new cottage. Fairbank . . . — Map (db m115046) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — Morgan Tennis CourtTennis, anyone?
By 1905, tennis was gaining popularity on the island over hunting. Robert Pruyn, chairman of the committee on golf and sports, said, "For two years, tennis has been the most popular outdoor sport," and requested additional courts to be . . . — Map (db m115049) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — Preserving the Legacy
Chartered by the State of Georgia to be trustworthy stewards of the island, the Jekyll Island Authority has been very active in the preservation of the National Historic Landmark District. The rehabilitation of Crane Cottage and Cherokee in . . . — Map (db m115050) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — The ClubhouseEvolution of Elegance
The Executive Committee hired architect Charles Alexander to design the Clubhouse. He designed the building in a Queen Anne style that complemented the natural beauty of the island and emphasized the rustic simplicity that the Jekyll Island Club . . . — Map (db m115048) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — What Was Here Before?
Great Dunes Park is named for the historic Great Dunes Golf Course, designed by Walter Travis. Travis was considered the most successful amateur golfer in the United States during the 1900s and 1910s. The golf course was an 18-hole course placed . . . — Map (db m115154) HM
Georgia (Lowndes County), Hahira — 92-2 — Mary Turner and the Lynching Rampage of 1918
Near this site on May 19, 1918, twenty-one year old Mary Turner, eight months pregnant, was burned, mutilated, and shot to death by a local mob after publicly denouncing her husband’s lynching the previous day. In the days immediately following the . . . — Map (db m114978) HM
Kentucky (Jefferson County), Louisville — Anne M. Braden(1924-2006)
Journalist and nationally known civil rights activist, Anne Braden was a key leader in the struggle for racial justice from the 1950s until her death. Although she and her husband, Carl, were once considered the most hated couple in Louisville, she . . . — Map (db m114970) HM
Kentucky (Jefferson County), Louisville — Dr. Charles Henry Parrish, Jr.(1899-1989)
Scholar and educator, Dr. Parrish joined the faculty of Simmons University in 1921 and moved to Louisville Municipal College, the black branch of the University of Louisville, in 1931. In 1951, when the University of Louisville desegregated and . . . — Map (db m114910) HM
Kentucky (Jefferson County), Louisville — Dr. Eleanor Young Love(1922-2006)
Scholar and educator, Dr. Love became the first black librarian at the University of Kentucky in 1955 and, a decade later, became the first director of Project Upward Bound and an assistant dean at the University of Louisville. A faculty member in . . . — Map (db m114913) HM
Kentucky (Jefferson County), Louisville — Dr. J. Blaine Hudson, Jr.(September 8, 1949-January 5, 2013)
Author and historian, Dr. Hudson served as Chair of the Department of Pan-African Studies and in 2005 became permanent Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Hudson was a scholar in global African ancestry, inter-cultural education, . . . — Map (db m114934) HM
Kentucky (Jefferson County), Louisville — Dr. Joseph H. McMillan, Sr(1929-2010)
Scholar, educator and activist, Dr. McMillan graduated from the University of Louisville in 1950. After a successful career as a public school educator in Michigan, Dr. McMillan returned to the University in 1976 as an assistant provost, professor . . . — Map (db m115018) HM
Kentucky (Jefferson County), Louisville — Dr. Rufus E. Clement(1900-1967)
Scholar and educator, Dr. Clement served as the first dean of Louisville Municipal College, the segregated branch of the University of Louisville, from 1931 to 1937. Under his leadership, Municipal attracted an extremely strong faculty and soon . . . — Map (db m115014) HM
Kentucky (Jefferson County), Louisville — Wilson W. Wyatt, Sr.(1905-1996)
Former mayor of Louisville and lieutenant governor of Kentucky, Wyatt also served as a member of the University of Louisville Board of Trustees and made the first motion to desegregate the University in 1949 — Map (db m114911) HM
Kentucky (Jefferson County), Louisville — Woodford R. Porter, Sr.(1918-2006)
Businessman and civil rights leader, Mr. Porter served twenty-four years on the board of trustees at the University of Louisville, four terms as chairman and helped guide the University into the state system of higher education. A firm believer that . . . — Map (db m114950) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — "The Mother of All Battles Has Begun!"- Saddam Hussein, January 17, 1991
As U.S.-led coalition forces began to unleash a ferocious air war on Iraq with Operation Desert Storm, Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein took to state radio, telling his people "the great duel, the mother of all battles has begun...the dawn of victory . . . — Map (db m115062) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — A View From The Trenches: A Doughboy From Donaldsonville Writes Home
A young resident of Donaldsonville named Private Bennett J. Babin wrote the following letters while serving in the trenches in France in 1918. The first was written to G.D. Bentley, the editor of The Donaldsonville Chief, a weekly newspaper serving . . . — Map (db m115002) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — Civil WarWestern Theater Of War
Union efforts in the western theater of the war centered on seizing control of the many rivers and streams that pierced the Southern heartland. Employing ironclad warships capable of destroying the South's outdated masonry forts, Union forces . . . — Map (db m114997) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — Civil WarEastern Theatre Of War
Many of the most climactic and large scale battles occurred in the eastern theatre of the war, primarily Virginia. With the capital cities of both North and South in perilous proximity of one another, much of the fighting in the east naturally . . . — Map (db m114999) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — In War There Is No Substitute for VictoryGeneral Douglas MacArthur
During the first year of the Korean War, President Harry Truman and General Douglas MacArthur, the man Truman put in charge, started to have fundamental disagreements about the methods and overall purpose of the war. MacArthur came to believe that . . . — Map (db m114991) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Civil War1861-1865
Background Throughout the antebellum period, the Northern and the Southern United States developed divergent economies as the North industrialized and commercialized while the South's mild climate and extended growing season allowed it to . . . — Map (db m115035) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Korean War
Panel 1 The Korean War (June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953) erupted in 1950 when the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) invaded the Republic of Korea (South Korea). What started as a civil war quickly turned into a matter of . . . — Map (db m115122) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Persian Gulf WarAugust 2, 1990-February 28, 1991
Panel 1

