“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Ascension Parish Louisiana Historical Markers

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July 10, 2015
Bocage Plantation
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Darrow — Bocage Plantation
Built in 1801 by Marius Pons Bringier as wedding gift for daughter Fanny, who married Christophe Colomb, a French refugee. Remodeled by Architect James Dakin 1837. Restored by Dr. & Mrs. E.G. Kohlsdorf 1941. — Map (db m85285) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Darrow — Houmas House
Houmas Indian land grant sold to Conway and Latil in 1774. Sold to Revolutionary War hero Wade Hampton 1811. Greek revival mansion built by John Smith Preston in 1840. Restored by Dr. George Crozat in 1940. — Map (db m109683) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Darrow — Tezcuco Plantation
Built in 1855 by Benjamin F. Tureaud, kinsman of Bringier family. Constructed of homemade red brick and Louisiana cypress. Purchased in 1888 by Dr. Julian T. Bringier. Retained by relatives until the 1940s. — Map (db m85284) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Ascension Catholic Church
This church founded August 15, 1772 by Father Angel de Revillagodos on orders of King Charles III of Spain. Cornerstone of present church laid June, 1876 by Bishop Elder of Natchez and the April 14, 1896 dedication by Archbishop Janssens of New . . . — Map (db m86048) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Bayou Lafourche — Mississippi River Junction — Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail
Once a course of the Mississippi River, Bayou Lafourche helped shape Louisiana's coastline by carrying fresh water, sediment and nutrients south to the Gulf of Mexico.

Bayou LaFourche is a 106-mile waterway that stretches from Donaldsonville . . . — Map (db m111250) HM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Bicentennial Jazz Plaza
Jazz developed at the turn of the 20th century in south Louisiana and was born from a combination of musical traditions: work songs, spirituals, blues, and ragtime. From the early days of vaudeville and minstrel shows to the formidable first years . . . — Map (db m86822) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Charles "Chalou" Trepagnier Building
This building built in 1868 served as the Ascension parish Courthouse and jail. On June 1, 2017, the Ascension Parish Council officially changed the name to Charles "Chalou" Trepagnier Building in honor of his 51 years as a law enforcer.

