“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Baca County Trails Marker near the Springfield Town Hall. image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, June 27, 2018
Baca County Trails Marker near the Springfield Town Hall.
Colorado (Baca County), Springfield — Baca County Trails
The Cimarron Cutoff and Granada Road were branches of the Santa Fe Trail from Missouri to Santa Fe. The Aubrey and Penrose were other trails. From 1866-97 thousands of Texas cattle were driven to Montana on the XIT and National Cattle trails. — Map (db m120040) HM
Colorado (Bent County), Las Animas — From Trail to TownSanta Fe National Historic Trail — Boggsville Historic Site —
"...On crossing the river [Purgatoire] we found a large well-filled ranch...which had only just been built by two enterprising Yankees.:" –William Bell, railroad surveyor, 1867 Boggsville was established in the early . . . — Map (db m120701) HM
Colorado (Bent County), Las Animas — Santa Fe Trail1822 — 1872
{Title is text}Map (db m119393) HM
Colorado (Bent County), Las Animas — Welcome to Bent County
This region was once buffalo hunting grounds for the Cheyenne, Apache, Arapaho, Kiowa and Comanche. Tribes followed the buffalo throughout the plains and controlled the land. During this time, everything south of the Arkansas river was Mexico and . . . — Map (db m120709) HM
Colorado (Boulder County), Boulder — L-02-1 — The Holiday Drive-In Marquee 1953
This sign marks the site of The Holiday Drive-In, which operated from 1953 until 1988. Drive-In theaters were popular in the 1950s and 1960s, especially among young families and amorous couples, where films could be viewed from the relative . . . — Map (db m18299) HM
Colorado (Boulder County), Superior — The Denver-Boulder Turnpike
The Denver-Boulder highway near this marker stands as a memorial to those men of vision who brought it into existence. Planning for such a highway began in 1927 by Professor Roderick L. Downing, whose University engineering students later . . . — Map (db m87611) HM
Colorado (Chaffee County), Buena Vista — Stagecoach Road to Riches
With the discovery of gold in California Gulch in 1860, getting to Oro City (now Leadville) meant an opportunity for fame and fortune. It would, however, be twenty years before railroad service traversed the Upper Arkansas . . . — Map (db m107833) HM
Colorado (Cheyenne County), Cheyenne Wells — 207 — Trails West
Smoky Hill Trail The Smoky Hill Trail was the most direct route to Denver and the goldfields of the central Rockies. Immigrants heading west through central Kansas followed the Kansas River, then headed up its Smoky Hill River branch into the . . . — Map (db m77898) HM
Colorado (Clear Creek County), Idaho Springs — Drexel Lacey
In Memoriam DREXEL LACEY 1892-1930 Resident Engineer State Highway Department Completed the survey of this highway August 13, 1926 — Map (db m76801) HM
Colorado (Conejos County), Antonito — Cumbres Pass
This memorial is the property of the State of Colorado Cumbres Pass Near Continental Divide between the waters of the Rio Grande and the San Juan ”Cumbres” is Spanish for “Summits” Altitude . . . — Map (db m125500) HM
Colorado (Delta County), Delta — Fort Uncompahgre
One of the many trading posts built by Antoine (Anton French) Robidoux, First built around 1828 at the juncture of the Grand (Gunnison) and Uncompahgre Rivers then a territory of Mexico and Ute Indian country on the well traveled "Old . . . — Map (db m120059) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 15th / Wazee Street1865-1875 — Lower Downtown Walking Tour —
At the very heart of Denver’s rough beginnings, Fifteenth Street actually followed the old military trails from Santa Fe, Fort Union and trading posts north and south of Denver. It was here that General Larimer expropriated the one . . . — Map (db m118601) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 17e — 17th’S 25th AnniversaryWall Street of the Rockies — Seventeenth Street Denver, Colorado —
On December 10, 1975, 17th Street celebrated its 25th year as a concrete street. Anniversary invitations were engraved in old English and former Governor John Love led the champagne toast. In 1950, amid great City Council debate, 17th Street . . . — Map (db m135544) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 8w — BonfilsWall Street of the Rockies — Seventeenth Street Denver, Colorado —
