“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Snake River Canyon Gold Rush Marker image, Touch for more information
By Barry Swackhamer, May 15, 2018
Snake River Canyon Gold Rush Marker
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Oak Bay — Chinese CemeteryLe Cimetière Chinois
This place, chosen by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association in 1903 for its harmonized elements of Nature expressing the principles of "feng shui", is a significant legacy of the first Canadians of Chinese origin. Traditionally it was a . . . — Map (db m72874) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Chinese Cemetery
Before 1903 the remains of early Chinese immigrants were buried in the low-lying, southwestern corner of Ross Bay cemetery. This area was often flooded after a heavy rainstorm. In the early 1900s, high winds and waves eroded a few waterfront . . . — Map (db m75449) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Chinese General Store
For many years the building on the near left side of this photograph (where you are standing) was a Chinese general store. It was taken down in the early 1960s to enlarge the intersection. You can see a streetcar on Johnson Street crossing . . . — Map (db m49154) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Dragon Alley
During this district’s boom of 1881 – 1884, sixteen thousand Chinese established themselves within this area of Victoria. Thus emerged six blocks of businesses, theatres, a hospital, schools, churches, temples, opium factories, gambling dens . . . — Map (db m49155) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Japanese Internment
On April 22, 1942, 273 men, women and children of Japanese ancestry were exiled from their homes in the Greater Victoria area. None of the survivors of this event ever returned to Victoria to re-establish a home. On August 4, 1992, 67 survivors . . . — Map (db m49127) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Lee Mong Kow
[Chinese, not transcribed] [English] Lee Mong Kow (1863-1924) was born in Panyu County, Guangdong Province, China. As an interpreter in the Canadian Customs House and Immigration Office he helped facilitate communication between Chinese and . . . — Map (db m49157) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Victoria’s ChinatownLe Quartier Chinois de Victoria — 域 多 利 唐 人 街 —
[English] This district, first settled in 1858, is the oldest and most intact Chinatown in Canada, representing an important chapter in the long history and heritage of Chinese Canadians. As the major immigrant port of entry on the west coast in . . . — Map (db m52980) HM
British Columbia (Cariboo Regional District), Barkerville — Chee Kung Tong Building
This rare example of a 19th century Chinese benevolent society hall conformed to a Chee Kung Tong tradition that placed services to members on the ground floor and formal functions above. With its hostel, kitchen, and meeting and ceremonial spaces, . . . — Map (db m42533) HM
British Columbia (Greater Vancouver Regional District), Vancouver — Chinese Freemasons BuildingCity of Vancouver Heritage Building — Architect: Samuel Buttrey Birds (1913) —
The Chi Kung Tong, later the Chinese Freemasons, purchased this building in 1907. It included meeting rooms, a male dormitory and a Chinese school - uses common to Chinese Society Buildings. The Chi Kung Tong assisted early immigrants from China who . . . — Map (db m53798) HM
Mexico, Yucatán (Municipality of Mérida), Mérida — El Chemulpo
El Chemulpo Esta esquina debe su nombre a un salón expendedor de cerveza y licores finos, que abrió en el predio número 483 el St.Eduardo Graham, entre los años 1910 y 1912. El vocablo "Chemulpo" es el nombre de un puerto de Japón; . . . — Map (db m130798) HM
Mexico, Yucatán (Municipality of Mérida), Mérida — The History of Chemulpo Street
Historia de Chemulpo Una segunda versión del nombre, es la que se conoce por algunas personas de la Asociación de Coreanos en Yucatán que recuerdan que el motivo de este lugar surgió cuando aquellos que llegaron a Yucatán en 1905 para . . . — Map (db m130659) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Kimberly — Snake River Canyon Gold Rush
Gold was discovered in 1869 below Shoshone Falls. During the summer of 1870, hundreds of prospectors entered the canyon searching the rocky slopes and sand bars for the very fine particles of gold called "flour gold". Three mining camps - Shoshone, . . . — Map (db m125451) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Twin Falls — Shoshone Falls
