“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Boone County Kentucky Historical Markers

Bullittsburg Baptist Church Marker image, Touch for more information
By Steve Stoessel, April 30, 2019
Bullittsburg Baptist Church Marker
Kentucky (Boone County), Bullittsburg — 2367 — Bullittsburg Baptist Church
It has been called the "Mother Church" because from 1800-1915 its members organized other churches within the tri-state area. Between 1871 and 1873, an outdoor keyhole baptismal pool was built of stone masonry at the site of a natural . . . — Map (db m133224) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — Duncan HouseBurlington Historical District — c. 1910 —
This outstanding c. 1910 Bungalow home incorporates many Arts & Crafts design elements including battered porch columns, 3-over-1 window sash, and a low pitched roof. It was built at the beginning of mini-building boom in Burlington that lasted . . . — Map (db m133142) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — 2412 — From Craig’s Camp / To Burlington
In June 1799, Boone County's first court set Craig's Camp as county seat. The next year, John H. Craig and Robert Johnson donated 74 acres at the Woolper Creek site for a town they called Wilmington. Court held here in a log courthouse in Jan. . . . — Map (db m133144) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — 2415 — George Speri Sperti (1900-1991) / Boonetucky Farm
Born in Covington to Italian immigrants, he graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1923. He was the director of Institutum Divi Thomae, a medical research foundation, from 1935 to 1988. Sperti invented well-known pharmaceutical . . . — Map (db m133141) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — Historic Burlington, KYThe New County Seat
Boone County Courthouses Through the Years 1n 1817, Boone County replaced its first log courthouse with a brick structure, which was remodeled in 1828 and again in 1878. The present courthouse was built in 1889 for $19,740. The courthouse . . . — Map (db m134040) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — Historic Burlington, KYSettling In and Getting Around
Boone County was established in 1799 and the County Court held its first meeting in June of that year, where The Court proceeded to fix on a place for the Seat of Justice on 74 acres offered by Robert Johnson and John H. Craig. Initially known as . . . — Map (db m134232) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — Historic Burlington, KYMaking a Living...
From its earliest days, Burlington was the hub of a community rooted in farming. Prior to World War II, the majority of people in Boone County lived and worked on farms and the livelihood of nearly everyone else was somehow connected to farming. By . . . — Map (db m134233) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — Old Boone County CourthouseBurlington Historic District — 1889 —
There has been a courthouse on this site since 1799 and the present one is the third built on the site. Designed by the McDonald Brothers of Louisville, the Renaissance Revival style building was completed for about $20,000. The courthouse . . . — Map (db m133151) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — Passage To Freedom From SlaveryMemorial to the Undergrond Railroad in Boone County, Kentucky — Another Marker in Rabbit Hash —
In memory of all the slaves in Boone County, those who helped them, and the slaves’ descendants who remember & honor them and their legacy. Dedicated 21 March, 2005 by the Problem Solving Team, a diverse group of students, grades five . . . — Map (db m79290) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — Rabbit Hash
Side A Rabbit Hash Kentucky circa 1813 Ohio River Mile 506.1 below Pittsburg one of only a few remaining early 19th century towns along the 981- mile course of the Ohio River. The Rabbit Hash National Registry encompasses 33 acres . . . — Map (db m79231) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — 2420 — The Dinsmore HomesteadClassic “Old Kentucky Home”
Side A James and Martha Macomb Dinsmore moved from La. to raise their three daughters here. Completed in1842, the main house served as the center of a typical large, antebellum Boone Co. farm. tenants and slaves raised grains, grapes, . . . — Map (db m79304) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Florence — 1253 — Boone County, 1798
Formed by legislative act from a part of Campbell County. Names for Daniel Boone, renowned Kentucky pioneer-explorer. Big Boone Lick, graveyard of the mammoth, was discovered in 1729 by Capt. M. de Longueil. In 1756, Mary Inglis was brought . . . — Map (db m61867) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Florence — 2368 — Hopeful Lutheran Church
Hopeful Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded on Epiphany Day. 1806. by German-speaking families from Madison County, Virginia. Called “the Mother of Lutheranism west of the Allegheny Mountains,” it is the oldest Lutheran church . . . — Map (db m136081) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Florence — 550 — Skirmish at Florence
Union troops, had built forts around Covington to repel expected attack from CSA troops under Gen. Heth. Detachment of 101 CSA troops camped at Snow's Pond attacked here by scouting party of 53 USA cavalrymen Sept. 17, 1862. In the skirmish 1 Union, . . . — Map (db m133190) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Hebron — 2393 — 1937 Flood at Constance / Anderson Ferry
1937 Flood The Ohio River reached its peak on Jan. 26 at 79.9 ft. surpassing the 1884 record. Constance was the hardest hit town in Boone Co. but there were no fatalities. Route 8 between Constance & Taylorsport was almost completely . . . — Map (db m133629) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Hebron — 1640 — Center of Population of U.S. in 1880
The exact center of the population of the United States in 1880 was located within a few hundred yards of this plaque. North latitude 39° 4' 8" West longitude 84° 39' 40" Population base in 1880 was 49,371,340. — Map (db m133070) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Hebron — 2343 — Crash of AA 383
