“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Collier County Florida Historical Markers

Everglades National Park Marker/Ten Thousands Lakes image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, October 3, 2015
Everglades National Park Marker/Ten Thousands Lakes
Florida (Collier County), Everglade City — Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park is known for stunning wildlife viewing and it unique mix of temperature and topical plants and animals. Its diverse habitat are a refuge for many endangered species. Take time to discover this subtle landscape by walking . . . — Map (db m106246) HM
Florida (Collier County), Everglade City — F-269 — Old Laundry Building - Everglades Women's Club
The first permanent white settlers arrived in this region in the late 19th century. A community dependent on hunting, fishing, and farming soon emerged. The land upon which Everglades City now stands was acquired in 1921-22 by Barron Collier, a . . . — Map (db m90092) HM
Florida (Collier County), Everglades — F-649 — Everglades Community ChurchEstablished 1926
This building was completed by April 1940 on land donated in May 1939 by the estate of Barron Gift Collier, founder of the county which bears his name and its largest landholder. The congregation at that time was Presbyterian, officially established . . . — Map (db m90290) HM
Florida (Collier County), Everglades — Old Collier County Courthouse
This building was completed in 1928 to be the first seat of government for Collier County which was founded in 1923 by entrepreneur and landowner Barron Gift Collier. The Town of Everglades was also headquarters for the building of the Tamiami Trail . . . — Map (db m90095) HM
Florida (Collier County), Everglades City — Tamiami Trail
The Tamiami Trail links the two great cities for which it was named -- Tampa and Miami. It bridges the Everglades, tying together south Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

Its official opening on April 28, 1926, by Governor John W. Martin . . . — Map (db m115634) HM

Florida (Collier County), Everglades City — Welcome To the Gulf Coast Visitor CenterEverglades
Hours: April to November 9:00-4:4:30 November to April 8:00 -4:30 Come upstairs to the National Park visitor center for information, park maps, exhibits, videos and more!

Along The Tamiami Trail Things to see and do (From West to . . . — Map (db m106245) HM

Florida (Collier County), Naples — Crayton Cove
This "Back Bay" area was settled in 1915. As Naples' first sheltered mooring, it became the community center for the pioneers building the Tamiami Trail as well as the fishing industry. The first pharmacy, the first newspaper, and all the important . . . — Map (db m127760) HM
Florida (Collier County), Naples — Lester J. and Dellora A. Norris
In grateful appreciation to Lester J. and Dellora A. Norris Acquisition of this park was made possible when Lester J. and Dellora A. Norris arranged the purchase of the land on April 24, 1964, through their St. Charles, . . . — Map (db m15877) HM
Florida (Collier County), Naples — Rosemary Cemetery
Opened in 1931, Rosemary Cemetery was originally established on twenty acres of land given by Edward W. Crayton, a prominent Naples citizen and president of the Naples Improvement Company. It served as the town's only cemetery until 1955. The graves . . . — Map (db m15878) HM
Florida (Collier County), Naples — F-791 — The Naples Canal
The Naples Canal was a monumental prehistoric construction achievement. It was 4,150 feet long (0.8 miles) and bisected an area between the Gulf of Mexico and Naples Bay. The Naples Canal was dug perhaps as early as A.D. 200 by local American . . . — Map (db m127697) HM
Florida (Collier County), Naples — F-268 — The Naples Depot
The Naples Depot, which was completed in 1927, is one of the oldest remaining structures in the City of Naples. The Depot was built to serve as the Seaboard Air Line Railway's southern-most west coast terminal. The coming of railroads to Naples and . . . — Map (db m127698) HM
Florida (Collier County), Naples — The Naples Depot
Built in 1926, by the Seaboard Airline, the Naples Depot welcomed Naples' first passenger train in 1927. Services continued until 1971. Shortly thereafter the Tamiami Trail was completed. These two important infrastructures successfully opened . . . — Map (db m127761) HM
Florida (Collier County), Naples — F-157 — The Naples Pier
Built in 1888 as a freight and passenger dock, the Naples Pier stands as a community landmark. Narrow gauge train rails spanning the length of the pier transported freight and baggage in the early 1900’s. Part of the structure as well as the post . . . — Map (db m92802) HM
Florida (Collier County), Naples — Tin CityCity of Naples Diamond Jubilee — 1923-1998 —
Tin City's legacy began in the 1920's when Henry Espenlaub, brother-in-law of Ed Frank (Swamp Buggy Creator), leased his property to pioneering commercial fishing families. They constructed docks and tin roofed buildings to serve fishing fleets and . . . — Map (db m90088) HM
Florida (Collier County), Ochopee — Big CypressAlligators
Imagine alligator relatives dating back to the days of dinosaurs, over 150 million years ago. Gators today still look similar to their 50 foot long relatives. Present day American alligators can grow to over 15 feet and many weigh up to 1,000 . . . — Map (db m106227) HM
Florida (Collier County), Ochopee — Big Cypress National Preserve
Rain-the Swamp's Lifeblood Nearly 55 inches of rain falls here annually-drenching Big Cypress National Preserve during the summer wet season.

The fresh water flowing through the national preserve replenishes the local aquifer and sustains . . . — Map (db m106230) HM

Florida (Collier County), Ochopee — Birds of Big Cypress
The watery areas of Big Cypress National Preserve attract colorful flocks of long-legged wading birds that sweep across the shallow wetlands stalking their prey, while other waterbirds dive below the surface to search for food.

Anhingas . . . — Map (db m106235) HM

Florida (Collier County), Ochopee — Fighting an Invasion
Invasive species are destructive or aggressive plants and animals that greatly alter the natural balance of native area. They out compete native species for resources and reduce biodiversity. Invasives are extremely expensive to eradicate and pose . . . — Map (db m106233) HM
Florida (Collier County), Ochopee — H. P. Williams Roadside Park
Things to see

Cypress Knees Cypress trees sprout curious Appendages called knees. They are believed to help stabilize the parent tree in swamp environments.

Florida Panther The solitary Florida panther ranges throughout a . . . — Map (db m106231) HM

Florida (Collier County), Ochopee — Ochopee Post Office
Considered to be the smallest post office in the United States, this building was formerly an irrigation pipe shed belonging to the J. T. Gaunt Company tomato farm. It was hurriedly pressed into service by postmaster Sidney Brown after a disastrous . . . — Map (db m90091) HM
Florida (Collier County), Ochopee — The Cypress Swamp
The watery forest was born from a slow-moving creek whose waters rise and fall year after year, flooding the shallow banks and then withdrawing.

Here brown waters reflect the tall trees, Spanish-moss and clouds in the sky. Alligators, birds . . . — Map (db m100647)

Florida (Collier County), Ochopee — Wildlife & You
Wildlife & You How you behave can save The thrill of watching an animal in it native surroundings can be spectacular and awe inspiring. The memories made while experiencing such events can last a lifetime, and so can your actions.

While . . . — Map (db m106229)

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