"A dog fight on Champa Street is of more interest to Denverites than a war in Europe." Frederick Bonfils (1860-1933) Founder of The Denver Post and prominent philanthropist — Map (db m135447) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 21w — GridlockWall Street of the Rockies — Seventeenth Street Denver, Colorado —
The five-pointed intersection at 17th and Broadway is the result of shifts in Denver’s street grid. The grid shift created the triangular-shaped block upon which the Brown Palace Hotel is located. Here, the original grid which runs parallel . . . — Map (db m135518) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — Larimer StreetLower Downtown Historic District — Established 1988 —
General William H. Larimer, Jr., founder of Denver City which was established on November 22, 1858, named the city after the Governor of the Kansas Territory and the principal street after himself. Some of Denver’s first cabins were located at the . . . — Map (db m51710) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 13w — MiseryWall Street of the Rockies — Seventeenth Street Denver, Colorado —
Before the coming of the rails, stagecoaches were a major form of passenger transportation to and from Denver. In 1878, Helen Hunt Jackson wrote, The public coaches are here, as everywhere, uncomfortable, overloaded, intolerable. I know of no . . . — Map (db m135476) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 40 — Smoky Hill Trail
This tablet is the Property of the State of Colorado —— Here was the end of the famous Smoky Hill Trail Immigrant and stage road extending from the Missouri River to Denver. Traversed by pioneers in 1858. . . . — Map (db m4678) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 15e — Welton StreetWall Street of the Rockies — Seventeenth Street Denver, Colorado —
Welton Street connects Downtown to Five Points, the historical commercial center of the African-American community. The name of the neighborhood comes from the five-pointed intersection where 26th Avenue, 27th Street and Washington Street meet . . . — Map (db m135527) HM
Colorado (Douglas County), Castle Rock — Good Roads in Colorado / The Great North-South Highway
Even before people began driving automobiles in Colorado, they clamored for good roads. In the late 1880s men, women, and children of all backgrounds jumped on breezy bicycles known as “velocipedes” or “Wheels” but cursed the . . . — Map (db m46118) HM
Colorado (El Paso County), Colorado Springs — Ute Pass
Passage from prairie to high plains If you had been standing on this spot for the last 10,000 years, you would have seen the history of Colorado progress below you. This ancient route through the Rocky Mountains is named for Colorado’s Ute . . . — Map (db m45761) HM
Colorado (El Paso County), Colorado Springs — Welcome to America’s Mountain
Take Your Time and Enjoy Your Trip: Allow at least two hours to make the 38-mile round-trip to the summit and back. Uphill traffic has the right-of-way at all times. Watch for maintenance equipment. Driving Up: If your engine begins to labor on . . . — Map (db m45932) HM
Colorado (El Paso County), Manitou Springs — 13 — Ute Pass
This memorial is the Property of the State of Colorado Ute Pass Named from the old Ute Trail which led from South Park through Manitou to the Plains. Traversed by the Utes on hunting and war expeditions. Improved highway built . . . — Map (db m32663) HM
Colorado (Elbert County), Kiowa — 272 — Trail Under Siege / Rising to the Challenge
Trail Under Siege Indians of Colorado’s High Plains Kiowa and Comanche Indians migrated to these prairies in the 1700s, followed by Cheyennes and Arapahos in the early 1800s. The region’s vast grasslands, thick bison herds, and brisk fur . . . — Map (db m45756) HM
Colorado (Fremont County), Cotopaxi — 269 — Rainbow Route / Western Fremont County
[Side A:] Rainbow Route Completion of this road opens up a scenic paradise unequalled in any other state of the Union and unsurpassed by the scenic gems of the Wild West. Governor George A. Carlson on the opening of the . . . — Map (db m55639) HM
Colorado (Garfield County), Glenwood Springs — Building Interstate 70 Through Glenwood Canyon
From Vision to Reality Glenwood Canyon has been a critical link in the nation's ground transportation network ever since the completion of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in 1887. Later, Taylor State Road, a continuous wagon road between . . . — Map (db m120263) HM
