“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Smyth County Virginia Historical Markers

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By J. J. Prats, May 29, 2011
Chilhowie Marker
Virginia (Smyth County), Chilhowie — K-22 — Chilhowie
About 1748, Colonel James Patton patented land here and reportedly hoped this site would one day become a town. The region became known as Town House for a house known by this name that stood nearby. By the Revolutionary War, a settlement of the . . . — Map (db m45741) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Chilhowie — ChilhowieStoneman at Greever’s Switch — Stoneman Raid —
Sidebar. On December 1, 1864, Union Gen. George Stoneman led 5,700 cavalrymen east from Knoxville, Tennessee, to destroy iron-, lead-, and saltworks in Virginia that were essential to the Confederate war effort. After actions at Kingsport . . . — Map (db m45977) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Chilhowie — K-21 — Farthest West, 1750
Near here, in 1750, Dr. Thomas Walker, on his first journey southwest, assisted Samuel Stalnaker in building his cabin. At that time his was the farthest west settlement. — Map (db m45965) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Chilhowie — Sulphur Springs Church and Campground1806–1893
Across the highway was a log meeting house and campground visited by Bishop Francis Asbury and early Methodist circuit riders. On this site Col. W. P. Thompson gathered his regiment in 1812. Here Elizabeth Henry Russell often worshipped and this was . . . — Map (db m91062) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Chilhowie — Town House
As early as 1754 a house was built on this hill, and was used as a fort and meeting place by settlers. This is the site of the first settlement in this region. — Map (db m45966) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Chilhowie — Transportation Through the Ages1900–1930’s — The Carriage House —
Roads were only paths made by walking and from the passage of wagons and buggies. When the first cars came into the area, the roads were “pot-hole after pot-hole.” Sam Bonham told of riding his motorcycle around 1918 to Knoxville, . . . — Map (db m46090) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Groseclose — K-30 — Early Settlers
Stephen Holstein (Holston), coming here before 1748, gave his name to the river and valley. James Davis settled on this place, “Davis’ Fancy,” in 1748 and his home became a neighborhood fort. — Map (db m44959) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — K-26 — Battle of Marion
Here, on December 17-18, 1864, General Stoneman, raiding to Saltville, fought an engagement with John C. Breckinridge, Confederate commander in southwest Virginia. — Map (db m36042) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — K-328 — Col. Arthur Campbell
Arthur Campbell, a military and political leader, was born in Augusta County in 1743. In 1758 during the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), Campbell was captured by the Wyandot Indians aligned with the French and held captive for two years before . . . — Map (db m36077) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — Col. William Elisha PetersConfederate Veteran and College Professor
Col. William Elisha Peters, 21st Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A., is buried in the cemetery to your left. He was born on August 28, 1829, in Bedford County, Virginia, attending New London Academy there, then entered Emory and Henry College in 1846, . . . — Map (db m36079) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — Confederate Memorial
South side 1861 CSA 1865 [Image of a version of the great seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia] Confederate Dead West side Glory sits beside our grief. Lest We Forget North side [Image of battle flag of the Army of Northern . . . — Map (db m43691) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — Engagement at MarionA Small Town Survives
Throughout 1864, Federal raids against the Confederate infrastructure in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia attempted to destroy iron and lead mines, salt works and railroads. The Virginia & Tennessee Railroad, the Confederate lifeline to the . . . — Map (db m36070) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — K-33 — Hungry Mother State Park
In 1933 local residents assisted in the creation and donated 2,000 acres of land to Virginia for the establishment of a state park in Smyth County along Hungry Mother Creek. The unusual name comes from the legend of a nearby Indian settler . . . — Map (db m44985) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — K-34 — Marion
The community center here was known as Royal Oak, home of Arthur Campbell, frontiersman. The place became the county seat when Smyth County was formed and was named for Francis Marion, revolutionary hero. It was incorporated in 1832; the courthouse . . . — Map (db m43683) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — K-24 — Royal Oak Presbyterian Church
According to tradition, the Upper Holston congregation of the Presbyterian Church was organized in 1776 on John Campbell's land at Royal Oak and built a log structure there. This was one of the first denominations to organize in present-day . . . — Map (db m104671) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — K-46 — Sherwood Anderson
Renowned author Sherwood Anderson's works influenced Faulkner, Hemingway, and other 20th century writers. Anderson was born in Camden, Ohio, on 13 Sept. 1876, moved to this area in 1926, and lived here until his death. He built his home, Ripshin, . . . — Map (db m42331) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — K-27 — Site of Colonial Home
Royal Oak, home of Arthur Campbell, Indian fighter and Revolutionary leader who settled here in 1769, stood three hundred yards south. The house was a neighborhood fort and in it, in 1832, the first court of Smyth County was held. — Map (db m36073) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — Smyth County Revolutionary War Memorial
South Side Dedicated to the eternal memory of the American Revolutionary War soldiers and patriots from the area which in 1832 became Smyth County, Virginia, who sacrificed their lives and fortunes that we might have our freedom and . . . — Map (db m43684) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — Smyth County War Memorial
South Side Dedicated by the people of Smyth County in reverent and enduring memory of her loyal sons who made the supreme sacrifice and also those who served their country in World War I World War II and the Korean Conflict Vietnam Conflict . . . — Map (db m43687) WM
Virginia (Smyth County), Marion — UC-5 — State Fish Hatchery
This fish cultural station was established in 1930 for hatching and rearing trout for the trout waters of Virginia. — Map (db m44974) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Saltville — Battle at Cedar BranchSalt Works Defended
You are standing on the Confederate battle line that stretched for more than two miles along the bluffs on this side of the North Fork of the Holston River. The Cedar Branch Creek flows into the Holston River near the ford on the North Road to . . . — Map (db m61984) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Saltville — History of Saltville Valley
The Saltville Valley contains fossils of large mammals that lived in North America about 13,000 years ago (during Pleistocene times). Fossils discovered here show that this valley has provided a rich environment for thousands of years. Many life . . . — Map (db m91112) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Saltville — KB-6 — Saltville
Saltville is named for the vast salt deposits that exist under this valley. The commercial salt industry began developing here in the 1780s. During the Civil War, Saltville played a vital role in providing salt for the Confederacy, On 2 Oct. . . . — Map (db m91056) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Seven Mile Ford — K-19 — Seven Mile Ford
The place takes its name from the highway ford on the Holston, seven miles west of Royal Oak. The land here belonged to General William Campbell, hero of Kings Mountain, 1780. It descended to the wife of John M. Preston. The town originated as a . . . — Map (db m45726) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Seven Mile Ford — K-20 — William Campbell’s Grave
The nearby Aspenvale Cemetery contains the grave of Brig. Gen. William Campbell, Revolutionary War soldier, militia commander, and regional political leader. Campbell was born in Augusta County, Virginia. in 1745, and by 1768 he had moved to . . . — Map (db m130440) HM

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