“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Bulloch County Georgia Historical Markers

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By David Seibert, January 28, 2013
Croatan Indian Community Marker
Georgia (Bulloch County), Adabelle — 16-1 — Croatan Indian Community
In 1870 a group of Croatan Indians migrated from their homes in Robeson County North Carolina, following the turpentine industry to southeast Georgia. Eventually many of the Croatans became tenant farmers for the Adabelle Trading Company, growing . . . — Map (db m14156) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Arcola — 016-2A — John Abbot (1751-1839)Ornithologist, Entomologist, Artist — ⅓ Mi. → —
In the old McElveen Cemetery, one-third of a mile northeast of this marker, is the grave of John Abbot, pioneer naturalist of Georgia. Abbot was born in London June 1, 1751, and in early youth became devoted to the study and delineation of insects. . . . — Map (db m24018) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Arcola — John Abbot 1751 - 1840
John Abbot of Georgia 1751-1840 Talented artist and searching naturalist of birds and insects. As a tribute to him and his work may you who stand here find pleasure in the natural beauty of Georgia. John Abbot lies buried in this . . . — Map (db m107593) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Brooklet — Brooklet, Georgia
Brooklet, known for its avenue of oak trees, took shape at the end of the 19th century on property owned by A.J. Lee. Optimistic citizens built a new town beside the recently completed Savannah & Statesboro Railroad. Dr. H.K. Thayer, an early . . . — Map (db m107867) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Brooklet — Upper Black Creek Church
(Side 1): Upper Black Creek met each month on the third Sunday and Saturday before from the time she was organized in 1802 until the Church elected to meet every Sunday in 1957. Conference was every month on those Saturdays, and Upper . . . — Map (db m38614) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Brooklet — Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church
Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church was constituted on August 15, 1802 in the home of John Albritton. The organizing presbytery consisted of Henry Cook, Isham Peacock, John Goldwire and Henry Holcombe. With a membership upward of 40 members. . . . — Map (db m38612) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Donegal — 016-5 — Old Savannah Road←—→
The highway crossing here is the Old Savannah Road, one of the earliest vehicular routes west of the Ogeechee River. It led from Savannah to the Rock Landing on the Oconee, to the south of the present Milledgeville. There it connected with the main . . . — Map (db m11101) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Donegal — 016-1 — Union Meeting House(Organized 1790)
Three miles east of this point, on the old River Road, is located Union Meeting House (Methodist), the oldest church in Bulloch county, and one of the oldest churches in Georgia remaining continuously active since its organization. Title was . . . — Map (db m10890) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Ivanhoe — 016-4 — Old River Road<------->
The highway crossing here is the Old River Road, one of the earliest white man’s routes west of the Ogeechee. The State authorized the opening of this portion of the old thoroughfare in 1777. It followed the course of an Indian trail that led to the . . . — Map (db m54031) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Nevils — Nevils Station & Shearwood Railroad>>>>--->
This is the site of the Nevils railroad station. The paved road from Denmark to Nevils is the original bed of The Shearwood Railroad that existed from 1912 until 1937. John N. Shearhouse of Brooklet and George Brinson of Stillmore owned Shearwood . . . — Map (db m107645) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Portal — Old Portal<----<<<<
The original Portal was located 2 miles north of the current site on Old Portal Road. It got its name in 1894, when the U.S. Postal Service approved a post office for Portal. The E. E. Foy Company, of Effingham County, built a mercantile store that . . . — Map (db m107650) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Portal — Upper Lotts Creek Primitive Baptist Church and CemeteryBulloch County, Georgia
Organized circa 1829, the church was originally located at the home of Absolom Parrish and called Parrish Meeting House. Following a fire of the log structure on the Parrish farm, the congregation built a second log structure one and one-half miles . . . — (db m107078) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Portal — GHS 16-2 — Willow Hill Elementary School for NegroesA Georgia Equalization School
