“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Harris County Texas Historical Markers

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Bayland Orphanage, The Bayland Guards and Confederate Naval Works at Goose Creek Markers image, Touch for more information
By Jim Evans
Bayland Orphanage, The Bayland Guards and Confederate Naval Works at Goose Creek Markers
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — 10609 — Bayland Orphanage(Site 1/2 mi. SE)
Established in 1866 by Texas Confederate veterans for children of deceased soldiers. Had capacity for 250. Rev. Henry F. Gillette was first superintendent. C.S.A. Col. Ashbel Smith, diplomat, soldier and statesman, was staff doctor. Trustees . . . — Map (db m53616) HM
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — 10613 — Bell Prairie
Once located southwest of this site was the home of Henry Falvel Gillette (1816-1896). A native of Connecticut, Gillette came to Texas in 1840 at the urging of his cousin, Ashbel Smith. He became a noted educator in Harris, Washington, and Polk . . . — Map (db m53615) HM
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — 13964 — Confederate Naval Works at Goose Creek
In 1854, brothers Thomas and John Chubb bought land in the William Scott League on the east bank of Goose Creek at the mouth of Tabbs Bay. On this site, they established the Chubb Shipyard prior to the Civil War. At the time, Texas shipbuilding was . . . — Map (db m53618) HM
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — Dr. Ashbel Smith
Ashbel Smith was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1805. Recieved his M.D. degree from Yale in 1828, and came to Texas from South Carolina in 1837. He established a plantation called Headquarters on Goose Creek in 1840 and in 1847 purchased property . . . — Map (db m61316) HM
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — Goose Creek Stream
The name Goose Creek was originated by Indians because in ages past it was a gathering place for huge flocks of geese. On map used by the LaSalle expedition (1684-1687) carries the label Goose Creek on this small stream. During the Civil War (1863) . . . — Map (db m53685) HM
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — 10774 — Homesite of William Scott(Point Pleasant)
A native of Virginia, William Scott (1784-1837) was a planter, merchant, and stockraiser in his native state and in Kentucky, where he relocated about 1806. He and his family moved briefly to Louisiana in the early 1820s before coming to Texas with . . . — Map (db m65243) HM
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — 10703 — Humble Oil & Refining Company
Ross S. Sterling entered the oil business in 1909, when he invested in the Humble oil field north of Houston. Two years later he formed the Humble Oil Company with five partners: Walter W. Fondren, Charles B. Goddard, William Stamps Farlish, Robert . . . — Map (db m64396) HM
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — 10710 — K'Nesseth Israel Synagogue
In response to area population growth following the early 20th century Goose Creek oil field boom, twenty incorporating members formed the K'Nesseth Israel congregation in 1928 to serve the area's Jewish residents. They hired Houston architect . . . — Map (db m53608) HM
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — 13677 — Lynchburg Town Ferry
The Lynchburg Town Ferry, founded in 1822 by Nathaniel Lynch, crosses the Houston Ship Channel downstream of the confluence of the San Jacinto River and Buffalo Bayou. In 1829, the authorities at San Felipe de Austin requested that Lynch move his . . . — Map (db m53534) HM
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — 15755 — The Bayland Guards
On April 27, 1861, Dr. Ashbel Smith organized a group of volunteers from Bayland (now Baytown) and Cedar Bayou in Harris County, and Barbers Hill in Chambers County. The group, known as the Bayland Guards, drilled on Smith’s Evergreen Plantation and . . . — Map (db m53617) HM
Texas (Harris County), Baytown — 10806 — Wooster School
Constructed in 1895-96 by Quincy Adams Wooster and Junius Brown, this building originally served as a schoolhouse and community gathering place for the Wooster community. It became a part of the Goose Creek School System in 1919. The structure was . . . — Map (db m50136) HM
Texas (Harris County), Bellaire — 10614 — Bellaire
William Wright Baldwin, president of the South End Land Company, founded Bellaire in 1908 on part of the 9,449-acre ranch once owned by William Marsh Rice, benefactor of Rice Institute (now Rice University). Baldwin surveyed the eastern 1,000 acres . . . — Map (db m63838) HM
Texas (Harris County), Bellaire — 10615 — Bellaire Presbyterian Church
Bellaire residents founded the non-denominational Bellaire Union Congregational Church and Sunday School in 1911. Services and classes were held in the local school building and the town's streetcar terminal known as the “Pavilion.” . . . — Map (db m63828) HM
Texas (Harris County), Bellaire — 10616 — Bellaire Streetcar Line
In 1909 the Westmoreland Railroad Company, directed by Bellaire developer William Wright Baldwin, began construction of a streetcar line between this site and Houston's Main Street (4 mi. E) to improve transportation between Bellaire and Houston. . . . — Map (db m63827) HM
Texas (Harris County), Bellaire — 10788 — Teas Nursery Company
Teas Nursery Company traces its history to 1843, when John C. Teas (1827-1907) began selling apples out of his back yard in Indiana. After moving the business to Missouri in 1868, Teas became a nationally prominent horticulturist. In 1908 his . . . — Map (db m125890) HM
Texas (Harris County), Cypress — 10623 — Matthew Burnett HomesiteTexas Army Camp - April 16, 1836
Matthew Burnett (1795-1842) and his wife, Sarah (Simmons) (1797-1852), came to Texas from Arkansas in 1831 and settled south of here on Cypress Creek. Their home was near the "Harrisburg Road" which stretched 15 miles northwest to a crossroads at . . . — Map (db m50163) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 1,000 Houstonians Join the Navy
On this site on May 30, 1942, 1,000 Houston volunteers took the oath of service in the United States Navy and dedicated their lives to avenging the cruiser USS Houston and her valiant crew lost in the Battle of the Java Sea — Map (db m66151) HM WM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10648 — 1928 Democratic National Convention
Due to the efforts of businessman Jesse H. Jones, the Democratic National Committee chose Houston as the site of the 1928 Democratic National Convention. Located on this site, the 20,000-seat Sam Houston Hall was completed in 64 days at a cost of . . . — Map (db m116847) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Alexander Hodge
Erected in 1908 by Lady Washington Chapter D.A.R. in memory of Alexander Hodge one of Marion's Men Born in Pennsylvania, 1760 Died in Texas, 1836 A hero of two Republics — Map (db m116858) WM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10654 — Amos B. Edson
Arrived in Texas January 28, 1836, having been recruited in New Orleans for the Army of Texas by Captain Amasa Turner in whose company he served at San Jacinto. Died in Houston, 1837. — Map (db m59589) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13313 — Ancient Order of Pilgrims
After the Civil War, African Americans faced difficulties finding insurance or securing loans. In the 1870s, Jamaican immigrant Henry Cohen Hardy came to Houston, where he was an educator. Hardy established the Ancient Order of Pilgrims in 1882 to . . . — Map (db m62302) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10596 — Annunciation Church
In style of great European churches. The work of the Very Rev. Joseph Querat, a canon of Cathedral of Lyons, France, and missionary to Texas 1852-1878. Begun 1867 when Father Querat (with aid of parishioners) bought old Harris County Courthouse to . . . — Map (db m62375) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Annunciation Church