(Three panels are found at the Shoshone Falls kiosk:) The Niagara of the West The Discovery of Shoshone Falls No one knows the first non-native person to set eyes upon them. The Wilson Hunt expedition of fur trappers passed through . . . — Map (db m125458) HM
Illinois (La Salle County), LaSalle — Dr. Paul Carus / Dr. Daisetz Teitaru Suzuki
Dr. Paul Carus Born July 18, 1852, Ilsenburg in Harz, Germany Died February 11, 1919, LaSalle, Illinois Dr. Paul Carus, who lived and worked at 1307 7th St, LaSalle, Illinois, was editor of the Open Court Publishing Company & The Open . . . — Map (db m65300) HM
Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — Denis House
One of three once identical row houses erected in 1834 for Henry Raphael Denis, an attorney. Dr. Jokichi Takamine (1854-1922), Japanese chemist, philanthropist and co-commissioner for the 1884-1885 World’s Cotton Exposition, is said to have . . . — Map (db m55033) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Working for the Railroad: Women
Prior to World War I, a small percentage of women worked for railroad companies as maids, car cleaners, and telegraph operators. The B&O hired its first women as car cleaners in 1855. As men left to fight overseas in the world wars however, the . . . — Map (db m135944) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Oxon Hill — Saint Lorenzo RuizFirst Filipino Saint — St. Columba Church —
Saint Lorenzo Ruiz First Filipino Saint Born: Binondo, Manila, Philippines, 1600[?] Died for the Faith: Nagasaki, Japan, 1637 -- Spirit of the Living God Charismatic Community, Filipino Ministry and St. Columba Parish. Dedicated, . . . — Map (db m40715) HM
Michigan (Oakland County), Ferndale — From a Whisper to a Rallying CryMichigan Legal Milestone
"It's not fair." These were the last anguished words whispered by Vincent Chin as he lay dying, the victim of a hate crime on June 19, 1982. His words became a rallying cry for the Asian American community outraged at the lenient sentences his . . . — Map (db m108319) HM
Michigan (Oakland County), Ferndale — In Memory of Vincent Chin
The State Bar of Michigan 34th Michigan Legal Milestone marker commemorates Ferndale as the birthplace in 1983 of the pan-ethnic Asian American civil and victim's rights movement resulting in the formation of the civil rights organization . . . — Map (db m108321) HM
Minnesota (Ramsey County), Saint Paul — Welcome to Dale Street Station
The Frogtown neighborhood developed in the late 19th Century as residents spilled over from the adjacent downtown area. Many of these early residents worked in the growing railroad industry or at the Saint Paul Foundry, which operated through . . . — Map (db m79454) HM
Minnesota (Ramsey County), Saint Paul — Welcome to Victoria Street Station
The Frogtown and Rondo community that surround Victoria Street Station are rich in history and culture, elements of which live on today. The historic Rondo neighborhood was heavily influenced by the railroad industry. There was a time when a . . . — Map (db m79456) HM
Missouri (St. Louis County), University City — Gyo ObataBorn February 28, 1923
Gyo Obata, a Washington University graduate co-founded the St. Louis architecture firm Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum in 1955. It attained global prominence, largely due to Obata's designs. His influence on the St. Louis skyline is profound. The Priory . . . — Map (db m124760) HM
Montana (Missoula County), Missoula — Fort Missoula Post Headquarters
Fort Missoula's first chapel was completed in 1885. During the late 1930s, the Works Progress Administration allocated funds to renovate the deteriorating building in order to create a new post headquarters with an upstairs courtroom. A concrete . . . — Map (db m123280) HM
Montana (Missoula County), Missoula — T-1 Post Headquarters
The old post chapel once occupied this site where, in 1940, officials located the fort’s administrative center. Built for $15,300, the tall stucco-covered frame building housed the commanding officer and his staff. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor . . . — Map (db m123281) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Wells — Historic Front Street
Originating about 1868, Wells, Nevada focused around the Central Pacific Railroad. Chinese, Irish, and Italian immigrants were very instrumental in building the railroad and still today have a heavy emphasis on the Nevada economy. You may note that . . . — Map (db m81177) HM
Nevada (Lyon County), Dayton — 163 — ChinatownEarly Name of Dayton
