“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Haywood County Tennessee Historical Markers

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By Ken Smith, February 25, 2012
Army National Guard Marker
Tennessee (Haywood County), Brownsville — Army National Guard
The Army National Guard predates the founding of our nation by almost one hundred fifty years. It is the oldest component of our armed forces. Today's National Guard is the direct descendent of the militias of the thirteen original colonies. The . . . — Map (db m52989) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Brownsville — 4D 26 — Bradford's Landing
Hiram S. and Miles Bradford inaugurated this landing in 1824. Together with Brownsville Landing, 10 miles upriver, it was a river terminal for the first settlers and commerce in this area. Hiram Bradford established the first cotton gin and store in . . . — Map (db m53034) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Brownsville — 4D 25 — Brownsville
Col. Richard Nixon, veteran of the New Orleans campaign, War of 1812 , settled four miles east of here in 1821. First county court met in his house. Brownsville became the county seat in 1823 and the first courthouse was built of logs in 1824. — Map (db m53001) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Brownsville — 4D 49 — DunbarHaywood County Training — Carver High Schools —
Dunbar, the first permanent school for persons of African descent in Brownsville, was built in the late 1860s with money raised by the black community. John Gloster was principal from 1886 to 1915. Many early graduates studied at Roger Williams . . . — Map (db m53003) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Brownsville — 4D 61 — Elbert Williams1908 - 1940
Elbert Williams, an African American Haywood County native, was one of the early members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) killed in the United States for his civil rights work. He and his wife Annie became . . . — Map (db m148798) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Brownsville — Gen. Jacob Jennings Brown
Born May 9, 1775, Bucks County, PA. Appointed Brig. Gen. U.S. Army July 19, 1813. Distinguished himself in War of 1812 at Ogdensburg, Sackett's Harbor, Was severely wounded at Niagara. Senior officer of U.S. Army at war's end. First commissioners . . . — Map (db m52987) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Brownsville — 4D 24 — Tabernacle
1.8 miles. This community was settled in 1826 by the Rev. Howell Taylor and his five sons. Haywood County's first schoolhouse was here; it also served as a church. The Taylor Kinfolks Camp Meeting was held here annually for over a century. — Map (db m52978) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Brownsville — Wesleyan Female College
On this site stood the Wesleyan Female College, started circa 1869. This institution offered courses in ancient and modern languages, instrumental music, vocal lessons and ornamental branches, with collegiate, academic and primary departments. . . . — Map (db m119112) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Dancyville — Burchett Douglass1793-1849
Born Oct. 6, 1793, in Sumner Co. Tenn. Married 1819 to Martha McGee, seven children. Private, War of 1812, enlisted Jan 28, 1814 in Capt. Allen Wilkinson's Company, discharged April 2, 1814. Established Bank of Fayette Co., president until death. . . . — Map (db m53099) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Dancyville — Dancyville United Methodist Church
This site was deeded for a church on April 1, 1835. The congregation was organized and a log structure built in 1837. The present church was completed in 1850. It was constructed of hand-sawed timber cut on the grounds. It survives as the oldest . . . — Map (db m53098) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Dancyville — James K. Polk / James C. Jones
Here on June 23, 1841, James K. Polk, Governor of Tennessee, running for re-election debated James C. Jones, both masters of the stump speech. James “Lean Jimmy” Jones, a Whig, who was a natural mimic and actor, defeated Polk and served . . . — Map (db m53118) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Stanton — Stanton
The town of Stanton was established c.1856 with the coming of the Memphis & Ohio Railroad. J.B. Stanton on whose land part of the town was built is credited as the town founder. Most of the town of Wesley moved to Stanton to be on the R.R. After the . . . — Map (db m53083) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Stanton — 4D 45 — Stanton Masonic Lodge And School
Built in 1871, just six years after the end of the Civil War, the Stanton Lodge and School enjoyed dual purposes from its beginning. Before the arrival of free public education, concerned Masons constructed the two-story building as a place to . . . — Map (db m53035) HM
Tennessee (Haywood County), Stanton — 4D 23 — Wesley
Named for John Wesley, this town was laid off northwest of its Methodist Church in 1829, on property of Samuel Ashe, son and grandson of North Carolina governors. Town was removed and named for Joseph B. Stanton with coming of railroad. The cemetery . . . — Map (db m53062) HM

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