Colorado (Garfield County), Glenwood Springs — CCC Men Built Improvements for Glenwood
In the 1930's, America was mired in a deep economic depression. As part of his New Deal program, President Franklin Roosevelt implemented government programs designed to create employment and to stabilize the national economy. One . . . — Map (db m120550) HM
Colorado (Garfield County), New Castle — Jolley Trail
The Jolley Trail is named after a longtime New Castle family that ran sheep and lived on the land this trail traverses today. In 1919 the Jolley Brothers — Herb, Malcolm (Mack), Henry and Lee — who were some of the first sheepmen . . . — Map (db m120108) HM
Colorado (Garfield County), No Name — A Grand Boulevard
In 1905, Colorado state senator Edward T. Taylor said, "I hope that someday our road will be a portion of a grand boulevard stretching across the nation." Taylor referred to the 12.5-mile gorge known as Glenwood Canyon. Today, the canyon road is the . . . — Map (db m120136) HM
Colorado (Gilpin County), Black Hawk — Fick’s Carriage Shop
Long operated by William Fick and his family, this blacksmith shop turned out a superior brand of rugged, durable quartz wagons that hauled ore from the mines to the mills along Clear Creek. The Bull Durham sign was painted by traveling artists for . . . — Map (db m51883) HM
Colorado (Grand County), Grand Lake — Automobiles Come to Grand Lake
Automobiles Come to Grand Lake (panel 1) The number of automobiles had become so large that in 1913 the State of Colorado began issuing its first license plates. The 1915 dedication of Rocky Mountain National Park drew 2000 people, . . . — Map (db m129881) HM
Colorado (Grand County), Grand Lake — The Smith Eslick Cottage Court
The Smith Eslick Cottage Court (panel 1)The Smith-Eslick Cottage Court is believed to be the oldest original-condition motel in the United States. Built at about the same time as the 1915 opening of Rocky Mountain National Park and the . . . — Map (db m129879) HM
Colorado (Grand County), Grand Lake — Why Did They Come?
It's said that Grand Lake has always had tourists. Even the original visitors, the Ute and Arapaho for example, would come in the summer to hunt and fish in the largest natural lake in Colorado, but would leave when winter approached. Then, as now, . . . — Map (db m129882) HM
Colorado (Grand County), Winter Park — Berthoud Pass
Berthoud Pass Across the Continental Divide between South Platte and Colorado River drainages Altitude 11,314 Feet Discovered by Capt. E.L. Berthoud Colorado pioneer May 12, 1861. Surveyed by Berthoud and Jim Bridger July, 1861. Toll Road . . . — Map (db m129889) HM
Colorado (Jefferson County), Golden — Transportation
In 1860, Col. Thomas W. Know, a famous traveler and editor of the Western Mountaineer newspaper, believed the route up Clear Creek Canyon was a place he “never expected to see a mule go who had his senses, or a decent regard for his . . . — Map (db m49901) HM
Colorado (Jefferson County), Golden — Windy Saddle Park / Connecting to the Past
Windy Saddle Park Jefferson County Open Space Windy Saddle Park offers sweeping scenic views and trail connections to adjoining areas. Recreation opportunities on Chimney Gulch Trail and Lookout Mountain Trail included hiking, biking and . . . — Map (db m46158) HM
Colorado (La Plata County), Hesperus — The Old Spanish Trail
Between 1800 and 1850, the Old Spanish Trail became a regional trade route between Santa Fe and California. Dominguez and Escalante traveled through this valley in 1776. Within twenty-five years of their expedition this trail became a . . . — Map (db m71614) HM
Colorado (Lake County), Climax — Fremont Pass
This memorial is the Property of the State of Colorado Fremont Pass On Continental Divide between Arkansas and Blue River drainages Altitude 11,316 feet Western boundary of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Named . . . — Map (db m128033) HM
Colorado (Lake County), Climax — Highway in the Sky
Colorado 91 is now a well-engineered modern highway, but driving over Fremont Pass wasn't always as safe or convenient as it is today. The silver mining boom created a population of more than 30,000 people in Leadville by 1879, making it the . . . — Map (db m122827) HM
Colorado (Larimer County), Livermore — Virginia Dale
