“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Comal County Texas Historical Markers

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By Kathleen Dougherty, May 25, 2014
Gruene Marker
Texas (Comal County), Gruene — 2293 — Gruene
German immigrant farmers were the first settlers of this area, which was originally called Goodwin. Henry D. Gruene established a large cotton farming operation here in the 1870s. He built a mercantile, cotton gin and dance hall, and conveyed land . . . — Map (db m81254) HM
Texas (Comal County), Gruene — 2294 — Gruene Cotton Gin
Built on the site of an earlier grist mill, the Gruene cotton gin was constructed in 1878 by H.D. Gruene. Powered by the Guadalupe River, the gin was steam-operated and served to process the vast amounts of cotton grown in the area. The gin played . . . — Map (db m71562) HM
Texas (Comal County), Gruene — 2296 — Gruene's Hall
Built in 1878 as a saloon and social hall for area cotton farmers, this is believed to be one of the oldest dance halls in Texas. Christian Herry (1854-1917) built the hall under the direction of town developer Henry D. Gruene, for whom many of the . . . — Map (db m71559) HM
Texas (Comal County), Gruene — Henry D. Gruene
On this green bank, by this soft stream, we set today two votive milestones, that memory may their deeds redeem, when like our sires, our grandsons and daughters too are gone!! Born in New Braunfels, Henry D. Gruene (1850-1920) was the son of . . . — Map (db m71558) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 18087 — 1915 New Braunfels Post Office
The old post office of New Braunfels was built during the full-scale 20th century transformation of the United States Postal System. Programs like the United States Postal Savings System, parcel post, airmail, and improved rural delivery services . . . — Map (db m130116) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 986 — Comal County
Formed from Travis and Bexar land districts Created March 24,1846 Organized July 13, 1846 Named for the river so called from the pancake shape of the islands formed by its springs New Braunfels, county seat established March . . . — Map (db m130112) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 987 — Comal County Courthouse
In 1846 Comal County held its first court session in the home of its county clerk, Conrad Seabaugh. Courthouse facilities acquired in 1849 proved inadequate and were replaced with a 2-story building at the southeast corner of the city plaza in . . . — Map (db m111237) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 988 — Comal County, C.S.A.
Manufacturing and supply center in Civil War. The local newpaper urged southern cause so strongly that 1861 vote was 239 to 86 favoring secession. More than 300 Confederate soldiers enlisted here. The "Texas Mounted Rifles" of Capt. Theodore . . . — Map (db m130117) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 14099 — Early Settlers' Home
Situated on lot deeded to colonist Christoph Luentzel. Adobe brick and cedar beam house was begun about 1850 by Heinrich Bevenroth (d. 1850), and enlarged by later owners Heinrich C. C. Pohlmann, Mrs. Elisabeth Gehrung, Egmond . . . — Map (db m130134) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 17083 — Eiband and Fischer General Mercantile
In 1846, one year after New Braunfels was founded, a mercantile company owned by James Ferguson and Henry Hessler opened on the corner of Castell and San Antonio streets. By 1858, both men had died and Ernst Scherff, an employee, purchased the . . . — Map (db m130113) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 18692 — Emmie Seele Faust Memorial Library
Located on the corner of Coll Street and Magazine Avenue, the Emmie Seele Faust Memorial Library served as the New Braunfels public library from 1938 to 1969. The New Braunfels Library Association formed in 1928 to meet the need for better education . . . — Map (db m132650) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 4632 — Hermann Seele(April 14, 1823 - March 18, 1902)
A native of Hildesheim, Hanover, Germany, Hermann Seele came to Texas in 1843. He became the fist school teacher in New Braunfels on Aug. 11, 1845, when he held class for 15 pupils beneath elm trees at the foot of this hill. Selle helped organize . . . — Map (db m130133) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 14917 — Hinmann House
This home’s architecture reflects the German influence of many of the area’s early structures. Heinrich Hinmann purchased the property in July 1855, and he and his wife Therese (Sickold) raised ten children here. The home dates from circa 1868 and . . . — Map (db m111251) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 13661 — International & Great Northern Railroad in New Braunfels
As early as 1875, New Braunfels residents began petitioning rail companies to bring lines into the community. The town's first major proposal, to the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railroad, failed to achieve the goal. By the end of the . . . — Map (db m130119) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 3136 — Louis Henne Co.
