“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
Lexington, Virginia — The American South (Mid-Atlantic)

Virginia Mourning Her Dead

Virginia Mourning Her Dead Monument image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Coughlin, August 20, 2012
1. Virginia Mourning Her Dead Monument
Company A.
Henry A. Wise, Jr.,   Captain Commanding.
C. H. Minge,   Cadet Captain.
W. C. Hardy,   Lieutenant • W. Morson,   Lieutenant • E. M. Ross,   Sergeant • W. B. Shaw,   Sergeant • W. T. Duncan,   Sergeant • J. Douglass,   Sergeant • H. Wood,   Sergeant • L. Royster,   Corporal • G. K. Macon,   Corporal • R. L. Brockenbrough,   Corporal • S. F. Atwill, Corporal.

Adams, R. A. • Allen, D. • Anderson, C. J. • Ashley, C. G. • Bagnall, J. S. • Binford, R. J. • Bowen, H. C. • Buster, W. D. • Butler, W. H. • Carmichael, J. • Cocke, P. St. G. • Corling, C. T. • Cousins, R. H. • Davis, A. • Garrett, H. W. • Goodykoontz, A. E. • Harrison, C. H. • Hayes, W. C. • Hiden, P. B. • Hill, J. N. • Howard, J. C. • Hubard, W. J. • James, F. W. • Larrick, J. S. • Lewis, W. L. • McVeigh, N. • Mallory, E. S. • Mead, H. J. • Mohler, D. G. • Morgan, P. H. • Page, F. W. • Payne, A. S. • Pendleton, R. A. • Raum, G. E. • Seaborn, G. A. • Skaggs, S. B. • Smith, E. H. • Smith, Jr., F. L. • Spiller, G. • Spiller, W. H. • Temple, P. C. • Thomson, A. P. • Watson, W. P. • White, T. W. • White, W. H. •Wimblish, L. W.
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• Wingfield, S. G. • Wood, H. T. • Wood, P. S. • Woodruff, Z. T. • Yarbrough, W. T. • Wood, W. M.

Company B.
Frank Preston,   Captain Commanding.
Carlton Shafer,   Cadet Captain.
G. W. Gretter,   Lieutenant • Levi Welch,   Lieutenant • A. Pizzini,   Sergeant • O. P. Evans,   Sergeant • H. W. Garrow,   Sergeant • W. M. Patton,   Sergeant • T. G. Hayes,   Corporal • J. B. Jarratt, Corporal • Patrick Henry,   Corporal   B. W. Barton   Corporal

Bayard, N. J. • Bennett, W. G. • Bowen, W. B. • Bransford, J. F. • Cabell, R. G. • Carmichael, W. S. • Christian, E. D. • Clarkson, J. H. • Cocke, J. L. • Cocke, W. R. C. • Crank, T. J. • Cullen, S. • Darden, J. D. • Dillard, J. L. • Faulkner, C. J. • Garrett, V. F. • Gibson, F. G. • Grasty, W. C. • Hankins, M. O. • Happer, R. W. B. • Harris, W. O. • Hartsfield, A. C. • Hawks, A. W. • Haynes, L. C. • Hundley, C. B. • Hupp, R. C. • Jefferson, T. G. • Johnson, P. • Jones, T. W. • Kemp. W. • Lee, G. T. • Leftwich, A. H. • Lewis, N. C. • McCorkle, J. W. • McDowell, W. H. • Mason, S. B. • Patton, J. R. • Penn, J. G. • Perry, W. E. S. • Phillips, S. T. • Powell, J. J. A. • Preston, J. B. • Preston, T. W. • Redwood, W. F. • Richeson, J. D. • Roane, J. • Stacker, C. • Stanard, J. B. • Tabb, J. • Tackett, J. F. • Tardy, A. H. • Taylor, J. E. • Tunstall, R. B. • Turner, E. L. • Veitch, W. • Walker, C. P.
Company A Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Coughlin, August 20, 2012
2. Company A Marker
• Washington, L. • Wesson, C. M. • Wharton, J. E. • White, J. S. • Whitehead, H. C. • Wilson, R. G. • Woodlief, P. W.

