“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
Carmel in Putnam County, New York — The American Northeast (Mid-Atlantic)

Putnam County Veterans Monument

Putnam County Veterans Monument image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
1. Putnam County Veterans Monument
To Honor All Men And Women
Putnam County, New York
Who Answered Our Nation's
Call To Duty and Service
In Time of War and Time of Peace
Always Keep Them in Your Heart and Prayers
All Gave Some – Some Gave All

Putnam County Joint Veterans Council
Charles J. Moore Chairman
Michael F. Colt Vice-Chaiman
Robert E. Helmchon Treasurer
William Liebermann Adjutant
Peter T. Allegretta Delegate
Gerald DeFrancesco Delegate
James Dipelesi Delegate
Ted Donaher Delegate
Karl R. Rohde Delegate
Charles A. Scheffler Delegate
Harold Willis Delegate
2 August 1997

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In Recognition
of their
Support and Assiatance
Putnam County Veterans Memorial Monument
Robert Bondi Putnam County Executive
Arne Nordstrom Chairman Board of Legislators P.C.
Members Board of Legislators P.C.
Harold J. Gary Commissioner Highways & Facilities P.C.
Joseph Cerniglia Sentrale Construction Company
Jay Martino Pre-Con Construction
Operating Engineers Local 137
Operating Engineers Local 15D Surveyors
Electricians Union Local 3 IBEW
Laborers Heavy Highway Local 60
United Brotherhood of Carpenters
Putnam County Veterans Monument image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
2. Putnam County Veterans Monument
Local 163

[ inscriptions on the paving bricks ]
[ Dedication Plaque Column ]
Putnam County American Legion American Legion Post 1080 Mahopac NY In Honor of All Who Served Leg D. Koberger J. Piechocniski B. Piechocniski L. Piechocniski The Malfa's Mahopac NY Ronald Grey Post 1542 Patterson NY In Memory of Silvio Merola World War II John and Alana Sweeny and Family Putnam Deputy Sheriffs Benev Assn Thank Vets Dan Birmingham Deputy County Executive R.A. Muscarella Putnam County Historian M.A. Loughran Putnam County Chief of Staff William B. Braatz In Memoriam W.L. Duffy In Memory of All Who Served In Memory of Stephen Emrick Loving Memory Adele Rackett William Muenz Paul Salvatore Ronald Koch In Memory of Joseph Castiglion Michael K. Semo PC Legislator Peter J. Mittchel Robert Bondi Putnam County Executive Legislator Robert P. McGuigan Jr.
US Army
Edward F. Smith US Army KIA Alaskan Highway Pat Stellacci S/Sgt 89th FA USA Erwin a. kraft M/Sgt USA Ret Edward Hopkins Sgt Third Army 411th Artil WW II Frank Serra Army Vietnam 67-68 You are not forgotten Betty Rodda Vietnam 101st Angelo V. Prisciantelli Sgt Raymond V. Bellotti 42108070 WWII Merritt Ryder Captain-US Army WWII 1941-1946 Adelbert Adams Sgt US Army Pacific WWII I. Giannettino Sgt Army Vietnam Donald McLagan US Army WW 2 Chas. Gottwald Army WW 2 Edward S. Palmer In Memory of 1 21 95-6-6-83 W.F. Mangieri Sr. US Army Berlin Billy Harold J. Patricia A. Willis Cpt. W.R. Beal Sr. 401st Engr Bn US Army Skip Powers Atomic
Putnam County Veterans Monument image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
3. Putnam County Veterans Monument
