“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Christian County Kentucky Historical Markers

South Young Road can be seen just over the top of the marker. image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, September 12, 2018
South Young Road can be seen just over the top of the marker.
Kentucky (Christian County), Herndon — 1759 — No-Tillage Farming
First practice of no-tillage crop production in Ky. occurred on this farm in 1962. Harry and Laurence Young, of Christian Co., were among first in nation to experiment with no-tillage techniques, which use herbicides in providing seed bed in residue . . . — Map (db m123637) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Herndon — Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation1937
The dream of central-station electricity became a reality for 165 homes in the southern part of Christian County when a switch was thrown at this spot on the night of September 2nd, 1938. These 165 homes were the first members to be served by the . . . — Map (db m123636) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Herndon — 1042 — U.S. Vice President
Adlai Ewing Stevenson, 1835-1914, one of four Kentuckians - more than any state, except New York - who were U.S. Vice Presidents. Others were Richard M. Johnson, John C. Breckinridge and Alben W. Barkley. Stevenson, born here, moved to Illinois, . . . — Map (db m123634) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1269 — Bethel College
Organized by the Bethel Baptist Association and opened in 1854 as Bethel Female High School. Used by CSA as hospital during Black Measles epidemic, 1861-1862. Bethel Women's Jr. College, 1917. Closed 1942-1945; rooms rented to Camp Campbell Army . . . — Map (db m136778) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1910 — Charles S. Morehead, 1802-1868
Charles S. Morehead, 1802-1868 This Ky. governor and congressman was born near Bardstown. A graduate of Transylvania, he began law practice in Hopkinsville. Morehead served in state legislature, as attorney general, in U.S. House of . . . — Map (db m88913) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — Cherokee "Trail of Tears"
By the early 1800's white settlers in present-day Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee wanted the Cherokee farms, especially after the discovery of gold on Cherokee land. In 1830 the U. S. Congress passed the Indian Removal Act; in 1835 three hundred . . . — Map (db m105690) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1224 — County Named, 1797
For Col. William Christian, native Virginian, soldier, politician, and pioneer. Served as Colonel in Revolution, member Va. Legislature. Moved family to Jefferson County in 1785, where his Va. land grants totaled 9,000 acres. Killed 1786, defending . . . — Map (db m88910) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 577 — Courthouse Burned
Gen. Hylan B. Lyon with 800 men invaded Ky., Dec. 1864, to enforce CSA draft law and divert USA from Nashville. In 23 days he burned seven courthouses used by Union forces. See map on reverse side. Courthouse at Hopkinsville burned Dec. 12. All . . . — Map (db m88907) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1313 — Famous Prophet
Edgar Cayce-psychic counselor and healer. Accepted nationally, he was one of the best known in this field. A humble and religious man, Cayce never profited from his predictions. Used his reputed gift of extrasensory perception, including medical . . . — Map (db m88918) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1045 — First Presbyterian
Organized in 1813, traditionally by the Rev. Gideon Blackburn, a pioneer minister and missionary to the Cherokee Indians. Present church building, not including later additions, was built during the period 1848-1852. Used as a hospital during severe . . . — Map (db m88905) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 618 — Forrest Reconnoitered
CSA Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest with 6 cavalry companies joined Gen. Charles Clark here Nov. 15, 1861. Forrest made reconnaissance and foraging expeditions out of here. See map on other side. When on one he defeated USA forces in Battle of . . . — Map (db m88922) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1690 — Grace Episcopal Church
Side 1 Organized in 1831 by local laymen with aid of George P. Giddinge, Md. missionary, who became first rector, and Benjamin B. Smith, later first Bishop of Ky. and Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. First church was built ca. . . . — Map (db m88903) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 880 — Hdqrs. CSA Commander / 101 CSA Unknown
Side 1 Hdqrs. CSA Commander Nathan Bedford Forrest, stationed in Hopkinsville during winter of 1861-62, resided, with wife and daughter, in log house, the third residence south. As colonel, in command 6 companies CSA Cavalry, . . . — Map (db m88921) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1501 — Hotel Latham
Erected on this site, 1894, and named for Hopkinsville native and philanthropist, John C. Latham, Jr. Structure was Italian Renaissance style. It became a well-known tourist stop, social and civic center. Among famous guests: Vice President Charles . . . — Map (db m88902) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 2190 — Lewis & Clark in KentuckyWilliam Clark / Thomas Allsbury
Side 1 William Clark William Clark, coleader of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and his family stopped at Allsbury’s Tavern in Hopkinsville on Oct. 2, 1809. In 1807 Clark was appointed militia brigadier general and chief Indian . . . — Map (db m88909) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1041 — Peace Park
Bequest to city of Hopkinsville with funds for beautification and maintenance by John C. Latham of New York, a native of Hopkinsville. A generous and forgiving gift. Mr. Latham was owner of a large tobacco warehouse on this site that was destroyed, . . . — Map (db m88897) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1268 — Pioneer Graveyard1812-1858
Within this enclosure are buried 185 named persons, and many more unknown, all early settlers of Christian County. The land for this cemetery was donated in 1812 by Bartholomew Wood, the first settler in Hopkinsville. He also donated land and timber . . . — Map (db m88914) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — Ted Poston "Dean of Black Journalists"
He covered major civil rights stories of his era and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1949. Poston received numerous other awards, including the George Polk Award in Journalism for national reporting. His book of short stories, The Dark Side . . . — Map (db m105693) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — The Cherokee A Civilized People
The Cherokee people once occupied much of the mid-Atlantic territory of North America. During the American Revolution they sided with the British against encroaching settlers and were forced to live in the mountains of Georgia, Tennessee, and North . . . — Map (db m105691) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 1042 — The Trail of Tears
A camping ground, Oct. 1838, for a part of the Cherokee Indians who were forcibly moved from their homes in the Smoky Mountain region of N. Car. and Tenn. to Indian Terr., now Okla. Badly clothed and fed, hundreds became ill and many died, among . . . — Map (db m88883) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — Trail of Tears Indian Camping Grounds
In 1838 this lot, then in woods, was used as camping grounds for 13,500 Indians removed along this route from the southern states to Oklahoma, in detachments of 1500. Among those who died in camp were two noted Cherokees Chief . . . — Map (db m88886) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — 882 — Union General's Grave
Brig. Gen. James S. Jackson, USA, killed in battle of Perryville on Oct. 8, 1862, is buried in south end of cemetery. Born Woodford Co., Ky., 1823. First Lt., Mexican War, then practiced law in Greenup. He came Hopkinsville, 1855. Elected to . . . — Map (db m88916) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — Whitepath and Fly Smith
Chief Whitepath served with Chief John Ross on the six-person Management Committee for Cherokee Removal and Subsistence, arranging for ration stops along the "Trail of Tears".

Cherokee Memorial Park in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, was one of the . . . — Map (db m105687) HM

Kentucky (Christian County), Oak Grove — Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
"But the child's sob in the silence curses deeper than the strong man in his wrath" –Elizabeth Barrett Browning The Cry of the Children ----------------------------- Dedicated to the victims of the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City . . . — Map (db m89087) HM

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