The first Chinese were brought to this site in 1856 to build the "Reese" ditch from the Carson River to the entrance of Gold Canyon. The ditch was used for placer mining. The Chinese soon began reworking the placers, earning a living from those . . . — Map (db m69688) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 5 — ChinatownGenerally bordered on the North and South by Sutton and Union and on the East and West by G and L St — Comstock Historical Marker No. 5 —
The first Chinese came to the Comstock in the early 1860s after having worked on the Reese River Ditch project in Dayton, NV in the mid-1850s. Prejudice against them was prevalent at the time, due to their strange customs and traditions that was not . . . — Map (db m50106) HM
Nevada (Washoe County), Reno — 248 — Virginia & Truckee Railroad Right of Way
Soon after the Chinese laborers graded this section during the summer of 1871, track gangs commenced laying rail south, reaching Steamboat Springs by late October. To celebrate the occasion numerous residents rode an excursion train to Steamboat on . . . — Map (db m73947) HM
Nevada (Washoe County), Sparks — 29 — Chinese in Nevada1864 - 1964
This honors the heroism and hardihood of the thousands of Chinese who played a major role in the history of Nevada. From across the Pacific the Chinese came to California during the Gold Rush of '49 and on to the mountains and deserts of this state . . . — Map (db m73946) HM
New Mexico (Hidalgo County), Lordsburg — Camp Lordsburg
Near this site the US Army operated a camp during World War II. It opened as an internment camp for the Japanese and Japanese-American civilians from 1942-43. It later reopened as the Lordsburg Prisoner of War Camp for Germans and Italians from . . . — Map (db m60678) HM
New Mexico (Lincoln County), Fort Stanton — Japanese Segregation Camp No. 1
During 1945, 17 men of Japanese ancestry were imprisoned here in what was officially known as Japanese Segregation Camp No. 1.

Shortly after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, the federal government confined more than 120,000 Japanese American . . . — Map (db m121880) HM

New York (Erie County), Buffalo — The Japanese Garden on Mirror Lake
Was originally conceived in 1970 with construction being completed in 1972. The purpose was to create a place of beauty and tranquility as well as commemorate the sister city relationship between Buffalo and Kanazawa, Japan.

In 1996 the garden . . . — Map (db m108503) HM

New York (Kings County), Brooklyn — The Japanese Hill-and-Pond GardenA landscape with deeper meaning
In the gardens of Japan, nature is rarefied, abstracted, and interpreted to reveal lessons about life and our own place in the larger scheme of things. Symbolic elements imbue the landscape with deeper meaning. Among the major features of the . . . — Map (db m106162) HM
New York (New York County), Manhattan — Americans of Chinese Ancestry
[Panel 1]: In memory of the Americans of Chinese ancestry who lost their lives in defense of freedom and democracy. [Chinese characters and insignia of the American Legion.] [Panel 2]: Dedicated by the Lt. Benj. . . . — Map (db m28168) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Gateway to Old ChinatownDoyers at Bowery
In the 1890s, this Bowery at Doyers Street corner was a gateway to the tiny but thriving Chinatown, even then a famed tourist destination. Squeezed between Bowery, Mott, Pell and Doyers Streets and dominated by Chinese shops and residents, it was . . . — Map (db m132308) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Kimlau Square0.092 acre
Located at the intersection of Oliver Street, East Broadway, the Bowery, and Park Row, Kimlau Square stands at the center of Chatham Square. In 1961, a local law named this island within Chatham Square in recognition of the contributions of Lt. . . . — Map (db m125913) HM
New York (New York County), New York — The First Chinese Presbyterian ChurchNew York City Designated Landmark
The architectural significance of this church, built in 1817 on land donated by Colonel Henry Rutgers, a Revolutionary War patriot, is its introduction, at an early date, of Gothic design as seen in its pointed-arch windows and doorways. First . . . — Map (db m132006) HM
North Carolina (Surry County), Mt. Airy — M 7 — Siamese Twins
Eng and Chang, the Siamese twins, born in 1811 in Siam, settled as farmers in this neighborhood. Died 1874. Grave 100 yards west. — Map (db m53374) HM
Ohio (Delaware County), Lewis Center — 122-25 — First Jain Temple in Central Ohio / History of Jainism in Ohio
First Jain Temple in Central Ohio “Souls render service to one another” The Jain Center of Central Ohio was established on May 12, 1991. The foundation stone of the Jain temple, the first of its kind in Central Ohio, was laid . . . — Map (db m105528) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 76-25 — Asians in the American Civil War