At the stroke of midnight on August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops blasted across the border of their tiny oil-rich neighbor to the south in Kuwait in order to occupy and annex the small sheikdom and gain control of its ample oil reserves. . . . — Map (db m115151) HM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Vietnam War1954-1975
Panel 1

Much like the Korean War before it, the Vietnam War started as a civil war in Asia, but quickly evolved into an international matter because it became yet another manifestation of the Cold War. By 1954, a communist regime . . . — Map (db m115153) WM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — World War IThe Great War — 1914-1918
Panel 1 Background

World War I, also known as the Great War, was a global clash between most of the world's great powers from 1914 to 1918. The participating nations divided themselves into two camps. On one side, Austria-Hungary, Germany, . . . — Map (db m115036) HM

Louisiana (Jefferson Parish), Kenner — Douglas A-4 Skyhawk
A main weapon used by the U.S. Navy and Marines during the Vietnam War. This lightweight attack plane broke the speed record at the time at 695 mph, and was in continuous production for 25 years, more than any other warplane. — Map (db m115039) HM
Louisiana (Jefferson Parish), Kenner — F14 Tomcat
A supersonic, twin engine fighter plane, was introduced in 1977 and was designed for reconnaissance and fleet defense of U.S. Navy carriers and equipped with air-to-ground ordinance and air-to-air missiles. — Map (db m115061)
Louisiana (Jefferson Parish), Kenner — Purple Heart
Awarded to combat wounded veterans by the United States government, and founded by General George Washington on August 1, 1782. There is no exclusion by war or branch of service. The common bond is that they have given their own blood for . . . — Map (db m115038) HM WM
Louisiana (Saint Mary Parish), Charenton — Bayou TecheSovereign Nation of the Chitimacha — Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail
According to Chitimacha legend, the imprint of a giant dying snake was left in the soil, and later became the twisty Bayou Teche as it filled in with water.

No one knows exactly how the 125-mile Bayou Teche got its name, but according to one . . . — Map (db m115150) HM

Louisiana (Saint Mary Parish), Franklin — Bayou TecheSoutheast Louisiana Refuges Complex
Overview Bayou Teche is the only National Wildlife Refuge established with the specific mission of protecting and managing a population of bears. Its 9,028 acres preserve habitat for the Louisiana black bear, a federally threatened subspecies of . . . — Map (db m115142)
Louisiana (Saint Mary Parish), Franklin — Bayou TecheBayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge — Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail
The diverse land along the Bayou Teche provides critical habitat for numerous native species, including the elusive Louisiana black bear.

