“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Windsor County Vermont Historical Markers

Wideview of Dorothy Thompson Memorial Common Marker image, Touch for more information
By Kevin Craft, June 4, 2017
Wideview of Dorothy Thompson Memorial Common Marker
Vermont (Windsor County), Barnard — Dorothy Thompson Memorial Common
The Dorothy Thompson Memorial Common was established in 2001 by the Barnard Silver Lake Association, a non-profit organization, in memory of the reowned journalist and one of Barnard's outstanding citizens in the years 1928-1962. The Common offers . . . — Map (db m94488) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Bethel — Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death / United Church Of Bethel
Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death The year 1816 was known worldwide as "the cold year", "the famine year", and "the year without a summer". Vermonters called it "Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death", as snow fell on June 7 and frosts came . . . — Map (db m103554) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Bridgewater — Bridgewater Veterans Memorial
Bridgewater Veterans Memorial In Memory of the Veterans I Know Who You Are I Know Where You Were I Know What You Did But I Don’t Know The Pain You Went Through                   Lindsay Williams                   Bus . . . — Map (db m23179) WM
Vermont (Windsor County), Bridgewater — Bridgewater World War I Monument
Honor Roll Adams, Ernest J. • Adams, Leon D. • * Adams, Lester W. • Adams, Royal L. • Atwood, Harland • Atwood, Leon A. • Ayer, Melvin C. • Baker, Harold • Becker, Levi • Biathrow, Phillip • Bradley, Clifford • Cady, Lynn Z. • Cady, William S. . . . — Map (db m23167) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Cavendish — The Gage Accident1848 — Cavendish —
One of the most remarkable events in medical history occured about ¾ mile (1 km) from here.

On 13th September 1848, Phineas P. Gage, a railroad construction foreman from Lebanon (NH), suffered massive brain damage when a 3ft 7in (107 cm) long, . . . — Map (db m44099) HM

Vermont (Windsor County), Chester — Chester Academy / District No. 20 Central School
Chester Academy A Legislative Act created Chester Academy on October 30, 1814, and it opened March 13, 1815 on this site. A unique hexagonal cupola crowned the Federal-style brick building. Local families financed the school, with the Chester . . . — Map (db m117222) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Chester — Chester Civil War Memorial
[ South Plaque ] Roll of Honor to Those Who Sleep Where They Fell. Sewell Barker, Corp. Co. G. 7th Vt. Vols. Joseph W. Fletcher, Corp. Co. H. 10th Vt. Vols. Azro B. Stiles, Corp. Co. K. 4th Vt. Vols. Rensselaer H. . . . — Map (db m23189) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Chester — Chester Depot
The first public train arrived here on July 18, 1849, and in December, the Rutland & Burlington Railroad opened the first rail line across Vermont linking the Connecticut River valley at Bellows Falls and Lake Champlain at Burlington. The route . . . — Map (db m101220) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Chester — Chester Vietnam Conflict Monument
Dedicated to the Men and Women Of Chester Who Served Their Country in the Vietnam Conflict Erected by the Citizens of Chester Dedicated May 27, 1974 [ Left Panel ] Adams John Stanley • Amsden Clyde Emersom • . . . — Map (db m23243) WM
Vermont (Windsor County), Chester — Chester World War I and II and Korean Conflict Monument
Valor Dedicated to the Men and Women of Chester who served their Country in World War I and II and in the Korean Conflict {South Face} Panel 1 Adams, Clinton A. • Adams, Robert C. • Albee, Harold M. • Amsden, Edwin E. • Amsden, . . . — Map (db m23407) WM
Vermont (Windsor County), Chester — Merritt Austin Edson
{North Side} Was born in Rutland Vermont on April 25, 1897. Soon after his birth, the Edson family returned to their native Chester. In 1915 he graduated from Chester High School. While attending the University of Vermont, in 1915, he joined the . . . — Map (db m121220) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Chester — North Chester
Side 1 Known locally as the Stone Village, eleven adjacent buildings display similar distinctive masonry. The earliest house (second east of the church) was built c. 1834 for Dr. Ptolemy Edson. Seven more houses, the church, a school, and a . . . — Map (db m138704) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Ludlow — Abby Maria Hemenway
Born in Ludlow in 1828 and educated at Black River Academy, Abby Maria Hemenway was the editor of the Vermont Historical Gazetteer, a five volume compilation of local history, published between 1860 and 1891. For thirty years, Hemenway . . . — Map (db m78155) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Ludlow — Veteran’s Memorial
. . . — Map (db m102422) WM
Vermont (Windsor County), Norwich — Alden Partridge(1784-1854)
