“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Cameron County Texas Historical Markers

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By Richard E. Miller, August 10, 2010
Palmito Trees near marker
Texas (Cameron County), Boca Chica — 327 — Battle of Palmito Ranch
The last land engagement of the Civil War was fought near this site on May 12-13, 1865, thirty-four days after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox. Col. Theodore H. Barrett commanded Federal troops on Brazos Island 12 miles to the east. The . . . — Map (db m35271) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Boca Chica — 4739 — Site of Camp Belknap
In May 1846 when war was declared against Mexico, the U.S. Congress authorized the raising of 50,000 volunteer troops to supplement the regular U.S. Army. General Zachary Taylor was quickly inundated with volunteer soldiers arriving at Brazos . . . — Map (db m35287) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 1882 Cameron County Courthouse- 1882 -
English: Built in 1882 by S.W. Brooks and designed by J.N. Preston & Son, this was the first courthouse built for Cameron County. It has continuously housed the Masonic Lodge since 1914. It was built in the Second Renaissance Revival . . . — Map (db m117944) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 13830 — 1912 Cameron County Courthouse
This classically styled public building has been central for Cameron County government for nearly a century. Texas and Mexico both claimed this area after 1836. The Texas Legislature created Cameron County in 1848, even before the land was . . . — Map (db m118643) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 31 — 1912 Cameron County Jail
Originally built as a three-story structure in 1912, this building, Cameron County's second jailhouse, was enlarged with the addition of a 4th floor about 1929. The 1912 structure was designed by prominent architect Atlee B. Ayers and the 1929 . . . — Map (db m117886) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 1912 Cameron County Jail- 1912 -
English: Built in 1912 by the Gross Construction Company and designed by Atlee B. Ayres in the Classic Revival style, it served as the main Cameron County jail for 66 years until the new jail was built in 1978. Two sections were added . . . — Map (db m117895) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Alonso Building-1877-
English: Built 1877-1890 for Manuel Alonso, the Alonso Building (Los Dos Cañones) has wrought iron railings and doors reminiscent of French Creole architecture. It was one of several buildings built by immigrants from Spain. The first . . . — Map (db m118522) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 11776 — Alonso Complex
Spanish-born Manuel Alonso (1846-1922) constructed the one-story residence on this site in 1877 and added the two-story mercantile building by 1890. His "Los Dos Cañones" mercantile was a popular gathering place for local residents. French and . . . — Map (db m118520) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Bollack Department Store-1911-
(English) Built in 1911 by the architectural firm H.C. Cooke & Co., for Pauline Bollack, a German immigrant from Bavaria, this three story structure has an attractive ornate façade. At the time, it was one of the largest buildings in town . . . — Map (db m128843) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 2531 — Brownsville Home of Charles Stillman1810 - 1875
Founder of Brownsville and partner in firm of M. Kenedy and Company, which opened the Rio Grande to steamboat navigation and controlled much of the commerce of Northern Mexico, 1848-1868. This house, erected about 1850, was the birthplace of . . . — Map (db m117849) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 641 — Cameron County
Created February 12, 1848 Since 1535 men of all nations of the earth sailed the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the green valley of the Rio Grande in search of happiness, and each found it in his own time and in his own way. . . . — Map (db m118636) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 640 — Cameron County Courthouse of 1883-1914
Completed in 1883, this was the first courthouse built by Cameron County officials, who previously rented or purchased office space. This three-story brick structure served as the county courthouse until 1914, when a new building was erected. Rio . . . — Map (db m117935) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 16755 — Campo Santo Viejo
Planned as all of block 144 of the original townsite in 1848 and active by 1852, Campo Santo Viejo was the first official cemetery in Brownsville. The city abandoned the site in 1864, but burials continued into the 1870s. The property was . . . — Map (db m117901) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Celaya BuildingCirca 1850
(English) Built circa 1850 for J.N. Reynolds, the original French Creole architectural elements have been removed. The building was purchased in 1890 by Simón Celaya, a native of Balmaceda, Spain. He used the building as headquarters for . . . — Map (db m119397) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Father Pierre Yves Keralum
Father Pierre Yves Keralum was born in France in 1817, and worked as both a cabinetmaker and an architect before entering the seminary at the age of 28. In 1852 he was ordained an Oblate of Mary Immaculate (O.M.I.) and sent to deep south Texas . . . — Map (db m119431) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Federal Court Site
