“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Marion County Indiana Historical Markers

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By Duane Hall, June 7, 2013
Sarah T. Bolton Marker
Indiana (Marion County), Beech Grove — 49.1960.2 — Sarah T. Bolton1814 - 1893
A pioneer poet of Indiana, author of "Paddle Your Own Canoe" and "Indiana," crusader for women's rights, lived here at "Beech Bank" from 1871 to 1893. — Map (db m67185) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — “Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis Has Left the Building”
Former site of the Market Square Arena where on June 26, 1977 Elvis Aaron Presley performed his final concert. A scarf given by Elvis at that concert and words of remembrance from his fans have been encased in this marker so that a future generation . . . — Map (db m538) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2007.1 — 1907 Indiana Eugenics Law
[Marker Front]: By late 1800s, Indiana authorities believed criminality, mental problems, and pauperism were hereditary. Various laws were enacted based on this belief. In 1907, Governor J. Frank Hanly approved first state eugenics law . . . — Map (db m1829) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2004.5 — 28th Regiment USCT
Indiana’s only African-American Civil War regiment served as part of the 28th Regiment of U.S. Colored Troops. African-American infantry was authorized in 1863 to help fill federal quota for soldiers. The Reverend Willis Revels was recruiting . . . — Map (db m1845) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1960.1 — Anthony Wayne
1745–1796. Wayne Township was named for Gen. Anthony Wayne. This hero of the Revolution defeated the Indians at Fallen Timbers, 1794, and opened large areas for settlement by the Treaty of Greene Ville, 1795. — Map (db m567) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1999.2 — Athenaeum
Side one: Built for German societies of Indianapolis including Socialer Turnverein: east wing 1893-1894, west wing 1897-1898. Designed in German Renaissance Revival Style by Indianapolis firm of Vonnegut and Bohn. Sculpted terra cotta and . . . — Map (db m86962) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1996.2 — Bates-Hendricks House
Combines two nineteenth-century architectural styles. Built 1850s-1860 in Italianate Style. Later additions in Second Empire Style. Owners included Hervey Bates, Sr., first Marion County sheriff, Thomas A. Hendricks, U.S. vice president, and John . . . — Map (db m1827) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Benjamin HarrisonAugust 20, 1833 March 13, 1901
Lawyer and Publicist. Col. 70th Reg. Ind. Vol. War 1861-1866. Brevetted Brigadier General 1866. U.S. Senator, 1881-1887. President 1889-1893. Statesman, yet friend to truth, of soul sincere, action faithful and in honor clear. — Map (db m93165) WM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2009.2 — Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Side One A.M.E. Church traces its origins to founding of Free African Society in Philadelphia, 1787. Circa 1836, Augustus Turner, a barber, and other black settlers organized this Indianapolis congregation to worship freely and support . . . — Map (db m95237) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1999.1 — Bowen-Merrill Fire / Indianapolis Fire Department
Side A:Bowen-Merrill FireOn March 17, 1890 the Bowen-Merrill Company stationery and book store at 16-18 West Washington Street caught fire. Eighty-six firemen fought the blaze. The wood framed roof and floors collapsed, dropping many . . . — Map (db m41185) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1963.1 — Brig. General Benjamin Harrison
1833–1901. Entered the Union Army as 2nd Lt. of the 70th Indiana Regiment. He insisted on turning raw recruits into disciplined soldiers. He later was United States Senator from Indiana and the twenty-third President of the United States. — Map (db m565) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2004.1 — Brookville Road
Side one: On December 31, 1821, a 78-mile state road was authorized from the Ohio border to Indianapolis through Brookville, to be built with required citizen labor. Commissioners filed a survey report June 24, 1822 for the Brookville State . . . — Map (db m44713) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1995.1 — Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Original site of Saint Stephan Bulgarian Orthodox Church in 1915; relocated in 1955 to 1435 North Medford Avenue. Founded by Macedonian and Bulgarian immigrants to fulfill their religious needs and enjoyment of the traditions, customs, and . . . — Map (db m4616) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2006.1 — Calvin Fletcher
Born 1798 in Ludlow, Vermont, Fletcher and his wife Sarah came to this newly-named state capital 1821. They lived here 1839–1855 on a 269-acre farm, Wood Lawn, which encompassed most of today’s Fletcher Place Historic District. He was active . . . — Map (db m1853) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1962.1 — Camp Morton1861–65
Site selected by Lew Wallace as training camp for volunteers on old State Fairgrounds in 1861 and named for Governor Oliver P. Morton. Used as a camp for Confederate prisoners, 1862-65. Col. Richard Owen, Commandant. — Map (db m1855) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Camp Sullivan (Military Park)