A native of Norwich, Vermont, Alden Partridge was a pioneer in American military education. Superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point from 1815 to 1817, he returned here in 1819 to found the American Literary, Scientific and Military . . . — Map (db m32159) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Norwich — American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy1819-1994
This tablet marks the site of the American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy. Founded by Captain Alden Partridge in 1819 and incorporated as the Norwich University by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont in 1834. Following a . . . — Map (db m44863) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Norwich — Early Settlers & Allen R. Foley
. . . — Map (db m32191) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Norwich — First Public Grammar SchoolLocated on this site
On June 17, 1785, the Vermont General Assembly enacted a law which designated “the place for keeping a County Grammar School in and for Windsor County, shall be at the house commonly known by the name the Red Schoolhouse in Norwich,” . . . — Map (db m32189) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Norwich — Theta Chi Fraternity
Near this spot stood the Old South Barracks of Norwich University where, at 9:00 pm on April 10, 1856 Theta Chi Fraternity was founded by Frederick Norton Freeman and Arthur Chase — Map (db m32162) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Norwich — Town of Norwich
Marker Front: Forged by the determination and skills of early settlers, Norwich’s legacy survives in its Georgian, Federal, and Greek Revival buildings. With commercial, residential, and public buildings clustered near its green, Norwich . . . — Map (db m80013) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Perkinsville — Bomber Crash on Hawks Mountain / Crew of B-29A #44-62228 Crashed Perkinsville, Vermont 15 June 1947
Bomber Crash on Hawks Mountain At 12:17 AM on June 15, 1947 a U.S. Army Air Force Boeing B–29 Superfortress bomber strayed off course and crashed on nearby Hawks Mountain during a severe storm. All twelve crewmembers perished. . . . — Map (db m90100) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Plymouth — Achsa W. Sprague (1827-1862)Spiritualist and Reformer
Achsa Sprague was born and lived in Plymouth Notch, teaching in the stone school by age 12. At 20, she contracted a mysterious disease and spent seven years bedridden, waking one day miraculously cured. Attributing recovery to angelic powers, she . . . — Map (db m103339) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Plymouth — Capt. John Coolidge Flagpole
This flagpole, which stood for 30 years on the east wing of the State House in Boston, is presented to the Town of Plymouth by the Society of the Sons of the Revolution in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and dedicated to the memory of Capt. John . . . — Map (db m105580) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Plymouth — Plymouth WW1 Memorial
In memory of World War Veterans of Plymouth, Vermont 1914 – 1918 * Walter Hugh Goodrich * Sheridan Garfield Goodrich Vern Linwood Hall Walter Charles Hall James Ora Massey Zeb Samuel Goodrich Domenico Avitabile Ferris William Ayer John Joseph . . . — Map (db m105586) WM
Vermont (Windsor County), Plymouth — Revolutionary War Campground on the Crown Point Road
This lakeside meadow was a 1777 campground for Rindge NH troops en route to Mount Independence and Fort Ticonderoga to fight Burgoyne's invading British army. The 1776 Crown Point Road linking Fort No. 4 on the Connecticut River to Lake Champlain . . . — Map (db m78159) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Plymouth — Vermont Gold Rush
In 1826 gold nuggets were first discovered in Newfane and Somerset, Vt. In 1851, ‘49er Matthew Kennedy discovered gold in Buffalo Brook at Plymouth. By 1855, a “gold rush” was underway here and in Bridgewater, Vt. Prospectors staked . . . — Map (db m78161) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Plymouth Notch — Calvin Coolidge1872 - 1933
Born July 4, 1872 in a house back of store, Calvin Coolidge from 4 years of age lived in the homestead across the road, now owned by the State of Vermont. Here on Aug. 3, 1923 he was inaugurated President and he spent many vacations. In the Notch . . . — Map (db m74473) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Plymouth Notch — Calvin Coolidge Homestead
Calvin Coolidge Homestead has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark. Under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1933 this site possesses exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the . . . — Map (db m62155) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Reading — Indian Stones
Side ACommemorate event in early history of Vermont. Captured by Abnakis for ransom at Fort No. 4, Johnson family, Miriam Willard, Peter Labaree, and Ebenezer Farnsworth camped here 30 August 1754 enroute to Montréal. The next day a . . . — Map (db m90099) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Royalton — The Royalton RaidOctober 16, 1780