Side A: Despite exclusionary laws preventing U.S. citizenship, Asians served in the Union and Confederate armies and navies during the American Civil War (1861-1865). Many of these soldiers were denied citizenship following their services . . . — Map (db m26933) HM
Ohio (Logan County), Zanesfield — China Flats
China Flats. On this corner was a hotel built in 1840. In 1885 the hotel housed Chinese railroad workers and was known locally as China flats. The hotel burned and was replaced by the present structure in the late 1940's. — Map (db m98744) HM
Oregon (Baker County), Baker City — Baker City Chinese History
Chinese were prominent working on railroads & gold mines in Baker County. The Baker City Chinatown was located by Powder River on Auburn Avenue where a Joss House was built in 1883. Chinese gardens on the east bank of Powder River between . . . — Map (db m108158) HM
Oregon (Baker County), Baker City — Chinese Shrine1890
This Chinese prayer house was used to honor the departing spirits by burning incense and prayer papers. The prayer papers were brown paper with some million little pinholes & pushed through the alter window. In traditional Chinese religion the many . . . — Map (db m108159) HM
Oregon (Baker County), Granite — Ah Hee DiggingsA Job of Mythical Proportions
Center Panel: These Chinese Miners Must Have Felt Like Sysyphus Pushing a Large Rock Uphill Forever, as in Greek Mythology. The backbreaking labor of stacking and re-stacking sixteen acres of rocks here at the Ah Hee . . . — Map (db m106776) HM
Oregon (Clatsop County), Astoria — Crossroads of Cultures
This area was once the crossroads of several cultures in Astoria. Along the waterfront to the east and west were over 20 canneries with their hordes of workers, many of them Chinese. After 12 to 16 hours of hard work, the Chinese went home to . . . — Map (db m112997) HM
Oregon (Clatsop County), Astoria — Ghadar Party
The Ghadar Party, often considered the beginning of the 20th century Indian independence movement, crystalized in May 1913 at a meeting in Astoria's Finnish Socialist Hall (located behind this sign along Marine Drive). This revolutionary . . . — Map (db m112991) HM
Oregon (Clatsop County), Astoria — Shively - McClure National Register Historic District
Here you look out over Astoria's first neighborhood. Platted in 1846 by prominent pioneers, Colonel John McClure and John Shively, this district was home to our most influential citizens; elected officials, leading businessmen, cannery . . . — Map (db m113014) HM
Oregon (Grant County), John Day — John Day/Canyon City
The mining camp town of Canyon City sprang up soon after the discovery of gold in Canyon Creek in 1861 (Note: actually June of 1862). When Grant County was formed in 1864 Canyon City became the county seat. Meanwhile, "Lower Town" . . . — Map (db m107547) HM
Oregon (Grant County), John Day — Kam Wah Chung Company Building
Has Been Designated a National Historic Landmark This property possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America Kam Wah Chung Company Building is the best and earliest known . . . — Map (db m112884) HM
Oregon (Grant County), John Day — Welcome to Kam Wah Chung
Wlcome to Kam Wah Chung In 1890 you would be standing in the middle of a bustling Chinatown.Businesses and homes all around you, the temple in front, and Kam Wah Chung- the core of the community- would be to your left. Why is it the only . . . — Map (db m112887) HM
Oregon (Jackson County), Jacksonville — China QuarterJacksonville, Oregon 1865
(Marker 1) In the 1860s the view from this spot on Main street would have looked much different than it does today. During the the Gold Rush boom of the 1850s, Jacksonville's early merchants and shopkeepers located their businesses along . . . — Map (db m112901) HM
Oregon (Wallowa County), Imnaha — Chinese Massacre Cove
(The text of this marker is in English, Sahaptin (Nez Percé), and Chinese) Site of the 1887 massacre of as many as 34 Chinese gold miners. No one was held accountable. Celmen Waptamaawnin' Toqooxpa . . . — Map (db m138409) HM
Oregon (Wasco County), The Dalles — Chinatown - The DallesA Brief History
The development of this block began in the early 1850's and by 1858, an assortment of shops and businesses occupied the entire 1st Street frontage (then also known as Main Street of Front Street). In 1879, a fire swept through the downtown, burning . . . — Map (db m112466) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Perkasie — Pearl S. BuckAuthor, Activist and Humanitarian — 1892-1973 —
