“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Stephens County Georgia Historical Markers

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By David Seibert, August 22, 2012
Eastanollee Baptist Church Marker Post
Georgia (Stephens County), Eastanollee — Eastanollee Baptist Church
One of the oldest churches in the Tugalo Baptist Assoc., this church was established in 1801 as Leatherwood Baptist Church on John Stonecypher property. Later, members moving to Habersham County established Leatherwood Baptist Church there. The . . . — Map (db m58682) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Eastanollee — Stephens County High SchoolEastanolle, Georgia
Organized officially in 1917 as Eastanollee High School, taking its name from the old Eastanollee School -– a name of Indian origin meaning “a ledge of rocks across a stream.” In 1926 it became the county high school, and in 1929 . . . — Map (db m16867) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Martin — Red Hollow Road
Winding along a ridge from the mouth of Broad River to the head at Tugalo, RED HOLLOW ROAD evolved from the noted trace, UPPER CHEROKEE PATH, and became part of a complex pioneer road system. In 1736-1737, Oglethorpe had River Road laid out . . . — Map (db m14564) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Administration Building
By 1922, it was evident the college could no longer get along without a central office building. Furthermore, additional dormitory space was needed. The administration Building or ADM, as it was called, was made possible by gifts from Mrs. R.W. . . . — Map (db m64347) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Alan Todd Yearwood Memorial Garden
At age 39, on January 28, 2010, Alan Todd Yearwood lost his life in a fatal car accident and was ushered immediately into the presence of the Lord. This Memorial Garden is Dedicated to his memory and to his love of nature. Alan's connection with . . . — Map (db m64749) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Bandy Cottage Alumni House
In the early 1920's, Jack Mathes moved to Toccoa Falls and accepted the position as business manager of the institution. He met and married Susie Ralls, one of the young women who lived with the Forrests. In 1924, Susie and Jack built a home on . . . — Map (db m63381) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Bandy Music Hall
Music has always been an important part of the ministry of Toccoa Falls College. However, in 1958, this fact was in jeopardy as the school was faced with the possibility of losing its music department. Fire destroyed Ring Music Hall, and school . . . — Map (db m63595) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Capt. A.H. Ramsay, C.V.
Erected by Stephens County Historical Society in Memory of Capt. A.H. Ramsay, C.V. who built the first house in Toccoa from these stones. — Map (db m63339) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Colonel William Wofford1728-1823
General Andrew Williamson's Brigade - American Revolution - S.C. Colonial Soldier - Pioneer Ironmaster - Raised full regiment, 1775 - S.C. Provincial Congress 1775-6 - Built forts, S.C., N.C., Ga. - After fall of Charleston, acquired Turkey Cove . . . — Map (db m63460) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Dining Hall & Chapel
One morning after breakfast at Staley Cottage, Richard Forrest came down to what is now the center of campus. In 1914, with a brier hook and an ax, he cleared a spot for a permanent dining room and kitchen. Then everyone assembled in the opening . . . — Map (db m64273) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Earl Hall
In 1940, there was a tremendous need for additional classroom space. In the Toccoa Falls News, Dr. Forrest reported that the Institute had 22 faculty members, 400 students, and only nine classrooms! there simply was not enough space for . . . — Map (db m64398) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Forrest Hall - Ball Field
When the school purchased a cow in 1912, Ora Frost, the first student to enroll at the Toccoa Falls site, was enlisted to do the milking. At first, Evelyn Forrest joined in to help her, but soon other students volunteered for the job. The cow was . . . — Map (db m63674) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — G.I. Hill & The Steel Buildings
During World War II, more than 500 former TFI students enlisted or were drafted into the military. After the war, many of these young men returned to the school to complete their education. The need for married students housing became an . . . — Map (db m64401) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Gate Cottage
Even in the early years, before the Forrests moved to Toccoa Falls, there was a cottage sitting at the entrance to the falls. And an outdoor bowling alley -- Toccoa's first -- was located near the cottage. Visitors could drive to the base of the . . . — Map (db m63411) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — George Washington Hitt1913-1958 — Artist, Humanitarian, Philosopher —
“An unforgettable personality whose courage shone with such crystal brilliance as to brighten the world about him and uplift the spirits of those even more fortunate, but not fashioned of such heroic fibre. His is a name to remember when the . . . — Map (db m58884) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Haddock Inn
