“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Multnomah County Oregon Historical Markers

Wide view of the Beacon Rock Marker image, Touch for more information
By Paul Crumlish, August 1, 2010
Wide view of the Beacon Rock Marker
Oregon (Multnomah County), Cascade Locks — Beacon Rock
The prominent monolith across the river was named Beacon Rock by Lewis and Clark, November 2, 1805. It marked the beginning of tidewater for early river explorers who used it for a landmark in their journeys. The Indians say that when the Chinook . . . — Map (db m34643) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Cascade Locks — Oneonta GorgeA Secret Garden
Using the sun’s energy, the chlorophyll in a plant’s leaves produce sugars and starches that nourish the plant. Shafts of light dance briefly through this deep canyon, illuminating shade-tolerant ferns, mosses, and lichens . . . — Map (db m112252) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Cascade Locks — Oneonta TunnelRevisit the Past
The US Department of Agriculture describes cedar as possessing a natural resistance to rot… It is well recognized for its longevity and strength above other wood products. Oneonta Bluff presented an obstacle to engineer Samuel C. . . . — Map (db m112251) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Broughton’s Expedition
Captain George Vancouver in a voyage of exploration to the Northwest coast of America ordered by the British Admiralty Office assigned Lieutenant William Robert Broughton, Commander of H.M.S. Chatham, to explore the navigable waters of the Columbia . . . — Map (db m34495) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Chanticleer PointA View and a Vision
Demands for a good road paralleling the Columbia River began with emigration along the rugged Oregon Trail in 1843. But it took Samuel Hill and this view to help make the dream a reality. Sam Hill, an eccentric and wealthy railroad . . . — Map (db m114071) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Chanticleer PointCrafted by Cataclysms
There is much of legend and tradition associated with the Columbia River and its gorge. The geologic story is neither fable, myth nor tradition, but one of fact, facts that independently stand out in every rock and waterfall, as if begging . . . — Map (db m114529) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — CorbettOn the Road to Change
Stacks of cordwood and bushels of potatoes lined the docks of Corbett Landing in the 1880s. This riverside steamboat landing and railroad whistle stop served early settlers as a shipping and receiving station for surplus produce and the . . . — Map (db m113253) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Discover Wahkeena Falls
Stretching from rainforest to desert, and from sea level to mountains, the Columbia Gorge provides a wide range of habitat for plants and animals. The Wahkeena Creek watershed is only one example of a unique gorge ecosystem. Wahkeena Falls. . . . — Map (db m91210) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Marshall N. Dana1885-1966 — Conservationist — Journalist — Civic Worker —
A tireless leader in Columbia River development, park enhancement, preservation of scenic beauty, establishment of Vista House, re-creation of the Lewis and Clark Trail, and countless other good works, he left his mark on the Oregon Country, and we . . . — Map (db m91293) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Samuel C. Lancaster1864 – 1941
Chief Engineer, Scenic Columbia River Highway, 1913–1915. Pioneer Builder of hard-surface roads. His genius overcame tremendous obstacles, extending and replacing the early trail through the Columbia River gorge with a highway of poetry . . . — Map (db m86445) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Samuel Hill – “Road Builder”1857 – 1931
Not until this highway was built was it possible to go up or down the Columbia River Gorge - Earliest period rafts and dug-outs (native boats) – Later period steamboats and railroad – Erected by loving . . . — Map (db m114072) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Simon Benson1851 to 1942 — Lumberman and Philanthropist —
Originator of ocean going log rafts. Sponsor of the Columbia River Highway. Benefactor of Benson Polytechnic School. Donor of the Benson Tract containing Multnomah Falls, Wahkeena Falls and Benson State Park. Patern and casting by Benson High . . . — Map (db m91212) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Tad's Chicken 'N Dumplin's
This restaurant has been serving motorists on the historic Columbia River Highway since the late 1920s. Once a hot dog stand and beer joint, it was originally located at the east end of the Sandy River Bridge. During the 1930s it became the . . . — Map (db m113257) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Vista HouseJEWEL on the Crown
Classic symbol of the Columbia River Gorge, Vista House beckons travelers to Crown Point to revel in an extravaganza of water, cliff, and sky. Samuel C. Lancaster, design engineer of the Historic Columbia River Highway, envisioned this outcropping . . . — Map (db m86662) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Corbett — Welcome to Multnomah FallsOur Nation’s Second Highest Year-Round Waterfall — Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area —
Visited by over two million people a year, Multnomah Falls is the second-highest year-round waterfall in the United States and one of 77 on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge. Multnomah Creek, created by underground springs from Larch . . . — Map (db m91119) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Portland — Dekum Building
German immigrant Frank Dekum amassed a fortune during Portland’s explosive early history with his confectionery business. The massive Dekum Building, completed in 1892 at a cost exceeding $300,000, used exclusively Oregon materials in its . . . — Map (db m1155) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Portland — Fort William1835
Nathaniel J. Wyeth of Boston, Massachusetts began permanent American settlement of Oregon by building a fur trading and salmon packing post one-half mile east to rival the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Vancouver. He guided the missionaries Jason and . . . — Map (db m113950) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Portland — The Telegram Building, 1922
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior National Parks Service and is subject to the provisions of the Oregon Special Assessment Program ORS . . . — Map (db m56542) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Portland — The Willamette Stone
This short trail leads to the Willamette Stone, the surveyor's monument that is the point of origin for all public land surveys in Oregon and Washington. The landmark was established on June 4, 1851 by John B. Preston, Oregon's first Surveyor . . . — Map (db m38400) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Portland — The Willamette Stone
Beginning here, the Willamette Meridian was established running north to Puget Sound and south to the California border, and the Base Line was established running east to the Idaho border and west to the Pacific Ocean. From the surveyed lines, . . . — Map (db m113946) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Portland — Vanport
Within a year of the US entering World War II, more than 160,000 people moved to Portland — a city of only 360,000 — to work in Home Front industries. Industrialist Henry Kaiser's three shipyards employed the most workers. To house his . . . — Map (db m38410) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Troutdale — Sandy River Bridge
On October 30, 1792 off the point in the Columbia River where the Sandy empties its waters, the boat crew from the H.M.S. Chatham (Vancouver's Voyages) were the first white men to sight the snowclad peak which Lt. Wm. R. Broughton named Mt. Hood in . . . — Map (db m38388) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Willamette National Cemetery — Oregon Korean War Veterans Memorial
June 25, 1950      Korea      July 27, 1953 Dedicated to the memory of these men and women from Oregon so their sacrifice will never be forgotten Oh, could our fallen brothers               know the honor they helped bring to God, . . . — Map (db m11979) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Willamette National Cemetery — Willamette National Cemetery Carillon Bells
[Main/Bottom Marker]: These Carillon Bells in honor and loving memory of all Veterans were donated by the Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. [Top Marker]: June          [The Oregon Federation of . . . — Map (db m11973) HM

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