“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Brewster County Texas Historical Markers

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By Zacharias Beau T, February 22, 2012
105 Howitzer Marker
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 105 Howitzer
This 105 Howitzer served in Sept. 1943 with 132nd Field Arty. Bn., U.S. Army, in support of 142nd Inf. 36th Div., in Battle of the Rapido River, Salerno, Italy — One of the bloodiest actions in World War II. In the fighting, this cannon was . . . — Map (db m61046) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 157 — Ancient Rocks Boundary
The mountains toward the east are limestone reef beds deposited in the Cretaceous and Permian seas about 135 million years ago and 250 million years ago; respectively. The limestone reefs overlie deformed rocks in the Ouachita Fold Belt, which is . . . — Map (db m26361) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 503 — Brewster County
Formed from Presidio County Created February 2, 1887. Organized February 14, 1887. In 1897 the territory of Buchel and Foley counties was added to Brewster. Named for Henry Percy Brewster, 1816-1884 soldier and statesman, a hero . . . — Map (db m60923) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — Brewster County Jail WWII Monument
Dedicated to the men who fought in the foxholes and on the beaches in World War II — Map (db m63603) WM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 570 — Burgess' Water Hole
Called San Lorenzo by Juan Domínguez de Mendoza, 1684. Later Charco de Alzate in honor of an Apache chieftain. After Civil War given name of Burgess' water hole honoring John W. Burgess, pioneer freighter, who here outwitted the Apaches. The . . . — Map (db m26390) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 872 — City Building
Erected in 1893. Oldest public school building standing in Alpine. Abandoned as school in 1910. Later served as a hospital, college dormitory, Border Patrol station and U.S. Agricultural and Soil Conservation Service. Recorded Texas . . . — Map (db m139127) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 6404 — Colonel Henry P. BrewsterTexas In the Civil War — Brewster County —
Side A: County Named for Texas Confederate Colonel Henry P. Brewster 1816-1884South Carolinian came to Texas, 1836 - Attorney General, State of Texas, 1847-49. When South seceded he was instrumental in recruiting post office . . . — Map (db m44612) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 1092 — Court House
Building erected in 1887 when Brewster County was created. Served Buchel and Foley Counties until these areas where added to Brewster County. Courthouse Square still is community center for various events. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark . . . — Map (db m61016) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — Dedicated to the men and women who perished on September 11th, 2001
On this fateful date, the Marfa Border Patrol Sector was conducting a ground breaking ceremony for the new Alpine station facility you see standing in the background. The ceremony was halted when the report was received and all personnel were put on . . . — Map (db m47215) WM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 12989 — First Baptist Church of Alpine
When the railroad came through this area in 1882, the settlement of Osborne was established here near natural springs. The community's name changed to Murphysville in 1883, and at that time, as the population began to grow, missionaries arrived from . . . — Map (db m61014) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 2093 — Gage-Van Sickle1886
Home of early ranchers, merchants, legislators. Stucco over thick adobe. Remodelled 1896, 1920, 1960. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1965Map (db m60925) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 2103 — Garcia-Valadez House
Built in 1890 by Trinidad Garcia, ranch hand. Original four rooms had adobe walls 27 to 33 inches thick. Was a social center for many years. Since 1926, home of Thomas Valadez, a leading local merchant, and family. House now has eight rooms. . . . — Map (db m61072) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 2509 — Holland Hotel Building
This Spanish Colonial Revival hotel was built in 1912 for John R. Holland (d.1922), a successful area cattleman. Completed during the mercury mining boom days of Alpine, it served as the civic, social, and business center for the growing city. After . . . — Map (db m61069) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — In Memoriam
This tablet is dedicated to the men & women of Brewster County in grateful recognition of their patriotic service to our country in times of war Erected AD 1948 by American Legion Auxiliary Big Bend Unit No. 79 Alpine, . . . — Map (db m61354) WM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 17697 — J. C. Bird
Julius Canselor Bird (1863-1925) was born in Round Mountain (Blanco Co.), and came to West Texas at age 18 as a Texas Ranger, protecting crews during construction of the transcontinental railroad. J.C. then homesteaded and ranched on ten sections of . . . — Map (db m139126) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 2669 — J.C. Carr-Bob Slight House
