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Coronel Arturo Castellanos Avenue Marker image, Touch for more information
By J. Makali Bruton, July 17, 2019
Coronel Arturo Castellanos Avenue Marker
El Salvador, San Salvador — Coronel Arturo Castellanos Avenue
Gobierno de San Salvador Otorga un merecido homenaje con el nombramiento de la Avenida Coronel Arturo Castellanos Diplomático y militar salvadoreño, cuyo heroísmo durante la II Guerra Mundial es recordado entre la . . . — Map (db m136851) HM WM
Germany, Bavaria (Landkreis Kitzingen), Kitzingen — Evang.-luth. Stadtkirche / Protestant Lutheran City Church
Ehemalige Ursulinenkirche Saalbau mit barocker Westfassade 1686-1689 von Antonio Petrini erbaut.


(English translation:)

Former Ursuline Church, hall-style construction with a baroque west facade; built by . . . — Map (db m136552) HM

Germany, Bavaria (Stadtkreis Bamberg), Bamberg — Franziskanerkirch / Franciscan Church
Hier stand die Franziskanerkirch mit Kloster, früherer Sitz der Tempelherren, die Kirche wurde im Jahre 1812 abgebrochen.


(English translation:)

Here stood the Franciscan church and monastery, formerly . . . — Map (db m136549) HM

Ireland, Leinster (County Kilkenny), Kilkenny — Halla an Bhaile / The Tholsel

Halla an Bhaile Ó dá fhocal sa sean-Bhéarla, "tol" agus "sael", a chiallaíonn 'halla cánach', a thagann ainm an fhoirgnimh is suntasaí ar an tSráid Ard.

Tógadh Halla an Bhaile thart ar 1578 agus atógadh i 1761 é. D'fhreastail . . . — Map (db m136706) HM

Ireland, Leinster (County Kilkenny), Kilkenny — Ireland's Medieval Mile

Tholsel High Street's most significant building, gets its name from the old English words "tol' and "sael" meaning the hall of taxes. The Tholsel was erected circa 1578 and re-built in 1761. It has served Kilkenny as a meeting place, a . . . — Map (db m136798) HM

Ireland, Leinster (County Kilkenny), Kilkenny — Kilkenny Historic Sites

Ceantar an Bhaile Aird Bhí tógáil ballaí baile ina-gné lárnach ag luathfhorbairt Chill Chainnigh, a bhí faoi thionchar na Normannach agus cuireadh tús leis thart ar an mbliain 1240. Tá ag Cill Chainnigh trí limistéar mhúrtha: . . . — Map (db m136518) HM

Ireland, Leinster (County Kilkenny), Kilkenny — STATHAM-FORD Special

On this site the famous STATHAM-FORD Special racing car was designed and constructed in 1929 — Map (db m136789) HM

Ireland, Leinster (County Kilkenny), Kilkenny — STATHAM'S By Pembroke Kilkenny


The three highly successful Irish International Grand Prix held in Dublin's Phoenix Park between 1929 and 1931 led to races being held on street and road circuits throughout Ireland.

For those that could not afford a . . . — Map (db m136790) HM

Ireland, Leinster (County Kilkenny), Kilkenny — Teach Archer / Archer House

Teach Martin Archer, a bhfuil a arnas le [illegible words] scríbhinne

Insignia Martin Archer...Kilkenniensis ————————————— The house of . . . — Map (db m136515) HM

Ireland, Leinster (County Kilkenny), Kilkenny — The Tholsel Renovation

Following the fire of 20th September 1985 this building was renovated under the guidance of Cllr. Michael I. McGuinness Mayor 1985-86 and Cllr. Margaret Tynan Mayor 1986-87 and re-opened 19th Feb. 1987 — Map (db m136787) HM

Ireland, Leinster (County Kilkenny), Kilkenny — Thomas Moore

Kilkenny Theatre founded by Richard Power

Thomas Moore 1779 - 1852 The Bard of Erin performed here 1802 - 1819 — Map (db m136737) HM

Ireland, Leinster (County Kilkenny), Kilkenny — William F. Roe1904-1982

Electrical Engineer

born Kilkenny

Rural Electrification in Ireland — Map (db m136795) HM

Israel, Haifa District, Caesarea — Sarcophagus LidAdorned With a Gorgon's Head
This Sarcophagus lid is decorated at both ends by mythological Gorgon heads in relief. Marble The Late Roman period (2nd - 3rd centuries CE)Map (db m136545) HM
Israel, Haifa District, Caesarea — The Caesarea Nymphaeum
The nymphaeum was the public fountain that stood at the center of ancient Caesarea as one of the city's main monuments, and was situated at the intersection where the city's main street meets the Herodian port. The nymphaeum had a decorative . . . — Map (db m136550) HM
Israel, Haifa District, Caesarea — The Governor's Palace Baths
This bathhouse is the only important remain of the private wing of the Byzantine governor's palace, almost entirely destroyed by the construction of the medieval fortifications. — Map (db m136543) HM
Israel, Haifa District, Caesarea — The Harbor "Sebastos"
The construction of the harbor was a far reaching enterprise, involving artificial islands built in the open sea and serving as bases for piers and breakwaters. Apparently, the raw materials and technology came with the Roman engineers sent by . . . — Map (db m136547) HM
Israel, Haifa District, Caesarea — The Palace Vaults
These four long, parallel vaults, opening onto the west through a portico, first served as substructures of the Roman financial procurator's palace. In a later stage, a large ornamented hall was added in front of the vaults converted into warehouses. — Map (db m136542) HM
Mexico, Veracruz (Municipality of Veracruz) — Captain Fernando Siliceo y Torres Merchant Marine Academy
Escuela Náutica Mercante Cap. Alt. Fernando Siliceo y Torres En el marco del centenario de la fundación de esta honorable escuela, un reconocimiento perenne a los Capitanes Fernando Siliceo y Torres y Marcelino Tuero Molina por su . . . — Map (db m136557) HM
Mexico, Veracruz (Municipality of Veracruz) — Death of Aurelio Monfort
El H. Ayuntamiento de Veracruz rinde homenaje al policía municipal "Aurelio Monfort" caído heroicamente en cumplimiento de su deber para con la patria Victima de las balas del ejercito invasor el 21 de abril de 1914 Noviembre de 1982 . . . — Map (db m136517) HM
Mexico, Veracruz (Municipality of Veracruz) — Heriberto Jara Corona
Heriberto Jara Corona 1879-1968 Diputado Constituyente por el Estado de Veracruz 1917 Gobernador Constitucional del Estado de Veracruz 1924-1927 Primer Secretario de Marina del Gobierno de la Republica 1940-1946 El pueblo y el . . . — Map (db m136748) HM
Mexico, Veracruz (Municipality of Veracruz) — Rafael Solana Salcedo
En esta casa nacio el 7 de Agosto de 1915 Rafael Solana Salcedo Dramaturgo y periodista Homenaje de la peña taurina que lleva su nombre Agosto 7 de 1990 English translation: In this house was born on August 7, 1915 . . . — Map (db m136556) HM
Mexico, Veracruz (Municipality of Veracruz) — The Convent of San Agustín
Convento de San Agustín El convento de la Compañía de Jesús fue de las primeras construcciones en mampostería de la Nueva Veracruz, se inició su obra en 1625. Los jesuitas fundaban colegios para educar y formar jóvenes entre ellos los . . . — Map (db m136555) HM
Mexico, Veracruz (Municipality of Veracruz) — The Hemicycle to Juárez
Hemiciclo a Juárez “Ahoguemos nuestras discordias y que un mismo interés nos una, la independencia de Mexico; una misma bandera nos guie, la de la Republica Mexicana.” Discurso pronunciado por Don Benito Juarez, el 31 de . . . — Map (db m136553) HM
Mexico, Veracruz (Municipality of Veracruz) — The Plaza of the Republic
Plaza de la República 500 Años Veracruz ∙ Puerta de Mar ∙ 1519-2019 Es en el año 2014 que se define adosarla longitudinalmente a los edificios porfirianos, generando un gran parque lineal de más de 320 metros de longitud, . . . — Map (db m136521) HM
Mexico, Veracruz (Municipality of Veracruz) — Witnesses of the Future
“Testigos del Futuro” El contratista britanico Weetman D. Pearson presenta al entonces Presidente de Mexico Porfirio Diaz, el proyecto que cristaliza la modernización del muelle del puerto artificial de Veracruz. . . . — Map (db m136801) HM
Poland, Małopolska (Kraków Powiat), Kraków — In Memory of the Bosak Family
Pamięci Rodziny Bosaków Mieszkańców Kazimierza לזכר בני משפחת בוסק תושבי . . . — Map (db m135927) WM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Alabama Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Company
Dedicated to the memory of those employees of the Alabama Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Company the known and unknown service men who lost their lives in World War II (51 names) — Map (db m136754) WM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — The Five Crommelin Brothers of Alabama
Graduates of the United States Naval Academy who distinguished themselves in the service of our country Their valor glorifies Alabama It is with great civic and patriotic pride that we dedicate this tribute — Map (db m136755) WM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Tristan de Luna y Arellano1519–1573
Spanish conquistador who in the summer of 1559 led a large fleet to the northern Gulf Coast in the earliest grand attempt to colonize the area for Spain. He sailed into Mobile Bay in August 1559 with 11 ships, more than 500 soldiers, 1000 men, . . . — Map (db m136742) HM
California (Alameda County), Oakland — In Memoriam (NSGW WWI Memorial)
In Memoriam of the boys of this district who made the supreme sacrifice Dedicated Sunday July 10th 1921 by Claremont Parlor No. 240 N.S.G.W. and affiliated organizations

