“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Cuyahoga County Ohio Historical Markers

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By J. J. Prats, April 6, 2019
Calhoon Memorial Park and Marker
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Bay Village — 28-18 — Calhoon Memorial Park
Joseph Calhoon brought his family from Vergennes, Vermont, to Dover Township in 1810, and they established themselves as the first permanent settlers in what would become Bay Village, Ohio. The Calhoon house, called Rose Hill, was built in 1818 and . . . — Map (db m134283) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Bay Village — 28-18 — Calhoon Memorial Park
Joseph Calhoon brought his family from Vergennes, Vermont, to Dover Township in 1810, and they established themselves as the first permanent settlers in what would become Bay Village, Ohio. The Calhoon house, called Rose Hill, was built in 1818 and . . . — Map (db m134288) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Bay Village — 135-18 — Dover Lake Shore Methodist Episcopal Church
Elizabeth Tyron Sadler started the Methodist Episcopal Church in North Dover Township in June 1827, on land owned by her father-in-law Christopher Sadler. Charter members were the Rev. Eliphalet and Mrs. Margaret Johnson and their daughter . . . — Map (db m134266) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Bay Village — 26-18 — Lakeside Cemetery
Laid out in 1814, Lakeside Cemetery became the first public burying ground in Dover Township, an area that now includes Bay Village, Westlake, and the northern portion of North Olmsted. Reuben Osborn 1778-1860) arrived in Dover on October 10, . . . — Map (db m134277) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Beachwood — David Berger Memorial
A monument in the memory of David Berger stands as both a reminder of violence, and a hope that man will one day overcome violence. The Olympic emblem of five inter-locking rings has been broken to symbolize the stopping of the ’72 games, but there . . . — Map (db m61648) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Bedford — 84-18 — Bedford Historic Business District
The town of Bedford was settled in 1837. Early residents, Hezekiah and Clarissa Dunham donated the land that serves as Bedford Public Square. The Dunhams built one of the area's first homes in 1852, which stands at 729 Broadway with the letters H & . . . — Map (db m137162) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Bedford Heights — 129-18 — Kol Israel Foundation Holocaust Memorial
On May 28, 1961, the Kol Israel Foundation, a Cleveland organization of Holocaust survivors, dedicated this monument in remembrance of the attempted genocide against the Jewish people by Nazi Germany during World War II. The monument is . . . — Map (db m137158) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 93-18 — Adams Street Cemetery
Known as the “village Cemetery,” this was Berea’s main burial ground from 1834 to the 1880s. However, in 1886, the Cleveland Stone Co. purchased quarries adjacent to the cemetery, where Coe Lake is today. Quarrying had already . . . — Map (db m134166) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 61-18 — Baldwin University
In 1845, Baldwin Institute, one of the first schools in the area open to all students regardless of gender, race, or creed, was chartered. The wealth generated by the sandstone and grindstone industries of Berea allowed John Baldwin to found the . . . — Map (db m3536) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 18-18 — Berea District Seven School
A find example of the district school building common to Ohio int he early years of the twentieth century. This two-room, red-brick schoolhouse was completed in 1913. Accommodating elementary school children in east Berea and adjacent areas of . . . — Map (db m3532) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 16-18 — Berea Sandstone Quarries
For more than ninety years, this area was the heart and soul of Berea's sandstone quarries. In the early 1830s, John Baldwin discovered that the area's sandstone deposits made superb grindstones and building stones. in the 1840s, thriving sandstone . . . — Map (db m5516) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 43-18 — Berea Union Depot
Ohio from the time of its construction in 1876 until its closing in 1958, is an unusual, but well-designed example of Victorian Gothic Architecture. With the development of an expanding stone quarry industry in the area, Berea and its railroad . . . — Map (db m997) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 18-82 — First Congregational United Church of Christ of Berea
Seven original members, who were staunch abolitionists, organized the First Congregational Church of Berea in the nearby Union School House on June 9, 1855. These members publicly articulated opposition to slavery and their desire for a church with . . . — Map (db m3539) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 23-18 — Lyceum Square
On this site the Lyceum Village and the Berea Seminary were established in 1837 by John Baldwin, Jame Giruth, Henry O. Sheldon, and Josiah Holbrook. Their vision was to create the first in a connected series of Lyceum Villages. The Villages were . . . — Map (db m3538) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 122-18 — Ogilvy Chapel of St. Thomas Episcopal Church
This “little gem of a stone church,” built and dedicated in 1893, is constructed of locally quarried, rusticated Berea sandstone blocks. A Celtic cross at the top of the west wall represented the areas of Great Britain from which . . . — Map (db m134169) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 16-18 — The “Big Quarry”
The photograph looks north to the buildings on East Bridge Street, which constituted the northern boundary of Berea’s sandstone quarries around 1895. The photographer stood approximately where you are standing. “Gradually the water came, . . . — Map (db m3548) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 42-18 — The Ark
The ARK in Berea is the first structure in Cuyahoga County to incorporate sustainable building concepts from the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Hand built in 1994 as a work of art by environmental artists David and Renate Jakupca, it is a . . . — Map (db m23221) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Berea — 20-18 — The Berea Triangle
The Triangle, one of the most historic places in Berea, has been the center of the city’s civic life since the mid-19th century. Just beneath lie the solid layers of the famous Berea Sandstone that brought prosperity to Berea durign its early years. . . . — Map (db m53428) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Breksville — 108-18 — The Ahola Corporation
The Aloha Corporation is the world’s longest continuously operating family-focused payroll service provider. It was founded in 1967 by computer programmer Chet Ahola, known at the time as a “computer” (not a machine, but a person who . . . — Map (db m137183) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Broadview Heights — 92-18 — Brecksville Township’s First Settler
In 1811, Colonel John Breck sent Seth Paine to survey a new township of the Western Reserve. Travelling from Massachusetts, the Paine family journeyed by wagon pulled by a team of oxen, a trip that took them forty-two days. For his . . . — Map (db m137187) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Brook Park — John J. DonnellyRocky River Nature Center — Cleveland Metroparks —
The John J. Donnelly Rocky River nature center is designated to commemorate the distinguished service of the honorable John J. Donnelly to Cleveland Metro parks. During his 17-year tenure (1991-2008) as Senior Probate Judge of Cuyahoga County, Judge . . . — Map (db m31738) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Chagrin Falls — 35-18 — The Chagrin River's "High Falls"
The Chagrin River was named for Francois Seguin, a Frenchman who traded with Native Americans in Northeast Ohio circa 1742. The "High Falls" of the Chagrin River primarily attracted settlers from New England (circa 1833) seeking a location with . . . — Map (db m103458) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Chagrin Falls — 56-18 — The Cleveland Grand Prix
In July 25, 1965, near 10,000 spectators traveled to the Cleveland Metroparks Polo Field to witness the first-ever North American horse show jumping grand prix — the Cleveland Grand Prix. The event gave birth to the multi- million-dollar sport . . . — Map (db m103457) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 55-18 — 'Abdu'l-Bahá and the Bahá'í Faith