The first school Richard and Evelyn Forrest helped to start was in Golden Valley, North Carolina in 1907. However, the location was 17 miles away from the nearest railroad stop, and the roads between it and the school were at times nearly . . . — Map (db m63577) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — 127-4 — Historic Traveler's Rest
Historic Traveler’s Rest was built upon land granted to Major Jesse Walton in 1775. Walton, a Revolutionary soldier and political leader, was killed by Indians near here in 1789. The Walton family sold the land to James Rutherford Wyly who built the . . . — Map (db m39220) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — In Loving Remembrance
In loving remembrance of those who lost their lives in the Flood November 6, 1977 Karen Anderson Joseph Anderson Rebecca Anderson Gerald Brittin William L. Ehrensberger Peggy Ann Ehrensberger Robert Ehrensberger Kristen . . . — Map (db m63462) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Jarrett ManorErected 1786
Home of Mary Jarrett White, Organizing Regent Placed by Toccoa Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1940 — Map (db m60740) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Kelly Barnes Dam Break Monument
Toccoa Falls College presents this memorial marker to the Toccoa-Stephens County Community, and to our friends everywhere, in order to demonstrate our eternal gratitude. We most gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the people . . . — Map (db m63332) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Kelly Dam Disaster
On the morning of Nov. 6, 1977, the dam holding back the lake above the falls broke. The forty acres of water surged down over the falls, through the park, down the valley through the campus, leaving in its wake 39 dead and 60 injured. All of the . . . — Map (db m63465) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — LeTourneau Hall
A building known as "the board shack" originally stood on the present site of LeTourneau Hall. It was a simple wooden structure that was built a short time after the Haddock Inn fire. It became the residence of Richard and Evelyn Forrest along . . . — Map (db m64395) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Morrison Hall - Old Barn
Once Toccoa Falls Institute was up and running, the Forrests knew they would have to find a way to feed the school's growing population. Because they wanted Toccoa Falls to be self-supporting, the began to add farm animals to the campus. Richard . . . — Map (db m63412) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — 127-5 — Old Tugaloo Town
North of this marker, in the center of the lake, once stood an important Indian town. The area now marked by a small island was settled around 500 A.D. and occupied by Cherokee Indians around 1450. Traders were coming to the town by 1690. In . . . — Map (db m10014) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Paul & Mary Williams Memorial Chapel
Even today, the names of Paul & Mary Williams evoke loving memories of a couple who had a deep abiding commitment to Toccoa Falls College. They met shortly after enrolling as students but did not marry until after they had graduated and Mary had . . . — Map (db m63993) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Paul AndersonBirthplace — 912 East Tugalo Street —
“World’s Strongest Man” Lifted greatest weight ever listed by a human being: 6,270 pounds in a backlift. (Guinness Book of World Records) Weightlifting 1956 Olympic Gold Medalist Super Heavyweight (Olympic . . . — Map (db m59110) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Paul Anderson Memorial Park
Gold Medalist Weightlifting 1956 Olympic Games Melbourne, Australia ——————— "The Greatest Weight Ever Raised by a Human Being 6,270 pounds in a backlift." Listed in The Guinness Book of . . . — Map (db m63434) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Ralls Dormitory & Broom Factory
A building to be used as a print shop was constructed by the Kiwanis Club and the citizens of Toccoa on the site later occupied by Ralls Dormitory. The plan for a print shop never developed, so the building was turned into a broom factory. But . . . — Map (db m64442) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Reverend Andrew Cauthen Craft and Susan Blake Craft
In Loving Appreciation of Reverend Andrew Cauthen Craft and Susan Blake craft Founders of Toccoa Orphanage in 1911. Thirty years with God's Providence he was a father to the fatherless and she was a mother to the . . . — Map (db m63330) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Ring Music Hall
The 1930s were years of anxiety for much of the world. At Toccoa Falls there were moments of concern, too, but these were mingled with times of joy as the Lord continued to provide. In 1938, as a result of the continuing economic depression of . . . — Map (db m64753) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Staley Cottage
Shortly after her move to Toccoa Falls, Sarah Staley, a retired New York City principal, began construction on a white clapboard house that she believed would become her residence. However, God had another purpose in mind for the house and for . . . — Map (db m63570) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Stephen County Fallen Veterans Monument
We dedicate this symbol to keep forever living the freedom for which these men gave their lives. — Map (db m63335) WM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — 127-1 — Stephens County
