“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Patrick County Virginia Historical Markers

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By Michael C. Wilcox, April 21, 2012
"Flora and Jeb" Marker
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — "Flora and Jeb"
"His dear lady did not suffer me to quit the house until I had promised to watch over her husband in the hour of battle." The words of Maj. Heros von Borcke, one of Stuart's most famous staff officers, describe Flora's admonition to him as he and . . . — Map (db m99882) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — "Stuart the Commander"
Maj. General Stuart's concept of command focused on one word - attack. If the enemy was before him, on his flank, or behind him, he had one response - attack. A saber in its scabbard was useless. It must be drawn and used to strike a blow, and . . . — Map (db m99880) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — "Stuart the Leader"
"Jeb never says, 'Go boys,' but always 'Come, boys.'" In writing these words George Cary Eggleston of the 1st Virginia Cavalry summed up his commander's philosophy of leadership. Stuart never sent his men where he could not go and never asked them . . . — Map (db m99881) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — "Stuart the Raider"
"Raiding with General Stuart is poor fun and a hard business. Thunder, lighting, rain, storm, mud, nor darkness can stop him when he is on a warm fresh trail of Yankee game." Horse artilleryman George M. Neese's opinion of Stuart following the . . . — Map (db m99878) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — "Stuart the Scout"
He never brought me a "fat" piece information." Robert E. Lee's words, uttered upon his hearing of Stuart's death, were a fitting epitaph for "the eyes of the army." General Joseph E. Johnston, on his transfer to the war's western theater, wrote to . . . — Map (db m99879) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — Historic Roadbed
The Historical Roadbed that you see before you dates from the earliest colonial times of what is now Patrick County. This road may have been in use as early as the 1750 period. Approximately one thousand feet of this historic road forms the eastern . . . — Map (db m99841) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — House Site
The home of Archibald and Elizabeth Pannill Stuart was constructed on this site c. 1830. It was in this house that their most famous son. James Ewell Brown was born on February 6, 1833. Six other Stuart children would also be born in this house. Of . . . — Map (db m99843) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — Laurel HillThe Birthplace of James Ewell Brown Stuart
Laurel Hill, the 1,500-acre farm of Archibald and Elizabeth Letcher Pannill Stuart, was the birthplace of their seventh child, James Ewell Brown Stuart, at 11 a.m. on February 6, 1833. The house burned to the ground during the winter of 1847-48. . . . — Map (db m54713) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — Native Americans At Laurel Hill
The investigation of the Laurel Hill property by the College Of William and Mary's Center for Archaeological Research in 1993, revealed the presence of Native American activity on the crest during the Archaic and Woodland periods (c. 12000 BC to 900 . . . — Map (db m99845) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — Z-260 — Patrick County / North Carolina
North Carolina North Carolina was one of the original thirteen states. The first settlement was made on Roanoke Island, 1585, but was not permanent. Settlers from Virginia occupied the Albemarle region before 1663, in which year the colony of . . . — Map (db m54712) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — KG-2 — Stuart's Birthplace
To the west stood Laurel Hill (built about 1830), where Confederate Maj. Gen. James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart was born on 6 Feb. 1833 to Archibald Stuart, a lawyer and politician, and Elizabeth Letcher Pannill Stuart. The house burned in the winter . . . — Map (db m54710) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — The "Lee" Tree
This white oak tree is the offspring of the mighty white oak which stood in Hanover County, Virginia, for more than 400 years before being destroyed by Hurricane Isabel in 2003 History relates it provided shade for Robert E. Lee and his staff . . . — Map (db m99846) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — The Stuart Graveyard
This small graveyard has presented a historical mystery. In 1855, Archibald Stuart, the father of General Stuart passed away and was buried in the graveyard before you. In July 1859, his wife, Elizabeth Pannill Stuart sold the property and in so . . . — Map (db m99844) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Ararat — The Stuart Kitchen
On this site, stood the outbuilding that served as the kitchen for the Stuart family. As was the custom in those days kitchens were housed in buildings separate from the main dwelling for protection against a fire that might erupt as a result of . . . — Map (db m99842) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Claudville — Z-262 — Patrick County Virginia / North Carolina