Second Catholic church in Houston; outgrowth of St. Vincent’s parish, established in 1839. Although founding pastor planned edifice (1867-1874) in style worthy of a cathedral, it never gained that status. Standing near business center, this was . . . — Map (db m62376) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 15812 — Anson Jones(January 20, 1798 - January 9, 1858)
Anson Jones was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He earned his M.D. degree in Philadelphia in 1827; by October 1833, Jones had moved to Texas, establishing a successful medical practice in Brazoria. In 1835, he helped organize Holland Lodge . . . — Map (db m122935) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10597 — Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
The emancipation of slaves was heralded by federal officials in Galveston on June 19, 1865. Antioch became Houston's first African American Baptist Church when organized by nine former area slaves in 1866. Their first sanctuary, built nearby in . . . — Map (db m116554) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Apollo Mission Control Center
NASA — Johnson Space Center National Historic Landmark Designated by the United States Dept. of the Interior Apollo Mission Control Center Apollo 11 Lunar Landing – July 20, 1969 ( plaque inside the VIP Observation . . . — Map (db m102413) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 15920 — Archibald Wynns(December 25, 1807 - August 21, 1859)
Archibald Wynns was born in Henry County, Tennessee to Thomas Henry and Winniford (Outlaw) Wynns. Archibald married Martha Elizabeth Edmunds in January 1836, and the couple soon set out for Texas. The Wynns constructed their first home on the corner . . . — Map (db m123010) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 18938 — Astrodome
Judge Roy Hofheinz envisioned the world's first air-conditioned fully enclosed multi-purpose stadium by 1960. Officially named the Harris County Domed Stadium, ground was broken for the home of Major League Baseball's Houston Colt .45s on January 3, . . . — Map (db m119849) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10598 — Auditorium Hotel
The Auditorium Hotel was built in 1926 for Houston investor Michele DeGeorge (1850-1927), who came to the United States from Italy in 1881. Designed by architect Joseph Finger (1887-1953), the building features Italian renaissance detailing in the . . . — Map (db m62363) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13821 — Augustus Chapman Allen
Augustus Chapman Allen was born to Roland and Sarah (Chapman) Allen in Canaseraga, New York on July 4, 1806. He graduated from the Polytechnic Institute at Chittenango, New York, where he taught mathematics until 1827. That year, he became a . . . — Map (db m59588) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10612 — Bear Creek Methodist Church and Cemetery
German immigrants settled in the area surrounding the junction of Langham and Bear creeks in the 1840s. Settlers traveled to nearby churches for Sunday services until about 1879 when seven charter members established the Bear Creek German Methodist . . . — Map (db m73450) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 12435 — Belle Sherman Kendall
The daughter of Texas Revolutionary War general Sidney Sherman and Catherine Isabell (Cox), Belle Sherman (1847-1919) was born in Harrisburg and married William E. Kendall in 1867. After making Houston her home in 1878, Belle S. Kendall became a . . . — Map (db m123014) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 12560 — Benjamin Apartments1218 Webster Street
Completed in 1924, this apartment building is a good example of multi-family housing constructed in the south end of downtown Houston after World War I. Successful businessman Benjamin Cohen (1875-1951) hired noted Houston architect Alfred Finn to . . . — Map (db m30199) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 12935 — Blue Triangle Branch, Y.W.C.A. Building
In the early 20th century, Houston's African American community wanted to provide recreational facilities for its youth and for African American troops stationed at Camp Logan. Various groups formed, including two interested in the welfare of young . . . — Map (db m62915) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10621 — Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado RailroadSite of General Offices
Building of a railroad from here to the Brazos, to handle commerce of rich plantations, was attempted unsuccessfully in 1840-41 by early merchant Andrew Briscoe and the Harrises who founded Harrisburg. Their holdings, including Harrisburg townsite, . . . — Map (db m77460) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Camp Logan
Soon after the United States' entrance into World War I in 1917, the U.S. Army established 34 training camps to prepare troops for warfare. Named for General John A. Logan, Mexican War and Civil War veteran and senator from Illinois, Camp Logan was . . . — Map (db m14103) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10618 — Caspar Braun(March 16, 1822 - October 14, 1880)
A native of Germany, Caspar Braun was educated in Switzerland. A physician and teacher as well as a Lutheran clergyman, he was sent to Pennsylvania as a missionary in 1847. He arrived in Houston in 1850. The following year he organized the first . . . — Map (db m123015) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 15715 — Charlotte Marie Baldwin Allen(July 14, 1805 - August 3, 1895)
Considered by many as the "Mother of Houston," Charlotte Marie Baldwin Allen was a leader in Houston during a time when women had few rights and fewer opportunities. She was born in Onondaga County, New York, and was the daughter of Elizabeth . . . — Map (db m122984) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10631 — Christ Church Cathedral
The second Episcopal parish in the Republic of Texas. Led by a missionary of the Episcopal Church in the United States, the Rev. R.M. Chapman, and by an early Houstonian, Col. William Fairfax Gray, thirty-nine men came together on March 16, 1839, to . . . — Map (db m116547) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10632 — Clayton House
Built in 1916-17, this Georgian revival house was the home of William L. Clayton (1880-1966), founder of Anderson, Clayton, & Co., a cotton trading firm. A leader in public service as well as business, Clayton was a principal architect of the . . . — Map (db m125878) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10790 — Colonel B.F. TerryFebruary 18, 1821 - December 17, 1861
(front) Native of Kentucky. Came to Texas, 1831. Member Secession Convention. Commanded reinforcements of State troops sent to Rio Grande for the capture of Federal Army property at Fort Brown. Went to Virginia hoping to be in first battle . . . — Map (db m122936) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10641 — Courtlandt Place
Platted in 1907 on land once owned by area pioneer Mrs. Obedience Smith, Courtlandt Place was established as a private neighborhood for Houston's elite. Encompassing 15.47 acres of land, it is a showcase of impressive homes designed by some of the . . . — Map (db m62781) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10673 — Darius Gregg(Nov. 8, 1804 - Mar. 28, 1870)
Born in Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Ky. Arrived in Texas, 1827. Received land grant in Austin's second colony, 1831. Fought (Oct.-Dec. 1835) in Siege of Bexar, including the Grass Fight (Nov. 26). Married Susan . . . — Map (db m123022) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10646 — Daughters of the Republic of Texas
On November 6, 1891, seventeen women met at the home of Mrs. Andrew Briscoe at this site to organize an auxiliary to the Texas Veterans Association. Mrs. Anson Jones was elected president of the new organization, Daughters of the Lone Star Republic. . . . — Map (db m62378) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 15726 — David Finney Stuart, M.D.(August 15, 1833 - September 8, 1909)
David Finney Stuart was born in Brooke County, Western Virginia, to William and Mary Cummins Stuart. Upon the death of his parents, Stuart moved to Texas to live with his sister Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. Dr. James Weston Miller. A brother-in-law, . . . — Map (db m122989) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10671 — Edwin Fairfax Gray