This plate donated by H.T. Burns — Map (db m136739) WM

California (Contra Costa), Pittsburgh — Port Chicago Naval Magazine
For more than a half-century, Port Chicago Naval Magazine has been a major port for the shipment of munitions to U.S. forces serving overseas. The Navy created the munitions-loading complex next to the town of Port Chicago as an annex to the Mare . . . — Map (db m136861) HM WM
California (Contra Costa County), Moraga — Hacienda de las Flores
In 1857, Lot No. 1, a quarter section of Rancho Laguna De Los Palos Colorados was bought by a squatter, Jesse Williams, from Jose de Jesus Moraga. In 1906, the land was then purchased by Manuel Lucas and 10 years later, 20 acres were sold to . . . — Map (db m136516) HM
California (Contra Costa County), Orinda — The Crossroads
Orinda's Theatre District, historically known as the Crossroads, was developed in the early 20th century after homes were built around the established ranches. More families, such as the Bryants, settled or built summer homes here. It is . . . — Map (db m136738) HM
California (Contra Costa County), Pittsburgh — (Port Chicago) Disaster
Here, at 10:08 p.m. on July 17, 1944 one of history's most powerful man-made, non-nuclear disasters obliterated two cargo ships, killed 320 men, and wounded hundreds. It was the worst stateside disaster of World War II. The cause of the explosion is . . . — Map (db m136870) HM WM
California (Contra Costa County), Pittsburgh — Dangerous Work
July 17, 1944 was a typical day at Port Chicago Naval Magazine. Men of the Merchant Marine and the U.S. Navy Armed Guard prepared the empty, brand new SS Quinault Victory for loading on one side of the pier and prepared the nearly full SS . . . — Map (db m136868) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Haggard House
The first thing I remember knowing was a lonesome whistle blowing And a youngun's dream of growing up to ride On a freight train leaving town not knowing where I'm bound And no one could change my mind but Mama tried -From Mama Tried, . . . — Map (db m136236) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — Early Settlements in The Tehachapi AreaOak Creek, Williamsburg, Greenwich, Tehachapi
Green Street was named for Peter D. Greene, who came to the Tehachapi Area in 1856, when he set up camp in Mormon Gulch near Tehachapi where he prospected for gold (named after a company of Mormons who had previously prospected for gold there.) He . . . — Map (db m136213) HM
California (Lake County), Upper Lake — The West Side of Main Street
From the late 1860's to the present day businesses have come and gone in Upper Lake. At the time of the 1924 fire the concrete building at 9449 Main was Doc Niderost's Home Pharmacy complete with soda fountain. It not only survived the fire . . . — Map (db m136514) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — An Unforgettable Day1999 U.S. Women’s World Cup Team
On July 10, 1999, the U.S. women’s soccer team secured a win for the ages at the Rose Bowl. On a sweltering day before a sellout crowd of 90,185 — the largest ever to watch a women’s-only event — the U.S. posted a 5-4 shootout . . . — Map (db m136525) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Jane Norris
Jane Norris 1832-1899 On April 11, 1865, a Sacramento woman hatched a secret plan to celebrate the end of the Civil War. Upon learning of Robert E. Lee's surrender to Northern troops, Jane Norris marched to the state capitol's construction . . . — Map (db m136563) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 173408 — Theodora Tiffee Purkitt, M.D.
. . . — Map (db m136562) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Veteran of Foreign Wars Memorial
To those gallant hero’s who sacrificed their lives that we might live. — Map (db m136561) WM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Midori Hotelc. 1928
Formerly Hotel Lafayette

This building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places Uptown Tenderloin Historic District — Map (db m136519) HM

