“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Montgomery County Kentucky Historical Markers

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By Don Morfe, April 15, 2014
Battle of Mt. Sterling Marker
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — 177 — Battle of Mt. Sterling
On March 22, 1863, about 300 Confederate cavalrymen under Col. R.S. Cluke captured this city. Taking 438 prisoners, 222 wagon loads of military stores, 500 mules and 1000 stand of arms. Confederate losses: 8 killed, 13 wounded. Union: 4 killed, 10 . . . — Map (db m73853) HM
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — 628 — Battle-June 8, 1864
Early this day CSA forces under Gen. John H. Morgan on his tragic last raid attacked Union camp here under Capt. Edward Barlow. CSA took 380 prisoners and material. $59,000 taken from Farmers' Bank. Leaving a force here under Col. H. L. Giltner, . . . — Map (db m83487) HM
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — 629 — Battle-June 9, 1864
CSA took Mt. Sterling on previous day. Early on 9th US forces under General S. G. Burbridge attacked CSA under Col. R. M. Martin camped on Camargo Pike. Col. H. L. Giltner brought CSA force from Levee Road, but both driven through city. CSA . . . — Map (db m83485) HM
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — 1331 — Civil War Robbery / Bank Sues
Civil War Robbery In this building is the Farmers Bank vault, which was robbed of $60,000 as "Morgan's Raiders" were on their last raid through Kentucky. Late the night of June 8, 1864, several of Morgan's men went to the house of J. O. . . . — Map (db m83483) HM
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — 586 — Courthouse Burned
Twenty-two Kentucky courthouses were burned during the Civil War, nineteen in last fifteen months; twelve by Confederates, eight by guerrillas, two by Union accident. See map on reverse side. Dec. 2, 1863, CSA cavalry burned courthouse at Mt. . . . — Map (db m79183) HM WM
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — 153 — Estill's Defeat
Here on March 22, 1782, in Battle of Little Mountain, Captain James Estill and 7 of his force of 25 pioneers were killed in desperate hand-to-hand fighting with a band of 25 marauding Wyandots. — Map (db m83478) HM
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — 2290 — Little Mountain Indian Mound
(Front) On this site stood the massive Little Mountain Indian Mound, from which Mount Sterling derived its name. Constructed by the Adena Indian culture about 2000 years ago, the circular mound stood 25 feet in height and 125 feet in . . . — Map (db m84145) HM
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — 1216 — Montgomery County. 1797
Named for Gen. Richard Montgomery, Revolutionary War officer. Born in Ireland, 1738. An advocate of colonial freedom, he commanded continental forces in the north, capturing first British colors in war, Fort Johns, 1775. Killed in Quebec attack, . . . — Map (db m73850) HM
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — Mt. Sterling, KentuckyEstablished 1792
Founded by Hugh Forbes and Enoch Smith, Mt. Sterling was originally called "Little Mountain Town" before being named after the city of Stirling, Scotland. Mt. Sterling is rich in history. Our city was the site of several Civil War skirmishes, one of . . . — Map (db m121383) HM
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — 1655 — The Gaitskill Mound
Indian Mound attributed to Adena people who inhabited Ohio Valley ca. 800 B.C. to 700 A.D. They began cultivating simple crops, bringing about a mixed hunting and farming economy. Central to Adena life were rituals involving cremation and mound . . . — Map (db m73886) HM

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