“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Churchill County Nevada Historical Markers

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By Duane Hall, May 30, 2013
Edwards Creek Valley
Nevada (Churchill County), Austin — 111 — Edwards Creek Valley
This valley was favored by prehistoric Indians for its abundant grass and brush found near its springs and intermittent streams. Shoshonean Indians and their ancestors traveled seasonally to gather wild seeds and small game and settled here in . . . — Map (db m67146) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Austin — 135 — New Pass Station
In 1861, the rocks composing the walls of this stage station and freighter stop were in neat rows and roofed with bundles of willow. It was one part of "Stagecoach King" John Butterfield's Overland Mail & Stage Company Road Systems, which at the . . . — Map (db m67145) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 161 — Churchill County Courthouse
Churchill County was created by the Territorial Legislature in 1861 but attached to Lyon County for judicial and revenue purposes. Churchill County was organized in 1864 and La Plata served as county seat. In 1868, it was moved to Stillwater, where . . . — Map (db m69686) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — Churchill County Courthouse10 W. Williams
In 1903, Senator Warren Williams introduced a bill allowing the county seat to be moved from Stillwater to Fallon. The courthouse was constructed at its present location that same year. The wooden-framed structure of Neo-Classical design was . . . — Map (db m70512) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 202 — Fairview1905 - 1917 — 1-1/2 Miles South —
Fairview was part of the renewed interest in mining. Triggered by the strikes in Tonopah and Goldfield. Discoveries in 1905 of a rich silver float led to a boom that lasted through 1906 and 1907. A substantial town that boasted 27 saloons, hotels, . . . — Map (db m67147) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — Fairview Peak Earthquake Faults
When the energy from pressure built up underneath the Earth's thin crust is suddenly released, an earthquake occurs. At first the crust may just bend. But if the stress is great enough, the rocks will break and "snap" to a new position. This usually . . . — Map (db m62121) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 27 — Grimes PointPrehistoric Rock Art Site
Grimes Point, one of the largest and most accessible Petroglyph sites in northern Nevada, contains about 150 basalt boulders covered with Petroglyphs. Nevada Petroglyphs were of magico-religious significance in insuring the success of large game . . . — Map (db m127115) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 215 — Lahontan Dam
Lahontan Dam, completed in 1915, is the key feature of the Newlands Irrigation Project which has turned Lahontan Valley into one of Nevada's most productive farming and ranching areas. With completion of the dam's powerhouse, the electrical energy . . . — Map (db m89515) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — Measuring Earthquakes
Scientists measure the force of an earthquake in several ways. The Richter Scale and the Modified Mercalli Scale are the two methods most often used to gauge an earthquake's strength and magnitude. The Richter Scale provides an . . . — Map (db m62122) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 263 — Oats Park School
The Oats Park School was designed in 1914 by Frederick J. DeLongchamps, Nevada's pre-eminent architect of the period. He was also responsible for the 1921 north and south wing additions. This building is one of his earliest, and perhaps, first, . . . — Map (db m69683) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 24 — Old Post Office90 North Maine
In 1929, this building was deemed a magnificent improvement to the city. Built to U.S. Postal Service standards, this brick structure features massive single doors on either end of a vestibule that protects the inside from the elements. Carved . . . — Map (db m142625) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 271 — Pony Express Route1860 - Sesquicentennial - 2010
One hundred and fifty years ago, the Pony Express was founded by W. H. Russell, Alexander Majors and William B. Waddell, operators of the Overland Stage Line of Leavenworth, Kansas. During a visit to Washington, Mr. Russell was urged by California . . . — Map (db m69681) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 19 — Ragtown
Ragtown was never a town, but the name of a most welcome oasis and hamlet. This mecca on the banks of nearby Carson River received its name from the appearance of pioneer laundry spread on every handy bush around. The Forty-Mile Desert, . . . — Map (db m42290) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 83 — Rock Creek(Cold Springs Station)
In its day, an important stagecoach stop on John Butterfield's (1861-1866) and Wells, Fargo & Company's (1866-1869) Overland Mail & Stage Company's historic line along the Simpson route between Salt Lake City and Genoa, Nevada. Fresh horses, . . . — Map (db m67144) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 10 — Sand Mountain
text from: Nevada State Historic Preservation Office Sand Mountain dominates the Salt Wells Basin and is visible from Mt. Rose peak in the Carson Range 82 miles to the west. The dune is important to off highway vehicle enthusiasts, . . . — Map (db m69653) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — Sand Mountain Pony Express StationA Practical Design
Two small rooms at the southwest end of the station were originally one large room and shared a common wood floor. The wall which now separates the two rooms was built on top of the floor some time later. The center room was probably used for . . . — Map (db m127117) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — Swift Steeds Tie East to West
"The Mail Must Go Through" From April 3, 1860 to November 21, 1861, mail was delivered by the Pony Express between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California. It was a relay system between 190 stations along the route. A fresh horse was . . . — Map (db m142572) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 1 — The Brothers of E.C.V.
