“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Jefferson County Texas Historical Markers

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By Brian Anderson, June 10, 2018
Beaumont Marker
Texas (Jefferson County), Beaumont — 10493 — Beaumont
County seat of Jefferson County. Settled in 1825 as Tevis Bluff; incorporated as Beaumont Dec. 16, 1838. Early trading post, riverboat port, lumber, rice and ranching center. Near site of Spindletop gusher, where oil became an industry, ushering in . . . — Map (db m118626) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Beaumont — 10495 — City of Beaumont
Named in honor of Mary Dewleigh Borlace Warren Beaumont by her husband Henry Millard who laid out the town in 1835 on a site known as Tevis's Bluff Incorporated in 1838 — Map (db m129555) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Beaumont — 10527 — French Trading Post
Built 1845 by John J. French (1799-1889), merchant and tanner who came from Connecticut and New York to Texas in 1830s. Served as home and store, with tannery nearby. Early settlers came to “French Town” to trade tallow, hides, corn, and . . . — Map (db m60304) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Beaumont — 10544 — Henry Millard
A native of Saratoga County, New York, Henry Millard moved to Missouri with his family while still a child. As a young man he moved to Natchez, Mississippi, where in 1826 he married Mary Warren Beaumont. While living in Natchez they became the . . . — Map (db m118627) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Beaumont — 10536 — Jefferson County Courthouse
The first county building constructed at this site was a jailhouse completed in 1838, two years after the organization of Jefferson County. Located on land acquired from Nancy Tevis, a pioneer settler of the area, it also housed county offices and . . . — Map (db m118625) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Beaumont — 10537 — Jefferson Theatre
Built in 1927 by the Jefferson Amusement Company, this theatre quickly became a landmark in downtown Beaumont. Emile Weil, Inc., a New Orleans architectural firm, designed the structure. The interior is a showcase of fine materials and . . . — Map (db m76253) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Beaumont — 10554 — Port of Beaumont
The city of Beaumont, 41 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, was served from its founding in 1837 by schooners and sternwheelers navigating the Neches River. The three-foot depth of Sabine Lake between the river's mouth and the Gulf limited . . . — Map (db m118629) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Beaumont — 10576 — Texas' First Rice Mill
Beaumont Rice Mill, founded 1892 by J. E. Broussard, was developed after first commercial planting of rice in Texas in 1863. Earlier crops, due to dependence on rain, were dubbed “providence rice.” Broussard, pioneer grower and . . . — Map (db m76242) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Beaumont — 10540 — The Lucas Gusher
Discovery well of the Spindletop Oil Field and the first important well on the Gulf Coast. It blew in on Jan. 10, 1901, flowing 100,000 barrels of oil a day from a depth of 1020 feet. The oil production which resulted made Beaumont a city and the . . . — Map (db m64411) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Beaumont — 10578 — Tyrrell Public Library
Built in 1903 as the First Baptist Church, this limestone structure replaced a red brick church on the same site. Architect of the Romanesque Revival style edifice was A. N. Dawson and contractor was G. D. Patterson. In 1923, when the Baptist . . . — Map (db m118628) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), China — 11954 — Site of World War ll Prisoner of War Camp(China Branch Camp)
The reduction of the labor force in the United States during World War II prompted the use of prisoners of war as laborers for various agricultural interests. The responsibility of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service at Texas A&M University, . . . — Map (db m129554) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 10548 — Early Oil Tanker Service
Part of the huge transportation complex that moves petroleum to world markets. Traffic in oil tankers and barges in Texas mushroomed two months after the state's first oil gusher, "Spindletop," roared in. On March 11, 1901, the first boat to . . . — Map (db m118630) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 12784 — Francis John (Frank) Trost(June 24, 1868 - August 4, 1944)
Frank Trost, the photographer of record on the day the Lucas Gusher erupted in the Spindletop Oil Field, came to Port Arthur in 1895 from Kansas City, Missouri, where he had been involved in real estate. He opened a photography studio at this site . . . — Map (db m150445) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 10530 — Gates Memorial Library
John W. Gates (1855-1911), a noted financier and philanthropist, set aside land at this site for a public library. In 1917, through the efforts of his widow Dellora (1855-1918), this classical revival library was completed. It was designed by the . . . — Map (db m150536) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 13885 — Janis Lyn Joplin(January 19, 1943 - October 4, 1970)
A native of Port Arthur, famed blues and rock and roll singer Janis Joplin lived here with her family. She graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1960 and attended Port Arthur College and Lamar State College of Technology (Lamar . . . — Map (db m150396) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 'Man's Best Friend'
Some 30,000 dogs have served America's military in 20th century wars