'Abdu'l-Bahá (1844-1921) visited Cleveland on His historic journeys to Europe and North America to proclaim the message of His Father, Bahá'u'liáh, Prophet-Founder of the Bahá'í Faith. Together they suffered 40 years of imprisonment and exile, which . . . — Map (db m17950) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Adella Prentiss Hughes1869-1950
Sponsored Cleveland performances by the world's best musicians beginning in 1901. Founded the Musical Arts Association in 1915 and the Cleveland Orchestra in 1918. — Map (db m12109) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Alexander Winton1860-1932
Automobile entrepeneur. He founded the Winton Motor Carriage Company which sold the first standard model American-made gasoline powered automobile in 1898. It had 2 cylinders and 10 horse power and sold for $1,000. He produced the first American . . . — Map (db m11930) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Alexis de Tocqueville
. . . — Map (db m17904) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Andrew J. Rickoff / Charles Edward Adams
Andrew J. Rickoff, Educator, Administrator, Innovator. The Cleveland Public School Board recognized one of its first superintendents by naming one of its elementary schools in his honor. Andrew Jackson Rickoff (1824-1899) was born in New . . . — Map (db m137061) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Arch C. Klumph
June 6, 1869 June 3, 1951 1911 - Founding member, Cleveland Rotary Club 1913 - President, Cleveland Rotary Club 1914-15 - Director, International Assn. of Rotary Clubs 1916-17 - 6th President, Rotary International A business, civic, . . . — Map (db m18037) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Benjamin Rose1828-1908
Briton, industrialist and philanthropist who came to Cleveland in 1848. Formed the Cleveland Provision Company in 1875, Cleveland's largest meat packer. Pioneered meat shipping using refrigerated cars. Built the Rose Building, E. 9th and Prospect, . . . — Map (db m12116) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 46-18 — Birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll
When radio station WJW disc jockey Alan Freed (1921-1965) used the term "rock and roll" to describe the uptempo black rhythm and blues records he played beginning in 1951, he named a new genre of popular music that appealed to audiences on both . . . — Map (db m17955) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Broadway / Slavic Village
North and South Broadway were originally part of Newburgh Township, organized in 1814 as one of the earliest settlements in Cuyahoga County. The contruction of the Ohio & Erie Canal and later railroads led to industrial and commercial growth, . . . — Map (db m21073) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 111-18 — Brookside Stadium
For more than 120 years, the natural amphitheater of Brookside Stadium has been a place of recreation for visitors to enjoy community events, festivals, and even a concert by John Philip Sousa. Engineered by William Stinchcomb, chief architect of . . . — Map (db m136900) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Burial Place of James A. Garfield
Twentieth President of the United States. Born November 18, 1831 Died September 19, 1881. — Map (db m92892) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 74-70 — Camp Cleveland
Opened in July 1862, the 35 1/2-acre site here in Brooklyn Township's University Heights served as the largest Civil War army camp of rendezvous, organization, and training in northeast Ohio. It was bordered by Hershel (now West 5th) and University . . . — Map (db m17949) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Carl B. Stokes1927-1996
First African American mayor of a major metropolitan area from 1967-1971 after serving in the Ohio House for six years. Elected municipal judge in 1983, appointed U.S. ambassador to the Republic of the Seychelles in 1994, first black anchor to . . . — Map (db m12108) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 33-18 — Cataract Falls
Formed by erosion of Cleveland shale and cascading 48 feet, making it the tallest waterfall in the county, the Cataract Falls of Mill Creek powered the gristmill and sawmill built by William Wheeler Williams and Major Wyatt in 1799. The mills, . . . — Map (db m21071) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 59-18 — Charles Waddell Chesnutt
Charles Waddell Chesnutt was born in Cleveland on June 30, 1858 and died November 15, 1932. He has been called "The pioneer of the color line" and was an author, crusader for racial and social justice, humanitarian, and forerunner of the Harlem . . . — Map (db m17649) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Chief Joc-O-Sot(The Walking Bear)
Distinguished Indian chief Brave in war ... valiant in peace Algonquin Nation ... Osaukee Tribe Bear Clan Born Saukeenuk, IA, 1810 Died Cleveland, 1844 After the Black Hawk War where Joc-O-Sot received the wound that finally caused . . . — Map (db m17900) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 37-18 — Cleveland Grays
The Cleveland Grays were organized by statute in 1837 as an independent volunteer militia company. The Grays were the first company to leave Cleveland for service during the Civil War. In April 1861, they were designated Company E, 1st Ohio . . . — Map (db m17902) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 32-18 — Cleveland Theater District
The Theater District, bound by Chester Avenue, Prospect Avenue, East 18th, East 9th and East 12th Streets, came into being at the turn of the 20th century, when Cleveland emerged as a thriving metropolis. Built between 1890-1928, the area hosted a . . . — Map (db m17951) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Colonel Charles Young1864-1922
Colonel Charles Young, cavalryman, military intelligence officer, Huachuca commander, and paragon of honor. An American Legend Charles Young was the third black graduate of the United States Military Academy, class of 1889. Young enjoyed a . . . — Map (db m17236) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Com. Oliver Hazard Perry
Oliver Hazard Perry was only 27 when named commander of the Lake Erie Fleet. His combination of determination and tactical brilliance won him acclaim at home and the lasting respect of the British. "More than any other battle of the time," wrote . . . — Map (db m17868) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 81-18 — Cuyahoga County Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument
This monument, dedicated July 4, 1894, honors Cuyahoga County men and women, who performed military and patriotic duties during the Civil War (1861-1865). William J. Gleason (1846-1905), army veteran and local businessman, proposed its creation in . . . — Map (db m17862) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Dear General, We have met the enemy and they are ours
Dear General, We have met the enemy and they are ours. Two ships, two brigs, one schooner and one sloop. British Naval cannon captured by Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's fleet during the Battle of Lake Erie at Put In Bay, Ohio, September 10th . . . — Map (db m18039) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 65-18 — Detective Martin J. McFadden
On October 31, 1963, the actions of Cleveland Police Detective Martin J. McFadden led to a new legal standard allowing police officers in the United States to stop and frisk suspicious persons prior to committing a crime. On that day McFadden had . . . — Map (db m17952) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 17-18 — Dunham Tavern
Dunham Tavern is the oldest building still standing on its original site in the City of Cleveland. Once a stagecoach stop on the old Buffalo-Cleveland-Detroit road (modern Euclid Avenue), the tavern dates from 1824. The structure was built by Rufus . . . — Map (db m11818) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 90-18 — Erie Street Cemetery
Side A In 1826, when Cleveland's first cemetery closed, Cleveland village trustees paid Leonard Case Sr. one dollar for eight acres of land and dedicated it as the Erie Street Cemetery. Built on what became prime property, the cemetery . . . — Map (db m102722) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Ernest R. Ball1878-1927
The composer of "When Irish Eyes are Smiling", "Mother Machree", "A Little Bit of Heaven" and hundreds of other songs well known today. He also wrote musical scores for Broadway shows. — Map (db m12119) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 68-18 — Federation of India Community Association
In 1962, Asian Indian students of Case Western Reserve University started India Association of Cleveland (IAC). In 1967, IAC started a newspaper "LOTUS," regarded as the first such Asian Indian community newspapers in the United States. In 1978, IAC . . . — Map (db m6946) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Fields of IdealsA School With A Viewpoint
Side A