Willow Hill School was established in 1874 during Reconstruction as one of the first schools for African Americans in Bulloch County. It was privately supported until being sold to the local Board of Education in 1920. In 1954 the county built a new . . . — Map (db m107702) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Portal — Willow Hill School and Community>>>>--->
In 1874, nine years after the Civil War ended, a group of former slaves of the Riggs, Donaldson, Parrish, and Hall families founded the Willow Hill School to serve the area’s black children. Georgia Ann Riggs, age 15 and a former slave, was the . . . — Map (db m107739) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Register — Oliff, Rushing, Durrence House
Oliff, Rushing, Durrence House c. 1872 Restored 1976 by Dr. C. D. and Mrs. Lois Durrence Sheley Placed on the National Register of Historic Places, 1987 U. S. Dept. of the Interior — Map (db m63219) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Register — Register, Georgia
Side 1: Register, Georgia, a small turpentine community with a largely agricultural heritage, grew into fruition at the turn of the twentieth century. Originally settled in 1855, the town was earlier known as Bengal, then Herschal. . . . — Map (db m108621) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — United States vs. Darby Lumber Company>>>>---->
The U.S. Supreme Court’s 1941 decision United States vs Darby Lumber Co. is a landmark ruling in American legal history. The case affirmed the federal government’s ability to regulate employment conditions, including a minimum wage, under the . . . — Map (db m107876) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Akins’ Mill Pond / The Families of Akins’ Mill Pond
Akins’ Mill Pond About 1883, using a narrow gauge railroad with mule drawn hopper cars, Green Barnes built a dam on the headwaters of Mill Creek, creating a 300-acre pond, which soon came into the possession of Barnes’ son-in-law, Welcome . . . — Map (db m110737) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Banks Dairy Farm
The Banks Dairy Farm was operated on this site and included 900 acres of cultivated land combined with dairying operations. David Callaway Banks, born April 8, 1882, in Bulloch County, Georgia, was the founder of Banks Dairy Farm and The City Dairy . . . — Map (db m106900) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — 016-2B — Bulloch County
Bulloch County was created by Act. of Feb. 8, 1776 from Bryan and Screven Counties. Originally, it contained part of Evans, Candler, Emanuel and Jenkins Counties. It was named for Archibald Bulloch (1730-1777), Revolutionary leader, elected Pres. of . . . — Map (db m10401) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Bulloch County Courthouse
The United States Department of Interior has placed this property on the National Register of Historic Places — Map (db m10454) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Eastside Cemetery
Eastside Cemetery was established on this site in 1889 in response to citizens’ requests for a central location for the burial of the dead. Early cemeteries, known is burying grounds, dotted fields of early Bulloch County family farms. Majestic . . . — Map (db m107776) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — First Baptist Church of StatesboroConstituted September 3, 1882 — Rev. W. M. Cowart, First Pastor —
Charter Members Deacon Edmond Kennedy, Deacon A. B. Miller, W.B. Corey, Joseph Tillman, James Price, J. J. M. Griner, Moselle Miller, Mary Tillman, Elizabeth Kennedy, Mary J. Proctor "We covenant with God and with each other … . . . — Map (db m10543) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — First District Agricultural and Mechanical School
Georgia Southern University was founded as First District A&M in 1906. Bulloch County won a bidding war with Tattnall and Emanuel counties offering cash, 300 acres of land, and utilities worth $125,500. Often referred to locally as the . . . — Map (db m108123) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Harville House
Samuel’s son, Keebler Henry Harville, purchased the property and built the Harville House as a one-story house around 1894. The second story was added ten years later resulting in a total of 14 rooms to accommodate a growing family. The vernacular . . . — Map (db m106950) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Marvin Summers Pittman1882 - 1954
President of South Georgia Teachers College and Georgia Teachers College 1934-1941 and 1943-1947 A pioneer in developing rural education, President Pittman organized the College to serve the region and state as a comprehensive . . . — Map (db m10678) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — 19 — New Hope Methodist Church1804
