“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Mercer County Ohio Historical Markers

Carthagena Black Cemetery Marker image, Touch for more information
By Michael Baker
Carthagena Black Cemetery Marker
Ohio (Mercer County), Carthagena — 5-54 — Carthagena Black Cemetery
The Carthagena Black Cemetery (Union Cemetery) is a remnant of approximately 70 documented rural black and mulatto rural settlements established throughout Ohio before the Civil War. After the Cincinnati riots against blacks in 1829, Quaker . . . — Map (db m110110) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Celina — Beaver Chapel ChurchSwamp College — Busy Little Corner, in the Middle of Nowhere
This bell was used by Beaver Chapel Church from 1908 - 1985 placed here September 2012 in honor of our 125 year anniversary — Map (db m83280) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Celina — Grand Lake St. Marys SpillwayMercer County Reservoir — Miami and Erie Canal Feeder
Grand Lake St. Marys was constructed between 1837 and 1845 as a feeder reservoir for the Miami and Erie Canal. The reservoir provided a constant source of water for the canal through a feeder canal located at the eastern embankment of the lake. . . . — Map (db m83247) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Celina — Swamp College Veterans MemorialObscure Marker in an Obscure Location — A Bi-Centennial Marker
For God and country we have served for peace (5 logos) Veterans Memorial donated by Celina Post 120 & Coldwater Post 470 dedicated July 4, 1976 — Map (db m83305) WM
Ohio (Mercer County), Celina — 3-54 — The Riley Home
[Main Marker Front]: The museum of the Mercer County Historical Society, the Riley Home, represents six generations of the Riley family in the county. The first Riley to arrive here was Captain James Riley, who surveyed the area in 1819, . . . — Map (db m12294) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Battle of Fort RecoveryAnthony Wayne Parkway
In 1793, Gen. Mad Anthony Wayne led a third expedition against the Indians. On this site where St. Clair met defeat, he built a post significantly named Fort Recovery, Dec. 23-26, 1793. Here was won the Battle of Fort Recovery, the most signal . . . — Map (db m19847) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Dr. Victor Grasson
Dr. Victor Grasson, a hero of the Indian Wars was killed while caring for the wounded during General Arthur St. Clair's defeat here, November 4, 1791. — Map (db m22688) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Fort Recovery Civil War Veterans Memorial
In Memory of Our Civil War Veterans 1861 - 1865 Erected by W.R.C. No. 338, 1935. — Map (db m80446) WM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Fort Recovery Monument
[West side of Monument] This monument was erected by the Congress to commemorate the valor and perpetuate the memory of the heroic soldiers who were slain in those two memorable conflicts of the North West Territory the defeat of Arthur . . . — Map (db m20355) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Gen. Richard Butler
Gen. Richard Butler was Killed by Indians beneath a tree which stood on the site of this building - - - in - - - St. Clair's Defeat November 4, 1791 — Map (db m20271) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Golder Pottkotter Post Veterans Memorial
In memory of all veterans Golder Pottkotter VFW Post 6515 est. Nov. 17, 1968 flag pole dedicated June 19, 1995 VFW Post 6515 — Map (db m97306) WM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Green Mound Cemetery Veterans Memorial
In memory of all military personnel — Map (db m97304) WM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Greene Ville Treaty LineSurveyed by Israel Ludlow, 1797-1799
At this spot was found the original surveyor's stake which marked the western terminus of that part of the Greene Ville Treaty line running from near Fort Laurens, in the eastern part of the state, to Fort Recovery. From this point the line ran . . . — Map (db m20265) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Pioneer Cemetery
Pioneer Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Mercer County and is the final resting place for many of the early pioneers who first settled in the Fort Recovery area. The large marker on this site lists the names of those buried here.

Temporary . . . — Map (db m90936) HM WM

Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Samuel McDowell
Placed in 1951 in memory of Samuel McDowell 1770-1847 Soldier General St. Clair's Army 1791 General Wilkinson's Army 1792 General Wayne's Army 1793-1794 Pioneer Settler 1838 by His Descendants and the Fort Recovery Historical . . . — Map (db m90934) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Sha'anoe Warrior Monument
Beneath the white oak rests an unknown Sha'anoe warrior. To his memory and in memory of his brothers killed here in the battles at Fort Recovery we erect this monument. September 10, 1983 "Weshecatweloo Keweshelawaypa" (Let Us Always Do Good) — Map (db m90932) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Spring Hill Cemetery Veterans Memorial
In memory of all military personnel — Map (db m97305) WM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — 4-54 — St. Clair’s Defeat / Wayne’s Victory1791 / 1794
St. Clair’s Defeat. Native Americans inhabited and used much of the land in the Ohio valley as hunting grounds. As American settlers pushed west, conflicts resulted and attempts at peaceful settlement failed. Under political pressure, President . . . — Map (db m20333) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — St. Clair's DefeatAnthony Wayne Parkway
When American pioneers attempted to settle the Northwest Territory following the Ordinance of 1787, the Indians, aided by the British fought fiercely for their homes. The first United States army sent to break the Indian resistance was commanded by . . . — Map (db m19950) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — C150 — St. Clair's Defeat / Fort Recovery
. . . — Map (db m19845) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — St. Paul Catholic Church, Sharpsburg (Zenz City) & Sharpsburg SchoolIn the “Land of Cross-Tipped Churches”
St. Paul Catholic Church Dedication: March, 1889 Architect: Anton DeCurtins (1830—1895), Carthagena, Ohio Placed on the National Register of Historic Places, 1979