Vet U.S.A. Nevada 1955 Robert Francis Sergeant 1945 Sam J. Oliverio 1944-1947 1975-1978 Dan Sclafani Amphibian Truck Company Joseph C. Rufo US Army WWII 297th Combat Eng PFC US Army J. Sferiazza In Loving Memory of Frank Simon John C. Fowler USAF 1981-87 In Memory of A.J. Salerno US Army WWII William J. Oates US Army 42180094 John J. Barrett Sgt US Army WWII 1941-1945 Frank Martin Army-Vietnam 1st Cavalry Rodda Sinkevicz In Memory of Bernie Kahn Arthur Kelly US Army WWII Korea James W. Flanagan US Army WWII S. Mazzola USAC J. Mazzola USA R. Mazzola USAC In Memory of Robert Foote US Army Korea Caleb F. Smith Army 42 to 46 Patterson Michael P. Spina 1942 AAF 1946 In Memory of Gerald L. Fino WWII Guam John M. Rosetti US Army 1943 2004 Robert C. Sprague Jr. US Army WW2 Tony & Colleen Edwards & Family Anthony Stone Army Korea 1953-1954 Al Sinclair 13 Med Tk Bt 1st Armord Div Mario F. Caruso US Army WWII 1913-1980 Geo. Johansen Capt. USAAF WW2 Steve Sclafani Korean War Infantry Irma T. Sibilia A209908 WAC John Lundelius PFC Infantry Korea 3-24-53 MSG C.W. Rodda US Army 1957 1962 Cpl I. Deluccia 10th Mt Div WWII In Memory of John W. Mann 111th Inf Div Daniel Pelose US Army World War II Patrick Kiernan 40th Infantry World War II Lawrence Romeo US Army Cavalry In Memory KIA Raymond Eufimia Vincent Corona Charles L. Schalkham Army WWII Cpl E.A. Smith 82nd Airborne Capt A.F. Jaffee 7th Div 3rd Army US Army 42 45 PFC US Army Vito Badala Lt. Colonel T.D. Tulipane USAAF WWII USAAC St Lo, Fr 82822 72744 Lewis Nichols Cpl USAF WWII John Castaldo 1943-1995
US Army image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
4. US Army
Leo J. Kuron US Army Korea Charles H. Colt Pvt 44 NY Vol Inf KIA May 6 1864 Ed Ulrich Sr.US Army World War II In Memory of Chris W. Mann Ninth Division Sp-5 I. Gibbs 68 114 Aslt Hel Co Vin Long Field Charles W. Aubry US Army Russell Evans US Army WWII Louis Skip Fehr 69th Rgt US Army 1966-1968 Reed Hopkins 1257 English Com Bn US ArmyTec 5 Harold Willis 841 Eng Avn Bn Korea 52-53 PFC Vin Calvo Inf US Army RR 2-1951 2-1953 Cpl 1st Army Pat Cutillo V.J. Muscarella Sgt WWII 41 46 James V. Vozzi US Army WWII James Reilly Jr. US Army W.H. Stephens AAC WWII Gerald A. Baker POW 1944 45 Battle of Bulge Matthew Barbara Army Pacific Lawrence Murray US Army 1963-1965 Roland Fraser Bat C 112 AAA Bill Pulver US Army WW2 Cpl US Army World War II Edwin Reynold Tom Loughran New Rochelle State St US WW2 Francis McCourt US Army RA6974005 Stephen Smrek Sgt World War 2 G.M. Jezarian Vietnam 68-69 Purple Heart Arthur E. Hansen Veteran WW I Roger Gross Lt. 1 Inf Div RVN 1968-1969 Earl C. Nelson 65 Inf Regt Korea James Vaughan AFS WWII Burma Miss You Dad In Memory of Sg George Bruen 770 Rlwy Opp Bn In Memory of Sander A. Olson World War II J. Robert Dwyer US Army WW2 George Lambert WWII Army VFW A True Comrade Steve Davidson Patterson NY USA Korea PFC Lewis E. Adams 11065127 WWII 2 Wars 2 Great Men John and Frank Zaffino Arthur Schenk 141st Inf Regt POW Germany Robert Palmer US Army 8/42 to 11/45 Lillian M. Nicolaidis Coloner USAR Walter W. Head PV-2 US Army Korea 1951-53 Chris G. Kelly 1st Cav US Army Fulvio Paniconi US Army Nick Capizola Vietnam 67-68 R.C.