They have served as guards, scouts, trackers, messengers or detectors of mines, booby traps, explosives and enemy soldiers

In Viet Nam 325 died in action . . . — (db m150769) HM WM

Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 14688 — Port Arthur College
John W. Gates founded Port Arthur College in 1909 as a nonprofit, non-sectarian, vocational school focusing on stenography, accounting and communications. Gates, one of the founders of the Texas Company (Texaco), envisioned a school to . . . — Map (db m150731) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 12783 — Port Arthur-Beaumont Interurban Railway
Electric railways known as Interurbans existed in Texas from 1901 until the 1940s to provide frequent opportunities for the public to travel between urban centers. Interurban service between Beaumont and Port Arthur began on December 16, 1913, . . . — Map (db m150381) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 10555 — Rainbow Bridge
The rapid growth of the petrochemical industry in Jefferson and Orange counties in the early 20th century led to increased population in this area. In order to serve escalating transportation needs, plans began in the 1920s for the construction of . . . — Map (db m150345) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 15944 — Ruby Ruth Fuller Building
This building was constructed in 1915 as the new home of Port Arthur's First United Methodist Church, which had organized in 1897. The building was designed by C.W. Ward, and church member Warren McDaniel served as the contractor. A special . . . — Map (db m150470) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 10565 — South County Office Building
The growth of the petrochemical industry in the southern part of Jefferson County in the early 1930s resulted in the need for extended county government services. State legislation was required in order to enable the county to build a . . . — Map (db m150436) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — The Four Chaplains
On February 3rd, 1943 as the American troopship Dorchester neared its destination, Greenland, it was torpedoed at 12:55 A.M. by a German submarine. The old ship immediately began to sink. As the men clamored to the deck, the four chaplains . . . — Map (db m150369) HM WM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 16026 — The Kansas City Southern Railway in Port Arthur
The city of Port Arthur was platted in 1895 as the terminus of a railroad envisioned by Arthur E. Stilwell as the shortest route from Kansas City, Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico. The Kansas City, Pittsburg and Gulf Railroad was completed in . . . — Map (db m150352) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 12562 — The Port Arthur Refinery
The eruption of the Lucas Gusher at the Spindletop oil field in January 1901 established Texas as a major oil source and signaled the beginning of a significant economic boom to the state. The new town of Port Arthur benefited tremendously from its . . . — Map (db m118631) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 10583 — The Woodworth House(Rose Hill) — Official Historical Medallion —
J.H. Baxter of the Griffing Lumber Company built this residence in 1906 for R.H. Woodworth (d.1923). Wide verandas extend beyond the impressive columned portico of the Classic Revival structure. Woodworth, a business and civic leader, and his wife . . . — Map (db m150368) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 10582 — The Woodworth House(Rose Hill)
In 1896 Arthur E. Stilwell, president of the Kansas City Southern Railroad, organized a townsite company to settle Port Arthur. Soon afterward, R.H. Woodworth (d. 1923) moved here from Chicago with his bride Mary (d. 1946). They erected their . . . — Map (db m150713) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — 10579 — Vuylsteke House
Born in Rotterdam, Holland, Adrianus Jacobus Maria Vuylsteke (1873-1912) immigrated to the U. S. in 1893. In 1894-96 he moved to Texas and helped plat the town of Port Arthur. Following his marriage to Nettie Minerva White in 1898, they settled in . . . — Map (db m150654) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Port Arthur — Women's Peacetime and Wartime Service
In Recognition of Women's Peacetime and Wartime Service To Our Country

Civil War 6,000 Spanish-American War 1,500 World War I 34,000 World War II 400,000 Korea 22,000 Viet Nam 7,500 Grenada 116 Panama 1,200 Persian Gulf . . . — Map (db m150744) WM

Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 12425 — 1886 Hurricane at Sabine Pass
In October 1886, Sabine Pass was the second largest town in Jefferson County, boasting a new rail line and an optimistic outlook on continued growth as a major coastal port. On the afternoon of October 12, just two months after a hurricane had . . . — Map (db m118670) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 13645 — Beach Road
The Beach Road is the coastal section of the Texas Highway 87 system. Stretching along the Gulf of Mexico from Sabine Pass through Chambers County to Port Bolivar in Galveston County, it follows a historic route that proved vital to the early . . . — Map (db m118676) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 13429 — Capture of the USS Morning Light and USS Velocity
After Texas seceded from the Union at the onset of the Civil War, the state's ports were included in a Union blockade of the South. The proximity of Sabine Pass to Galveston made it a strategic point for both the Union and Confederacy. In January . . . — Map (db m118789) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 10500 — City of Sabine and Sabine Pass
The first known settlers in this area were John McGaffey and Thomas Courts, who arrived in 1832. Sam Houston assisted Manuel de los Santos Coy in acquiring a land grant here in 1833. Two years later Houston and two partners purchased Coy's property . . . — Map (db m118671) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 15458 — Commodore Leon Smith
Maine native Leonidas Smith (b. 1829) became a sailor as a youth and, by age 21 commanded the U.S. Mail Packet Pacific along the west coast. At the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, he was sailing out of Galveston, Texas. He served as . . . — Map (db m118780) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — Dick Dowling
Commemorating the feat of Dick Dowling and his forty two Irish patriots Sabine Pass, Texas. 1861 C.S.A. 1865 "September the 8th 1863, an army of fifteen thousand Federals attacked the small fort at the Pass; the brave little garrison . . . — Map (db m118815) HM WM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 10558 — Federal Fatalities at the Battle of Sabine Pass
The Civil War battle at Sabine Pass on September 8, 1863 was a victory for Lieutenant Richard W. Dowling and his troops, which numbered fewer than 50. Dowling and his Davis Guards kept Union gunboats from advancing up the pass. The U.S.S. . . . — Map (db m118791) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 10526 — Fort Manhassett(7.5 Miles West)
To protect Texas against Federal invasion during the Civil War, Confederate General John B. Magruder ordered the construction of a fort on September 4, 1863, four days before the famous Confederate victory won by Dick Dowling and his small company . . . — Map (db m118775) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 17600 — Fort Sabine
During the Civil War, the Sabine Pass Channel was a strategic gateway to the interior of eastern Texas and western Louisiana, control of which was vital. Fearing a possible Union invasion, the citizens of Sabine City (later Sabine Pass) formed a . . . — Map (db m118674) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 10509 — Richard Dowling
Center Front Panel In memory of Lt. Richard W. Dowling and his men. Texas remembers the faithfulness and valor of her sons and commends their heroic example to future generations. The Men Who Fought with Lt. Dowling Were: Left Front Panel . . . — Map (db m118792) HM WM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — Sabine Bank Lighthouse
This lantern and watchroom once made up the top 20 feet of the Sabine Bank lighthouse, which originally towered 72 feet above the water in the Gulf of Mexico. The lighthouse was fabricated in Detroit, Michigan and shipped to Sabine by railway in . . . — Map (db m118814) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 10525 — Site of Fort Griffin(1863-1865)
Renowned for brilliant Civil War victory, Sept. 8, 1863. Confederates in this fort repulsed a fleet seeking to land thousands of Federal soldiers. Lt. Richard W. Dowling (1838-1867), in civilian life a Houston businessman, commanded fort during . . . — Map (db m118779) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 10567 — Spaight's 11th Battalion
Commanded by Col. Ashley W. Spaight, the 11th Battalion of Texas Volunteers, Confederate States Army, was nicknamed the "Swamp Angels." Tracing its origins to the "Sabine Pass Guards" militia formed in 1861, the battalion served during the Civil War . . . — Map (db m118675) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 10568 — Spanish-American War Fortifications(Approximately 3 miles south)
As tension mounted between the United States and Spain during the late 1890s, U. S. Representative Samuel Bronson Cooper of Texas recommended the War Department begin plans for the defense of the strategic Sabine Pass area. The Army Corps of . . . — Map (db m118776) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — Union Casualties at the Battle of Sabine Pass
Union Casualties at the Battle of Sabine Pass September 8, 1863 USS Clifton Killed United States Navy Exec. Officer Robert Rhodes Michael Driscoll, Landsman 75th Regt. New York Volunteers Pvt. Henry Raymond, Co. A . . . — Map (db m118812) HM WM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 10559 — United States Forces at the Battle of Sabine Pass
Federal forces in the Civil War failed in most of their early efforts to capture Texas. In the fall of 1863, after taking New Orleans and Vicksburg, their leaders attacked Western Louisiana in a renewed effort. They wished to divert valuable stocks . . . — Map (db m118790) HM
Texas (Jefferson County), Sabine Pass — 13116 — World War II Coastal Defenses at Sabine Pass
The natural coastal cut of Sabine Pass has long been an important military strategic point, as evidenced by the battle that took place here during the Civil War. It was no less significant in World War II, when it became one of the primary points of . . . — Map (db m118778) HM

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