“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Auglaize County Ohio Historical Markers

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By Rev. Ronald Irick, October 21, 2013
The Mystery Stone Marker
Ohio (Auglaize County), Buckland — The Mystery Stone — Usually Ignored in Light of the Frontier Marker Next to It —
The Mystery Stone when the middle pier of the railroad trestle spanning the Auglaize River was replaced in the mid 1940’s this sculpted stone was discovered as part of it. The stone was subsequently donated to the Village of Buckland by the . . . — Map (db m80773)
Ohio (Auglaize County), Buckland — White Feather's TownShawnee Village on the Auglaize River
The Shawnee chief Na-Wa-Ba-She-Ka or White Feather resided here- in the town which was located on both sides of the Auglaize River. A North- South trail paralleled the river and ran through the town on the east bank. The same trail went through an . . . — Map (db m74880) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Cridersville — 4-6 — Town Pond Reservoir Cridersville's Great Fire of 1918
Side A: The Village of Cridersville was founded in 1856. With the discovery of oil in 1885 the village prospered and grew quickly. Its business district developed along Main Street in the first block east of the railroad. The Town Pond . . . — Map (db m28668) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Kossuth — Bloody Bridge
During the canal years of the 1850's a rivalry grew between Bill Jones and Jack Billings for the love of Minnie Warren. This became hatred by Bill because Minnie chose Jack. On a fall night in 1854, returning from a party, Minnie and Jack were . . . — Map (db m80159) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Minster — Cholera Marker
In pious memory of all our cholera victims over 300 especially of the year 1849 Eternal rest grant unto thee O Lord Erected in 1937 — Map (db m100145) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Minster — Francis J. Stallo's log cabin
Francis J. Stallo is the founder of Stallostown, which was later named Minster. This is the site where Stallo owned and built his double wide log cabin. He, Along with John Feldman, John Surham, Frederick Rohenkuhl, and three unknown others made the . . . — Map (db m102490) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Minster — Minster's Origins
In 1832, 97 Germans met in Cincinnati to purchase a section of land for settlement. Designated leader Francis J. Stallo and six others set out from Cincinnati on foot, heading to the land office in Miami County.

They had $800 in silver coins, . . . — Map (db m100247) HM

Ohio (Auglaize County), Minster — The Crescent Theater
This large 2-story brick structure served as the only Minster movie house for over 60 years. It opened in 1933 and boasted a stage, orchestra pit, and seating for 611 patrons. The first show was an animated Mutt & Jeff short film. During the silent . . . — Map (db m100142) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Minster — The Log Church
This was the site of the first Stallostown Mission Catholic Church in Minster, completed in 1835. The brick wall surrounding the gazebo is representative of the footprint, measuring approximately 40 feet wide and 60 feet long. It was 16 logs high . . . — Map (db m100144) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), New Bremen — Bowstring Girder
Constructed in 1864, this is the oldest cast iron "bowstring girder" bridge in Ohio. Originally part of a three-span structure over the Auglaize River in Wapakoneta, the bridge was moved to Moulton Angle Road north of New Knoxville in 1904. In 1984, . . . — Map (db m22947) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), New Bremen — Loramie Summit
The Miami Erie Canal, built 1825-1845, 244.5 miles long, was a transporter of passengers and freight between Lake Erie and the Ohio River. This section is Loramie Summit., a 21 mile plateau of water retained by Lock 1-N (this marker) and Lock 1-S at . . . — Map (db m22946) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), New Bremen — Miami and Erie Canal, New Bremen
Lockkeeper's House The Lockkeeper's House was the residence of the Lockkeeper and his family. The Lockkeeper was on duty 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and was responsible for operating the lock as needed to move boats through the . . . — Map (db m22781) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), New Bremen — Miami and Erie Canal, New Bremen
Locking Through Lock One North is one of 105 locks used to raise and lower boats traveling between Lake Erie and the Ohio River. Large wooden gates were built at each end of the lock to hold water in the lock. A boat, pulled by a team of . . . — Map (db m23062) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), New Bremen — Pioneer Cabin