Merchant Marine image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
5. Merchant Marine
Pramaggiore 63 Signal Batt 1945-1947 Army American Legion Post 1030 Mahopac NY Mario Folla US Army 62-64 John Castaldo 1917-1993 USA Bill Patten US Army Vietnam Henry J. Palmer In Memory of 328241991 R.C. Pramaggiore 63 Signal Batt 1945-1947 Army Dan Colasuonno US Army 1966-68 Stephen Colt US Army Oscar Peterson World War II US Army Kenneth J. Jahn 714 R.B. Korea 52 Chas. Goldstein WWII D Day US Army 42-45 Vincent Muccioli US Army 51-53 S/Sgt US Army Gerard Schutz WWII 1942-1945 W. Waterbury Sr.US Army World War II Ozzie Azadian US Army Lest We Forget Larry Molahan Korea In Memory of Capt. E. Starr Army 1961-66 Ed Ulrich Jr. US Air Force US Army PFC L. Franzese 82nd Airborn 1956-1959 Joseph Clayton Army WWII Patrick Martin 7th Infantry Korea 1951 Geo. Whipple Jr. Capt NYSNG Pine View Farm Corporal W.T. Bushey KIA Vietnam Stiebeling Henry Adam Spec 4 59-62 Guido Boniello Sp4 US Army 63-65 Joseph Zutell GAR 1861 1865 Civil War William C. Baer US Army 1951-53 Erwin Moosher 27th Inf Korea Sgt Joe Huben 467-Bomb Group 8th Air Force Killed St Lo France Jan 45 World War II Mom Dad Joann Judy Michael Memory of Our Son Geoffrey Morrissey Jr. Domenico Aceio 56th Pioneer Infantry WWI Paul Lincoln Bade 2 Lt 360 Ftr Gr 391 Sq Richard Carroll Tech Sgt US Army WWII Thomas Hannon 8th Army Korea Purple Heart Martin Brech WWII ETO Battle Star John Scherer WWII Samuel Golden WWII 97th Div ETO WPTO 44-46 Robert Feeley Jr. PRU WWII USA Gordon Feeley WWII USA Mike Fergin Garrison, NY USAF 1966 Walter Pilner Major WWII Army Corp Eng In Memory of John P. Meehan
US Coast Guard image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
6. US Coast Guard
1881 Av Eng Bn Chas. Johansen PFC US Army WW2 Gary & Debby Lamour Gary US Army 67 68 John R. Costello Spc US Army 1991-1996 Ronald Grey Sgt USAAF KIA ETO 1943 Joseph Trupiano US Army WWII Emil Weizenecker US Army WW2 S. Santeramo Korea 1953 2nd Inf Div BG J. Doresy MD US Army WWII 1911-1990 Sgt W.L. Albert Army World War II 42-45 94th Inf Div In Memory of Paul Smith Sgt 63 Signal AWDEF Edward L. King Gunnery Sch Fort Sill OK Charles Smyth Sgt 1965 1 Cav Vietnam CIB & PH Donald J. Smith US Army WW2 Big Red 1 Art L. Bishop Army Vietnam Steven G. Marx US Army 1994-1998 Paul Andricosky WWII Pacific Homer J. Wright Bud Age 19 KIA 2-27-45 WWII M/Sgt 1st Army Larry Abamonte Cpl. H. Villosio US Army US Army WWII Sal Salamone Love Mary Ann Karl Rohde First Chairman Joint Veterans William Walter Chamberlain Sr.US Army WWII Ed Grozinger US Army William J. Pawlowski S/Sgt Army WWII Fredrick Mojo Wennberg VFW 549T 1997 Walter J. Wade USAAF Lt WWII B-17 Pilot In Memory Mike Patten USA Berlin Harvey J. Huestis World War II DAV In Memory of Mike C. Baumler WWII US Army Edward Wanser 3270341 Army Joseph J. Knox US Army Korea 1952-1954 Mary & Dino Rooda-Gaudino Ed Oakley Sgt 25th Inf Div Korea 1952-54 Christopher R. Colt Army 1979-85 Robt. Coughlin Normandy POW Battle Bulge Herbert Aram US Army WWII 1942 to 1945 Henry Alfke KIA Army WWII We Remember Staff Sergeant James V. Kane WW2 1942-1945 Sp5 W.T. Albert Vietnam 69 71 518 SIGCO Army Paul A. Fava Marianne Fava US Army 1956 Kari Dori Karl & Irene Rohde Honor Veterans Paul Wertz Croton Falls US Army WW2 S/Sgt
