“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Saline County Illinois Historical Markers

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By Jason Voigt, March 5, 2020
Carrier Mills Archaeological District Marker
Illinois (Saline County), Carrier Mills — Carrier Mills Archaeological District
This area of some 143 acres located approximately two miles south of Carrier Mills was inhabited by prehistoric people throughout three different archaeological periods. Until the turn of the century, the South Fork of the Saline River was a . . . — Map (db m146461) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Eldorado — Eldorado
The City of Daffodils, it was founded in 1857 by Judge Samuel Elder and Joseph Read. Originally named Elder-Reado, legend has it that the name was changed by railroad sign painters who thought the spelling incorrect. The junction of the pioneer era . . . — Map (db m146458) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Eldorado — Homestead of Judge Samuel Elder
Here was located the home of Samuel Elder, cofounder of Elder-Redo now called Eldorado. Judge of the county court 1849-1856, school commissioner, collector, Internal Revenue, Justice of the Peace, and farmer. He and his son, William, together with . . . — Map (db m146459) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Eldorado — Meeting HouseWolf Creek Primitive Baptist Church — Organized Before 1830 —
Wolf Creek Primitive Baptist Church was organized sometime before 1830. The first meetings were held in the brown blockhouse which was located where the flagpole now stands which was on the Kaskaskia Trail, the vestiges of which can be seen running . . . — Map (db m146462) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Eldorado — The Kaskaskia Trail
The Kaskaskia Trail was an early pioneer trail that played an important part in the history and development of Saline County. The trail extended from Shawneetown on the Ohio River, past the salt works near Equality and on to Kaskaskia, the capital . . . — Map (db m146457) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — Aydolette Barn and Thrashing Floor
The Aydolette barn is a double-crib design, which includes a corncrib on the east end and a crib on the west end for housing stock. Before mechanization, wheat was cut with a scythe, shocked in the field, and then brought to the thrashing floor. The . . . — Map (db m146553) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — Aydolette Cabin
The Aydolettes, French pioneers from Kaskaskia, built this cabin in 1849. It was originally located in the community of Somerset which was the first settlement in Saline County. In 1853, a second room was added saddlebag fashion with a large . . . — Map (db m146552) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — Blockhouses
Migration into Illinois began with the French from 1690 and reached its' peak about 1750 mostly along the Mississippi. English settlement began in Ernest in 1790 but these settlements had important differences in the way they were begun. The French . . . — Map (db m146830) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — Cain Church
Society of Friends (Quakers) built the Cain Church in 1871 as their meetinghouse and has since been used by several denominations. It was originally located southwest of Harrisburg in Section 20. — Map (db m146832) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — Chenault School
The Chenault School was built in 1919 to replace the original log cabin school built in 1859. It was moved from the original site located in Section 8 of Raleigh Township in 1971 and contains the original desks, blackboards, and books. — Map (db m146554) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — Guard and Chossier Salt Kettles
These kettles date from the 1850's when they were used in the local salt industry. Naturally occurring salt brine was pulled from the ground then boiled in numerous kettles to produce salt. Saline County derived its name from these salt wells or . . . — Map (db m146833) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — Harrisburg
James A. Harris moved to this area in the 1820’s and established a sawmill and mule barn near the present corner of Vine and Church streets. Harris, John Cain, John Pankey and James Yandall donated land for the town site, platted in 1853. The area . . . — Map (db m119593) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — River Pirate's Cabin
This cabin was also known as the Wilson Cabin, the mystery cabin and the Dodd Gibson property. The cabin was built about 1790 on a cliff's edge overlooking the Ohio River at Elizabethtown, Illinois. The site afforded a view of the river more than 10 . . . — Map (db m146878) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — Saline County Courthouse Clock
This Clock was preserved by the Saline County Historical Society and donated to Harrisburg Operation Pride for the people of Saline County. The clock and the bell was manufactured by the Howard Clock Company of Boston, Mass. and was in use from 1904 . . . — Map (db m119595) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — The Pauper Cemetery
This cemetery, called the Pauper Cemetery has burials going as far back as 1849 contains stone markers with record of 263 burials at least 60 of which were children. These records indicate that not only people from the Poor Farm were buried here but . . . — Map (db m146551) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — The Pauper House
This building was erected in 1877 for the residency of the poor of Saline County. The building and its site is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. — Map (db m146558) HM
Illinois (Saline County), Harrisburg — The Poor House
This house, built in 1877 with an addition in 1904 was the effort of the culture of that era to take care of the poor. As early as 1819, the Illinois General Assembly enacted a Pauper Bill requiring county commissioners to appoint overseers of the . . . — Map (db m146550) HM

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