Born to . . . — Map (db m123662) HM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Dedicated to the Memory Of
Dedicated To The Memory Of These Men Of Ascension Parish Who Gave Their Lives In The Services Of Their Country In World War I and World War II — Map (db m126726) WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Donaldsonville
Made capital of Louisiana in 1830; Legislature met from January 4 to March 16 and reconvened in 1831. In 1848 the old State House, located across from this site, was razed, and its bricks used to prevent wavewash at the bayou's mouth. — Map (db m85189) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Donaldsonville
Second Acadian Coast. Town founded by William Donaldson, 1806, on farm of Pierre Landry. Began as trading post about 1750. Home of Governor Francis T. Nicholls, of Dr. F.M. Prevost, who performed the first Caesarean section, 1824. Parish seat of . . . — Map (db m86046) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Fort Butler African American Soldiers Memorial
(left panel) "We are still anxious as we have ever been to show the world that the latent courage of the African is aroused, and that , while fighting under the American Flag, we can and will be a wall of fire and death to the enimies of . . . — Map (db m86323) WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Fort Butler UDC Monument
(center panel) The Finest of Texas and Arizona, Lives lost by river and bayou. We mark their graves, Remember their names: Brave Confederates who died At Fort Butler, June 28, 1863. Martha M. Boltz Virginia Division - . . . — Map (db m86049) WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Francis T. Nicholls — 1834-1912
On the site directly across from this marker Francis T. Nicholls — Confederate General, Governor and Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court — was born and reared. Additional French marker Francis T. Nicholls 1834-1912 A cet . . . — Map (db m85191) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — St. Emma Plantation
Scene of Civil War skirmish in fall of 1862. C.1850 Greek Revival plantation house owned 1854-1869 by Charles A. Kock, a prominent sugar planter. Listed on National Register of Historic Places in 1980. — Map (db m96047) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — Walter Lemann, Sr. Pumping Station — Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District — 1955
This facility is dedicated to the memory of Walter Lemann, Sr. (1879-1952) a citizen of Donaldsonville whose untiring efforts to restore a flow of fresh water to Bayou Lafourche continued from its closure in 1903 until his death. It was his . . . — Map (db m86047) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Donaldsonville — War Veterans Memorial
Panel 1 This monument dedicated in memory of all veterans who served the United States Armed Forces in defense of freedom and peace, having fought bravely against tremendous odds on land, sea and air, were no less honorable, valiant and . . . — Map (db m96911) WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Geismar — Abe Hawkins — ? - 1867
Once enslaved at Ashland Plantation, became noted 19th century African American jockey. Rode the horse Lecompte to victory over Lexington in 1854 in New Orleans. Inducted into the Louisiana Racing Museum Hall of Fame in 1997. — Map (db m84995) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Geismar — Ashland
Plantation home of Duncan Farrar Kenner, 1813-1887; statesman, lawyer, planter and Confederate minister to France and England in 1864. Home also known as Belle Helene. — Map (db m96048) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — "The Mother of All Battles Has Begun!" — - Saddam Hussein, January 17, 1991
As U.S.-led coalition forces began to unleash a ferocious air war on Iraq with Operation Desert Storm, Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein took to state radio, telling his people "the great duel, the mother of all battles has begun...the dawn of victory . . . — Map (db m115062) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — "The War to End War" — - President Woodrow Wilson
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson had lofty goals for World War I, including his hope that the war would create a set of conditions that made future wars impossible. Along with his plea that the war should be fought "to make the world safe for . . . — Map (db m114884) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — A View From The Trenches: A Doughboy From Donaldsonville Writes Home
A young resident of Donaldsonville named Private Bennett J. Babin wrote the following letters while serving in the trenches in France in 1918. The first was written to G.D. Bentley, the editor of The Donaldsonville Chief, a weekly newspaper serving . . . — Map (db m115002) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — Ascension Parish Residents Fighting the War on Terror — The 769th Engineer Battalion In The Iraq War (2007 - 2008)
Long-time Ascension Parish residents Sergeant Major Chad Lynch, Major Cindy Haygood, Sergeant First Class Bonnie Hymel, and First Sergeant Chad Anderson played vital roles in the Iraq War. They were sent in as part of what became known as the "Iraq . . . — Map (db m114932) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — Civil War — Louisiana's Role in the War
Louisiana occupied a highly strategic location during the Civil War. Home to both the South's largest city, New Orleans, as well as the largest Confederate training base in the Gulf South at Camp Moore, and positioned to control the mouth of the . . . — Map (db m114854) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — Civil War — Western Theater Of War
Union efforts in the western theater of the war centered on seizing control of the many rivers and streams that pierced the Southern heartland. Employing ironclad warships capable of destroying the South's outdated masonry forts, Union forces . . . — Map (db m114997) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — Civil War — Eastern Theatre Of War
Many of the most climactic and large scale battles occurred in the eastern theatre of the war, primarily Virginia. With the capital cities of both North and South in perilous proximity of one another, much of the fighting in the east naturally . . . — Map (db m114999) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — In War There Is No Substitute for Victory — General Douglas MacArthur
During the first year of the Korean War, President Harry Truman and General Douglas MacArthur, the man Truman put in charge, started to have fundamental disagreements about the methods and overall purpose of the war. MacArthur came to believe that . . . — Map (db m114991) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — Louisiana Marines in the Persian Gulf War
In response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, U.S. President George H.W. Bush ordered 540,000 American troops to the sands of Saudi Arabia to protect it from Iraqi encroachment and to convince Iraq to leave Kuwait. Louisiana residents . . . — Map (db m114933) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — Mexico Will Poison Us — Ralph Waldo Emerson
One of America's most important literary figures, Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 25, 1803 - April 27, 1882), wrote these words that turned out to be prophetic. Before the Mexican-American War began, Emerson predicted that "the U.S. will conquer Mexico, . . . — Map (db m114882) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — Star Spangled Banner


In September 1814, an American lawyer named Francis Scott Key was sent . . . — Map (db m114831) HM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Battle of New Orleans, 1815
Only 69 miles from where you are standing, the most significant battle of the War of 1812 was fought, the Battle of New Orleans. Ironically, it was neither fought in New Orleans, nor was it fought during the official War of 1812. Instead, it was . . . — Map (db m114830) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Civil War — 1861-1865
Background Throughout the antebellum period, the Northern and the Southern United States developed divergent economies as the North industrialized and commercialized while the South's mild climate and extended growing season allowed it to . . . — Map (db m115035) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Korean War
Panel 1 The Korean War (June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953) erupted in 1950 when the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) invaded the Republic of Korea (South Korea). What started as a civil war quickly turned into a matter of . . . — Map (db m115122) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Mexican-American War — The Louisiana Connection
Three Louisiana men played prominent roles in the Mexican-American War. Though John Slidell was born in New York, he moved to New Orleans in 1819, started a successful law practice, and eventually became an important leader of the Democratic Party . . . — Map (db m114832) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Mexican-American War — 1846-1848
Panel 1 Fifteen years before Americans began fighting each other in the Civil War, they were at war with their neighbors to the south in Mexico. The Mexican-American War began in 1846 and lasted less than two years with the Americans achieving a . . . — Map (db m114839) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Persian Gulf War — August 2, 1990-February 28, 1991
Panel 1