. . . — Map (db m123012) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13820 — Ellington Field
In 1917, during World War I, the Houston Chamber of Commerce lobbied the federal government to establish an air field here. Named for Lt. Eric Lamar Ellington, an Illinois aviator killed in a California plane crash in 1913, it opened in November . . . — Map (db m58470) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 14925 — Ellis Benson
Ellis Benson (1813-1896), a veteran of the Texas Revolution and participant in the Battle of San Jacinto, was born in Vermont. Before immigrating to Texas, he fought in the Black Hawk War (1832) in Illinois. By 1835, Benson was in New Orleans, where . . . — Map (db m122987) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 11965 — Eugene Thomas Heiner(August 20, 1852 - April 26, 1901)
Born in New York City to German immigrants Nicholas and Margaretta Heiner, Eugene Thomas Heiner apprenticed himself to a Chicago architect when he was thirteen years old and later completed his training in Berlin, Germany. Heiner became a draftsman . . . — Map (db m122983) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 12912 — First Evangelical Church
On July 1, 1851, a group led by the Rev. Caspar Messon Braun (1822-1880) founded the Erste Deutsche Evangelische Lutherische Kirche, or First German Evangelical Lutheran Church. The State of Texas issued the church's charter in September of that . . . — Map (db m119857) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10661 — First Presbyterian Church of Houston
Organized March 31 (Easter Sunday), 1839, in Senate Chamber, Capitol of Republic of Texas, Main at Texas, by the Rev. Wm. Youel Allen, missionary from the United States, and eleven members. James Burke was elected ruling elder. Services of worship . . . — Map (db m125877) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 15922 — First United Methodist Church of Houston
The foundation of Methodism in Houston began in 1837, when missionaries Martin Ruter and Littleton Fowler established a Sunday School Society. On April 14, 1839, the Rev. Jesse Hord received 14 members by transfer of letter, establishing the . . . — Map (db m116552) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10664 — First White House of the Republic of Texas
. . . — Map (db m61060) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10667 — Forum of Civics of River Oaks Garden Club
Built about 1880. Until 1920, the John Smith School. Restored 1927 by Will Hogg. A memorial since 1942 to Will and Mike Hogg. Gardens added 1955. Open to public. — Map (db m63842) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Founding of Harris County
In December 1835, near the beginning of the Texas Revolution, the new Provisional Government of Texas defined the boundary of the Municipality of Harrisburg, similar to the extent of Harris County today. Its largest town and seat of government was . . . — Map (db m119465) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 14042 — Gulf Building
Prominent real estate developer, publisher, statesman and banker Jesse H. Jones opened the Gulf Building in 1929 with Gulf Oil, National Bank of Commerce, and Sakowitz Brothers as primary tenants. Alfred C. Finn designed the 430-foot high Art Deco . . . — Map (db m116995) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13710 — Gustav August Forsgard
Gustav (Gustaf, Gustave) August Samuelson (1832-1919) was one of 13 children born to Johannes Samuelson and Anna Petersdotter of Forserum, Sweden. At the age of 16, he emigrated from Sweden, arriving in Houston with a group of other Scandinavians on . . . — Map (db m122988) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10677 — Harris County
Inhabited during the 17th century by Karankawa and Orcoquiza Indians, and considered in 1756 by Spain for site of Presidio de San Agustin de Ahumada, this region was settled permanently in 1822 by the colonists of Stephen F. Austin. In 1824 John R. . . . — Map (db m59557) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 16354 — Harris County 1910 Courthouse
This site has served as the courthouse square for Harris (originally Harrisburg) County since the completion of the first county courthouse, a two-story frame structure, in April 1838. Later courthouses were constructed on this site in 1851, 1860 . . . — Map (db m119967) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10679 — Harris County Courthouse of 1910
When brothers Augustus C. and John K. Allen founded Houston in 1836, they designated this site as the Courthouse Square. In 1837 Houston became the Harrisburg (later Harris) County Seat, and a two-story pine log courthouse was constructed here. . . . — Map (db m61116) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10684 — Hogg Building
Noted Houston business and civic leader Will C. Hogg (1875-1930) had this commercial structure built in 1921. Early tenants included the Armor Auto Company and the Great Southern Life Insurance Company. The art deco building, designed by the . . . — Map (db m62353) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10685 — Holcombe House
Businessman and developer Oscar Holcombe (1888-1968) and his wife Mary hired Houston architect L.W. Lindsay to design this home. Completed in 1925, it featured gardens designed by landscape architect Herbert L. Skogland. Outstanding features of the . . . — Map (db m59776) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10686 — Holland Lodge No. 1Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Texas
First Masonic Lodge in Texas. Organized in March 1835 at Brazoria. Set to work Dec. 27, 1835, under dispensation of Grand Lodge of Louisiana, for whose 1835-37 Grand Master, John Henry Holland, this lodge was named. Labors were interrupted in Feb. . . . — Map (db m59774) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10787 — Horace Dickinson Taylor(1821-1890)
At the age of 17 Horace Dickinson Taylor left his native Massachusetts with his brother, Edward, after the sudden death of their parents. They settled in Independence, Texas, in 1838, and in 1848 the Taylor brothers moved to Houston where they . . . — Map (db m116812) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10691 — Houston Bar Association
Members of the legal profession began practicing in Houston in 1837, one year after Texas gained its independence from Mexico and became a Republic. The earliest evidence of organization among the city's attorneys dates to 1870, when the original . . . — Map (db m116548) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 15714 — Houston Cemetery Company
The Houston Cemetery Company was one of several chartered and private associations promoted by Houston business leaders for the purpose of effecting civic, cultural and economic improvements following the Civil War. Houston Cemetery Company was . . . — Map (db m122956) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10692 — Houston City, Republic of Texas
By vote of Congress, Nov. 30, 1836, chosen temporary capital for new Republic of Texas. At the time a small townsite at the head of Buffalo Bayou navigation. Into a "Houston City" of mud, tents, cabins on April 1, 1837, came President Sam Houston . . . — Map (db m62875) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10693 — Houston Cotton Exchange and Board of Trade
Founded in 1874 to facilitate trade in the expanding cotton market. This Victorian renaissance revival edifice, designed by Eugene T. Heiner, was built in 1884-85 by contractors Max Kosse and James S. Lucas. The exchange room and galleries were . . . — Map (db m59561) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10694 — Houston Fire Station No. 7
Houston's oldest fire house, this building was designed by Olle J. Lorehn (c.1864-1939) and was completed in January 1899. The two-story brick structure features rusticated stone details, a five-bay front with central arched entry flanked by two . . . — Map (db m62757) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10695 — Houston Heights
