“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Nacogdoches County Texas Historical Markers

First floor bedroom image, Touch for more information
By Steve Gustafson, May 8, 2010
First floor bedroom
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Chireno — 9276 — Halfway Inn(Flournoy - Granberry House)
This two-story log dwelling was built on the El Camino Real about 1840 by Samuel Flournoy for his wife Minerva (Wadington) and their family who moved to Texas from Mississippi. They settled in the Chireno area, where they purchased 300 acres. An . . . — Map (db m30833) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Douglass — 9303 — Presidio Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores
Built by Capt. Domingo Ramon, 1716. Repaired and enlarged by Marquis of San Miguel de Aguayo, 1721. Abandoned about 1730. Built by the Spanish government as a fort and headquarters for soldiers to guard the East Texas missions and the borders of the . . . — Map (db m30037) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Melrose — Pioneer Texas Oil ManLyne Taliaferro Barret — (1832-1913) —
Born in Virginia. Came with parents to Texas, 1842. Married Angelina Thomas. Had 9 children. Drilled the first oil well in Texas, 1866. If efforts to drill early in 1859 had succeeded, he would have completed first oil well in the United States. . . . — Map (db m53545) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacgodoches — 9262 — Chas. Hoya Land Office
Built in 1897, by Charles Hoya (1848-1926), son of Prussian immigrant Joseph T. Van Der Hoya, and long-time Nacgodoches County surveyor. Designed by Houston architect Frank E. Rue in Victorian style with the Gothic revival details, this was the . . . — Map (db m27708) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacgodoches — Gladys Hampton Building
This is the site of the first house in Texas owned by Sam Houston. The building was built in 1891 according to tax records. It was used as a hotel with furnished rooms beginning in 1910. It was officially shown as the Liberty Hotel with 75 rooms for . . . — Map (db m28256) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacgodoches — 9298 — Nacogdoches County
Home of the Nacogdoches Indians in the 17th century. Spanish settlements, 1716. Alternately settled and abandoned in 18th century due to French encroachments. Scene of the Fredonian Rebellion in 1827. Organized a municipality, 1832 under the . . . — Map (db m28737) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacgodoches — 9355 — Old Spanish Cemetery(1800-1825)
This courthouse stands on ground used as a cemetery after Nacgodoches was rebuilt by settlers ordered out of the area when Spain gave up East Texas outposts in 1773. Antonio Gil Y'Barbo (1729 - 1809) led the displaced persons who returned in . . . — Map (db m28020) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — "The Treaty"sculpted by Michael Boyett
The date was February 23, 1836, and the situation for Texas was desperate. Santa Anna with about 6,000 troops was on the march towards the Alamo with the intent of smashing the small, poorly-organized, and ill-equipped army of Texans along with . . . — Map (db m29822) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — Alton W. Birdwell(1870-1954)
This plaza is dedicated to the memory of the first president of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College. In 1917 the state created an "East Texas Normal" and selected Nacogdoches as its location. The State Board of Regents selected East Texas . . . — Map (db m29970) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9243 — Ancient Mound
Mound Street got its name in the 18th century from mounds which lined it from Main to King Street. These were built by prehistoric Indians. Only this one remains. Pottery from a demolished mound that measured 150 by 75 feet is preserved in Old Stone . . . — Map (db m21252) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — Battle of NacogdochesAugust 2, 1832
Armed with nothing more than shotguns and various types of hunting weapons, the national militia of Nacogdoches, aided by militias from Ayres, Teneha, Sabine, Bevil, Settlement, and San Augustine, fired the opening guns of the Texas Revolution . . . — Map (db m29460) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9252 — Battle of Nacogdoches(August 2, 1832)
One of the opening actions of the Texas War for Independence, this battle occurred soon after settlers drove out the Mexican garrisons at Anahuac and Velasco. In 1932 Col. Jose De las Piedras, in command of over 300 soldiers here, ordered the . . . — Map (db m29606) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9398 — Charles Standfield Taylor
Land commissioner of East Texas, 1833. A signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, 1836. Chief Justice of Nacogdoches County, 1837. District Attorney, 1839. Rio Grande land commissioner, 1854. Born in London, England 1808. Died November 1, . . . — Map (db m27210) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9270 — Durst-Taylor House
