“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Nelson County Kentucky Historical Markers

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By Tom Bosse, July 5, 2018
“A Pretty Close Call” Marker
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 16b — “A Pretty Close Call”Christmas Raid — December 29, 1862 —
General John Hunt Morgan, his second in command Col. Basil Duke, and other senior officers were adjourning a meeting at the Hamilton Hall House near Lebanon Junction when their command of 4,000 was surprised by an attack made by 3,000 Union troops . . . — Map (db m121972) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 1021 — An Early Turnpike / Mile Stones, ca. 1835
An Early Turnpike The Bardstown Louisville Turnpike Company, chartered by the Kentucky Legislature in 1831, was capitalized at $130,000, increased to $200,000. Shares owned half by individuals, half by state. Turnpike completed July 1, . . . — Map (db m72337) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 1668 — Bardstown
Side A Bardstown area was explored in mid-1770s. William Bard came here in 1780 as agent for his brother David, and John C. Owings and laid off the town. Settlement was first called Salem. A land grant of 1000 acres was issued by the . . . — Map (db m74262) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 1827 — Benedict Joseph Flaget(1763 - 1850)
A priest for 62 years, the "First Bishop of the West" became Bishop of Bardstown, 1810; of Louisville, 1841. Jurisdiction embraced area of Ky., Tenn., and old Northwest Territory. Flaget directed founding of colleges, congregations, and St. Joseph's . . . — Map (db m74281) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 506 — Camp Charity
Named by Lexington Rifles, under John Hunt Morgan, who camped here, Sept. 1861. Friendly people took no pay for food. With additional recruits, horses and supplies they joined Confederates at Green River Sept. 30. The Rifles were mustered in as . . . — Map (db m25145) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 1078 — Cedar Creek Baptist
(Side A) One mile south, site of The First Cedar Creek Baptist Church, second Baptist church consituted in Ky., July 5, 1781, fifth anniversary of Declaration of Independence. Pioneer settlers of nearby Rogers Station, 1780, Col. James . . . — Map (db m30945) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 2349 — Civil War in Bardstown
(obverse) On October 4, 1862, Terry’s Texas Rangers, CSA, under the command of Col. John Wharton, were posted north of Bardstown at Fairgrounds crossroads on the Louisville Pike, to intercept units of Buell’s Union Army of the Ohio, . . . — Map (db m72338) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 674 — Confederates HereConfederate Raids and Invasions, and a Federal Retreat, in Kentucky
(obverse) Confederates Here On CSA Invasion, Bragg's army of 28,000 camped here, Sept. 20 to Oct. 3, 1862. Moved to Harrodsburg, then met Buell's Union army in Battle of Perryville, Oct. 8. CSA Gen. John H. Morgan, on raid, . . . — Map (db m74301) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 956 — County Named, 1784
For Thomas Nelson, 1738 - 89. Member Va. House of Burgesses. In the first Provincial Convention, 1774; Continental Congress, 1775 - 77 and 1779. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Commander of Va. Militia, 1777 - 81. Governor of Va., 1781. . . . — Map (db m74282) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 1102 — Federal HillMy Old Kentucky Home
Inspiration for the state song of Kentucky by Stephen Collins Foster in 1853. Judge John Rowan, cousin, owned and had built back wing in 1795 and the front in 1818. Federal Hill became renowned as a center of legal, political and social activity. In . . . — Map (db m100770) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 2168 — Froman’s Road and Station / McGee’s Stone Castle
Froman’s Road and Station One mile to the northwest, Paul Froman, grandson of pioneer Joist Hite, cut his wagon road in 1781 from the Salt River stations near Bullitt’s Lick to his new station (1782) on the east side of Froman’s Creek. . . . — Map (db m72335) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — John Fitch Memorial
After a fresco in the Capitol at Washington which depicts John Fitch at work on the model of his first steamboat to effect a successful voyage

Beneath this monument are interred the mortal remains of John Fitch, Soldier and Inventor, . . . — Map (db m74345) HM

Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 1586 — Kincheloe's Station
Near here is site of Kincheloe's Station. Named for Capt. William Kincheloe, one of the leaders who established station in early 1780s. Later called Polke's Station for Chas. Polke, who claimed the land. Indians made a surprise attack in Sept., . . . — Map (db m122024) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — McLean House1820
This remarkable commercial building was built for the brothers Samuel & Hector McLean, patterned on circa 1800 examples found in Philadelphia & Baltimore. Each ground floor room could serve a separate purpose, with the southwest room designed for . . . — Map (db m74287) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — My Old Kentucky Home
Dedicated July 4, 1923 State Commissioners Gov. Edwin P. Morrow • Harry Giovanoli • A. T. Hert • Mrs. Clement French • Arch. H. Pullmam • Marvin H. Lewis • Young E. Allison • Mrs. A. T. Hert • Robt. W. Bingham • Mrs. S. Tescaton Ballard • C. Lee . . . — Map (db m4770) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 896 — Nazareth College
Mother House of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth since 1822. The first establishment was made in 1812 at St. Thomas Plantation five miles southwest of Bardstown. The site of Nazareth Academy, now Nazareth College of Kentucky, founded 1814, . . . — Map (db m72336) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — Nelson County World War I, World War II, Korean War, & Vietnam War Memorial
Dedicated to the Memory of Those who Offered their Lives in the Service of our Country during W.W. I - W.W. II - Korean and These During the Vietnam Conflict.

SP4 Raymond S. Ford Feb. 20, 1966 • CPL William Russell Taylor Aug. 28, 1966 • . . . — Map (db m74347) WM

Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 2546 — One Room School House
Side 1 This log school house (circa 1840) was located 1 mile from Cox's Station which was the first fort built in Nelson County. The 1882 Precinct Map shows the original location of school in the midst of agricultural fields, not in . . . — Map (db m136736) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — Parc Billom
In honor of Bardstown’s sister city in France Birthplace of Benedict Joseph Flaget — Map (db m119699) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 820 — Rogers Station, 1780
Site of station located on 1,000-acre tract "marked and improved" in 1775 by Col. James Rogers. Born Va., 1742; died Ky., 1828. Fought in Dunmore's War, 1774, and Revolutionary War. Appointed Colonel of Nelson Co., Ky. Militia and a Justice of the . . . — Map (db m30984) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 1281 — Rowan-Chambers Duel
Site in valley to east, one of most famous duels in Kentucky because of prominent men involved. John Rowan, later jurist, and US Senator. His second, George M. Bibb, Kentucky Chief Justice, US Senator, Secretary of Treasury. Dr. James Chambers was . . . — Map (db m122026) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 857 — Saint Thomas Farm
The cradle of the Catholic Church in Ky., 1/2 mile east. In 1811, became residence of Bishop Flaget and Father David, when pioneering Saint Joseph's Cathedral, Saint Joseph's College and the old Bethlehem Academy in Bardstown. First home, 1812, of . . . — Map (db m122027) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 1285 — Salem Academy
Bardstown's first school, 1788, formed by Va. act. James Priestley, the noted educator, in charge. One class of Kentuckians later noted in life consisted of John Rowan, Judge and US Senator; Joe Daveiss, lawyer and hero in Battle of Tippecanoe; John . . . — Map (db m325) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 1282 — Successful Surgery
The first successful amputation of a leg at the hip joint in US. Done here by Dr. Walter Brashear in 1806 without any precedent to guide him. The patient was a seventeen-year-old boy whose leg had been badly mangled.