Built 1850 by Wm. C. Douglas, who arrived with Gen. Zachary Taylor during Mexican War. In 1852 by order of U. S. Congress, first Federal Court in Brownsville was held in back room here by Judge John Watrous. Recorded Texas . . . — Map (db m119396) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Fernandez Hide Yard-1880-
(English) Established 1880-1894 by Miguel Fernandez, a wealthy Spanish merchant, this was a bone and hide yard built to cater to the Texas Gulf Coast cattle industry. Built in the Border Brick style, it is one of the few remaining . . . — Map (db m119297) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Field/Pacheco Complex1893
English: Built 1893-1894 for Henry M. Field, the commercial and residential complex covers half a block. The two-story gallery, spindle cornice and railings indicate that the building is a mix of Border Brick style and French Creole . . . — Map (db m131197) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Field-Pacheco Complex
English: This complex, which includes several buildings, was built in the late 19th century by H.M. Field. Andres Pacheco purchased the site in 1919. The corner store – residence is an excellent example of the Spanish colonial . . . — Map (db m131199) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 2530 — Home of Charles Stillman
Home of Charles Stillman, ship owner, merchant, rancher, who came to Brazos Santiago in 1828 and in 1849-50 founded City of Brownsville in old Espiritu Santo Land Grant. Built about 1850 for his bride, Elizabeth Goodrich, of Connecticut. Has . . . — Map (db m117846) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 2617 — Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Mass was first celebrated in this area in 1849 by the oblates of Mary Immaculate. This church building was completed ten years later. Father Peter Yves Keralum designed the structure, which features Gothic Revival styling. The rectory was the . . . — Map (db m117955) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Immaculate Conception Cathedral
This cathedral, which was completed on July 6, 1856, was built with 250,000 hand-made clay bricks shaped and oven cured in the nearby village of Santa Rosalia. This church designed and constructed under the Oblate Fathers of Mary Immaculate who . . . — Map (db m117958) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Immaculate Conception Cathedral- 1854 -
(English)) Built in 1854-1859, the cathedral was designed by French architect Father Pierre Keralum of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. The cathedral is Gothic Revival in the ecclesiastical form with a Latin cross plan. During . . . — Map (db m117981) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 18827 — Juan H. Fernandez Store
Juan H. Fernandez came to America at the age of 14 in 1875 as a ward of his uncle, Jose Fernandez-Toral, a mercantile owner originally from Pendueles, Asturias, Spain. Following in his family’s footsteps, Juan Fernandez opened a store in 1883, . . . — Map (db m117913) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Juan H. Fernandez y Hermano Building- 1883 -
English: Built in 1883-1884 for Juan H. Fernandez, who came from Spain in 1875 to work for his uncle and older brother, the site was a general merchandise store. The store, La Villa de Llanes, was founded by Fernandez and his younger . . . — Map (db m117915) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — La Catedral del la Inmaculada Concepcion
En 1859, el Padre Keralum Termino la construccion del esta iglesia. El hizo sus estudios de arquitecturea en Paris, Y antes habia sido ebanista. Los Feligreses, bajo la direccion del Padre Verdet y lost otros padres, fabricaron los ladrillos . . . — Map (db m117979) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 3000 — La Madrileña
A native of Spain, Adrian Ortiz (1860-1957) emigrated to Brownsville before he was 18 and lived with relatives who trained him as a merchant. He built this structure in 1892 to house his mercantile operation, La Madrileña (native of Madrid), an . . . — Map (db m117995) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — La Madrileña- 1892 -
(English) Built in 1892 by Santiago McCoy and Modesto Estevan Adam for Adrian Barreda Ortiz, a native of Madrid, Spain, it is an example of an L-plan mercantile store. The architecture is a mix of Victorian and Border Brick style. The . . . — Map (db m117998) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — La Madrileña
(Spanish) En este edificio, construido en 1892 por Adrián Ortiz, se estableció La Tienda Ortiz. Esta construcción es uno de los ejemplos más significativos en la arquitectura histórica del valle. Esta joya arquitectónica, con sus . . . — Map (db m118000) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 16054 — Last Battle of the Civil War
At this site the last battle of the Civil War, known as Palmito Hill, was fought by Confederate troops under Colonel John S. (Rip) Ford and Union Forces on May 13, 1865, 34 Days After Lee's Surrender at Appomatox — Map (db m118442) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Majestic Theatre
(English) Built in 1948, designed by the firm of Pettigrew & Worley, it was part of the interstate movie theater chain founded by Karl St. John Hoblitzelle. Interstate was an influential vaudeville and later movie theater company in the . . . — Map (db m119301) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 17316 — Manautou Building
Enrique Manautou came to Texas from Mexico in 1902. With area commerce bolstered by the arrival of the railroad and Mexican Revolution refugees, he began a string of dry goods stores in the lower Rio Grande Valley in 1913. Manautou moved to . . . — Map (db m118647) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Miguel Fernandez Hide Yard
