“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Dickson County Tennessee Historical Markers

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By Don Morfe, July 25, 2013
Civil War In Charlotte Marker
Tennessee (Dickson County), Charlotte — Civil War In Charlotte"Marauding gangs of Freebooters"
In 1860, 300 people lived in Charlotte, the Dickson County seat. During the war, the residents witnessed considerable military activity, beginning February 17, 1862, when Confederate Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest, arrived here to reequip his men and . . . — Map (db m68958) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Charlotte — Fighting for FreedomPromise Land Civil War Heroes
The Emancipation Proclamation, issued January 1, 1863, authorized the recruiting of African Americans as United States soldiers. It inspired men, like brothers John and Arch Nesbitt, to join the U.S. Colored Troops and fight for their freedom. John . . . — Map (db m81504) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Charlotte — Harpeth ShoalsHazardous Navigation
After the fall of Fort Donelson in February 1862, Federal forces gained control of Nashville and transported most of their supplies to the city via the Cumberland River. Extending for five miles along the river here, the Harpeth Shoals made . . . — Map (db m68962) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Charlotte — 3E 17 — Promise Land
In this locality shortly after the Civil War, freed slaves established Promise Land, the first African-American community of Dickson County. Early settlers were Nathan Bowen, Washington Vanleer, and two brothers, John and Arch Nesbitt. In time, the . . . — Map (db m68961) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Charlotte — To All Who ServedDeo Vindice
In memory of the Confederate Soldiers of Dickson County, TN. 11th Tennessee Infantry, Co. C. E. H. K 49th Tennessee Infantry, Co. B, D 50th Tennessee Infantry, Co. A 10th Tennessee Cavalry 24th Tennessee Sharpshooters Baxter’s . . . — Map (db m81508) WM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — 1950 Korean Conflict 1955/1964 Vietnam Era 1975
War Memorial Building Korean & Vietnam Dedicated to the memory of the men of Dickson County Tennessee Who gave their lives that freedom might live 1950 Korean Conflict 1955

Bennie E. Bellar Mack Cavender Jesse R. Cooksey . . . — Map (db m125869) WM

Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — Camp GillemGillem Station
In 1864, just to your left, the Federal army established Camp Gillem to protect the locomotive yard here at Gillem Station. Both were named for Gen. Alvan C. Gillem, commander of the troops guarding and constructing the Nashville and Northwestern . . . — Map (db m68922) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — Civil War RailroadMile Post 42 / Smeedsville Station — Dickson Station —
Continued attacks by Confederate guerrillas destroying Union supply ships on the Cumberland River at Yellow Creek and Harpeth Shoals, as they attempted to supply Nashville, necessitated General U.S. Grant to authorize the construction of a safe . . . — Map (db m81510) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — Cowan Lumber CompanyDickson Planing Mill Company — A.H.Leathers Manufacturing Company —
It is believed that this steam engine began its life of use in Dickson County here on this property by The Cowan Lumber Company. The company was established in June of 1923 and built many residential and commercial buildings (Dickson’s War Memorial . . . — Map (db m124550)
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — Dickson, Tennessee,100 Years 1899-1999
1899-Town grants railroad permission to build overpass/underground on Charlotte Street, the western edge of the city limits. 1900-Ordinance passed requiring all business to have board sidewalks * Population is 1363 residents 1901-Citizens vote . . . — Map (db m124558) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — First National BankNational Register of Historical Places
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m68930) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — 3E 13 — Frank Goad Clement
Born on this site, June 1920, Clement spent his childhood in Dickson. Famous as an orator, he was three times elected Governor of Tennessee, for a two-year term in 1952 and for four-year terms in 1954 and 1962. Among the programs inaugurated during . . . — Map (db m68933) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — Irish ShantyOnly Boiling Eggs
On July 2, 1863, as Federal forces conducted a campaign to rid the Yellow Creek valley of Confederate guerrillas, a forward detachment of the 8th Kentucky Cavalry (US) rode up to a grocery store and tavern located about two miles to the west. The . . . — Map (db m68923) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — Mile Post 42The U.S. Military Railroad
The railroad in front of you was part of a vital transportation network for the Federal army during the Civil War. W.H.Crutcher had purchased 533 acres and constructed a sixteen-by-sixteen foot log structure here in December 1860. After occupying . . . — Map (db m68931) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — 3E-18 — War Memorial Building
In 1929, the Tennessee State Legislature authorized a memorial building to honor sons and daughters of Dickson County who served in World War I and other wars. A Colonial Revival style structure designed by architect E. H. Woolwine and built by . . . — Map (db m124552) HM WM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — World War I 1917-1919
This Tablet is erected in appreciation of the patriotism valor and fidelity of the boys of Dickson County who served their county in the World War 1917-1919 And To the sacred memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice and laid down their . . . — Map (db m124564) WM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Dickson — World War II 1940-1946
1940-1946 Sacred to the Memory of the Men of Dickson County, Tennessee who died that Freedom might live

Adams, Carl Adcock, Curtis Ashworth, Fred W. Baker, William N. Bellar, Robert Black, James L. Bone, Thomas Bradford, . . . — Map (db m124566) WM

Tennessee (Dickson County), White Bluff — 3 E8 — Birth of a Church
1.1 miles southwest is a restoration of the log cabin in which Finis Ewing, Samuel King and Samuel McAdow organized the Cumberland Presbyterian Church on Feb 4, 1810. The congregation was made up of secedent members of the Presbyterian Church and . . . — Map (db m143836) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), White Bluff — McNairy’s AttackRaiding the Supply Trains
In May 1864, the Nashville and Northwestern Military Railroad was completed. The Federal high command hoped that the new line, running from the Tennessee River to Nashville, would provide safer and more effective transportation than either the . . . — Map (db m143835) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), White Bluffs — The Civil War in White BluffsBuilding the Railroad
In 1862, the extension of the Nashville and Northwestern Railroad through White Bluffs to the Tennessee River brought not only growth to the area, but also chaos. Union forces stationed near here were responsible for constructing a depot, railroad . . . — Map (db m143833) HM

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