Bayou Teche is one of the most important bayous in south Louisiana. A former channel of the . . . — Map (db m115184) HM

Louisiana (Terrebonne Parish), Chauvin — Bayou Petit CaillouMarguerite Moffett Audubon Sanctuary — Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail
Bald cypress swamps and freshwater marshes once thrived here, but natural and man-made changes to the hydrology eventually allowed salt water to begin encroaching into these delicate coastal bayous. Today they are tidal arms of the Gulf of . . . — Map (db m115136) HM
Louisiana (Terrebonne Parish), Houma — Terrebonne BasinMandalay National Wildlife Refuge Nature Trail — Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail
The southern part of the Terrebonne Basin faces many challenges, including substantial subsidence, coastal erosion, marsh loss from sediment and saltwater intrusion.

The Terrebonne Basin is part of the Lafourche Delta that formed between 800 . . . — Map (db m115138) HM

Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Bay Workboats
Over the past 400 years, distinctive types of boats were developed for seafood harvesting and shipping on the Bay. Native Americans made the first dugout canoe from a hollowed-out log. The earliest English boat builders, called . . . — Map (db m114883) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Cap'n Herbie SadlerThe Legacy of an Eastport Waterman
Herbert Edgar Sadler was born to a waterman's family in 1902. He began learning the trade at the age of 12, earning a penny for each fish he cleaned for a local seafood vendor. His experience led to a life's work on the water. Cap'n Sadler . . . — Map (db m114874) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Classes of 1958 and 1959 Memorial Plaza
This plaza was presented by the Classes of 1958 and 1959 in memory of their classmates who gave their lives in the service of their country — Map (db m114855) WM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Draketail Peg WallaceAnnapolis Maritime Museum
The draketail vessel made its appearance on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay in the early 1900s. The name "draketail" came from the appearance of its stern which resembles the aft end of a duck. The draketail was the first power-driven workboat . . . — Map (db m114872) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Harvesting the Bay
Methods of harvesting oysters and crabs on the Chesapeake Bay have changed very little over the years. The internal combustion engine, invented at the end of the 19th century, eventually displaced sails on workboats. The addition of . . . — Map (db m114885) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Skipjack Lydia DAnnapolis Maritime Museum
The Lydia D is a replica model of a skipjack which made its appearance on the Chesapeake Bay in the late 1800s. The skipjack, with its shallow draft and centerboard, was used primarily to dredge for oysters. The skipjack design was so . . . — Map (db m114873) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapols — Deadrise Defined
Little HES is a classic example of a Chesapeake Bay "deadrise", built for fishing and crabbing in the summer and oystering in the winter. The term "deadrise" refers to the underwater shape of a hull. Little HES has a sharp vee-entry . . . — Map (db m114886) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Davidsonville — Watkins Slave Cemetery
At this site, anonymously buried slaves were found during road construction in 1960. These unclaimed individuals were associated with the Locust Grove plantation founded by 1848. The remains were reburied at Mt. Tabor Church in nearby Chesterfield. . . . — Map (db m114877) HM
Maryland (Dorchester County), Madison — Gethsemane Methodist Protestant Church
Founded 1840 at “Tobacco Stick” Gethsemane was first pastored by Dr. E.F. Ewell in a country Schoolhouse, then in a converted barn. The final building was purchased in 1860, rebuilt in 1892 and razed in 1986. — Map (db m114977) HM
Maryland (Dorchester County), Taylors Island — Chapel of Ease
This building was constructed sometime between 1707 and 1720 as a Chapel of Ease for members of Dorchester Parish who lived too far away from their parish church; Old Trinity Episcopal Church in Church Creek, MD, to conveniently attend services. . . . — Map (db m114987) HM
Maryland (Dorchester County), Taylors Island — Grace Episcopal Church
Built in 1873 a cost of $3,500, Grace Episcopal Church was constructed as a replacement for the Chapel of Ease, now located next door to the Church, and was a part of the Dorchester Parish of the Episcopal Church. Its parent church was Old Trinity . . . — Map (db m114986) HM
Maryland (Dorchester County), Taylors Island — Old Schoolhouse
This building is believed to be the first schoolhouse in Dorchester County. Built in 1785, prior to the establishment of a public school system, it was originally located on the north end of Taylors Island on the road to James Island. It was . . . — Map (db m115033) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Silver Spring — Luther Rice1783 • 1836
The Royal Ambassadors of the Southern Baptist Convention made possible this memorial by their gifts and dedicated it to the memory of Luther Rice on August 14, 1963 during the Third National • Royal Ambassador Congress • . . . — Map (db m114892) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Silver Spring — Rice The Educator
Luther Rice always considered himself primarily a missionary; his all-encompassing concern was missions; his persistent purpose was to facilitate mission advance. Only against this background of mission dedication was he an educator. For him . . . — Map (db m114894) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Silver Spring — Rice The Journalist
