“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Hemphill County Texas Historical Markers

Buffalo Wallow Battle Ground Marker image, Touch for more information
By Marvin Seibert, February 15, 2014
Buffalo Wallow Battle Ground Marker
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 565 — Buffalo Wallow Battle Ground
Here on September 12th, 1874 two scouts and four soldiers defeated 125 Kiowa and Comanche Indians Scouts William Dixon Amos Chapman Soldiers Sergeant ZT Woodall Co I Peter Rath Co A John Harrington Co H George W Smith . . . — Map (db m71790) HM WM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 697 — Canadian River Trails
Trade, exploration and hunting trails along the Canadian are older than recorded history—old when used 1541 by Spaniard Coronado hunting golden cities of Cibola. Route in 1840 for Josiah Gregg and 34 Missouri men with goods worth $25,000 . . . — Map (db m55741) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — Canadian River Wagon Bridge
In 1915, Hemphill County contracted to erect a bridge to span the Canadian River. Construction of the Canadian River Wagon Bridge was completed in July, 1916. The bridge was comprised of seventeen 153.5 ft. pin-connected Parker through-truss spans; . . . — Map (db m93636) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 17846 — Edith Ford Memorial Cemetery
Thomas T. McGee, the first sheriff of the town of Canadian, was buried in 1894 on a hill on the east side of town. There were already grave markers there dating back to 1883. McGee's widow, Mary, purchased the land and it became known as the McGee . . . — Map (db m93642) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 1619 — First Baptist Church of Canadian
This church was organized by seven women in 1894 with the help of the Rev. Hatcher, a Baptist minister from Amarillo. Shortly thereafter about 32 people, converted at a local revival held by the Rev. Abe Mulkey, joined the new congregation. Early . . . — Map (db m55756) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 1721 — First Church Bell
Bought in 1890 and placed in old Presbyterian Church, used by several faiths. Was first church bell in Canadian, Hemphill County. Congregation held suppers and other projects to repay bank loan on bell. Later bell was moved to new . . . — Map (db m55768) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 1793 — First National Bank of Canadian
Successor to first bank in Texas Panhandle: the Traders' Bank at Canadian, organized by Henry Hamburg and Robert Moody on August 1, 1887. In 1892 Moody and D. J. Young, his son-in-law, established the Canadian Valley Bank. The two men converted it . . . — Map (db m55748) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 1917 — Fletcher and Donley Stage Station — (Site 3 miles northwest)
A rest stop in the 1870s and 80s on military and stage line. Serviced wagon trains, buffalo hide caravans, and cattle herds. Was also mail pick-up station. Former buffalo hunter-scout Ed Fletcher ran the station. His partners were Jimmie Donley . . . — Map (db m71789) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 1951 — Former Site of Hogtown
Forerunner of town of Canadian. Sprang up, 1886, as a tent city for railroad gang working on Southern Kansas line. Named for poor appearance - like a hogpen. After landowner Sam Polland and railroad disputed price for land, line moved across river, . . . — Map (db m93640) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 2138 — Gen. Nelson Miles Expedition — (Headquarters Dugout)
Indian raids brought General Miles' men to Texas in 1874 as part of U.S. Army pincer's tactic operating from a dugout post. The twelve infantry and cavalry units had supply camps on the Canadian, Red and Washita rivers. On November 8, 1874, Gen. . . . — Map (db m93678) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 2433 — Hemphill County
Formed from Young and Bexar Territories Created August 21, 1876 Organized July 5, 1886 Named in honor of John Hemphill, 1809-1862 First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Texas Adjutant General of the Somervell . . . — Map (db m55742) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 2434 — Hemphill County Jail
Built in 1890. First permanent public building in both town of Canadian and Hemphill County. Erected under administration of E. E. Polly, first county judge. Ironically, deception plagued construction of this jail, as building contracts were . . . — Map (db m93658) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 41 — Historic Trails — 58 yards west to routes of
During the mass slaughter of buffaloes in the Panhandle, 2 trails arose to meet the needs of the hunters and their ever-hungry markets. Started about 1876, both moved vast convoys of wagons across the plains. Charles Rath—transporting gun . . . — Map (db m55769) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 2788 — John Hemphill — 1803 - 1862 — County named for Texas Confederate —