Welcome to the Pearl S. Buck House, a National Historic Landmark. Pearl S. Buck was the first American woman to be awarded both the Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes for literature. In addition to her literary achievements, Pearl S. Buck was passionately . . . — Map (db m86313) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Philadelphia Chinatown
Founded in the 1870s by Chinese immigrants, it is the only “Chinatown” in Pennsylvania. This unique neighborhood includes businesses and residences owned by, and serving, Chinese Americans. Here, Asian cultural traditions are preserved . . . — Map (db m127980) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Deadwood — Chinatown
Although the Chinatowns of New York, San Francisco and Chicago are more well-known, these ethnic enclaves weren't exclusive to America's urban centers. There were many Chinatowns in Western boomtowns, including one right here on Deadwood's Lower . . . — Map (db m120093) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Deadwood — Chinese Immigrants
Chinese Immigrants came to Deadwood to make their fortune. After burial in Mt. Moriah, with appropriate ceremonies, the remains were removed for reburial in their home village in China. Not more than two bodies remain in the Chinese Section. — Map (db m49688) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — Kuni Wada Bakery Remembrance
"When nothing else subsists from the past, after the people are dead, after the things are broken and scattered. The smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls. Bearing resiliently, on tiny and almost impalpable drops of . . . — Map (db m89358) HM WM
Texas (Bexar County), Fort Sam Houston — 16246 — The Pershing Chinese
In March, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson ordered General John J. Pershing to lead an expedition into Mexico to punish Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary whose troops crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and attacked the town of Columbus, New Mexico. . . . — Map (db m85539) HM
Texas (El Paso County), El Paso — 16051 — El Paso's Chinese Community
Chinese immigrants first arrived in El Paso shortly before the Southern Pacific Railroad completed its line here in 1881. The earliest immigrants opened a rooming house and a grocery store. Soon afterwards, the U.S. Government passed the Chinese . . . — Map (db m37904) HM
Texas (Harris County), Webster — 10758 — Seito and Kiyoaki SaibaraContributions to the Texas Rice Industry by
Seito Saibara (1861-1939), former president of Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, and first Christian member of the Japanese Diet (Parliament). Arrived in the United States in 1901 to study theology, and with the desire to establish a Japanese . . . — Map (db m50130) HM
Texas (Val Verde County), Langtry — 12694 — Site of Vinegarroon
Crossing the Pecos River Canyon was the last major obstacle the Southern Pacific Railroad faced in completing its southern transcontinental route linking New Orleans and San Francisco. As "Tunnel No. 2" was excavated on the west side of the canyon . . . — Map (db m36442) HM
Texas (Zavala County), Crystal City — Confinement Site - History of Crystal City Family Internment Camp
By late 1942, the U.S. Army realized it needed to focus the efforts of its Provost Marshal General's Office on the expected task of guarding hundreds of thousands of Axis prisoners of war. In response, the Department of Justice (DOJ) gave the . . . — Map (db m111377) HM
Texas (Zavala County), Crystal City — 13720 — Crystal City Family Internment Camp, World War II
When the U.S. entered the war in 1941, an immediate fear was the possibility of enemy agents in the country and the Western Hemisphere. As one response, thousands of Japanese-Americans were moved away from the West Coast. Lesser known was an . . . — Map (db m111380) HM
Texas (Zavala County), Crystal City — Living and Working in an Internment Camp
Crystal Care Family Internment Camp was staffed by local civilian employees in secretarial and clerical positions, civilian nurses and doctors, a professional cadre of Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) administrators and Border . . . — Map (db m111379) HM
Texas (Zavala County), Crystal City — World War II Concentration Camp1943 - 1946
Due to circumstances beyond their control and consequences of a war between the United States and Japan, peoples of Japanese ancestry, both nationals and U.S. citizens alike, were arbitrarily and without justification, incarcerated in a . . . — Map (db m111381) HM WM
