“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Lumpkin County Georgia Historical Markers

"Gold Diggers' Road" Marker image, Touch for more information
By David Seibert, May 2, 2010
"Gold Diggers' Road" Marker
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — 093-7 — "Gold Diggers' Road"<------->
This section of highway was once a part of the “Gold Diggers’ Road,” one of the earliest ways used in reaching this area during the Gold Rush days. Beginning on the Chestatee River to the east, where it connected with a route coming . . . — Map (db m30750) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — 093-5 — Auraria
Auraria, (Gold), in 1832 the scene of Georgia’s first gold rush, was named by John C. Calhoun, owner of a nearby mine worked by Calhoun slaves. Auraria and Dahlonega were the two real gold towns in the U.S. before 1849. Between 1829 and 1839 about . . . — Map (db m9950) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — 093-1 — Calhoun Gold Mine<--- 1 Mi ---<<<<
Famous Calhoun Gold Mine where it is said vein gold was first discovered in Georgia by white men. In 1828 while deer hunting Benjamin Parks, of Dahlonega, accidentally found quartz gold in pockets or lodes. His find was so rich in gold that it . . . — Map (db m30654) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Chestatee River Diving Bell (c.1875)
During the early days of the Georgia Gold Rush, vast deposits of gold were known to exist at the bottom of the Chestatee River, but mining was restricted to the shallow areas close to the riverbanks because miners lacked the means to exploit the . . . — Map (db m134920) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — 093-4 — Consolidated Gold Mines1 mile→
One mile southeast of here, from 1900 to 1906, the Dahlonega Consolidated Mining Company operated what is considered the largest gold plant ever constructed east of the Mississippi River. Capitalized at $5,000,000, the plant included a . . . — Map (db m30723) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — 093-8 — Dahlonega Mustering Grounds
During the War Between the States nine companies were organized on this site; five were mustered here in 1861, two in 1862 and two in 1864. Men from other north Georgia counties came to Dahlonega to be mustered here in the companies of Lumpkin . . . — Map (db m21035) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Dahlonega Stories
This architect-designed building, constructed in 1942, is a good example of a "Great Depression" era community project accomplished in cooperation with the National Youth Administration. Local in-kind contributions included materials and labor. For . . . — Map (db m123731) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Dahlonega StoriesSargent Building(c. 1910)
The first building on the site was a trading post (c. 1830) known as “the Bruce Stand.” Sheriff John F. Sargent purchased the site in 1908 and razed the existing structure to build the present building, which opened as the Dahlonega . . . — Map (db m123736) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Dahlonega StoriesThe Strickland House
The Strickland House was built c.1882 by E.W. Strickland as his residence. It was later the family home of T.F. Christian, Clerk of Superior Court and cashier at the Bank of Dahlonega, and of Dahlonega’s first woman Mayor, Mrs. Jessie Garner. The . . . — Map (db m123772) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Dahlonega StoriesDr. C.H. Jones
When Dr. C.H. Jones erected this building as his drugstore in 1909 doctors dispensed their own medicine. Customers visited the soda fountain while awaiting their medicine. D.H. “Doc” Lipscomb opened Lipscomb’s Drugstore here in . . . — Map (db m123782) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Dahlonega StoriesTavern & Boarding House
A tavern & boarding house built on this corner in the 1840s was destroyed by fire in 1923. A gas station operated here in the 1930s and 40s. The Welch family, owners of the Smith House, purchased the vacant lot in 1964 and erected the present . . . — Map (db m123784) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Dahlonega StoriesThe Price Building
The Price Building was erected in 1897 by former Congressman W.P. Price to house Price & Son General Merchandise downstairs and Colonel Price’s law offices upstairs. Later leased to various businesses, it was Dahlonega’s first movie theater . . . — Map (db m123787) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Dahlonega StoriesW.A. Whitmire
In 1935 W.A. Whitmire tore down and earlier frame structure and erected this building as a general merchandise store. When Don and Mary Miller purchased the property in 1976, they remodeled it as Mary’s Mini-Mall and rented to a number of shops over . . . — Map (db m123789) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Dahlonega StoriesDr. Homer Head
