“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Bonner County Idaho Historical Markers

David Thompson & Finnan MacDonald Marker image, Touch for more information
By Cosmos Mariner, June 30, 2013
David Thompson & Finnan MacDonald Marker
Idaho (Bonner County), Hope — David Thompson & Finnan MacDonald
At Mamaloose Point, two miles South, Kullyspell house, first trading post in Idaho, was built September, 1809 by David Thompson and Finnan Macdonald — Map (db m112928) HM
Idaho (Bonner County), Hope — Glacial Ice DamFilled This Basin as Far as You Can See — Glaciers moved south from Canada spreading across the lake and rivers —
Glaciers advanced and retreated a dozen times or more Damming Glacial Lake Missoula Bursting with gargantuan force Flooding areas 400 miles away Shaping today's landscape in Idaho, Washington and Oregon Glacial ice above . . . — Map (db m73493) HM
Idaho (Bonner County), Hope — Glacial Lake Missoulaand the floods that shaped the Northwest
Force of energy unleashed was hundreds of times the explosive energy of Mt. Saint Helens Flood events occurred more than a dozen times before the last torrential cataclysm of 12-15,000 years ago Glacial Lake Missoula and the Channeled . . . — Map (db m73495) HM
Idaho (Bonner County), Hope — Hope & East HopeMeet Traders and Merchants in Their Railroad and Timber Communities
Henrietta Tugboat for Hope Lumber Original Thornton School Spring Creek ca 1909 1894 Flood Changed Landscape Destroyed buildings along the tracks Floodwaters at level of present highway . . . — Map (db m73480) HM
Idaho (Bonner County), Hope — 148 — Kullyspell House
Idaho’s fur trade began in the fall of 1809 when David Thompson built a trading post 2.5 miles southwest of here. Kullyspell House (Thompson spelled “Kalispell” that way) was the earliest fur trade post in the American . . . — Map (db m112927) HM
Idaho (Bonner County), Hope — 320 — Lake Pend Oreille
When the last of the continental ice sheets blocked this valley, a great lake extended over 200 miles into Montana. Ice about as high as the mountain ridges held back water as deep as 800 to 1000 feet at Missoula, ten to twenty thousand . . . — Map (db m73490) HM
Idaho (Bonner County), Oldtown — Albeni Falls
...the falls As you look down at the Pend Oreille (Pond O'Ray) River and Albeni Falls Dam (Albany) you may be looking for the falls. In 1887 a 26 year-old French Canadian farmer living in Blanchard, Idaho, also wondered where the falls . . . — Map (db m109902) HM
Idaho (Bonner County), Oldtown — Albeni Falls Dam at a Glance
Harnessing the Flow During the year, the Corps of Engineers regulates the flow of water through the dam. Water is released from Lake Pend Oreille to maintain seasonal lake elevations and to adjust for rain and snowmelt. Water at . . . — Map (db m109906) HM
Idaho (Bonner County), Sandpoint — Sandpoint"A Town that Grew Around Timber Products"
Canadian explorer David Thompson noted a point of sand in his diary in 1809 which he believed to be near where the city of Sandpoint is today. Settlement began in Sandpoint in the 1880s, but it was the panhandle's timber wealth that brought . . . — Map (db m122665) HM

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