California (Ventura County), Port Hueneme — Alaska Flight 261 Memorial
January 31, 2000 at 4:22 PM, Alaska flight 261 ended off Anacapa Island. The flight was en route from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to San Francisco and Seattle. This monument honors and remembers for all time the eighty-eight passengers and crew members . . . — Map (db m136211) HM
California (Ventura County), Port Hueneme — 37 — Hueneme Slough
W. B. Moranda Park was constructed over the former Hueneme Slough, or lagoon. High tides created this 8-acre body of water surrounded by cattails (tules) making it a haven for water fowl. The Ventura County Railroad crossed the slough on a trestle . . . — Map (db m136194) HM
California (Ventura County), Port Hueneme — 57 — Point Hueneme LighthouseHueneme: “Resting Place”
As early as 1857, the need for a lighthouse at Point Hueneme to mark the eastern Santa Barbara Channel entrance was recognized. In March 1873 Congress appropriated funds for a light station and a 60-acre lighthouse reservation at Point Hueneme. In . . . — Map (db m136203) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — The Elliott Coues House
The Elliott Coues House has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m136874) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Godey's Lime Kilns1833 - 1908
These kilns were used as late as 1908, supplying Washington with a fine grade of lime. The limestone was brought from quarries just beyond Seneca, Maryland over the C & O Canal. — Map (db m136875) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Navy Yard — The Paving Stone Archaeological SiteVirginia Avenue, SE
Diagonal Virginia Avenue, SE and rectangular Virginia Avenue Park are two of the many features that characterize the L'Enfant Plan. Eventually, cut granite block paving stones were installed on Virginia Avenue, SE and most likely due to the . . . — Map (db m136584) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Navy Yard — Virginia Avenue Tunnel (1906-2015)Virginia Avenue Tunnel
As automobile and streetcar use increased during the early 20th century, at-grade railroad crossings created safety hazards throughout the city. To address this issue, the newly formed Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington Railroad extended the . . . — Map (db m136835) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest — William Syphax Public School
William Syphax Public School, built in 1902 to serve African American children under the city's then-segregated school system, honored the first president of the Board of Trustees of the DC Colored Schools. The original building was designed in . . . — Map (db m136836) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), U Street Corridor — Evans-Tibbs House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m136838) HM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — Cdr. Jim HallHero’s Walk and Freedom Trees — POW-MIA Memorial and Museum —
The Freedom Tree with the vision of universal freedom for all mankind This tree is dedicated to Cdr. Jim Hall And all Prisoners of War And Missing in Action 1973 — Map (db m136101) WM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — Cdr. Peter SchoeffelHero’s Walk and Freedom Trees — POW-MIA Memorial and Museum —
. . . — Map (db m136165) WM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — LCdr. Denver KeyHero’s Walk and Freedom Trees — POW-MIA Memorial and Museum —
The Freedom Tree with the vision of universal freedom for all mankind This tree is dedicated to LCdr. Denver Key and all Prisoners of War And Missing in Action 1973 — Map (db m136176) WM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — LCdr. James SullivanHero’s Walk and Freedom Trees — POW-MIA Memorial and Museum —
. . . — Map (db m136092) HM WM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — LCdr. Lee ColeHero’s Walk and Freedom Trees — POW-MIA Memorial and Museum —
The Freedom Tree With the vision of universal freedom for all mankind This tree is dedicated to LCdr Lee Cole and all Prisoners of War And Missing in Action 1973 — Map (db m136637) HM WM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — LCdr. Michael HoffHero’s Walk and Freedom Trees — POW-MIA Memorial and Museum —
The Freedom Tree with the vision of universal freedom for all mankind This tree is dedicated to LCdr. Michael Hoff and all Prisoners of War and Missing in Action 1973 — Map (db m136103) HM WM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — LCdr. Phil CraigHero’s Walk and Freedom Trees — POW-MIA Memorial and Museum —
. . . — Map (db m136251) WM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — LCdr. Randolph FordHero’s Walk and Freedom Trees — POW-MIA Memorial and Museum —
. . . — Map (db m135851) HM WM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — Lt. Carl WielandHero’s Walk and Freedom Trees — POW-MIA Memorial and Museum —
. . . — Map (db m135854) WM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — Lt. Steve MusselmanHero’s Walk and Freedom Trees — POW-MIA Memorial and Museum —
. . . — Map (db m136178) WM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — Vietnam POW*MIA MemorialPOW-MIA Memorial and Museum
Dedicated to those Killed in Action, Missing in Action, Prisoners of War and Veterans who served in Southeast Asia, 1960 – 1973. — Map (db m136160) WM
Florida (Flagler County), Palm Coast — Flight 93Summerset, PA — Elks Club Palm Coast # 2709 —
Flight 93 0842 – United Airlines Flight 93 departs Newark Airport for San Francisco. 0930 – Passengers using cell phones call family members and inform them the plane they are on has been hijacked, their families tell . . . — Map (db m136712) HM
Florida (Flagler County), Palm Coast — September 11, 2001We Remember — Elks Club Palm Coast # 2709 —
The Elks are distinctly American and as such we have linked the destiny of our order with the destiny of our country dedicated to those that lost their lives that day. To those that responded and saved thousands, and to our Military which fought . . . — Map (db m136669) HM WM
Florida (Flagler County), Palm Coast — Veterans MemorialElks Club Palm Coast # 2709
All gave some – Some gave all As long as there are Elks Veterans will never be forgotten Dedicated to the memory of all who Proudly served and protected their country. — Map (db m136664) WM
Florida (Flagler County), Palm Coast — World Trade CenterNew York, NY — Elks Club Palm Coast # 2709 —
World Trade Center New York, NY *0846 – Hijacked American Airlines Flight #11 is crashed into the World trade Center Tower #1 *0903 – Hijacked United Airlines Flight #175 is crashed into the World Trade Center Tower #2 . . . — Map (db m136705) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — Oaklawn Cemetery
This hallowed ground set aside as a town burial site in 1850 "for whites & slaves alike" is the resting place for many of Tampa's founding fathers, mayors, and county officers. A governor of Florida, two Supreme Court Judges, framers of all . . . — Map (db m135974) HM
Florida (Pasco County), Dade City — F-186 — Christmas Day, 1835
On Christmas Day, 1835, Major Francis Langhorne Dade and his command of 111 men bivouacked near here by Fort King Road, which stretched 125 miles from Fort Brooke (Tampa) to Fort King (Ocala). Three days later, at a point about twenty miles north of . . . — Map (db m136460) HM
Florida (Volusia County), Daytona Beach — Racing on the Beach 1953Ormond/Daytona Beach
All starting positions determined by speed in measured mile on beach straight. Modified – Sportsman race had 136 cars take green flag and massive pileup on first lap. 85 cars failed to finish. Top 10 finishers were modifieds. Cotton Owens . . . — Map (db m136174) HM