Representatives of the American Loan and Trust Company of Omaha, Nebraska, came to Houston in 1890 to scout locations for land development. Under the leadership of O.M. Carter, D.D. Cooley, and others, company directors purchased 1,756 acres of land . . . — Map (db m122957) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10697 — Houston Light Guard Armory
Designed by noted Houston architect Alfred C. Finn, the Armory was constructed in 1925 to replace an 1892 building that had become obsolete. Finn detailed the building to suggest a late renaissance period neo-Gothic English masonry, represented by . . . — Map (db m119860) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13093 — Houston Public Library
Within 10 years of its founding in 1836, Houston was a bustling city. Throughout the 1840s, the city's professionals came together in debating societies to discuss a variety of topics. They created the Houston Circulating Library to provide . . . — Map (db m62370) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10720 — Irvin Capers Lord
South Carolina native Irvin Capers Lord (1827-1914) came to Houston with his family in 1854. A machinist by trade, he was co-owner of Lord and Richardson's Eagle Iron Works. In 1858 he was elected alderman, representing the First Ward until 1863 . . . — Map (db m123013) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — James L. Autry House
Mississippi native James L. Autry (1859-1920) moved to Corsicana in 1876. There he studied law and held civic offices at the time of the first oil discoveries in Texas. He was chief counsel for the Texas Co. (later Texaco) and a pioneer in the new . . . — Map (db m62820) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 18498 — James Robert Cade(June 15, 1845 - November 5, 1912)
Born in England in 1845, James Robert Cade immigrated to the United States in mid-1869, arriving in Harrisburg, Texas, in 1873 with his new bride, Annie Mortimer, also of English descent. James Robert previously trained in England as a railroad . . . — Map (db m123020) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 18533 — James S. and Alfred T. Lucas
James Sherwood Lucas (1836-1888) and his son Alfred T. Lucas (1863-1922) immigrated to the United States and became influential brick masons and contractors who helped develop the city of Houston. James Lucas was born in Nottingham, England, to . . . — Map (db m122992) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10593 — John Kirby Allen (1810-1838)Co-founder of Houston
Gravesite of John Kirby Allen (1810-1838) Co-founder of Houston Houston in 1836 was a humid swamp overgrown with sweet gum trees and coffee bean weeds. In this spot, however, two brothers from New York recognized the future "commercial . . . — Map (db m59839) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13888 — Julia Ideson Building
Early efforts by Houston's Lyceum, local women's organizations and Andrew Carnegie's national foundation led to the 1904 Houston Lyceum and Carnegie Library Building. Julia Bedford Ideson, hired in 1903, was the city's first librarian. Under her . . . — Map (db m62371) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13296 — League of United Latin American Citizens, Council 60
On February 17, 1929, representatives from three organizations met in Corpus Christi to merge and form the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). The new group sought to unify statewide efforts to challenge racism and inequities toward . . . — Map (db m119971) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Little Joe II
The first major flight tests in the Apollo program were performed by the Little Joe II launch vehicle. These unmanned flights tested the command module launch escape system and qualified it for operational use in the Apollo program. The test . . . — Map (db m102718) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13017 — Magnolia Brewery Building
Magnolia Brewery was part of the Houston Ice and Brewing Company, founded in the late 19th century by Hugh Hamilton. Some of the brewery's popular brands included Magnolia, Southern Select and Richelieu beers. This building, designed by H.C. Cooke . . . — Map (db m62368) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Magnolia Park City Hall and Central Fire Station
The city of Magnolia Park was incorporated on July 1, 1913, on property first developed by John Thomas Brady in 1890 as a large excursion park. For the municipality's first ten years, city offices were located in various temporary facilities, all . . . — Map (db m114758) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 16770 — Maurice Joseph Sullivan(June 21, 1884 - December 15, 1961)
Maurice J. Sullivan, son of Maurice and Margaret (Fitzsimons) Sullivan, was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He attended Detroit College (1901-1903) and studied structural and civil engineering at the University of Michigan (1904-1906). While . . . — Map (db m125881) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10729 — Merchants and Manufacturers Building
This building was constructed to house the activities of Houston's merchants and manufacturers during the post-World War I economic boom. Its location provided access to water, rail, and truck transportation of goods. Completed in 1930, the M & M . . . — Map (db m119467) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Mercury-Redstone
A one-man spacecraft-booster combination like this one propelled the first two American astronauts (Al Shepard and Gus Grissom) into Space in May and July of 1961. Al Shepard's spacecraft reached an altitude of 101 nautical miles in a ballistic arc . . . — Map (db m102720) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10733 — Moonshine Hill
Early reports of natural gas seepages in this area were not uncommon in the late 19th century. James Slaughter noticed such natural occurences near the San Jacinto River in 1887. Several years later, with S. A. Hart, he set up a drilling operation . . . — Map (db m122933) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10734 — Moore Log House
In 1931-32 Edith L. Moore and her husband built this house of pine logs they cut from their land. The stone fireplace and chimney were built of sandstone curbstones salvaged from downtown Houston. Dairy farming and logging provided their livelihood. . . . — Map (db m51060) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 12976 — Myers-Spalti Manufacturing Plant
The City of Houston developed rapidly in the 19th century due in large part to its capacity for shipping and transportation. This was made possible by waterways, such as Buffalo Bayou, and railroads, five of which radiated from the city in 1861. . . . — Map (db m62835) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10630 — Nichols-Rice-Cherry House
Greek Revival house built 1850 by Gen. Ebenezer Nichols at Congress and San Jacinto streets, sold to Wm. M. Rice, a philanthropist, 1856. Bought by Mrs. E. R. Cherry, 1897, with $25 bid on front door; moved by her to 806 Fargo. Later moved here and . . . — Map (db m116857) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10680 — Old Harrisburg
Early Texas port and trading post. Site of state's first steam saw, grist mills and railroad terminal. Town founded, 1826, by John R. Harris, who was first settler in 1823. Became shipping center for early colonies, established when Texas was part . . . — Map (db m62910) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Old Harrisburg
The town was founded in 1836 by John Richardson Harris, a native of New York State and one of the "Old Three Hundred" Texas colonists. He died of yellow fever in 1829, while visiting in New Orleans. His wife, Jane Birdsall Harris, and the oldest of . . . — Map (db m62912) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10724 — Old Market Square
Platted 1836 by surveyors Gail Borden, Jr., and Moses Lapham as "Congress Square." It was intention of city fathers Augustus C. and John K. Allen to have permanent Capitol of Republic of Texas located here. However, this was never realized and . . . — Map (db m61082) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13317 — Origins of Freedman's Town