US Air Force image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
7. US Air Force
G.D. Keith WWII 8th AF 92 Bomb Grp James C. Foster KIA Vietnam 101st AB 21968 C.F. Gregory AAF TSgt 416 POW WWII 1942 1945 M. Stephens MD US Army Medical Corps James F. Sharkey We Miss You Eleanor S. The Blandfords US Army Andrew J. Durkin Cpl US 51065037 Combat Engineer Robert Tompkins ROTC 067609887 Francis Caputo US AF Japan Bob Burke 24th Inf Div Korea 1951-52 C.F. Asselmeyer Sgt US Army Korea 1952-1954 A. Ziegler WW1 W.C. Sieck WW2 W. Sieck Vietnam PFC V. Calvo 2BT Co G 200reg 31 Inf Div 2 1951-57 Cpl John P. Kelleher 7 Div US Army Korea Andy Malizioso Military Police Gilbert Crounse WWI G. Lee Currier KIA Vietnam 68 212 MP Co Army Ray J. Sanchez WWII CBI VFW Paul F. Weizenecker 1st Armored Div Wesley Mackey US Army 70-72 W.D. Mackey Sr.US Army 41-45 M.E. Sassman US Army 42-46 Walter Ashbook S/Sgt WWII US Air Force Jack Porcelli WWII MTO 61142945 Edward F. Palmer In Memory of 3 28 24-12 26 83 James P. Gaines 1900-1992 Pvt Co E 551 Inf 1920 Army Robt. Coughlin Normandy POW Battle Bulge R.G. Fischer 1914-1997 WWII James Clair 1934-1989 USA Andrew & Annamarie Delicato Gilbert DeSalvo 107th PM Army The Bulge Ed Oakley Sgt 25th Inf Div Korea 1952-54 Robert Tobin Jr. US Army 1959-62 S/Sgt US Army Gerard Schutz WWII 1942-1945 A.N. Yacovacci Sgt US Army 1943-1945 Patrick & Nora Martin Korea 1951 Robert Hansen Army Air Corps World War II Doug Benjamin SSgt 255th Inf WWII 42-45 Dennis Noonan Nam 1968-1969 Edward Voight 1926-1976 USA 1942-1945 Geo. C. Tompkins Army WWII Robert V. Smith US Army WW2 Robert Othmer WWII US Army 1943-4 Pacific Charles
U.S. Navy image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
8. U.S. Navy
Hale US Army World War II Peter Nugaro Robert H. Meyer Vietnam Vet Ronald Prewitt 34th Infantry 1940-1945 In Memory of Sgt Chas. Gross WW2 1943-1946 Louis Gasparini Army 1952-1953 23rd Reg Korea Edwin Jarvis US Army 42-44 Donald & Marge Johnson Mahopac NY Charles Hinkley 1895-1935 WWI 1917 1918 US Army John R. Bourke US Army WWII James Rogers US Army 1943-46 4th Div 12th In 6th Armored Div Victor Prisciantelli WWII Andrew Hoffman US Army WWII Walter Hettwer US Army 1954 to 1956 Carmine Caputo US Army WWII Sonny Robitaille Army 1958-62 The Charles W. Rodda Jr. Family Frank Sclafani Tank Battalion Wayne L. Smith Army Inf 71-73 Walter Magalski Sgt US Army WW2 John J. Tomapat US Army WWII Corporal Frank Koehler Sgt USA 41-45 Richard Azadian US Army Nicholas Aus Noviello 41 45 Cpl C.F. Williams US Army Korea 1951-54 F.J. Tierney WWII & Korea Robert Feeley Sgt WWI USA Pine View Farm Hagop (Jack) Tarlaian US Army Cpl Thomas E. Costello US Army Korea 1949 1952 John George KIA Korea MHS Class 1949 Thomas Hannon 8th Army Korea Purple Heart John C. Foster Beloved Brother US Army Howard F. Weizenecker 724 TROB Korea In Memory of Harold Cipriani WWII USA 1942-45 Loving Memory Thomas Buckley US Army Pole Donated by Legion Post Coldspring NY Robert Frieary Vietnam Vet US Army DAV Martin Schmid US Army 1937-2008 Wright Lawrence Paul USA GHQPAC 1945 Stephen Maslak US Army WWII John L. Galchus Sfc US Army 1952-1960 C. Bstr Hinkley USA Inf WWII KIA Luzon 2645 Peter Hassett Vietnam War Veteran James Morgia Korean War 45th Division
Merchant Marine
U.S. Marine Corps image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
