“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
Near Mifflintown in Juniata County, Pennsylvania — The American Northeast (Mid-Atlantic)

Walker Township Veterans Honor Roll

* Denotes Killed in Action

Walker Township Veterans Honor Roll Marker [Left plaque] image. Click for full size.
By Devry Becker Jones, May 31, 2019
1. Walker Township Veterans Honor Roll Marker [Left plaque]
[Left plaque:]
Amrhein, I.E.
Amrhein, K.L.
Amrhein, W.M.
Amtower, M.H.
Anderson, J.N.
Arnold, W.R.
Austin, D.N.
Baker, D.G.
Baker, R.R.
Baldwin, R.A.
Baney, W.L.
Barefoot, W.C.
Barlow, H.R.
Barlow, S.R.
Barner, L.E.
Barner, W.M.
Barton, R.E.
Bashore, M.R.
Bashore, W.H.
Bashore, W.H.
Basom, K.L.
Basom, W.E.
Baumgarnder, R.M.
Baumgardner, W.A.
Beale, R.F.
Becker, H.J. Jr.
Bell, F.H.
Bell, R.W.
Bell, T.D.
Bernheisel, R.R.

Bingman, J.F.
Bitmer, S.R.
Booher, E.A.
Booher, E.R.
Booher, F.B.
Booher, W.W.
Book, J.D.
Booker, S.E.
Bookwalter, F.C.
Bookwalter, H.P.
Bookwalter, P.O.
Bossert, G.A.
Bowen, J.E.
Brubaker, L.S. *
Bryner, H.G. *
Bryner, W.P.
Burchfield, J.W.
Burdge, C.R.
Casner, R.M.
Clark, B.D.
Cleck, C.B.
Cleck, M.W.
Cleck, S.E.
Clemens, B.F.
Coder, J.M.
Cunningham, G.S.
Cunningham, J.H.
Cunningham, J.J.
Cunningham, J.M.
Walker Township Veterans Honor Roll Marker [Right plaque] image. Click for full size.
By Devry Becker Jones, May 31, 2019
2. Walker Township Veterans Honor Roll Marker [Right plaque]

Cunningham, W.D.
Cunningham, W.R.
Davis, T.H.
Davis, T.H.
Davis, W.A.
Davis, W.A. Jr.
Davis, W.N.
Deamer, J.R. *
Detra, M.M.
Detra, W.B.
Dimm, R.J.
Dolin, C.E.
Dolin, R.E.
Dolin, T.E.
Dressler, C.G.
Dressler, W.C.
Duncan, C.L.
Duncan, W.H.
Dysinger, D.R.
Eby, D.F.
Eby, H.D.
Ernest, B.T.
Fairman, H.B. Jr.
Fairman, J.T.
Fairman, J.W.
Farleman, W.M.
Fogleman, H.R.
Fogleman, K.I.
Fogleman, W.A.

Foltz, J.M.
Foltz, R.D.
Foltz, R.F.
Foltz, R.F. Jr.
Foster, C.G.
Foster, D.R.
Fry, M.A.
Frymire, J.W.
Gill, P.R.
Gingrich, B.H.
Gingrich, C.C. *
Gingrich, C.S.
Gingrich, D.G.
Gingrich, H.L.
Gingrich, M.L.
Graham, C.M.
Graham, J.P.
Graybill, D.E.
Graybill, H.R.
Graybill, W.W.
Grening, G.A.
Grening, R.C.
Groninger, C.H.
Groninger, G.D.
Groninger, J.E.
Groninger, O.G.
Groninger, R.D.
Guiser, G.D.
Guiser, P.L.
Gutshall, C.W.

Guyer, L.J.
Hack, E.F.
Hack, E.F. Jr.
Hack, W.H.
Hackenberger, C.A.
Hackenberger, E.R.
Hackenberger, J.E.
Hackenberger, J.M.
Hackenberger, L.E.
Hackenberger, P.H.
Hackenberger, R.R.
Hackenberger, V.P.
Walker Township Veterans Honor Roll Marker image. Click for full size.
By Devry Becker Jones, May 31, 2019
3. Walker Township Veterans Honor Roll Marker
Hackenberger, W.R.
Hackett, D.H.
Hackett, R.F.
Haubert, C.E.
Haubert, E.C.
Haubert, H.W.
Haubert, J.P.
Haubert, R.R.
Haubert, R.T.
Haubert, W.L.
Heckman, A.L.
Heckman, G.L.
Heimbaugh, C.E.
Heimbaugh, J.M.
Henry, C.E. *
Hetrick, J.I. Jr.
Hetrick, J.M.

Hostetler, D.R.
Hostetler, M.C.
Hostler, R.N.
Houtz, H.L.
Hower, D.S.
Hower, N.C.
Isenberg, P.R.
Kauffman, J.A.
Kauffman, M.L.
Kauffman. R.B.
Kauffman, R.E.

Auker, J.F.
Bashore, J.O.
Bernheisel, R.R.
Gray, D.F.
Hackenberger, G.L.
Harbert, S.L.
Hosler, J.H. Jr.
Lehman, G.A.
Metz, S.F.
McKee, D.A.
Rowe, J.W.
Rowe, R.V.
Singer, R.E.
Slautterback, G.A.
Walters, J.S. Jr.