The entry of Luther Rice into the field of journalism was not based upon his love of writing or his desire to be an editor. Rather, it was an outgrowth of his complete devotion to the missionary outreach of Baptists. Rice had himself experienced . . . — Map (db m114895) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Silver Spring — Rice The Missionary
Luther Rice was one of the first foreign missionaries from the United States. Along with Adoniram Judson and three others, he was ordained a Congregationalist missionary in 1812. In India he and the Judsons accepted the Baptist view of Baptism, . . . — Map (db m114888) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Silver Spring — Rice The Organizer
Luther Rice has been described as a denominational statesman. His critics--and they were many--would probably have labeled him a "Baptist politician"! Rice had the traits both of the polished diplomat and the grass-roots office seeker. He was . . . — Map (db m114891) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Airmail
In May 1918, the first U.S. Airmail was inaugurated using Army pilots and planes. Three months later, the Post Office Department took over the operations and started the first postal airmail service from College Park on August 12, 1918. Max Miller . . . — Map (db m115073) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Army Aviation School
The first Army Aviation School set up operations at the airfield in 1911, with 5 new aeroplanes (2 Wrights, 2 Curtiss, 1 Burgess-Wright) and 4 hangars adjacent to the road. Several of the civilian hangars had to be relocated to be in line with . . . — Map (db m115071) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Cory HouseCity of College Park
The Cory House, built in 1891, was one of the first houses built in the 1889 Johnson and Curriden's subdivision of College Park. A rear addition was built in 1925. The structure is a two-and-a-half story frame house with well-defined pediments and . . . — Map (db m115077) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — General Aviation
In 1910, civilian aviator and inventor Rex Smith came to the airfield. He started the Rex Smith Aeroplane Company and built a hangar on the field. In 1911, they were joined by the National Aeroplane Company (NACO), which was formed to give . . . — Map (db m115072) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Graham CrackerCity of College Park
Built circa 1963, the Graham Cracker is a group of seven sorority buildings constructed on the block bounded by Knox Road, Princeton Avenue, College Avenue, and Yale Avenue with a common landscaped courtyard and parking in the center. These . . . — Map (db m115082) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Harrison Store/Trolley Stop Sweet ShopCity of College Park
These two structures, built circa 1910 in the Colonial Revival style, represent the first commercial resources in the neighborhood. Both buildings were apartments with ground floor commercial space. The store drew its customers from riders of the . . . — Map (db m115078) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Holbrook HouseCity of College Park
The Holbrook House was built in 1927. It is a two-story, stucco-covered frame dwelling in the Spanish Mission style with a hip roof, decorative-shaped parapets, projecting bays and an open porch. It is an excellent example of a mail-order house . . . — Map (db m115081) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — McDonnell HouseCity of College Park
The McDonnell House was built in 1896 by Henry B. McDonnell as a 2½-story, cross-gabled frame house with wraparound porch, ornamental gable shingles and slate roof. It is a good example of simplified Queen Anne-style domestic architecture. A . . . — Map (db m115076) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Michael SingerHealing Garden, 2002 — Granite, Concrete, Bronze, Vegetation, Water Soil
The Healing Garden consists of a series of low granite walls, benches and water elements set within the landscape of the building's courtyard. One of the water elements integrates a series of textured granite and bronze runnels that vary the sound . . . — Map (db m115068) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Old Parish HouseCity of College Park
Built in 1817, the Old Parish House originally served the Calvert Mansion as a dairy barn and is one of only two surviving outbuildings from the Riversdale Estate. It is one-story high with a gable roof, segmentally arched windows and side walls . . . — Map (db m115075) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Patrick ZentzWind (An Environmental Ensemble), 2008 — Mixed Media: wood metal and percussion instruments
Three works of art have been created to translate wind into sound. Using temperature changes and wind, these instruments create continually changing aural patterns. These instruments respond to subtleties in wind velocity and turbulence with many . . . — Map (db m115067) HM
Maryland (Queen Anne's County), Crumpton — Callister’s Ferry
Near this spot Henry Callister, Merchant, operated a rope and raft ferry across the Chester River during the 1750’s and 1760’s. Well into the next century the crossing at Crumpton continued to be known as “Callister’s Ferry.” It served . . . — Map (db m114903) HM
Minnesota (Dodge County), Wasioja — Wasioja's Seminary
The role of buildings in the development of a community and their significance in history is amply pointed out by the history of this structure. Anxious to promote the growth of the newly formed town, the citizens agreed to provide the Free Will . . . — Map (db m115028) HM
Mississippi (Hinds County), Jackson — GM&O Depot
History of the GM&O Depot Known at the date of its closing as the GM&O Depot, this passenger depot was constructed in 1927 by the New Orleans Great Northern Railroad (NOGN) and later served the Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad (GM&N) as . . . — Map (db m115146) HM
New York (Warren County), Chestertown — Charles Fowler Home