Built 1884 by an early settler, J.C. Carr. Adobe brick double walls were laid at night, slowly drying to super-strength, in time-honored southwestern manner. Five adobe rooms were added after 1903 sale to Judge R.B. Slight (1869-1953), English . . . — Map (db m61015) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 15965 — John R. Holland(1852 – 1922)
Born in Wharton County, John Riley Holland as a young man moved to Brady (McCulloch Co.) to become a rancher. He married Mary L. Fuller in 1881; the couple had two children, Crystal and Clay. By 1884, the Hollands moved to Presidio County near . . . — Map (db m61070) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 6411 — Lawrence Sullivan Ross1838 - 1898
Iowa born family came to Texas 1839. Gained experience with Indians in central Texas while father was Indian agent. Led reservation Indians in campaigns against Comanches. As Ranger company captain in 1855 he killed the noted Comanche Chief Peta . . . — Map (db m50296) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 3603 — Nolte-Rooney House
Built 1890 by F.H. Nolte, early settler, on land in Murphyville (now Alpine). The 20-inch walls are made of adobe bricks molded at the building site. Home was sold 1893 to John Rooney, second county Sheriff. The exterior looks as it did in 1890. . . . — Map (db m60924) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — Nuestra Señora de GuadalupeOur Lady of Guadalupe
Site of the first Roman Catholic Church in Alpine. Deeded to the Diocese of San Antonio in 1896 by father and son Daniel and Thomas O. Murphy. The original adobe church building was dedicated November 19, 1902, by the Rev. A.J. Forest, Bishop of San . . . — Map (db m61090) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 3884 — Our Lady of Peace
Parish Hall, site of the oldest church building in Alpine, originally called Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, completed in 1892 and in continuous use as a church until 1942, and as a parish hall until 1964. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - . . . — Map (db m61093) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church
The present church building was dedicated on January 6, 1943, by Rev. Sidney M. Metzger, Bishop of El Paso. Construction began in 1941 under Father Francis Juaniz with members of the parish donating over $10,000. Contributions by the Catholic . . . — Map (db m61091) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — Our Pioneers
This marble slab and tablet carries our message of grateful remembrance for their interest in and courage to seek a home site in this rugged, yet beautiful range of mountains and valleys. Most of our pioneers came in the eighties and it can be said . . . — Map (db m61048) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 4276 — Ritchey Hotel1886
Frame and adobe. Built facing old cattle loading pens on the Southern Pacific Railway. Lodgings and saloon for cowhands and ranchers in town to ship cattle from widely scattered ranches of the Big Bend country. Recorded Texas . . . — Map (db m61071) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — This Enduring Monument
This enduring monument of marble with attached bronze plaque is a symbol of honor and a tribute of praise for the valiant service rendered by the men and women from Brewster County who answered the call of duty in the Armed Forces of the nation, not . . . — Map (db m61049) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Alpine — 5679 — W. W. Townsend Home
Built in 1908 by local architect and building contractor William Daugherty for William Wallace Townsend (1833-1915), this house is a good example of a turn-of-the-century residence. Allen H. Palmer purchased the home in 1920 and lived here until his . . . — Map (db m61142) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Big Bend National Park — Ancient Swamp CreaturesBig Bend National Park
Tiny horses and hippopotamus-like animals once roamed a more humid Big Bend. For a glimpse into the parks tropical past, take a short trail to the fossil bone display and the overlook beyond. — Map (db m95632) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Big Bend National Park — Boquillas Canyon
The massive cliffs of the Sierra del Carmen appear unyielding, yet the Rio Grande has carved a gorge 1,500 feet deep directly through the escarpment. Boquillas Canyon is so narrow that the entrance is almost invisible at this distance. From the . . . — Map (db m54555) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Big Bend National Park — Chihuahuan DesertBig Bend National Park
Despite a tendency to spiny plants, barren ground, and a variety of reptiles, each desert is distinctive. To recognize the Chihuahuan, shift focus from the broad horizon to the “indicator plants” that characterize this particular . . . — Map (db m95631)
Texas (Brewster County), Big Bend National Park — 994 — Comanche Trail
You are now traveling the Comanche Trail blazed by Comanche Indians, en route from the western plains to Mexico, and traveled later by emigrants and soldiers. It extended south from the Horse Head Crossing of the Pecos by Comanche Springs . . . — Map (db m53931) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Big Bend National Park — Luna's Jacal
Here at the edge of Alamo Creek, Gilberto Luna raised a large family in this small house called a jacal (hah-KAHL). Built from rock, earth, and plant fiber, the dwelling was well adapted to desert conditions: notice a dramatic temperature difference . . . — Map (db m53935) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Big Bend National Park — Rock Art at Hot Springs