9. U.S. Marine Corps
Arthur Maiden Mar 42 MM 47 USNR 1949 1951 Joseph & Gloria Tanning James Auditore KIA 3-17-1943 North Atlantic Edward Donaher Merchant Marine 1943-1950 Russell Donaher Merchant Marine Edwin J. O'Hara KIA 9-27-1942 South Atlantic Eugene DeLong POW 6-42 8-45 Germany Japan Robert Donaher Merchant Marine 1943 1944 Harold Crocket Chief Engineer USMM 1928-1972 American Legion Post 1080 Mahopac NY Jim Dipelesi SS Hauser 1943 Merchant Marine
US Coast Guard
USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 68 Yonkers NY Flotilla 6-6 USCG Auxiliary Tarrytown NY US Coast Guard Aux Mahopac NY Flotilla 0603 V.E. Scaperotti S2 US Coast Guard WWII Dean Tulipane Port Sec USCG Port New York William Wachter Merchant Marine 1941-1946 John A. Jordan US Coast Guard WWII Charles A. Scheffler Jr. LCDR USCG USCG Aux #6-7 Jack Hayes & Mirian Hayes William Donaher USCG Bibe 1942 1946 Phin Sheridan WW2 USCG N. Bruckenthal USCG KIA Iraq 4-24-04 American Legion Post 1080 Mahopac NY Al Antaki Merchant Marine 1942 1946 Capt Ed Fowler SS Tr Marshall USMM 1932-1976 John J. Colt USCG 1970 1996 Harriet and Edward Kraynik A.L. Caravetta US Coast Guard US Coast Guard Aux J. Dipelesi 2001 Div 6 Capt John H. Love Jr. US Coast Guard Chris Chambers USCG 1942-1946 John A. Jordan US Coast Guard WWII Ronald Bardonek US Coast Guard Vietnam Gerald Blasl USCG Spencer 1948-1952
US Air Force
Lawrence Schrantz Air Force N.F. Caputo ETO US Air Force WWII POW Bob Ulrich Sr. US Air Force US Army Sanchez C.R. 2120 Aer Arty 1st Cav Div American Legion Post
Granite Bench image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
10. Granite Bench
To All Who
Waited and Prayed for Peace
1080 Mahopac NY Heidi Azadian US Air Force Robert Tompkins USAF 059483230 Mike Bergin Garrison NY USAF 1962 1966 In Memory of Paul S. Card USAF Charles W. Ward Major USAF 1941-1962 Putnam 40 & 8 Voiture 1545 Roy Lagerwall Major USAF KIA Laos 1972 Erwin Popkin US Air Corp 1st Lt 1943 45 Edgar j. Ulrich US Air Force Ammo Worldwide In Memory of S/Sgt John O'Brien AF 448 Bomb Gr Michael K. Semo Capt USAF Charles W. Ward Major USAF 1941-1962 Garth Fletcher Air Force POW Death March 42 Ward Lyke US Air Force 42-46 James Rogers US Air Force John Maher US Air Force 1956-1961 In Memory of William Wiegert Air Force Korea Walt Ashbrook S/Sgt WWII US Air Force Henry Lawston US Air Force 1943 1946 Larry Christ USAF WWII Walter Haass Air Corp WWII Bil Tulipane TSgt USAF ANG 1966-1993 Eddie Donaher US Air Force 1956-1961 Ernest Neydi Army AF WWII Bill Nichols T/4 USFA WWII V.A. Barbaro US Air Force Douglas Keith US Air Force Mahopac NY Daniel Whalen USAF 1968-1972 Dingler L.A. Sgt USAF Vietnam 70 71 Wm. A. Macomber 15 AF 451G725S Brewster NY Frank Montagna US Air Force
U.S. Navy
Ken Palmer WWII 87 Naval Con Bt Brewster NY John Cirilli USS Amphion USN 1945-1947 David Lewis USN 1944 1946 James Heinchon US Navy Korea Chas. H. Miller 1965 USN 1969 American Legion Post 1080 Mahopac NY Callinan Family Vietnam 1966-67 Edward Donaher Navy 1950 1952 Bernard Kiernan "Toby" US Navy Phil Sheridan II USN Vietnam In Memory of Walter Schacht Edward J. Brady US Navy WWII Albert Gutasy US Navy Seebees CMI 1942 1945 Raymond Defrancesco
Granite Bench image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
11. Granite Bench