To terrorize the valley from Tunbridge to Royalton, nearly 300 Indians led by a British officer fell on these defenseless frontier settlements, killing 4, taking 26 prisoners, & reducing Royalton to ashes. The captives hauled back to Canada were . . . — Map (db m58273) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), South Royalton — Jessie LaFountain BigwoodFirst Woman Admitted To Vermont Bar
Born in 1874, Jessie LaFountain attended Burlington Business College and worked as a government reporter at Fort Ethan Allen in Colchester/Essex, Vermont. In 1898 she married Frederick H. Bigwood and shortly thereafter entered the office of V.A. . . . — Map (db m73938) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), South Royalton — Joseph Smith MonumentMormon Prophet's Birthplace
Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was born near here on December 23, 1805. A visitor's center and a 38½ foot tall monument, considered the world's largest polished granite shaft, commemorates his life and . . . — Map (db m37198) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), South Royalton — Wagon Wheels FarmTourists Accommodated, 1937-1942
The farmhouse on this site, dating from the late-18th century, was purchased by Irene and Robert Slater in 1934, along with a barn and 145 acres of land. During the Great Depression, like many Vermont farmers, the Slaters took in tourists to . . . — Map (db m85971) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Springfield — Eureka Schoolhouse & Baltimore Covered Bridge
The Eureka Schoolhouse, constructed between 1785 and 1790, is Vermont’s oldest one-room school and one of the few surviving 18th century public buildings in the state. It was originally located in the “Eureka Four Corners,” northeast of . . . — Map (db m74965) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Springfield — Helen Hartness FlandersBallad Collector, Poet, Scholar, Musician
Born in Springfield, Vermont in 1890, daughter of Governor James Hartness and wife of U.S. Senator Ralph E. Flanders, Helen Hartness Flanders became an internationally recognized ballad collector and authority on folk music. Among her many . . . — Map (db m85970) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Springfield — James Hartness & Precision Valley Inventors
Newly arrived in Springfield in 1889 to work at the Jones and Lamson Machine Company, James Hartness soon rose to President. A natural leader, he played a vital role in the creation of "Precision Valley". Internationally respected in the machine . . . — Map (db m85925) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Springfield — Stellafane Observatory
Stellafane Observatory Has been Designated a National Historic landmark This Site Possesses National Significance In Commemorating the History of the United States of America 1989 National Park Service United States Department of . . . — Map (db m75701) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Springfield — William JarvisConsul to Lisbon was first to import Merino sheep to U.S.
In 1811 Consul Jarvis brought from Spain to his farm in Weathersfield Bow the prized Merino sheep, whose longer fiber revolutionized the woolen industry and stimulated sheep raising throughout the East. In the 1830’s Merinos were the state’s . . . — Map (db m65800) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Weathersfield — Salmond Bridge
Salmond Bridge was built by James F. Tasker c1880. This 54' multiple king post structure spanned the Black River near Stoughton Pond and was named after the Salmond family living near the bridge. It remained in this area until 1959, when it was . . . — Map (db m73918) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Weston — Civilian Conservation Corps West River Forest Camp1933-1940
This site marks the entrance to the west River C.C.C. Camp. This CCC was part of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and targeted unemployed men 18–25 whose families were on relief. Nationally, over 2.5 million men were hired and paid $30 . . . — Map (db m109185) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Weston — Weston Civil War Monument
Presented to the Town of Weston by Harrison Meads In Memory of the Soldiers of Said Town Who Gave Their Lives in The War of the Rebellion, 1861 – 1865 George E. Meads, Berdans 1st Reg. Of Sharpshooters Co. F. Died Sept. 9, 1862 . . . — Map (db m23223) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Weston — Weston Korean War – Vietnam War Monument
Honor Roll Korean War 1950 – 1955 Donald E. Ballantine • Albert G. Decell • Eugene E. Decell • Marvin C. Decell • Norman L. Decell • Edmund R. Gabert, Jr. • Harold J. Hale • Charles O. Hart • Glenn W. Hart • Gordon G. Hart • Harry A. . . . — Map (db m23165) WM
Vermont (Windsor County), Weston — Weston Village Historic District
Marker Front: The village of Weston is on the National Register of Historic Places. Settled in 1761, originally as the West Town of Andover. Weston was incorporated 1n 1799. The Farrar Mansur House, built c. 1795, served as a home, tavern . . . — Map (db m23166) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), White River Junction — Disastrous Train Wreck