[Right plaque:]
Kauffman, R.R.
Kauffman, S.G.
Kerchner, L.H.
Kipp, J.E.
Klase, C.P.
Laird, J.D.
Laird, J.E.
Laird, W.R.
Landis, B.L.
Landis, F.L.
Landis, H.R.
Landis, J.E.
Landis, J.R.
Landis, K.S.
Landis, L.E.
Landis, R.D.
Landis, T.E.
Landis, T.M.
Lauver, H.O.
Lauver, J.W.
Lauver, W.C.
Leach, L.
Leach, L.
Leiter, C.E.
Leiter, J.L.
Longacre, M.A.
Manbeck, T.S.
McBurney, D.J.
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McBurney, J.O.

McCarchey, C.R.
McCarchey, H.H.
McCarchey, J.E. Jr.
McCormick, C.A.
McKee, C.R.
McNemar, E.R.
McNemar, H.C.
McNemar, J.W.
McNemar, R.W.
Mellan, M.T.
Mertz, D.
Mertz, S.A. Jr.
Messimer, C.E.
Miller, C.R.
Miller, J.A.
Miller, L.E.
Miller, R.O. Jr.
Miller, S.F.
Miller, V.L.
Moser, D.W.
Neff, M.L.
Nickle, C.H.
O'Neal, C.R.
O'Neal, J.H.
Ort, L.W.
Ort, R.H.
Ort, W.E.
Page, L.E.
Page, R.E.
Portzline, G.L.

Portzline, J.W.
Prye, D.W.
Prye, K.L.
Prye, L.E.
Prye, R.S.
Ranck, M.J.
Ranck, W.F.
Rapp, C.R.
Rapp, L.F.
Rayson, D.W.
Renninger, C.H.
Reynolds, K.C.
Rumbaugh, R.
Scott, T.W.
Seiber, F.M.
Seiber, P.E.
Seiber, R.M.
Shaeffer, J.H.
Shaeffer, S.D.
Shaeffer, P.D. *
Sheerer, C.E.
Sheerer, E.E.
Sheerer, H.I.
Sheerer, I.W.
Sheriff, S.H.
Sieber, R.O.
Sigler, F.
Sigler, R.D.
Slagle, E.A.

Slagle, E.H.
Slagle, F.L. *
Slagle, J.J.
Slagle, W.S.
Smith, D.C.
Smith, D.E.
Smith, D.L.
Smith, F.P.
Smith, G.R.
Smith, J.L.
Smith, J.T.
Smith, R.
Stoner, E.P.
Stoner, S.J.
Strong, B.F.
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Swartz, C.L.
Swartz, E.C.
Swartz, H.W.
Swartz, J.B.
Swartz, J.R.
Swartz, K.E.
Swartz, M.O.
Taylor, W.E.
Thompson, H.L.
Thompson, P.M.
Thompson, W.R.
Troutman, J.L.
Turbett, C.G.

Turbett, C.S.
Wagner, B.W.
Wagner, D.P.
Wagner, E.J.
Wagner, K.R.
Wagner, T.E.
Wagner, W.A.
Walton, H.D.
Walton, J.C.
Walton, W.W. *
Waughtel, J.A.
Welsenhonse, J.E.
Welsenhonse, J.H.
Wert, W.D.
Weyrich, J.L. Jr.
Whistler, A.W.
Whistler, J.C.
Willi, A.H.
Willi, E.
Williams, F.P.
Williams, F.P. II
Willoughby, L.E.
Wilson, F.I.
Wilson, G.W.
Winey, H.A.
Winey, W.L.
Wirt, B.E.
Wirt, C.G.
Wirt, J.L.
Wirt, J.M.

Wirt, R.E.
Wirt, S.D.
Yetter, J.L.
Yetter, J.S.
Yorks, J.E. Sr.
Zeiders, D.E.
Zeiders, R.G.
Zeigler, J.W.
Zimmerman, I.F.
Zook, M.A.

Batt, D.P.
Cunningham, J.R.
Garland, M.D.
Laird, W.C.
McFarland, R.W.
Reik, C.A.
Roe, G.N.
Rowe, R.B.
Location. 40° 32.192′ N, 77° 21.145′ W. Marker is near Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, in Juniata County. Memorial is at the intersection of William Penn Highway and Landis Street, on the right when traveling east on William Penn Highway. Touch for map. Marker is at or near this postal address: 6837 William Penn Highway, Mifflintown PA 17059, United States of America. Touch for directions.
Other nearby markers. At least 8 other markers are within 4 miles of this marker, measured as the crow flies. Mexico (here, next to this marker); First White Settlement in the Juniata Valley (a few steps from this marker); Col. William Patterson (within shouting distance of this marker); Patterson's Fort (about 500 feet away, measured in a direct line); Fort Bigham (approx. one mile away); Juniata County (approx. 3.3 miles away); Juniata County War Memorial (approx. 3.3 miles away); John Harris (approx. 3.3 miles away). Touch for a list and map of all markers in Mifflintown.
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