In Memory Of
All POW's and MIA'S
US Navy George Hinkley US Navy WWII 1941-1945 Russell Evans US Navy 1960-1969 Frederick F. Madden USN WWII 43 47 Robert Heinchon WWII USN 1944-46 Combat Air Crew Frankie Smith USN Patterson In Memory of Harold Nelson USS Gordius Frederick F. Madden USN Vietnam 68 72 Lyman A. Beecher US Navy World War 2 Richard G. Hopkins Lt USN World War II Michael Fitzsimmons 1962-84 Navy Paul Salvatore USN CB WWII J.P. Bonciovanni RM3 44-46 USS New Orleans Robert McMahon Commander FMF USNR 1964-99 In Memory of Wm. E. Thorn Korea US Navy Michael Colt USN WW2 Korea Bob LePere US Navy WWII Vince J. Cioffi Navy 1951-55 Ray Matthews US Navy WWII Joseph Albert Dennerlein Jr. USN 1977-1981 Pole Donated by VFW Post 672 Brewster NY Joseph Klein Navy Gunner World War II Stanley Walter Stankunas US Navy WWII Jean A. St. Jean MM1 US Navy Korea Loving Memory Rosemary Lally Navy WAVE WWII Harold Cipriani US Navy Vietnam James J. Reilly WWII US Navy Paul A. Fava Marianne Fava US Army 1956 D. Mallory Stephens USN WWI USN 1988 94 Scott Angelmaier Jerry W. Guglielmo US Navy R.J. Koehler USN 46-48 CPO US Navy John P. Hayes Carmel Historical Society 1982 D.E. Nell Marine G.R. Nell Navy John J. Scollan USS Albany US Navy James Molahan USN Korea 1952 T. Blessington Pearl Harbor USS Helena Jerry Thomas USN 53-56 USS Intrepid L.W. Bergensten USN 2-45 7-46 2-27 1-89 Walt Lada USN CINCLANTFLT VW4 1951 1955 Edw. R. Lamere Sr. USN Kenneth Foran USN WWII Korea 1944-46 51-52 Joseph Clayton Corpman 2Cl T.R. Sullivan USN DMS 32 1945-1947 M.J. Punthillo WWII US Navy 1942-1952 Forkell
Donation Plaque image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
12. Donation Plaque
Donated By
Mahopac V.F.W. Post #5491
John J. USN WW2 Daniel USMC WW2 Charles A. Scheffler III CIA USN James F. Hitzelberger US Navy WWII Mike & Susan DeFrancesco John Cirilli USS New Jersey USN 1950 1952 Terry McDonald US Navy Korea Trevor F. Lewis USN 1941-1945 F. Tempestilli USS Wasp CV18 WWII 43-46 Ed Casquarelli US Navy Walt Lada USN CINCLANTFLT VW4 1951 1955 Robert Disque US Navy WWII Don Davidson Patterson NY USNR WW2 Anthony Pinto Bronx WWII Navy 1943-1946 Bob O'Connor USN 1955-58 Jos. McCormack I II III US Navy Raymond B. Costello Jr. US Navy P.E. Prinz Army G.A. Prinz Army P.E. Prinz Navy James Crowen US Navy CBS WW2 Raymond P. Keefe US Army 1940-45 US Navy 1964-70 Warren Stron Navy 1941-46 Army 1951-54 Mel Sheppard USS Augusta USN 1943-46 George L. Daros Navy PO MM1/C WWII 1942-1946 Lewis R. Ward FP2 US Navy Korean War John Tulipane US Navy Seabee WWII Omaha DDay Gorden A. Madden Sr. USN WWII 43 50 John J. Tomapat US Navy Vietnam Master Chief In Memory of George Higgins WWII Navy Dept John J. Scollan USS Albany US Navy John J. Flynn US Navy 1942-1945 In Memory of Joe McCormack USN NYPD 27434 Alton B. Ligon GMM1 US Navy WWII Korea Vern Fletcher Seabees #109 S Pacific 43-46 Geo. DeAngelis US Navy World War II AKA72 Amphibious CSWL Robert F. Kelly US Navy J.C. Owens DD776 Joan Ross Beal USN Corpsman WAVES Chas. W. Miller 1942 USN 1946 Peter A. Tavino US Navy World War II William R. Miller Jr. US Navy 1945-47 Putnam 40 & 8 Voiture 1545 In Memory Paul L Fava US Navy 1985 Edward Butler GM 3Cl US Navy Ray Heinchon US Navy WWII Otto Romanino US Navy 1954-1956 Fred J. Carlson