The buildings in this district were listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 — Map (db m115199) HM

New York (Warren County), Chestertown — War Memorial

This plaque is dedicated to those men and women who served their country in a time of need in all wars and conflicts — Map (db m115198) WM

Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Chanticleer PointCrafted by Cataclysms
There is much of legend and tradition associated with the Columbia River and its gorge. The geologic story is neither fable, myth nor tradition, but one of fact, facts that independently stand out in every rock and waterfall, as if begging . . . — Map (db m114529) HM
Rhode Island (Washington County), Charlestown — Charlestown Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Memorial-1943- “Charlietown” -1973-
In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country in the recent wars of the United States Thru these portals pass the hottest pilots in the world — Map (db m114952) WM
Rhode Island (Washington County), Charlestown — Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat Crash
U.S. Navy NAAF Charlestown, R.I. On Friday, March 2, 1945 at 2215 hours, Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat Buno 71418 crashed shortly after takeoff from runway 22, where it exploded and burned on the ice-covered waters 500 Ft off . . . — Map (db m114948) HM
Rhode Island (Washington County), Charlestown — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after "The Liberty Tree: Our Country's first Symbol of Freedom." On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the hated . . . — Map (db m114946) HM
South Carolina (Colleton County), Green Pond — 15-23 — Destruction of the Boston
On May 23-24, 1864, Union forces attempted an amphibious operation to destroy a railroad trestle across the Ashepoo River. Soldiers from the 34th U.S.C.T were carried up the Ashepoo on the steamer Boston. The board was grounded on an oyester . . . — Map (db m115202) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — Arkansas & White Rivers
The Mississippi’s southernmost major tributary, the Arkansas, is born from melting snow on the eastern slopes of the Continental Divide near Leadville, Colorado. Its 1,450-mile course drains 160,500 square miles in five states.

Despite . . . — Map (db m115008) HM

Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 17 — Baton Rouge, LouisianaPanel #17 Mississippi Riverwalk — Mile 228.4 AHP
Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana... going navigation on the Mississippi River. ...gas fields in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma... a major processing and transportation... industry. The French built the first fort here in 1819. They . . . — Map (db m114996) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 6 — Belle Chasse, Louisiana/English Turn Bend/Caernarvon Crevasse/Poydras CrevassePanel #6 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Belle Chasse, Louisiana Mile 75.9 AHP Belle Chasse Plantation was the home of Judah P. Benjamin, often called “the brains of the Confederate government.” He served as Attorney General Secretary of War and Secretary of . . . — Map (db m114921) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 10 — Bonnet Carre Spillway/Lake PontchartrainPanel #10 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Bonnet Carre Spillway Mile 128.0 AHP Completed in 1935, the Bonnet Carre Spillway protects New Orleans, LA and the levees around it by diverting flood waters into Lake Pontchartrain. The one and a half mile long concrete structure . . . — Map (db m114925) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 15 — Claiborne Landing/Carville, Louisiana/Belle GrovePanel #15
A.Claiborne Landing Mile 188.3 AHP