This home has been restored from logs and the floor plan of the second oldest cabin in Mercer County. It is an example of a shelter the earliest settlers used in the 1830's. At the first sign of spring, a German immigrant family would move north . . . — Map (db m100741) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), New Bremen — 2-6 — The Miami & Erie Canal and New Bremen
The Miami & Erie Canal and New Bremen Begun in 1833, the Miami Extension linked the Miami Canal in Dayton to the Wabash & Erie Canal at Junction. Engineering difficulties, epidemics and the Panic of 1837 delayed completion of the Extension . . . — Map (db m20023) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), New Knoxville — 7-6 — New Knoxville: The Ladbergen Kinship
Side 1 The history of New Knoxville provides one of the best examples of chain migration to America. After the Shawnee were removed from what would become Auglaize County, James Knox Lytle, cousin to James Knox Polk, purchased land in . . . — Map (db m92310) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Saint Johns — CatahecassaBlackhoof Memorial
Nearby sleeps Chief (Blackhoof) Catahecassa, last principle chief of the Shawnees prior to their removal to Kansas in 1832. This was Blackhoofs town where he lived and died in Sept. 1831, at the age of 109. He fought with the French against Braddock . . . — Map (db m16971) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Saint Marys — Saint Marys River
To the right is the Saint Marys River. This waterway was used by the Indians for generations as a route to hunting grounds in Kentucky. French, and later English traders traversed its course with trade goods in exchange for furs. James Girty, a . . . — Map (db m30258) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Spencerville — 1-6 — Fort AmandaOhio Historical Marker
[Marker Front] After Gen. William Hull's surrender at Detroit early in the War of 1812, most of Michigan Territory came under British and Indian control. To prevent a possible invasion of Ohio, Gen. William Henry Harrison, commander of . . . — Map (db m19826) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Spencerville — C — Fort AmandaOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
. . . — Map (db m136597) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), St Marys — The "Short Level" of the Miami and Erie Canal
To the left is the "Short Level" of the Miami and Erie Canal. The canal extension from Dayton to Toledo was completed in 1837. Linking the Great Lakes to the Ohio River. Travel took only five days to Toledo and six days to Cincinnati. The canal . . . — Map (db m29673) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), St. Johns — Blackhoof's Last Home
Blackhoof: Born in Florida about 1721. Arriving in this vicinity 1783 - Surnames: Cut-The-We-Ka-Saw or Catahecassa - Principal Chief of Shawnee Indian Nation - erected here in 1822. In a clearing of the vast forest a two story 18'x24' log house - . . . — Map (db m29631) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), St. Marys — Broadwell Mill
Broadwell Mill On this site a mill was constructed using a mill race for power. Destruction of the mill race by the 1913 flood ended operation. — Map (db m98845) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), St. Marys — Fort St. Marys
Erected here in 1795 by General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, probably after the signing of the Greenville Treaty, on land ceded by the Indians. This area was also the site of the signing of the Treaty of St. Marys in 1818 (the Indian campsites being to the . . . — Map (db m19855) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), St. Marys — C18 — Fort St. Marys / Fort Barbee / Girty TownOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
. . . — Map (db m29605) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), St. Marys — Grand Lake Saint Marys
Grand Lake Saint Marys, originally Mercer County reservoir was worlds largest man made lake when constructed in 1837-1841 Water supply for Miami-erie Canal from here to the Maumee River at Defiance - 17603 acres. in 1856 lake level lowered 5.4 feet . . . — Map (db m93080) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), St. Marys — Miami and Erie CanalLock 13 — Ohio Dept. Natural Resources, Division of Water —
Ohio Dept. Natural Resources Division of Water Miami and Erie Canal Lock 13 <- .1 mile Canal Tumble .1 mile Lock 12 -> — Map (db m30260) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — Apollo Command Module and Gemini Spacecraft Mock-ups
Apollo Command Module Mock-up The command module carried the three astronauts to the moon and back during the Apollo missions 1969-1972. The spacecraft is 10 ft. 7 in. tall and 12 ft. 10 in. diameter. It weighed 13,000 lbs. Gemini . . . — Map (db m20930) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — Congressional Medal of Honor RecipientsState of Ohio, Auglaize County