Was ceded to State by Congress in 1827. First City Park and site of the first State Fair 1852. Named by Gov. Morton to honor Gen. Jeremiah Sullivan. Marshalling Center during Civil War 1861-1864. — Map (db m4619) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2016.3 — Central State Hospital
Side 1 People with mental illness were confined to jails and almshouses, often suffering neglect, before Dr. John Evans and local physicians advocated for their treatment; 1840s state laws established hospital here. In 1848, first patients . . . — Map (db m106448) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1964.1 — Civil War Arsenal 1861 - 1864
Governor Oliver P. Morton established a state arsenal to supply Indiana's troops with ammunition. First located adjacent to the State Capitol, the arsenal was later moved to the present site of Arsenal Technical High School. — Map (db m55548) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Civil War Training CampFirst State Fairgrounds to Camp Sullivan
Military Park began its existence in the 1820s as a “Military Reservation” where the state militia occasionally trained. In 1852 the first Indiana State Fair was held on the grounds, and other state fairs occurred there over the next . . . — Map (db m95385) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Confederate Mound
. . . — Map (db m82239) HM WM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1992.1 — Crispus Attucks High School
Built 1927 to serve as the only public high school for Indianapolis’ black population. Integrated 1970 under court-ordered desegregation. Converted to junior high, 1986. Listed in National Register of Historic Places, 1989. Named for patriot of . . . — Map (db m1847) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1976.2 — Crown Hill
Crown Hill Cemetery, founded in 1863, is the fourth largest cemetery in America. The history of Indiana and the United States is reflected in its monuments. President Benjamin Harrison, Vice-Presidents Charles Fairbanks, Thomas Hendricks, and Thomas . . . — Map (db m81439) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — First Indiana State Meeting of the Christian Churches
First Indiana State Meeting of the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) was held in Central Christian Church. Then on the South Side of Kentucky Avenue between Capitol and Senate Avenues, June 7-11, 1839This marker dedicated at the 125th . . . — Map (db m4631) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1983.1 — First Presbyterian Church of Southport"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations ...." (Matthew 28:19)
In recognition of its 150th year as a worshipping congregation, this sign marks the original location of the First Presbyterian Church of Southport, established March 30, 1833. Originally known as New Providence, the founding congregation met at . . . — Map (db m67187) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1976.1 — Former U.S. Arsenal
Established by an Act of Congress in 1862, this arsenal furnished munitions for U.S. Forces until 1903. It became the home of Arsenal Technical High School in 1912. — Map (db m81441) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1998.3 — German Greenhouses and Truck Gardens
(Front Side) Many of Indiana's German immigrants settled in southwestern Marion County during the mid-1800s and began greenhouses and truck gardens on Bluff Road; area grew to major boundaries of Harding, Raymond, Madison, and Banta . . . — Map (db m67188) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1992.2 — Greek Orthodox Church
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Indianapolis was located here at 231 North West Street from 1919-1959. The Church, incorporated 1910, now located at 4011 North Pennsylvania Street, has also preserved customs and language of extensive Greek . . . — Map (db m4614) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Griffith Block1872
Built in 1872 for the heirs of Humphrey Griffith – the city’s first watch and clock maker – the Griffith Block stood for 128 years at 36-38 West Washington Street, the northwest corner of West Washington and Bird Streets. This commercial . . . — Map (db m86965) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Here, Abraham Lincoln Said
Here, Feb 11, 1861, Abraham Lincoln, on his way to Washington to assume the Presidency, in an address said “I appeal to you to constantly bear in mind that not with politicians, not with presidents, not with office-seekers, but with you is the . . . — Map (db m3809) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Hinkle FieldhouseButler University
Has been designated a National Historic Landmark. This building possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America. — Map (db m82674) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2000.1 — Holy Rosary - Danish Church Historic District
Platted 1854; now bounded by South East Street, Virginia Avenue, and interstates 65/70. Early residents were Germans, Irish, Scots, and Welsh. Danes resided in area circa 1870–1890. By 1910, ninety percent of area residents were Italian . . . — Map (db m1839) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1966.1 — Home of Charles Warren Fairbanks