The home of Horatio Cyrus and Martha Cozad Ford stood near this corner. According to interviews conducted in the 1890s, it was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Of New England background, Horatio brought a set of ideals that made . . . — Map (db m140135) HM

Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 40-18 — Frances Payne Bolton
Frances Payne Bolton (1885-1977) was the first woman from Ohio to serve in the United States Congress. Elected in 1940 to complete the term of her late husband, Chester C. Bolton, Mrs. Bolton represented the 22nd District for 28 years. Her life long . . . — Map (db m11927) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 60-18 — Garrett A. Morgan
Garrett Augustus Morgan was an African American businessman and prolific inventor of devices that made people's lives safer and more convenient. Born on March 4, 1877 in Claysville, the Black segregated section of Paris, Kentucky, Morgan migrated . . . — Map (db m17895) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Henry A. Sherwin1842-1916
Founded the Sherwin-Williams Company, the world's largest paint and sulfa drug base manufacturer in 1866. The company developed reliable ready mixed paint in 1880, the paint roller in 1944 and washable latex paint in 1950. — Map (db m12095) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 47-18 — Home of Superman
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, two Glenville High School students imbued with imagination and talent and passion for science fiction and comics, had dream become reality in 1932. They created Superman, the first of the superheroes ever to see print. . . . — Map (db m18238) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Honoring the Memory of O.P. and M.J. Van Sweringen
Whose vision, courage, and deep appreciation of building well for tomorrow brought about the creation of Shaker Heights in 1911 and the development of Shaker Square in 1929. Erected October 6, 1961, by the Shaker Square Association upon the . . . — Map (db m17814) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — In Memory of the Teachers and Children Who Lost Their Lives in the Collinwood School Fire
Teachers and Pupils who lost their lives in the Collinwood School Fire, March 4, 1908 Teachers: Grace Fiske, Katherine Weiler Pupils: Ila Adams, Irene Apari, Adelbert Baldwin, Luretta Baldwin, Glenn Barber, Clayton Bell, George Blurm, Floy . . . — Map (db m60759) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — In Memory of Those Whose Bodies Were Moved From Ontario Street Cemetry to Erie Street Cemetery1826
Name - Age - Date of Death - Grave* Trumble - 32 - Oct. 1813 - 1st Deming Brainard - 25 - Aug. 28, 1824 - 2nd Unknown - - - 3rd Horace Pitkin - 20 - Dec. 20, 1822 - 4th Stephen Gilbert - 34 - Apr. 19, 1808 - 5th Adolphus Spafford - 16 - . . . — Map (db m18036) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Industrial River Valley
(left column:) The first Cleveland settlers initially settled near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River in the present-day Flats, but moved to higher ground to the current site of Downtown Cleveland due to flooding and weather conditions . . . — Map (db m147878) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Irish Famine MemorialCleveland Remembers “The Great Hunger” — An Gorta Mór — Ireland’s Potato Famine 1845–50. —
This memorial commemorates the passing of 150 years since the misery known as “The Great Hunger,” a carnage visited upon the Irish nation diminishing her population by millions. As a result of imposed political and economic structures, . . . — Map (db m136975) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 75-18 — James Mercer Langston Hughes
One of the most recognized figures of the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri on February 1, 1902 and moved to Cleveland by the time he was in high school. An avid traveler, he credited his years at Central High School . . . — Map (db m17648) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Jeptha Wade1811-1890
Financier, philanthropist, founder of the Western Union telegraph company in 1856. First president of Lake View Cemetery Association in 1869, donated land to City of Cleveland for Wade Park and co-founded the Case School of Applied Science in 1880. — Map (db m12110) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Jim Brown / Carl Burton StokesRecord Setter /               Trailblazer             — Mt. Pleasant Heritage Trail —
Jim Brown, Hall of Fame Athlete, Actor, Activist, Entrepreneur, Motivator. As a professional football player Jim Brown has been called the “G.O.A.T.,” The Greatest of All Time. He was born James Nathaniel Brown February 17, 1936 in . . . — Map (db m137059) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 38-18 — John D. Rockefeller, 1839-1937 / The Standard Oil Company
John D. Rockefeller, 1839-1937. Born at Richford, New York, John D. Rockefeller moved to the Cleveland area with his family at age 14. He began his business career as a bookkeeper in 1855. From modest beginnings he became one of the richest . . . — Map (db m17907) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — John T. Corrigan
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, 1923. Son of Irish immigrants, one of six children. Known as “John T,” he and his wife Virginia had six children. Graduated St. Ignatius H.S., John Carroll University and Case Western Reserve University . . . — Map (db m137034) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 7-18 — John W. Heisman Birth Site
Here was born (October 3, 1869) the man after whom the Heisman Football Trophy is named. The College Football Hall of Fame enshrines him as superior coach. Important pioneer game innovator. Father of: forward pass; center snap; interference on end . . . — Map (db m17908) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Joseph Carabelli1850-1911
Sculptor, state legislator, founder of the Lake View Granite and Monumental Works in 1879. Called the "Father of Little Italy". He helped found the Alta House. While in the Ohio House of Representatives authored the bill making Columbus Day a legal . . . — Map (db m12107) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 44-18 — Journalist Dorothy Fuldheim
One of America's most admired women, pioneer television newscaster Dorothy Snell Fuldheim (1893-1989) began her career as a lecturer in the 1920s and entered broadcasting with a biographical series on WTAM radio in Cleveland. In 1947, Fuldheim . . . — Map (db m17897) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 57-18 — Karamu House
Karamu House, Incorporated was established in 1915 as the Playhouse Settlement, one of Cleveland's many settlement houses for migrant and immigrant communities. Initiated by the Men's Club of the Second Presbyterian Church, in 1915 Oberlin College . . . — Map (db m17771) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — L. Pearl MitchellAlpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. — Alpha Omega Chapter —
Elected third national president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. First Greek letter sorority for African-American Women. Initiated into Zeta Chapter at Wilberforce University. Held membership for more than 50 years in Alpha Kappa Alpha. . . . — Map (db m11931) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 13-18 — League Park
League Park opened on May 1, 1891, with the legendary Cy Young pitching for the Cleveland Spiders in their win over the Cincinnati Redlegs. The park remained the home of Cleveland's professional baseball and football teams until 1946. In 1920 the . . . — Map (db m17770) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 133-18 — LGBT Civil Rights Movement
This block of W 29th Street was home to Cleveland’s vibrant LGBT community and central to the development of the modern LGBT civil rights movement. In 1988, the Striebinger Building, at 1418 W. 29th, housed Cleveland’s Lesbian-Gay Community . . . — Map (db m136926) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 109-18 — Market Square
Market Square, home to the Pearl Street Market, was located on the corner of Pearl and Lorain Streets (now West 25th St. and Lorain Ave.) in what was then known as the City of Ohio. The land that Market Square occupies was donated by local . . . — Map (db m136944) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Michelson-Morley Experiment
Near this spot, in July 1887, Dr. Albert A. Michelson of Case and Dr. Edward W. Morley of Western Reserve University conducted the world-famous Michelson-Morley experiment, one of the outstanding scientific achievements of the 19th century and a . . . — Map (db m11849) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 39-18 — Moses Cleaveland’s “Capital Town”
In July 1796, the first survey party for the Connecticut Land Company, led by General Moses Cleaveland (1754–1806), landed on the shore of Lake Erie near present-day Ashtabula to lay out the lands of the Connecticut Western Reserve. On July 22 . . . — Map (db m136951) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Navy Bicentennial1775 - 1975
In conjunction with the 200th year of the United States Navy, the Cleveland Navy Commands commemorate the Battle of Lake Erie as the most significant naval event to ensure the northern boundary of the United States on the eastern Great Lakes. It was . . . — Map (db m18038) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Near this site Fort Huntington was Erected
Near this site Fort Huntington was erected by Captain Stanton Sholes' Company May, 1813. On June 19, 1813, a part of the British flee appeared off the fort but was driven away by a storm and no attack made. General William Henry Harrison and staff . . . — Map (db m17869) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Ohio and Erie Canal
At this site was lock 44, the north terminus of the Ohio and Erie Canal from 1829 to 1872. Lock 44 as the outlet of the canal into the Cuyahoga River and the first stop in the transportation system which linked the Great Lakes with the Ohio River . . . — Map (db m17906) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 97-18 — Ohio City / Monroe Street Cemetery
Ohio City was originally part of Brooklyn Township, which was founded by Richard Lord and Josiah Barber in 1818. The township population increased rapidly with the completion of the Ohio Canal in 1832. The “City of Ohio” became an . . . — Map (db m136930) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Ohio State Bar Association1880-1980
On this side, then known as Case Hall, the first meeting of the Ohio State Bar Association was held July 8, 1880. Dedicated May 21, 1980 — Map (db m17860) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Old Dunham Tavern GardenOriginally designed in 1937 by A. Donald Gray
. . . — Map (db m17957) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 121-18 — Puritas Springs Park / The Cyclone Roller Coaster
Puritas Mineral Spring Company bottled and sold mineral water from the natural springs in the area. In 1894, the Cleveland and Berea Street Railway bought Puritas Springs and expanded the area into a picnic grove with a dance hall and pavilion to . . . — Map (db m136820) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Raymond J. "Chappie" Chapman1891-1920
Cleveland Indians shortstop killed by a ball thrown by Yankee pitcher Carl Mays at the New York Polo Grounds. He is the only major league player killed by a pitched ball. Fans paid for his monument with nickles and dimes. — Map (db m12120) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 77-18 — Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd
Isaac Campbell Kidd, Sr. was born in Cleveland in 1884. He entered the United States Naval Academy in 1902 and dedicated his life to the Navy. While an ensign, he sailed around the world with the "Great White Fleet" from 1907 to 1909. During the . . . — Map (db m17956) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Rufus Dunham(1792-1862)
Freemason, public official, Whig Party activist. Well-known as the genial proprietor of Dunham's Tavern, a popular stagecoach stop on the Buffalo Road (Euclid Avenue) midway between Doan's Corner (East 105th Street) and Public Square. The tavern, . . . — Map (db m12106) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 130-18 — Saint Ignatius High School
In 1886, Bishop Richard Gilmour (1824-1891) of the Roman Catholic diocese of Cleveland requested that the Jesuit superior of Buffalo establish a high school on Cleveland’s west side. The Jesuits, an order of the Roman Catholic Church founded by . . . — Map (db m136938) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 76-18 — Sarah Benedict House
The Sarah Benedict House is a rare survivor of the once fashionable Upper Prospect neighborhood that included "Millionaires Row" on adjacent Euclid Avenue. Sarah Rathbone Benedict had this Queen Anne-inspired house built in 1883, when she was 68, . . . — Map (db m11821) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Shaker Gate PostPeriod 1830
This is one of several stone gate posts which stood before the buildings of the Middle Family of Shakers near what is now Shaker Boulevard and Lee Road. The post was found under an old cherry tree at that site. Placed in Shaker Square October 22, . . . — Map (db m17818) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Shaker Gristmill Site
In 1844 the Shakers of North Union, Ohio, built a five-story gristmill on the north side of the Doan Brook Ravine adjacent to this marker. Water from the dam at the west end of the Lower Shaker Lake powered the mill. For many years it served the . . . — Map (db m11826) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Shaker Mill StonePeriod 1837
Found at the site of the Shaker saw mill foundations on Coventry Road adjacent to Shaker Lake. The saw mill, destroyed by fire, was converted to grain milling in 1886 using this stone from the original Shaker grist mill. Placed in Shaker Square . . . — Map (db m11848) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Shaker Square
Shaker Square, the nation's second oldest planned shopping center was originally developed by the Van Sweringen brothers and opened for business in October, 1929. Currently owned and operated by Shaker Square Ltd., this center was patterned after . . . — Map (db m17822) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Site of the Home of the Poet Harold Hart Crane1899 - 1932
[The marker is primarily pictorial in nature, with an image of the house Crane lived in carved into the stone] 1709 E. 115 St., Cleveland, O — Map (db m11845) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — St. John’s Episcopal ChurchThe Underground Railroad
Side A

Called “Station Hope” by many freedom seekers on the Underground Railroad, St. John’s was one of their final stops. Though aiding freedom seekers was a crime and often could not be described in public documents, Sheila . . . — Map (db m140134) HM

Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 131-18 — Terry v. Ohio
This nation’s landmark case on the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures began in Cuyahoga County. In 1967, for the first time in history, African-Americans both argued and heard a case at the . . . — Map (db m137036) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 1-18 — The ArcadeAn Historic Landmark in Architecture — Built 1890 —
Designed by John M. Eisemann and George H. Smith as a big city mercantile center. The five-story galleries connect the ten story towers facing the city's two main thoroughfares. Of unique architectural design and of daring construction, its exterior . . . — Map (db m17857) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 72-18 — The Burnham MallThe Group Plan of 1903
In August 1903, architects Daniel H. Burnham, John M. Carrére, and Arnold W. Brunner presented Mayor Tom L. Johnson and the City of Cleveland a plan that epitomized the City Beautiful Movement in America. The Group Plan envisioned a grand landscaped . . . — Map (db m17954) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 87-18 — The Cozad-Bates House / Anti-Slavery and Abolition
The Cozad-Bates House is one of the oldest remaining structures in Cleveland's University Circle. The original section, built circa 1853, is the only pre-Civil War residential structure left in the neighborhood. Built by Samuel and Jane Cozad's son, . . . — Map (db m11850) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — The History of Hough (1799-1979)
Oliver and Eliza Hough settled in the area now known as Hough in 1799. Upon their death in 1866, the land was rendered to the residents of the community has has been heretofore known as the Hough area. Unknowingly to the Hough's that spirit of . . . — Map (db m18043) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 79-18 — The Ohio AFL-CIO
Following the national merger of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in 1955, more than 2,000 labor delegates representing one million union members convened at the Cleveland Public Auditorium . . . — Map (db m17953) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 66-18 — The Old Stone Church
Religious worship began on this site in 1820 as a Plan of the Union Sunday School with ministers recruited by the Connecticut Home Missionary Society. Its first stone church, officially known as the First Presbyterian Church of Cleveland, was built . . . — Map (db m17864) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 114-18 — The Templin-Bradley CompanyPenny Packet Seeds
In 1907, the Templin-Bradley Company’s Children’s Flower Mission was developed in response to the Cleveland Public Schools Horticulture Program, supplying seed packets for 1 cent each — commonly referred to as Penny Packet Seeds. This . . . — Map (db m136909) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 71-18 — The West Park African American Community
The West Park African American community began in 1809 with the first black settler and one of the earliest residents of the area, inventor and farmer George Peake. With the growth of the railroad industry, African Americans were encouraged to . . . — Map (db m136899) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — The Yellow House
Built 1876 By the Lemuel S. Hart family Original site 757 Ansel Avenue donated by The Banks-Baldwin Law Publishing Co. Oldest legal publisher in America, founded 1804 Firm headquarters 1943-1995 Moved to current Learning Garden . . . — Map (db m17979) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 70-18 — Union and League of Romanian Societies / United Romanian Societies Carpatina of Cleveland
Union and League of Romanian Societies The Union and League of Romanian Societies, Incorporated was formed in 1928 from a unification of two separate fraternal organizations, the Union and the League. The Union, founded on July 4, 1906, was . . . — Map (db m18100) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 19-18 — University Circle
Named for the streetcar turnaround once located at Euclid Avenue and East 107th Street, University Circle is a 600-acre district that is home to many of Cleveland's major cultural, educational, medical, and service institutions. The area was first . . . — Map (db m18158) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 4-18 — University HallThe Samuel Mather Mansion
The 43-room Tudor mansion represents a fine example of stately homes in Cleveland at the turn of the century and is the last of the "Millionaire Row" homes that once lined Euclid Avenue. It was designed by Charles F. Schweinfurth, a world-renowned . . . — Map (db m140150) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Unknown Early Settlers
Originally buried in Cleveland's first cemetery whose remains now rest in this lot. Public reburial October 12, 1939 by Western Reserve Early Settlers Association. — Map (db m17899) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Upbeat
From 1964 to 1971, the WEWS studios were home to Upbeat, one of America's premier music television shows. From the first TV appearance of Simon & Garfunkel , to the last by Otis Redding, virtually every major rock, soul, jazz, country and pop . . . — Map (db m17898) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — Welcome to Monroe Street CemeteryEstablished 1841
The grand Gothic Revival gateway arch that frames the entrance was constructed in 1874. The arch is virtually identical to the one constructed at the Erie Street Cemetery. These gateways were designed by the architect Joseph Ireland . . . — Map (db m136936) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 89-18 — Woodland Cemetery
[side A] Howard Daniels, who lived from 1815-1863, was a noted architect and landscape gardener. Over the course of his life, he designed six Ohio and New York cemeteries, including Woodland that began in 1852 when he laid out 20 of its 60 . . . — Map (db m21002) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland Heights — The Arthur G. McKee HouseBuilt 1920
Designed by Boston architect Charles Greco, this Colonial Revival-style house was commissioned by Mr. McKee after no suitable lots could be obtained on Cleveland's famed Millionaires' Row. Mr. McKee gained international fame and personal wealth by . . . — Map (db m17917) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Euclid — 124-18 — Euclid v. Ambler Realty Site
By 1922, the Ambler Realty Company of Cleveland owned this site along with 68 acres of land between Euclid Avenue and the Nickel Plate rail line. Upon learning of the company’s plans for industrial development, the Euclid Village Council enacted . . . — Map (db m134117) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Fairview Park — 24-18 — Bain Park Cabin
Envisioned by Fairview Village Mayor, David R. Bain, this community center was originally completed in 1937 as a project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a Depression-era work relief program initiated by the Federal Government in 1935. A . . . — Map (db m11549) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Fairview Park — Rockport Cemetery of Pioneer DaysNow Fairview Park Cemetery
[Main Marker]: Here rest early settlers of this area of old Rockport Township, soldiers of the American Revolution and of four succeeding wars. Dates of first burials have been lost to memory in their antiquity. [Top of two nearby . . . — Map (db m11548) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Gates Mill — 25-18 — The Mills of Gates Mill
The village of Gates Mills derives its name from its founder, Holsey Gates, and from the importance of mills in the agricultural community. In 1826, the year of Gates Mills’ founding, a sawmill was constructed to increase the lumber supply and . . . — Map (db m137134) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Glenwillow — 36-18 — The Village of Glenwillow
The Village of Glenwillow was developed and has survived over the last century as a rural enclave whose character has been shaped by the Austin Powder Company. Glenwillow began as a company town of the Austin Powder Company, which relocated its . . . — Map (db m134523) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Independence — "Veterans Plaza"City of Independence — Dedicated May 27 1996 —

Army ☆ Navy ☆ Air Force ☆ Marine Corps Coast Guard ☆ Merchant Marines ☆ All Reserve Forces

This plaza is dedicated to the sons and daughters of the City of Independence who have fought to . . . — Map (db m137936) WM

Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Independence — Industrial Cleveland

By the late 1800s, Cleveland became part of the industrial revolution. Petroleum refining, steel making, chemical processing, and machine-tool production made the city a thriving economic center, as did its location in a national . . . — Map (db m137915) HM

Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Independence — Mule PowerTowing Canal Boats
Hi, I’m Blossom. During the canal days.mules like me walked the towpath, pulling heavy boats behind us. We were strong engines, able to haul 60 tons or more of freight. Mules worked in teams of two or three. Cargo boats had a middle cabin to . . . — Map (db m140592) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Independence — Old Stone Church of Independence Sesquicentennial

A Community of Faith


Celebration of

the past, the present, the future ———————————— Independence Presbyterian Church

Founded 1837 . . . — Map (db m137917) HM

Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Independence — Ride the Rails

The first steam engine chugged its way down the new Valley Railway in 1880, beginning an era of progress for the Cuyahoga Valley. Regional industrial growth boosted demand for coal and other raw materials. The railway connected mineral . . . — Map (db m137913) HM

Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Independence — Route to the Coalfields

"Recent investigations have developed a wealth of coal...deposits, which will find an outlet to market over the Valley Railway...." So declared the founders of the Valley Railway Company in an 1874 prospectus. While this railroad . . . — Map (db m137914) HM

Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Independence — The Quarry Era

From 1840 to 1900 quality sandstone & grinding wheels were quarried here & shipped throughout the States via the Ohio Canal.

Now only abandoned quarries remain. The Historic Society & Kiwanis Club of Independence joined in 1980 to . . . — Map (db m137919) HM

Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Jaite — Jaite - More Than a Company Town
...the biggest thing I remember...was the houses. All in a row and all the same color. And I remember that was strange to me...I understood it was good business to provide places for your employees because after all it was rural. Hazel . . . — Map (db m44931) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Lakewood — 128-18 — Alexander Winton Homestead
On this site, Alexander Winton (1860-1932), an American automobile pioneer, built and lived in a lakefront estate named Roseneath. Winton was born in Scotland and immigrated to the United States as a young man, settling in Cleveland. In the early . . . — Map (db m136894) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Lakewood — 120-18 — Dr. Jared Potter Kirtland
Dr. Jared Potter Kirtland was a prominent nineteenth century professor, physician, naturalist, and horticulturalist. In 1837, Kirtland purchased land in Rockport Township that stretched from Madison Avenue to Lake Erie. Kirtland used that land as a . . . — Map (db m136827) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Lakewood — 102-18 — Lakewood Park
The changing use of this land, now Lakewood Park, reflects the development of Lakewood, Ohio from a small agricultural community to a thriving modern suburb. Early settler John Honam''s property stretched north from Detroit Avenue to Lake Erie, . . . — Map (db m136862) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Lakewood — Nicholson Homestead1835
Lakewood's oldest frame house. Lakewood Historical Society Courtesy of the Junior Board & the Fieg Sewering Co. — Map (db m18042) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Lakewood — Oldest Stone House
This house of native sandstone was built circa 1838 by John Honam A Scottish Weaver This tablet placed by Lakewood Chapter, D.A.R. 1949 — Map (db m17918) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Lakewood — 106-18 — The National Carbon Company / GrafTech International
On April 29, 1879, using arc carbons from the forerunner of The National Carbon Company, the City of Cleveland was illuminated by the world’s first practical electric street lamp. The National Carbon Company was established in Cleveland, Ohio in . . . — Map (db m136896) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Middleburg Heights — 6-18 — Old District 10 Schoolhouse1912
This Little Red Schoolhouse served children from Berea, Brookpark, and Middleburg township. The first mayor and council of Middleburg Heights were elected here. During its colorful history, the schoolhouse has been a City Hall where town meetings . . . — Map (db m5548) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Middleburg Heights — 99-18 — Woodvale Union Cemetery
Woodvale Cemetery was established in the mid-1800s in Middleburgh Township, Ohio. The oldest marked grave holds Fred G. Klink (1833–1858), whose family donated a half acre of land for burials. In 1786, Frank M. Stearns (1832-1911) suggested . . . — Map (db m134157) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Moreland Hills — 15-18 — Birthplace of James A. Garfield
James Abram Garfield, 20th President of the United States, was born here in 1831. His father died when he was two, but the family remained on the farm where James helped when he was not attending school. He continued to live here through his years . . . — Map (db m118214) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Moreland Hills — 21-18 — Hiram House
Hiram House was Ohio’s first settlement house and among the earliest in the nation, opening in October 1896 in Cleveland’s Whiskey Island neighborhood. Representing the ideals of a late-1800s urban progressive movement, settlement houses . . . — Map (db m137139) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 8-18 — Butternut Ridge Cemetery 1835
Isaac Scales (1786-1821) settled on this site. At his death, he was buried in his back yard. A large rock marked his grave. The land was reclaimed by Charles Olmsted who deeded it to the Township in 1835 for a public burial ground. Early settlers . . . — Map (db m11546) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 10-18 — Coe Ridge
In 1823, Asher and Abigail Coe migrated from Connecticut and settled here. By mid-century the Coe family operated the second largest dairy farm in Ohio. Their home was used as a post office in 1843. The Universalist Church, built in 1847 at . . . — Map (db m43341) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 94-18 — First Universalist Church
The Universalist religious movement spread across Ohio as the state was settled in the 1800s. Universalists proclaimed a loving God and universal salvation. Believers were sometimes scorned as “no-Hell-ers.” Olmsted’s First Universalist . . . — Map (db m134225) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 98-18 — Frostville Post Office / Frostville Museum
From 1829 to 1842, the northern region of Olmsted Township was called Frostville. It was named by Elias C. Frost, who operated a post office in his farmhouse located at what became the intersection of Kennedy Ridge and Columbia Roads in North . . . — Map (db m136817) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 88-18 — Joseph Peake's Farmca. 1840-1863
Side A: Joseph Peake was born in Pennsylvania in 1792 and came to Ohio in 1809 with his parents and brother. They were the first African Americans to settle permanently in the Cleveland area. He was the son of George Peake, a runaway slave from . . . — Map (db m43348) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 9-18 — North OlmstedFirst Settlement and Schoolhouse
David Stearns, the first permanent settler, built a log cabin near this site on the "Ridge" (Lorain Road) in 1816. Stearns was given this land by his father, Elijah, who had bought 1,002 acres from the Olmsted family. This area of North Olmsted was . . . — Map (db m43342) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — North Olmsted Veterans PlazaHonoring All Who Served
Dedicated to the courageous men and women who have served our great nation World War I • World War II World War II Honor Roll In loving memory of our boys who made the supreme sacrifice Curtis Black • Frank Dewey Almo W. . . . — Map (db m44854) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 14-18 — Parker RanchAdele Von Ohl Parker
Adele Von Ohl Parker was a daredevil stunt rider once starring in Buffalo Bill's shows. Stranded during the Depression, she started a riding school; her flamboyance captivated her young riders. The 34-building ranch was the scene of many rodeos and . . . — Map (db m11547) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 85-18 — Springvale Ballroom
Side A: Springvale Ballroom is located on part of the one hundred and forty acre tract that English immigrant John Biddulph bought in 1840. Fred Biddulph, John Biddulph's grandson, was born near this site in 1887. Fred and his wife, Clara, . . . — Map (db m43345) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Olmsted — 12-18 — The Oxcart Library
In 1829 the citizens of Lenox voted to change the township name to Olmsted as their part of a bargain to acquire 500 books owned by the heirs of Aaron Olmsted. Believed to be the first publicly-owned library in the Western Reserve, the books . . . — Map (db m43344) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Royalton — Hampson Post No. 499 G.A.R. Civil War MemorialVeterans Memorial
In memory of The Unknown Dead Dedicated to Veterans who served lived, died for their country — Map (db m49269) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), North Royalton — 95-18 — John Shepherd - An American HeroMarch 16, 1729 - January 3, 1847 — With Washington All the Way —
Side A: John Shepherd is believed to be the longest lived veteran of the American Revolution. He died at the age of 117 years, 9 months, and 18 days. He entered military service the first time during the French and Indian War (1754-1763). The . . . — Map (db m43387) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Olmsted Falls — 101-18 — Chestnut Grove Cemetery
The northward course of the west branch of Rocky River forms a boundary for this cemetery, which lies above the river valley. Old trees convey stateliness and solemnity to these seven acres, often called “Turkey Foot” because . . . — Map (db m134196) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Olmsted Falls — 96-18 — Olmsted Falls L.S. & M.S. Depot
The Lakeshore and Michigan Southern Railroad built the Olmsted Falls Depot in 1876 as a part of major improvements made along the line between Cleveland and Toledo. The depot replaced a smaller flag stop station in Olmsted Falls at the Columbia . . . — Map (db m134198) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Olmsted Falls — 123-18 — Olmsted Falls, A Historic Community
In 1795, the Connecticut Land Company auctioned twenty-five square miles of land known as Plum Creek Township. Aaron Olmsted, a sea captain, purchased almost half of the property. Although Olmsted died before ever seeing his land, in . . . — Map (db m134220) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Olmsted Falls — 126-18 — Olmsted’s Origins / Olmsted Township
Olmsted’s Origins. The community of Olmsted commemorated its bicentennial in 2014. In 1795, the Connecticut Land Company auctioned a tract of land called Township 6, Range 15. Almost half the northern side was purchased by Aaron Olmsted, . . . — Map (db m134224) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Parma — 30-18 — Crile Hospital
Crile General Hospital, named for renowned Cleveland surgeon, Dr. George W. Crile, was dedicated at this site on April 21, 1944. Dr. Crile, founder of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, was a brigadier general in the U.S. Army. The $4.5 million . . . — Map (db m23924) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Parma — 69-18 — German Central Organization