Company C
A. Govan Hill,   Captain Commander
S. S. Shriver,   Cadet Captain
T. D. Davis,   Lieutenant • A. Boggess,   Lieutenant • J. A. Stuart,   Sergeant • L. C. Wise,   Sergeant • A. F. Redd,   Sergeant • W. B. Martin,   Sergeant • H. H. Dinwiddie,   Corporal • J. E. Wood,   Corporal • J. G. James,   Corporal • R. Ridley,   Corporal

Adams, S. B. • Blankman, J. S. • Blundon, R. M. • Booth, S. W. • Buffington, E. S. • Chalmers, W. M. • Crawford, W. B. • Crichton, J. A. • Davis, A. J. • Davis, L. S. • Dunn, J. R. • Early, J. C. • Ezekiel, M. J. • Fry, H. W. • Fulton, C. M. • Goode, H. L. • Goodwin, J. H. • Harrison, W. L. • Jones, W. S. • Lamb, W. • Langhorne, M. D. • Lee, R. F. • McGavock, J. W. • Martin, T. S. • Maury, R. • Merritt, J. L. • Minor, J. H. • Mitchell, S. T. • Morson, A. A. • Morson, J. B. • Noland, N. B. • Overton, A. W. • Page, P. N. • Pendleton, W. • Price, F. B. • Randolph, C. C. • Read, C. H. • Ricketts, L. C. • Roller, P. W. • Rose, G. M. • Rutherford, T. N. • Shields, J. H. • Shriver, T. H. • Slaughter, W. L. • Smith, G. H. • Smith, W. T. • Tate, C. B. • Taylor, B. D. • Taylor, C. • Taylor, W. C. • Thomson, M. • Tomes, F. J. • Toms, A. C. • Tuner, C. W. • Upshur, J. N. • Walker, C. D. • Waller,
Company B Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Coughlin, August 20, 2012
3. Company B Marker
P. E. • Walton, N. T. • Wheelwright, J. C. • Wilson, D. C. E.

Company D
T. Robinson,   Captain Commanding
B. A. Colonna,   Cadet Captain
J. F. Hanna,   Lieutenant • F. W. Claybrook,   Lieutenant • W. H. Cabell,   Sergeant • W. Nelson,   Sergeant • J. R. Echols,   Sergeant • C. M. Etheredge,   Sergeant • O. A. Glazebrook,   Corporal • Alfred Marshall,   Corporal • John S. Wise,   Corporal • J. R. Triplett,   Corporal

Akers, R. C. • Alexander, W. K. • Arbuckle, A. A. • Barney, W. H. • Baylor, J. B. • Beatie, W. F. • Berkeley, E. • Brown, J. A. • Clark, G. B. • Clendinen, T. R. • Cocke, J. Preston • Coleman, J. J. • Corbin, J. P. • Crenshaw, S. D. • Crews, B. S. • Crockett, C. G. • Crockett, H. S. • Dickinson, J. J. • Dillard, W. • Eubank, W. M. • Garnett, G. T. • Gray, J. B. • Hamlin, E. L. • Hannah, J. S. • Harvie, J. B. • Harvie, J. S. • Horsley, J. • Imboden, J. • Jones, H. J. • Kennedy, W. H. • King, D. P. • Kirk, W. M. • Knight, E. C. • Lee, F. T. • Letcher, S. H. • Locke, R. N. • Lowry, T. S. • Lumsden, W. J. • McClung, T. W. • Marks, C. H. • Marshall, M. • Moorman, E. S. • Nalle, G. B. W. • Phelps, T. K. • Peirce, D. S. • Radford, W. N. • Reid, J. J. • Reveley, G. F. • Sowers, J. F. • Stuart, A. H. H. • Tunstall, J. L. • Tutwiler, E. M. • Venable, W. L. • Ward, G. W. • Webb, J. S. • Wellford, C. E. • White, R. J. • Witt, J.
Company C Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Coughlin, August 20, 2012
4. Company C Marker
E. • Wood, M. B. • Johnson, F. S.

Roll of Honor

W. H. Cabel,   Sergeant,   Va. • S. F. Atwill,   Corporal,   Va. • W. H. McDowell,   N. C. • J. B. Stanard,   Va. • T. G. Jefferson,   Va. • A. G. Hartsfield,   N. C. • H. J. Jones,   Va. • C. G. Crockett,   Va. • J. C. Wheelwright,   Va. • L. C. Hayes,   Va.