Donation Plaque image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
13. Donation Plaque
Donated By
Brewster V.F.W. Post #672
Seabee CE2 B53 Vietnam 688 69 Jim Dipelesi USS Duluth CL87 US Navy 1944-46 Jerry & Maria Defrancesco USS Davis DD937 Angel Tomapat US Navy WWI Chief Stewart Michael V. Dennerlein USN 1981-1985 Shirley Connolly USN 1961-65 Nano R. Morini US Navy Henry Link Navy 1951-1955 Joseph G. Carpenter US Navy 41-46 Arthur Blanks Lt Comdr US Navy WWII 1942-1945 Walter & Joyce Sutlife H.E. "Hap" Hazzard Navy WW2 E.W. Woods Jr. US Navy FC3C WWII 1943-1945 Roy Tompkins Navy Vietnam 1963-1968 Albert Dobbins USN BB62 Korea 1935-1991 DC2 Stephen J. Sullivan USN 1992-1996 Thomas F. Cody US Navy 1953-1955 In Memory Paul L Fava US Navy 1985 Lewis R. Ward FP2 US Navy Korean War William & Jean Jannetty Edw. A. Gettler Atomic Veteran USN 1952-1956 Raymond M. Bassi Korea US Navy 1953-1955 Ronald Geiger US Navy CT3 1959-1962 David J. Palmer USS Coral Sea Vietnam 71-72 Frederick (Navy) Quackenbush BB61 Iowa 52-56 Raymond M. Bass Korea US Navy 1953-1955 Edw. A. Gattler Korea 52-56 USS Layte USN R.M. Stellacci US Navy D194729 USS Kitty Hawk Domnick Montagna Navy Seabees
U.S. Marine Corps
Cpl G. Lombardi F21 1st Mar Div Peleliu 9-16-44 Sgt Ted Banish USMC 34 46 USS Pa 1st Mar Div Charles Moore Sgt USMC 62-67 Vietnam In Memory of Peter T. McCauley USMC Vietnam Kellogg K.F. Cpl USMC 94-98 6016 Air Wing Robt. L. Collins USMC In Memory of George (Ronnie) Morrow USMC Sgt P.T. Allegretta Sgt USMC 69-75 Wm. J. Coughlin 28 Mos WWII South Pacific Louis J. Feher 1st Marine Div WWII 1941-1945 Steven R. Head Sgt Maj USMC 1978-2008 I. Ellsworth Fowler USMC
Donation Plaque image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
14. Donation Plaque
Donated By
Putnam County
Marine Corps League
Detachment 242
1941-1946 Wayne C. Bishop USMC Vietnam William Huben Marine Corps 1st Div WWII Brian T. Maier Vietnam Vet U.S. Marines Charles A. Schalkham USMC 62-66 Chris & Dorothy Kiernan USMC WWII Ame Legion Louis John Guerrazzi USMC Tony Savastano U.S. Marines WWII Lt Col P.V. Barra USMC 1960-86 Vietnam 67-68 R.A. Lieblong WW2 USMC James R. Evans USMC HMH 362 Art G. Bishop USMC WWII Sargent Donald J. Stone USMC 1978 1983 Bob Moberg HM3 Korea 1952 Vic Lombardi 4th Mar Div 1942-1945 PFC Stephen J. Sullivan USMC 1958-1962 PFC Ted Hirsch KIA 3/29/53 USMC Korea Sgt John Morris USMC 1954-1957 B. Tempestilli 26th MEU MSSg Iraq War 2003 Sgt R. Sochor USMC Korea Arthur Barrett Lt Col USMC WWII Korea PFC Robert Johnson USMC 1953-1956 Daniel Obrien VFW Post 1374 Carmel / Kent Michael Mahoney USMC Korean War PFC John Olsen USMC 1177760 Korea 1951-1953 Mary J. Fowler USMC 1943-1946 Art Bunyea Sgt USMC 1951-1954 Korea 1951-1952 Harold Decker USMC WWII W.G. Griffon Sr. Cpl USMC WWII C.K. Doyle USMC WW2 In Honor of Ronald Walkerwicz Cpl USMC Howard A. Kelly U.S. Marine Corps Iwo Jima 2-19-45 Robert Brown Jr. Cpl USMC Desert Storm 1990-91 1Sgt Jack Blasko USMC 1950-1970 Korean-Vietnam Cpl H.E. Furness L3-23 4 Div WW2 Douglas H. Peterson USMC Vietnam 69-71 USMC 1963-67 Ted Sanders Rachel A. Moore L/Cpl USMC Louis J. Foster 9th Mar 3rd Div 3 Purple Hearts U.S. Marines William Liebermann Gene Larussell Marine Guard Pres H.S. Truman Richard J. Knox U.S. Marines WWII 1944-46 Louis E. Riva 3rd Div USMC 1942-1946 Thomas Kelly McInerney USMC Vietnam Sgt Bill Lewis USMC 1954-1958