Florida (Volusia County), Daytona Beach — Racing on the Beach 1954Ormond/Daytona Beach
1st Speedweek triple header. Top 50 finishers in Friday’s Sportsman race would run with Modifieds on Saturday when 104 cars started . Dick Kaufman 1st stock car racer fatality on beach. Sunday’s Grand National race saw Lee Petty declared winner . . . — Map (db m136312) HM
Florida (Volusia County), Daytona Beach — Seabreeze High School
Seabreeze High School Erected in 1916 on this location served the Daytona Beach Peninsula Service Terminated 1983 — Map (db m136288) HM
Florida (Volusia County), Ormond Beach — Vietnam VeteransIn Memory of Our Volusia County Fallen Heroes
Henry L. Allen * Charles R. Beall * George A. Birdwell * David W. Branch * Daniel S. Brooker * George K. Brown * William L. Brown * Ceasar Bryant * Charles E. Cherry * Billy M. Crawford * James E. Cummings * William J. Deuerling * Rudi H. Duschek * . . . — Map (db m136691) WM
Florida (Volusia County), Palm Coast — The PentagonElks Club Palm Coast # 2709
Washington, DC - Arlington, VA Killed: 125   Injured: 106 * 0937 – Hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 is crashed into the west side of the Pentagon. 1010 – After sustaining extensive damage from the plane crash and massive . . . — Map (db m136711) HM WM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-1098A — The Wounding of Hood Site
To Spot Where General Hood Was Wounded. — Map (db m136485) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-423N — To Capture of Nine Union Guns
To Place of Capture of Nine Union Guns — Map (db m136471) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — MT-617A — To Where Lytle Fell
To Point Where Lytle Fell.......1/8 mile — Map (db m136482) WM
Georgia (Cobb County), Marietta — Georgia Anti-Lynching Memorial
In respectful memory of the thousands across America, denied justice by lynching; victims of hatred, prejudice, and ignorance. Between 1880-1946, ~570 Georgians were lynched. — Map (db m136757) HM
Illinois (Monroe County), Waterloo — Col. William R. Morrison
William R. Morrison, destined to be elected a Colonel during the American Civil War, was of Scotch-Irish descent, born on September 14, 1824. Although raised on a farm, upon his father's remarriage following the death of William's mother, they moved . . . — Map (db m136540) HM
Illinois (Pike County), Aladdin — Illinois
The fertile prairies in Illinois attracted the attention of French trader Louis Jolliet and Father Jacques Marquette as they explored the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers in 1673. France claimed this region until 1763 when it was surrendered to Great . . . — Map (db m136729) HM
Indiana (Huntington County), Huntington — John R. Kissinger1877 - 1946 — Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient "Quiet Hero - Few Know His Name" —
John R. Kissinger, who lived in Huntington in his latter years, became the first volunteer to subject himself to the bite of an infected mosquito (1900) in an experiment to identify the cause of "Yellow Jack" (Yellow Fever). This successful . . . — Map (db m135771) HM
Iowa (Woodbury County), Sioux City — From Settlement to State ParkStone State Park
People have always been attracted to the loess Hills, with their rich natural resources and beautiful landscape. Native peoples, explorers, early settlers, and modern man have gathered across, settled upon, and enjoyed these lush lands. . . . — Map (db m136493) HM
Iowa (Woodbury County), Sioux City — Geology WondersStone State Park
"Today we work the land, or perhaps we should say the land works for us. It grows our food, supports our building, provides row materials for our industries, absorbs our wastes, and stores our water supplies. Therefore, we need to understand . . . — Map (db m136524) HM
Iowa (Woodbury County), Sioux City — Native Peoples of the LoessStone State Park
Prehistoric hunter-gatherers traveled these hills more than 13,000 years ago, finding all they needed to sustain their nomadic bands. They were followed by Archaic and Woodland cultures, which formed more permanent camps and cultivated crops. . . . — Map (db m136492) HM
Kentucky (Bullitt County), Shepherdsville — 1296 — L & N Bridge - Civil War
Destroyed 3 times by CSA. Partially razed on Sept. 7, 1862, by troops under Col. John Hutcheson. During the occupation of Shepherdsville, Sept. 28 Braxton Bragg's troops again destroyed it, but new bridge was up by Oct. 11. After Battle of . . . — Map (db m136632) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1269 — Bethel College
Organized by the Bethel Baptist Association and opened in 1854 as Bethel Female High School. Used by CSA as hospital during Black Measles epidemic, 1861-1862. Bethel Women's Jr. College, 1917. Closed 1942-1945; rooms rented to Camp Campbell Army . . . — Map (db m136778) HM
Kentucky (Clinton County), Albany — 780 — Civil War Terrorist
Champ Ferguson born here in 1821. Guerrilla leader with Confederate leaning, but attacked supporters of both sides thruout Civil War in southern Ky., Tenn. Over 100 murders ascribed to Ferguson alone. Hunted by both CSA and USA. Taken after end of . . . — Map (db m136581) HM
Kentucky (Clinton County), Albany — 1619 — Clear Fork Baptist Church
Front Isaac Denton, Sr., first preacher in region, 1798. He founded the Stockton Valley Church, 1801, and constituted Clear Fork Baptist Church, April 1, 1802; founded Stockton Valley Assn., 1805. Organized first school in area, 1806. . . . — Map (db m136773) HM
Kentucky (Clinton County), Albany — 811 — County Named, 1835
For DeWitt Clinton, 1769-1828. In New York Senate, nine years; U.S. Senate, 1802-03, where he introduced XII Amendment, present method of electing U.S. president, vice president. Mayor, New York, nine years; leader, tax supported school movement. . . . — Map (db m136583) HM
Kentucky (Clinton County), Albany — 597 — Courthouse Burned
Twenty-two Kentucky courthouses were burned during Civil War, nineteen in last fifteen months: twelve by Confederates, eight by guerrillas, two by Union accident. See map on reverse side. The courthouse at Albany was burned by guerrillas late in . . . — Map (db m136768) HM
Kentucky (Clinton County), Albany — 1306 — Governor's Birthplace
Thomas E. Bramlette born near here on Jan. 3, 1817. State legislature in 1841. Appointed by Gov. John Crittenden as the commonwealth's attorney, 1848. Circuit judge, 1856-1860. Accepted Federal Army commission in 1861. Raised and commanded 3rd Ky. . . . — Map (db m136585) HM
Kentucky (Clinton County), Albany — 1516 — Pioneer Settler
William Wood (1773-1851), native of Virginia, was a founder of Cumberland and a leader in Clinton Co. He represented Cumberland Co. (when Clinton was part of it) in the General Assembly for 23 years. One of the founders of Clear Fork Baptist Church, . . . — Map (db m136771) HM
Kentucky (Estill County), Irvine — 1507 — Battle of Irvine
Only Civil War battle in this area. Col. John S. Scott, CSA, and troops arrived here July 30, 1863, with plan to capture 14th Ky. Cavalry. Held Irvine only a few hours. Col. W. P. Sanders, USA, and his force pursued Scott, capturing some of rear . . . — Map (db m136806) HM
Kentucky (Estill County), Irvine — 1219 — County Named, 1808
For Captain James Estill, gallant soldier and frontiersman. Fought one of bloodiest Indian battles, Estill's Defeat, on March 22, 1782, in what is now Montgomery County. He and 7 of his 25 pioneers were killed in violent combat with a band of . . . — Map (db m136805) HM