When J.O. Langford homesteaded this section in 1909, he was moving into an area that had long been inhabited by native Americans. Walk this trail to view pictograph and petroglyphs created by prehistoric people hundreds or even thousands of years . . . — Map (db m53936) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Big Bend National Park — Stephen Tyng MatherJuly 4, 1867 - Jan. 22, 1930
He laid the foundation of the National Park Service. Defining and establishing the policies under which its areas shall be developed and conserved unimpaired for future generations. There will never come an end to the good that he has done. — Map (db m60610) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Big Bend National Park — Terlingua Abaja
This deserted farming village supplied produce for miners and ranchers of the area from 1900 until the 1930's. You are welcome to walk across Terlingua Creek into the heart of the rock and adobe ruins. It is hard to believe that the banks of . . . — Map (db m53958) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — 17696 — Albion E. Shepard House
In 1883, completion occurred of the extension of tracks by the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway (G.H. & S.A. Ry.) Line located between El Paso and San Antonio. Retired sea captain Albion E. Shepard arrived in the region as a railroad . . . — Map (db m111473) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — 801 — Chambers Hotel
Chambers Hotel. Original adobe building constructed in 1891. First owner, Mrs. Mary Collins. Purchased in 1905 by "Gran" Chambers. Enlarged and a wooden frame built over the thick walls. Operated as Chambers Hotel until 1930. — Map (db m26362) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — 964 — Colonel Lewis Given Harman1818-1902
Typical of those who served the South and then moved into new counties of Western Texas. Surveyor, Indian agent, soldier, legislator, Justice of the Peace. Born in Tennessee. Moved to Texas 1838. Fought in Mexican War. Though 43 when Civil War . . . — Map (db m46613) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — 1209 — Denuded Ouachita Rock Belt
In highway cuts toward the east are excellent exposures of almost vertical rock layers - part of the Ouachita Fold Belt, a northeasterly trending, folded and faulted mountainous range which was uplifted about 275 to 290 million years ago. The . . . — Map (db m26417) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — 1258 — Double Mills
A natural watering place in prehistoric time, as evidenced by artifacts found here. Used later by Indians and Spaniards on roads from northern Mexico. As Maravillas Creek developed from a draw into water channel, old water hole vanished. About . . . — Map (db m53933) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — 1862 — First School House
. . . — Map (db m60921) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — 2003 — Fort Peña Colorado (Red Rock)
Established in 1880 as a means of preventing Indian raids into Mexico. Raided by Apaches in 1881. Abandoned in 1893 after Western Texas had been permanently cleared of Indians. — Map (db m73723) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — 3124 — Los Caballos(In Core of the Ouachita Structural Belt)
Highly deformed rocks in the Ouachita Fold Belt, a northeasterly trending range, uplifted about 275 to 290 million years ago. The intricate folding is shown by whitish rock bands—called caballos (the Spanish word for horses)—exposed on . . . — Map (db m60920) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — 3201 — Marathon
Fort Peña Colorado, the last active fort in this area, on the old Comanche Trail, about 4 miles to the southwest was established in 1879. Marathon was founded in 1881. Named by an old sea captain, A.E. Shepard, for the Plain of Marathon, in . . . — Map (db m26436) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — 2092 — The Gage Hotel
This brick hotel building, designed by the El Paso firm of Trost and Trost, was constructed in 1926-27 for Vermont native Alfred S. Gage. A cattleman, Gage founded the largest ranching operation in the Trans-Pecos, consisting of over 600 sections of . . . — Map (db m26167) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Marathon — The U.S. Army Camel Experiment
Camels in the Big Bend Camel ancestors first appeared in North America approximately 40 million years ago. Modern camels migrated to Asia over a land bridge that submerged when sea level rose at the end of the last Ice Age. Camels became . . . — Map (db m111499) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Terlingua — Quicksilverthe Terlingua Mining District
Mercury, or Quicksilver, is derived from a red-colored ore known as cinnabar. Cinnabar (sample at left) was used by Native-Americans as a durable pigment, and there are many places in Big Bend where traces of ancient drawings . . . — Map (db m111500) HM
Texas (Brewster County), Terlingua — 6478 — TerlinguaFamous Texas Ghost Town
With the Mother-Ore Cinnabar strike in 1890, Terlingua became the world's quicksilver capital, yielding 40 percent of nation's need by 1922. Its name from Terlingua (three tongues) creek nearby, was coined by Mexican herders. Comanche, Shawnees . . . — Map (db m60861) HM

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