“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Grant County Indiana Historical Markers

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By Duane Hall, March 14, 2013
J.W. Patterson House
Indiana (Grant County), Fairmount — 27.1995.1 — J.W. Patterson House
Built circa 1888. Occupied by civic leaders (Nixon Winslow, Levi Scott, and Joseph Patterson) who made significant contributions to Fairmount's economic, educational, and cultural development. Patterson was community's medical doctor, 1889-1913. . . . — Map (db m63799) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Gas City — 27.1988.1 — West Ward School
This Richardsonian Romanesque style structure, built 1900-1902, reflects the area's prosperity during the natural gas boom. The town of Harrisburg had been renamed Gas City in 1892. — Map (db m63801) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — 27.1947.1 — Battle of Mississinewa
Two miles west. Site of battle fought Dec. 18, 1812, in which British-allied Miami Indians were defeated by U.S. troops and Militia under Col. John Campbell. — Map (db m1497) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — David Branson
In memory of David Branson Early pioneer who, one century ago, in May 1831, donated for a courthouse the last half of this ground upon which this fountain stands — Map (db m44142) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — 27.1992.1 — Former Narrow Gauge RailroadRailroad Construction
Side 1 Tracklayers building narrow gauge railroad connecting Great Lakes at Toledo, Ohio, with Mississippi River reached this point October 1, 1880. In 1887, 2,000 men converted 206 miles of this to standard gauge railroad in 11 . . . — Map (db m1502) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Grant County (Indiana) Veterans Memorial
In Honor of all the men and women who served in the Armed Forces - - - - - - - - Grant County AMVETS Post #5Map (db m44257) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Grant County (Indiana) Vietnam War Memorial
Erected for Grant County Vietnam Veterans (obelisk front) Grant County KIA’s William McKinley Berry • Mark Ryan Black • Ralph W. Blackerby • Rollie Lee Bolden • Emmett Lee Booth • Steve Brandenburg • William F. Clover, Jr. • . . . — Map (db m44557) WM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Korean War Honor Roll - Grant County (Indiana)
(Center Panel) Korean War In loving Memory and Appreciation for the Men & Women of Grant County who served in the Korean Conflict 1950 - - - - 1953 ( Left Panel ) Those who made the Supreme . . . — Map (db m44369) WM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Marion (Indiana) W.W. I Honor Roll
Marion Boys who gave their lives in the World War ( Row One ) Vaugh Beekman • Melvin Bookins • Chester Biggs • Victor Baughman • Fred Button • Ashton Baldwin • Harry Lee Craig • William Cromwell (Col.) • Russel Denton • John . . . — Map (db m44307) WM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Martin Boots
In memory of Martin Boots The first white man to enter land in Marion and the donor of the ground upon which this boulder stands. — Map (db m44195) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — 27.1972.1 — Miami Indian Cemetery
The largest Indian cemetery in Indiana. Few graves are marked. The Indians buried here are largely descendants of Chief Metocinya and include Meshingomesia and his family. The first burial was probably in 1873. Burial was contrary to Indian . . . — Map (db m1503) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Mississinewa Battlefield
On Dec. 17, 1812, Lt. Colonel John B. Campbell with 600 mounted troops arrived at this site under orders to destroy the Miami Indian Villages along the Mississinewa River from here to the present site of Peru. The destruction of the village on . . . — Map (db m1512) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — 27.1966.1 — New Purchase Boundary(Treaty of St. Mary’s)
In October 1818, Purchasing Commissioners Lewis Cass, Benjamin Parke and Governor Jonathan Jennings acquired Indian claims on the land shown on this marker. About one-third of modern Indiana was involved in this transaction. — Map (db m1500) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Persian Gulf Veterans MemorialGrant County (Indiana)
( Front Side ) ( Engrossed ‘Shield’ -and- ‘Seals of U.S. Armed Services’ ) 1990 - - - - 1991 In Honor of the men and women of Grant County who served in the Persian Gulf ( Obverse Side ) ( . . . — Map (db m44260) WM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity
Upper Panel Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity Lower Panel Founded in Marion Ind. June 7, 1902 by Ray L. Neal George B. Nottingham Loftis T. Jones James L. Reed Paul R. Martin Louis Elliott Zach C. . . . — Map (db m44252) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — WW II Grant County (Indiana) Veterans Memorial
(center panel) World War II 1941 - 1945 All Gave Some Some Gave All (left panel) ** The Supreme Sacrifice ** (left column) Edward Leroy Addison • Bruce Adkins • Donald Perry Adkins • George Corwin . . . — Map (db m44410) WM
Indiana (Grant County), Matthews — Covered Bridge
Built at New Cumberland in 1877 by William Parks of Marion at a cost of $722. The 1913 flood floated the bridge a half mile downstream. It was returned to its foundations by rollers and horsepower. New Cumberland was the second community in Grant . . . — Map (db m7479) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Matthews — Cumberland Covered Bridge
The Cumberland Covered Bridge was built in 1877. During the Great Flood of 1913, it was washed downstream. On March 26th 1913, the Mississinewa River floodwaters rose high enough (Fig. 2, 3) to push the Cumberland Covered Bridge from its . . . — Map (db m71494) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Matthews — Lt. Col. Thomas W. (Bill) BolesMemorial Flag Pole
In memory of Lt. Col. Thomas W. (Bill) Boles U.S. Air Force in honor of all veterans — Map (db m141953) WM
Indiana (Grant County), Matthews — Matthews Veterans Memorial
In honor of the citizens of Matthews & community who served in the armed forces of their country They served without thought of self, that the principles of liberty, justice and equality might prevail for all . . . — Map (db m141914) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Matthews — 27.1995.2 — The Village of Trask
Trask, like other pioneer villages, served an important commercial, social, and educational role for early settlers. The post office (1846-1901) marked the start and end of Trask's official existence. As travel improved, such villages disappeared or . . . — Map (db m63802) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Upland — This Covered Bridge
This covered bridge built 1877 – 181 ft. long called Cumberland Bridge for Old Town. The 1913 flood carried the bridge downstream. It was returned on rollers to the old foundation and raised 3 feet. The 1958 flood . . . — Map (db m141813) HM

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