At 2:10 AM on February 5, 1887 the last car of The Montreal Express derailed causing three cars to fall from the bridge and crash on the ice of the White River 43 feet below. Embers from the coal stoves ignited the spilled oil of the lanterns and . . . — Map (db m64891) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), White River Junction — Quechee Gorge
The Ottauquechee River forms the 165 foot deep, mile-long gorge. Cut through the hills at the end of the last Ice Age, the gorge was the only outlet for a large glacial lake. The original bridge spanning the gorge was built in 1875 as a railroad . . . — Map (db m146397) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), White River Junction — Theron Boyd House
Marker Front: This Federal style house, built in 1786, has undergone little alteration and is one the finest houses from this period in Vermont. It was built by William Burtch, whose father came to Hartford, VT, from Stonington, CT about . . . — Map (db m79966) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), White River Junction — VermontGateway to Green Mt. State
White River Junction, a natural transportation center, is where highways, rivers and railways converge. In 1759 the rapids at the confluence of the White and Conn. Rivers nearly brought death to Robert Rogers and 3 Rangers. Vermont’s first train ran . . . — Map (db m32193) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Windsor — Constitution House
Windsor, settled in 1764, became the political center of the Upper Connecticut River Valley. Here the Constitution of the “Free and Independent State of Vermont” was adopted at the tavern of Elijah West on July 8, 1777. This constitution . . . — Map (db m65814) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Woodstock — Hiram Powers
Hiram Powers, one of the most famous nineteenth century sculptors, was born in 1805 in a farmhouse that stood on this hillside. Although he went west with his family at a young age, and took up residence in Florence, Italy, in 1837, Powers always . . . — Map (db m32221) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Woodstock — Historical MarkerThe White Cupboard Inn
A famous local hostelry. The White Cupboard Inn flourished in this 1794 house from 1925 through the 1960’s. At the instigation of three middle-aged guests, plans were developed in the front dining room in January of 1934 by the owners, Mr. and . . . — Map (db m133900) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Woodstock — Justin Morgan
On this site the progenitor of the famous Morgan breed of horses was owned by Sheriff William Rice about 1800. Justin Morgan took his name from that of the singing schoolmaster who originally brought him to Vermont, but who lost possession of the . . . — Map (db m149014) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Woodstock — Marianne Gaillard Faulkner
Marker Front: Born September 19, 1859, in Mobile, Alabama, Marianne Gaillard married Edward Daniels Faulkner in 1885. Edward owned Johnson & Faulkner, a very successful and prosperous upholstery firm in New York City The couple bought the . . . — Map (db m64888) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Woodstock — Paul Revere BellFirst Congregational Church
Installed in the belfry of this church and dedicated to the glory of God in 1818, it called to worship the faithful in Jesus Christ for 156 years. — Map (db m133903) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Woodstock — Site of First Ski Tow in the United StatesWoodstock, Vermont
In January, 1934, on this pasture hill of Clinton Gilbert’s farm an endless-rope tow, powered by a Model “T” Ford engine, hauled skiers uphill for the first time.
This ingenious contraption launched a new era in winter sports. — Map (db m50866) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Woodstock — Stone Turnpike MarkerRoyalton and Woodstock Turnpike
Stone Turnpike Marker dated 1802 showing southern terminus of the Royalton and Woodstock Turnpike which opened for traffic in the spring of 1802 — Map (db m133897) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Woodstock — Taftsville Covered Bridge
The Taftsville Covered Bridge is a rare example of early vernacular wooden truss covered bridges in the United States. All evidence indicates the builder, a longtime Taftsville resident named Solomon Emmons III, used no existing patented bridge . . . — Map (db m79953) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Woodstock — Woodstock
Marker Front: Was chartered by New Hampshire Royal Governor Benning Wentworth in 1761. It was named the Shire Town of Windsor County in 1786 and quickly became a prosperous manufacturing and commercial center. The town has been home to George . . . — Map (db m32195) HM
Vermont (Windsor County), Woodstock — Woodstock Civil War Memorial
[ East face ] In Memory of the Boys of Woodstock and Vicinity Who Served in the Army And Navy of the Nation in the War of the Rebellion of ’61 to ’65. [ South face ] From Big Bethel to Appomattox. . . . — Map (db m23169) HM

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