Located in Houston's Fourth Ward, the original Freedman's Town settlement was founded soon after the emancipation of enslaved blacks on June 19, 1865, at the end of the Civil War in Texas. Positioned west of downtown and directly south of Buffalo . . . — Map (db m59562) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10744 — Pillot Building
The original building at this site, a cast iron front structure, was built between 1857 and 1869. Early tenants of the building, owned by French-born merchant and Houston civic leader Eugene Pillot (1820-1896), included attorneys, real estate . . . — Map (db m61013) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10745 — Pillot House
Built 1868 by Eugene Pillot, at 1803 McKinney. Occupied for almost a century by his family. — Map (db m63311) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Safety Follows Wisdom
Portland Cement Association Safety Trophy Award Trinity Portland Cement Company Houston Texas Plant for a Perfect Safety Record in 1929 Reawarded for a Perfect Safety Record in 1945, 1947, 1959 — Map (db m83582) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 15758 — Sam Houston Park
Sam Houston Park began with Nathaniel Kelly Kellum's purchase of 13 acres on the south bank of Buffalo Bayou in 1844 and 1845. Here Kellum built a brick factory, a tannery and his residence. The property was later sold to Zerviah Noble, who held it . . . — Map (db m62253) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10766 — San Felipe Cottage
Oldest surviving house in Houston; built 1837 on land of Mrs. Obedience Smith, an early settler. — Map (db m63322) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10773 — San Jacinto High School
South End Junior High School opened its doors in 1914 with 750 students in an impressive classical revival style structure built here in 1913. South End Junior High became a senior high school in 1923, and in 1926 its name was changed to San Jacinto . . . — Map (db m119852) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Site of Capitol of the Republic of Texas1837-38-39 & 42
Commemorating days when after her glorious struggle Texas stood an independent nation. — Map (db m116809) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10635 — Site of Confederate Prison Compound
Before 1861, site of warehouse serving Buffalo Bayou shipping. At times during 1861-65, the building here housed prisoners of war. In Jan. 1863 it held 350 Federals captured by Houston-based Confederate army of Gen. John B. Magruder. The city also . . . — Map (db m119862) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Site of General Sam Houston House
Site of house where General Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas lived, 1837-1838 — Map (db m116844) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Site of Home of President Sam Houston
Site of Home of President Sam Houston of the Republic of Texas 1837-9 — Map (db m116845) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10721 — Site of Lubbock Ranch
Texas statesman Francis Richard Lubbock (1815-1905) owned a 1300-acre ranch near this site. A native of South Carolina, Lubbock came to Houston in 1837. He soon opened a general store and was a business, political and civic leader. He served as . . . — Map (db m50142) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10690 — Site of Old Houston Academy
Founded 1856. Lost most of its male students to Confederate army in Civil War. In 1864-1865 building was used as an army hospital. Was site in 1867 for the lying-in-state of body of General Albert Sidney Johnston, who had lived near Houston. (A . . . — Map (db m125722) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Site of the National Women's ConferenceNovember 18 - 21, 1977
The Sam Houston Coliseum, now the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, was the site of the first National Women's Conference held on November 18th through 21st, 1977. It was the largest political conference of women in the United States since the . . . — Map (db m117295) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 15955 — Site of the Organization of Lady Washington Chapter, NSDAR
The Lady Washington Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) was organized on November 14, 1899, when 10 of the original 17 organizing members met in the western parlor of the Capitol Hotel (later known as the . . . — Map (db m116808) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10781 — Sons of the Republic of Texas
On April 10, 1893, under the guidance of Francis Marion Otis Fenn, a local lodge was organized in Richmond for the benefit of male descendants of Texas Revolution veterans. The Richmond group traveled to Houston a few days later, and on April 20, . . . — Map (db m62308) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13592 — St. Joseph Hospital
St. Joseph Hospital, Houston’s first general hospital, opened in 1887 as St. Joseph’s Infirmary. Six sisters from the congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, who came to Houston from St. Mary’s Infirmary in Galveston, . . . — Map (db m117464) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13591 — St. Paul's United Methodist Church
At the beginning of the 20th century, members of Houston’s Methodist community worked toward organizing a new congregation on what was then the burgeoning south end of town. In December 1905, individuals met at the J.O. Ross family home and held . . . — Map (db m61005) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10786 — Sweeney, Coombs & Fredericks Building
This late-Victorian commercial building with a 3-story corner turret and Eastlake decorative elements was designed by George E. Dickey in 1889. Evidence indicates that the 1889 construction may have been a renovation of an 1861 structure built by . . . — Map (db m60989) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 14339 — Temple Beth Israel
Congregation Beth Israel is the oldest Jewish congregation in Texas. Early Jewish families that settled in the area formed the Hebrew Benevolent Society in 1844, under the leadership of Lewis Levy. By 1854, seventeen adults organized themselves into . . . — Map (db m119855) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — Texan Capture of Mexican DispatchesThe San Jacinto Campaign in Southwest Harris County
After the fall of the Alamo on March 6, 1836, Gen. Sam Houston led the Texan Army in retreat from Gonzales. The Mexican army under Gen. Santa Anna followed eastward from San Antonio. On April 14, while Houston's army was north of him, Santa Anna led . . . — Map (db m35917) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — The Capture of Santa Anna
This point is the approximate site of the capture of Santa Anna, the president of Mexico, and commander of the Mexican army-by James A. Sylvester, Joel W. Robison, Edward Miles, S.R. Bostick, Joseph Vermillion and Thompson, all soldiers of the Texas . . . — Map (db m60821) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 11951 — The Garden Club of Houston
In 1924, seven friends who lived near the newly constructed Museum of Fine Arts formed the Garden Club of Houston. They planned to study horticulture, experiment with new plants and further the beautification of the city of Houston. From this small . . . — Map (db m125880) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10696 — The Houston Light Guard
Organized as a Texas Militia unit on April 21, 1873, the Houston Light Guard originally participated in parades, ceremonies, and competitive drills, and served as guard of honor for visiting dignitaries. The first commander was Capt. Edwin Fairfax . . . — Map (db m119858) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10712 — The Kennedy Bakery
Irish native John Kennedy (1819-78) came to Houston in 1842. A baker, he operated a store at other locations in the city before commissioning the construction of this building about 1860 for a steam bakery. Kennedy later established other operations . . . — Map (db m61009) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 11973 — The Rev. William M. Tryon(March 10, 1809 - November 16, 1847)
