“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Grand County Utah Historical Markers

Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracksite Marker image, Touch for more information
By Craig Baker, April 10, 2019
Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracksite Marker
Utah (Grand County), Crescent Junction — Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracksite
The Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracksite preserves the peculiar tracks of a long-necked herbivorous dinosaur (sauropod), along with two different sizes of meat-eating dinosaur (theropod) tracks. This site stands out for being the first place in Utah . . . — Map (db m134105) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Balanced Rock
The forces of erosion are sculpting more than just arches. Balanced Rock clearly shows the various layers responsible for this amazing defiance of gravity. The caprock of the hard Slick Rock Member of the Entrada Sandstone is perched upon a . . . — Map (db m52002) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Dalton Wells
Civilian Conservation Corps Camp DG-32 (Co. 234) 1935-1942 During the Great Depression of the 1930s, CCC Camps were scattered all over the USA. They provided gainful employment to youth of the nation with work on public service . . . — Map (db m131990) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Double ArchArches National Park
The third largest arch in the park, Double Arch's larger span is 144 feet wide by 112 feet high (44 by 34 meters). The smaller opening is 67 feet wide by 86 feet high (20 by 26 meters). For a closer look at Double Arch, walk this easy trail . . . — Map (db m131861) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — 181 — Early L.D.S. Church
One room of this building, formerly the L.D.S. Church, was erected in 1888. Two years later a second room was added. The bishop was Randolph Stewart; building committee: O.W. Warner, who donated the land, Henry Holyoak, and O.D. Allen; supervisors . . . — Map (db m95092) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — 65 — Elk Mountain Mission
In April 1855, forty one men under the leadership of Alfred N. Billings were called to establish a mission in the Elk Mountains. They left Salt Lake City May 7, 1855, arrived at Grand River June 11, and selected the site for a settlement. By July . . . — Map (db m95090) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Grand Old Ranch House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Plaque above: Built 1896 — Map (db m95084) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — John Wesley Powell on the Green RiverWhat Shall We Find?
In May 1869, Major John Wesley Powell set out on a remarkable mission: to explore the uncharted canyons and waters of the Green and Colorado rivers. Powell, a geology professor and one-armed Civil War veteran, began the journey with nine novice . . . — Map (db m127606) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — 373 — Moab L.D.S. ChurchUtah Historic Site
Constructed of adobe in 1889, the Moab L.D.S. Church was built nine years after the establishment of Moab in 1880. Angus Stocks supervised the laying of the foundation and adobes. Within a few years of original construction an addition was made to . . . — Map (db m95093) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Moab Utah UMTRA ProjectBackground and Current Status
Moab Mill The Moab mill was constructed in 1956 by Uranium Reduction Company, which operated the mill until 1962 when the assets were sold to the Atlas Minerals Corporation (Atlas). Uranium concentrate, the milling product, was sold to the . . . — Map (db m95083) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Protecting Wilderness
Wilderness is a word of many meanings. From a place to be feared to a place to be revered, wilderness evokes images of wild animals, jagged mountains, vast prairies or deserts. For some, wilderness offers physical challenges, solitude or a respite . . . — Map (db m95082) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Scott M. Matheson1929-1990
(There are two markers mounted on the kiosk) Dedication In June 1991, the Nature Conservancy dedicated this preserve in honor of one of Utah's leading environmental advocates: Scott M. Matheson. As Utah's governor, Matheson . . . — Map (db m95089) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Star HallUtah Historic Site
Constructed from 1905 to 1906 by local craftsmen, Star Hall is architecturally significant as a fine local example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture and is historically significant for the role it has played in the community over the years as . . . — Map (db m95120) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — The Legend of Dead Horse PointDead Horse Point State Park
You are standing at “the neck,” about to cross out onto the high promontory called “Dead Horse Point.” Before you do though, take a few moments to ponder the horses. What happened here? How did such a beautiful place get such . . . — Map (db m92541) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — The NeckCanyonlands National Park-Island in the Sky District
In front of you the park road crosses a strip of land only 40 feet wide called the Neck. Beyond this point lies an isolated, 43-square mile mesa known as the Island in the Sky. On all sides the Island is bounded by yawning canyons, and cliffs that . . . — Map (db m92540) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — The Old Log Cabin
Log cabins used to be common in Moab. I am the oldest one left. I was built, most likely, by the first bishop of Moab, Randolph Stewart, for his third plural wife, Marietta, about 1881. The Stanley's, a family of four lived here in 1908 after they . . . — Map (db m95091) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — The Origins Of a NameDead Horse Point State Park
You are standing at the point where legends begin. This narrow neck of land is small in size but plays a giant role in the origins of the name Dead Horse Point. For decades, legends and myths about ghostly horses, cruel cowboys, and leaps of fate . . . — Map (db m150038) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Tracks in the Canyon
Human activities have changed the face of Canyonlands. Livestock grazing in the late 19th century altered plant communities. The roads and seismic lines you see below were constructed in the 1950s in a search for uranium and oil. Mining and grazing . . . — Map (db m95081) HM
Utah (Grand County), Moab — Wolfe Ranch
John Wesley Wolfe settled here in the late 1800s with his oldest son Fred. A nagging leg injury from the Civil War prompted John to move west from Ohio, looking for a drier climate. He chose this tract of more than 100 acres along Salt Wash for . . . — Map (db m132029) HM

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