American Airlines flight 383, tail #N1996, was making an approach in rain when it crashed into this hillside on November 8, 1965 at 7:01 p.m. The 3-engine Boeing 727 Astrojet was en route from New York to Cincinnati. 58 people perished four . . . — Map (db m133173) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Hebron — Crash of TWA Flight 128
TWA flight 128, tail #N821TW, was making an approach in light snow when it crashed into an orchard approximately 1,000 feet north of here, on November 20. 1967 at 8:57 p.m. The four-engine Convair 880 was en route from Los Angeles . . . — Map (db m133136) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Hebron — 2380 — Crash of TWA Flight 694
TWA flight 694, tail #N93211, had taken off from the airport when it was struck by a private DC-3 & fell to the ground approximately 750 feet west of here, on January 12, 1955 at 9:04 a.m. The TWA Martin 202A was en route to Cleveland, Ohio & . . . — Map (db m133123) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Petersburg — 2459 — Lewis Loder (1819-1905) / Petersburg Distillery
Born in Pennsylvania, he moved to Petersburg in 1858 and lived in a c. 1840 house at Tanner & Front Sts. He served as justice of the peace and operated a tavern in his home for many years. Loder was hired as clerk & bookkeeper at the . . . — Map (db m133205) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Petersburg — 999 — Tanner’s Station 1789Frontier Outpost — First Settlement in Boone County —
Tanner’s Station 1789 First settlement in Boone County. Rev. John Tanner built blockhouse, and town began on 2000 acres he and John Taylor owned. Shawnees captured Tanner’s 9-year-old son here, held him until grown. An ardent Baptist, Tanner . . . — Map (db m79310) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Richwood — 4194 — Major John P. Gaines
Home site of John Pollard Gaines. 1795-1857. Fought in War of 1812. In state legislature, 1825-36. Major in the 1st Kentucky Cavalry and an aide-de-camp to Gen. Winfield Scott, in Mexican war. Elected to Congress, 1847-49, while prisoner of . . . — Map (db m133213) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Richwood — 1387 — Richwood Presbyterian Church
Services have been held by this old church continuously since it was founded in 1834 by Joseph Cabell Harrison, first pastor. He and cousin John Breckinridge in 1824 founded early religious paper in Ky. A cousin of Pres. William H. Harrison. . . . — Map (db m133216) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 32 — Big Bone Lick
Discovered in 1739, by the French Capt. Charles Lemoyne de Longueil this famous saline- sulphur spring was frequented for thousands of years byIndians and vast herds of buffalo, deer and other animals. The first English explorers found . . . — Map (db m79060) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 2124 — Big Bone Lick — Marker #2 - Marker at the Museum - with Lewis and Clark marker —
Scientists consider William Clark’s dig at Big Bone Lick in 1807 as establishing American vertebrate paleontology. Bones found here by Clark included mastodon and mammoth. Prehistoric native American artifacts found were given to Dr. Wm. . . . — Map (db m79062) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — Big Bone Methodist Church — Historic Feature in Boone County, Kentucky —
Big Bone Methodist Church Big Bone Methodist Church was constructed in 1888 The original congregation, which was organized in 1887 and led by Reverend George Froh, helped in the construction. As was the custom, a social order lodge shared the . . . — Map (db m79030) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 2394 — John Hunt Morgan Escape Route
On Nov. 28, 1863, after escaping from Ohio Penitentiary & taking a train to Cincinnati, CSA Gen. John Hunt Morgan & Capt. Thomas Hines crossed the Ohio River to Ludlow. Sympathetic Boone County residents, as well as Big Bone Baptist . . . — Map (db m136082) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 2124 — Lewis and Clark in KentuckyBig Bone Lick
In Oct. 1803, while traveling down Ohio River to meet Wm. Clark for expedition to Pacific, Meriwether Lewis visited Big Bone Lick. He was to gather fossilized bones for Pres. Thomas Jefferson. In Sept. 1807, Clark supervised a 3-week dig for . . . — Map (db m79088) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — Mary Draper Ingles
In celebration & commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the daring escape of Mary Draper Ingles from her Shawnee captors here at Big Bone Lick, Kentucky in the fall of 1755 Her direct descendants met here for a family reunion to . . . — Map (db m79073) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 859 — Mary Ingles
Reputed first white woman in Ky. Shawnees captured her and two sons in July 1755 at site Roanoke, Va. Led to village at mouth of Scioto River, separated from sons, taken to Big Bone Lick. compelled to make salt here; adopted by chief; given . . . — Map (db m79071) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 1646 — Piatt’s Landing / General E.R.S. Canby
Side A Piatt's Landing Near here on the north bank of the Ohio River at mile 510.5 was a riverboat landing, ferry, and road to the courthouse at Burlington. The landing and large brick home that once stood near, later called Winnfield . . . — Map (db m79142) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Walton — 1765 — Abner Gaines House
In 1790s Abner Gaines built this Federal-style mansion and became owner of first stage line between Lexington and Cincinnati, 1818. House used as inn and stagecoach stop. It has 3 stairways and 10 carved mantels. Abner’s son, John P. Gaines, was . . . — Map (db m136083) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Walton — 2023 — Skirmish at Snow’s Pond
During 1862 Confederate invasion, rebel forces under General Basil W Duke searched for approaches to Cincinnati. On September 25, 1862, over 500 attacked a federal camp here commanded by Brig. Gen. Quincy A. Gillmore. Many USA prisoners were . . . — Map (db m133217) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Walton — 2510 — Walton CCC Camp Bean Ridge
Side 1 Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) company 3541 began here in July 1935 on a former ball park site owned by John L. Vest. Known as Camp Bean Ridge to the 200 men stationed here, it was 1 of 44 CCC camps in Kentucky In all, more . . . — Map (db m133269) HM

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