“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Jackson County Ohio Historical Markers

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By William Fischer, Jr., August 15, 2009
Buckeye Furnace Marker
Ohio (Jackson County), Buckeye Furnace — Buckeye Furnace
Buckeye Furnace was the second charcoal-fueled iron furnace to be built along Raccoon Creek. The furnace, constructed in 1851 by Thomas Price, was financed by Newkirk, Daniels and Company under the name of Buckeye Furnace Company. In its early . . . — Map (db m26430) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Buckeye Furnace — Hanging Rock Region
Charcoal iron production in Ohio was centered in the Hanging Rock Region, a geographic area extending from Hocking County to the Ohio River and including portions of northern Kentucky. The region encompassed an 1800 square mile area that was rich . . . — Map (db m26428) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Buckeye Furnace — Scales
Teamsters regularly delivered and picked up materials at Buckeye Furnace. The value of raw materials, such as iron ore and limestone, purchased by the furnace, as well as the pig iron to be shipped to buyers, had to be determined by weighing each . . . — Map (db m26501) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Buckeye Furnace — Stock Shed
This building, known as the stock shed, was used primarily as a storage area for charcoal, the fuel used to reduce the raw iron to a molten state. [Includes historical photo of a stock shed] — Map (db m26515) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Buckeye Furnace — Stockyard
This area of the furnace complex was known as the stockyard. Here the raw materials were delivered, stockpiled, sorted and graded. When Buckeye Furnace was operating, this area bustled with activity as teamsters delivered and unloaded their . . . — Map (db m26585) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Jackson — 9-40 — 53rd O.V.I. Regiment / Camp Diamond
53rd O.V.I. Regiment. The 53rd Ohio Volunteer Regiment was mustered into service at Camp Diamond, north of Jackson, during the first year of the Civil War. Men recruited from the counties of Athens, Gallia, Jackson, Lawrence, Meigs, Pike, . . . — Map (db m123900) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Jackson — 7-40 — Commercial Apple Orchards in Jackson County / The Jackson County Apple Festival
Commercial Apple Orchards in Jackson County. The first commercial apple orchards were established in Jackson County in the late nineteenth century, although legend has it that Johnny Appleseed planted the first apple trees here around . . . — Map (db m123685) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Jackson — 17 — JacksonMorgan's Raiders: "The Scum of the South" — John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail —
The advanced guard of Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan's Confederate raiders arrived in Jackson about 9:30 pm on July 16, 1863, and found a tree barricade near the Isham House on Main Street defended by old men and boys. Local militia forces . . . — Map (db m108267) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Jackson — James A. RhodesGovernor, State of Ohio — 1963-1971 — 1975-1983 —
•Established Ohio’s System of Two-Year & Technical Colleges • Former President of the American Athletic Union “AAU” • Increased state support for medical education • “Jim Rhodes is the fastest wit I’ve ever met.” . . . — Map (db m123814) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Jackson — 6-40 — James Cemetery / Major John James
Side A: James Cemetery Major John James (1772-1854) established James Cemetery in 1828 on and around a Native American mound that is the only significant ancient mound remaining in the city of Jackson. The mound is about 70 feet in diameter . . . — Map (db m24758) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Jackson — 4-40 — John Wesley Powell / Morgan's Raid in Jackson, 1863
Side A: John Wesley Powell (1834-1902) Scientist and explorer of the American West, John Wesley Powell moved from New York to Jackson with his family in 1838 and lived here until 1846. He developed an early interest in geology from his tutor . . . — Map (db m24762) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Jackson — 8-40 — McKinley Park / William McKinley
McKinley Park. William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States. Following McKinley’s assassination in 1901, the Village of Jackson dedicated this triangle of land as a park in his honor. Earlier in the nineteenth century, a . . . — Map (db m123234) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Jackson — 5-40 — The Scioto Salt Licks / The Scioto Salt Works
Side A: The Scioto Salts Licks, located in and around Jackson, is an area where naturally occurring salt water, known as brine, flowed to the surface as a salt-water spring. It is known that the spring existed since the Pleistocene Ice Age . . . — Map (db m24767) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Jackson — 2-40 — Trails / The Kanawha Trail
Side A: Trails Plunging herds of buffalo seeking salt licks and grazing lands wore trails through the Ohio Country when it was an Indian no-man's land. Later, Indians found the same trails suitable for their needs. The tawny paths were . . . — Map (db m24768) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Leo — Leo Petroglyph
On the flat surface of this rock is one of the finest examples of prehistoric Indian petroglyphs or craved writings in Ohio. These figures are carved on an exposed portion of the black Hand Sandstone bedrock which underlies much of east-central . . . — Map (db m20858) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Oak Hill — 10-40 — Welsh-American Heritage Museum / Old Welsh Congregational Church
Welsh-American Heritage Museum. In 1972 a group of Welsh-Americans chartered the Welsh-American Heritage Museum to preserve Welsh history and culture, and to preserve the Welsh Congregational Church. The old brick church was where songs of . . . — Map (db m132470) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Wellston — 18 — Berlin CrossroadsTrouble at the Crossroads — John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail —
As Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan's Confederate raiders left Jackson on Friday, July 17, 1863, they were in good spirits and singing songs. Although they had burned a mill near Berlin Crossroads, a small town located on the Marietta and . . . — Map (db m108268) HM
Ohio (Jackson County), Wellston — Berlin Heights BattlefieldJuly 17, 1863 — Berlin X-Roads Jackson County, Ohio —
During the Civil War at this location the Confederate forces of General Johm Hunt Morgan fought and defeated Union forces under the command of Col. Benjamin P. Runkle. Each side consisted of approximately 1.500 men The engagement began at 1:00 . . . — Map (db m108273) HM

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