“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Wabasha County Minnesota Historical Markers

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By K. Linzmeier, July 22, 2011
Lake Pepin and Marker
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Lake City — A Very Old Fish Story — Great River Road Minnesota —
Ten thousand years ago, as the Ice Age was drawing to a close, Wisconsin's fast-flowing Chippewa River carried vast quantities of sand. But where the Chippewa entered the Mississippi, ten miles downstream from here, its current slowed and the . . . — Map (db m52074) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Lake City — Gold Star Memorial
. . . — Map (db m45474) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Lake City — WB-LKC-093 — Historic Lake Pepin: Birthplace of Waterskiing
"I decided that if you could ski on snow, you could ski on water." In 1922, after first trying barrel staves, then snow skis, eighteen year old Ralph W. Samuelson succeeded in waterskiing on eight foot long pine boards, steamed in boiling water to . . . — Map (db m45308) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Lake City — Louis McCahill Memorial Park
Dedicated in grateful memory of her son and all others who made the supreme sacrifice and all who served in defense of their country in World War I 1917 • 1918 World War II 1941 • 1945 Korean War 1950 • 1954 by Mary . . . — Map (db m52092) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Lake City — Patton ParkNamed in Memory of George Patton and Eliza Kellogg, His Wife
who came to Lake City in 1856 as territorial pioneers. They purchased an interest in the new townsite and selected the square comprising this park as the location of their future home. On this site, the same year, they built their residence and . . . — Map (db m150709) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Lake City — The First Settler
The first actual settler in Lake City was Jacob Boody who came in the Fall of 1853. His brother and Abner Dwelle came the next year. Samuel Doughty built the first substantial home and blacksmith shop in 1855. That same year the town was platted and . . . — Map (db m52078) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Lake City — The Sea Wing Disaster
On July 13, 1890, the steamer "Sea Wing", with covered barge alongside, and 215 passengers aboard was returning from a Sunday excursion down the Mississippi River to Lake City. At 8 p.m., Captain D.N. Wethern had guided the steamer 5 miles up Lake . . . — Map (db m45462) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Millville — Millville, Minnesota
Founded 1870 by Charles R. Read Born March 10, 1820, Somerset Shier, England. Died October 9, 1899 at Millville, buried at Wabasha, Minnesota. Centennial was observed August 15-16, 1970. — Map (db m113872) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Reads Landing — Lake Pepin
"City dwellers need go no farther than this if they seek romantic solitude,” wrote panorama artist Henry Lewis in 1848. “One cannot imagine a more lovely expanse of water than Lake Pepin in quiet, clear weather, and no wilder scene than . . . — Map (db m45318) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Reads Landing — WB-PEP-012 — Lake Pepin
Lake Pepin occupies the Mississippi Valley above this point for a distance of 22 miles. The lake is formed by the delta of the Chippewa River which enters the Mississippi directly east of this site. The Chippewa, a relatively small river, has a . . . — Map (db m45700) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Reads Landing — The River of Rafts — Great River Road Minnesota —
This was once one of the busiest stretches on the Upper Mississippi River. Between 1830 and 1915, lumber companies in western Wisconsin floated millions of pine logs and pieces of cut lumber down the Chippewa River, which enters the Mississippi . . . — Map (db m52718) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Wabasha — Grace Memorial Episcopal Church
Designed by well-known architect Cass Gilbert, whose elegant new state capitol building was under construction in St. Paul, this handsome English Gothic style church was consecrated by Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple on April 28, 1901. Forty-two years . . . — Map (db m67010) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Wabasha — The Bridge
Wabasha-Nelson Bridge Company The Wabasha-Nelson Bridge Company was incorporated in 1929 to build and operate a toll bridge over the Mississippi River. The Minneapolis Bridge Company & C.A.P. Turner were contracted to design and . . . — Map (db m71974) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Wabasha — Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to those who Served and Sacrificed — Map (db m45488) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Wabasha — Wapahasha I / Wapahasha II / Wapahasha III
Wapahasha I As George Washington was to the United States of America, so was his contemporary, Wapahasha, to the Dakota of eastern Minnesota. Wapahasha (Red Standard or Red Cap) was born about 1718 and became the foremost hero in the national . . . — Map (db m66959) HM

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