Kentucky (Estill County), Irvine — 1922 — Estill Seminary / Collegiate Institute
Estill Seminary This site approved for Jefferson Seminary by act of Ky. General Assembly in February 1798. Name was changed to Estill Seminary, February 3, 1816. Trustees given authority to sell half of unclaimed lands, granted for educational . . . — Map (db m136807) HM
Kentucky (Estill County), Irvine — 199 — Irvine
Named, 1812, for Col. Wm. Irvine, member from Madison Co. of 1787 and 1788 conventions that sought separation from Va. and statehood for Ky.; member of Constitutional Convention, 1799. "He had strong hold on affection of people. Few have gone to . . . — Map (db m136804) HM
Kentucky (Estill County), West Irvine — 639 — Lookout Mountain Hero
In that crucial battle of the Chattanooga campaign, Nov. 25, 1863, Capt. John C. Wilson and 5 others from Estill Co., of 8th Ky. Inf., answered call for volunteers to plant U.S. flag on Lookout Mtn. Reaching summit in sight of both armies, they . . . — Map (db m136803) HM
Kentucky (Estill County), West Irvine — 810 — Station Camp
Indian Trading Post and camping ground. Called "Ah-wah-nee," a grassy place, by the Shawnees who hunted here and obtained their lead supply in this vicinity. In 1769, Daniel Boone, Squire Boone, and Joseph Proctor were first of many pioneers to use . . . — Map (db m136802) HM
Kentucky (Jackson County), Gray Hawk — 697 — Warrior's Path
Along War Fork Creek, two miles east, coursed a primeval trail between the Shawnees of Ohio and Cherokees of east Tennessee. The Indians called it Athiamiowee, Path of the Armed Ones. On English map, 1755. Path was followed by Gabriel Arthur, when . . . — Map (db m136644) HM
Kentucky (Jackson County), McKee — 1145 — County Named, 1858
For Andrew Jackson, the 7th US President, 1829-37, first to be elected from west of Appalachians. First Representative in Congress from Tenn., 1796-97. In US Senate twice, 1797 and 1823. Victorious commander at New Orleans, 1815. County formed from . . . — Map (db m136788) HM
Kentucky (Laurel County), London — 1176 — Laurel County
Formed in 1825 out of portions of Clay, Rockcastle, Whitley, and Knox counties. The abundance and beauty of laurel shrub impressed the early pioneers so much that they named the county for it. Dr. Thomas Walker's party, exploring for the Loyal Land . . . — Map (db m136800) HM
Kentucky (Lawrence County), Louisa — 887 — Giant Cooling Tower
Completion of this tower in 1962 was a historic event. First of its kind in Western Hemisphere and the largest capacity of any single tower in the world when it was built. The concrete, natural draft, hyperbolic structure cools 120,000 gallons water . . . — Map (db m136663) HM
Kentucky (Magoffin County), Salyersville — 901 — Ivy Point Skirmishes
During Civil War the Union Army's 14th Ky. Inf. operated in this area to scout and protect east Ky. On Oct. 30, 1863, 160 of these troops under Lieut. Col. Orlando Brown, Jr. repulsed Confederates here and captured 50 prisoners. Another skirmish . . . — Map (db m136734) HM
Kentucky (Martin County), Warfield — 726 — Warfield / A Warfield Skirmish
Warfield First Martin County seat, 1870. Established about 1850 as a coal, salt and lumber community by George Rogers Clark Floyd and John Warfield of Va. mountains. Products shipped by river boats to Catlettsburg. Floyd was son of one . . . — Map (db m136653) HM
Kentucky (Monroe County), Flippin — 1394 — Famous Tree / Indian Creek Church
Famous Tree In 1894, a huge Tulip Poplar tree was felled about 1½ miles south of this site. It measured 11 feet in diameter, 35 feet in circumference. Two six-foot saws were welded together to cut it. A four-foot log from the tree was . . . — Map (db m136484) HM
Kentucky (Morgan County), West Liberty — 815 — County Named, 1822
For Daniel Morgan, 1736-1802. Born N.J. Moved to Va. Pontiac's War and Dunmore's expedition to Pa., 1774. Attack on Quebec, 1775. Colonel in command of Va. corps of 500 sharpshooters at Saratoga, Oct. 1777. A master of military art. As Brig. Gen. . . . — Map (db m136867) HM
Kentucky (Morgan County), West Liberty — 512 — West Liberty~Civil War
The first important engagement in eastern Kentucky occurred here on Oct. 23, 1861. USA forces led by Brig. Gen. Wm. Nelson surprised enemy under Capt. Andrew J. May. Civilian secessionists were captured and jailed Unionists released. Confederate . . . — Map (db m136703) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 2546 — One Room School House
Side 1 This log school house (circa 1840) was located 1 mile from Cox's Station which was the first fort built in Nelson County. The 1882 Precinct Map shows the original location of school in the midst of agricultural fields, not in . . . — Map (db m136736) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bloomfield — 2249 — Ham Brown Log Cabin
Prior to the Civil War, Ham Brown was “a free man of color.” On May 21, 1866, he purchased the cabin in Bloomfield and it remained in his family until 1980. Ham, a shoemaker, and Adeline Brown had seven children. Vacant and in disrepair, . . . — Map (db m136828) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bloomfield — 1077 — Romantic 1825 Tragedy
(Front) Jereboam Beauchamp and wife Anna buried here in same coffin at own request. To avenge her alleged seduction by Col. Solomon Sharp, Beauchamp murdered him at Sharp's Frankfort home, 1825. Beauchamp and Anna were held in Frankfort . . . — Map (db m136823) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bloomfield — 2228 — Walnut Groves Farm
Front Established in 1818 when Samuel Boone Merrifield and his wife, Frances Bemiss, purchased 333 acres on Simpson Creek. Farm was originally a 1,000-acre Virginia land grant, signed by Governor Patrick Henry, to Thomas Lewis on June 1, . . . — Map (db m136826) HM
Kentucky (Nicholas County), Carlisle — 1764 — Carlisle Passenger Depot
Built in 1912 by L & N soon after original frame depot burned. The Lexington and Maysville Railroad was completed to Carlisle by 1871; railroad joined L & N system, 1891. Land donated for depot by thirteen citizens and businesses in 1882. Depot . . . — Map (db m136708) HM
Kentucky (Shelby County), Shelbyville — 709 — Benj. Logan-Pioneer / James Knox-Pioneer
Benj. Logan~~Pioneer In French and Indian, Dunmore's, Revolutionary Wars. In 1775 came to Kentucky with Boone, Henderson. Separated at Hazel Patch. Built Logan's Fort (St. Asaph's), 1776. In Virginia Assembly, 1781-87; Ky. conventions to . . . — Map (db m136853) HM
Kentucky (Shelby County), Shelbyville — 2115 — Birthplace of Governor Augustus Owsley Stanley / Stanley-Casey House
Birthplace of Governor Augustus Owsley Stanley A. O. Stanley, Governor of Ky. from 1915-19, was born May 21, 1867, in Shelbyville and lived in this house as a child. The son of Rev. Wm. and Amanda Owsley Stanley, he was school principal . . . — Map (db m136869) HM
Kentucky (Shelby County), Shelbyville — 971 — Science Hill School
For 114 continuous years, an outstanding school for girls. Directed by the founder 54 years then by one family 60 years, it ranked among nation's foremost college preparatory schools. Principals Mrs. Julia A. Tevis      1825-1879 W. T. . . . — Map (db m136854) HM
Kentucky (Shelby County), Shelbyville — 1238 — Shelby County, 1792
Formed from a part of Jefferson County, it was the third created after Kentucky became a state. Named in honor of Isaac Shelby, 1750-1826, first Kentucky governor, 1792-96; elected again 1812-16. In the Revolutionary War, Indian campaigns, and War . . . — Map (db m136872) HM
