“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Santa Rosa County Florida Historical Markers

A New Century Marker and Blackwater River (background). image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, November 17, 2016
A New Century Marker and Blackwater River (background).
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — A New Century
By the turn of the twentieth century, Simpson and Company was shipping lumber as far away as Scandinavia. Following the deaths of the partners in the Simpson Company the lumber mill was sold in 1903 to Thomas R. Lyon of Chicago, who renamed it . . . — Map (db m100331) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — Animals Along the Blackwater River
When William Bartram rode on horseback through the upper Florida peninsula in 1744, much of his journey was through longleaf pine forests. The landscape of the peninsula has changed since this exploratory journey, and many animal species native to . . . — Map (db m100321) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — Bagdad After the Mill
The closing of the Bagdad Land & Lumber Company in 1939 brought the end of an era. The industry that had created the community was gone, and the residents of the village had to find ways to survive. There were other mills, plants, and businesses in . . . — Map (db m100311) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — F-882 — Bagdad Lumber Mill / Shipbuilding at Bagdad
Bagdad Lumber Mill In 1829, Joseph Forsyth saw economic potential in the vast pine forest of North Florida. Old growth yellow pine was one of the world's most prized building materials and the deepwater juncture of Pond Creek . . . — Map (db m99709) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — Bagdad Mill Site Park
The mill site's natural characteristics were changed in the twentieth century when it was used as a prestress concrete plant (1977-1992) and an asphalt plant (1995-1999). When the asphalt company was unable to continue their operations, the land . . . — Map (db m100319) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — F-1034 — Bagdad United Methodist Church
The First United Methodist Church of Bagdad traces its roots to a brush arbor in 1830. Dr. John Wesley Talley, a former missionary to the Choctaws, delivered the first sermons beside the Blackwater River and earned a $13 salary that first year. In . . . — Map (db m146517) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — Civil War and Reconstruction in Northwest Florida
The first years of the Civil War brought prosperity to Bagdad, but a blockade of Pensacola Bay deprived the mill access to former markets. On March 11, 1862, Confederates, burned Bagdad’s industries, shops, and the major buildings in the Pensacola . . . — Map (db m99851) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — F-1006 — Forcade House
Side 1 The property for the Forcade House was purchased in 1918 for $85 from the Oakland Lodge No. 18 of Bagdad. Completed in 1919, it is an outstanding example of Shingle style architecture, rarely seen in the South. Elzear . . . — Map (db m146485) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — Hand-Drawn Fire Hose Cart
Circa 1870 hose reel cart, manufactured by the Wirt and Knox Company of Philadelphia, PA. This firefighting equipment dates back to the lumber mills of Simpson and Company, followed by the Stearns and Culver Company and later used by the Bagdad Land . . . — Map (db m146484) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — Native Trees
Native trees play an important role in the Northwest Florida ecosystem, and they have become even more important in recent years with the loss of natural habitats because of development and coastal deterioration. Many native trees are . . . — Map (db m100306) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — Shipbuilding in Bagdad
Although evidence exists as early as 1763 of the Jones Brothers' yard careening and repairing British men-of-war, Bagdad’s first major shipyard was built in 1833 by Captain John Gardner and changed ownership several times. In 1853, the shipyard was . . . — Map (db m99835) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
Submerged aquatic vegetation is an important part of the Northwest Florida ecosystem. It is defined as any combination of seagrasses and algae that covers 10 to 100 percent of the riverbottom. Many of these plant species grow in underwater . . . — Map (db m100329) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — The Architecture of Bagdad
The historic buildings in Bagdad embody the village's history and cultural heritage, reflecting various periods of growth, and telling an important story about how the town was developed. The village boasts a wide variety of architectural styles . . . — Map (db m100315) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — The Bagdad Mill Site
The Bagdad Mill Site has been home to a number of different companies that helped shape Northwest Florida. Juan de la Rua cleared land to create a dam and possibly a saw mill at Arcadia on Pond Creek in 1817, but was plagued by labor shortages. In . . . — Map (db m99852) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — The Early History of Bagdad