At the stroke of midnight on August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops blasted across the border of their tiny oil-rich neighbor to the south in Kuwait in order to occupy and annex the small sheikdom and gain control of its ample oil reserves. . . . — Map (db m115151) HM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The Vietnam War — 1954-1975
Panel 1

Much like the Korean War before it, the Vietnam War started as a civil war in Asia, but quickly evolved into an international matter because it became yet another manifestation of the Cold War. By 1954, a communist regime . . . — Map (db m115153) WM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The War of 1812
Panel 1Only twenty-nine years after winning its independence from Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War, the United States found itself at war once again with its former mother country. The War of 1812 began on June 18, 1812 when Congress . . . — Map (db m114827) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The War on Terror: The Afghanistan War — (Operation Enduring Freedom)
Toppling the Taliban (October 2001 - December 2001)

Within days of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the U.S. government blamed Al Qaeda, a group of Islamic extremists led by Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. The Taliban, an . . . — Map (db m115816) HM WM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — The War on Terror: The Afghanistan War And The Iraq War
Out of the clear blue morning sky of September 11, 2001, war came to America. Nineteen hijackers seized four passenger planes and flew them as manned missiles directly into symbols of American financial and military power. Two planes struck the . . . — Map (db m115804) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — War on Terror: The Iraq War — (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
Deposing a Dictator: Invading Iraq and the Overthrow of Saddam Hussein (March 2003 – May 2003)

By the end of 2002, President George W. Bush had become dissatisfied with Saddam Hussein's level of cooperation with U.N. weapons . . . — Map (db m115805) HM WM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — World War I — The Great War — 1914-1918
Panel 1 Background

World War I, also known as the Great War, was a global clash between most of the world's great powers from 1914 to 1918. The participating nations divided themselves into two camps. On one side, Austria-Hungary, Germany, . . . — Map (db m115036) HM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — World War II
Background Twenty years after the "the war to end war," World War I, a far more brutal, destructive, and deadlier conflict broke out—World War II. Fought from 1939 to 1945, the Second World War included almost every nation in the . . . — Map (db m115794) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — WWII - War In Europe
The Big Three Agree

While the American soldiers were proving their worth in the Mediterranean (see the panel War in the Mediterranean), they still had not made a huge impact in western Europe, mainly because the British Prime Minister . . . — Map (db m115788) HM WM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — WWII - War In The Mediterranean — (North Africa, Sicily, and Italy)
By December 11, 1941, the U.S. was officially at war with all three major Axis powers, but most Americans wanted to see the Japanese head of the three-headed monster cut off first because of what happened at Pearl Harbor. American military . . . — Map (db m115796) HM WM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — WWII - War In The Pacific
Post Pearl Harbor

American and British military planners decided on a strategy of “Europe First", but that did not mean “Neglect Japan Entirely.” Indeed, fierce fighting took place in the Pacific in the immediate . . . — Map (db m115786) HM WM

Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Modeste — Gaudin Home Place — At Philadelphia Point
Site of the plantation of the Jean Baptiste Gaudin Family from 1830 to 1874. Gaudin, a native of St. James Parish, established Gaudin Home Place from several small farms. He grew cotton then sugarcane. In time he would own over 1000 arpents . . . — Map (db m87261) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Prairieville — Galveztown
Old Spanish town at junction of Amite River and Bayou Manchac. Settled by Anglo-Americans, 1776-78, seeking Spanish refuge from American Revolution and by Canary Islanders (Islenos). Named for Spanish Governor Bernardo de Galvez. Town was abandoned . . . — Map (db m85246) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Prairieville — Prairieville Cemetery — History
The site of this cemetery, being one of the highest spots in east Ascension Parish, was used to bury those who died during crevasses. About the year 1785, Joseph Dupuy donated it as a non-sectarian cemetery, including slaves and Indians. Joseph . . . — Map (db m86105) HM
Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Prairieville — The Ascension Parish Negro Fair Association, Inc. / Ascension Parish Negro Fairgrounds
(side 1) The Ascension Parish Negro Fair Association, Inc. The APNFA, Inc. was established September 22, 1950 by concerned citizens in the Prairieville area. The Association assisted and encouraged the advancement of farming, . . . — Map (db m85750) HM

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