Three-quarters of a mile northwest from this point is the original Virginia Dale famous stage station on the overland route to California, 1862 - 1867. Established by Joseph A. (Jack) Slade and named for his wife, Virginia. Located on . . . — Map (db m89595) HM
Colorado (Larimer County), Livermore — 244 — Virginia DaleTrails West — Welcome To Colorado —
What a welcome sight Virginia Dale must have been to nineteenth-century travelers. It was one of the largest stagecoach stations on the Overland Trail, offering hot meals and other conveniences to weary passengers - the equivalent, for its day, of . . . — Map (db m89639) HM
Colorado (Larimer County), Rocky Mountain National Park — Old Fall River Road
To drive along Old Fall River Road is to travel back in time. The slower pace of driving on a winding dirt road recalls a time when traveling in a national park was both challenging and enchanting. From 1920 to 1932, Fall River Road was the . . . — Map (db m89121) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Model — The Santa Fe Trail
Trail of Commerce The heavily laden freight wagons traveled in parallel columns to minimize dust and for convenience when circling the wagons at night or when danger threatened. A circle of wagons provided a fine defensive position. But the . . . — Map (db m77883) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Trinidad — 10 — Raton PassBetween Colorado and New Mexico — Altitude 7,881 Feet —
"Raton" is Spanish for "Mouse". On mountain branch Santa Fe Trail. Crossed by Kearny's Army of the west in the Mexican war and by first regiment, Colorado Volunteers in the civil war. "Uncle Dick" Wooten's toll road built 1865. Railroad . . . — Map (db m77853) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Trinidad — 212 — Road to Santa Fe - Over the Pass / Santa Fe Trail Country - "Uncle Dick" Wootton
Panel 1 Road to Santa Fe "...for it begins upon the outside line of the outside State (Missouri) and runs directly toward the setting sun..." - Sen. Thomas Hart Benton, following the Santa Fe Trail survey, . . . — Map (db m97715) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Trinidad — Santa Fe Trail
This monument marks the route of the Santa Fe Trail 1822 - 1879 placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the State of Colorado It also commemorates the faithful work of Harriett Parker Campbell . . . — Map (db m77856) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Trinidad — The Santa Fe Trail
This memorial is the Property of the State of Colorado The Santa Fe Trail 1840 - 1878 Two roads or forks of the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail-Bent's Old Fort to Taos and Santa Fe-joined . . . — Map (db m104912) HM
Colorado (Lincoln County), Arriba — 245 — Arriba CountryColorado
Panel 1 Arriba In frontier Arriba (locally pronounced "AIR-uh-buh"), the only thing more scarce than water was whiskey. Charles Creel, who founded the town in 1888 to greet the advancing Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific . . . — Map (db m89381) HM
Colorado (Lincoln County), Hugo — Hugo Country
Sand Creek Massacre At dawn on the morning of November 29 I was still in bed when I heard shouts and the noise of people running about the camp. I jumped up and ran out of my lodge. From down the creek a large body of troops was . . . — Map (db m107245) HM
Colorado (Lincoln County), Hugo — Welcome to Lincoln County
Welcome to Lincoln County, Home of Pioneer Hospitality! With its cowboy and homesteader heritage, Lincoln County is infused with an old-time spirit of hospitality. The discovery of gold in the Colorado mountains brought large cattle . . . — Map (db m107246) HM
Colorado (Logan County), Merino — 2 — Fort Wicked
Due west 940 feet stood “Fort Wicked" Originally Godfrey’s Ranch Famous Overland Stage Station One of the few posts withstanding the Indian uprising of 1864 on the road to Colorado. Named from the . . . — Map (db m61998) HM
Colorado (Logan County), Sterling — 227 — The Overland Trail
Call it the Pikes Peak Trail, the Denver Road, Overland Trail, or the South Platte River Trail – by any name, it dominated the movement of people and goods in Colorado between 1858 and 1867 and ranks with the great trails of American history. . . . — Map (db m51215) HM
Colorado (Logan County), Sterling — 29 — Valley Station
This tablet is the Property of the State of Colorado 3.8 miles north along county road is the site of Valley Station, built in 1859 as a stagecoach station of the Leavenworth and Pike Express. Station on the Overland Trail to California, . . . — Map (db m51214) HM