The village of Bagdad developed as a lumber mill community in the early nineteenth century, and lumber remained the principal industry of the village until 1939. Strategically placed at the confluence of Pond Creek and the Blackwater River, the . . . — Map (db m100301) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — The Ecology of the Blackwater River
The Blackwater River begins in Bradley, Alabama, and winds approximately 60 miles before reaching Blackwater Bay. Three major tributaries—Big Juniper Creek, Big Coldwater Creek, and Pond Creek—feed the river. The Florida Legislature . . . — Map (db m100309) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — The Longleaf Pine
Longleaf or yellow pine forests once dominated the South and spread 90 million acres from the Atlantic Coastal Plain of southeastern Virginia to the West Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas. Longleaf pine developed in close association with periodic . . . — Map (db m100332) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — The Skirmish on the Blackwater
During the Civil War, Bagdad was a frequent target of Union raids from Pensacola because the Union needed building supplies for the navy yard. One such raid took place from October 25-28, 1864, and is recounted in the dispatches of Brigadier . . . — Map (db m99854) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — F-671 — The Thompson House / Skirmish on the Blackwater
This antebellum home, constructed ca. 1847 by Benjamin Woodson Thompson (1809 - 1876), partner in the Forsyth and Simpson sawmill enterprise in Bagdad, is the best remaining Florida Panhandle example of a symmetrical Greek Revival structure having . . . — Map (db m63182) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — Working for the Company
Bagdad was a thriving town. At its height, the mill employed about 1,200 mill workers and more than 60 businesses, churches, and schools operated in the village. A November 7, 1885, article in The Pensacola Commercial reported, "Bagdad has . . . — Map (db m100325) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Gulf Breeze — First Federal Tree Farm
From small acorns come massive live oak trees-and mighty ships. The live oak's dense, rot-resistant wood and large arching branches were ideal for building ships in the 1700s and 1800s. Over 2,000 live oaks might be used to build one hull. To . . . — Map (db m120482) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Gulf Breeze — F-642 — Live Oaks and Naval Ship Timbers
This is the site of the first federal tree farm in the United States. Live oaks were once valued for their superior shipbuilding qualities. The U.S.S. Constellation and U.S.S. Constitution ("Old Ironsides), both launched in 1797, were built of live . . . — Map (db m120490) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Gulf Breeze — F-96 — Site of Pensacola - St. Augustine Road
Begun by a military detachment from Pensacola in 1824, the first federal highway in Florida was designed to connect the two principal cities of the new territory. Construction was later contracted to John Bellamy, wealthy Jefferson County planter, . . . — Map (db m120487) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Milton — Blackwater Heritage Trail History
The trail follows the path of the former Florida and Alabama Railroad. Built in the early 1900’s, it extended from the lumber mill in Bagdad to Whitley, Alabama. The F&ARR supported the timber and lumber business in Bagdad from 1930 to 1939, when . . . — Map (db m123607) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Milton — F-755 — Blackwater Landing / Blackwater River Shipwrecks
Blackwater Landing Blackwater River was first named Rio Del Almirante by Spanish explorers in the late 17th century. During Pensacola’s British Period (1763-1781) it was called Middle River because of its location between the . . . — Map (db m99703) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Milton — Combat Wounded VeteransSanta Rosa County
Dedicated To All The Men And Women Who Are Recipients Of The Nation's Oldest Military Decoration "The Purple Heart" Combat Wounded Veterans Military Order of the Purple Heart 1782 - 1932 . . . — Map (db m99910) WM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Milton — F-782 — Marquis Bayou Bridge
The Marquis Bayou Bridge, named for George Marquis, the owner of a local saw mill that operated in the mid-1800s, opened in 1937. A Santa Rosa County delegation that included future Florida Governor Millard Caldwell helped to make the bridge a . . . — Map (db m98374) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Navarre — In Memory of UH-60M Crew "Mojo 69"10 March 2015
CW4 G. Wayne Griffin, Jr. [SP] CW4 G. David Strother [PI] SSG Lance Bergeron [SI] SSG Thomas C. Florich III [CE] USMC 2D MSOB PAX: SGT Marcus Bawol SGT Trevor P. Blaylock SSGT Liam Flynn SGT Kerry M. Kemp MSGT Thomas . . . — Map (db m99711) HM

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