May 11, 1852 – June 4, 1918. Prominent lawyer of Indianapolis; Keynote convention speaker, 1896; United States Senator, 1897-1905; Vice-President of the United States, 1905-1909; and Vice-Presidential candidate in 1916. — Map (db m1849) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1994.2 — Indiana Avenue
African Americans, by the 1890s, had established a vibrant social, commercial, and economic community along Indiana Avenue. Black entertainers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and working people developed the Avenue into a thriving, widely-known . . . — Map (db m95233) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1997.1 — Indiana Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs
Organized 1904 by Lillian Thomas Fox with 14 clubs. Affiliated with National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, founded 1896. Objectives include improvement of education, health, living standards, inter-racial understanding. Clubhouse at 2034 N. . . . — Map (db m1828) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1994.1 — Indiana School for the Blind
Established 1847 by the General Assembly to provide education for Indiana's blind children. School on downtown site, 1848-1930. Relocated 1930 to present site on North College Avenue. Provides services to blind and visually impaired school-age . . . — Map (db m81444) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Indiana State House
When Alexander Ralston and Elias Fordham laid out the original Mile Square Plan for Indianapolis, they set aside Square 53 for a “State House” two blocks west of what is now Monument Circle. In 1835 a first state house was completed on . . . — Map (db m95384) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1975.2 — Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Constructed in 1909, the Speedway has contributed significantly to the advancement of automotive technology and development of safety devices. It is unchallenged as the world's oldest continuously operated race course and the site of the largest . . . — Map (db m228) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2013.2 — Indianapolis Times
Side One The Indianapolis Times (originally published as the Sun in 1888) moved to this site in 1924. In the 1920s, it led a crusade against the Ku Klux Klan, exposing the Klan's influence in Indiana politics and spurring . . . — Map (db m95234) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2011.1 — Isaac Blackford
Front Born 1786 in New Jersey; admitted to the bar 1810. Residing in Vincennes, Indiana Territory in 1815; later elected Speaker of the first state House of Representatives. In September 1817, Governor Jennings appointed Blackford to Indiana . . . — Map (db m60668) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2006.2 — John Freeman
In 1844, John Freeman, a free black, purchased land in Indianapolis. By 1853, he owned land in this area worth $6,000. In June 1853, a slaveholder claimed Freeman was his runaway slave. Freeman spent nine weeks in jail; he hired lawyers; claim was . . . — Map (db m1833) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2004.2 — John Muir in Indianapolis
Side one Born 1838 in Dunbar, Scotland, Muir moved to the U.S. with his family, settling in Wisconsin 1849. As a youth, he became interested in nature and mechanical inventions. He attended the University of Wisconsin and was consumed . . . — Map (db m46133) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1995.2 — Joseph W. Summers Memorial Bridge
Built in 1917, this Neo-Classical, reinforced concrete arch bridge was designed by nationally prominent landscape architect, George Kessler. In 1991 the bridge was named in honor of State Representative Joseph Summers, who served with distinction as . . . — Map (db m1854) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1961.2 — Lincoln to the Citizens of Indiana
“. . . it is your business . . . if the Union of these States, and the liberties of this people, shall be lost. . . . It is your business to rise up and preserve the Union. . . .” From speech by President-elect Abraham Lincoln . . . — Map (db m564) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1998.2 — Lockerbie Square
Side one: This historic neighborhood was originally platted in 1847 and 1850. Its name was derived from Lockerbie Street, which was named after George M. Lockerbie, an early Indianapolis resident. James Whitcomb Riley, who resided on Lockerbie . . . — Map (db m1826) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1990.1 — Macedonian Tribune
Original location of the Macedonian Tribune, 20 South West Street, from 1927-1949. Founded by immigrants from Macedonia as the voice of the Macedonian Patriotic Organization, the paper continues to be published in Fort Wayne, Indiana. — Map (db m566) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2004.3 — Marion County Girl Scouts
Side A: In 1917, Anna Marie Ridge founded in Irvington the first troop in Marion County; it was registered in July as Indianapolis Troop 1 by Girl Scout, Incorporated. In 1937, Troop 1 was meeting here at Irvington Presbyterian Church. . . . — Map (db m106444) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1999.3 — Market Street Temple
Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation (Reform) founded 1856 as state's fourth Jewish congregation. Its temple, first in the city, built here 1865-1868 to serve members in area's German Jewish neighborhood. As membership grew and moved northward, . . . — Map (db m537) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2009.3 — Marshall "Major" Taylor
(side 1) Born in Indianapolis, 1878, Taylor moved to Massachusetts, 1895, to pursue cycling career. In 1896, he set one-mile record at Capital City Track located here. He won his first professional race December 1896 and quickly . . . — Map (db m81445) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — McCormick Cabin Site
Here stood the cabin of John McCormick one of the first settlers in central Indiana. The commissioners appointed by the legislature to select a site for the permanent seat of government of the state of . . . — Map (db m81863) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1968.1 — Milestones in Nursing
1859. Completion of the first building of the Indianapolis City Hospital, forerunner of Marion County General Hospital. Founder of this oldest general hospital in Indiana was Livingston Dunlap, M.D. 1861–1865. The first patients were . . . — Map (db m1851) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1991.2 — North Meridian Street Historic District
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, 1986 "One of America's Great Streets." — Map (db m81448) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1992.3 — North Western Christian University
Chartered by Indiana General Assembly, 1850. Opened at this site, 1855, on land provided by Ovid Butler. Became Butler University, 1877, after relocation in Irvington. Present location in Fairview Park was made possible through donations by . . . — Map (db m81447) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Oliver Perry Morton — The Great War Governor
Plaque One Born in Wayne Co. Indiana August 4, 1823. Died in Indianapolis November 1, 1877. Aged 54 years, 2month and 25 days. Admitted to the Bar in 1847. Served as Governor of Indiana from January 16, 1861 to March 4, 1867. . . . — Map (db m55573) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2007.2 — Ovid Butler, Sr.
(Front): Born 1801 in New York; moved to Indiana 1817. Admitted to bar 1825; became influential lawyer. Settled in Indianapolis 1836. His opposition to slavery on moral and religious grounds was reflected in his political affiliations and . . . — Map (db m4644) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Richard Jordan GatlingInventor of the Gatling Gun
Born Hertford Co. North Carolina Sept. 12th, 1818. Died New York City. Febr. 26th, 1903. The highest honors that the world can boast are subjects far too low for my desire. The brightest beams of glory are at most incomplete compared to my . . . — Map (db m82207) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2005.1 — Robert F. Kennedy Speech on Death of Martin L. King
Here on the evening of April 4, 1968, Kennedy came to address a large crowd of mostly African Americans in his bid for Democratic Party nomination for president of U.S. Instead, visibly shaken, he gave an impromptu speech about the assassination of . . . — Map (db m236) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Roberts Park United Methodist Church
Roberts Park United Methodist Church Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m86964) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1998.1 — Romanian Orthodox Church
Here, at 635 W. Market Street, original Saints Constantine and Elena Romanian Orthodox Church was dedicated in 1911; incorporated in 1916. Church has served Romanian community spiritually, culturally, and socially. Congregation built current church . . . — Map (db m95236) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1992.4 — Site of Golden Hill Totem Pole
A 30 foot 19th century Alaskan Haida totem stood on this site c.1905-c.1948. The totem, part of Brady Collection in Alaska Pavilion at 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, was given to David M. Parry, industrialist, whose estate once encompassed Golden Hill. — Map (db m81443) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1992.5 — Site of the Central Canal
Authorized by Indiana's 1836 Internal Improvement Act, Central Canal conceived as link in transportation system connecting Wabash and Erie Canal with Ohio River. State's bankruptcy in 1839 prevented completion of Central Canal. Canal has since . . . — Map (db m95231) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Soldiers and Sailors Monument
To Indiana's Silent Victors War with Mexico 1846 1847 1848 Indiana Regiments No's. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 4585 men Indian and British War 1811-1812 Battle of Tippecanoe Indians defeated Nov. 7, 1811 War of the Revolution Capture of . . . — Map (db m105767) WM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1946.1 — State Capitol
State capital was moved to Indianapolis, 1825, from Corydon. The capital built on this site in 1835 was razed in 1878 to make way for this State House, completed in 1888. — Map (db m63953) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1966.2 — The Central Canal
Part of a statewide canal system begun in the late 1830's. The Central was projected from Peru to Worthington via Marion and Martinsville. Twenty-four miles were completed in this region. Railroads soon replaced the canals. — Map (db m267) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 434 — The Home of Caroline Scott HarrisonNational Historic Landmark — American Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