Colorado (Mesa County), Fruita — Butch CassidyIn the Grand Valley
Reportedly, in October 1899 Butch Cassidy and several members of the Wild Bunch, also known as the Hole-in-the-wall Gang, travelled through Grand Valley. From 1889 to 1904 this band of desperadoes thrilled local citizens and terrified many . . . — Map (db m104504) HM
Colorado (Mesa County), Grand Junction — Rocky RoadsColorado National Monument
The first people to witness this view were probably Indians who had to scale the steep cliffs and talus slopes. Later, ranchers dug narrow passages up into the canyons to bring their cattle to graze in the rich highland trails below. Begun during . . . — Map (db m61910) HM
Colorado (Mineral County), South Fork — History of a Road
Wolf Creek Pass! A romantic name - a beautiful but harsh setting.      Squatter-trapper Bill Wolf probably wasn't the first man across the pass, though it bears his name. Until the early 1900's, Cumbres and Elwood Passes opened the way to fertile . . . — Map (db m71659) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde National Park — Mancos Valley
The town of Mancos, in the valley before you, historically served as the "Gateway to Mesa Verde." As word spread of the Wetherills' "discoveries," tourists flocked to the area. The Rio Grande Southern Railroad, serving Durano, Mancos, and . . . — Map (db m71529) HM
Colorado (Montrose County), Montrose — Early Freighting Ventures
Bull Whackers and Mule Skinners Discovery of gold and silver in the 1870s in the San Juan Mountains south of Montrose created a demand for freighting services to haul equipment and supplies into the mines and carry out ore bound for . . . — Map (db m120127) HM
Colorado (Montrose County), Montrose — Pageant in the Wilderness
On July 29, 1776, two Franciscan priests, Fray Francisco Atanasio Dominguez and Fray Silvestre Velez de Escalante, led their eight companions out through the gates of Santa Fe and into the heart of the American southwest. Their five-month . . . — Map (db m120225) HM
Colorado (Morgan County), Fort Morgan — Old Fort Morgan
Occupied from 1864 to 1868 and the divergence of the Denver Cut Off from the Overland Trail This monument is erected by Fort Morgan Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution 1912 — Map (db m51213) HM
Colorado (Otero County), La Junta — Traveling Through HistoryBent's Old Fort National Historic Site
For centuries, the Arkansas River Valley has been an important travel corridor that has shaped our nation’s history. Long before the fort was built, wildlife, native peoples, European explorers, trappers, and traders traveled through this river . . . — Map (db m71851) HM
Colorado (Prowers County), Lamar — Experience the Past on the Santa Fe Trail
Location, Location, Location Thousands of caravans used the Santa Fe Trail between 1821 and 1880. The trail clung close to the Arkansas River for hundreds of miles across the open plains. The Arkansas Valley offered gentle terrain . . . — Map (db m106937) HM
Colorado (Prowers County), Lamar — Madonna of the Trail
(Front Panel) N.S.D.A.R. Memorial to the Pioneer Mothers of the Covered Wagon Days (Right Side Panel) A place of historical lore noted for Indian lodges; shelter from storm and heat; food supply for beast; bivouac . . . — Map (db m106897) HM
Colorado (Prowers County), Lamar — Santa Fe Trail1822 - 1872
The Santa Fe Trail was the main trade route between Franklin MO and Santa Fe NM. The main part of the trail was 780 miles long. Thousands of freight wagons rumbled along the trail each year, except for the winter months. The trail passes several . . . — Map (db m106939) HM
Colorado (Prowers County), Lamar — Welcome to Colorado - Lamar Country
Welcome to Colorado Colorado’s vast plains, rugged mountains, and grand plateaus, so magnificent in their beauty and variety, seem at times to overshadow the state’s history and people. But look closely. The story of Colorado is every . . . — Map (db m106936) HM
Colorado (Pueblo County), Pueblo — 219 — A Highway for the Ages - Trail Days / Palmer's City - Pinon County
Panel 1 A Highway for the Ages Though less famous than the trails that brought American pioneers westward, the north-south route along the foot of the Rockies covers far greater distances in space and in time. This . . . — Map (db m97734) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — ColoradoEntering the Centennial State
