“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Grant County Washington Historical Markers

Marker detail: Dry Falls as it might have looked 13,000 years ago during the last flood image, Touch for more information
Marker detail: Dry Falls as it might have looked 13,000 years ago during the last flood
Washington (Grant County), Coulee City — Dry Falls
Flood waters, perhaps 300 feet above you, once rushed over these cliffs. During the ice age, glaciers to the north blocked the Columbia River and forced it to find a new route. The river, swollen from melting glacial ice, began to carve a new . . . — Map (db m129678) HM
Washington (Grant County), Coulee City — Explore Massive Floodscapes!
Raging Ice Age floodwaters carved spectacular features throughout eastern Washington, creating unique landscapes. Follow the path of the floods and discover more about this amazing story. Gouging Deep Coulees The powerful floods cut . . . — Map (db m129681) HM
Washington (Grant County), Coulee City — Franklin Delano RooseveltPresidential Visit — August 4, 1934 —
Near this site President Roosevelt, accompanied by Mrs. Roosevelt delivered the address dedicating Grand Coulee Dam. Nearly 20,000 people attended the ceremony which was preceded by an inspection of the dam’s construction. — Map (db m99855) HM
Washington (Grant County), Coulee City — In the Path of Cataclysmic Floods
You are standing in the pathway of some of the largest floods ever known. They carved steep-walled canyons, sculpted immense waterfalls, and left behind landscapes found nowhere else on earth. Massive Glacial Dams and Lakes During the last . . . — Map (db m129680) HM
Washington (Grant County), Coulee City — 27 — Story of Dry Falls
These cliffs are skeletal remnants of what was once the world’s largest waterfall. They bear stark witness to the tremendous power of catastrophic floods that swept over Eastern Washington at the end of the last Ice Age. The falls began 20 mi. to . . . — Map (db m129677) HM
Washington (Grant County), Coulee City — Welcome to Grand Coulee Dam
Grand Coulee Dam is the key structure in water utilization for the Columbia River Basin. The dam began operation in 1942 and is one of the world’s largest concrete structures. It is a mile long and contains almost 12 million cubic yards of concrete . . . — Map (db m99853) HM
Washington (Grant County), Coulee City — World's Greatest Waterfall... Without Water!
The sheer cliff in front of you was once the world's greatest waterfall. From here, you see only the western portion of this remarkable Ice Age floods feature. With the end of the last Ice Age, floodwaters no longer swept through Grand Coulee, . . . — Map (db m129679) HM
Washington (Grant County), Coulee Dam — Grand Coulee Dam
Begun in time of adversity it stood in war as a sentinel of strength safeguarding the nation. Forever a monument to those who shared in its conception and its construction in peace it is the key to new American frontiers of opportunity in . . . — Map (db m129615) HM
Washington (Grant County), Electric City — History of the Steamboat Rock Area
Indians, fur traders, military expeditions and settlers traveled where you are now standing. A major Indian trail passed at this location. Alexander Ross passed here in 1841. John Works, Hudson's Bay Company was here in 1825. The famous botanist, . . . — Map (db m129671) HM
Washington (Grant County), Ephrata — Early Days in Ephrata
Ephrata was a summer Indian camp. Hundreds of Indians spent weeks gathering roots at the springs west of here. Ephrata was the gateway between Walla Walla & Okanogan. Indians, military expeditions, and wagons traveled here in 1880. The first . . . — Map (db m129093) HM
Washington (Grant County), Royal City — Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park
Directly across the Columbia River is Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park, covering 6,000 acres. Although the presence of petrified wood had been reported as early as 1898, the first indication of its presence in quantity in this vicinity was . . . — Map (db m92611)
Washington (Grant County), Royal City — The Wanapums
Until recent times the Wanapum Indians inhabited the banks of the Columbia River from Beverly Gap to where it is joined by the Snake River near Pasco about 75 miles south. The Wanapums were a very religious and peaceful people living on fish, . . . — Map (db m92610) HM
Washington (Grant County), Stratford — History of the Stratford Area
Indians camped along Crab Creek in Stratford to gather roots and other food. The main Indian trail came past Stratford across the creek. The Indian trail branched here and one went past Pinto Dam. Lt. Symons came past here while laying out military . . . — Map (db m129096) HM

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