This historic parish began in 1867 on four acres of land purchased . . . — Map (db m119415) HM

Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Strong, tall, redheaded Nance
"Strong, tall, red headed Nance clung her baby tight, and ferociously wielding her frying pan, held off the brutal Indian attackers." St. Clair Battle, 1791 — Map (db m99335) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — Wabash River
South Side “Oubache’ was the French name for the Wabash – an Indian word meaning white. La Salle in 1669, was the first white man to explore this stream. Long it had been a link in a well- used route for red warriors and . . . — Map (db m74353) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Maria Stein — 2-54 — Maria Stein Convent and Relic Chapel
The Sisters of the Precious Blood, founded in Switzerland by Maria Anna Brunner in 1834, began their ministry of prayer and education in Mercer County here at Maria Stein (Our Lady of the Rock). Father Francis de Sales Brunner, a Missionary of the . . . — Map (db m113595) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Maria Stein — Maria Stein Veterans Memorial
(three American Legion logos) American Legion Post 571 Maria Stein Veterans Memorial Dedicated to the Veterans of all wars and or conflicts who honorably served and to those who gave their lives in the service of our country (five service . . . — Map (db m94415) WM
Ohio (Mercer County), Maria Stein — St John the Baptist Catholic ChurchIn the “Land of the Cross-Tipped Churches”
Dedication: 17 November 1891 Architect: Adophus Druiding (1838- 1899), Chicago, IL Contractor: Anton DeCurtins (1829- 1895), Carthagena, OH This historic parish was organized in 1835 by a group of German immigrants, primarily from Oldenburg, . . . — Map (db m113278) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Maria Stein — St. Rose Schoolhouse Bell
This twenty-two inch bell was crafted out of cast iron in 1892 by C.S.Bell&Co. The bell was placed in the St. Rose Schoolhouse east of the church, where it spent its life in a cupola until its removal in 2014. for many years, this piece of finely . . . — Map (db m94439) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Mendon — Fort AdamsAnthony Wayne's lost fort
General Wayne built Fort Adams in August, 1794, on his northward move from Cincinnati in the Indian Wars. The fort, which was located approximately ¼ mile east of here, on the north bank of the river, was one of the smaller units in a chain . . . — Map (db m78498) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Rockford — Hedges Memorial Park
(left marker) Erected by Citizens of this community as a tribute to all veterans Lest we forget (right marker) This historic site was: ages old Indian village, camp, and river crossing for armies of Celeron, . . . — Map (db m44019) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Rockford — History of Anthony Shane
Anthony Shane, born Antoine Chene (meaning oak in French) sometime between 1760 and 1770 to a French Canadian father and Ottawa Indian mother, grew up among the Shawnee tribes on their lands in Ohio. He hunted and fished the St. Marys River with . . . — Map (db m44018) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Rockford — Locating, Moving, and Restoration of the Anthony Shane Log House
A tiny dot on old maps pinpoints a double-log (two story) dwelling on the property owned by Anthony Shane and located at the turn of Shane Road. What was once a thriving pathway from Piqua to Ft. Wayne, running near the river traffic route, is now a . . . — Map (db m44017) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Saint Henry — Saint Henry, Ohio
In July, 1837, Henry Romer platted the village of St. Henry, Ohio. The Romer (Roemer), Bruns, Beckman, Wimmers, Borgelt, Athmer, Wendell, Grievenkamp, Huelsmann, Brockmann, and Hemmelgarnn families were among those early settlers of the 1830’s and . . . — Map (db m116854) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), Saint Henry — St. Henry Catholic ChurchDedicated 25 July 1897 — In the “Land of the Cross-Tipped Churches”
Architect: Adolph Druiding, Chicago Contractor/Decorator: DeCurtins Bros., Carthagena

Parish founded by German immigrants in 1839 and named in honor of Henry II (A.D. 972-1024), Bavarian Duke, King, and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. . . . — Map (db m113279) HM

Ohio (Mercer County), St. Henry — St. Francis Catholic ChurchIn the “Land of Cross-Tipped Churches”
Dedication: 30 September 1906 Architect: William P. Ginther (1859- 1933), Akron, OH Contractor: Nicholas A. Ley, Minster, OH The parish, established in 1856 by German immigrants, was a daughter parish of St. Henry and named in honor of St. . . . — Map (db m118338) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), St. Henry — 1- 54 — The Cranberry PrairieA Geological Feature of Western Ohio
The Cranberry Prairie, southwest of this marker, is a part of Ohio's natural history. The place was named for the cranberries that grew in a swamp here prior to drainage of the area. The Cranberry Prairie was created by centuries of peat . . . — Map (db m94414) HM
Ohio (Mercer County), St. Henry — The Cranberry School Bell
This bell is the original from the Cranberry School that used to stand directly across the road from this location. The bell was hung in the tower on the southwest corner of the school. Every day the bell was rung to begin the school day and . . . — Map (db m94438) HM

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