William Milton Tryon of New York City lost his father at the age of 9. At 17, young William was baptized. He and his mother moved to Georgia in 1832 where William was licensed to preach. He attended the Mercer Institute and was ordained as a . . . — Map (db m122994) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — The Spirit of the Confederacy
The Spirit of the Confederacy Erected by the Robert E. LeeChapter N. 186 U.D.C.January 1908To all the heroes of the South who fought for the principles of States rights. Monument Committee Julia H Franklin, Bettie P. Mutcheson, Ella H. Sydnor, . . . — Map (db m117428) WM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10800 — The Waldo Mansion
A Confederate veteran, J. P. Waldo (1839-1896) settled in Houston after the Civil War. He married Mary Virginia Gentry (1849-1922), daughter of railroad promoter Abram Gentry. Waldo soon became a prosperous railroad executive. In 1885 he built this . . . — Map (db m62780) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10689 — Thomas William House(March 4, 1814 - January 17, 1880)
A native of Stoke St. Gregory in Somersetshire, England, T.W. House emigrated to the United States in May 1835. A baker by trade, he soon was employed by the St. Charles Hotel in New Orleans. By 1838 he had moved to Houston and established the . . . — Map (db m116813) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 11952 — Thomas William House, Jr.(1846-1923)
T. W. House, Jr., was the third of eight children born to Thomas William (1814-1880) and Mary Elizabeth (Shearn) (1822-1870) House. T.W. House, Sr., was an English immigrant who established the T.W. House Bank in 1838 and became mayor of Houston in . . . — Map (db m116848) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 10797 — Trinity Episcopal Church
Established in 1893, Trinity Episcopal Church acquired this site in 1910. Construction of the sanctuary, designed by architect Ralph Adams Cram, began in 1917 and was completed in 1919. Features of the Gothic revival structure include a basilica . . . — Map (db m119850) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 13318 — Twentieth Century Development of Freedman's Town
Founded on the south banks of Buffalo Bayou soon after the June 19, 1865 emancipation of enslaved blacks, Freedman's Town became the center of Houston's African American community. It originally stretched from Buffalo Bayou south to Sutton Street, . . . — Map (db m62928) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 14912 — W. L. and Susan Clayton
Mississippi native William Lockhart Clayton (1880-1966) left school early to become a court reporter. His skill attracted an executive of the American Cotton Company, and he moved first to St. Louis then to the New York office the following year. He . . . — Map (db m125879) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 18068 — Washington Cemetery
The Deutsche Gesellschaft von Houston, founded in 1875, established the German Society Cemetery in February 1887 by purchasing this property, then located outside the city limits, from the heirs of John Lawrence and Thomas Hart. Twelve-space . . . — Map (db m122929) HM
Texas (Harris County), Houston — 15757 — William Gammell(October 18, 1812 - April 10, 1869)
William Gammell was born in Ayshire, Scotland. He and his parents immigrated to the United States, settling in Lowell, Massachusetts. Gammell arrived in Texas during the spring of 1836, where he enlisted in the Texian Army on April 5. He served in . . . — Map (db m122985) HM
Texas (Harris County), Humble — 10700 — City of Humble
A pioneer oil boom town. Originated as crossroads community named for settler Pleasant Smith Humble (1835?-1912), who lived here before 1889, hewing his timber into railroad ties, mining gravel from his land, keeping store, and serving as justice of . . . — Map (db m71786) HM
Texas (Harris County), Humble — 10662 — First United Methodist Church of Humble
Founded in 1886, Humble was an oil boom town in 1907 when the Rev. J. T. Browning of Houston began conducting Methodist worship services for residents of the area. The services were first held in a building that had housed a bottle factory. In 1908, . . . — Map (db m122931) HM
Texas (Harris County), Humble — 10701 — Humble Cemetery
This cemetery is believed to be the town of Humble's oldest. The earliest documented burial is that of Joseph Dunman (1867-1879). Also believed to be buried here in an unmarked grave is Jane Elizabeth Humble, wife of the community's founder, . . . — Map (db m56714) HM
Texas (Harris County), Humble — 10702 — Humble Lodge No. 979, A.F. & A.M.
Near the turn of the century, the town of Humble was home to many Masons who were members of lodges located in nearby towns. With the help of local Justice of the Peace F. K. Wise, Humble area Masons organized their own lodge in 1908. Humble State . . . — Map (db m71783) HM
Texas (Harris County), Humble — Joseph Dunman
Joseph Dunman Republic of Texas Early Humble Pioneer Born 1794 Louisiana Died 3 April 1859 Harris County Texas Born in Louisiana in 1794, Joseph Dunman served as a private in De clouet's Regiment in the Louisiana Militia during the . . . — Map (db m123003) HM
Texas (Harris County), Humble — 10717 — Lambrecht's Artesian Well
An oil well drilled at this site in 1912 yielded not oil, but free-flowing artesian water. The following year, German native Nick Lambrecht (1855-1920) purchased the property. Lambrecht served as justice of the peace and mayor during Humble's oil . . . — Map (db m52524) HM
Texas (Harris County), Humble — Pangburn Building
This structure was erected in 1914 by William R. (Bill) Pangburn. He made his own cement bricks using San Jacinto River sand hauled by horse and wagon. The building has housed a drygood store, drug store, post office, cafe, dance hall and a variety . . . — Map (db m122999) HM
Texas (Harris County), Humble — Trees of Knowledge
These two trees were grown from acorns in slop jars, by Uncle Dick Hatcher. He planted them not long after the courthouse was built in 1928. They received their name from Judge Wise's habit of using the benches beneath the trees to sit on while . . . — Map (db m123001) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 8 — Advance Under Gen'l Rusk
No 8 Advance under Gen'l Rusk April 21, 1836 — Map (db m125965) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 17 — Almonte Captured
No 17 Almonte captured and greatest carnage of battle occurred. — Map (db m126842) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10606 — Battle of San Jacinto
At mid-afternoon April 21, 1836, two miles to the north, General Sam Houston with about 1,000 Texans in 18 minutes annihilated the 1,400-man army of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, President of Mexico. Screened by trees and rising ground, . . . — Map (db m125882) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 7 — Burleson's Advance
No 7 Burleson's Advance Infantry April 21, 1836 — Map (db m125951) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 2 — Burleson's Camp
No 2 Burleson's Camp — Map (db m125964) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — Captain William Wood
Commanded (The Kentucky Volunteers) Company A, First Regiment at San Jacinto Died at Houston, June 7, 1854 Erected by The State of Texas Reverse: "It is my desire that my body be buried on the battle grounds of San Jacinto . . . — Map (db m126244) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 12 — Cavalry Skirmish
No 12 Cavalry Skirmish under Sherman day before battle — Map (db m125998) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — David Thomas
(Front) David Thomas Born in Tennessee in 1801 Died From an accidental wound April 30, 1836 at the home of Lorenzo DeZavala Erected by The State of Texas (Rear) Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence First . . . — Map (db m126262) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10639 — De Zavala Plaza
Name honors Lorenzo de Zavala, Vice President of Republic of Texas (Ad Interim, March 17-Oct. 17 1836). Born in Yucatan and educated in the Seminary of Ildefonso, De Zavala was an Ardent Liberal who was jailed 1814-1817 for political . . . — Map (db m119970) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — First City Hall and Jail