Dr. Homer Head erected this building in 1910 to house his medical office upstairs and the Bank of Dahlonega on the main floor. The old bank vault and a rare cannonball safe are still visible. The structure is made of concrete blocks molded on the . . . — Map (db m123790) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Discovery to RestorationJourney of the (Chestatee River Diving Bell) from banks of the Chestatee River to Hancock Park — From Obscurity To Fame —
> For as long as anyone could remember, the iron cylinder protruding from the Chestatee River was thought to be a silent sentinel from a bygone age of steam power. They thought it looked like the smokestack of a sunken mining boat. The mystery . . . — Map (db m123664) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — 093-2 — Findley Ridge
Many famous gold mines of the Dahlonega era were along this ridge on both sides of this highway. The saprolite and vein gold mining operations along here contributed much to the $35,000,000 in gold taken from this district. Surface and . . . — Map (db m30384) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Hall's BlockEstablished 1883
Hall’s Block was built between 1882 and 1883 by Captain Frank W. Hall to house his Merchandise Company, Captain Hall came to Dahlonega from Vermont in 1867 as a gold mining equipment salesman and engineer. He also served as a legislator, mayor, . . . — Map (db m123734) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Lumpkin County Historic CourthouseCommunity Center for Justice, Council and Government
The prospering town of Dahlonega needed a suitable courthouse to replace the temporary log one. The well-known North Carolina carpenter and builder Ephraim Clayton was contracted for its construction. It was completed in 1836. For the next . . . — Map (db m123726) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Lumpkin County Veterans Memorial
In memorial Lumpkin County Veterans of all wars 1775 — 1987 Presented by The people of Lumpkin County And Dahlonega - Lumpkin County VFW Post 5533 1987 — Map (db m123725) WM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — 19 B-7 — Lumpkin Court House
This court house, built in 1836, replaced the small log structure used since the establishment of Lumpkin County in 1832. The town was named Dahlonega in October, 1833, for the Cherokee word “Talonega” meaning “golden.” From . . . — Map (db m30859) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Maibaum History Tree
Branch One: Illustrates wildlife that roamed prehistoric Lumpkin County, including wild turkey, beavers, black bears, wolves, trout, panther, white-tailed deer, and golden eagle. Branch Two: Illustrates the Native Americans of North Georgia. . . . — Map (db m123716) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — 093-9 — Price Memorial Building
Erected here in 1837 was a U.S. Branch Mint which operated until seized by the Confederates in 1861. It produced gold coins estimated to exceed $6,000,000.00 in value. In 1871 the mint building and ten acres of land were transferred to the state for . . . — Map (db m21037) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Restoration & Preservation by Cotrell, Inc.
Mr. Mike Cotrell volunteered the facilities of Cotrell, Inc. in Gainsville, GA. to preserve and restore the deteriorating Chestatee River Diving Bell. — Map (db m123665) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — Singleton/Wimpy/Gaillard Homeplace
Dr. Joseph J. Singleton, first superintendent of the Dahlonega mint, purchased this property in 1836 and built a home the following year. His wife, Mary Ann Singleton, joined the Dahlonega Baptist Church by letter on September 1, 1838, the day the . . . — Map (db m44580) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — The Public Square
When surveyors laid out the original village, this square was designated The Public Square. The center of the Square was reserved for the construction of a courthouse, completed on 1836. The Public Square embodies the rights guaranteed to the people . . . — Map (db m37369) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — 093-6 — The Station<---------<<<
This is the site of one the forts or stations used by the United States Government in Cherokee country in 1838 to round up the Cherokee Indians for their removal to western reservations. General Winfield Scott, commander of the troops used to . . . — Map (db m30369) HM
Georgia (Lumpkin County), Dahlonega — 093-3 — Trahlyta’s Grave
This pile of stones marks the grave of a Cherokee princess, Trahlyta. According to legend her tribe, living on Cedar Mountain north of here, knew the secret of the magic springs of eternal youth from the Witch of Cedar Mountain. Trahlyta, . . . — Map (db m9451) HM

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