Donation Plaque image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
15. Donation Plaque
Donated By
American Merchant
Marine Veterans
Hudson Valley Chapter
Putnam Valley Brian T. Maier Vietnam Vet U.S. Marines Louis Cherico Col USMC Vietnam Steven J. Fella Corporal USMC Active 1992-96 Robert Donaher U.S. Marine Corps 1944 1946 American Legion Post 1080 Mahopac NY James J. Ryan U.S. Marines 60-64 Cpl Wm. Dorsey USMC Vietnam 1944-1966 KIA Eric Barnes Capt USMC KIA Vietnam In Memory of Don Matthews USMC Donald Buddle Sgt USMC 1953-1956 Mary J. Fowler USMC 1943-1946 Staf Sgt MC Nick Pompili Cpl Vincent S. "Jim" Paterno Marine 2155335 Donald Buddle Sgt USMC 1953-1956 James J. Mota Sgt USMC 9th Comm Bn Sgt G.D. Hillis Vietnam 66-67 1 3 4 3rd Div Arthur W. Head USMC/US Army MSg 1974-2008 Robert R. Hanley Captain USMC 1962 1967 Cpl D.A. Keith 11th Marines Vietnam 1969 In Memory of Michael Neuner U.S. Marine Corp Paul Gottwald Marine Corps Vietnam War W.E. Tulipane Sgt FC USMC KIA Peleliu HM2 T.C. Keith "Devil Doc" BLT 2/1 Iraq Sgt Martin J. McDonough USMC Korea 51-54 George Ron Morrow USMC Vva Chapter 541 L/Cpl Bob Olsen USMC 1960-1963 Sgt D.W. Keith VMGR 452 Al Asad Iraq
Erected 1997 by the Putnam County Joint Veterans Council.
Location. 41° 26.574′ N, 73° 42.514′ W. Marker is in Carmel, New York, in Putnam County. Marker can be reached from Gipsy Trail Road (New York State Route 41) one mile north of Carmel-Kent Cliffs Road (New York State Route 47), on the left when traveling north. Touch for map. Located in Putnam County Veterans Memorial Park. Marker is at or near this postal address: 201 Gipsy Trail Road, Carmel NY 10512, United States of America.
Other nearby markers.
Donation Plaque image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
16. Donation Plaque
Donated By
American Legion
Post 1080
Mahopac, N.Y.
At least 8 other markers are within 2 miles of this marker, measured as the crow flies. Cobra AH-1G/S/F Helicopter (a few steps from this marker); M-60A3 Main Battle Tank (a few steps from this marker); Putnam County's First Park (within shouting distance of this marker); In Honor of All Native American Veterans (approx. mile away); Philips Smith Farm (approx. 0.7 miles away); Carver Bridge (approx. 1.3 miles away); Old Baptist (approx. 1.8 miles away); Elisha Cole (approx. 1.8 miles away). Touch for a list and map of all markers in Carmel.
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Plaque Nearby image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
17. Plaque Nearby
To all the
that served in
Armed Forces
Plaque Nearby image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
18. Plaque Nearby
Putnam County Government
and the
Joint Veterans' Council of
Putnam County
acknowledge with great
appreciation the donation from
The Buddhist Association of
The United States
that made this beautiful garden
possible and honors all Veterans
Gold Star Mother's Monument image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
19. Gold Star Mother's Monument
Nearby Statue in the Park
Sign Near Statue image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, October 19, 2010
20. Sign Near Statue
Gold Star
Dedicated To
All Mothers
Who Lost A
Child Serving
Our Country
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