Founded in 1924 and incorporated in 1925, the German Central Organization was established to serve all people of German descent and was the central meeting place for immigrants of various ethnic groups following both world wars. During the difficult . . . — Map (db m24264) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Parma — 22-18 — The Stearns Homestead
[Marker Front]: This 48-acre farm is the last remnant of an agricultural way of life that characterized Parma Township well into the 20th century. The farmhouse, built circa 1855 by Western Reserve settler Lyman Stearns, is representative . . . — Map (db m23925) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Parma Heights — 49-18 — First Brick Rural Road in United StatesOlde York Road
Side A: In the late nineteenth century, a movement to improve inadequate plank and dirt roads was brought on by the popularity of bicycling, the introduction of the automobile, and the need to improve travel to and from rural areas. Ohio, . . . — Map (db m23722) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Pepper Lake — Saint Angela Merici
Leader in the education of women. — Map (db m137100) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Pepper Lake — 62-18 — Ursuline College1871
The first women’s college chartered in the state of Ohio, Ursuline College opened in 1871 in downtown Cleveland as part of the educational mission of the Order of St. Ursula (O.S.U.). Founded in Italy in 1535 with an early presence in North America, . . . — Map (db m137093) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Richmond Heights — 136-1 — Greenwood Farm
Greenwood Farm straddles the East Branch of Euclid Creek where a waterfall and gorge expose outcroppings of Euclid bluestone. George and Maude Maynard Phypers acquired the property in 1908. Four generations of the Phypers family lived here until the . . . — Map (db m140148) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Rocky River — 125-18 — Cowan Pottery
With work inspired by mythology. literature, religion, and nature, Cowan Pottery played a significant role in the formative years of American ceramic art and established a national following with products sold in fine department stores. The . . . — Map (db m134312) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Rocky River — Detroit Avenue Bridge
The fourth bridge to span the Rocky River was opened from Rocky River to Lakewood in 1910. Its outstanding features were its twin unreinforced concrete arches of 280 feet, a world record at the time. It was the first long concrete arch bridge to be . . . — Map (db m18041) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Rocky River — Site of Colonel John Bradstreet's DisasterOctober 19, 1764
The Treaty of Paris, 1763, did not prevent Indians, led by Pontiac, from destroying forts along Lake Erie, such as Sandusky and Presque Isle. The English sent Colonel John Bradstreet to Detroit to "Awe" Pontiac. He led the largest force ever to . . . — Map (db m78467) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — East FamilyNorth Union Society of Shakers — December 3, 1837 - September 23, 1872 —
This site marks the location of the main dwelling of the East or Gathering Family established for the expressed purpose of gathering souls "out of the world". Here the new converts were "proved awhile" until they convinced the elders and eldresses . . . — Map (db m10422) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — 67-18 — Horseshoe Lake
In 1822, Ralph Russell, a Connecticut pioneer who had settled in Warrensville Township ten years earlier, founded the North Union Shaker Community. The Shakers created Horseshoe Lake in 1852 when they built a dam across Doan Brook and harnessed its . . . — Map (db m10423) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — Jacob Russell
Revolutionary Soldier Jacob Russell Born 1746 Windsor, Conn. - Died 1821 Warrensville, Ohio Enlisted May 12. Discharged October 11, 1775. 8th Company, Connecticut Continental Regiment, 1775. In 1812 he settled in the Township of . . . — Map (db m10425) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — Shaker Gate PostsPeriod 1830
These two original gate posts mark the entrance to a field once used by the Middle Family of Shakers, who resided in this vicinity. This tablet erected September 21, 1948, commemorating the 126th anniversary of the North Union Society of Shakers. . . . — Map (db m17824) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — Site of Center FamilyNorth Union Society of Shakers
. . . — Map (db m9676) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — 134-18 — The Shaker Parklands / The Nature Center at Shaker Lake
Around 1895 a park system was created connecting the corridor of Doan Brook from Shaker Lakes to Gordon Park on Lake Erie. In 1915, the Shaker Heights Land Company and Van Sweringen Company deeded property to the City of Cleveland for the park. In . . . — Map (db m137053) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — This Tablet Marks the Final Resting Place of the Shakers of the North Union Society
This tablet marks the final resting place of the Shakers of the North Union Society. Their remains were moved from the Shaker burial ground on South Park Boulevard to this cemetery in 1909. "Do all your work as though you had a thousand years to . . . — Map (db m18034) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — Van Sweringen Demonstration House
City of Shaker Heights Landmark Van Sweringen Demonstration House 1924 Shaker Heights Landmark Commission 1983 — Map (db m17851) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — Van Sweringen Demonstration House
City of Shaker Heights Landmark Van Sweringen Demonstration House 1924 Shaker Heights Landmark Commission 1983 — Map (db m17853) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — Van Sweringen Demonstration House
City of Shaker Heights Landmark Van Sweringen Demonstration House 1924 Shaker Heights Landmark Commission 1983 — Map (db m17854) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — Van Sweringen Demonstration House
City of Shaker Heights Landmark Van Sweringen Demonstration House 1924 Shaker Heights Landmark Commission 1983 — Map (db m17855) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Shaker Heights — Warrensville West CemeteryFirst Burial 1811
Final resting place of Pioneer Families Manx Settlers Veterans of Five Wars North Union Shakers Erected by the Shaker Historical Society May 30, 1959 — Map (db m18035) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Solon — 107-18 — Solon Town CenterDisciples of Christ Church 1845-1951
In 1845. the Disciples of Christ built the first of three churches to occupy this site. They built a second. larger structure, to replace the original in 1858. On August 6th. 1860. 29 year-old circuit minister Brother James A. Garfield. the future . . . — Map (db m103474) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), South Euclid — 52-18 — William E. Telling / William E. Telling Mansion
William E. Telling (1869–1938) was one of ten children born in a farmhouse on this property. As a boy he sold strawberries and milk door-to -door and worked in a local sand stone quarry until at age 23 he purchased a milk route. He and . . . — Map (db m137091) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Strongsville — 48-18 — Pomeroy House
The Pomeroy House, built from 1847 to 1848, was the home of Alanson Pomeroy and his wife, Kezia. They continued the tradition, known as "Pomeroy Hospitality," that began when Alanson's parents established a tavern in Strongsville. Prominent in the . . . — Map (db m43386) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Strongsville — Town Hall and School Building
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Town Hall & School Building 1879 New Town Hall & School Building Dedicated December 31, 1879 . . . — Map (db m44856) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), University Heights — 104-18 — John Carroll UniversityFounded in 1886
John Carroll University opened its doors as Saint Ignatius College on September 6, 1888. Originally located on Cleveland’s West Side, the College was founded at the request of Bishop Richard Gilmour by German members of the Society of Jesus (the . . . — Map (db m137063) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Valley View — Late Prehistoric PeriodWhittlesley Villagers
Beginning around 1000, American Indians in northeastern Ohio developed a distinct culture known archeologically as the Whittlesley Tradition. They started building walls around their small villages. (See illustration below.) Their pottery . . . — Map (db m140125) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Valley View — Lock 38Boat Elevator
Lock 38 is one of the few restored, working locks along the historic Ohio & Erie Canal. Locks are like elevators – they raise and lower boats between levels. State engineers designed 44 locks to deal with a 395 foot rise in elevation from . . . — Map (db m140161) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Valley View — 80-18 — South Park Village and the Whittlesley Tradition
Directly across the Cuyahoga River from this spot is the South Park Village. Here, archeologists uncovered the remains of a four-acre, Native American settlement populated by people of the Whittlesey Tradition. The people of South Park lived in . . . — Map (db m140124) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Valley View — Valley View Veterans Honor RollGold Star Honor Roll
Valley View Veterans Honor Roll Valley View Village World War I Clyde L. Hogue – Rudolph Zimmerman World War II - Korea – Viet Nam – All Others (314 additional names) Gold Star Honor Roll With Gratitude . . . — Map (db m140264) WM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Valley View — Valley View Village Town Hall
Valley View Village Town Hall erected as an eight grade school in 1907, A.E. Smith, Principal. Became Village Hall in 1941, since used for municipal purpose. Incorporated 1919, Burt C. Allen, Mayor