(English) Known as “El Almacen,” this combination store-warehouse was built in the 1880s. At the rear, a brick wall enclosed a bone and hide yard where ranchers traded cattle hides for food and supplies. Features of the . . . — Map (db m119298) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Old Cameron County Courthouse/Dancy Building- 1912 -
English: Built in 1912 and designed by Atlee B. Ayres in the Classical style, the brown brick and terracotta building features a rotunda with a stained glass dome. The interior has Sullivanesque ornamentation. It was named after Oscar . . . — Map (db m118639) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Old County Courthouse Rio Grande Lodge No. 81
Designed by architects J.N. Preston & Son and built in 1882-1883, this courthouse included juror sleeping rooms on the third floor. Since 1914 this building has been owned by the Masonic Rio Grande Lodge No. 81, which had been meeting since 1848 . . . — Map (db m117938) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Old County Jail / Fernandez Building-1882-
(English) Built in 1882-1883, designed by the firm J.N. Preston and Son, it is the first building specifically built as the county jail. It is an example of the Border Brick style. In 1912 it was sold to the brothers Jose & Joaquin . . . — Map (db m119398) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Old Jail
(English) Built in 1883, this Spanish Colonial style structure served as the Cameron County Jail until 1913, when Jose and Joaquin Fernandez purchased the property. They converted the building into a store, with living quarters to the . . . — Map (db m119399) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Palo Alto Battlefield
Palo Alto Battlefield has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1955. This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating and illustrating the history of the United . . . — Map (db m95704) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Palo Alto Battlefield- 1846 -
English: On May 8, 1846 United States and Mexican troops clashed on the Palo Alto prairie. This was the first major battle in a two-year long conflict (U.S.-Mexican War) that ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, under which . . . — Map (db m98625) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 4135 — Public Market and Town Hall
Authorized 1850. On land deeded forever for this purpose. Butchers, other vendors moved in during 1851. Building complete with top story and bell tower, 1852. Town hall and market used for Presbyterian church services. In high wind of . . . — Map (db m119294) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Rock/Gomez Housecirca 1900
English: Built circa 1900 for Refugia Rock, the widow of Herman S. Rock (a customs hide inspector), the one-story house has parapet gables and a molded cornice across the chimney and façade, indicating Mexican Colonial and Border . . . — Map (db m131223) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Rock-Gomez Residence
English: This excellent example of Spanish colonial style architecture was built in 1900 for Mrs. Herman S. Rock. Features include floor-length windows at the front façade, and parapets with a decorative brick cornice. Owned by the . . . — Map (db m131198) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Russell/Cocke House1870
English: Built circa 1870 for William H. Russel, the house was purchased by Joseph James Cocke in 1885. Its architecture features a mixture of late Greek Revival and Victorian styles that reflects the architecturally stylistic . . . — Map (db m131200) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 12624 — Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Sacred Heart Church was established by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate for the English-speaking parishioners of Immaculate Conception Church. San Antonio architect Frederick B. Gaenslen designed this building for the new congregation in the Gothic . . . — Map (db m119746) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Sacred Heart Church
(English) Built in 1912 for the first English-speaking parish in Brownsville, this gothic revival church was designed by Frederick B. Gaenslen. The entrance gallery features corinthian columns and the initials “OMI” in the . . . — Map (db m119748) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Sacred Heart Church-1912-
(English) Built in 1912, designed by Frederick B. Gaenslen, the church was established by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate as the first English-speaking Catholic parish in Brownsville. Built in the Gothic Revival style, it was severely . . . — Map (db m119751) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — San Fernando Buildings
(English) Built beginning 1877 for Victoriano Fernandez, the Border Brick style structures were built in stages, possibly accounting for the varying heights. The last of the three buildings was completed in 1886. They were designed as a . . . — Map (db m119300) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — San Roman Building-1850-
(English) Built in 1850 for José San Román, the building is an example of Border Brick architecture. Significant alterations have been made such as the varying height of the street facade. The San Román family occupied it for three . . . — Map (db m119401) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 4553 — San Román Building
Erected 1850 for Don Jose San Román, native of Biscay, Spain - importer, steamboat owner, merchant, investor in city lots. He and successor, Feliciano San Román, backed the Rio Grande Railroad.