Texas (Zavala County), Crystal City — World War II Enemy Alien Internment
”Inevitably, war creates situations which Americans would not countenance in times of peace, such as the internment of men and women who were considered potentially dangerous to America’s national security.” -INS, Department . . . — Map (db m111378) HM
Utah (Box Elder County), Brigham City — Chinese ArchA Monument in Limestone
Ancient Lake Bonneville once covered this area, including the flanks of Promontory Range. The waves washing against the ancient shore eroded fault-fractured rocks, creating the arch in the 300-million-year-old Oquirrh Formation. More than . . . — Map (db m69125) HM
Utah (Box Elder County), Park Valley — Watercress
Mile 699.8 from San Francisco Following the abandonment of Terrace, Watercress served as a principle freight and siding for area ranchers early in the twentieth century. Railroad documents record the existence of corrals, a barn, a stock . . . — Map (db m105437) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Dalton Wells
Civilian Conservation Corps Camp DG-32 (Co. 234) 1935-1942 During the Great Depression of the 1930s, CCC Camps were scattered all over the USA. They provided gainful employment to youth of the nation with work on public service . . . — Map (db m131990) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — American Volunteer Group, China Air Task Force and the 14th Air Force
This oak tree was planted as a memorial to those who served in the American Volunteer Group, the China Air Task Force and the 14th Air Force during World War II. Dedicated by the members of the Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force Association . . . — Map (db m11694) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Sailors, Coast Guardsmen and Marines of African and Asian-Pacific DescentCooks, Stewards, and Messmen
In memory of all U.S. Sailors, Coast Guardsmen and Marines of African and Asian-Pacific Descent who honorably served officers as cooks, stewards and messmen on U.S. Navy ships and bases and who valiantly manned battle stations during World War II . . . — Map (db m70767) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Herndon — 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Military Intelligence Service
The aforementioned Japanese-American units from World War II are the most highly decorated units in military history. They exemplified duty, honor, and country to the utmost while taking on some of the toughest assignments during the war. . . . — Map (db m126638) HM WM
Washington (King County), Seattle — Chinese American Soldiers MemorialSeattle
Dedicated to American Soldiers of Chinese Ancestry in Seattle and vicinity who died in the service of their country during World War II, 1941 - 1945 [Translation in Chinese calligraphy] Yeu Louie Lee Hong Chew Bak Hong Chin John . . . — Map (db m26934) HM
Washington (King County), Seattle — Japanese American Remembrance Garden
Left Marker: This is Sacred Land. Before World War II a community of Japanese and Japanese Americans lived on what is now south campus. In 1942, approximately 120,000 were incarcerated and held behind barbed wire for three or more years . . . — Map (db m103016) HM WM
Washington (King County), Seattle — Pioneer Square Historic District
[This marker is consists of seven panels and a map which deal with various aspects to the history of Pioneer Square. The panels are clustered together in Occidental Park in the heart of Seattle’s Pioneer Square Historic District.] [Panel . . . — Map (db m69830) HM
Washington (Kitsap County), Port Gamble — Duplex1918-1919
Originally built as a dormitory for girls working at the Puget Hotel; it later housed Chinese workers who worked at the Puget Hotel from 1925 until 1936, when they left Port Gamble. Earliest record of Chinese in Port Gamble was 1870, with 12 men . . . — Map (db m129349) HM
Wyoming (Carbon County), Sinclair — Rock Springs Massacre
Anglo-European Coal Miners Near Rock Springs, Wyoming... killed 26 Chinese on Thursday afternoon, September 3, 1885, and torched their nearby settlement. More than 550 other Orientals fled into the hills. Two days later, Fort Fred Steele's . . . — Map (db m89829) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Administrative Area:Relocation Camp Administration & Governance
In front of you stood the Administration Area which consisted of an H shaped Administration building, a small building to the right of the Administration building for the Block Managers Community Council offices, and a building to the south for the . . . — Map (db m91181) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Agriculture and Root Cellars