Victorian embellishments distinguish this structure, built 1893 by noted local contractor Christian Herry. Owner Louis Henne (1840-1912) worked in the family tin shop next door, expanded to this site. Third generation now conducts this . . . — Map (db m130131) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 13018 — Main Plaza Bandstand
Following a petition by local residents, the City of New Braunfels built its Main Plaza Bandstand in 1905. Neo-classical in design, it originally served as a stage for summer evening concerts by the Waldschmidt Fire Department Band. In 1926, with . . . — Map (db m130114) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 3574 — New BraunfelsCounty Seat of Comal County
Early inhabitants of this area included Karankawa, Lipan, Tonkawa and Waco Indians. Between 1844 and 1846, the Verein Zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas (Society for the protection of German immigrants in Texas) sent more than . . . — Map (db m111232) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 3573 — New Braunfels
Founded on March 21, 1845 by Carl, Prince of Solms-Braunfels, Commissioner-General of the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas. Named after Prince Solms' estate, Braunfels, on the Lahn River in Germany. Its permanence was assured . . . — Map (db m117665) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 18923 — New Braunfels 1918 Fire Station
In February 1871, Rudolph Wipprecht of the New Braunfels Turnverein (Gymnastic Society) proposed a resolution to organize a fire brigade. Fighting fires remained difficult, however, until June of 1886 with the establishment of water mains, twenty . . . — Map (db m130696) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 13810 — Plumeyer Bakery Building
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this site was home to two drugstores and a bakery. In 1913, Kathinka Clemens constructed this building to serve as a bakery for A.C. and Helen Plumeyer, who used the second floor as a residence. Known also . . . — Map (db m130130) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 4768 — Site of Dietz Community
In 1851 Jamaica native Jacob De Cordova (1808-1868) settled here. He selected this spot for its beauty, rich soil and nearby springs. He built his first home, "Wanderer's Retreat." It served as a stage stop on the San Antonio Road and as a mail . . . — Map (db m111260) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 4859 — Site of Old Schmitz Hotel
First portion - of local cedar and limestone - was built about 1851 by Rudolph Nauendorf. Early German immigrant Jacob Schmitz bought building in 1858 as new location of his "Guadalupe Hotel." Old World atmosphere of the inn-stagestand was . . . — Map (db m130115) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 18599 — Sophienburg Hill
During the Republic of Texas period, Europeans became interested in colonizing Texas. In the 1840s, a group of German noblemen formed the Adelsverein or the Society for the Protection of German Immigration in Texas. Prince Carl of . . . — Map (db m130120) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — Spaß und Gemütlichkeit(Fun and Fellowship)
The traditions of spaß (fun) and gemütlichkeit (fellowship) came with the German immigrants to the Texas frontier in 1845. From the time of their arrival, settlers had to rely on their own skills and ingenuity to provide the necessities of . . . — Map (db m111255) HM
Texas (Comal County), Schertz — Schertz Historic SiteSt. Joseph's Chapel
The original Catholic settlers of Comal Village longed for their own place of worship and school. Peter Ignatz Wenzel donated 3 acres of land for the construction of a school and a chapel. A one room school was built in December 1868 and an expanded . . . — Map (db m113847) HM
Texas (Comal County), Spring Branch — 5006 — Specht's Crossing
Area settlers in horse-drawn carriages used this gravel bed low water crossing of the San Antonio-Blanco Road to reach the German settlement of Spring Branch. Despite frequent floods, use of the crossing increased during the years (1875-1906) Spring . . . — Map (db m46923) HM

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