Here on the Great Plains where the ramparts of the Rocky Mountains still lies some hours westward, the Mountain State welcomes you. This highway leads up the valley of the South Platte River to Denver. In 1859 and 1860 the gold rush carried . . . — Map (db m100203) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — Devil’s Dive / The Italian Underground
Devil’s Dive This deep, rugged wash presented problems for stagecoaches. Drivers of wagons usually circled to the south rather than take the time to hitch up double teams needed for passage through the wash. Ruts made by thousands of . . . — Map (db m79877) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — Neither Rain Nor Sleet
The Pony Express mail service between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California only lasted a short time in 1860-61, but its romantic image continues to captivate the hearts of the American public. In only 19 months, its riders covered over . . . — Map (db m47347) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — Oregon Trail
South of river Old Julesberg Stage and Pony Express Station, 5 mi. S.W. Trail and station marked 1931 — Map (db m79879) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — Overland City (Julesburg) Pony Express Riders
(left panel) The Pony Express route was used for a little more than 19 months from April 3, 1860 to November 20, 1861. Those known and verified riders of the 1860-1861 Pony Express that used “Overland City” (first Julesburg) as . . . — Map (db m130331) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — Sedgwick County Colorado
The Northeastern most county in Colorado was first Weld County, later Logan County and established in its own right April 9, 1889. It consists of 554 square miles, incorporating 3 towns: The County Seat, Julesburg, Ovid and Sedgwick. . . . — Map (db m119437) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — The Pony Express Trail1860 -1861
The first Pony Express trip between St. Joseph and San Francisco was 1943 miles. This first trip took 10 days. The Pony Express operated from April 3, 1860 to November 20, 1861. The trail was located 1100 feet North and Overland City was 6 miles . . . — Map (db m47328) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Ovid — Ovid, Colorado
350 rods southeast of this site is the famous and hazardous Upper California Crossing of the South Platte River which was used by the intrepid riders of the Pony Express in 1860-1861. Ovid was incorporated at this site in 1925. Erected in . . . — Map (db m110329) HM
Colorado (Summit County), Vail Pass — 246 — Mount of the Holy Cross
It is as if God has set His sign, His seal, His promise there – a beacon upon the very center and height of the Continent to all its people and all its generations…as if here was a great supply store and workshop of Creation, the fountain . . . — Map (db m58578) HM
Colorado (Summit County), Vail Pass — 246 — Vail / Vail Pass Country
Marker Front: Vail Mountain stood bare just days before the resort’s 1962 grand opening. As luck would have it, a late December storm blanketed the area, dumping several feet of powder on the untracked slopes. Fortune just kept smiling on . . . — Map (db m58485) HM
Colorado (Teller County), Woodland Park — From Carriages to CorvettesGlen Cove Lodge
Sightseers have been riding the spectacular road up Pikes Peak since 1889. Back then, early risers chugged up the pass on the Colorado Midland train to Cascade. There, horse drawn carriages awaited eager passengers. According to Francis Heizer, . . . — Map (db m45840) HM
Colorado (Teller County), Woodland Park — Race to the Clouds — The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb rich with racing tradition —
Can you imagine racing up a mountain that has 1,000 foot drop-offs? That’s exactly what daring drivers have been doing since 1916. That was the year mining magnate Spencer Penrose announced the first Pikes Peak National Hill Climbing Contest to . . . — Map (db m45839) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Evans — 5 — Evans
Construction of the Denver Pacific Railroad, linking Denver and Cheyenne, stopped here for the winter of 1869, and a town was begun. It was named Evans in honor of the second territorial governor, John Evans, builder of the Denver Pacific. According . . . — Map (db m119612) HM

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