Valley View-Cuyahoga Valley Historical . . . — Map (db m140166) HM

Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Westlake — 118-18 — Astronaut Robert Franklyn Overmyer
Marine Colonel Robert F. Overmyer was born July 14, 1936 in Lorain, but always considered Westlake, where his family had lived since 1941, to be his hometown. He graduated from Westlake High School in 1954. After earning a bachelor’s degree in . . . — Map (db m134308) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Westlake — 113-18 — Clague Family Homestead
The Clague House and barn serve the community as a museum, history library, and a community theater. It is also a reminder of the area’s agrarian past and is a memorial to the philanthropic generosity of the Clagues. Robert Clague first came to . . . — Map (db m134303) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Westlake — 5-18 — Jack Miner
Jack Miner, noted conservationist and naturalist, was born at this site on April 10, 1865. Miner, who moved to Ontario, Canada, in 1878, achieved worldwide recognition for his pioneering studies of waterfowl migration. His work with migrating birds . . . — Map (db m11545) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Westlake — 103-18 — Leverett Johnson / Evergreen CemeteryWestlake’s First Settler /                                                        
Leverett Johnson. Born in Connecticut in 1794, Leverett Johnson came to Dover Township with his brother-in-law and sister Asahel and Rebecca Johnson Porter on October 10, 1810. In 1811 at the age of 16, he began clearing land in what is now . . . — Map (db m134230) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Westlake — 83-18 — The Weston House / Sandstone Houses
The Weston House This rare sandstone house was built for Austin (c. 1788-1848) and Roxanna (Sears) Lilly (c. 1793-1868). They came to Dover Township (now Westlake) in 1832 from Ashfield, Massachusetts, an area from which many Dover settlers . . . — Map (db m11543) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Westlake — 31-18 — Theodore Elijah Burton / Dover Farm1851–1929        /
Born in Jefferson, Ohio, Theodore E. Burton graduated from Oberlin College and became a prominent Cleveland attorney. He was elected to Congress in 1888 and served from 1889-91, 1895-1909, and 1921-28. He was elected U.S. Senator in 1908 and . . . — Map (db m134265) HM

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