Kentucky (Shelby County), Shelbyville — 1129 — The Armstrong Hotel
Established in 1859 by George A. Armstrong and was known for its good food and lodgings. Guerrilla leader Ed Terrell stopped here briefly, May 26, 1866. Attempting to escape, he was mortally wounded nearby. Brigadier General Henry H. Denhardt was . . . — Map (db m136871) HM
Kentucky (Shelby County), Simpsonville — 2283 — "Horrible Massacre" / African American Cemetery
"Horrible Massacre" On January 25, 1865, Co. E. 5th United States Colored Calvary (USCC) attacked by Confederate guerillas while driving herd of 900 cattle to Louisville. About 22 men killed and at least eight severely wounded. Based at Camp . . . — Map (db m136842) HM
Kentucky (Shelby County), Simpsonville — 1930 — Lincoln Institute Campus
Founded by Berea College trustees with Pres. Frost main fundraiser. This occurred after Day Law (1904) stopped coeducation of whites and blacks. In 1909, Berea board bought three farms totaling 444 acres for a school. Lincoln Institute opened to 85 . . . — Map (db m136845) HM
Kentucky (Shelby County), Simpsonville — 1889 — Old Stone Inn
This structure on Midland Trail has been a tavern, stagecoach inn, and home since built in early 1800s. Erected from stone quarried nearby. Oldest stone residence in Shelby County still standing and occupied. Operated as early tavern; among its . . . — Map (db m136852) HM
Kentucky (Shelby County), Simpsonville — 1419 — Whitney M. Young, Jr. (1921-1971)
Civil rights leader born here. Son of distinguished educator, Dr. Whitney M. Young, Sr. Served in US Army, World War II. Graduated Ky. State College, 1941; U. of Minn., 1947. Director of Urban Leagues in Minn. and Neb., 1947-53. Dean of School of . . . — Map (db m136849) HM
Kentucky (Spencer County), Elk Creek — 2148 — James Morrison Heady(1829-1915)
Side 1 The Blind Bard of Kentucky was blind by fifteen and deaf before forty. Neither condition limited his contributions. As friends read aloud, he embossed notes on the Diplograph machine he invented and built. He invented the Talking . . . — Map (db m136841) HM
Kentucky (Spencer County), Taylorsville — 837 — County Named, 1824
For Capt. Spear Spencer, Kentucky "Corn Stalk" Militia, 1792-1801. With St. Clair and Wayne Indian campaigns. Captain of Militia of Harrison Co., Ind., 1809. Formed Spencer's "Yellow Jackets", joined Gen. Wm. Henry Harrison's command in Tippecanoe . . . — Map (db m136832) HM
Kentucky (Spencer County), Taylorsville — 594 — Courthouse Burned
Twenty-two Kentucky courthouses were burned during Civil War, nineteen in last fifteen months: twelve by Confederates, eight by guerrillas, two by Union accident. See map on the reverse side. Courthouse at Taylorsville was burned by guerrillas in . . . — Map (db m136833) HM
Kentucky (Spencer County), Taylorsville — 1833 — Spencer House
This popular rest stop on the Louisville-Taylorsville stage route was famous hotel and tavern for many years. Built ca. 1838 by Frederick B. Mathis, this 20-room brick structure was later owned by Isaiah Yocum, Confederate veteran, who settled here . . . — Map (db m136831) HM
Kentucky (Spencer County), Taylorsville — 1748 — Taylorsville
Named in honor of Virginia native Richard Taylor, who donated sixty acres of land in 1799 for a town at forks of Brashear's Creek and Salt River. Taylor operated a grist mill nearby. Town became county seat of Spencer in December 1824. Four of . . . — Map (db m136837) HM
Kentucky (Spencer County), Taylorsville — 2577 — The Spy Who Saved the Union
Home of Felix Grundy Stidger, Union Spy, born Aug. 5, 1836. Foiled plot by Knights of Golden Circle to fire bomb northern cities, free Confederate prisoners, & turn the tide of the Civil War. His testimony resulted in the convictions of many . . . — Map (db m136730) HM
Kentucky (Spencer County), Wakefield — 505 — Guerrilla Quantrill
William Quantrill, alias Captain Clarke, 4th Mo. Cav., taken here on May 10, 1865, ending four months Central Kentucky guerrilla raids. Surrounded in Wakefield's barn by Captain Terrill's 30 Kentuckians. Quantrill tried escape, mortally wounded and . . . — Map (db m136829) HM
Kentucky (Spencer County), Yoder — 1699 — "Vaucluse"
House built by Jacob Yoder ca. 1806 and known as "Beechland" until his death. This Rev. War soldier and Indian fighter left Fort Redstone (Pa.), 1782, on first flatboat to descend Mississippi River. Yoder arrived in New Orleans with cargo of . . . — Map (db m136839) HM
Kentucky (Trigg County), Golden Pond — 994 — Drummer Boy at 7
Nathan Futrell reputed to be the youngest drummer boy in War of the Revolution, was born, N.C., 1773. Joined N.C. Continental Militia. Married, 1798, came to Ky., 1799. Settled here on Ford's Creek, 1820, where he farmed, set out the first apple . . . — Map (db m136772) HM
Kentucky (Trigg County), Golden Pond — 998 — Laura Furnace / Iron Made in Kentucky
Laura Furnace Site of one of several furnaces operated in the region between the rivers, now lakes. This one, Laura, built 1855 by Tennesseeans at cost of $40,000. Produced iron successfully, employing as many as 130, until Civil War forced it . . . — Map (db m136770) HM
Kentucky (Trigg County), Rockcastle — 1366 — Center Furnace / Iron Made in Kentucky
Center Furnace Sometimes called Hematite, furnace was built by 1852 by Daniel Hillman 2 1/2 mi. west; 35 ft. high, 10 ft. across inside at widest point. Operated, although not continuously, until 1912, burning charcoal fuel. Its air blast was . . . — Map (db m136776) HM
Kentucky (Trigg County), Rockcastle — 1357 — Empire Furnace / Iron Made in Kentucky
Empire Furnace Stood 1 mile west. Built 1843 by Thomas Tennessee Watson, it was a brick stack with a maximum inner diameter of 91/2 ft., 35 ft. high. It burned charcoal fuel, and its air blast was powered by steam. In 45 weeks of 1856, made . . . — Map (db m136775) HM
Kentucky (Trigg County), Rockcastle — 1380 — Trigg Furnace / Iron Made in Kentucky
Trigg Furnace Built here in 1871 by the Daniel Hillman Iron Co., was a brick-and-stone blast furnace producing pig iron from locally mined ore. It burned charcoal fuel, and used steam power to blow preheated air through the stack. Most iron . . . — Map (db m136774) HM
Kentucky (Wayne County), Mill Springs — 1275 — West-Metcalfe House
One mile south. First brick house in area. Built by Capt. Isaac West, Revolutionary soldier, who came here about 1798, received land grant in 1799, and built this house, in 1800, of bricks he made himself. Gen. Felix Zollicoffer, CSA, had . . . — Map (db m136791) HM
Kentucky (Wayne County), Nancy — 2452 — Beech Grove / Noble Ellis
Beech Grove In late 1861, Confederate Gen. Felix Zollicoffer advanced into Ky. from Jamestown, Tn. Zollicoffer ordered seizure of area ferry boats to cross his army to the north side of the Cumberland River. Unable to locate adequate boats, . . . — Map (db m136797) HM
Kentucky (Wayne County), Touristville — 988 — Price's Meadow
This tract of land was once home of Cherokee Chief Chuqualatague (Doublehead), the last chieftain along Cumberland River. Camp site in 1770 of the Long Hunters; in 1774 of Daniel Boone and Michael Stoner; from 1775 until after 1800 site of Benj. . . . — Map (db m136733) HM
Louisiana (Beauregard Parish), Merryville — Burk's Log Cabin1883
. . . — Map (db m136678) HM
Louisiana (Beauregard Parish), Merryville — Site of the Coushatta Indian Village
In the early 1800s members of the Coushatta Indian tribe, led by their chief, Red Shoes, settled in and around the present town of Merryville, where Indian mounds, shards and arrow heads have been found.

