“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Chaffee County Colorado Historical Markers

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By Cosmos Mariner, August 28, 2017
Marker Detail: Horses and Wagon
Colorado (Chaffee County), Buena Vista — Getting from There to Here
Native peoples traveled through the Upper Arkansas Valley for centuries before European and American explorers. Ute, Comanche and other tribes traveled on foot until the arrival of the Spanish and the introduction of the horse in the 1600’s. . . . — Map (db m107827) HM
Colorado (Chaffee County), Buena Vista — Stagecoach Road to Riches
With the discovery of gold in California Gulch in 1860, getting to Oro City (now Leadville) meant an opportunity for fame and fortune. It would, however, be twenty years before railroad service traversed the Upper Arkansas . . . — Map (db m107833) HM
Colorado (Chaffee County), Buena Vista — The Placers In Between
In the late 1800’s, transportation of goods and people could be an arduous undertaking. Gold and silver fever led many to endure travel up the Arkansas River from Canon City to Leadville. Although arguably the largest and most notorious, . . . — Map (db m107835) HM
Colorado (Chaffee County), Poncha Springs — The Jackson Hotel
The Jackson Hotel was built in 1878 by Henry A. Jackson who left his home in Kentucky looking for a place where his family could escape the turmoil of post-Civil War reconstruction. A former Memphis steamboat captain, Jackson found himself high and . . . — Map (db m117048) HM
Colorado (Chaffee County), Salida — 130 — Christmas 1806
Frustrated in their attempt to climb Pike’s Peak on November 27, 1806, Zebulon Pike and his party of 15 trudged on through South Park looking for the Red River, southern boundary of the Louisiana Purchase. After crossing Trout Creek Pass, the . . . — Map (db m127876) HM
Colorado (Chaffee County), Salida — Finding Our Roots / New Faces Along the River / Pike Explores the Valley
Marker A:Finding Our Roots Following ancient paths The history of Chaffee County as part of the United States began in 1803, with the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France. But human history was established here . . . — Map (db m116085) HM
Colorado (Chaffee County), Salida — The Salida Steam Plant
Electricity was introduced in Salida in 1887 when a group of local townsfolk created The Electric Illuminating Company. In 1892 the then-named Salida Light and Power Company built a 1000-kilowatt steam generating plant at this location on the banks . . . — Map (db m52403) HM

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