The family of Andres de Acosta, who settled in Nacogdoches in 1779, owned this property as early as 1809. Acosta sold the property, which included a house to Joseph Durst (1789-1843) in 1827. Durst, who was alcalde of Nacogdoches when he bought the . . . — Map (db m30421) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — Eugenia Sterne ParkA Deed of Affection from Sam Houston
March 2―Texas Independence Day in 1836―was the birthday of Sam Houston in 1783 and of Eva Helena Eugenia Sterne in 1829. On October 25, 1841, Republic of Texas President Sam Houston presented the land of this present-day Eugenia Sterne . . . — Map (db m29841) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9273 — First United Methodist Church of Nacogdoches
At least one Methodist sermon was preached in Nacogdoches before 1821, according to tradition. After religious freedom was established by the Republic of Texas, Missionary Littleton Fowler (1803-1846) preached here on Oct. 16,1837, and soon founded . . . — Map (db m27691) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9271 — Haden Edwards
Empresario Leader of the Fredonian Rebellion, 1826-27 Sent to the United States to raise funds for the Texas Revolution, 1836 A leader in the development of a nation. Born in Virginia August 12, 1771 Died August 14, 1849 His wife . . . — Map (db m27412) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9356 — Home of Adolphus Sterne
A pioneer citizen of Nacogdoches. Born in Cologne, Germany, April 5, 1801. Alcalde at Nacogdoches under the Mexican Government, member of the Congress of the Republic of Texas. Died March 27, 1859. Buried in Nacogdoches. Here General Sam Houston . . . — Map (db m29575) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9347 — Homesite of John S. Roberts(1796-1871)
A native of Virginia, came to Texas in 1826. An active participant in the struggle for Texas Independence. One of the leaders in Battle of Nacogdoches. Delegate to Consultation, November 3, 1835. Commanded the Nacogdoches Company in storming of . . . — Map (db m29705) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 12099 — Ingraham Building
New York native George Francis Ingraham (1842-1920) settled in Nacogdoches in 1860. He married Martha Thompson Cooper in 1866 and became an attorney in 1873. Ingraham served as county judge, county treasurer, and state representative. He built this . . . — Map (db m29660) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9346 — John S. Roberts
Sheriff in Natchitoches Louisiana in 1826. One of the leaders in Battle of Nacogdoches. Member of Consultation 1835. Commanded the Nacogdoches company in storming of Bexar, 1835. Signer of Texas Declaration of Independence. Born in Virginia, July 13 . . . — Map (db m27222) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9281 — La Calle Real del Norte
An 18th-century trail connecting the Indian villages of the Nacogdoche and Nasoni Indians. Traveled by Spanish missionaries, soldiers and settlers, French traders and American filibusters before Anglo-American colonists came to make Texas their home. — Map (db m29143) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 14133 — Milam Lodge #2, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Texas
The Masonic Lodge in Nacogodoches is the oldest in the state still operating in its original location. Before the organization of a Grand Lodge in Texas, Louisiana Masons granted dispensation for individual lodges here. Three lodges, Holland (No.36) . . . — Map (db m29700) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 12101 — Nacogdoches Federal Building / Post Office
Designed by U.S. Treasury Department architect James A. Wetmore, this building was erected in 1917-1918 and housed the main city post office until 1964. Sold to the city in 1973, it was the public library until 1997, when it became a tourist . . . — Map (db m29390) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 12102 — Oak Grove Cemetery
Originally called "American Cemetery," Oak Grove Cemetery is located on the 1826 land grant of Empresario Haden Edwards. The leader of the 1826 Fredonian Rebellion, Edwards is interred here. The earliest marked burial on this site is that of . . . — Map (db m117574) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 12103 — Old North Church Cemetery
According to legend, the first burial in this cemetery was that of a young girl whose family, traveling through the area when she died, buried her here before continuing their westward journey. Oral tradition also suggests that William Whitaker was . . . — Map (db m29774) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9345 — On this site stood the old "Red House"