This County, created by Act of the Legislature August 18, 1905, is named for Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy. A state legislator and Senator he was elected to Congress at 31, serving from 1843 to 1859. Elected to . . . — Map (db m58733) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Stephens County Confederate Monument
1861-1865 — Map (db m63334) WM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Stephens County Revolutionary Soldiers Monument
Placed here in honor of the Revolutionary soldiers buried in Stephens County by the Toccoa Chapter Daughter of the American Revolutionary. — Map (db m63336) WM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Stephens County World War I Monument
For those who served World War I 1917 - 1918 — Map (db m63337) WM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Stewart Hall
By 1917, it was obvious the girls needed a larger dormitory than Sunshine Cottage. Acting on faith, Rev. Forrest broke ground for a two-story building for a girl's dormitory. There was no money - not even ten dollars - to begin construction. The . . . — Map (db m64339) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — The Bell
Dr. Richard Forrest served as pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Toccoa, Georgia, from 1925-1950. When the original framed church building was torn down and a new sanctuary built in 1926, members of the church's congregation agrees to donate . . . — Map (db m64390) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — The Col. Robert Sink Memorial Trail
In Memory of “Col. Bob” Sink, First Commanding Officer of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, July 1942 – December 1945. Dedicated by the “Five-O-Sinks” The 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment Association, . . . — Map (db m9827) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — The Elementary School
After Haddock Inn was destroyed by fire, one of the first structures constructed was a building the Forrests called "The Board shack." In Achieving The Impossible with God, Dr. Forrest said, "It was an old shack - a shanty-like structure . . . — Map (db m64744) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — The Old Toccoa Falls Power Plant
The Old Toccoa Falls Power Plant is an outstanding example of the early hydroelectric generating facilities that served America’s rural communities. Built in 1899 by E. Palmer Simpson of Toccoa, the plant was franchised in that year by the Toccoa . . . — Map (db m58767) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — The TentsLife After the Fire
Following the Haddock Inn fire, the battle for the school's survival began. The immediate need was housing. God provided the perfect answer by bringing to Dr. Forrest's mind the idea of using tents. He contacted a tent company in Atlanta, Georgia, . . . — Map (db m64344) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Thomas H. White Photo Lab
In 1983, Thomas H. Whit was honored with a memorial that has enriched the lives of many students and alumni. This is the year the Thomas H. White Photo Lab was dedicated as a place where students could learn the art and science of photography. . . . — Map (db m64713) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Toccoa City HallCirca 1932
The Toccoa Municipal Building was originally built to serve as a post office in 1932, as a Works Progress Administration project. Designed in the Neo-Classical Style, the building exhibits unique carvings and a 1½ story interior . . . — Map (db m63338) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Toccoa Falls College World War II Memorial
In Memory Of The Boys Who Died In Service 1941 - 1945 — Map (db m64441) WM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Toccoa Korean War Monument1950 - 1953 — The Forgotten War —
In memory of and with deep gratitude for the men and women who served during the Korean Campaign to preserve our freedom. — Map (db m63340) WM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Traveler's Rest
Traveler’s Rest has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark Under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 This site possesses exceptional value commemorating and illustrating the history . . . — Map (db m60741) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Traveler's Rest State Historic Site
"Here I got an excellent breakfast of Coffee, ham, chicken, good bread, butter, honey, and plenty of good new milk, for a quarter of a dollar...What a charming country this would be to travel in, if one was sure of meeting with such nice clean . . . — Map (db m63323) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Tugalo Baptist Church and Cemetery
Tugalo Baptist Church, established before 1789, was first known as the Tugalo River Church. Founded by the Rev. John Cleveland, a Revolutionary Soldier, Tugalo is the oldest church in what was then Franklin County. The county covered an area in Ga. . . . — Map (db m58830) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Woerner World Missions Center
Shortly after fire destroyed Haddock Inn, God gave Richard and Evelyn Forrest another sign that He would restore what had been lost. Rev. Forrest wrote an article that was published in the Alliance Weekly newsletter explaining what had . . . — Map (db m64276) HM

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