This was the plantation home of William C.C. Claiborne. At the age of 21, Claiborne helped write a constitution for the new state of Tennessee and five years later President Jefferson appointed him . . . — Map (db m114995) HM

Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 14 — Donaldsonville, Louisiana/Bayou Lafourche/Geismar, LouisianaPanel #14 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Donaldsonville, Louisiana Mile 175.0 AHP A trading post was established where Bayou Lafourche met the river in 1750, and a small community grew up around it. Most of the settlers were French, but the town was named for William . . . — Map (db m114994) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 23 — Fort Adams, Mississippi/Old River Control Structure/Homochitto CutoffPanel # 23
A. Fort Adams, Mississippi Mile 311.9 AHP

This high bluff was first named Davion’s Rock, for a French priest who lived here with the Tunica Indians in the early 1700’s. It was later called Loftus Heights, for a British Major Loftus . . . — Map (db m115004) HM

Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 1 — Head of Passes/Pilottown, LouisianaPanel #1 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Head of Passes Mile 0.0 AHP The Mississippi River officially ends here, 954 miles from Cairo, Illinois. At this point, the stream divides into three channels, Pass a Louture, South Pass, and Southern Pass. They each branch into . . . — Map (db m114914) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 21 — Hog Point, Louisiana/Raccourci Cutoff/Caernarvon CrevassePanel #21 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Hog Point, Louisiana Mile 298.2 AHP The channel off Hog Point, in the middle of Raccourci Cutoff, has long been one of the most troublesome stretches on the lower river. Constant dredging is required to keep the channel open. During . . . — Map (db m115003) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 11 — Hymelia Crevasse/Bonnet Carre Crevasse/Laplace, Louisiana/Reserve, LouisianaPanel #11 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Hymelia Crevasse Mile 131.3 AHP In 1903, a 200-foot gap opened in the levee at Hymelia Plantation. One thousand laborers were put to work constructing a sandbag fill but a runaway barge crashed into the repairs and destroyed them. . . . — Map (db m114926) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 5 — Junior Crevasse/Poverty Point, Louisiana/Jesuits BendPanel #5 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Junior Crevasse Mile 55.0 AHP During the great flood of April 1927, the steamship Inspector was fought erratic currents downstream past the Junior Plantation. The pilot lost control and the boat’s bow crashed into the levee. . . . — Map (db m114920) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 9 — Kenner, Louisiana/Davis Crevasse/Ormand Landing, LouisianaPanel #9 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Kenner, Louisiana Mile 113.0 AHP This community grew up on a sugar plantation owned by the Kenner family and became a railroad stop in the antebellum years. During the U.S. Civil War, Union troops were sent to Kenner to destroy the . . . — Map (db m114924) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 12 — Lutcher, Louisiana/Oak Alley/St. James Landing, LouisianaPanel #12 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Lutcher, Louisiana Mile 147.6 AHP Tobacco was never a very successful cash crop for early French settlers, with the notable exception of Pierre Channet, who lived near here. The “Perique tobacco” he developed is still . . . — Map (db m114928) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — Memphis,Tennessee/Mud Island
Memphis, Tennessee Its central location on the Mississippi River has been the basis for Memphis’s growth. The fourth Chickasaw Bluff was long occupied by the Native American tribe for whom it was named. France and later Spain built forts there . . . — Map (db m115006) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 18 — Mulatto Bend/Springfield Bend/Profit IslandPanel # 18
A. Mulatto Bend Mile 236.6 AHP

A group of Mulatto Freedmen of French dissent established a settlement here in the early 1800’s and the river pilots named it Mulatto Bend. Wilkinson Point at the crook of the bend suffered a major washout . . . — Map (db m115000) HM

Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 8 — New Orleans, LouisianaPanel #8 Mississippi Riverwalk
Mile 95.0 AHP Throughout its long and colorful history, New Orleans has been both a center of commerce and Mecca for seekers of a good time. As the Mississippi’s gateway to international trade, it has become the third largest port in the . . . — Map (db m114923) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 3 — Ostrica Lock/Buras, Louisiana/Empire Lock/Nairn, LouisianaPanel #3 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Ostrica Lock Mile 25.2 AHP This lock connects the river to the Gulf of Mexico through a short channel extending north into Breton Sound. It is used chiefly by fishermen, crew boats, and pleasure craft. B) Buras, Louisiana . . . — Map (db m114916) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 16 — Plaquemine, Louisiana/Manchac BendPanel #16 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Plaquemine, Louisiana Mile 208.2 AHP The settlement that arose at the mouth of the Bayou Plaquemine took as its name the Native American word for the fruit, persimmon. Early settlers traveled on the bayou, but as the Mississippi . . . — Map (db m114992) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 4 — Point a La Hache, Louisiana/Magnolia Plantation, LouisianaPanel #4 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Point a La Hache, Louisiana Mile 45.0 AHP French explorers named the slight curve in the river bank “Point of the Axe.” It is the end of the Mainline Levee System on the east bank. B) Magnolia Plantation, Louisiana . . . — Map (db m114919) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 19 — Port Hudson, Louisiana/Fausse River CutoffPanel #19 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Port Hudson, Louisiana Mile 256.0 AHP This settlement began as a trading post and by the time of the U.S. Civil War, it was an important shipping center with both a steamboat landing and a rail line to the east. The Confederates . . . — Map (db m115001) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 22 — The Atchafalaya ProblemPanel #22
The Threat of drastic change in the Lower Mississippi River channel at the Old River Junction has been the most serious problems in the modern history of the river. The Mississippi once curved westward in this area through Turnbill’s Bend. In 1831, . . . — Map (db m115005) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 7 — The Battle of New OrleansChalmette, Louisiana — Panel #7 Mississippi Riverwalk
Mile 90.2 AHP Word of the treaty signed in December 1814, was slow to reach the countryside south of New Orleans, LA. Before dawn on January 8, 1815, General Andrew Jackson’s American troops were waiting for a British attack. Commanded . . . — Map (db m114922) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 2 — Venice Louisiana/Fort Jackson, Louisiana/Fort St. PhillipPanel #2 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Venice Louisiana Mile 10.8 AHP Venice lies at the end of the longest continuous levee line in the world, stretching 650 miles north to the Arkansas River. It is the last town accessible by a highway on the west bank of the . . . — Map (db m114915) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 13 — White Hall Plantation/Union, Louisiana/Point HoumasPanel #13 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) White Hall Plantation Mile 166.0 AHP One of the most effective Confederate gun batteries on the river was located near White Hall. When it was bombarded by the Union Ironclad, Monongahela in 1863, the vessel’s commander was . . . — Map (db m114993) HM
Texas (Williamson County), Hutto — 9106 — Hutto
Located near Shiloh, one of the earliest villages in Williamson County, this area was settled in 1855 by J. E. Hutto (1824-1914) and Adam Orgain, a former slave. Hutto sold land for this townsite to the International & Great Northern . . . — Map (db m114953) HM
Texas (Williamson County), Leander — 9260 — Leanderthal Lady
On Dec. 29, 1982, Texas Highway Department archeologists uncovered the skeleton of a pre-historic human female at the Wilson-Leonard Brushy Creek Site (approx. 6 mi. SE). Because of the proximity of the grave site to the town of Leander, the . . . — Map (db m114979) HM
Virginia, Alexandria — Visiting Old Town
(obverse side) King Street Trolley Free Proceed directly ahead to trolley stop Welcome to Old Town Alexandria! Experience historical charm with contemporary flair from the river to the rails Plan Alexandria Visitors . . . — Map (db m115143) HM WM
Virginia (Henrico County), Henrico — HC-42 — The Fergusons of Malvern Hill
William Ferguson and wife Myrtle Deane purchased Malvern Hill farm in 1942. The family was a steward of the land and its history for nearly 75 years. William moved to Henrico County in 1920 where he became manager of Curles Neck farm, helping it to . . . — Map (db m115181) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Sister CitiesMoss, Norway and Virginia Beach, USA
The relationship between Moss, Norway and Virginia Beach had its beginnings when the Norwegian ship, Dictator, went down in a storm off Virginia Beach March 27th, 1891. A shipping line in Moss, Norway owned the Dictator. In 1974 the bond forged in . . . — Map (db m115195) HM

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