Dr. Brashear was born in . . . — Map (db m74283) HM

Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — The First Cedar Creek Baptist Church
Organized July 4, 1781, as Cedar Creek Baptist Society. Constituted by Joseph Barnett, first pastor. Assisted by John Gerrard and John Whitaker. Early members and trustees included Col. James Rogers, Atkinson Hill, Evan Williams, Anthony Foster and . . . — Map (db m30947) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — The Harrison-Smith HouseCirca 1795 & 1815
One of the oldest houses in Bardstown, the west side stone portion has to date from before 1795. On one side of the "settled lots," improved by Samuel Duncan under the lottery terms of settlement, it was the residence of both William Pope Duval and . . . — Map (db m74288) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — The Lafayette HotelCirca 1825
Black's Store and Tavern operated here on Lot #64 by 1820. Moses Black, the tavernkeeper, was also a noted coppersmith who signed his craft-work and had his copper-works in a log shop at the rear of the tavern. The new name for Black's Tavern became . . . — Map (db m74290) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — The Talbott Tavern
The stone portion of the Talbott Tavern dates before 1790 --- probably built to serve as Salem Academy. The first owner of record about 1800, Wm. Rose Hynes began to add brick wings to the stone part. He started the tavern operation with the first . . . — Map (db m74284) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — Twenty-Five Damned YankeesThe Great Raid — July 5-6, 1863 —
Capt. Ralph Sheldon, leading several hundred Confederates of Company C, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, descended on Bardstown on Sunday morning, July 5, 1863. They drove the handful of Union troops occupying Bardstown into a livery stable two blocks . . . — Map (db m74291) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — Vietnam 1969 Memorial
In Memory Dedicated to These Men who Gave their Lives in Vietnam 1969 for the Preservation of Freedom.

SSG. Harold M. Brown • 1SG. Luther M. Chappel • SP4. David B. Collins • SP4. Joseph R. McIlvoy • SSG. James T. Moore • SGT. . . . — Map (db m74355) WM

Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — 1604 — Wickland
This Georgian mansion, built ca. 1815 by Charles A. Wickliffe, is known as the home of 3 governors: the builder, gov. of Ky., 1839-40; his son, Robert C. Wickliffe, gov. of Louisiana, 1856-60; and his grandson, J. C. W. Beckham, gov. of Ky., . . . — Map (db m324) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bardstown — Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Co.Since 1865
One of the oldest banks in Kentucky, founded in 1865, it operated first 1865 - 1867 under the name of Richard Shipp & Company, Bankers. From 1867 through 1869 it was the banking house of William W. George, Jr. & Company. From 1869 through 1976, the . . . — Map (db m74289) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bloomfield — 2249 — Ham Brown Log Cabin
Prior to the Civil War, Ham Brown was “a free man of color.” On May 21, 1866, he purchased the cabin in Bloomfield and it remained in his family until 1980. Ham, a shoemaker, and Adeline Brown had seven children. Vacant and in disrepair, . . . — Map (db m136828) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bloomfield — 1077 — Romantic 1825 Tragedy
(Front) Jereboam Beauchamp and wife Anna buried here in same coffin at own request. To avenge her alleged seduction by Col. Solomon Sharp, Beauchamp murdered him at Sharp's Frankfort home, 1825. Beauchamp and Anna were held in Frankfort . . . — Map (db m136823) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Bloomfield — 2228 — Walnut Groves Farm
Front Established in 1818 when Samuel Boone Merrifield and his wife, Frances Bemiss, purchased 333 acres on Simpson Creek. Farm was originally a 1,000-acre Virginia land grant, signed by Governor Patrick Henry, to Thomas Lewis on June 1, . . . — Map (db m136826) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Boston — 1471 — Goodwin (Goodin) Fort
Established by Samuel Goodwin in 1780 at the site of Old Boston. Important link with other stations encircling future Bardstown, and became refuge for pioneers in area. Fort raided by Indians, July 1781. Peter Kennedy led the reprisal against . . . — Map (db m122028) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Boston — 705 — Morgan's Second RaidConfederate Raids and Invasions, and a Federal Retreat, in Kentucky
CSA Gen. John H. Morgan ordered Col. D.W. Chenault's regiment to burn the railroad trestle here, Dec. 29, 1862. This and destruction of two trestles at Muldraugh's Hill, the previous day, put L&N railroad, the main USA supply line, out of use for . . . — Map (db m30650) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), Cox's Creek — Cox's Station
The first settlement in Nelson County, KY. Three miles east of this spot stood Cox's Station, established in 1775 by Colonel Isaac Cox, a Colonial and Revolutionary War officer who came from Virginia to Kentucky and who was killed by the Indians in . . . — Map (db m74267) HM
Kentucky (Nelson County), New Haven — 17a — Fight at New HavenChristmas Raid — December 30, 1862 —
In the early morning hours of December 30, 1862, three companies of Gen. John Hunt Morgan’s 9th Kentucky Cavalry, supported by a single 12-pounder mountain howitzer, demanded the surrender of the Federal garrison at New Haven, Kentucky. The garrison . . . — Map (db m122945) HM

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