Being near the Spanish Territory provided . . . — Map (db m136681) HM

Louisiana (Calcasieu Parish), Niblett's Bluff — The Old Confederate Military Road1862-1865
In 1862 when federal troops captured New Orleans and blockaded the mouth of the Mississippi River, Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. Richard Taylor established headquarters in Central Louisiana, where they successfully stopped Maj. Gen. Nathaniel . . . — Map (db m136732) HM
Louisiana (Grant Parish), Verda — Verda
Verda was named for the daughter of the town's first postmaster, Uriah E. DeWitt. Formerly known as College Hill, Verda's 19th century origins centered on the efforts of area farmers to establish a school for their families. Beginning as a local . . . — Map (db m136676) HM
Louisiana (Lafayette Parish), Lafayette — Bayou Vermilion District
THE BAYOU VERMILION DISTRICT The historic village at Vermilionville is administered by the Lafayette Parish Bayou Vermilion District (LPBVD). The Louisiana state legislature created the district in 1984 in an effort to improve the quality of . . . — Map (db m136617) HM
Louisiana (Lafayette Parish), Lafayette — Broussard HouseMaison Broussard
BROUSSARD HOUSE: A Large Acadian Plantation Home La Maison Broussard dates to 1790, and is the oldest building in Vermilionville. It was the home of Armand Broussard, who immigrated to Louisiana as a child from Acadian Canada. . . . — Map (db m136621) HM
Louisiana (Lafayette Parish), Lafayette — Buller HouseMaison Buller
Buller House: A Creole Style House This Creole style house was built in 1807 on land acquired by Joseph Buller near Prairie Ronde in St. Landry Parish. It contains several characteristics of the Creole architectural . . . — Map (db m136627) HM
Louisiana (Lafayette Parish), Lafayette — The ForgeLa Forge
The Forge: A Utilitarian Space for Hot Dirty Work This recreated building represents a blacksmith shop, which was essential to a working farm, vacherie (ranch), or plantation in rural southwestern Louisiana. The . . . — Map (db m136628) HM
Louisiana (Lafayette Parish), Lafayette — Vermilionville Historical Timelinepre-1699 - 1800
pre-1699 pre-1699: Ancestors of the Ishak (Atakapa) and Chitimacha people hunt bison, deer, bear and small game; harvest fish and shellfish. The Chitimacha's territory encompasses the entire Atchafalaya Basin, lands west . . . — Map (db m136633) HM
Louisiana (Lafayette Parish), Lafayette — Vermilionville Historical Timeline1775-1920
1775-1783 1775-1783: United States War of Independence. In support of the U.S., in 1779 the Spanish military captures British-held Baton Rouge, with the use of Native American, French, Spanish, and free persons of color . . . — Map (db m136634) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Catonsville — Catonsville Nine
On May 17, 1968, nine Catholic activists raided the Selective Service office in Catonsville and burned several hundred draft files to protest the Vietnam War. In a highly-publicized trial, the “Nine”, who included priests Daniel and . . . — Map (db m136419) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Buckeystown — “Carrollton”
Patented for 10,000 acres to Charles and Daniel Carroll, Mary and Ellinor Carroll 1st April 1724. It was from this tract that Charles Carroll assumed the title “Charles Carroll of Carrollton” when signing the Declaration of Independence. — Map (db m136534) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Bethesda — The District of Columbia Boundary StonesOriginal Federal Boundary Stone NW 6
In 1790, Congress authorized the establishment of a territory 10 miles square on the Potomac River to be the Capital of the United States. It was President Washington's recommendation to use land on both sides of the river. Surveyor Andrew Ellicott, . . . — Map (db m136873) HM
Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Bourne — Address by President LincolnAt the Dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery — November 19, 1863 —
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, . . . — Map (db m136466) HM
Massachusetts (Berkshire County), New Marlborough — Historic Town Meeting
On July 11, 1774, the people of New Marlborough Township assembled in their first Meeting-House here to record their opposition to certain acts of the British Parliament. On that day – nearly a year before the Battle of Bunker Hill – . . . — Map (db m136846) HM
Massachusetts (Hampden County), Springfield — Home of the Duryea AutomobileSpringfield, Massachusetts
The Duryea brothers, Charles and Frank, developed the first successful gasoline-powered car in 1894, right here in Springfield. The second Duryea prototype, the 1895 Duryea, was built on this site. This automobile became known simply as the "1895 . . . — Map (db m136599) HM
Massachusetts (Hampden County), Springfield — Stacy Building43 Taylor Street — Built 1893 • Renovated 1986 —
Local architect F. R. Richmond designed this building for Edwin Stacy, a manufacturer of machinery and mill supplies. His son Frank took over the business in 1911 and served as Mayor from 1914 to 1918. The upper floors of the building were leased . . . — Map (db m136598) HM
Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Groton — John Tinker / John Shattuck
(marker north side) John Tinker an original petitioner and one of the first selectmen of Groton built, prior to 1659, an Indian trading post about 500 yds easterly of this marker. The first settlement was made nearby soon afterwards. . . . — Map (db m136600) HM
Massachusetts (Worcester County), Athol — Uptown Common and 3rd MeetinghouseAthol History Trail
. . . — Map (db m136393) HM
Michigan (Clare County), Clare — 130 — Michigan's Petroleum Industry
In 1860 State Geologist Alexander Winchell reported that oil and gas deposits lay under Michigan's surface. First commercial production was at Port Huron where 22 wells were drilled, beginning in 1886. Total output was small. Michigan's first oil . . . — Map (db m136472) HM
Michigan (Oakland County), Walled Lake — L890 — Stonecrest
This land served as the local schoolhouse site from 1836 to 1895. The original schoolhouse situated here was built of hewn logs and oak shakes. Stonecrest was constructed as a one-room schoolhouse in 1860. The teacher at Stonecrest in 1868-69 was . . . — Map (db m136645) HM
Michigan (Oakland County), Wixom — From Sibley's Corners to Wixom
Lewis Norton first settled the area in 1830, followed by Alonzo Sibley in 1831 and Alijah Wixom in 1832. Sibley built an impressive home opposite this site and donated land to establish a cemetery and church. The area became known as Sibley's . . . — Map (db m136799) HM
Michigan (Oakland County), Wixom — Intersecting LinesPut Wixom on the Map
Trains came from all directions, and made Wixom a hub of commerce. In 1871, Willard Clark Wixom founded the village on property at the intersection of planned railroad lines. One line (later named Pere Marquette, now CSX) was built through . . . — Map (db m136763) HM
Michigan (Oakland County), Wixom — Traces of HistoryAlong Pontiac Trail
This road is a story with many chapters. On Pontiac Trail people have traveled on foot, on horseback and on wheels, tracing the story of Wixom and southeast Michigan. It was vital in prehistory as a Native American footpath, and in 1828 it . . . — Map (db m136792) HM
Michigan (Oakland County), Wixom — L1494 — Wixom Cemetery
The Wixom Cemetery has been in continuous use since 1838, when it was established as the South Commerce Burial Ground. The first burial however, that of an infant named Israel Barrett, occurred in 1835. Two hundred thirty-three of the graves date . . . — Map (db m136819) HM
Michigan (Oakland County), Wixom — L1067 — Wixom-Wire House
This house was built in the early 1850s by Lucy Wixom, widow of Alijah Wixom, one of the town's founders. Its first residents were the Reverend and Mrs. Samuel Wire. He was the pastor of the Free Will Baptist Association of Commerce. The house . . . — Map (db m136812) HM
Michigan (Wayne County), Plymouth — Phoenix MillWomen in a Village Industry
Henry Ford wanted only women to work here in this small factory, built in 1922 as one of his Village Industries. The women workers built electrical parts such as voltage meters, light switches and generator cutouts (a form of relay) for . . . — Map (db m136821) HM
Michigan (Wayne County), Plymouth — The Conner Building
The name of Conner has been associated with this site since Plymouth's earliest days. In 1857, Michael Conner (1821-95) arrived in Plymouth and purchased the hardware business at this corner that had been started by C.H. Bennett. Conner replaced . . . — Map (db m136723) HM
Michigan (Wayne County), Plymouth — The Penniman Buildings
Most of this block of Main Street burned in 1857 and again in 1893. For this reason, this commercial block on Main Street is known as the Phoenix Block. These four buildings were erected after the 1893 fire, bearing the name "Penniman". Local . . . — Map (db m136749) HM
Michigan (Wayne County), Plymouth — The Plymouth United Savings Bank