The home of Caroline Scott Harrison First President General National Society Daughters of the American Revolution 1890-1892 and Benjamin Harrison Twenty Third President of the United States Erected in 1871 Presented by Indiana Daughers of . . . — Map (db m122216) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2009.1 — The Lincoln Funeral Train
Side A Assassinated President Abraham Lincoln's funeral was April 19, 1865 at the White House. The funeral train left for Springfield, Illinois April 21 directed by the military; stops en route allowed mourners to pay homage. In Richmond, . . . — Map (db m95235) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — The National Road
Cumberland M.D. to Terre Haute Ind. 1806 - 1839 — Map (db m99992) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1995.5 — The Old Northside
Vibrant historic district was home to many social, political, commercial, and industrial leaders of Indianapolis during the last half of nineteenth through early twentieth centuries. Revitalization of Old Northside is part of national historic . . . — Map (db m4633) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — The Rost Jewelry Company Building1948
A 1948 Art Deco facade updated the front of a nineteenth-century commercial building located at 25 North Illinois Street for the Rost Jewelry Company. The facade, which features three clocks, is composed of limestone, polished metal, marble and . . . — Map (db m125520) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Thomas Andrews Hendricks
Plaque 1Vice President of the United States with Democrat President Grover Cleveland, 1885 Born September 7, 1819, near Zanesville, Ohio Died November 25, 1885, Indianapolis, buried at Crown Hill Cemetery Represented Shelby County: Indiana . . . — Map (db m100033) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1961.3 — Toll House - Michigan Road
Operated by Augusta Gravel Road Co., circa 1866-1892. First major state road, built in the 1830's, from the Ohio River to Lake Michigan. — Map (db m563) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — USS Indianapolis CA-35
Panel 1 Named in honor of our Capitol City, the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis keel was laid on 31 March 1930 and launched on 7 November 1931. She was accepted by the Navy and Commissioned on 15 November 1932. She was 610 feet 4 inches . . . — Map (db m55558) WM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2011.2 — Washington Park Baseball
Side A Here, May 2, 1920, in the first game of the new Negro National League, the Indianapolis A.B.C.s defeated the Chicago Giants. Indianapolis native Oscar Charleston began his career with the A.B.C.s in 1915. Segregation in professional . . . — Map (db m106445) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2003.1 — Widows and Orphans Friends’ Society
Society created by Indianapolis Benevolent Society 1849 to provide relief for indigent widows and orphans; incorporated 1851 by Indiana General Assembly. Opened its first orphanage on this site 1855. White House Conference in 1909 focused attention . . . — Map (db m1843) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1984.1 — William Forsyth1854 – 1935
Indiana artist and teacher; member of the Hoosier Group; influential in Indiana and the World of Art. Studio and residence located at 15 South Emerson (on diagonal corner) from 1906-1935. — Map (db m106443) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1976.3 — Woodruff Place
Conceived by James Orton Woodruff, prominent citizen and industrialist, platted in 1872, as a residence park, this 77 acre landscaped enclave long existed as an incorporated town completely surrounded by the larger City. The district was finally . . . — Map (db m81446) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.2004.4 — Zerelda G. Wallace
(Front): Born August 6, 1817 in Kentucky and came to Indianapolis with her family in the early 1830s. Was a charter member of the Church of Christ (later Central Christian Church) 1833. Married David Wallace (later governor) 1836. Was first . . . — Map (db m4629) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Lawrence — 49.1996.1 — Fort Benjamin Harrison
Established by Congress, 1903, as infantry post. Named for former U.S. president from Indianapolis. Became important as administration and finance training center. Historic district—listed in National Register of Historic Places, . . . — Map (db m66819) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Southport — 49.1975.1 — Mary Bryan, Pioneer Woman
Mary Bryan, one of the first American women to cross the Cumberland Mountains (c. 1776), is buried here with Samuel, her husband, a Revolutionary War veteran, who settled in Perry Township in 1830. — Map (db m1702) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Speedway — 49.2015.1 — Alison Machine Shop
Side 1: Entrepreneur James Allison helped establish Indianapolis Speedway Team Co., 1915, and later built a precision machine shop here near speedway to improve race cars. Upon U.S. entry in WWI, 1917, 500-mile race was suspended and he . . . — Map (db m106446) HM

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