Patrick County, Virginia. Area 485 Square Miles. Formed in 1790 from Henry, and named for Patrick Henry, who thus had two counted named for him. General J.E.B. Stuart was born in this county. North Carolina. North Carolina was . . . — Map (db m65786) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Critz — HD-1 — Colonel Abram Penn1743–1801
200 yards south is “Poplar Grove,” Penn’s old home and burial place. At age 21 he “won his spurs” leading a company under General Lewis at Point Pleasant. During 1780–81 he organized the first Revolutionary troops from . . . — Map (db m65815) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Critz — U-34 — Reynolds Homestead
Four miles to the north is Rock Spring Plantation, the boyhood home of industrialist R. J. Reynolds. The land was settled in 1814 by Abram Reynolds and his wife Mary Harbour. About 1843 their son Hardin William Reynolds built the present brick house . . . — Map (db m22412) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Critz — The Reynolds Homestead
Built by Hardin Reynolds just prior to his marriage in 1843, the house that became known as Rock Spring Plantation, faces the historic Norfolk to Bristol Turnpike. Nearby was the log dwelling of his father, Abram Reynolds, who purchased 50 . . . — Map (db m72851) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Dodson — AS-1 — Fairy Stone State Park
Roanoke newspaper publisher Junius B. Fishburn donated the land to create Fairy Stone State Park. It is named for the cross-shaped crystals found in the region, which according to legend were formed from the tears of fairies. The National Park . . . — Map (db m65852) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Meadows of Dan — Z-75 — Floyd County / Patrick CountyArea 376 Square Miles / Area 485 Square Miles
Floyd County. Area 376 square miles. Formed in 1831 from Montgomery, and added to from Franklin. Named for John Floyd, governor of Virginia, 1830–1834. Buffalo Knob is in this county. Patrick County. Area 485 square miles. Formed . . . — Map (db m104615) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Meadows of Dan — Meadows of Dan — The Crooked Road — Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail —
Meadows of Dan. Patrick County is named for a fiddler, Patrick Henry, and is where the Piedmont Plateau meets the Blue Ridge Mountains. Settled in Revolutionary times, it has always been a musical place. Stuart, the county seat, is named for a . . . — Map (db m104623) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Meadows of Dan — You Buy 'Em, We'll Fly 'Em!
On October 14, 1944, a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, lost in a dense fog during a training mission, circled Mabry Mill twice before crashing in a nearby field. Eighteen months earlier, the bomber had been purchased through the United States . . . — Map (db m138448) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Peters Creek — U-36 — William Byrd’s Survey of 1728
This was the westernmost point of the survey of the Virginia-North Carolina border run in 1728 by a joint commission from both colonies led by Col. William Byrd II of Westover. The exact end of the line was marked on October 26, 1728, by a blazed . . . — Map (db m65542) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Spencer — U-32 — Frontier Fort
About three miles north stood Fort Mayo, commanded by Captain Samuel Harris in 1756 and visited in that year by Washington. This fort was the southernmost of the line of stockade forts built from the Potomac River to North Carolina as a frontier . . . — Map (db m104593) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Stuart — U-30 — Stuart
This place, first known as Taylorsville for George Taylor, early settler, was established in 1792 after the formation of Patrick County. In 1849 it contained about fifty dwellings. The name was changed to Stuart for General J. E. B. Stuart, C. S. . . . — Map (db m65807) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Vesta — Rural Life In Appalachia
Down this path you will find buildings, farm implements and other displays that document rural life in Appalachia over a period of about 100 years. Most were restored and arranged here during the 1940s and 1950s. These displays illustrate . . . — Map (db m11083) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Woolwine — U-28 — Blue Ridge Mission School
The Blue Ridge Mission School was established by the Virginia Baptist General Convention in 1916 at the site just to the southeast. It provided general education and religious training, on both the elementary and secondary school level, to day and . . . — Map (db m65849) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Woolwine — Buffalo Mountain
Rising to 3,972 feet, Buffalo Mountain is an old and familiar landmark to local residents. Mothers would tell their children that they could go anywhere in a day as long as they could see "the buffalo." The great hump towers a thousand feet above . . . — Map (db m134597) HM
Virginia (Patrick County), Woolwine — Rock Castle Gorge
The gorge is best seen from Rocky Knob's summit, where one can look into the valley 1800 feet below. An old road parallels the creek through the gorge. Initially a trail and later a wagon road, the old road has reverted to its former use as a hiking . . . — Map (db m134594) HM

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