As you look through the site glass, you will see the only remaining root cellar of the original three. It is on private land and may not be visited. The evacuees cultivated farmland north of the living area, across the highway to the south and . . . — Map (db m91173) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Barracks Living Area:Camp Life at Heart Mountain
You are now overlooking the entire living area of the Heart Mountain Relocation Center. More than 10,000 men, women and children lived in the area bounded on your left by at the red brick home in there distance, the hill ahead of you, the hospital . . . — Map (db m91219) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Heart Mountain High School:Education in Camp
As you look through the site glass, you see a concrete records vault, the only remnant of the high school that stood on this ground. In early August 1942, the Heart Mountain project director hired Clifford D. Carter as superintendent and John . . . — Map (db m91194) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Heart Mountain Relocation Center Memorial
History After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, many parts of the West Coast were declared military defense zones. The government ordered the removal of all persons of Japanese ancestry and the War Relocation Authority was . . . — Map (db m91185) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Heart Mountain World War II Memorial
September 1985 This memorial plaque is dedicated to the more than 750 internees who left Heart Mountain to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, and to the memory of the 15 Heart Mountaineers who gave their live for our country. . . . — Map (db m91188) HM WM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Heart Mountain, Wyoming - Fall 1943
Rooted in decades of anti-Japanese and anti-Asian prejudice, the internment of 120,000 Nisei, American citizens of Japanese descent, and Issei, Japanese resident aliens, was triggered by the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Dec. 7, 1941. Initiatives . . . — Map (db m91169) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Hospital Complex:Health Service In Relocation Center
Directly in front of you was the hospital complex. The structures remaining are the boiler house and chimney, two slabs that were warehouse foundations, one building that was the kitchen and dining room, and one building that was the ambulance . . . — Map (db m91171) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — M.P. Station, Guard Tower, Rail & Train Station
As you look through the site glass, to the left of the intersection of Highway 14A and Road 19 stood the Military Police complex and one of the guard towers. On the right side of Road 19 were the main gate and the train station. The Chicago, . . . — Map (db m91172) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Norman Y. Mineta
At this location, from 1942 to 1943, Norman Y. Mineta, Son of Kunisaku (Kay) and Kane Mineta and a U.S. Citizen, was interned by the United States Government. Harboring no bitterness, only an abiding love of his country, he . . . — Map (db m91139) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Relocation Center Support Facilities
As you look through the site glass, you see the hill where the water reservoir stood. Across Highway 14A was the water treatment plant and adjacent to the military police complex was the sewage treatment plant. Directly across the intersection in . . . — Map (db m91220) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Ralston — Swimming Hole:Recreation in Camp
As you look through the site glass, you see the camp swimming hole. After an internee Boy Scout drowned while swimming in the canal during the summer of 1943, the Administration ordered a large pit excavated just below the canal. The pit was lined . . . — Map (db m91180) HM
Wyoming (Sweetwater County), Superior — Immigrants
The people who moved into Superior were from diverse ethnic backgrounds. They came from Austria, Slovenia, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Japan and Greece. Other nationalities loved (sic) and worked in various Superior communities . . . — Map (db m92210) HM
Wyoming (Uinta County), Evanston — Evanston
Evanston was established by the Union Pacific Railroad Company late in 1868. In the first county election, September 6, 1870, Evanston was chosen county seat. Union Pacific Railroad shops moved here in the fall of 1871. Timber and sawmill operations . . . — Map (db m67738) HM

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