United States of America Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients State of Ohio, Auglaize County Civil War Cpl Christian Schnell Mississippi 1863 — Map (db m12416) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — 5-6 — Dayton and Michigan Railroad
Side A The Dayton and Michigan Railroad provided the single most important impetus to the growth and development of Wapakoneta. Although Wapakoneta had been platted in 1833, at the time of incorporation (1848), "the town was still without any . . . — Map (db m12406) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — 3-6 — Dudley Nichols
Dudley Nichols was born in Wapakoneta in 1895, the son of Dr. Grant and Mary Mean Nichols. He spent his childhood in a home on this site and graduated from Blume High School before leaving Ohio. After working as a journalist in new York City, he . . . — Map (db m92116) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — F5D Skylancer
This Douglas F5D Skylancer was one of four originally constructed, and is the only example still in existence. It was flown by Neil A. Armstrong from September 1960 to September 1962 to simulate the flight characteristics of the space vehicle . . . — Map (db m20920) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — 9-6 — Neil Armstrong's Boyhood Home
Side A Stephen and Viola Armstrong moved their family, including 13-year-old Neil and his younger siblings, June and Dean, to the house at 601 West Benton Street in 1944. Here, Neil explored his fascination with flying by reading aviation . . . — Map (db m126824) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — Plank RoadWapakoneta to St. Mary’s — Original Route 33 —
Site of St. Marys – Wapakoneta plank road built 1850- 1852 of Burr and White Oak timber 3 to 5 ft in diam. cut and milled at Moulton financed by Wapakoneta – St Marys businessmen who charged toll for profit and maintenance. Replaced . . . — Map (db m77612) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — 8-6 — Sts. Peter and Paul ChurchMother Church of the Petersburg Parishes
Saints Peter and Paul Church, Petersburg (1835), was the mother church for St. Joseph, Wapakoneta; St. John the Evangelist, Fryburg; St. Lawrence, Rhine; and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Botkins. All were founded by German-Catholic . . . — Map (db m119322) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — 6-6 — The Shannon Stock Company
Side A: The Shannon Stock Company, also known as Shannon's Famous Players, was a traveling theatre company based in Wapakoneta from 1913 until the Great Depression. Founded by Harry Shannon, the group included his wife Adelaide, their . . . — Map (db m29924) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — Wapaghonetta Reservationthe Shawnee Reservation at Wapakoneta — the Eastern Boundary marker —
By the Treaties at the Maumee Rapids in 1817, and 1818 at St. Mary’s, the Shawnee Indians were given a reservation of ten miles by twelve miles. This being the eastern boundary line. Indian Towns within this area were Blackhoof’s (now St. Johns), . . . — Map (db m75195) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — Wapakoneta (Wapaughkonnetta)
Council House (Capital) of the Shawnee from c.1798 until their forced removal to Kansas in 1832 — Map (db m12413) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — Wapakoneta All Wars Memorial
Erected by the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 73 Wapakoneta, Ohio to their departed comrades and in memory of all veterans of all wars — Map (db m12414) WM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — Wapakoneta Heritage Parkway
Plaque # 1 The Shawnee Indians were driven from the southern United States in the late 17th and early 18th centuries by white settlers and Catawba, Cherokee and Chickasaw Nations. the Shawnee were given permission by the Miamis and . . . — Map (db m86526) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Waynesfield — Headwaters of Scioto RiverReference Point of Ohio Land Surveys — The Ellusive Source of One of Ohio's Major Rivers —
Scioto River This is where the river starts and flowing southeast past Columbus, Circleville, and Chillicothe, joining the Ohio River at Portsmouth after a course of some 230 miles. — Map (db m76598)
Ohio (Auglaize County), Waynesfield — Headwaters of the Auglaize RiverThe Flat Wet Praire where three major rivers begin
On the headwaters of the Auglaize River The watershed of Three Rivers originates within a distance of 1/2 mile from this point West- Miami East- Scioto North-Auglaize — Map (db m76609)
Ohio (Auglaize County), Waynesfield — Manchester School
This is the former site of a one room school house that was established in 1882. It later became known as the Manchester School. — Map (db m101810) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Waynesfield — Willow Branch Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to all who serve (multiple service logos) — Map (db m93234) WM

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