Fulgencio Lopez was last of San Romans in . . . — Map (db m119400) HM

Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 4985 — Southern Pacific Railroad Passenger DepotHistoric Brownsville Museum
Panel 1: Southern Pacific Railroad Passenger Depot Official Historical Medallion, Texas Historical Commission This depot was built by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1928 as part of its extension into the Rio Grande Valley. A . . . — Map (db m37624) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Stillman House- 1851 -
English: Built in 1851 for Henry Miller, the cottage was first occupied by Brownsville’s founder, Charles Stillman, and later owned by Manuel Treviño de los Santos Coy. In 1958, Chauncey D. Stillman, great-grandson of Charles, purchased . . . — Map (db m117863) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Stillman House / Residencia Stillman
English: Built in 1850 in Greek Revival style by Henry Miller, who operated the nearby Miller Hotel, for Brownville founder, Charles Stillman, and his new bride, Elizabeth. They occupied the house until 1853 and their first two children . . . — Map (db m117854) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Stillman House Museum
English: Built in 1850, this Greek Revival home was occupied in succession by Charles Stillman and his family; Thomas Carson, longtime Brownsville Mayor; and the Manuel Trevino de los Santos Coy family. At one time, it housed the Mexican . . . — Map (db m117862) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 5289 — The Battle of Palo Alto
The Battle of Palo Alto was fought here May 8, 1846 and was won by the Army of the United States — Map (db m36215) HM WM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — The Oblates of Mary Immaculate
This Catholic order was founded in 1816 in France by Bishop Eugene De Mazonod. They came to Brownsville at the request of local citizens and held their first mass on December 8, 1849 on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception hence the name of the . . . — Map (db m119741) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — U.S. Federal Building-1931-
(English) Rebuilt in 1931 for approximately $500,000, the building is a Second Renaissance Revival style public building. It replaced Brownsville’s first Federal Building (1892), which was located at the same site. It has served as a . . . — Map (db m118917) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — U.S. Federal Building
(English) Built in 1933, this four-story building is of the Second Renaissance Revival style. Features include decorative arches at the main entrance, stone quoins at the corners, tile roof, and decorative cornice. The building houses . . . — Map (db m118919) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Whitmans's Store-1928-
Built in 1928, the commercial building was designed by Baltazar Torres, a local builder and architect. From 1945 until the mid-1980’s it operated as Whitman’s Army Store and pawnshop. The three metallic spheres suspended from the . . . — Map (db m119299) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Harlingen — Historic HarlingenHarlingen Historico
(side one – English) In 1902 developer Lon C. Hill purchased 17 square miles of school lands from Cameron County. He paid $13,837.50. The semi-arid land was part of the Concepcion de Carricitos Spanish Land Grant to the brothers . . . — Map (db m119474) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Harlingen — Iraqi D-20 152mm Howitzer
Captured by elements of the 6th Marines, 2nd Marine Division during Operation Desert Strom 1991. Presented to MMA by LtGen William M. Keys, USMC CG, FMF LANT Board of Advisiors, MMA — Map (db m95647) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Port Isabel — 4082 — Port of Matamoros
The Port of Matamoros was established in 1824. Commercial cargo, shipped mainly from New Orleans and other U.S. ports, was unloaded at the Port and transported overland to Matamoros, Reynosa, Camargo, Monterrey, and Mier. Mexico maintained a . . . — Map (db m16542) HM
Texas (Cameron County), San Benito — 14003 — First Methodist Church of San Benito
On January 22, 1908, less than one year after the platting of San Benito, the Rev. C.E.W. Smith, a pastor in Brownsville, organized the First Methodist Church. The Rev. Smith preached to the congregation once a month at a local one-room . . . — Map (db m119522) HM
Texas (Cameron County), San Benito — Historic U.S. Post OfficeConstructed 1931
Restored 2005-2006 as a Historic Municipal Building Mayor – Cesar Gonzalez Mayor Pro-tem – Joe. H. Hernandez Commissioner – Mark Moody Commissioner – Arnoldo Padilla Commissioner – Valente . . . — Map (db m119524) HM
Texas (Cameron County), San Benito — 4528 — San Benito Post Office
At the time the local community was granted its first post office in April 1907 it was known as Diaz. Because another town in Texas had previously been awarded the name Diaz by postal officials, the name of this post office was changed to San . . . — Map (db m119537) HM
Texas (Cameron County), San Benito — 11789 — Water District Building
Designed by Austin architects Endress and Walsh and built by contractor L. Fleming, the San Benito Land and Water Company building was completed in 1910 at a cost of $14,386. Thirty-foot pine beams and locally made brick were used to construct . . . — Map (db m119523) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Santa Maria — 6042 — Near Routes of Alonso de Leon Expeditions
Spain's desire to colonize this area of the New World in the late 17th century was spurred by the fear that French adventurer Rene La Salle, who had landed on the Texas coast in 1684, was claiming vast areas for its bitter rival, France. In 1685, . . . — Map (db m19358) HM

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