This is a two-sided marker Front Side: On the eve of secession, U.S. Senator Hemphill set forth to Senate January 1861 Texas' right to secede and again became a sovereign nation. Elected delegate provisional Confederate Congress at . . . — Map (db m55752) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 2846 — Jones Mansion
Prominent area rancher Thomas Stanley Jones, a native of Wales, had this home built in 1910 for his wife, Rosalie (Whaley), and their children. Designed by Amarillo architect E. Wellington, it was the first brick residence constructed in Canadian. . . . — Map (db m93647) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 3235 — Mary B. Isaacs — (1854-1950)
Born in Massachusetts. Came to Texas, 1888, as Hemphill County's first public school teacher. Often saw Indians darken the schoolroom windows trying to watch her classes recite. Married Will C. Isaacs in 1892. Founder and guiding spirit of . . . — Map (db m55767) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 3450 — Moody Hotel
In 1910 Canadian was a thriving railroad and marketing center with a Baptist Academy. English-born Robert Moody (1838-1915), a rancher, banker and trustee of the academy, decided to build a hotel that would reflect the town's prosperity. On the site . . . — Map (db m55747) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 4147 — R. Dick Bussell — (1845—1935)
Famed hunter. In 1870's killed buffalo on this square; was one of the first men to hunt commercially. Came to Texas in 1874. In 1887, helped to survey the townsite here, where he became lifelong resident, operating a livery stable and wagon . . . — Map (db m55750) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 4289 — Robert R. Young — (February 14, 1897 — January 25, 1958)
A leader in America's finance and transportation. Born here, in house built by lawyer Temple Houston, son of Republic of Texas President Sam Houston. His grandfather was traildriver, pioneer rancher; his father, president of the first bank in . . . — Map (db m55743) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 4369 — Route of Marcy Trail
This overland route, blazed in 1849 by energetic and efficient Army Captain R. B. Marcy, was best known as part of the California Gold Trail. Starting in Oklahoma, Marcy led an expedition across the Texas Panhandle and back through central West . . . — Map (db m55770) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 4860 — Site of Old Springer's Road Ranch — (12.2 mi east)
First post office in Hemphill County. Unique for tunnel from dugout home-store to corral. On 1870's trail from Fort Elliott (35 miles, southwest) to Fort Supply, Indian Territory, to Fort Dodge, Kansas. Established by A. G. Springer; besides . . . — Map (db m93638) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 5336 — The Former Canadian Hospital
This building, now a residence, was Canadian's first hospital, opened on June 16, 1917. Funds for construction were obtained by public subscription. Dr. H. C. Caylor, first owner, sold to Dr. L. V. Dawson in 1920. From 1924 to 1949, Dr. E. H. Morris . . . — Map (db m55755) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 5505 — Tom T. McGee — (Sept. 13, 1849 - Nov. 24, 1894)
Came to Canadian about 1884. Was foreman on Po Ranch prior to election as first sheriff of Hemphill County, 1887 - year city of Canadian was founded. Nov. 23, 1894, in gun fight with 6 men attacking large shipment of money at Wells, Fargo & Co., . . . — Map (db m93644) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 5668 — W.C.T.U. Building
Only structure in the nation built, owned and still operated by a local chapter of Women's Christian Temperance Union. Built 1911, with financing and upkeep from annual bazaars held since 1906. Also, used by public library and civic groups. . . . — Map (db m55753) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Canadian — 17279 — Washita Cemetery
This community burial ground is the primary remaining historic evidence of the Washita community. Anglo pioneers began to settle the area in the late 1870s and early 1880s. As the community grew, members established a school, church, and a post . . . — Map (db m93679) HM
Texas (Hemphill County), Glazier — 15854 — Glazier Cemetery
The town of Glazier was founded in 1887 when the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway reached this site. Because of its location north of the Canadian River, Glazier was an ideal shipping point for area cattle, even when flooding made the river . . . — Map (db m93635) HM

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