In its early days, La Porte had little need for a city hall or jail. City Council meetings were held in various vacant buildings around town and the few lawbreakers were placed either in an old abandoned ice house or locked in a convenient box car . . . — Map (db m53607) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10805 — Freeman Wilkinson
A member of Captain Thomas H. McIntire's company at San Jacinto. Died at Lynchburg in 1839 and was buried near his comrades who fell in battle. — Map (db m125926) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10 — Hockley's Advance
No 10 Hockley's Advance Artillery April 21, 1836 — Map (db m125952) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 19 — Houston Wounded
No 19 Houston wounded and horse killed under him during battle — Map (db m125956) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10708 — Isaac L. Jaques
Came to Texas in October, 1835. Fought at San Jacinto in Captain Thomas H. McIntire's company. Died at Lynchburg, August 6, 1836. — Map (db m90110) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10715 — La Porte
Colorado-based land developers A.M. York, J.H. York, I.R. Holmes, and Tom Lee formed the La Porte Land and Town Company in 1890. They purchased over 1,000 acres of land in this area and began laying out town lots in the fall of 1891. Edward York . . . — Map (db m51423) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 4 — Lamar's Camp
No 4 Lamar's Camp — Map (db m125963) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — Lorenzo De Zavala
(Front) Lorenzo De Zavala Born October 3, 1789 Died De Zavala's Point Harrisburg County November 15, 1836 First Vice President of the Republic of Texas Erected by the State of Texas (Rear) Member of Consultation . . . — Map (db m126265) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 20043 — Lynch's FerryOne Mile Northeast to Site of
A pioneer ferry of Texas under Mexico and the Republic. Established at the confluence of Buffalo Bayou and the San Jacinto River, 1822, by Nathaniel Lynch, one of Stephen F. Austin's "Old Three Hundred" colonists. Usual charges at ferries like this . . . — Map (db m125910) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — Men who fought at San Jacinto and in Army of the Confederacy
Dedicated to the memory of the men who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto and later fought in the Army of the Confederacy Andrew Jackson Berry, Henry P. Brewster, Sion Record Bostic, Moses Austin Bryan, Rev. Anderson Buffington, Thos. . . . — Map (db m126246) WM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 13 — Mexican Breastworks
No 13 Mexican Breastworks Cavalry Engagement Under Lamar April 21, 1836 — Map (db m125955) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 15 — Mexican Breastworks
No 15 Mexican Breastworks — Map (db m125999) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 14 — Mexican Cannon
No 14 Mexican Cannon — Map (db m126000) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10770 — Mexican Cavalry, Battle of San Jacinto
The Mexican Cavalry was on the left wing, Infantry and Artillery in the center behind a fortification of boxes and baggage, while the extreme right was far extended. — Map (db m125905) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 11 — Mexican Position
No 11 Mexican Position Apr 20, 1836 — Map (db m125953) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — Mexican Surrender
Many of the Mexican soldiers who escaped the initial bloodshed were taken prisoner. After the Texans won the battle, they continued chasing down and killing Mexican soldiers. Few were allowed to surrender in the immediate aftermath. However, . . . — Map (db m125954) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 9 — Millard's Advance
No 9 Millard's Advance Infantry April 21, 1836 — Map (db m125948) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 3 — Millard's Camp
No 3 Millard's Camp — Map (db m125962) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10651 — Peter Jefferson Duncan
Participated in the capture of San Antonio in 1835 and served in the army in 1836 Born in New York in 1799 Died in Harris County, Texas in 1870 — Map (db m126009) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — Roster Company No. 6
Roster Company No. 6 James Gillaspie Captain Matthew Finch 1st. Lieut. A. L. Harrison 2nd. Lieut. R. H. Chadduck 1st. Sgt. Privates G. Grosby - J. S. Darling - Fielding Dedrick W. L. Ellis - Hezekiah Faris - Wm. Ferrell Wm. . . . — Map (db m126245) WM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10760 — Saint Mary's Seminary
When the Rev. Nicholas Gallagher became third bishop of Galveston in 1882, most Roman Catholic priests in the Diocese were natives of other states or countries. Realizing the need for a diocesan seminary to train young Texans for the priesthood, . . . — Map (db m51421) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — San Jacinto Battleground Park
(part 1) The movement to set aside the San Jacinto Battleground as a patriotic shrine was begun in 1856, when a group of Texas veterans assembled here started a fund for a monument to the nine men who fell in the battle. In 1883 the . . . — Map (db m126008) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — San Jacinto MonumentSan Jacinto Battlefield
The early policies of Mexico toward her Texas colonists had been extremely liberal. Large grants of land were made to them, and no taxes or duties imposed. The relationship between the Anglo-Americans and Mexicans was cordial. But, following a . . . — Map (db m6702) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 16 — Santa Anna's Camp
No 16 Santa Anna's Camp — Map (db m126001) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 6 — Sherman's Advance
No 6 Sherman's Advance Left Wing Infantry April 21, 1836 — Map (db m125997) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 5 — Sherman's Camp
No 5 Sherman's Camp — Map (db m125967) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10767 — Site of Battle of San Jacinto, 1836
Near here on the afternoon of April 21, 1836, the army of The Republic of Texas commanded by General Sam Houston was drawn up to attack an invading Mexican army commanded by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. — Map (db m125909) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 20 — Site of Surrender of Santa Anna
Plaque on Front of Marker: This heritage live oak, planted as a living memorial, marks the site of surrender of Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to Sam Houston, Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Texas. Dedicated to the heroes of . . . — Map (db m126006) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10752 — Site of the Home of Dr. George Moffit Patrick
Site of the home in 1836 of Dr. George Moffit Patrick 1801-1889 Pioneer surveyor • Here the Texas Army encamped after the Battle of San Jacinto and cabinet meet- ings were held — Map (db m53323) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — The B. R. Brigham Monument
North Side: Two Days Before the Battle This morning we are in preparation to meet Santa Anna. It is the only chance of saving Texas. From time to time I have looked for reinforcements in vain: We will only have about seven hundred men to . . . — Map (db m126243) HM WM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10768 — The Texas Army Attacked in Four Divisions
The Texas Army attacked in four divisions; the Cavalry on the right, commanded by Mirabeau B. Lamar; next, the Infantry under Lieutenant Colonel Henry Millard; the “Twin Sisters” cannon under Colonel Edward Burleson; the 2nd Regiment, . . . — Map (db m125883) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 1 — Twin Sisters
Marker Front: No 1 Site Twin Sisters April 20, 1836 Cannon Presented by Citizens of Cincinnati to Republic of Texas Supplemental Plaque: In grateful appreciation of the efforts of the citizens of Cincinnati, Ohio, whose . . . — Map (db m125950) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10771 — Will You Come to the Bower, Battle of San Jacinto