Organized from Union by Rev. Lewis Mayers, New Hope was Bulloch’s second Methodist Church. 1804 trustees were David Kennedy, Josiah Everette, Jarvis Jackson, Burrell Whittington and William M. Kennedy: other leaders were Joseph Hodges, Eli Kennedy . . . — Map (db m107020) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — 016-8 — Pioneer Turpentining Experiment
Dr. Charles Holmes Herty of the University of Georgia Chemistry Department conducted experiments in this forest that revolutionized the naval stores industry in America. Inspired by conservative gum resin gathering methods in Europe, Dr. Herty . . . — Map (db m10632) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Rigdon’s Mill / The Rigdon Cemetery
Rigdon’s Mill On Mill Creek just north of this marker stood one of the oldest and long lasting water mills in Bulloch County. It was built about 1840 by Daniel Rigdon and his Irish son-in-law, William Gould, using picks, shovels, and . . . — Map (db m109042) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Savannah & Statesboro Railway
This path follows the roadbed of the Savannah & Statesboro Railway (S&S RY), completed in 1899. It was created through the interests of timbermen and turpentiners and through the dreams of Statesboro citizens of becoming a railway center. The local . . . — Map (db m108099) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — 016-7 — Skirmish at Statesboro
Approaching Statesboro on Dec. 4, 1864, a strong party of mounted foragers from Hazen's division, 15th Corps (USA), on the right of Gen. Sherman's army on its destructive March to the Sea, was attacked by a detachment of Confederate cavalry and . . . — Map (db m11173) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Statesboro Confederate Monument
South Face Comrades In Memory Of The Confederate Soldier 1861 - 1865 West Face " How many a glorious name for us, How many a story of fame for us They left ! Would it not be a blame for us . . . — Map (db m10718) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Statesboro High School
In 1890 citizens organized and built the city’s first school, the Statesboro Academy, at the corner of North Main and Church Streets. For ten years it served the needs of the community. In 1901 a growing city dedicated a new and larger school at the . . . — Map (db m107771) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — The Fabulous Fifty of 1906 / The Delegates
The Fabulous Fifty of 1906 On Saturday, December 1, 1906, Gov. Joseph M Terrell, Georgia's "education governor," came to Savannah to moderate the bidding contest for the historic First District's only Agricultural and Mechanical School. . . . — Map (db m112195) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — 16-6 — The March to the Sea
On Nov. 15, 1864, after destroying Atlanta and cutting his communications to the North, Maj. Gen. W.T. Sherman, USA, began his destructive campaign for Savannah – the March to the Sea. He divided his army (US) into two wings. The Left Wing . . . — Map (db m9945) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — 14 — Union Meeting House1790
In 1790, John Crawford and Phillip Mathews, Burke Circuit preachers, organized a Methodist Society in the home of Joshua Hodges, Sr. In 1791, Union Meeting House became a frequent entry in Circuit records. In 1794, Union Trustees obtained from . . . — Map (db m107051) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — W. Jones Lane Memorial Highway
By resolution adopted October 16, 1980, the State Transportation Board of Georgia has recognized the honorable W. Jones Lane for his years of dedicated service and devotion to the welfare of the people of the State of Georgia and for his support . . . — Map (db m10676) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — Willie McTell Trail
This trail commemorates Blind Willie McTell, 1903-1959. The great Georgia songster spent part of his boyhoo0d in Statesboro and told the US Library of Congress in 1940: “Statesboro is my real home.” William Samuel McTell, blind from . . . — Map (db m111681) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Statesboro — World War II Prison Camp
In 1943-45, German and Italian prisoners of war harvested peanuts for Bulloch County's farmers, as well as pulling corn, collecting pecans, cutting cane, and helping with general farm jobs. Georgia was suffering from a severe labor shortage with so . . . — Map (db m108946) HM
Georgia (Bulloch County), Stilson — Stilson, Georgia
When the Savannah & Statesboro Railway was completed in 1899, some of the stations along the track began to grow into villages. One of these was Stilson, named for Stilson Hutchinson who was instrumental in getting the Railway to pass through . . . — Map (db m109681) HM

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