Scott Shipp,   Lt.-Col.,   Va. • A. G. Hill,   Captain,   Va. • S. S. Shriver,   Captain,   Va. • A. Pizzini,   Sergeant,   Va. • H. W. Garrow,   Sergeant,   Ala. • J. A. Stuart,   Sergeant,   Va. • L. C. Wise,   Sergeant,   Va. • G. K. Macon,   Corporal,   Va. • J. S. Wise,   Corporal,   Va. • J. R. Triplett,   Corporal,   Va. • D. S. Pierce,   Va. • H. C. Whitehead,   Va. • G. Spiller,   Va. • H. J. Mead,   Va. • W. D. Buster,   Va. • J. Preston Cocke,   Va. • J. F. Bransford,   Va. • F. L. Smith, Jr.   • G. T. Garnett,   Va. • M. Marshall,   Miss. • W. Dillard,   Va. • C. T. Corling,   Va. • L. C. Haynes,   Va. • A. C. Hartsfiels,   N.C. • W. S. Jones, • Va. • E. D. Christian,   Va. • S. T. Phillips,   Va. • E. H. Smith,   Va. • C. H. Smith,   Va. • W. P. Watson,   Va. • P. Johnson,   Va. • J. N. Upshur,   Va. • T. W. White,   Va. • P. W. Woodlief,   La. • C. H. Read, Jr.   Va. • E. Berkeley,   Va. • R. A. Pendleton,   Va. • G. G. Randolph,   Va. • F. Gibson,   Va. • J. D. Darden,   Va. • E. S. Moorman,   Va. • J. L. Merritt,
Company D Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Coughlin, August 20, 2012
5. Company D Marker
  Va. • C. H. Harrison,   Va. • J. J. Dickinson,   Va. • C. D. Walker,   Va. • J. Imboden, Va. • W. O. Harris,   Va. • J. G. Howard,   Va. • J. H. Goodwin,   Va.

New Market, Virginia,   May 15, 1864.
Field and Staff
Lieut-Colonel Scott Shipp, Commandant • Col. R. L. Madison, Surgeon • Capt. George Ross, Asst. Surgeon Capt. J. C. Whitwell, Commissary and Q.M. • Capt. J. C. Whitwell, Commissary and Q.M. • Cadet Lieut. Cary Weston, Adjutant • Cadet Lieut. J. W. Wyatt, Q.M.

Non-Commissioned Staff
Cadet Sergeant J. E. Woodbridge, Seargeant-Major • Cadet Sergeant O. P. Evans, Color Bearer • Cadet Sergeant G. A. Davenport, Q.M. Sergeant

J. W. Crocken,   Fifer • Richard Staples,   Kettle-drum • Jacob Marks,   Bass-drum

Erected 1903.
Topics. This historical marker is listed in these topic lists: Cemeteries & Burial SitesWar, US Civil. A significant historical month for this entry is May 1906.
Location. 37° 47.394′ N, 79° 26.18′ W. Marker is in Lexington, Virginia. Marker is on Letcher Avenue, on the right when traveling east. Marker is located on the grounds of the Virginia Military Institute. Touch for map. Marker is in this post office area: Lexington VA 24450, United States of America. Touch for directions.
Other nearby markers. At least 8 other markers are within walking distance of this marker. General Lemuel C. Shepherd Jr. (within shouting distance of this
Roll of Honor Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Coughlin, August 20, 2012
6. Roll of Honor Marker
marker); Little Sorrel (within shouting distance of this marker); Jackson’s Classroom (within shouting distance of this marker); Cincinnatus Citizen-Soldier (within shouting distance of this marker); The Cadet Battery (about 300 feet away, measured in a direct line); P. Wesley Foster, Jr. (about 300 feet away); Virginia Military Institute Historic District (about 300 feet away); Barracks     The Virginia Military Institute (about 300 feet away). Touch for a list and map of all markers in Lexington.
New Market Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Coughlin, August 20, 2012
7. New Market Marker
Monument at VMI image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Coughlin, August 20, 2012
8. Monument at VMI
Closeup of Statue image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Coughlin, August 20, 2012
9. Closeup of Statue
This bronze sculpture was done by Moses Ezekiel, VMI Class of 1866. Ezekiel fought at the Battle of New Market.
Cadet Markers image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Coughlin, August 20, 2012
10. Cadet Markers
Grave markers for the VMI cadets who died in the Battle of New Market, Va. on May 15, 1864 are behind the monument. These include Cadets William H. Cabell, Jaqueline B. Stanard, Samuel F. Atwill, Charles G. Crockett, Thomas G. Jefferson, Henry J. Jones, William H. McDowell, Joseph C. Wheelwright, Luther C. Haynes, and Alva C. Hartsfield. The remains of six of these cadets are encased in a copper box in the foundation of the monument.
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