To the tune of “Will You Come to the Bower,” the Texans advanced; “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!” was their cry. With cannons and gunshot, clubs and Bowie knives they fought — no quarter was given; the rout . . . — Map (db m125908) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10769 — Within A Few Minutes, Battle of San Jacinto Site
Within a few minutes the Battle of San Jacinto was over. According to General Houston's report 630 Mexicans lay dead on the field, 208 were wounded and 730 were taken prisoners. Money, arms and equipment were captured. The Texans had 9 killed and 30 . . . — Map (db m125906) HM
Texas (Harris County), LaPorte — First Marine Division
First Marine Division was founded aboard USS TEXAS (BB 35) when a directive was read on the ship’s fantail redesignating 1st Marine Brigade on 1 February 1941 while the battleship was flagship for Caribbean amphibious exercises. . . . — Map (db m36076) HM
Texas (Harris County), LaPorte — U.S.S. TexasNational Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark
Last steam engine-driven battleship Four cylinder triple expansion steam engines Largest afloat (27,000 h.p.) at commissioning (1914) Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships The American Society of Mechanical . . . — Map (db m36228) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10608 — Bay Ridge / Morgan's Point
The peninsula on Galveston Bay known as Morgan's Point was named for early landowner Colonel James Morgan. Later the area became a favorite summer retreat for wealthy Houston residents who sought refuge from the oppressive heat and humidity of the . . . — Map (db m51410) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — Col. James Morgan
Although the original land grant went to Johnson Hunter in 1824 and the Point was owned by Nicholas Clopper from 1826 until 1835, it was James Morgan who gave the Point its name. Morgan purchased 1600 acres from Nicholas Clopper in December of . . . — Map (db m60899) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10782 — Governor Ross Sterling Mansion
Architect Alfred C. Finn of Houston drew the plans for this scaled-down replica of the American White House for oil executive Ross S. Sterling (1875-1949). Completed in 1927 on the residential "Gold Coast" stretching from La Porte to Morgan's Point, . . . — Map (db m51469) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10683 — Gribble-Hofheinz House
Constructed in 1896 as the summer home of prominent Houston businessman Risdon D. Gribble (1836-1907) and his wife Adelaide (8141-1926). This house was oriented toward the water to take advantage of bay breezes. Flamboyant Houston businessman and . . . — Map (db m51411) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — John A. Grimes Memorial ParkMorgan’s Point, Texas
Mayor – April 7, 1984 through June 1, 1992 Dedicated to Mayor John A. Grimes July 10, 1924 – June 1, 1992 John A. Grimes was elected Mayor on April 7th, 1984 and had just been elected to his fifth two-year term when he was . . . — Map (db m60827) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10735 — Morgan's Point Cemetery
One of the oldest cemeteries in continuous use in Harris County, this cemetery was founded by Colonel James Morgan, Texas revolutionary soldier. Located on land bought by Morgan in 1834, it was part of a family estate called "The Orange Grove." . . . — Map (db m51396) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10741 — New Washington
Located at the junction of Buffalo Bayou and San Jacinto Bay, the townsite of New Washington was settled by Col. James Morgan (1786-1866), who bought 1600 acres of land in the area in 1835. A native of Philadelphia, Morgan had come to Texas in 1830 . . . — Map (db m50137) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10705 — Wade and Mamie Irvin House
Designed by prominent Houston architect Joseph Finger, this house was built in 1927 as the summer home of Houston business leaders Wade (1872-1941) and Mamie (1878-1957) Irvin. They owned a number of companies, and Wade was the founder and . . . — Map (db m68242) HM
Texas (Harris County), Nassau Bay — 10678 — Harris County Boys' School Archeological Site
In this vicinity lies evidence of a prehistoric Indian campsite and burial ground that takes its current name from the property on which it resided at the time of its discovery. The archeological site is classified as a shell midden site because of . . . — Map (db m50124) HM
Texas (Harris County), Nassau Bay — 10802 — Webster Presbyterian Church
Growing out of a Union Sunday School established in 1892, Webster Presbyterian Church was organized by farmers who moved to Texas from the Midwest. Early members also included Japanese rice farmers. A small church building erected in 1896 was . . . — Map (db m50127) HM
Texas (Harris County), Nassau Bay — 10803 — West Mansion
Lumber, oil, and ranching tycoon James Marion West (1871-1941) and his wife, Jessie Dudley (1871-1953), hired eminent Houston architect Joseph Finger to design this 17,000-square foot house as headquarters for their 30,000-acre ranch. Built in . . . — Map (db m50141) HM
Texas (Harris County), Pasadena — 10591 — Allen Ranch
This busy commercial area was once part of the Allen Ranch, one of the oldest and largest ranches in southeast Texas. A portion of the land was granted to Morris Callahan in 1824 by Mexico and inherited by his niece Rebecca Jane Thomas (d. 1919), . . . — Map (db m126443) HM
Texas (Harris County), Pasadena — 10643 — Crown Hill Cemetery
Permanent settlement of this area began about 1891. Lot sales in the new town of Pasadena began in 1893, and the town was officially platted three years later. The first recorded burials in this vicinity occurred about 1894, although the exact . . . — Map (db m125894) HM
Texas (Harris County), Pasadena — The Roberts-Hanson House
This farmhouse was built about 1895 on Galveston Bay in Kemah by Clarence Roberts and his mother, Susan Lamb Roberts, both of whom had moved to Texas from Minnesota. The 1900 storm blew the house off its foundation after which it was moved . . . — Map (db m50105) HM
Texas (Harris County), Pasadena — 18 — Vince's Bridge
No 18 Site Vince's Bridge destroyed by military permission April 21, 1836 by Deaf Smith, John Coker, Denmore Reves, John Garner, John Rainwater, Moses Lapham, V.P. Alsbury. This historic deed is believed to have insured the . . . — Map (db m125957) HM
Texas (Harris County), Seabrook — Captain William Plunkett HarrisEarly Texas Entrepreneur and Pioneer Settler
New York native William Plunkett Harris (1797-1843) ran a steamboat line in partnership with Robert Wilson before moving to Texas in 1830. At Harrisburg, founded by his brother John Richardson Harris (d. 1829), for whom Harris County was named, he . . . — Map (db m35924) HM
Texas (Harris County), Seabrook — Prehistoric Indian Campsite
In this vicinity are the remains of a prehistoric Indian refuse pile, comprised mainly of clam shells. Archeologists call such sites "shell middens." They are the result of centuries of shellfish harvesting by early Indian groups. Shells found at . . . — Map (db m35922) HM
Texas (Harris County), Seabrook — 10657 — Ritson Morris and Elmwood Plantation
Virginia native Ritson Morris (1798-1849) came to Texas about 1827. He settled first in Nacogdoches, where he married Minerva Edwards in 1829. One year later, following the birth of their first child, the Morrises moved to this area, where Minerva's . . . — Map (db m51425) HM
Texas (Harris County), Shoreacres — 10699 — Houston Yacht Club
The Houston Yacht Club was organized in 1897 by a group of prominent citizens. Members met in the Binz Building in downtown Houston and were led by the first Commodore, Dan E. Kennedy. After Kennedy's death in 1904, the boatmen reorganized as the . . . — Map (db m59849) HM
Texas (Harris County), South Houston — 10660 — First Airplane Flight Over Texas
The first documented flight of a heavier-than-air flying machine in Texas occurred over this site on February 18, 1910, two weeks before the first military airplane flight by Lt. Benjamin Foulois at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. The South Houston . . . — Map (db m62908) HM

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