Headquarters of Colonel Jose de las Piedras, commander of the Mexican garrison in Nacogdoches, 1827-1839. The property, after the Texas Revolution, of General Thomas J. Rusk. Served as classrooms for the University of Nacogdoches, 1845-1852. — Map (db m29325) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9253 — Site of Bivouac and Banquet for The New Orleans' Greys
Led by Adolphus Sterne, citizens of Nacogdoches helped outfit a volunteer force, the New Orleans' Greys, to fight in the Texas War for Independence. One company of Greys traveled overland to San Antonio by way of Nacogdoches in Nov. 1835. The 50-100 . . . — Map (db m29576) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9301 — Site of Old North Church
First known as Union Church as several denominations joined here to worship as early as 1836. Organized in 1838. A small log church was completed that year on ten acres donated by Dr. John M. Sparks. The present structure dates from 1859. In its . . . — Map (db m29792) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9399 — Site of the home of Charles S. Taylor(1808 - 1865)
Citizen of Nacogdoches, 1830-1865. A signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Land commissioner and Chief Justice of Nacogdoches County. Born in London, England, in 1808. Died here November 1, 1865. — Map (db m27180) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9268 — Site of the home of James Dill
Born in Pennsylvania in 1770. Pioneer Indian trader. Recognized by the King of Spain as a public - spirited citizen. First Alcalde of Nacgodoches under the Mexican government in 1821. — Map (db m27387) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9302 — Site of the Home of Juan Antonio Padilla
A native of Nacogdoches. Land Commissioner, 1829. Vice-Governor of the State of Coahuila and Texas. Active in the Texas Revolution. Died in Houston in July, 1859. His wife, Maria Montes del Padilla, Died here, August 14, 1846. — Map (db m29295) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9348 — Site of the Home of Thomas J. Rusk1803 - 1857
Soldier - Statesman of the Republic of Texas - A hero of San Jacinto - Commander-In-Chief of the army 1836 - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, 1839 - President of the Constitutional Convention, 1845 - United States Senator, 1846 - He called . . . — Map (db m27122) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9286 — Site of the Mission Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
A Spanish outpost founded in 1716 by the pioneer Franciscan Antonio Margil de Jesús as a means of civilizing the Nacogdoche Indians. Abandoned temporarily due to the French incursions from Louisiana in 1719. Restored by the Marquis of Aguayo in . . . — Map (db m29275) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 12107 — Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College During World War II
Immediately following the United States' entry into World War II after the Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College (SFA) President Alton Birdwell called together an assembly of students and staff to . . . — Map (db m44666) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9400 — Texas Stagecoaches, C.S.A.
At this site on the historic King's Highway, used since 1691, passengers boarded stagecoaches during the Civil War, 1861-65. Besides this stand, the town had 2 others, to serve 3 stage lines operating here. Wm. Clark had the line to Mt. Pleasant, . . . — Map (db m21431) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — The Fredonia RebellionDecember 16, 1826 to January 28, 1827
For a brief while, the flag that flew over Nacogdoches Plaza Principal was the red-and-white banner of Haden Edwards' forty-four-day Fredonia Rebellion. Edwards had obtained a grant from Mexico to settle 800 families in East Texas in the . . . — Map (db m30081) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — Thomas Jefferson Rusk
Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Secretary of War for the Republic of Texas, Brigadier General of the Army and hero at San Jacinto, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas, United States Senator, he was a soldier, . . . — Map (db m27798) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 15980 — Westminster Presbyterian Church
Presbyterians have long played an important role in Nacogdoches; the earliest Presbyterian influence here dates to the 1830s, with several churches organizing later in the century. In 1893, the Rev. B.A. Hodges and twelve founding members . . . — Map (db m31483) HM
Texas (Nacogdoches County), Nacogdoches — 9275 — William ("Bill") GoyensTexas' First Black Capitalist — 1794-1856 —
Born a slave in South Carolina, 1794 Escaped to Texas in 1821 Rendered valuable assistance to the Army of Texas, 1836 Interpreter for the Houston-Forbes Treaty with the Cherokees, 1836 Acquired wealth and was noted for his charity Died at . . . — Map (db m29461) HM

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