Want it known that in the State of Nevada.... This site is dedicated not for it’s historical significance, but for the significance of the genuine gold diggers of Western history... the working girls who made a man forget the back breaking work . . . — Map (db m90814) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — The Pony ExpressApril 1860 to October 1861
     Competing with time, distance, harsh climate, and hostile Indians, the Pony Express carried important communications from the East and the West across 2,000 miles in only 10 days.      The "Pony," as it was called, is an outstanding . . . — Map (db m67142) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — T-3 — Truckee Trail - Forty Mile Desert
"Long before sunrise our teams were on the trail marching forward on the desert. Very little to note save the dust & brightness of the glittering sand. Now & then a grave, little donage & dead stock." - John Clark of Virginia, Aug 21, 1852 — Map (db m149414) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 110 — Wagon Jack Shelter
The ten foot wide flat at the base of the cliff is the site of Wagon Jack Shelter. The name comes from the Shoshone Indian, Wagon Jack, who camped here about 1900, while working on an Eastgate Ranch. He was a leader of Indian rabbit drives in Smith . . . — Map (db m69650) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — What Are Those Rocks Out There?
Sand Springs Deserved its Name The rocks you see in front of you were once Sand Springs Pony Express Station. The Pony Express ended in November 1861, but this Station was used as a stopover for freight wagons until the late 1800s. It laid . . . — Map (db m142573) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 201 — WonderHistoric Mining Camp — 1906 - 1919 —
text from: Nevada State Historic Preservation Office Located 13 miles to the north is the camp of Wonder, a major mining center in the early years of the twentieth century. Thomas J. Stroud and several others made the first locations in . . . — Map (db m69651) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Hazen — 178 — Hazen
Hazen was named for William Babcock Hazen, who served under General Sherman in his "March to the Sea." The town, established in 1903 to house laborers working on the Newlands Irrigation Project south of here, included hotels, saloons, brothels, . . . — Map (db m42328) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Lovelock — 147 — A Home of Early Man
Stretching before you are two vast sinks, terminal areas of the Humboldt and Carson River drainage systems. The marshey remnant of Lake Lahontan, between you and the distant Humboldt Range, served as a life sustaining resource of wildlife for . . . — Map (db m67352) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Lovelock — About Your Journey ...
Whichever direction your travels take you, you're going to have a similar experience to what the California-bound emigrants had. You're going to see the same country, except for the towns and the ranch meadows. The big difference, though, is that . . . — Map (db m67359) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Lovelock — 26 — Forty Mile Desert
The 40 Mile Desert, beginning here, is a barren stretch of waterless alkali wasteland. It was the most dreaded section of the California Emigrant Trail. If possible, it was traveled by night because of the great heat. The route was first . . . — Map (db m67348) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Lovelock — Traveling Through Hell
Look at the barren country south of here just beyond this Rest Stop. This is the Forty-Mile Desert--a barren stretch of waterless alkali wasteland. It was the single-most dreaded section of the entire California Trail from the banks of the Missouri . . . — Map (db m67357) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Middlegate — Middlegate Station
Middlegate was named in 1850 by James Simson as he mapped the route for the Overland Stage Company. In his journal he writes that he thought the cuts in the mountains looked like 'gates' so he named each cut Westgate, Middlegate, and Eastgate to . . . — Map (db m89452) HM

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