This Classical Revival building, constructed of granite and limestone, was completed in 1920 as the new home of the Plymouth United Savings Bank. Established on May 13, 1890 as one of the first banks in the area, the first Board of Directors . . . — Map (db m136714) HM
Minnesota (Washington County), Stillwater — Birthplace of Minnesota1848 • 1948
On this site, in the frontier river settlement of Stillwater, sixty-one delegates from the vast unorganized wilderness west of the St. Croix assembled on August 26, 1848 to hold the Minnesota Territorial Convention. In this convention the name . . . — Map (db m136724) HM
Mississippi (Marshall County), Holly Springs — Ida B. Wells-Barnett(1862-1931) — Famed African-American journalist, educator, suffragette, and human rights activist. —
Born the eldest child to Elizabeth and James Wells, she grew up in Holly Springs, and attended Shaw University, now Rust College. She was a reformer who insisted on economic and political resistance to oppression. She became head of a household at . . . — Map (db m136680) HM
Montana (Missoula County), Missoula — Public Hands for Public Land
Public Hands for Public Land Young Montanans Join Conservation Corps The Great Depression of the 1930s left many people unemployed, but President Franklin D. Roosevelt's “New Deal” created a relief program to put people back to . . . — Map (db m136577) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Carlin — 50 — Carlin Canyon
In December 1828, Peter Skene Ogden and his trapping brigade (Hudson's Bay Company's Fifth Snake Country Expedition) were the first European Americans to enter here. Joseph Paul, one of Ogden's trappers, died nearby - the first white man to die and . . . — Map (db m136726) HM
New Hampshire (Cheshire County), Fitzwilliam — 99 — Brigadier General James Reed(1722-1807)
This veteran Captain of the French and Indian War, born in Woburn, Mass., settled here about 1765 as an original proprietor of Monadnock No. 4, now Fitzwilliam. After the Battle of Lexington, he recruited several companies to form the Third New . . . — Map (db m136527) HM WM
New Jersey (Passaic County), Paterson — Passaic County Court House
Built in 1904 on the former Roswell L. Colt estate, the Passaic County Court House was designed by New York Architect, Samuel Burrage Reed in the late Italian Renaissance Revival Style. The project was awarded through a public competition which was . . . — Map (db m136722) HM
New York, Hammondstown — 1906 - 1916Floating and Flying
Some of America's earliest aircraft took to the air over Kingsley Flats In 1904 "Captain T.S. Baldwin from California purchased a Curtiss motorcycle engine to power his experimental dirigible airship. Two years later, Baldwin moved his entire . . . — Map (db m136683) HM
New York, Hammondstown — Vertical Flight Heritage SitePioneering Vertical Flight in America — Hammondsport, New York, 1908 —
Between January and May 1908, John Newton Williams, demonstrated rotary wing test rigs at this site, known as Kingsley Flats, marking one of the first significant efforts to develop a helicopter in the United States. Powered by an engine designed . . . — Map (db m136684) HM
New York (Allegany County), Wellsville — 1885 • Fish Survey • 1935
The state-wide watershed survey of fish life was begun here on Duffy Hollow Brook by the conservation department in 1926. — Map (db m136688) HM
New York (Clinton County), Keeseville — 221 — Evergreen Cemetery
Est. 1849. Final resting place of veterans, members of U.S. Congress & citizens who were critical in Keeseville's history — Map (db m136668) HM
New York (Clinton County), Peru — Peru’s First Settler
William Hay, a Scotsman, was Peru's first settler. He built his house in this vicinity in 1772. Hay had a friendly relationship with Benedict Arnold and witnessed the "Battle of Valcour.” The town's first marriage was between . . . — Map (db m136672) HM
New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — Addoms - Hagar Burial Ground
The burial site of John Addoms, Luther Hagar and their families, 1807-1853 — Map (db m136767) HM
New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — 55 — Champy
Legendary lake monster lives here. Over 300 sightings reported since 1819. Up to 200 feet long. NYS Law protects this regional icon. — Map (db m136671) HM
New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — John Addoms
Home of John Addoms. Built 1790. Major and surveyor during entire period of Revolution — Map (db m136751) HM
New York (Columbia County), Livingston — Alida Livingston1656-1727
Alida Livingston, a capable courageous and diligent manager of her husband’s manor, she helped to settle Columbia County. George E. Pataki, GovernorMap (db m136499) HM
New York (Columbia County), Livingston — Johnstown
Named for John Livingston, settler. Livingston Post Office 1805. Had a Revolutionary Stage Inn and Linlithgo Reformed Church. — Map (db m136497) HM
New York (Columbia County), Livingston — Livingston
The present village of Livingston was formerly called Johnstown after John Livingston. — Map (db m136495) HM
New York (Columbia County), Livingston — Livingston Town Hall
This section of Town Hall was built by Walter Haynor Jr, on lands conveyed by Solon Smith and his wife Ellen on the 30th of April 1895. At a meeting in Walter Haynor’s house, building of the Town Hall was approved on the 19th of August 1895 at a . . . — Map (db m136498) HM
New York (Columbia County), Livingston — Town of Livingston - 1788
Contained Bakers Mills, Blue Stores, Burden, Elizaville, Glenco Mills, Linlithgo, and Walker’s Mills. — Map (db m136496) HM
New York (Dutchess County), Rhinebeck — Old Rhinebeck
Original location of the Village of Rhinebeck
Site of oldest church in northern precinct of Dutchess County — Map (db m136500) HM
New York (Essex County), Ausable Chasm — Rainbow Falls Hydroelectric Plant
Mechanics have known how to run machinery using the weight of falling water for centuries, but this sixty-foot drop at the head of AuSable Chasm proved difficult to harness. Early mills had to perch on the brink of the river, exposed to ice and . . . — Map (db m136716) HM
New York (Essex County), Elizabethtown — Edgar P. Wadhams
First bishop of the Diocese of Ogdensburg was born in this house May 21, 1817. He was consecrated May 5, 1872 - died December 5, 1891. — Map (db m136666) HM
New York (Essex County), Elizabethtown — John Brown’s Body
John Brown’s body guarded by local citizens rested in this court house on the night of Dec. 6, 1859 on its way to burial at his home in North Elba. — Map (db m136665) HM
New York (Essex County), Lewis — Atlas F Missle Silo Site in Lewis, NY and War Veterans
Cold War- In 1962 the United States constructed 12 Atlas F Missile Silos in the mountains of upstate New York. They were designed to strike Russia in the event of nuclear war. One was installed in Lewis, NY. At 52-feet wide and 176-feet deep, this . . . — Map (db m136670) HM WM
New York (Essex County), Lewis — 341 — Inez Milholland
Lived and buried near here. Astride a white horse, led 1913 Suffrage Parade in Washington DC. Died at age 30 campaigning for women's right to vote. — Map (db m136667) HM
New York (Essex County), Lewis — Town of Lewis Veterans Park
Dedicated to all in this community who served in the armed forces during times of war and peace. names were not transcribedMap (db m136679) WM
New York (Fulton County), Broadalbin — Broadalbin World War Two Memorial
Lest We Forget To the eternal memory of the men and women of Broadalbin who served in the armed forces of the United States during World War Two Forever in the Annals of Glory Will shine their starry claim The angels know their . . . — Map (db m136569) WM
New York (Fulton County), Johnstown — Johnson Hall / The Landscape of Johnson Hall
Johnson Hall A man of Sir William’s position required a grand home to impress his many guests who arrived for political, financial, and diplomatic discussions. Commitments in the French and Indian War(1754-63), however, kept him from . . . — Map (db m136523) HM
New York (Fulton County), Lassellsville — Lassellsville
On this corner once stood a tavern, store, blacksmith shop, wagon factory, built by William Lassell who purchased 50 acres in 1805. — Map (db m136704) HM
New York (Fulton County), Oppenheim — Old State Road
Built, 1803 by N.Y. State Over this road in 1814 Gen. Izard with 4,000 men marched to Sacketts Harbor in the War of 1812. — Map (db m136707) HM
New York (Herkimer County), Dolgeville — Brockett's Bridge1829-1892
Gave its name to this village on the military road. A hotel, post office , and Liberty Pole were nearby. — Map (db m136740) HM
New York (Herkimer County), Fairfield — Maltanner Creek
Named for Maltanner family, tenants ca, 1770, of Sir Wm. Johnson's Royal Grant extending between East and West Canada Creeks. — Map (db m136747) HM
New York (Herkimer County), Middleville — Fenner Farm
Deed 1788 to "Major” Daniel Fenner of Adams, Mass.; wife Lydia Arnold. Later owners, George Fenner, Anson Fenner, Charlotte (Fenner) Arnold. — Map (db m136718) HM

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